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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Albuquerque, New Mexico Today a Soule Stanton my. Up a a Motorist stopped at Merom caverns Here aaa remarked in a eave fold Quot the operator Al this Cave was smart to build caverns right on route p. 8. The eave Tai been there in minion Peart. Aib Nal Good morning Coopers space trip la Over we ret he still tip la the toads. 83rd year number a second Altti Pottage paid at Albuquerque and at additional mailing offices monday morning May 20, 1963 published Dally and sunday at 701 Stiver 8.vv. Albuquerque n.m., toe weekly copyright 1ws3 by journal publishing co. 30 pages in three sections a a a Price state Young republicans Back Coldwater club Resolution opposes pre primary convention la Santa be Ufi a new Mexico Young republicans formally endorsed sen. Barry Coldwater r-Ariz., Quick attack astronaut describes vivid sights during breathtaking space ride against Cuba militia noted Miami Fla. Us a a hit and run attack against militia Barracks near Havana was reported sunday by uni water �.1z., exit eve observing Cuba s Independent Day. Sunday As their a Artyv the attack reported by Telephone from Venezuela in hint for i was attributed to commandos inside Cuba pertaining of candidate for president in 1964. In a closing state convention meeting the Young republicans also passed resolutions opposing the pre primary convention Law re affirming the Monroe doctrine abolishment of fair Trade Laws in new Mexico and favouring a i am an american in giving its support to Coldwater the Resolution passed said the Arizona senator was a an outstanding Export. Ent of the principle of personal Freedom and responsibility Laid Down by the found erg of the United states Constitution. Quot. He has provided republicans with an affirmative philosophy and program for political action control cited the Resolution opposing the pre primary convention Law said it a disfranchised citizens in the primary election and leaves the Choice of state candidates to those who control the state Holm Bursum Iii president said the group would work with any civic or political organization to petition the Secretary of state a to have the Law voided and the franchise returned to the the Resolution against fair Trade Laws said the rules a causes the consumer to suffer from High the Resolution urged the abolishment of fair Trade Laws in new Mexico. Or. Jack Redman unsuccessful candidate for the House of representative in 1962 against rep. Joseph m. Montoya-n.m., spoke to the convention saying he preferred the pre primary Conven Tion system. Voter question he emphasized however that he was not opposed to a referendum by the of the state. He said he thought it should be left to the voters to decide whether the state had the Law or not. In a business session Bur cum re appointed Robert Best Roswell executive Secretary and appointed Hal Gage Kennedy a Jet cracks Speed Mark Moscow in a president Kennedy a Jet Airliner streaked into Moscow sunday to set an International Speed record for a nonstop flight from Washington. The 5004-mile flight took eight hours 38 minutes and 42 seconds and it answered a russian claim that the United states had no aircraft capable of flying nonstop to Moscow. The . Embassy said the plane flown by Kennedy a personal Pilot col. James b Swindal 46, of Birmingham Ala., averaged 580 Miles an hour and set a total of 15 records in route. Col. Swindal said the Only other nonstop Washington Moscow flight he knew of was made some time ago by a soviet Turbo prop transport in about 12 hours. The russians use the Tui 14 for Long air hops such As on their air route Between Moscow and Havana. Fan jets Kennedy a plane is a Boeing 707 equipped with fan jets which provide More Power than Standard Jet engines. It landed at Moscow s Sheremetyev Airport in sunny weather at 1 08 ., Moscow time. It had left Dulles International Airport near Washington at 6 29 pm mos saturday after flying the president from Washington to Nashville t e n n people Huntsville Ala., and Back to Washington. From Here the plane will Fly to Cape canaveral Fla. To take astronaut Gordon Cooper to Washington tues Day. In three Days of flying the plane will have covered 12, Albuquerque student at the Sqq myies although Swindal is the second National front of Scambray. An undetermined number of casualties were inflicted on militiamen the report said. The communique from Venezuela signed b y second front and Allied group said a underground intelligence service of the second National front of Scambray advises that a commando group of our internal forces made an attack on Barracks of the militia at Tarara. A the attack was made in Early morning hours of May 19, anniversary of the death of the cuban Independence hero Jose Marti. A it is not known at this moment How Many casualties were inflicted on the enemy. A the attackers were identified by leaving in the soil of combat their Battle the same Type flags flew Over Miami sunday. Dozens of the eight foot Long banners were sent aloft on helium filled balloons As exiles observed cubans inde i weekend proves quiet but tense in Birmingham negro leaders Tell of bomb threats in Telephone Calls Birmingham Ala. Up a an estimated 1,200 officers and a number of unarmed negro guards stood by in this Southern steel City sunday alerted for a second round of threatened weekend bombings. None occurred and p o lice chief Jamie Moore described the City As a relatively two bombings last weekend set off bloody Street rioting in which negroes battled police with clubs bricks and knives and caused president Kennedy to Send Federal troops trained in riot control to bases in Alabama. Termed crucial integration Leader or. Mar ast Ronai t l. Jordon Cooper and his wife Trudy Are All smiles As they wave from ramp of the air plane Pendency Day and vowed Altin Luther King or. Had de i second War of Independence scribed this weekend As Cru the red. White and Blue Jacial to a shaky truce Nugo flags first used when cubans hated by a biracial commit i opened their Campaign for in it tee ending massive organized dependence from Spain in n e g r o demonstrations of University of new Mexico College service chairman. Named special assistants to the president were Richard Ullrich Farmington and Ju-it0 Moscow in command there Are other pilots in the Crew to take Over the controls. Swindal report no problems on the flight 1868, were adopted by five newly Allied activist groups. They were sent up As exiles gathered in Miami a Bayfront Park and other places to observe the occasion. The exiles also raised the Battle flags at Miami International Airport alongside flags of the american republics flying there and at Miami a Torch of Friendship a Symbol of Unity among the americas. A this will remind that we need War not politics a declared a spokesman for the Alliance which is composed of second front Alpha 66. Peoples revolutionary movement anti communist liberation front and 30th of november revolutionary movement. A we Are going to resume hit and run attacks on Cuba a the spokesman said a we have a place in the Caribbean for this. We also Are going to intensify underground activities. This will raise the morale of the people inside Cuba a soviet maintenance mechanics pilots depart from Laos More than 40 Days. King and other integration leaders told of new threats being made in Telephone Calls j and unarmed negro guards were stationed around a dozen negro Homes and churches during the weekend i Vientiane Laos up adding to the Tensen e s s1 maintenance mechanics who was a report by the Jefferson county sheriffs office that it was investigating a report that two cases of dynamite were stolen from a store shortly before the bombing of a negro leaders Home and a negro Motel last weekend. Moore said there were More officers on duty Here Ern e in this country to red during the weekend a it h a , and North Vietnam we be Ever had at any one the russian aircraft and he declined to Esti-1 personnel arrived Here last mate the exact strength but december. That was when it was figured to be about the pro communist 1,200 including local officers lao turned against its former a russian pilots and helped keep neutralise Gen. Kong less tiny transport Fleet flying Are pulling out of Laos informed sources have reported. They Are leaving behind russian aircraft which presumably will become unusable within weeks for Lack of spare parts. Observers regard the pullout As an indication that the russians Are resigned to virtual surrender of their influx state troopers and Jefferson county sheriffs deputies. Vacations cancelled Lio Garcia Santa be. Crash injuries fatal to woman smooth flight a it was a smooth flight i Ino trouble a he said. A we had fairly Good tailwinds a As is customary on flights into Russia the plane carried j a russian navigator and pi-1 they Integrationist Are arrested cold front brings cooler weather a cold front bearing a fringe of thunderstorms on its Forward Edge moved southward into new Mexico sunday. By late afternoon the air muss had pushed West and Patchet South Down the Rio Grande Valley bringing falling temperatures and High winds in some areas. Recorded precipitation was Light despite the Thunder storms and despite the drizzle that followed the storm into the Northeast Corner of the state. Temperatures fell Cooper says he wanted to pore switch trouble thousands cheer Gordo and family at Florida base Ca p e canaveral up i a astronaut l. Gordon Cooper sunday Des Cri lied his breathtaking 22.9 orbit flight a probably the last manned space voyage by the United states for 18 months a As firm proof Man can sleep eat and live for Long periods in space. An estimated 15,000 persons a brass bund and a glee club turned out for a Parade honouring the 36-year-old astronaut upon his return from his orbit trip that started from a Cape canaveral launch pad at 6 04 . Most wednesday. It ended with a splashdown thursday at 4 25 Most in the Pacific but to the cheering thousands Here the Climax came sunday when Cooper his wife and two j teenage daughters flew Here from Hawaii. Cooper described his blasting a a fireball re entry under manual control an emergency step that was necessary after the automatic system failed in the 20th orbit and caused anxious concern. Around the world. Moscow a pravda has problem suggested the Kremlin has a there was really no pro changed its mind on what con Lem a he said at a press con smut the Ira test denier had in Echt ton to world communism red still another one a a n chinese dogmatism and Sec space flight in the project Tarin ism rather than Yugo Mercury series might be held slav revisionism. A a a Hlf. Year but a Etal of the Federal space roughly translated this Agency gaunt seemed a quite May mean Kremlin leaders unlikely a have decided that the Sohm the statement by or. What Independent course o f a Quot but re director of the National Aero Nat brought them to Cape canaveral Fla., from Honolulu. Kremlin changes mind on party s greatest danger president Tito s yugoslav Brand of communism in t so Nautis and space administration Nas apparently had As red China a stand that meant Tje nex a manned communists should set att i Ala. In i lot. Swindal said mrs. Mattie Belle Langevin a very 73, of Borger tex., injured but another Crew member in an Early morning one car said they were More impress Accident last wednesday on Jed with the food served on us-66 near the Rio puerto Board than the plane. Died saturday night in Sci a they seemed very sur Joseph Hospital. Prised at the size of the she was a passenger in the steaks we gave them a he car driven by her sister when said. A they were trying to a figure out How Many Kilos the steaks a kilo is 2.2w� the chief purpose of the to 1 e 1oi.e the Auto reportedly hit a flight was to Fly Glenn t. Pili i Bridge guard about 21 Miles Seaborg chairman of the,jnt_5krutlon a Imam West of Albuquerque atomic Energy commission survivors include a Daugh Janc nine other . Ter mrs. Ethet z. Sebright on an e state traffic deaths 1963 to Date 98 in May 14 1962 to Date 145 All May 49 were Attalla integrated group of la sons including Broadway actress Madleine Sherwood was arrested near Here sunday As they attempted to retrace the Steps of William l. Moore who was shot to death last month. The group was among about too persons mostly negroes attended ally. Kong be and attempted to drive his Small Forte from the Plain of Jara where it de the chief said vacations pends heavily on air supplies were cancelled and All offi a the russians initially flew cers not on duty were sex the planes a seven twin expected to he ready to report Gine Liz transports two Blin minutes. Planes and one helicopter. Despite the quietness t h e but gradually As lao Neutra however by As much As 27 de City remained tense list air Crews were trained in frees from Day before High numerous rumours of Rac i a i their operation the russians readings. Tin state s High incidents spread. None phased out. Was 92 at Deming while proved out. The first group of an is Albuquerque chalked routine crime investigations timoted 60 russians has Al degrees just one involving negroes were ban ready per died with extra thoroughness i Maindi Are by officers but City jail said part today. J Gallup with 39, space flight will not come in Lent revolutions to attain us 0clobert 1964t at the ear world supremacy. Best. Up until recently the re Seamans said a definite vision ism of Tito has Bee decision on whether there branded the. Main dancer to a a a _ flight a must be made within world communism. But pro next week or s0 a Mier Khrushchev and Tito he described the Cooper called a traitor by red China flight As a apparently. A smoothed Over their differ-&Quot&Quot"4 suit Essuf and that Quot it _. Seems quite unlikely there Envoi in december and reestablished close relations. In the meantime red China a split with the Kremlin ant f ant Ani appears Likely to keep there were no More arrests the apparent ending of a sundays Jow it Albuquerque a Borger three Brothers. Fred soviet Union Pierce of Phoenix Ariz., Al service beside was killed forces were bombed Moore was on an King out of town i encouraged the Patchet i to the bombings led to not fight the neutralise fort is goons suburbs directing the service was my by negroes against offi under Kong be on the Plain unlined sunday officials pet k. White pacifist Whetter and firemen who a of jars change visit to the was beaten severely in arrived in a negro action to russian Amba up Soever communist ideology a degree widened departed and the re-1 below the record for the Date thus an attack on Dogma expected to do a before the cold front hit. Tim and sectarianism i n a % recorded Pravy a the Soult a c it not to pro Nijor q Post nist party Organ appeared to i i of Fllch o i tul carry great significance if it is not a Milestone in the so Rome in a the Central Viet chinese ideological Dis a committee of Italy s socialist Pute. Party voted sunday night to the paper carried a report Back a new Center left gov on last weeks plenum of the Ern ment for this Natona French communist party a lion. Central committee. It met in the vote pointed to a Rel i France after the return from actively Quick end to the and Hanoi have openly Rangoon Burma Moscow of top French com search for a new govern Toia number of blocks in ran Junist readers and adopted ment following the april Alec a Resolution saying non than usual for a weekend. Expensive Aerial Aid pro Jiow tidings were 50 at the about a dozen n e g Roe Sagram indicates the russians support and 44 in the Valley said they were threatened do not want to risk Chin Jun Day disturbance is sex with bombings similar to communist ire by direct to continue Over much those last weekend. The Home Gist Cal support for the Nett. So ate today. Of Rev. A. D. King Martin tra lists observers said. Luther Kings brother and russian diplomats Here a memorial i a negro Motel used As a have been singularly inactive the Highway Headquarters by integral i on in recent weeks while be c Holer a death hit 93 were Quad As the first cholera fatality was report Dor Serge to at Rangoon general hos Birmingham bus station Dur put out a fire. Afanassiew has complained of pit ii. Three in o r e deaths ing a Freedom rider Demon King who led the Demon illness restricting him to were reported in Moulin in Mer Pierce of Folsom Calif ins ran i a h Eti ass stratus on mothers Day initiations that started april 3 bed. The first Secretary of bringing the total to 93 since St Wjk _ a mid at. Mlee ram a he Lulu a Rush Quot Niz Dzhere Quot he old rec began Field. Oui. A sister or Charles de Gaulle returned to my Sherwood a. A Mel Center we Way Dur away a Quot a a a a a a Hazel Webb of Mesa Ariz. Paru sunday night after a among four demonstrators my the weekend. He was to leave add the embassy coun it reported married bodily to Highway a return sunday night or t h is seller is also temporarily Abl Kaw Bein dogmatism and Sec i Choice of Premier still de arianism not wishing to see pends on the outcome of the new features of the cur president Antonio Segni 4 rent stage of struggle has consultations with top Politi become the main danger in Cal and Parham Taxy Lead communist or it but Premier Amintore fan and two grandchildren. The body will be taken Greece Early today to Borger tex., for services and burial. Local arrangements were under direction of Exter Tonella mortuary. Four Day official visit to tool cars. Morning sent from Vientiane i no in the International an in movement a. To a. Number of children this Resolution appeared to Ani appeared in line to get to have died at be the. Result of a Kremlin a Job again Village near Moul policy decision to Point the Way ideologically. Albuquerque weather victims Sang happily before bus tragedy Belle Glade Fla a watery death beneath the the bus carrying Alloi Emhe Vici a it v i up a they were singing scum covered Black surface families Home from a Day in and laughing Only minutes bul Quot they was Tinguf to the the Fields plunged Tittle teetered Muntler Towert 1u to fore or on t�<urjw_5f�ns�jags? j m a Tyr Vetn sleep. The next thing i ter Locking bumpers farm bus Sank underneath me in the 25-foot deep water. One i done to swim so Good but Man Waif still sitting in his Shore then a seat lifeless hands folded his Lap. New Mexico treble Clouds fort wit or Light rain in the the Fields plunged from a i made it to Iback of the bus and i went country Road into a canal to a remember sitting there on the i acres a kills m Mexico he ?efft�8 h Arday snowed the but was in struck. P Dsurne others just sitting and Enteen adults seven boys and my a a of bans canal and there was scream a i remember i was Sittin Damn Tutere mils a a a a,.d a it Quot a Rai la s Black in stomping and Pushtu. Lim the third seat from the Quot me i a waiting for my the dead were tagged and ii ii r it or wry new Farmland they Sang got out the said one. Back on the right Hun Side family to come up from the Takei to toe in a e Quot inst a is s pm to Quot Simla Hor i of the 15 survivors. , and two other kids Quot Sanitate i did see them so i morgue at the National guard a Miki Waal Dev Quot a _ in i i Aal i l Rnadal jus of j cult Lei 3illo we it in i if y Mil a St j. Saturday afternoon later the Little Parer Ooi kid when Ute bus no me a the boy said a tue we of a Ujj a Aith it. 4m� Boul imy die noon retd it Hurt and ter it floated for what seem police arrived and More g Roe a gathered outside Polit noon. Mid Over George Emerson and everybody was bullit today loaf tonight e my to in new Mexico Coth old arable Cloudin Rich us Rygh tot. Gut with . Widely scattered Shote Bod then showers locally Gusty weds Todd ,., Ler rom the to Grande Valley East squeal of brakes word Tii Duy Luc univ Ccuin pm in Cloudy tue Day a few afternoon Thunder showers ted a ii <l�?�nl.lnl08ether, the whine get Titi port Loo and the g o i n g in the Loose red shirt tight Blue jeans that Only de like a few seconds a he than an came the sudden reached hrs Knees watched As told police wiping at the a Silver bus was hoisted the metallic a shroud was pulled Back ter and Green slime which Green water Moss and a a a streaming from the Iron and said a i a it has when i went out the a. M. She a window grabbing the roof to bodies were scattered i traffic fatality Accident i Ning a pull out. Around the inside of i a i got on the roof but the and several others were 1 i two Mhz twi crunch of bumpers grinding from one of 27 Black humps dripped from his head Cloudy to a w in a a said a thas when i went out the Fin. Of skid-1946-vm on the floor a that s my hour later the old lines there their tragedy up j strained faces washed in the mud flashing eerie half Light of a Eof-1 dozen police car blinkers. I Quot this is the worst single hours before the socialist leadership voted Giuseppe Sara Gat s democratic socialist party executive Council gave its support to continuing a Center left government pledged to social Reform but 4ariding solidly by the North Atlantic treaty organization. The National Council of fan a Al thought i was going to Fame a Christian demo be pulled in too a said the Erat party took the same Driver of tile truck saturday. Stony Els. 35. Sara Gat criticized errors a we were hooked up for by the majority leadership about 70 feet. Then we broke Iii Fanfani sold Center left and i could see him through regime but said the party my Mirror sliding Down the would go along with whom Bank into the water a jever the Christian democrats officers said Sconyers was picked for Premier. Passing the bus but when he Pietro Nenni Leader of Tho pulled bal k into the right socialists ran into loud of hand Lane his trucks bump position before his party finer locked with the front ally voted to continue to give bumper of the bus. Parliamentary support to the Sconyers was charged with left Center government Mother. Usu Tad mat Ponton ims Elwyser Ding. ,. Log a tonight 40-so to usum Sim to stage bus plunged into a deep drowned. He also lost additional weather Page a a canal taking 27 persons to brother and to Sisters. The but Florida that i know of a said he was Highway patrolman Bond. Manslaughter improper pass and cutting in too fast released on $2300 the Nenma socialists once were Allied with the communists who made gains in Tbs election

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