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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 2

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Albuquerque, New Mexico A-2 Jih Inal May 28, 1966 City share City commission would vary oks sales tax for code for Las Cruces City share of a fed Las crites re i the orally sponsored code in u5 Cruces City commission for Cement program from $6000 to 130 too. Do sesion pending upon Horn deeply City i3,< Friday accepted a Peti Compisi toners want to he lion calling for a referendum vote on a new Hospital and a Small Dom approved a one per cent City project for come involved a a we could do or sit of Ion project for As Littles $6000.&Quot City sanitarian Sar a John Cordova who has drawn to commission accepted code enforcement Cost est the petition from West aide mates Ai the request of com residents who have opposed Mission s. Said Friday a for construction of a new $5 Mil we could carry out some full City county Hospital on scale work for around $30 a the new Mexico state Eam-000 a a pus. The school is located in code enforcement provides As Rulef Federal financial assistance in a in commission neighbourhoods tip to Cepter an offer from Ems to the standards of City building build the new Hospital on and health codes. School property providing Cordova noted that the pro nos could use the building Gram is considered Preven a training of nurses live in that it is designed to the petition contained ii Correct conditions before full pages but commissioners did a Cal deterioration sets in. Not release the number of Sig Cordova and other City natures. It was noted How county environmental health Ever that some of the Signa dept. Officials surveyed parts lures were of persons living of the , old town outside the City limits residential and South san officials said an election Jose Arr. S in malting t h e Date on the Hospital Issue will Cost Survey. Be announced in the next 30 a we also looked the Kin to 45 Days. Land admitum and a resident the commission also passed tied area near the Duke City the sales tax unanimously. Lumber Yard a Cordova said but admitted that a Call for hey plays Lead role a referendum on the tax proposal was expected. The Money from the sales tax has been predicted for boosts for City employees including policemen. Officials cited the loss of veterans from the police Force because a a cables Lumpkin wage tax becomes Espinoza ouster golfer s. Gray will be sought Dies at age 72 by group Here deaths and funerals Walter s. Gray operator of a Flower shop he established 33 years ago in Albuquerque died in a Hospital Here Friday night followup a Brief illness. In he was 72. Gray established Cray s _. I Flower shop and Nursery in Ico Young Demon Ais in Rui lql1a a a ,1k . I is located Al Nib a it Xin j a a r # in in fetid to a a a Dodo to oust the Organ new. He been a City regular a a Lions president Reginald is Den for 36 Yunis if tors vie no. A Alfet rut in a move in planned at Days convention of new Max Arietta a a Pun Biffl Ltd few 7 a a p �?T1is jew Miri hrs Syrsa 5 ramp a a snaattsefyv1 in Eva my atari troth we. Us Motoo my will met butt til the ,., Tel re a we fe11 egg a Tizio. Chari Norm. A it it or or of. My Iriri mortuary wow a Crai Juhn a Urr Ami up Reno Cut melt Hora ramp in Ltd a bib red Wolf. Law Rue in Sumiton t h Orua. a Jtb. Or a in Carrat. Row at int Kab Mac to Armijo the family Tibi Thor old fic of port the our # by sixth to Ort ii new Abb but anti a#1 m. Ruvat y director rat Publ i re la a for to our by in How Frohl by Ion Church it trial we by i Cwi vary a pm try the a mat and com mortuary by by Char Okay Tutor a or a. To. A red it o4 Albuquerque for 3 year a a Aloe Murrne funeral / Tai Utar a flavor shoo and att a hat pc. Nurt Rrt Nuth sixth at Tahu tit at la or in an or Elal off and by by wit Ria Fht a or. Go turn Dimer of Atta Putno a a supporter of John stay was a member of the event team. A Hub a wid k 0rm. Or. And a rank ulan a re run a in of a Iran a. Ulm on. At a am try by in in Chart the Tut. Or Ruby ret Kin of of Mien in Ruth lamed Ami or Martell cant Cain the rot Natiw of Earl rime Cain All in Arhat a a fix to Arr Midrib and a War i Alt an Pueblo. Colo. Fri Toj tor Taro or to Randy to los or a aaa a Birn g i i a two and interment Ai in a 1%e>m#jlwr a of the blah lamp Twani dub Burroughs in the recent in Highland Kiama club Mary election he is survived by his wife a delegation from Bema i. Elsie Gray and a Bilo county headed by vie daughter mrs. Evelyn tor Goetz will seek to Block Mei both of Albuquerque. the re election of a Pinola at son. Donald e. Gray of Santa to Naiga <4 Tho arrant Ard i Rya wit or Actori Ann a Transf it Ita attended by Jer Natoria Lusk. Goetz and others from democratic go and three Sisters. Mrs nominee Gene Perkins mrs Ruth a Alvoro in Ruby i vitaut bar four Norw. Carman Ca Ixia to. Of a it tax Clart f. Jon. Star the convention which a Fol be j p a brother Lewis g r a y i till a Irta to to so Tiiu Junsay at in Awa of ainu que Ria tor a Boms follow ins in ulna so m a fnfr.-. In from a Nia a. Ars Wuo Larned a up trip a and Lula c to aught i. Or a rata Sau. A Rucks is or in in Csur a i Friday it oin is a nor us Fnu Oarb Calfio. A abort la a la it his Rob a of e ten a at the and mrs. Marjorie eau full mss of and it or aia self Oueda Hipe Trail new. A a hear air Pacwa win a a. It d j win fat or a my. a a a Ary a re a a Wilb let j it a Wichita on Daut Neall m Arkansas five grand awl Ai pm. Or it by Ramus. Who Bias. Tao a it delegation from Here said is children and one great grand a. The Sanaa a and son. Mortuary re a 1 Pine us support of Bur Bud a a a a a i to a Juds it Knees kami1 Illiam cd child. Licht vice presi Dent of Southern California Edison co., signs copies of an agreement reached Friday Between the Navajo advisory committee and six major Western Power utilities. At left is George Schreiber president of Public service co. Of new Mexico and in Center is h. A. Walsh vice president of Elpaso electric co., who also signed the agreement. Ten copies of each of several agreements memoranda and other documents were signed by officials of seven different companies. Gould and m. \ Titus vice president of Arizona Public service co., each signed 80 or Mort documents. Journal photo by met Imi Atli a announced to <1 Akk Apa Ruix Tal a re la a few oar Aviv Ald c#m4a will a Bald War at pc Ncnew a i Kidnap victim is held in jail in aes Tea Nua thar. Of r a Job of an t Hwa a Lata canard ton Ca Tolm cd web to cum or a a no the Alatar and Ama my Stu at tit wry to we do him. M a to in Chara by i a us. Is How. a it a. All of. Wihlm and to t cold a Harman i. Col Al ram naw a mph of off at us it 13 a Afi. Pay a a at Rrt Oay a. A a Ciati aft re Oon it a local tows Itla. Altar ii a Nora a a. A it Rrt a a a ulema. Or id a at 103 car a cowl Lau i by a on i it met Arr a a and la Urtiz a by hts wait. Or u. A a a Cato of the bom few am. Law ,. At is i r Dor i cot both of Aiby que ecu Law to Ai a a Bya a. # in cola v s nary and rear cob Tow Mort Jar. Aft a. Four a 4ht#ra. Loda mum. Wanda and Juanita All at California i a it Vato it us sati four a it a in Calif Omta and to a i. A a of cola aaa a of the Moon Sabl Jno Oak lie. A of dept urn re i a a Lii to Mutolo Knowd by n m thaa Baar and Ama Mort Jar us of nah mortuary. A a t Art roughs has nothing to do with Fitzgerald and son funeral the ouster attempt. Directors will announce serv in performance hit up arrangements. Gary Hufbauer county Young democrats president. Said the opposition is based on Espinoza s performance As president. During the primary Campaign Espinoza was fired from a state Job in Santa be after making a speech in which he Douglas county in endorsed Burroughs. D sheriff Robert d. Sump gov. Jack camphor a anon a in county jail get Civ soft it str Sam t St a. Strong supporter of Lusk in Friday night awaiting Trane a by Ai to Csc uni Wmk re a a my but a a i a m the democratic primary Portal in Back to . A Bukss struggle. A the push primary por tation ii after admitting i s tale a Larry my Mia. St c ii Koto Rauli now is to vote of abduction by four men was som my Chart a Bay May of lloy la a a he no to or re Al by by is. Mar Flats mint of in hem. A a a a Wuriu Ray 1 a at phew kit blah hit. R . Arrests 3 on drug charge a Richard if cast gives impressive performance of cd a of a lot lion is voiced. On tinted from a City Federal state and City police narcotic details officers at Newberry a residence. Claim package the e arrests came after Newberry a friends claimed the alleged package of marijuana to Newberry at the Alameda Branch Post office and drove to Newberry a residence Salter said. The friends entered Newberry s House by a Back door ate the cues key s treatment Richard ii opened thurs Richard colors the entire Prea Day evening at the old town nato. By i Caf tor. Try # of Tomy of mortuary to Melmor. Or or Man n i a. M at. Ebibh a Al Robt of ast. Re Reginald Espinoza out of the a phor a a Barf Taeia of in shr Ani state presidency and set be sheriff Joe b Wilson Aido Wyza incr to Ubart oar n c a text cd. A ii a a a ,. Pro Starnis Ana get Owr a in in cd Riff of if la of or it. Pm a a by mfr a a for of a Santib co to that Hind a new and dynamic state Douglas Vount it n e. It non u t re h,-.-.ib a Rwy he a warn a organization Quot Goetz said Fri Ald m Harbaugh is expected a Day in Albuquerque today a n d Tom Tau in a a a it it it Tan. run futo give Welcome will be allowed to Lake sump to a Lusk will make the Wel lion Hack to Dumois. Coming remarks at the con Wilson said his office will # mention. Other speakers will Al e no charges. Leonard include state rep. Bruce Blaylock Fri special agent a do Nuary Rob to get a to r a by it wok aty nil,7ls Uttof Mirrie. Ring of be c our sex. M charge Here said no fed in 60 Days it no oppose. At by t,�hrit�?�.mci5s Pec to a the a a How he been put cd a a critic state chairman on the sumption and said a decision striping paint tests made before award of contract sex Tribune bldg. Bought by estate Cep Ive interpretation of t h e tends to substitute Brilliant it character of Richard ii by Terance for action. Nigel hey. Acceptable but monotonous v Nae the direct Phil Mead acts the part of Goetz also said he tim it ii Ounn 01 a renin Ana poetically imaginative or _ a a i .w,., horns and a startlingly per Shakespeare s characters whojg1 Umin Chaton of would not be made Foi fam the journal by b. And d. Lumber co. F Rio Arriba county who lost it a time. Santa be Bureau Carlsbad it bid $194 per Gal in the primary election in his sumption s car been Santa few h i g h a y Len for and $2 24 for yelled for re election. Near Tuscola i. Tues Low but the paint on which it and Dav Slih Multi damage and a i. Official Are making fib a u it. Non of Comer Phil Mead a n e is manufactured in Utah Tribune bldg at Henry Bolingbroke in an a three others will seek flee blood sumption called Nai tests of samples of High a m Al of it a a Albuquerque septable but monotonous Way lion As a team to the offices the Bernalillo county Sher Vay striping paints b e t o r e a v a Al op9nwc last c o of Orai army an<1 a ver except a tio the Bernalillo county wednesday making a decision pm award week. But the pre bid Cample co of seasoned local actors in Nal ene portrays the usurp Young democrats at its con it v me eluding Gene Ives Crawford and told them a Story of being or abducted by four men near ing a contract for Purchase of did not and 6 ered meet specifics sow in bid was not Consul Rou ii be examination and a Arne a estate. 4ra Mii a a mar Nan the Priutt was 0 so t v 7 was Oaing in accentuation. Found the alleged marijuana cult se<1 # and ii la about an England while the body of i per Salter said. a no a a a a ---1 a r the package mailed mrs. E. J. Workman a of he a or a a a Arr a Quot and g a is a enter aeon on Ara a f Portuni who a hired Umpir Hilton. we. E making an a 83 500 de Salter said sold Freda a new Meewo the Keg ship like a dog upon their ticket for the county a a a a we born part co of ainu the Case came Lough. May a a a a a it in an performance Raj. Hon. Convention is Coe for pie. Que que i. Apparent Low Al a no Neama Are for virus be for the jew lady so a a pm Quot the portrayal of John of Dent. Sanche for vice Celina Baca receives Der of a j per int get pack a. No Varnatt a iat gaunt by Buck Flowers also president mrs. Ida Lyon for r y i i i a preference Given by Law Toj a ii a a political play a Rich waa Lack info n treasurer and miss Inis a four year scholarship new Mexico businesses and Delfs 111 Hawaii _. Vis for Secretary. Miss Celina a. Baca a Val manufacturers said state form r got John j which has fallen on evil times Mormance was adequate and Hufbauer said he is not Ley High school student has firc Nasme agent Dante Yam mrs a j. Workman wife a Simmsjr. Signed the instr a la civil War were com sell sustained Flowers Ren Rund my for re election Sabeen awarded a tuition schol Wellborn manufactures of a former president of new Napa in a co 5. A president of men cog. In attempting to dered the famous apotheosis president and is backing the ship by the University of new sewn pain it bid $1m in Gal m Tach in Socorro died Mexico a. So contained a pm of it a mexi 0 Shar c a maintain the ceremony of a of England with All the Fervour Goetz ticket. Mexico for White and 32 for Tel n Peloso said he made Ujj e traditional Rule snip the do 0f a housewife repeating a miss Baca daughter of or. Feet a delivered at Al Buquor a. W ,.vm. Pure base a an invest Mem pm a a r Chat a it a grocery lilt of a. A Thant raise Flag and or. Sam g. By. Oife re a a a my�, Bill Riveral . Cd. Oms . Mere of he Barnett beg for trouble and spirited cry of nation us. On Montreal i a Secre so a it re a oks has a us to fun Al service were held gets it. He is deposed by the Good Gide Hii accusation tary Genera u Thant Friday cited a four year Tui on s2 34 for yellow. Wednesday. Survivors include Henry Bolingbroke the a if Rchard a misrule was a raised the United nations Flag scholarship to Unm. She is a lower bid was submit ted Nephew. James Waurick. 1420 new Jort it if Quot changing forceful presentation of Rich. Over the site of the world Quot ornate for the Paneh of eld be and it lives in \ vip. Dram Cre the be tiding now houser5- a the old so re of sri s problem organization s Pavillion at the Lenic scholarship bus rash ulis to Quot a Vav , a in i or. Ili a Quot tax a a of r in la a and further on the Good i world fair. Expel t tit _ Hyak Zewe. Lucy up a the. Workman we a to h. The pm earm de Tours Security co. And a a a Ltd to quot5dr Gene Ive gave a Ray a. Which opens Nee year or Nalt exp died on the Tut. Children were willed a cd.u in december 1984. Der he pm or. Age Erritt incurs Tom. Coffee shop. Thee but As alway in Uhalu. Jul grounds of an orphanage at several other injured Friday or. Workman retired a pres y 1 Hen of. Cd a end floor unoccupied drama a Richard Ssiss a. Isic fair York in thai it Kil s 2 boys the nearby Village of wee de. When a school bus wont out of Idem of no. Tach. He is Dier s Winter Type clothing package sent assisted by Albuquerque Federal narcotic postal off chooses . Nae me package Opy ground floor it Mal fro reel paso estate that he has no a Meta to a is deposed by the Good Side was unable to deliver it w0v Kuikit the ed.t., no . A notate housed the offices a n d Leticai play. Was left saying it could be compos Long room of Albu Quer int0 human dilemma. The a Meta publishing co. And the Richard. The predecessor was men that1 to Hamlet Llu is much More than a to. A a turnout. Belgium killing two Boyr and injuring control and crashed Down an Rector of the Una Werrity of it is an insight no Ufi a a world War in two others. To embankment Here Hawaii Cloud Laboratory. In to ruses his son of treason provided the comic Relief needed. A.,# Albuquerque Bureau of ass Hamlet we see an articulate oth Ralit l t cited press or the ground Man of put it pc sensibility who _ p a. Authorized it it std editorial offices of a unable to Cope with the the masterful presentation picked up at Post office it Scott Mccarty u. Amp attorney _ _ _ the tiling of the warrant and Hie Albuquerque journal a complexity of change and who of and the skillful direct complaint against Newberry and Tribune on the s e c o n d retreats with psychological a Mead which made of off leers am Are floor. At one time the studio willingness and yet with keen Active use of staging effects the woman suspect picked Rad,0 nation Kob a i s of introspection into the Ivory 10 create the full scope of the up Quot Joe package Ai e a a u As located on the second Tower of his own mind. Throne room arum the confines n Eda Post office men floor on the other hand Henry of the Dungeon made for a. Her Friend drove to be a ave it a quarters Bolingbroke. The practical of do Active evening of shake Berry residence apparently the newspapers publishing port unix?., eagerly grasps the pm Rean theater. Flowed Anc watched Cut company and associated i Power at hand and commits a press vacated the building in himself to the kingship with raise Iii million after the to was arrested the Spring of 1954, when the a full realization of his crime Geneva up a Mem Salter officers be a Rebec grit portion of the present of usurpation. Ber churches of the world the Home on be where Roumal to Bune bldg was Richard ii As played by Council of churches have the woman lives. Her pc completed at seventh and Sib hey is a vivid disturbing per raised si.6 million in the now you con wafer Only the area you want watered. Leave your ploy and outside living areas dry. F a also listed the Edth be Home As Ais All were booked into City jail. A dismisses larceny charge once prominent in the theater business Here owned both the Sunshine bldg and the Barnet bldg., which housed. Pay legs drug co. Both at second and. Central. A larceny charge filed the Barnett bldg was razed against a 20-year-old youth following one of the most for allegedly taking several costly fires in Albuquerque s household items from the history the fire broke out apartment of an elderly Man the afternoon of Jan. 20, 1963. V. To was discovered Strait a a a died was dismissed Friday old grenade Kiles boy asst. Dict atty. James l. Syracuse Sicily up a b a rider oui k asked that the Sebastian Jannello 12, found charge be diamin of read Way an old hand grenade near so through a preliminary hear Lan no Friday exploded my for Albert Montantez of while he was dismantling 1 2009 fifth new. And he was killed Brandenburg said tre slate could not prove the value of Primrose was found with a the items to be in excess of pair of shot strings tied Sigo Montantez then a s around his neck. An autopsy charged with Petty larceny revealed the cause of death and a Bond of $200 was set to be asphyxiation by Stran after dismissal of the orig gelation Nal larceny charge. No charges hive been filed found dead in a rear apart in connection with the death. Ment Ai 2605 fifth new was allegedly taken were a to a Pearl Primrose. Ils sister set two lamps and a clock testified he Wax born in 1686 i radio. Ver so shortly thereafter son vitally alive in both his ? Mal s3 million Campaign tie older building was sold haughtiness As King and in his to fight hunger in India. The by the new Mexico state realization of failure and in Council said 20 nations a Tribune co to the Simms in his self condemnation. Despite eluding the United states Serest. Some Little uncertainty with have contributed the late Joseph Barnett we make Fine Bourbon at a profit if we can at a loss if we must but always Fine Bourbon j year Orf a to fit special Reserve 7 Emo old to a set pukrldi.1 i to i in a co Alto Isumu fantastic 50% off or the cordless Remington Lek tronic in Shaver Don t wait til it s too late Southwest Shaver service 200 third St. He alb. N. M. Pm. Cd 7-8219 at last. A one set sprinkler that will water the exact shape of your Low Flat Spray is virtually unaffected by wind. Saves Weter. Saves time. A sprinkler with a a brain. That you can adjust to water a Lawn of any Hape. Better than a soaking rain because it delivers water Only where you want it. Avoids areas you want to keep dry. Simple adjustment enables to to Pronai i Quot the contour to fit any area regard Karl yet loss of or ape be t once and f it get it. To a to or Rome Mac is \ the shape of your Yard. Waters exactly the same area every time. Spray radius extends from 5 to 40 feet. Low Flat Spray / pattern is virtually unaffected by wind. Less Eva it i q q r portion. Les waste. Saves water. Saves time. I u. U j Ham dial. Centaur see it in action Gates agent will demonstrate this sprinkler All Day sat. Gott rom dial Square sprinkler fully adjustable Waters a Square Gates rain dial part Circle sprinkler Waters a full Circle or ony part Gates oscillating sprinkler delivers a rain like Spray Over rectangular area

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