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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 4

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque journal an Independent newspaper Silver Avenue at seventh Street Post office Box 1319 Albuquerque n. t. M <1926-1956 h. P. P1ckrbl.leditor subscription rate morning and sunday by Cartier 40c per week. Sunday Only by Carrier Loc per week. By mall in new Mexico $18 0� a year $1.75 per month. Sunday Only 65c per month. By mall outside of new Mexico $2 00 per Manta at alight sunday Only to per month at atom. Foreign countries $7.5� per month. Mem bar of the associated press the associated pre la entitled exclusively to Ute for Republic anon of All ,0fp.,r,. To Titi newspaper a Well a Alao coated i re Newa National advertising Regan a Schmitt. Inc. Boe ton Otic ago. Dallas. Detroit. Loa Angeles Miami new Tork. Orange n j., Philadelphia. San Francisco St. Louie. Members or audit Bureau of circulation Telephone All departments. Chapel 7-33 h monday. May 20, 19b3 future space programs it is unlikely the . Will attempt further manned space probes for at least 18 months following astronaut Gordon Cooper s 34-hour Orbital Triumph. This is the estimate of Brainerd Holmes director of the Auto License plates manned space Hight program for National aeronautics and space administration. A final decision however wont be made until data obtained by Coopers flight has been fully Analysed. Next step in the . Plan to explore the Moon before this decade ends is project gemini which would vault two men into orbit for up to two weeks. This would seek to learn Many a reaction to prolonged weightlessness and to test techniques of rendezvous ing be hides in space. But because of troubles involve inc development of a Titan Booster rocket spacecraft systems and finances the first manned flight of the two Man gemini has been delayed a year until la 1964. The emotional aftermath or Coli it Eros achievement has some sob Orink thoughts for Tho befit dared taxpayer floundering far out of his depth in the mysteries of space technology. New Mexico a sen. Clinton p Anderson chairman of the Senate aeronautics and space committee said cooler s flight will a a quiet some of the criticism of the nations accelerated space program. Perhaps so but lets Hope it also does no to tear Down All the bars to prudent spending. For instance some Nasa officers have suggested that another Mercury flight like Cooper needed to a a maintain Public interest a there is some Comfort in Holmes reply to that suggestion a there will be another flight Only of there is sufficient gain at the same time considering the dollars and Alabama governors Sitt Alabama gov. Wallace is suing the Friend government to keep . Troops out of his Domain and says his state can handle any further violence in Birmingham or president Kennedy As commander in chief of All . Military forces chooses to use Federal tits it is in Alabama the governor in t Given much Chance of stopping him. I in chief executives judgment would Sui Creede that of a governor and almost any Federal court w old so hold. Wallace went directly to the . Supreme court with his protest. Wallace says the sending of troops into his state is unconstitutional. In years Back it is quite Likely Wallace s interpretation of the Constitution would be Correct. But the Constitution bends with the times and with the whims and personal likes or dislikes of the supreme court me in i Iris. The High court that Only several years Back held the Constitution called for total desegregation is not Likely to uphold a state governor who is resisting such desecration. However unless it becomes Ai it sol utely Neo scary to prevent violence and preserve the peace Aby use of Federal troop we Ould be very unfortunate regardless of what the Constitution says. Youth Job Outlook summer vacation soon will pour a vast throng of Job seeking Young pimple into the nations labor Force. For those without a collide degree or special skills the out look is not particularly Bright in Light of the a persistent High rata of unemployment. The nations jobless rate inched upward last month despite new highs in employment and Industrial production. Overall employment hit a new record level of 68.9 million but at the same time april joblessness stood at 5.7 inn cent of of the work Force up a fraction from the 5.6 per cent of March. Automation population increase the growing demand for specialized training and the relatively new practice of encouraging Winter vacations for regular employees All contribute to an increase Scarcity of summer Jol its. Undersecretary John f. Henning of the labor department termed unemployment among Hie nations youth As critical of it continues to be neglected Henning said it could develop into erne of the most explosive social problems in the Anion s history. Low tag number prestige wanes by Richard Spong editorial research reports slowly almost imperceptibly the american attitude toward automobile License plates is changing. The dream is fading the Romance is dying. In some jurisdictions Washington d.c., for one you re still a big shot if you display a Low License number. But a Good Many states now distribute plates except for pubic officials strictly on a first come first served basis. The dream took a lot of killing. People who did no to want Low numbers wanted special sequences the numbers of their House addresses or five i s five aces in poker or the letters of their initials or combinations like hell. A distinctive License number meant you had arrived knew somebody had influence might even be reasonably immune from arrest. Connecticut began to break up the numbers game some years ago when it offered special letters on request for an extra fee. If anybody could buy his initials having initials no longer conferred status. Even so a congresswoman from Connecticut with a Short name used to have it spelled out in full on her Cadillac whirligig news behind the news copyright 1963. Mcclure newspaper Syndicate by Andrew Tully Washington a members of Congress Are scared to ask for a raise in pay and that is too bad. They need the extra dough and perhaps if they got it they would Stop Chisling Uncle Sam in such matters As the use of counterpart funds and Flowers and gift wrapping at the taxpayers expense. A special citizens committee has recommended that the salaries of members of Congress be raised from $22,500 to $33,000 a year. The recommendation makes sense because it costs More to live every year. But Congress is so ashamed of its record of extravagance in junkets abroad and in the construction of multimillion Dollar office buildings with swimming pools that it hesitates to ask for an honest Days pay for an honest Days work. Albuquerque journal National hopscotch Champion $ 20. 1963 a when cars were mostly Black a a spokesman for the american automobile association pointed out recently a License plates blazed with color. Now that cars come in All color combinations License plate designing has gone into a As a matter of fact in 19 states four Canadian provinces and puerto Rico according to aaa record old plates Are revalidate for 1063 registration by Tab or sticker. Only one plate is issued in 17 states the canal zone and new Brunswick. On the whole the combinations Ara rather drab. Eighteen states have White lettering in 1963 nine choose Black. Perhaps the jazz Iest combination is the yellow and dark Fri an Illinois. The newest trend in which five states and the District of Columbia Are showing the Way is a reflective background color. The y Low background of the C. Plates this year is described officially As Canary la More candid word would be bilious. _ Connecticut Mississippi. New Jersey. Oregon and Wisconsin have no annual turn Over but have w worked out a monthly expiration schedule which explains Why some plates from Jersey for example have Black letters on a Straw background and others have the colors reversed. For Drivers the lowest minimum age is 14 in Arkansas and even in that state Drivers Between 14 and 16 years old must be accompanied by a licensed adult. Four states set the minimum age at 18, and in British Columbia ifs 21. But All of these jurisdictions Issue Junior permits at 10. The automobile continues to be the average americans tool toy and temptation but some of the Glamor of the old Days of driving has been lost perhaps forever. Honorary sheriff and police Shields and cards Are slowly disappearing. Bumper stickers have had a kind of Renaissance in the past few years but the once familiar a a Elf you can read this you Are too Damn close a is Long gone. And you a probably have to Hunt pretty hard to find a garage whose Walls proudly show a Parade of License plates for the past Quarter Century. With today s parking lot attendants you re Lucky if your plates last the year let alone remain fit for display. Lap of luxury a it should be. In making itself comfortable Congress throws the taxpayers Money around As if it were about to become obsolete. Quite aside from spending $600,000 a year in counterpart funds on foreign junkets and erecting an $82.9 million third House office building it lavishes untold millions on the Little things that make life More gracious on Capitol Hill. Consider for example the Happy lot of the wife of a member of Congress. She gets All the Flowers she wants free from the tax supported United states botanic gardens. She gets packages wrapped free by having her husband Send them to the a folding room of the House or Senate. She can buy a wide assortment of gifts and other articles at Cost in the stationery room of the Capitol. The taxpayers will pay a photographer to take her picture on the Capitol Steps with visiting constituents. Dad has it Good too a meanwhile Hubby has organized his own Little bureaucracy. There Are now More than 7000 persons on the combined staff of the House and Senate. Each is paid an average of $400 a month and the total Tab is More than $50 million a year. Sure the work Load is heavier than Ever but 7000 remains quite a mob to administer to the professional needs of 435 representative and too senators. It is the Contention of sen. Allen Ellender d., Lathat much of this fat is caused by Congress preoccupation with creating and maintaining mysterious subcommittees. Ellender insists Many of these subcommittees Are useless designed solely to create jobs for worthy constituents. For example he Points out that the Senate judiciary committee has 15 regular staff members while its 14 subcommittees have a combined staff of 150. Every senator on the committee has a subcommittee of his very own. Or better health by c. A. Dean. q a what can be done to prevent sore places from forming around my Finger and thumb nails two have become infected. I am 55 years mrs. . A several things have to be considered. Are you causing the soreness by the Way you Are cutting your nails or Hangnail have your hands become sensitive to various agents and detergents perhaps your problem is a fungus infection As this is c o in Mon around the nails. Or perhaps you have too much sugar in the blood. Your doctor can Best advise you. Background of the news. By Holmes Alexander Bac stairs at ire s White House Washington certainly it is not a Rule of life that benign persons Are universally the victims of malevolence but it happens often enough to make the Angels weep. Many a gentle Saint was crucified and i have noticed that Humble harmless Maiden aunts and household servants often Are cruel old events recalled in new Mexico where the practice among county distributors of Auto License tags has been to save Low hum be re for a favored few the plates have been unchanged since 1961 and the motor vehicle dept in Santa be has announced Tilers will be no change through 1964. Sketches by Ben Burroughs billions to play with a but at least the facts and figures relating to this bureaucracy Are a matter of detailed Public record. No such accounting is made of the use by Congress of counterpart funds the Money in local currencies available in foreign countries through repayments on Aid programs and sales of surplus commodities. Uncle same holdings in such funds total Well Over $4 billion and members of Congress can use this Money at will. A congressman can draw counterpart funds on his own say so so Long As he has a letter of authorization from a committee chairman and there is no restriction on the amount spent or How it is spent. Nor is there any auditing by the general accounting office Gao for the simple reason Congress won t furnish Gao with any figures. Congress assumed a most righteous pose when it passed stringent new rules dealing with expense accounts of businessmen but it still insists on a Blank Check for its own Petty Chisling of congressmen chose to turn honest nobody would begrudge our senators and representatives few extra dollars in tha pay envelopes. Treated with chinese to by diabolical smart Alecks under the same roof. The Only sure defense it appears is not innocence or Loving kindness but a vial of retaliatory acid in the face of the offender. It seems too much to expect that general Eisenhower a forthcoming memoirs will in any Way dash the not vitriol Back at Lillian Rogers Parks for writing her a Bac stairs at the White House account of the Eisenhower years. But nothing else would begin to visit due retribution upon Ike a trusted ghost writer Emmet John Hughes and his Book entitled the ordeal of until Reading it i had supposed that Robert Welch in a stand erect never make a Friendship. For things you stand to Gam ,. Those who weave this cunning web. Weave it All in vain. Never put your self respect. In the marketplace. Those who do will feel the pangs. Of inward disgrace. Never stoop to place yourself. Higher than you Are. Only honesty will Shine. Like the brightest Star. Many have forgotten. This of which i write. Souls Are sold each moment. To gain Man made might. Make amends this moment. Pray for Faith to turn. From paths of damnation. Where heart ache and Burn. Make a Friend for Friendship. Keep your self respect. Then you will be Able. To go your Way erect. Potomac fever by Fletcher Knebel the country Parson is Washington a astronaut Cooper slept Well on his overnight trip away from Home and Why not Quot there was no hotel maid rattling keys at 7 a in. And saying a sorry sir. Just set in during the Eisenhower second term might have been averted but not by the qualities which Hughes seems to wish Eisenhower had Hughes wishes he had been More Liberal a but he was too Liberal. Hughes wishes he had welcomed Kab Rush Chev sooner a but he should have welcomed him at All. Hughes wishes he had dumped Nixon a but that would have been the kind of dirty trick that is out of the Eisenhower character. And that brings us to Ike a fatal failing. He was too kind too decent too trusting. Had Eisenhower been a ruthless and ornery Man Emmet Hughes would never have lasted Long enough around the writ this Twenty years ago Beutler Brothers of Elk City okla., again will present six nights of Rodeo contests during the new Mexico state fair this fall. Lynn Beutler has been reappointed Rodeo manager and Floyd Rigdon of Carlsbad member of the state fair commission will be commissioner in charge. The building of the Indian a a capital at window Rock was the brain child of John Collier Indian commissioner and made a reality soon after he was installed As commissioner. Q a i am constantly bothered with Gas in the left breast near the heart accompanied by pain. I suffer mostly at night. What causes this a or. . A to begin with the heart is in the Center of the Chest not under the left breast. Also most persons mistakenly believe the stomach lies entirely in the Center of t h e upper Abdomen. Only a Small portion is there and the majority especially the area where Gas pockets collect is in the left Side up under the diaphragm. Gas builds up in the stomach after eating a heavy meal. Fatigue and tenseness slow digestion with the Gas tending to be held Back also. Thus the evening is the worst time. I suggest eating much More lightly at the evening meal and taking a Long walk after dinner. Editorial s o in e people can eat anything without difficulty and others have trouble with certain foods. This does not necessarily depend on whether a person has or has not had stomach ulcers. In other words a person who has had an ulcer May be Able to eat anything when he is Well and the person who has had neither an ulcer nor other stomach trouble gastritis spastic condition Hyp e r a c i d i t a Etc May be bothered rather frequently. The reason is probably a specific intolerance or allergy to Ceram foods that some persons Are born with. Do you have a medic a i question write or. C. A. Dean in care of this nest ape. A the political a had done White House to the worst by Ike unless it i kind of a Book. Was columnist Dixon who liked to quote Ike sad lib responses at press conferences or cartoonist her Block. My answer Carlsbad has enacted a 9 30 p m. Curfew for children under 17. Roswell reports sparrows Are thriving on Victory Gard ens. Lesson in English by w. L. Gordon do out for rain by Billy Graham but Welch held frankly almost Twenty years ago to the thesis that or. Els j professed Jesus Christ As Benhower have gov irony Savior. Now i have come emed so badly without doing Ito salvation Bego intentionally and the anti ,, Ike humorists were ineptly j1 1 have Bra Ken one a making fun of their betters. God commandments. A a mme Hui he curves up this couple of year ago i had kingly figure this unfailingly Ernie dreams and visions decent gentleman with the m which i a myself by treacherous knife of false my condemned to hell for. It eternity. Then i have been he leers in mock anguish troubled greatly about the at the deed. He sighs All the a cup turn in i corinthians 3 17 while with omniscience con-1 a re it say a if any Man Kerning the. Doomsday which destroy this Temple of god fifty years ago numerous White placards on houses in the fourth Ward give evidence of a measles epidemic there. A. R. Seder a son of the Rev. J. I. Seder of this City has been elected principal of the Clovis High school for the next school year. Seder has been for two years past Prin Cipal of Carlsbad High school. The City clerk last night was instructed by the City Council to advertise for bids for building of the City Hall. Words often misused not say a is it raining Side a omit a outside a where else could it be my often mispronounced rapier. Pronounce Ray pier accent first syllable. Often misspelled adherence constancy. Adherents followers. Synonyms innocent blameless guileless guiltless harmless inoffensive pure sinless stainless virtuous. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword re Custant refusing to submit Unco forming a complying. Pronounce Reh Kyu Sant accent first syllable. A the rec usant Soldier had Strong resentment of the Street improvement program for the summer became known last night when i petitions were presented to problem a Day fourth St. To Central ave., South third from Silver to Ike failed to Avert by Trust a him Hal i the Council asking for paving the my Dulles More than Khrush-1 the Temple of Jon is 0f West Copper ave. F r o in of Chev tolerating Republican Sand Sinh Are be. Instead of going All out for a the opposition party and not our a a a Gold ave., and South second using political Power the Way that a Bingle sin or is. From Coal to Silver ave. For did earlier and Jar Hon of the will of god makes would try to do later. That you Are wigs were invented by the nobody need defend or j cd of 0f god by ancient egyptians a Facto Eisenhower by a glorious reign. He inherited Jon his administration was a i Sphinx Topknot to Cut you off from r if the Diagonal of a rectangular Field is 25 rods and if the Width of the Field is 5-12 its length How Many acres does the Field con Tam answer m acres. Add the squares of 5-12 and 12-12 Divide into the Square of 20 extract Square Root for length of Field multiply by 5-12 for Width of Field Divide the product of 24 and to by 160 number of Square rods in one acre. The House votes to boost the National debt Selling to $309 billion. In space All systems go. In Washington the system is almost gone. The greeks argue about a statue of former president Truman to be erected in Athens. Some greeks remember Hun fondly As a give Mem hellenic try and Stop me by Bennett Cerf a dozen Princeton students Are suspended for leading a Campus riot. Under Ivy league rules a riot is any mob of Young gentlemen who forgot their picketing signs. Panties is Couldst May bring to an end i not have recovered so fait the from world War ii or have enjoy but the Bible does Tell occupied East Europe and us a Elf we confess our sins j Bant lie Ilin. Or have beaten the i. Faithful and Juat to for As into space or hav. Open gov Cia our sin and to cd he miss. Kop , Ststa Roosevelt Truman Yeara been you. Ness used to defeat the twin to us what taht arianism of nazism and itto doing your be Howship a five Dollar Bill the waiter put a Dollar and a communism or 0&Quot to was not in. Whose that if troubling you now act a a a it policies condoned the red y aum uvas red Wert a Quot bog. Person tiny. Alone diner at an Airport restaurant was handed a a a Check few three dollars and ninety cents and gave the the British fore u. S. Carriers to raise transatlantic air fares. Juk did no to object to Thia pric hike. After All the planes and tha Whit House Arentt made of steel. Listening to the space chit Chat of the astronauts you get the idea they took their course in speech training under Peter Lawford and Frank Sinatra. Me bed Unity has no reference to you the problem then Trown to win a re nce Gutyo to7. Who to lid the Dollar Bill into by d us Down with a no win in we a u a a Iii revolution in China or in Korea or allowed seek to destroy the Church pocket. To his Surprise of Jesus Christ and attack the waiter grinned Broud my routes to Berlin. The it openly. Thia you have not quite All right Mii try which president Eis done. Beside it no u Boj just Benhower handed Over to mean that the Christ an Gambia and lost president Kennedy was far would be spiritually lost but a a a stronger albeit much sad rather thai he would receive a bold a to Moscow Der than the one which came some kid of appropriate Dis dare Tell about a big Down from president tru Ciple for his sin. Paul Bruiser who attended his Man and ifs hard to bespeaks of a a Man s work be m meet and diets Cuba and Birmingham with my entirely burned of the covered that one of the Fea a no conviction that Ike a de Man suffering loss but him Tupaz events Wath Ham nurture w it its a Blessing i sell being saved be so. Urc brew a nor were the Republican through fire it i a eth lord could help As More each Day if we weren to always telling him to wait and talk to a Shoat it some of these pesticides Are powerful. One fellow put some Bug killer on his Lawn the lawns Okay but the House dissolved. _ he climbed Cor. 3 15. Cwm from the stadium doffed hts coat seized a Hammer and deficits Quot of 1953 Quot any response this is a verse that you should threw it further than a Laminar Ever had been thrown before. Tile supreme com have Given attention to when the track officials rushed up to congratulate him the big of a rider whom the a party in and not become so disturbed Man said modestly a you Haven t seen anything yet. Let a Quot up Numma ahead about to other one. If you thaw you How far i Tilrow Uckle of senator Taft. Dewey had repent of your sin. And Turnqu How did they pick the spot where astronaut Gordon Cooper would land a at his request. A Laid any place but Birmingham. Presided Over the incredible defeat of 1948. Nixon was Dewey a Choice not Ike a for vice president. Mccarthy had been first elected la 1946. Tile terrible decline which once again to god he will restore you to Fellowship and you can enjoy tha kind of Christian privilege and Joy that you knew when you trusted Christ. Quot in these Days of status symbolism observed Pat Werner a a american Man anxious to command respect in Hie Community should boast oho wife two oars three children four pets by suit six Ayerss seven Ardett Aud a and a Bucky of a Baa Aitt Ive a copyright ims by Bennett Cert Dytrt bated by kit

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