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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives May 19 1957, Page 2

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page two Albuquerque journal Way 79, 1957 debate is seen on disarmament proposal by . Washington up a a Tough debate is shaping up in the Eisenhower administration Over the kind of disarmament proposal which the United states should next make to the soviet Union. The key Issue appears to be How far this country should go in introducing into negotiations a. London a plan which could promote the chances for a limited agreement with Russia on a cutback in military forces inc a test zone for Aerial inspection. Harold e. Stassen chief u. S. Negotiator in the London sessions is evidently in for some Sharp and sceptical questioning As the task of hammering out new decisions goes into High gear Early next week. Leaders concerned u. S. Military leaders Are reported especially concerned to make sure that any offer to the russians even on a a first step disarmament plan is coupled with requirements for inspection procedures which will give the most foolproof Assurance possible against soviet violations. Adm. Arthur w. Radford chair Jofh of the joint chiefs of staff has been reported As urging an attitude of extreme caution on the ground that in any agreement made vital Security interests of the United states and its allies Are at stake. Radford is due Back this weekend from a tour of latin America and is expected to play an important part in working out the final policy recommendations for decision by president Eisenhower. Stassen on his automobile bus Hope Lianes bad head injury presbyterian Assembly collision kills 3 for Miner hospitalized boy oks Benevolence plan colonial Heights. If a a greyhound bus and an automobile collided on a Bridge spanning Swift Creek jus. In Cavern Lykens. A. Of a Rescue i Omaha or a tile lfi9ththe nearly 3 million individual three Vear old Alan King g Terral Assembly of the pres members of the Church. Was rushed to Bataan Metho by Terian Church in the u. S. A. To supplement the spending dist Hospital saturday night in saturday voted approval of a recommendations the Church critical condition after a rail ram triple Church wide committee on stewardship and Marl to frill in Hie Vierl a Hon ,. A. I "11 offered Reco Tolmen to local churches on North at Here saturday night workers in their second Day of Road to fell on a h d h program to triple promotion offered recommend sending the bus careening into round the clock digging labor he fell off a truck has Home benevolent giving in me be promotion one five years. Relations the Creek three persons in the de saturday to free a 34-year m Stanley state patrolman 7 ,1"nionev will be used for ways to raise the Money. Each automobile were kilted but c d father of three buried 250 r3bert Schmerheim reported. New churches Many of them Church is urged to bring its there apparent a wore no Sec feet underground by a mine a Hospital spokesman m rapidly expanding suburban level of giving to is for Benev ious injuries among the bus s the child suffered a number of a a Churm colleges Mission pierces for each $2 for expense 16 passengers. David Snyder a. Trapped in Skull racture5 and usted his Quot to Tom tor ministers is of the local Church within police the passengers Point an be mile Wert of this co Quot Dilion a a "criuca1-&Quot and their widows and similar the next five years. Made their Way to Flinty. A Anth a two Sute policemen Schom needs it give suggestion through the rear emergency Friday morn Urheim and patrolman Bob pro ram Calls for total for those who have reached door of the giant a double deck a they communication Gordon Escoli de a car bearing expenditures of $35,748,211 in that level it was suggested that or bus which was in route Between the entombed Man and the boy and his pm run tsp or 1958. By 1962 this figure would they set a Ore for one ratio As from Richmond to Norfolk a. The surface was Date priday and mrs Earl King from Stan be raised to $54,338,577. A five year goal. The bus plunged Down a Steep afternoon via tapping with a Ley to the ho9piul Stanley is last year $18,340,320 was the prepared budget spells 12 to 15foot embankment Hammer North of us-66 on nm-41. Spent for the same purposes out needs of current expense smashing through a Metal strip some 40 Rescue workers were Schmerheim King told and during 1957 about 25 Mil which must be met before i Barrier at the Edge of the digging out about a ton and his son was playing on lion dollars will be spent. Funds Are allocated for the so Bridge and came to rest with half of debris every two hours Bac a parked truck Small part of giving called Advance program Only its Forward end submerge not knowing whether Snyder which was loaded with ties. The general Assembly Benev Church leaders galled e de. Its rear remained on the was alive. The scene of the the boy fell off the truck bed ounces represent Only a smal program unique in the in Story Shore. Dramatic Rescue operation is at and toppled a tie which landed part of the total giving in the 0f the Christian Church in it Anthon Rittuc at p by re the Western end of Short Moun on boys head when he hit Church largest of the nations Long Range scope and the Fin re Iri or and Uin a bleat a desolate area the ground King told Schmer presbyterian denominations. Ancial machinery to make it general Hospital or. And us a vim compared with general As possible. Sembly b6n6volenc6s of 18 Mil th6 More than 880 Coal slide 23 years ago. If p lion dollars Lait year giving to or Quot commissioners began their Veteran miners among the vow 01ti21t1 r Ujj Fps daughter 6. Md., died of injuries. Clouds Light. Across state off duty patrolman Jimmy Lajeuness fifth grader at lava land school finds mane vering a tractor a pleasant diversion from his duties on the Force of the uniformed school patrol. He was one of 800 patrolmen entertained saturday at play land through the efforts of various civic groups. Staff photo Coy is leaving school patrol for Indianapolis students get play land treat cloudiness thinned out Over new Mexico saturday after sober faced Crowch of about 75 friends and neighbors maintaining a silent Vigil at the scene agreed it was a highly improbable that Snyder would be found alive. Shooting charge a charge of assault wit deadly weapon has been filed All causes within the Church annual meeting thursday and amounted to More than 204 will continue in session through million dollars. Other spending wednesday. Is carried on at the level of the the budget approval Given Church s 39 synods 250 pres 0n a Starling vote wound up byte rians and More than 8000 business sessions until monday with individual congregations. Morning. While it is called a budget to a halt. There was considerable abandoned veins in the Vicin Ity the Only Chance of his sur. A a i. J top against mrs. Beth Simmons 49, the program presented to the h a amp rss to set in Colorado his having Access to air via m t i a Galloway rites tone of the several shafts to Rocky Mountain life ins. Co. Or Herman n. Morse Secir of new Mexico a the out tary of the Board of National will be reached will depend on cloudiness in the Eastern part of the state saturday morning but it thinned to partial clouding in the afternoon the Schuylkill county inde win pm a Cal r nit Fin while the Southwest and South pendent miners breaker men at the front door o the Sam f Root ii Utu the through the on 6 a 54mof Coninx i Central portions of the state and truckers assn., a group of Mons Home 718 Adams new a Ere enjoying fair weather. Independent miners. The lights filed the a few thundershowers were operated from a Generator in Simmons. Mrs. Anderson was a Avn it it of of Iii a were Enjo Ying fair weather Independent miners. The lights filed the charges against mrs off opt n of Jiapu in fort Lupton Colon a French i it i to vent play land it Pat a few thundershowers were operated from a Generator in Simmons. Mrs. Anderson was 11 i ice Fitzgerald mortuary . Inn to How a in reported in the East portion the truck. A Rescue vehicle the Secretary of the insurance journal special Galloway a resident of Alj return Kub in he Viu Lea a to of the state and Over the higher with mine lamps safety lamps firm. Farmington miss Clau Buque que for three years fonday rn50n to h0radnh Albuquerque uniformed Uin of the Northern Sec pick axes blankets rope first mrs. Simmons wife of j. Dine Harris 13-year-old Daugh a. Injured in an automobile a a n0 d0ubt that to Anes of to it in a Ion. A few Light showers or Laid equipment including a re Hayden Simmons a arrested ter of or. And mrs. Har Accident wednesday and Aken funeral service and interment for William m. Galloway 68. Of 4605 Hannett be who died Here Friday will be held agreement0rmw e a he chairman of the err so a a in a we rep a ted la stud Tutol and a Cole e urn. On a warrant from the distinct Eshel where him a a Auto two disarmament plan than Federal communications com Taa a cars safety Coss the where. Stood off to one Side. Attorney office Friday and step they were when he came Home Mission who with time sold Street a got in some compel the Only rainfall reported aiding in the digging was freed immediately on a $2000 during an easter recess in the his interest in the Albuquerque Satory party time saturday. At official reporting stations Snyder a brother Leroy who Bond. Negotiations a month ago. The stations he will serve As about 800 of them were saturday was a few Hun As operating the hoisting in after the shooting mrs. Sim her attendants were Gwen determine if galloways death present recess will end May 27. President of of by radio and feasted at the annual a Reths of an Inch at Raton. 8ine in the mine Shaft when Mons admitted she shot mrs. Hac Nev and Judy Warren will be listed As the City son his return to London sus television stations in Indian Outing at play land amusement Clayton and Clovis. But the the Cavern occurred. Leroy re Anderson with a .380-caliber both 0f Farmington. Fourth traffic faulty of the Only will take spoils and a ten Media in Park sponsored by civic Fra 24-hour totals for the period Maine on the scene since Beretta pistol detectives . Iffy a posse Rodeo june 7, 8 performed but police the and 9 Here at the posse grounds findings were not known. Runners up who will serve As police the autopsy will sen almost certain along an american reply to a Minneapolis. Soviet disarmament made april 30. Proposals outlined ,24-hour totals for the period Temal and business organza ending 5 30 . Told a Dif Early Friday morning without a my n f a i inn ii Omna 1 a proposal mrs Coy he , will re non of Albuquerque. Merenf Story. Raton had ,73any Relief. Main Here about two weeks. On hand for the party were. T m a a 0, Rny i the Coy entertained the police chief Paul a. Shaver. A 3 02 Carlsbad of 200 dentists expected the three girls were chosen year. From among la contestants. Survivors include his widow others competing were Cathy mrs. Elizabeth Galloway three Snyder Jean Triplett Diane sons. Douglas and Donald Gall injured in fall Tony Duran 7, of 1217 los Glaine Burnham Velma Way in Oklahoma and s. D. I oases new suffered minor Wilson Carroll Jamison Pat g a 11 o w a a Albuquerque a head and Back injuries when 5taniey, and Geneva Mcdon daughter mrs. Jack Crewell. In he fell from the roof of a shed Ald it la were members of the Oklahoma and to grandchild was a retired entertained the police chief Paul a. That proposal called among new president of Kob and county sheriff John a. Flaska a it Lara at Yahk other things for an inter nation Kob to Stanley Hubbard and several police officers. 5 a a a Here for convention Al Aerial inspection system his wife at a party in the among the Young patrolmen and Albuquerque. Ering Eastern Siberia Alaska Alvarado attended by about were 700 from City schools a adj afternoon temperatures about 200 dentists from new in the 1400 Block of summer stampedes Dren. And most of the Western United 250 persons Friday night. Too from county institutions. Ranged from 66 at Raton to 84 Mexico and six surrounding new saturday patrolman Fred judges for the contest held Galloway states. American officials have since the uniformed patrol at Columbus. Albuquerque had states Are expected Here today Montoya . He was treated the Fairgrounds were Mem assistant superintendent of a called it unacceptable As it the Normal differences of in was organized in no in a High of 77. To Register for a four Day con at county Indian Hospital hers of the posse and posse sugar factory and a member stands but have indicated that Terest Between the two Agen juries to c a Ren ave been a Low pressure disturbance mention of the new Mexico Montoya the Duran boy. Auxiliary and were Scott of the masonic Lodge and the United states would make Cie. Recorded at any intersection a counter proposal designating in general it appears that while the patrol was on duty a different area for testing some state department offi a spokesman Aerial inspection possibly in dais Are now deeply hopeful if not actually convinced that that there Are differences in Point of View on disarmament a Low pressure disturbance mention of the new Mexico Montoya the Duran boy. Auxiliary and were forming off the coast of Cali dental society. While playing with a group of Brown Bruce Brimhall Star. Forma is expected to move registration will be held in boys fell about six feet to the de Barlow mrs. J. W. Mar the body will be sent to fort. _ eastward and result today in the Hilton from i to 6 . Britt and Bill Nelson. Lupton today. Nations which have become an increase in afternoon winds Golf matches at the Albu Quer 11 huh country club get under the Arctic Region. Officials privately concede the soviet Union is sincerely Independent since 1947, in and and slightly warmer tempera que interested in getting an agree edition to India and Pakistan. Ture amp Over new px1c0-_way a . Ment for a reduction of Mili Are Burma Cambodia Ceylon issues Between the state and tary armaments and for some Ghana Laos Libya Morocco defense departments but in kind of practical Aerial inspect Israel Indonesia Korea us Sist that these simply reflect Tion system. Dan Tunisia and Viet Nam. 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