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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 1

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Albuquerque, New Mexico Today smile up lnmlr7 Kant to to am i Ida a mar a ��7 i7��ri to us pm a Misiara of Stu tit to Attra Malf my my by Tovaris. In 4auf a to m a alb Quot Awn Mcatam. A a a a a to amt to la Mamatt of la or Aam Vba imm Lac la toll mat by my a bad a or it a pm it a 4�-torlall�4. Real Good morning la a a Attr oar War. Tbs nato r>�4 Ila lcaar4 of Haab tac of tim Tamitra get 86th year Notum i4i numb m a a on it Clui Patag pal4 at Avink or it in and at additional Motoc saturday morning May 28, 1966 pub Ahad act and a to Nap at toi Urrato a . Sept in 40q Rama Khz a tim Toad at Only 34 Pafiti in two sections a it a Price 7c Rusk says . To keep Large German Force Alliet arc told need Welcome to determine stay Washington Jpn Sor rotary of state Dean Rusk said Friday the United states plans to Kiep its Large military fire in Oer Miliny and a oked hop for a solid Proi re. Soon in re i vamping nato after a Rufice Foj pullout. Americans european allies have been told Quot our forces will remain thera As Long a they Are needed and Rusk reported at a news conference preceding his departure next week for a North Atlantic n / v treaty organization ministers f �ts01x of i a it meeting at Brussels june 68 Rusk sought again to minimize the practical effects of the civil turmoil in South Ruddy Young City Man is handicapped Navajo Counce Utility firms sign Power Plant pact advisory committee adopts Resolution on huge project final agreements were reached Friday a in window Rock ariz., and Albuquerque ii tween the advisor committee of the Navajo tribal Council and executives of six Western Power Gme rating companies for the construction of a $150 million 1.51 million kilowatt Power Plant in new Mexico in the four Corners arca. In window Rock the advisory committee adopted re solutions approving four agreements with the six Utility companies which will own the new Plant. Later in .4 Al that he Simms bldg. Galli p a a Young Al executive suite of Public Buque que Man buddy Lund service co. Of new Mexico vict Nam saying it has had Strum of 63.1 Monroe nil was officials of the six companies no major Impact on the Cam named a handicapped person a sold the agreements. Chr Druer. Rillas. The announcement that the gains racking Friday at the 10th annual con Start of construction on t h e with u5 commitments mention of the governors Plant is tentatively scheduled in Viet Nam a n d committee on employment of apr Quot late june Elk a who re. N d the i Arm Date fool Lundstrum 21, was unable groundbreaking ceremony marijuana by mail to attend the ceremonies due awaits two More Steps growing continuing elsewhere a n d the handicapped at Gallup Ith nato disarray from French withdrawal from its integrated military setup. ,. Substantial sentiment has de a o a recent death in his fam approval of the four or lord in con a a a a for. Or Lily. Tho word a 7 Quot Habil a dior Stewart l. Udall. U s. Forc in a St p4& i is irs it Sarr Anri Tom under nato. Core Street phase Cost placed at $28.5 million 11-member unit two battalions routed additional Cash Woi be sought by welfare dept. New . Rules on family needs cited by officials of Wayne Scott of the journal s Santa be Burea Saigon of a two communist Viet Cong battalions the first five year Quot phase of i Iblis welfare will have launched an attack on a vietnamese militia Camp Only militia Camp r n 7 construction defeats blow by Viet Cong Andrew i. Newberry 6-Lane overpass for Marquette Heads priorities by Sam blk a the it will take an estimated r. 528,580,000 to carry out Saigon of. To ask the next legislature 25 Miles from Saigon Friday night and or Blu Albuquerque downtown for additional funds for this beaten Back. Street improvement pro Fisca year ii cause of new Federal regulations. This Dis. Lot d Friday at d j f with about 40 u. S. Reached Friday by an 11 the monthly meeting of the i Effta v Ai Ufa spa Sonoal forces Soldier Reanea r Raay by 1 ii Lilge i eur Rolce cure Quot Laid Jiember committee which Waltar. Leo Mur. Oil. Viet Cong tick a met with a Quot a a y ?. A Quot. A Quot a a nlnu7 in i Mann nil a a a sch forced the a toners to come up with a re l of in Van Idovia Viet Cong to Retreat afer two and. Which would be re i Unac Teaful hours of probes theve Iet Cong hit the Camp at dung Hoa at a time when it .4 temporarily re that Europe station Counselor and Tom signing of a Power re c a j Younghi employer. Mission agreement Between six i s army division Are Lundstrum was graduated Arizona Public service from the new Mexico and Southern California Quot a for the visually handicapped son co. Regarding construct in 1964 and trained As a Mas a Ion ownership operation and Suer in Roswell in West Germany Rusk stressed that Nat allies should be Only a defensive organization. Is. Holds 3 on drug Rue charges quire the new Federal Regul Iiona Are called Quot simplified meth ads of determining need Quot of famine qualifying for Wel u 1.s the conclusion Washington a an covered by mortar Rhine gun fire casualties moderate casualties among the and a liable estimate of total project costs. Their report noted that i state and Federal governments i would share construction costs for some of the recommended can a a re Char 7�?o Quot .�c.ud,d in la Jar As. Fir ants known of any of the estimate included right of by also should Quot to search f in a solution of some of the while in High school he was Captain of the wrestling team c on Linurd on .\-4 is hit by Bandit rated top problem French president Charles de Gaulle has pictured nato As an impediment to reducing it. A St West Genii Orui. said also was regional wrestling Champion for a seven state Rocky Mountain Region. Lundstrum is also a Musi a clan and Baa made several of i i. ? r of or. R Frum three Persus Ini luding Rno . A s Margaret Hart. Andrew d 32. Of of the Ais Lead so were or cd Friday in what Federal offi Ichiau said was attempt to smuggle about 4 pounds of my or to new mex regiments american Quot Green berets were a purchases As Well Avera crat to of vietnamese regulars . Earlier Friday Premier Ngu Phe Albuquerque co Cao Tkv extended a peace Fotr a pit $122 to $130 a possible drive into South Flor _ town Street As Down if simple family will in Are in Cambodia for. A to Ivy Exie Noea a peace town Street plan. To the Buddhist and rented to Quot virtually any de department so. Defense conferred under . Auspices would Benefit the de Divi dept promptly disputed his chief of his military a elopement of a metropolitan statement a Nfuyen Chanh o in run i t commit. J Thi. Monks rejected the peace members said Vou cannot get around . Gen. Stanley r. Lar feeler. Secrecy veiled i let re of �0 minion of sen said there is Quot plenty of the Ference. Total is the estimate for elsewhere in the Saleido to obstruction of the proposed 3rcn and . Told toe Board. Viet Nam. But the but she had no estimate As. Marijuana into the l. B. From to the total additional Money in a a a a a a troop con Mexico via the mails. A Bandit dressed in Black. A be Terai warrant and com Ito w.,h Mukhin and .cl, with the. Comm i Quot. A a a a or or Tup a incl few in a cons Dirac office of the but one of an undetermined Reau of Indian affairs. Graham Holmes was guest at in Paxin luncheon. He discussed activities de a feed to help with the re which would be required. Cent ration which c o u i further recourse to Access Road i Way on the N..Rry charged i Quot Murphy t Gomi to quoth a my a a cum to in by m ,. 4u.,c4 recourse. I additional Tuione Ujj Jjo in a position where it arms count rim. And he i it a med a a a director of a wed owl Quot a t h a no a. The mid Section to a Gas and ,.,Ilon Between grand German reunification As the no. I european problem be continued on a-11 of Sou i Viet Nam. Says no evidence five hours after torrential Rains kit West Texas Pacheco head mount if Mey it. Fri ii night woman student Lon of the department. Alx iut 0 smut. Later a a a a a re or ice ency appropriation Man org a held up a a it a Quot a opt should be newsmen. Joni Quot amp Murwar it a a True ens. Dept. Sued a Statem Buddhi it these project could be ,.t.uon and employment University of new Mexico thing being needed for Addi which said theater Friend. 24, a Tiona Federal it was the second robbery recalled later. All three also Are scheduled West of Broad jote Street sex and a shots from vietnamese marines Gold $5 million suppressed rioting by a mob coaids be delayed a of 3000 anti government Anu but the committee a com Larsen s american demonstrators who posed of engineers architects the de marched in Torch lit procession and City officials a noted in a problems of handicapped Diane Frank Duran of Gallup was named Mckinley county of a drive in theater in three to be arraigned today before continued on .a-16 Midland. Tex. A tor rent Tai rams set off Flash flooding and lightning described As Quot an awesome display caused widespread damage in West Texas Friday at least one death was attributed to the storm Midland an oilfield Center wire and a so severely of 70.000 persons in far West burned that both his legs were Texas was one of the amputated. Hit areas. Officially it re i Cei Ved 2 40 inches of rain but j unofficial amounts varied from 1.50 inches to nearly 4 it staged Iii Nevada inches. Hail up to three quarters of an Inch thick also Nevada test site up fell. An underground nuclear Quot handicapped person of the b e to Ming a a commissioner Owen j a year a drive in theater was Shah visits Bucharest a to. i. Mowafy woo issued the War. Institute in Saigon. Delayed until the development a civil authority collapsed of convention facilities in the Quot while there have been in Hue a stronghold of Budd it Wtown area the report confirmed reports for months deism and rebellion 400 Miles said. Of North vietnamese activity North of Saigon. The mayor. The Gateway project and la. Col. Phan Van Khoa who accompanying Access Road Duran 5 u a Saint a at it Quot Ore than $400 Lite 3 is a Painter at m. Rant and complaint Wingate army depot where renew Berry a. Been employed Ainee Imi 7?"�?o a Quot Quot �?~,1 lie i. Married and a. Three a a who children when Duran was la year ? / a it a Quot a a a it Fttie urn Beard he was armed with a a a Quot a r . Against no for is also governor of thua a o u i d become necessities up a the Shah of Iran flew to Bucharest Fri three were arrested Byi begin a series of visits Nam to validate i to Romania Yugoslavia and a Morocco. Province pulled out once convention Center c o n Coli tinted on .a-2 charges is. Threat in Cambodia there exists evidence Strong enough in. Thiene commander of the a Sqq troops and set instruction began in the area military assistance com Headquarters at Hung it contended. V Miles away. Forty a priority schedule was in of any no american and other for eluded with the Cost Esti regiments eign nationals also quit the mate. And construction of a City. Others took shelter at six Lane Marquette statement heavily guarded . Mili Between second new and the presence vietnamese Cambodia. The Pentagon Shower activity hits wide area of new Mexico Little rain is expected this weekend despite fridays Castro orders Alert for forces of Cuba added a there a Midland automobile sales device of Low yield was widespread Shower activity Havana Fister Fidel Castro Oday no a Jayy assistance command Edith be according to the North vietnamese regiment compound. Albuquerque downtown plan carried on the intelligence is operating far from the was placed at the top of the timotes in Cambodia As either of Xin rest. Vietnamese list. Construction costs were confirmed probable or Possi troops reported killing 94 v let estimated at $2,680,000. Hie. It went on Cong and capturing so i a six Lane construction Quot on several occasions Dur Jcj of brisk fights in the with overpass construction my the past few months re Mekong Delta. Government would come the recommend ports have been received for losses in one Case a defined six Lane correction of mar prime immediately la to put our a a Sive action a faint about Soo Quette with rom. New at and All of the people of Cuba Hind and for a Blaze that de a Ute i or device tested in South strayed a warehouse contain Kern Nevada this year and the Quot. ?. Rry Ani my 2tioo Bales of Cotton at 90th since the ban on Atmos Pyote West of Midland. A cloudburst filled the the dec said these Man patently drowned after Hisle below the desert floor. A a i a a a a a a tr., i a. A t a waa wept into a flooded the atomic Knerly com car bad and of Alert Culvert on a us Flo Morvice opt a inn Aid the teat had a Lobb a Quot a a for the cuban armed he prime minister denied of Road on the Side of mid Force of up to 50 Pilot Tui statewide minimum Imper. Quot fat it ? a Quot a it a defense dept statement a Quot a it a a <��?T�i.ture, dipped Chilo a result of what he called saying six cuban aoldler.�&Quot"1 lightning was blamed of in. Degrees from thursday. U a provocations by the United slipped into Guantanamo Nase eral Small fires in mid i the marked the 2ndl.� recorded Reading were 28lstates against Cuba. Val base and exchanged gun vietnamese regiments e r e reds were called heavy. Third $400,0 x widening of Between third and fire at red River 35 at Star Lake Castro declared in a communique read Over radio and monday night to. A. Him i Albuquerque reported Low Ric vision that u. A Secretary the the a Ltd Quot armed forces Cambodia. Elsewhere the War continued rom Quot. Not substantiated at a relatively Ordinary Pace re hush hush alerting continued on a Premier by and his chief a i military rival held their hush ill it a at his news conference in hush meeting at . Marine a i her the Pentagon Larsen wag Headquarters at Cha Lai 3401 with american vent a a department Mues Northeast of Saigon and information official who made 52 Miles South of a Castro reiterated cuban alter or tone Down where government claims that forces had officers remarks. I crushed a Nang forces Buddhist led up Holiday monday streets at Andrew. 40 Miles showed no radiation was Northwest of Midland with lacked into the atmosphere from 12 to 18 inches of water sheriffs officers said the town was doused with 2 75 inches of rain in about 30 minutes. O s t businesses mental offices and govern schols Albuquerque weather air i it k Kuik Anu Kitty. Pait to fatal and Ftp Viaz Wiki Ceca Avanal altar Clauda a us uni Ait a Saang it t i i Kratur his Toda it. To tor it i i 4 iou it a �aii7 Bod 4l 4 in a onion my lira to pair today and Ain Day Tui Acra Axial Alta Noii cd id a urn Lariat and aha a is i Utooun Taifita a Raal to m of Taritas a Tuu it the aaa today High today m to to. Loaf tonight is to Sata us Ortli. 4d to ii it Ilia Aouni i additional a rather pair a 8 journal Index around new Mexico a-15 Bridge alg business in no k 5 classified b-5.i5 comics k-16 crossword Puzzle a-18 daily record 11-3 dear Abby vis editorials a-6 Fin India it 4 5 Lovies a to ii obituaries a-2 our slant a4i racing entries h 2 sports by 2 to log a-i7 to of reviews Ai weather tabla As woman s world a-12-13 general Worth $13,2s0 More it takes 628 additional Square feet an extra Bath room Aud a ume Odds and ends to House a general As rum Parry with a colonel. At least hats the Assumption which might be drawn from a contract on which bids were received by the army corps of engl i errs this week. E. K. To ascus of Albuquerque was apparent Low of two bidders with a bid of $13,2x0, for Quot conversion of one cd liners quarters to general a quarters Sandia the work estimated by the government to Cost >15,-170, Calls for Quot general Interior alterations and 628 Square fret addition to provide one additional bathroom new toilet facilities storage room new Concrete Patio addition masonry Patio Walls and outside utilities consisting of water sewer and the Vailey. The it molest report a a practically threatened Cuba shot to death a cuban sentry along with his de in Boul iwo week. . Tit set e d a . M a x i in u in temperatures Cuba put an Friday afternoon were a Little along the perimeter cooler in the Mirl West and u. S Navy Fth ram or Spirz �?o7 i Quot v were mainly in the 80,. Tem-,state., that Cuba would never he Sald Tut de states i a Marl my aug que a of the civil Quot Ltd every and on Uch in major . Army and window of All postal .t.lion, i. Would. Which closed. The Only mail Shiprock Man Dies a Accident x"7win\.\do�?T Sevy How i on ill a a sever.isies will be held a it Shiprock Man was killed at the l it varsity of thursday when by car ran new . T in University i ll.,1.1�?imi ,1�?h�? l f Albuner tiie having Esparros ried Man about Loch Pera Tures ranged from 68 Atje abandon custody of our ter red River to 90 at Carlsbad Mitory which is virtually what diplomatic note and Deming. Albuquerque is demanding. In Cidenio because a High of 86 site id he said Quot what will be accepted. 1000 bachelors available gals head for French marriage fair e s p a r r o s. France up hundreds of girls were heading Friday for this tiny Village in Hopes of finding a husband among 1000 bachelors at a marriage fair. There will be wining and dining singing and dancing throughout the Day and night monday after it is Over the people of Espari Ros Hope the sound of wed Ding Bells will ring out Over the Valley in the coming months. Of they do it will be the first time in Esparros since 1962 when the last single girl in the Village As married. The wedding Bells have been silent since and the valleys bachelors were becoming . The idea of inviting single girls from outside to a mar i Inge fair began with the 28 bachelors of Esparros itself who cautiously appealed to b Rench girls to come to the Tow n close to spam and look Over this weekend. The Resi it Onse was Oer earning. About 20,000 Iet tei s poured into the Community from France and other parts of the world including the United slates England. New zealand Peru Italy Egypt and Mozambique. All were from girls offer ing to marry an Man and Settle Here the one condition imposed by the hopeful bridegrooms. Esparros does no to expect every girl who Rote to turn up monday but nevertheless everybody is braced for several thousand buses have been chartered to bring hundreds of visitors from major centers of Southern France such As Toulouse in a and Lourdes. A sprinkling off a reign tourists and a horde of news and television Crews also were expected to Jam the narrow roads of the Region. In Esparros the local Bachelor ranks will be swelled by every Dunmar for Miles around. Those in the marriage Market will Wear a numbered red Rosette and the girls will write Down the number of any Man who interests them. Bands have been hired and 3000 meals Laid on. The streets will be garlanded with Flowers and there will be a free drink for participants in the fair. The whole thing has been organized with military precision by mayor Philipr Balagne himself a Bachelor. Bul at the age of 71, he says he is steering away from matrimonial entanglements. Traffic deaths it 1%5 1966 Siniue Jan. I la 7 in All Mav 2 2 state since Jan. I 165 159 in Al May 38 26 Joff us-550 seven Miles of Fairnington and my turned three tunes. Dead was Bruce Stan it Herder 20 state police say the Accident was caused by excessive Speed and impair final exams All r ext week including monday the Downman Assn has recommended closing f it. R downtown shops. At Winrock and Coronado centers Only resin Grants. Dru stores Ani a super ult act u la r e in a i n a full. Add. Quot. Re c i u a a e d my d -. Id i i k Vinita Spain m a i i i Impi . Area. V so Itury h e n r v fms f a i Friday fur the cubist no of the Lith authorities said Herder was conferences of the american thrown from the vehicle when Bankers Assn. Being held it skidded 532 feet after Leav in Granada he was met by ing the Highway and rolled Angier Biddie Duke . Am three times. Bas Sudor to Spain

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