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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives May 19 1957, Page 1

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Albuquerque, New Mexico Today a smile new Castle inc apr in advert Isiu in a drive against Dri Ina. The lint in Hod it hurry Haw erected a Alk i finding a two kind of finishes for automobiles lacquer and liquor. A Al year entered a second class Macer Albu us n. Most office under act of Congress. Sunday morning May 19, 1957good morning perhaps the Dukes jut need a that Lane ride. Published every morning 108 pages in seven sections a a a Price 15c boy saved from Well has pneumonia spot by Bob Considine Bay View Hospital Mastic Beach n. Ins a modern miracles Are just wondrous As those worked by Christ 19 centuries ago. But like every thing else that is modern they Are More Complex and vastly More expensive. A still dazed Little boy named Benny Hoover who is going on eight could vaguely attest to that. So could a Haggard truck driving father a worn and wasted Mother two hollow eyed doctors a red eyed construction worker the workers Boss the atomic Energy commission several Hundred police firemen and civil defense workers and millions of Plain people who prayed him out of his Tomb. Little Benny Lay under the Gelatin film of his oxygen tent until late saturday when two tender men drs. Frank Calabro and Joseph Kris bundled him into a Ray in this tidy Hospital to see what a if anything a had of i snapped during his 23vt hours i Pilch of burial deep in a Pencil thin 1/viiwvi Hio i Roll Well in his Side Yard. Is j a y the a rays discovered no vallfop17 Moira la Breaks but a congestion which i ulu Lluu j i ii in Mastic Beach n. Was diagnosed As a slight cases a Al a ins a Little Benny and the of pneumonia the boy was Roll-1 Man who saved him had an de Back it a room in a he 23 Luh la Luu Lullo thousands leave Homes As flood builds toward Peakin Oklahoma a a a rescuer visits Benny at Hospital Mastic Beach n. Y., Mon i i of Back to his room in the 23 Man who saved him had meeting saturday. A a he s a a the did t forget me he out soon and romping but not to Quot a Sam into yawning Wells. The culpritje1 night Hole was filled saturday and Santa few democratic knew my face a said Woodson who Friday a of pulled the seven year old boy the fathers dream of additional statehouse Wor ers will pro a from the Well Shaft which had water for his struggling Young a la Ante up at least a held him prisoner 23-> hours Garden will have to be Post mon1 to help keep the party s in Manorville n. A Pond. Headquarters Here going a sur a Benny looks Good a Sam Quot what am i in trouble a vey indicates said a and he gave me a big Little Benny had said Juv so a flu. A a a. Fern Pedin of t a is i a i 1111 a a come from smile he looked at me met fore going to sleep Friday nighty wince like he looked at a As be la red up Dazely at Sev corporation commission and Bole Vii w ii my a ski Chi Nim yes his eyes were open eral policemen worrying Over ,_ s? Woodson who went to Bay yes bother assessment basis which their officials described As additional funds Are expect View Hospital to see How Ben-1 the first face Little Benny by was coming along the Dav saw saturday morning when eco from other Democrat run after his Rescue shifted about he opened his Silver Dollar agencies. The state treasurers uncomfortably As thoughts Zed Blueey a was that of his and attorney general a offices flustered by the questioning. Mother it lying in the Hospital already have turned Over longed next to him patiently tribute on according to Joseph waiting for him to come out Gursey executive Secretary at of the sleep that had immersed had artery with me. He him for hours. He spoke her part treasurer Samuel z laughed too. He told me that name with Relief and turning Mon of Santa be said n0 he had a Little cold and his a a his father standing by the definite goal has been it be arms were sore. But he looked e a As necessary but estimated at big Ben unshaven and tot feast $1500 a month might be Sam a 39-year-old construe of ring had hat Volgi required to operate head Quad Tion worker said he was taken Ough the night his second ters in a Halfway reasonable straight night without sleep. He related looks Fine a the joked polish red Boss rocket club Tulsa prepares supported for onslaught fights stalinist bid for Power Gomulka replies to attack on his Type of communism Warsaw up a polish communist chief w Adys re re a a a Quot Law Gomulka spoke 2yi d n David m ,. L. Arm Ancl one Eye or. David m. Hours to the i Central Dennis sponsor said saturday. City of Tulsa in the committee saturday to he said that the youth Louis Northeast to Farmers along Kyte is now Home from the Washita River in the South by parents by Holmes the parents of members of the rocket club of Monroe Junior High and affiliated schools have rallied behind the club despite an Accident several weeks ago in which a expected today Arkansas Cimarron Rivers boiling toward Confluence near City Oklahoma City of a oklahoman by the thousands from the metropol Squash what communist sour Hospital and is Able to see evacuated their Homes Satur Ces called a stalinist bid for pm her was Reol intr to Kazi moving objects with the other Day night As Mai a flooding he was replying to Kazi therm a the Hanh was reported in virtually All Mierz Mijal who spearheaded through tile band Section the attack on Gomulka so mid ag0 coven no ins Eye. Tulsa Oklahoma a second dle of the Road communism at two students have fired largest a City 0f 240 too warn the committees first meeting their rockets under or Dennis warned it can expect the worst since Gomulka took its Leader supervision since the Accident in history As the rain ship last year. I several weeks ago. The old Szopen Arkansas rolled Down Mijal a former minister of firing Range on the Western Stream. Local government denounced slopes of the Sandia was already brimful and rising first Secretary Gomulka a pol a a no member of the club has steadily the River is expected ides As a a return to capital dropped out As far As i know to Crest at Tulsa today after re Lam and capitulation to the they Veall been coming a or. Ceiling a heavy Load of water Dennis said saturday. From the Over flowing Cigar he said he had received Only Ron River where the two con one letter from the Public verge at Keystone 30 Miles roman Catholic Church. Informants said Gomulka ironically told the 80 committee members a i thought we would hear Only one first Secretary a report at this meeting a mine. It seems we have heard two. I shall have an the sources said he then delivered a detailed retort to Mijal and said the debate had convinced him that a a dogmatism stalinism was As great a danger to communist ideology As revisionism the tendency toward Western style democracy. Urging the club be dropped. The person urged pm to teach the kids a How to do something about dust storms rather than or Dennis said two parents of club members offered to sign notes taking responsibility for any accidents involving their boys and to be present at the firings if necessary the rocket contest for which a pit was being dug when the chemicals Young Kyte was West of Tulsa. A travel imperilled Oklahoma s fatalities for the three Days of storms climbed to nine saturday with the recovery of the body of Roland Bullock 39, a Farmer near Lindsay. He and his wife were Riding in a pickup truck when a Bridge Over a Creek collapsed. The couple was thrown into the surging Waters. Bullock was attempting to help his previously the party Here mixing exploded has been wife but he was carried away had called revisionism the postponed until next fall or. She later was saved after into the Hospital room by a nurse fio explainer that a this was the Many who had pulled Benny from the Well but now it was Worth it. The boy framed a silent a a daddy on his lips. It was the strangest world into which he had Ever manner. As for the party a deficit which he estimated is $10,000 now Montoya said he does no to Sam said the child did not awakened but there were hisikn/3w ust speak of the Long ordeal during Mother and father. A taken care of but added that which he had been wedged 22 things somehow would be feet underground in the Well All right it he closed his eyes his father was digging to water for a Jong time taking silent his Garden. Stock of the Hurt in his Shoul a be x c e p to Sam said a to Der and the friction Burns from thank me. And i did not press the Sand which had come so him on the subject. Close to snuffing out his life. A we talked about Happy then he remembered somethings. About him getting thing that no Little boy could on a world wide Hookup is Eugene Garcia 4, 2114 sixth new. His Headset is connected with a military radio network capable of receiving and transmitting messages All Over the world. Eugene whose father is a gunners mate in Korea was one of thousands of Albuquerque ans who saturday inspected Manzano base and other military facilities during armed forces Day. Staff photo by Jim Forrest out of the Hospital. Want autograph Sam suddenly looked away. Two Young girls had approached. A could they have his same a autograph a they asked. Sam chuckled a suppose he signed the papers they handed him and then talked some More about the boy in a quiet soft spoken manner. A a that a a Good boy. You can just Tell. He promised me he would be a Good fellow and be careful Sam said he stayed with Benny around to or 15 minutes but that he would visit again when the doctor permitted. Benny wanted that too. A goodbye a the Little boy said As Sam left a and come Back real California Zephyr jumps track during Roc slide Oroville. Calif. A it a two engines and two cars of the crack Western Pacific eastbound California Zephyr were derailed by a Roc slide in the Feather River Canyon saturday. Two train crewmen were reported injured. A spokesman for the Railroad said All the cars which went off the track were pulled Back on and the train was being detoured Over Southern Pacific lines by Way of Marysville. Ever forget though his name was on every front Page in the land and both devout and agnostics joyously repeated a Miracle Miracle a lids unbuttoned his big eyes. His brow furrowed impatiently. A a in a hungry a he said. Benny eats a nurse brought a cooked Cereal and Little Benny Hooper sat up and formally rejoined the world. The father stumbled out of the room made the to mile Backland drive to the neat Grey and White Home at Manorville and fell into bed unconscious. Little Benny had been returned from the dead by an of about 300 men and women equipped Wiwi enough gear to build a dam or invade a world War two Beach. It was an intensely complicated painstaking Job but what Benny remembered of the whole thing was so tenderly simple. A i was playing with Michael a he told his dad referring to a nextdoor neighbor a and we were running. I told him i Graham likens new York idols to ancient Athens state chairman Ernest Tucker of Roswell May have some invite plans. Deficit included salary Tucker was directed last month by the democratic state executive committee to name Art 11-member committee to new York up a Billy Graham compared new York City to raise the funds with which to ancient Athens saturday night before some 17,000 persons at liquidate the Square Garden and found new York wanting. Tucker said during that the Blond haired evangelist said the apostle Paul found meeting that the deficit include Athens although it was a the Center of culture of the ancient de $7000 for his salary. Noting this was the biggest continued on four continued on pain four state traffic deaths so far this year 125 last year at this Date 124 new Rains hit drenched Texas Dallas tex., up a a new series of thunderstorms poured drenching rain on the Southern half of Texas saturday. They moved northward bringing forecasts of More heavy Rains for North Central Texas and a Tornado Alert for the northeastern Corner of the state. With the land soaked and Rivers streams and lakes full from 31 Days of almost uninterrupted Rains there was new threat of flooding. The rising red and Wichita Rivers and Holliday Creek were expected to drive As Many As 50 persons from their Homes for the second t me this Spring from Wichita Falls. Some 150 Miles downstream on the red River huge Lake Texoma which had risen to a record level was still on the Rise and residents in the area were apprehensive of flooding. Heavy Rains fell in the Austin and san Antonio areas of Central Texas and at Victoria in Southeast Texas. President pays grandson 50 gents for Chau Feuring on Golf course pretty blonde gets love note from Prince London ins a a pretty Blue eyed blonde named Maureen saturday displayed the first a love note written by Britain a present Prince charming and future King. Maureen Vernon is a shy Little girl of 8. Her admirer from afar they have never met is Prince Charles also 8. Maureen received an official postcard from Buckingham Palace. On it Charles had written a to Maureen with love from Maureen a father. W. J. Vernon is a Hospital Porter. Ile helped remove the equipment from the operating room at the Palace while Charles was recovering from a Tonsillectomy earlier this month. They got to chatting and the Yousf Prince found out that Vernon has two children one of them the pretty Maureen. Charles asked Vernon if it would be ail right if he wrote Maureen. A yes a Vernon said. A she would love while Vernon was Busy with his work Charles wrote the postcard. He handed it to his new Friend and asked anxiously a you will give it to her wont you a Vernon delivered it As requested. His daughter was Coy and blushing when reporters asked How she would answer the note. A i done to know what to write in reply a Maureen said a but Iti think of world a City a wholly Given to and he said that if Paul walked in new York or other Large american cities he might find More idols than in Athens. On the fourth night of his new York crusade the vibrant evangelist Drew the largest audience since the opening night attendance of 18,500�?and the most a decisions for at the end of grahams Sermon 792 persons came from All Corners of the gardens vast Flag draped Interior to an open space before the pulpit. They stood quietly before the min members Gettysburg pa., Ipp i did a Allen told nine year spirits As he flipped the half president Eisenhower paid his pid j avid Eisenhower who Dollar to David at the end of i Young grandson 50 cents for three Small Sisters i saturday s round Chau Feuring him around the. ,. ,. ,. I on the first nine holes to-1 Golf course saturday. And the is spin ing weekend a his Day the president had one of chief executives partner Jok grandfathers farm Here. His Best scores in a Long while singly told the boy a take that the remark by Allen who but he did no to do so Well on the up with or. has a farm near the Eisenhowe second nine also a 35. George e. Ajlen of washing or place came after David had there he reportedly had either postpone Tom test ton Long time Friend of the chauffeured the presidents a 44 or 45. Las vegas. Nev. Ins a president was alluding with electric Golf cart on the first Eisenhower toured the a Grin to teamsters Boss Dave half of an 18-Hole-round at the course under a hot Sun with blk whose big Union has Jur Gettysburg country club. The temperature already in the i diction Over most of the a it was the fourth time this eighties at mid morning and Tiona a chauffeurs. Week Eisenhower had played the atmosphere muggy with a you made More Money than 18 holes and he was in Good moisture. Ister to signify their a acceptance of the men a Omen and children who indicated their wish to try to make a spiritual transformation brought the total number of a a decisions to 2,758 for grahams crusade. Some 2,200 College students from Many parts of the East and 200 cadets from the . Military Academy at wet Point were in the audience. Graham took his text Satur-1 Day night from acts 17 16, in which Paul called Athens a a City wholly Given to a your idols a said Graham a Are different from those of ancient the idols of Many modern americans he Asid Are not made of Stone or Wood they Are a fashion Money ease ambition. a we americans Are guilty of idolatry As much As some Pagan parts of the world today. We be deified Man and humanized god a he said. A we Are guilty of the sin of conformity a he said. Instead of being stirred by the Christian message we have con irined to the world about a we have become too Sopris locate do we Are afraid to talk about Christ in our offices in the Graham said he sees a much evidence of religion in new York As in other cities but changed that too often a we go to Church on sunday and Wear greater danger. Gomulka had not been expected to speak a second time after his six hour Call for Unity that opened the committees policy making a ninth plenum Quot wednesday. Sources said he decided to make a second speech after Mijal a onslaught had been followed by a series of furious attacks from other members of the a Nat Olin group once powerful party Bosses who were booted out of office after Gomulka won Power last october Gomulka a second speech wound up the Central committee discussion. Saturdays ses Sion ended with no communique on the closed door session and an informed source said the plenum would continue today. The effect of Gomulka a speech reportedly was a Complete capitulation by Mijal. Gomulka threatened to employ the tactics he used at the last plenum to print the full record of the speeches. Mijal reportedly withdrawal his charges and urged that his speech be suppressed As a Means of presenting an appearance of party Unity. Only fragmentary information leaked out but it was enough to show a sensational Battle raging among committee Mijal concentrated clinging to debris. There Wasny to a major Highway in the state that could be travelled without washouts. Three major Bridges and Doz limit Anund on Pouf Ehy a it a French Premier asks Dennis said. He was not present at the time of the Accident having left several boys to dig the safety pit. They were to be picked up later. Or. Dennis said that he did not know that the boys had the chemicals with them. V he has tightened up Reguia new Confidence vote tons so now he keeps the chemicals and the boys have to Check them out from him. Also he has to be present at All mixing of chemicals As we Las firings he said. The club members have made plans to visit Young Kyte during the summer months. Vacation pics add enjoyment you can have the fun of a vacation and not miss out on news of the old Home town by simply arranging for the Albuquerque journals famous vacation before you leave town. Simply phone 3-6661, and Tell circulation that you want the vacation for the dates you la be gone. Your papers will be kept in a plastic bag and delivered to you in one package on your return. Paris Jim a Premier Guy Mollet called for a showdown saturday in the toughest Battle his 16-month-old government has faced. With rapidly dwindling foreign Exchange and rising inflation at Home Mollet called for a Confidence vote in the National Assembly on his demand for budget Belt tightening amounting to 400 billion francs about $1,120,000,000. The vote is scheduled or tuesday afternoon and is predicted As a photo finish. Some believe boilers government will fall but most feel he will gather enough strength by tuesday to get by. His attack on the Church state Accord which was the rimmed the circulation dept is late consequence of Gomulka a Quot pm from 7-10 . Every return to Power on agricultural policy and on the disturbed state of the National Economy. Sunday. If you missed your sunday journal Call Between those hours. The weather Albi Al Kkt a k. And Vicinity High Cloud iwas at in a but mostly fair today and tonight. Moderate wind and warmer thi afternoon. Partly Cloudy and Windy monday turning a Little cooler High today 82 lows tonight As Valley to a gift Airport. Mexico partly Cloudy today and monday moderately Windy in East and Central portion this afternoon and Oer the late monday. A few Light afternoon Flower Over Mot Stainis today and widely altered showers in North portion monday. Warmer in West and Central portions today. Cooler in Northwest portion tonight and in West and North portions monday. Highs today 70-Ko North 80-90 South lows tonight 35-45 North 85-Fto article no. I dramatic narrative of Young Man who loses sight then regains it there have been few personal narratives As dramatic and inspirational As the one you Are about to read. What happens when a Young Man launched on a remarkable career of adventure goes Blind and How does he react when after to years he mysteriously regains his sight seeing his wife and children for the first time sight returned to novelist John Howard Griffin in january. Now after recovering from the Shock and learning to use his eyes again he has with my heart and books i never read. Had i where bomb concussions damaged my vision. _ i had planned to finish my in the Spring a 1947 i was medical work in France and rapidly losing the Little sight return to the Pacific to explore i had brought Back from the Remote islands and work with War 18 months before. I lived the natives. Now All of that _ was thrown out. Specialists had in the Sarthe Valley of f Ranee bluntly told me j would be where i studied with the famed Blind before j could finish Benedictine monks of soles medical school. Nes. Alone at night i uttered about my room trying to ignore the blindness that was Walling me in. But my lamp reminded me each time i turned toward it. Sight had faded written magnificently and until the Bare Globe was like atomic scientists gritted their Teeth in frustration saturday a Halo. And by monday and ordered the fifth 24-hour the horns have sprouted and delay in firing the first nuclear a a shot of a new series of test blasts in Nevada. We Are carrying a Pitchfork a the rest of the week we live by the Devil a he added. With deep feeling the full Story of his blindness and his return to the world of the seeing. This is the first of seven articles candlelight seen through fog. At 26, i looked on this As the end of a life of adventure begun in my teens when i had gone to France to study medi world copyright. 1957. By internal Wii Cine. Before my 2,0th birthday news service j had been assistant to the Doc by John Howard Griffin tor in charge of the insane for a decade i lived in the world of blindness. I married a wife id never seen. We had children i could f Asylum of Tours had worked in the French underground and had fled the invading germans. Then there had been nearly know Only i three years in the Pacific so i had come Here to study Gregorian chant with the monks perhaps to find strength and get my bearings. It had been a fight against time. I kept it to myself. Going Blind is a private thing. I did no to want others to know until necessary. One morning in april i could no longer make out the White splotch of my writing paper on the Black top of my desk. I knew the waiting Washer. It was time to have one of the monks write my family time to return to America and begin the training necessary to live without sight. It was not As dramatic As i had expected. I fumbled my bounties on l As Sis it

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