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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Albuquerque, New Mexico Rage four Albuquerque journal september 7, 1953 Albuquerque journal an Independent newspaper journal company old Rasnus and fifth strut Albuquerque n. M. I. M. Pepperday. A p. Pii k re ll.,� to 11 or subscription rats morning and sunday by Carrier 40o per wee. Albuquerque. By Maliu to a a a month i4 of on month 1.75. Mal 14.50 a year _. A i. Foreign countries 14.00 Jar month. Sunday Only by mall Sec per month. Member of the associated press the associated pres is entitled exclusively to the ase to publication of All local new printed in this be yaps per. A Well a associated Presa new s 41 nato test National advertising representatives Reynolds flt Gerald in new tora Chicago. Philadelphia. Petroit. San Francisco los Angeles Seattle. Atlanta. Syracuse member of a it Dit Bureau of circulations Telephone editorial display adv3-4515 classified adv3-6886 circulation 7-1584 7. 1953 labor Day another labor Day will be celebrated today marking another year in which the american worker has prospered. Employment is at a record level More than a million higher than a year ago with wages and working conditions both higher. In recent years there Seldom has been a labor Day when workers look Back and recognize that things had improved. Today the working Force in America is the most productive in the world. It is the Best paid. Its the Best fed. It has the highest living Standard. This year has been one relatively free from labor troubles As a result. These first months of president Eisenhower a new administration has been generally peaceful from the labor management viewpoint. This can be credited to the favourable economic situation As much As anything else. Union labor for the first time in 20 years is represented in the Cabinet by one of their own members Secretary of labor Durkin. Yet ironically for the first time in the same 20 years the National administration is not generally viewed As in partnership with Union labor As in the Days of Roosevelt and Truman. And the Long awaited administration recommendations for revision of the Taft Hartley act have yet to be made Public. Negotiations looking toward changing the Law continue but it still remains the Basic ground rules for labor management re lations and the unions have grown stronger under it despite their criticism of it. Congress shows no great disposition to alter it. Between this and the last labor Day the top leadership of two great labor organizations has changed. George Meany became the new president of the Al upon the death of William Green. Walter Reuther succeeded the late Philip Murray As presi Dent of the Cir. The Holiday Legal in every state in the Union will be observed by rallies and parades. Looking Back at labor Days gone by All must concede the workers never had it so Good. Session. It permits entry of 214,000 refugees into the United states Over a period of three years. President Eisenhower favored this amendment but he is reported to have told Republican leaders privately that he would not request any further opening up of the immigration restrictions. The republicans believe that if the democrats try to make a Campaign Issue of the immigration act that they can combat it with the emergency legislation and that the great majority of people will agree that the present limit on refugees is sound. At any rate the emergency prove Sion will not expire until after the next presidential election. Newfangled movies May be Okay for mom and the kids but a Man misses the silent film. It was so Good to see a woman open her Mouth and have no sound come out. A changing times state press comment toll roads rejection the new Mexico Highway 66 association just does no to want toll roads in new Mexico or anywhere else. It made it Plain in its Resolution adopted at its convention Here with instructions to Send the Resolution to other Highway organizations and state officials. This was done in the face of the trend toward toll roads throughout the country and at least some Effort on part of some other Highway organizations to further toll Road construction on the i n c i p a i transcontinental routes in a bid for the tourist business. At the present time construction is under Way in two states to Complete toll roads that will link the Eastern Seaboard with Chicago on a superhighway. Oklahoma which has completed Quot a toll Road Between Oklahoma City and Tulsa is promoting further toll Road construction on u. S. Highway 66, in Hope that Missouri and Illinois on the Eastern end of u. S. 66 will link up with the Eastern toll Road at Chicago to bring traffic Wester Ward on u s 66. In View of All this it is rather puzzling that the new Mexico Assn should attempt to discourage development of toll roads in other states that might be responsible for increasing the traffic on u. S. 66. The state association May not want them in this state and ifs doubtful if they could be financed for some time but Why attempt to influence other state against them when it May be to this states advantage in promotion of traffic on u. S. 66? wait is too Long Welford h. Ware chief counsel for the Senate subcommittee investigating the Chaves Hurley senatorial election contest makes a statement that indicates criminal act but leaves himself wide open by declaring that he will wait until next january to do anything about it. Ware charges that witnesses questioned by staff investigators have been intimidated. He also said that the information will be turned Over to the attorney general whenever the report is made to the Senate next january. That it occurs to us is a Long time to wait and the possibility is Good that those who May be guilty of intimidating witness will have had plenty of notice so that they can Frame their defences perhaps by More intimidation. Perhaps the Wiser thing to do would be to turn the evidence Over to the attorney general now while the Issue is hot and before any further skullduggery can be brought about. Ware did no to say from which Side of the controversy the intimidation came. He left that for conjecture and he probably would have been doing the people of new Mexico a service to have named names and placed his Finger upon places and individual incidents. After All this investigation does not belong wholly to the Senate. It is a new Mexico affair first and for that reason perhaps Ware should cite his facts. Perhaps he should file his evidence with the state s daily record. National whirligig news behind the news copy Tom. Iss off his newspaper by Ray Tucker Washington american communists current efforts to ferret out top military secrets on european far Eastern and atomic strategy follow the fixed pattern of penetration of government agencies that they have Woven at Washington since is Early As 1930. The Senate Security committee headed by senator William e. Jenner of Indiana has uncovered evidence that a government printing office employee stole classified information on new weapons possibly atomic. Senator Mccarthy has checked on army civilians at a new York base whence arms and supplies Are shipped abroad to u. S. And Allied troops supporting the cold War. Since Moscow a Only concern now centers on our ability to resist red aggression the Kremlin has Given new instructions to surviving and undetected spies to concentrate on that problem. It has shifted the red spotlight from less important agencies to the Factor which will prove decisive in any showdown our military might. The Smith a mighty is he Indian crafts a trend that has been apparent to people acquainted with the Navajo indians for some time now and particularly to the traders was brought vividly to Light by the annual Navajo craftsmen exhibition at the museum of Arizona at Flagstaff. As the White Many a Way of life penetrates the reservation and More and More navajos leave the reservation to obtain work weaving and Silver making disappear. Brice Sewell coordinator of tribal industries who staged the exhibition estimated that outside employment has reduced the crafts nearly two thirds. For years now Indian Type jewelry Nas been made in Dallas Denver and California and brought into this country and sold to the tourist Trade while silversmiths on the reservation have diminished in numbers As knowledge of the Craft disappeared As Young men sought better paying jobs on the railroads or in nearby towns. So too As the Price of Wool increased weavers received less and less for their time and they too have sought better ways of making a living. It is the same old Story recorded in All parts of the world. As industrialized methods and manufactured goods move in handicrafts disappear. Products made by hand then become highly valuable and collectors items. So it will be with Indian handicrafts in the not too Distant Independent review. Potomac fever by Fletcher Knebel the Register and Tribune Syndicate Washington d. Eisenhower administration cuts another 1000 planes from the air Force. Everything is being geared to civil defense against russians a bomb already our air Force is going underground. Secretary of state Dulles says Moscow a hold on East Germany is a a menace to world come to think of it an even worse menace is Moscow a hold on Russia. Gov. Earl Warren of California says he wont run again next year. Tired of running Warren ust wants to sit and Rock on the supreme court. New red activities. The new and alarming direction of the reds activities bears out another Jenner conclusion that disturbs the smug and complacent in their belief that All anti american agents have been thwarted by congressional and government investigation and prosecution. It indicates that they have Only become More cautious now that their More distinguished leaders have been caught. Elizabeth Bentley has testified that two rings at Washington were never unmasked. In Accord with muscovite secrecy she was never informed of their identity or Field of operations. She worked Only with the Perlo and Silvermaster cells which have been broken up. The new evidence suggests that important remnants Are still Active. Almost every recent witness before congressional committees has refused to describe fellow conspirators actions or to identify them even though the statute of limitations will spare them any prosecution. They have met these leading questions with Frozen silence. It is extremely significant that Only six suspects including Perlo and Silvermaster refused to answer simple questions on the ground of a a incrimination 510 times or an average of 85 refusals. They would take no chances on helping the government to spot and de Fang the remaining networks. Looking at life by Erich Brandeis copyright. 1953, King features Syndicate it is perhaps a sign of the times that the humane society of Manchester England has sent out a warning to parents urging them to keep their children away from punch and Judy shows. S the characters in these shows be labor each other too violently says the bulletin and thus the youngsters Are taught to exercise mayhem and to it violence in their everyday lives. If i remember correctly when i was a kid we were told by our parents and teachers As Well As by the Church what to do to be Good boys and girls. The what not to do was left to our own judgment after we had Learned what to do. In the Days of my youth educators including parents were not nearly so concerned that we might turn out to be Crooks of some kind or other As they were about teaching us How to grow up into decent respectable citizens. Nobody was very much perturbed that we might learn bad things by bad examples. They figured that if they set Good examples for us we kids would prefer the Good things to the bad ones. There were plenty of bad books bad magazines bad movies in my youth. But by cultivating Good taste in us our elders figured that we ourselves would learn to discern Between Good and bad. Seek where most damage possible. The current concentration on secret military data fits in with the chronological system of spying As it has been Analysed by Capitol Hill experts. The reds always infiltrated through their interlocking influence into that segment of the government where they could do the worst damage at that particular moment. They chose and capitalized on successive crises since the 1929 panic. In the depth of the depression the original Harold Ware conspirators he was the soviet trained son of Mother Bloor crawled into the aaa spa National recovery administration labor and resettlement social Security. They sponsored Many economic schemes denounced by Congress As a a socialistic and by the courts As unconstitutional. Simultaneously they attached themselves to congressional committees dealing with such sensitive subjects As interstate migration civil liberties the by munitions investigation Small business. They missed no Chance to arouse class hatred and bitterness. Brain game Bow Well a Yon rom Masr your Nursery rhymes six Correct answers is excellent. Copyright. 193s, King features Syndicate my Ianswer by copyright 1953 by Chicago Tribune. X. T. News Syndicate inc i done to make much Money and i have eight children. My neighbor Down the Road has no children a Fine House two cars and makes More than he needs. It does no to seem fair to me. Or. T. H. One Day a Man stepped out of a crowd and said to the master teacher a will you make my brother divided with me a Jesus was shocked at what this Man had to say and then he told the Story of the Rich Man who had everything materially but was most unhappy. Your neighbor May be longing for that which iou possess children of his own. Happiness is not measured by material possessions. God has not i Row Quot Wulls fat was you Quot i 3. A Tweedle Dum said Tweed Tomk that if you had one of his be Dee had spoiled his Nice new questions 1. With what did Jill Jack s injuries after their Tumble weren to Worth shucks Down a Hill 2. What grew in the Garden of a Mary Mary quite contrary Quot 3. Why did a Tweedle Dum and Tweedle deep resolve to have a Battle 4. Who found a Plum in his pie 5. Who went to bed with his stockings on 6. Who killed cock Robbin 7. Who was chased by three Blind mice 8. What did the old woman who lived in a shoe feed her Many children it seems to me that nowadays there is entirely too much emphasis on the weak in us. We Are too Apt to make Laws and establish rules for the morally retarded rather than for the Strong. It was not so in the Pioneer Days. I wonder whether character weakness does not increase As More and More push buttons make our lives so much easier. There certainly is a whole lot of difference Between going out into a cold Winters Dawn to carry in Wood and making a fire and just setting a thermostat the night be fore in order that we May have the agriculture departments ready made heat when we get up Industrial chemical Bureau is the next morning. Making Nylon out of Corn cobs. The trip from new York to Cal treat you probably thought they hernia in the old Days was a perilous trek that took months and you re telling me by Hoyt King Central press writer answers 1. Vinegar and Brown paper. 2. A Silver Bells and Cockle shells and pretty maids All in a months. Today by plane it is done in a few hours with meals served by pretty hostesses in flight. Next time you see an Eye catching pair of legs just ask Here a hybrid of Golden Bantam a if things keep on progressing sweaters suits socks and ties the Way they hav during the past Are being made of Corn too. It half Century Man May have no just goes to show the Well dressed Muscles at All. And there really person is a product of cultivation 5 not much us for let any longer. Who walks when the porn in j whole nation is on wheel or Lorn is now at the very top a inv Par Rier among agricultural products. J there man�?T�?T6�?T by a a the a Quot a r a a a a a a there a Quot Are so a maw and outer Man. Specialists doing our thinking for wheat May be the staff of life but can you Wear it us that one of these Days for most of us there might not be any necessity for brains any More. A the world will then be divided com is versatile. You can Wear,mt0 two classes thinkers and drink eat Call names and play non thinkers. The thinkers will in Bingo with it. Transferred activitib8. When War enveloped Europe they transferred automatically and in Masse to the National advisory defense Council Board of economic warfare War production Board Price administration army military government the Oss Elmer Davis own air Force planning the National labor relations Board. They contributed to the alphabetical confusion that botched All planning and preparation after Pearl Harbor. In the period of postwar rehabilitation they rolled up their sleeves to remake the world in Accord with the Kremlin a desire. They shifted to the United nations Urra the International monetary fund the International refugee organization state Treasury Commerce National defense. Today in View of changing world conditions and conflicts the army Navy air Force and our atomic Arsenal Are their Pri Mary targets. Cars and his Beautiful Home you would be supremely Happy but not so. The apostle Paul found the secret when he said a i have Learned in whatsoever state i am therewith to be think about the multitudes around the world who do not have nearly As much As you have and then thank Jour heavenly father for what As been Given to you. 4. Jack Horner. 5. A Deedle Deedle dumpling my son 6. The Sparrow. 7. The Farmers wife. 8. A she gave them some Broth without any bread. A old events recalled Twenty years ago indians will get $6 million in Public works projects. Navajos will get $940,000 and Pueblos will get $327,000. The stars say. By str Al lit a Gallup strike leaders will hold a mass. Meeting in Santa be thursday and another in Albuquerque Friday. The University will get a Pew Art instructor. He is Kenneth m. Adams of Taos. Harry Truman will get $8000 for a to appearance. Its a pretty big feel but of course not every Man has a famous daughters name to Trade on. Immigration Issue the Mccarran Walter immigration act which has been Bel bored by new Deal democrats will be brought up again in the session of Congress next january with demands for its revision. These new dealers Are not satisfied with the emergency refugee amendment which was adopted at the recent Ike gets a Blister from building a dam for Trout. A double dedication ceremony is expected for the first and last Federal dam built by the Eisenhower administration. The civil aeronautics Board says Federal subsidies to airlines will total $80,000,000 this year. No wonder we value free Enterprise so highly we be got so Little of it. Ike replaces the psychological warfare Board with the operations coordinating Board. A new administration usually spends the first two years coordinating what it spends the last two years untangling. Life s Highway by Gordon Martin copyright 1953, general features corp by Gordon Martin the Carpenter plumber the Man with the truck. The Mason the Sand hog who gambles his Luck. The Printer the Pressman the Steeple Jack too. To them and to others a greeting is due. For this is the Day of labor. The Man with the shovel the Guy with the Hod. The Plowman who whistles while breaking the Sod. Have paused in their work and to them we extend. A word of respect and the hand of a Friend. For each of them is our neighbor. The worker producing a Beautiful car. The roofer who carries a bucket of tar. The trainman with lantern the packing House Man. And All of the rest of the Labouring clan. Are people on whom we have Learned to rely. So look to their efforts with Pride in your Eye. For Thia in their Day the Day of labor. Among the Albuquerque society leaders attending the Santa be fiesta were or. And mrs. John Simms and or. And mrs. William Bellr. The j. C. Penney co. Is shifting its hours so that children can shop before school. University students Are seeking work so that they May continue their studies. Fifty years ago a Well known citizen of Ribera near Las vegas was found murdered. His faithful horse was found carding his body. A neither pains nor expense will be spared to make the Montezuma Ball a swaggering Success a says a headline. A series of accidents at the electric Plant makes manager Gunsul feel that he is a bucking a for tomorrow astrological influences this Day favor those with initiative and Enterprise Lack of Confidence and false modesty will get you nowhere but by making others aware of your innately forceful and dynamic personality you can go a Long Way toward achieving your ambitions. Creative work is favored. Rela twin ships with others whether in business or personal life Are at their friendliest. It is a Good Day too for completing unfinished tasks. Rid yourself of the Burden of arduous details leaving the mind free to tackle new responsibilities in the offing. The evening hours Are excellent for Domestic affairs cultural activities. For the birthday if tomorrow is your birthday you May look ahead to a year of great Opportunity in the further Ance of your career. Advance ment is definitely in the offing and by the late fall there should be a considerable improvement in your financial affairs. Whether creative or executive your talents and abilities Are under excellent stimuli during the balance of 1953 and Early 1954 so you should push ahead with important plans your Horoscope assures the Hearty encouragement and cooperation of persons in a position to help you. You have great technical skill and should you develop a Hobby along these lines it could Over a period prove a remunerative one. Domestic matters social life and cultural interests Are also under Beneficent aspect. A child born on this Day will be warm hearted generous and endowed with great mental and manual coordination. The agriculture department Hasni to been just Fritt ering around. Last giant Panda in u. S. Dies Chicago sept. 6 up Mei Lan the last giant Panda in the United states died last night at the approximate age of 15. The Chubby Teddy Bear like buttons marked a going Down a vent All the Effort saving devices for us and the non thinkers will enjoy them. Heaven Only knows what will become of our already deteriorated culture when that Day comes a our Art our literature our music. And what will become of our Faith our religion because when that Day comes All you will have to do is to push a Button at whatever time you want to leave this Vale of tear and Bingo you Are in heaven. Or will they have Only push animal with heavy Black and White fur had been a resident of Brookfield zoo since Babyhood. Zoo director Robert bean said Mei Lan apparently succumbed to a heart ailment. In recent months the Panda dropped in weight from 300 to 210 pounds. Mei Lan was one of three cubs presented to the zoo nearly 15 years ago after they were captured in the mountainous regions of Mongolia. Bean said twelve others when that Day comes. Copyright 1953, King features Syndicate inc have been zoo residents in the United states and Europe but Mei Lan lived longer in Captivity than any of the others. There is Little Hope that other pandas will be seen in this country while International tension exists Between red China and the free world. Try and Stop me by Bennett Cerf tie Nardine Kielty sent Home from England a report of of a mid Lander buying a cow from a canny villager. A do she kick a asked the prospective purchaser. A not what you might Call kick a was the cautious reply a but Shell lift her Hind leg sudden and bring it Back Smartis. Best to keep a Good hold on the a a e h. P. Thompson Calls attention to the Way familiar sayings get twisted under our very eyes. For instance it used to be a you can to take it with today its a you can to keep it while you re a a a Paul Denis author of Quot the celebrity Cook Book a waa asked in a radio interview r di8h? a no Todl he phed copyright. 1951. By Sennett Cert distributed by King gestures syndicated

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