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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 5

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Albuquerque, New Mexico May 963 Albuquerque journal a-5 world of religion protestant Leader urges churches enter Campaign Home family conference set speaker for a Christian Home by lol is Cassels Ipi religion writer a promo Nom u a boys ranch group pastor begins hew assignment at City Church to Annear Mav 20 r j the Rev Paul Savage will the Savages who will Roshi. Soil few Ern Sembt a s of god a group of boys Between 12 conduct his first service sunday at 12501 Loyola be Haw two College and it years of age from liar As new pastor of the Highland children. Paul an associate Tomat is craps tto w e r s and family life conference Rison Ark will present a Assembly of god Church 201 pastor of a Monroe la Church Nuj an Ina it Are grown in sunday through wednesday at musical program at 7 20 . Valencia be. And Beverly a Junior a tideland in greenhouses is sols Quot Nikita Quot a it at coma Del Rev Bap the Rev or Savage an Douglass Home ministries sex Church congregations have been John b. Davidson professor of Quot my to Gnu ecu Tive of the United Church of getting larger and because in religion and counselling at a so a a a que que from Spinolo okla , Christ. Urban areas particularly they Baylor University in Waco Tex Shawnee Alico is Banch. A has served As pastor Loraw think Phi be in t talking to officials of his now tend to draw members the Rev. Or. Davidson will a Tiv nth Independent Christian tit Ilia in the Denom ration at a recent sex from a wide area instead of a i speak at to Ara. And 7 pm Horn for dependent boy. Jim Vergon i in t a its a ecu Ive meeting or. Douglass single geographic neighbourhood daily. A former pastor of first Ash pm a Png Salt in 10 a election Campaign t it advocate said Amei Ca inquest Lona Bix the a i in her in Church 1 n Baptist Church in Austin. Tex Quot it directors of he Home will toe defeat of Ary candidate who h. Ash Cill Laitner a a Huron la k wot known in to Field of show s at that a local event so Pussy Lanious and Pussy till Arienca found it or in proof f Jagt cauda Ai the Public is invited. For la rears. Footing that to fails to Promise an health and a Taos and the trend in recent Quot than Moo at to congregations. J of of of t n agreement on i ref a continued from \-4 port Unity. A no candidate for office the key moral question who does not make it Clear that confronting the nation today he a program for bringing peace said is a whether the american and stability to our country people Are willing to tax Means a Sharp Rise in the tax themselves to the e x t e a t Bill is talking says necessary to guarantee a Shar the Rev or Truman b inc of pm Liege and Opportunity authority to set up its own with those who Are currently regional training centers excluded from the benefits of but Hoover going behind a the american Way of a the Back of attorney general rpm in i he conceded that cries of Ramsey Clark has persuaded i 0 he a a partisanship wll pm raised if Mcclellan to Amend the crime Folk musical churches dare to name Lames in opposing candidates who Are the youth of Hoffman town indifferent to the Urban crisis or Baptist Church 2 52 Wyoming who Promise solutions without or will present a 57-minute telling the voters the Cost in contemporary Folk musical in higher taxes. But he said Hugh auditorium a the Church had better be �?~11 i pro some the my i suggest we i Outh director Harold Piatt ought to be pro Humai if this is said some 60 teenagers will sing being partisan so much the to the accompaniment of worse for guitars and a Bass fiddle in a Aura of special lighting effects olt e Lton a time Church the performance is free and congregations were like Large _ families. For newcomers Sun or ii pity Runor strangers and lonely people. urm t going to Church was a Good Way 201 Donat in affiliate Unity school of Rev. Dessie Metcalfe a it. Of of clothe Sun services Bible Sohoel 9 30 a in. Church services 11 of . Dial a prayer 255-6330 j to make friends. This important function Oft creating a sense of Community has become steadily More difficult in recent years because Monte Vista Christian Church disciples of co St i or. Theo o. Fisher minister Rev. Mitt Patricio Clark minister it education worship 8 30 amp 10 45 Church school a 9 30 youth group a 6 30 Nursery for All services 3501 Campus blvd n i. 2 by North it Central amp Talent my answer j i il5 first Baptist Church Broadway at Central Vav by a Wyatt pastor sunday schedule 9,30 a in a sunday school 11 0o a Rny worship service Quot the Home and the Cross Quot Momma service broads at Avor k Vod radio at 11 of 710 in your Etal 5 of pm a training Union 6 15 p , service a the Book at instructions ample Nursery special wearing aids available m c m Bill Central Baptist association by till by Grah with apostle Paul said a i hate Learned in what Tever j state i am. Therewith to he does one learn to do this i am in the military and i loathe every part of it. There is nothing Chris Tian about it. I wish i were Content hut i am not. How ran i he . Paul did no to my that he was Content in a Christian environment but in a whatsoever state i am a after All since t he world we live in is materialistic rather than Christian christians must learn to a be Content in can this he done first of All we can gather some Contentment from the fact that the world is not going to stay the Way it is. The Bible teaches that some Day Christ will come and change it All and that peace and righteousness will reign so we must learn to look on the state of the world As a temporary one a contractor looks on piles of unorganized lumber but he is not discontented for he knows that he can bring order out of that chaos we know that some Day the world will be under the control of a Brist so we Are contented in that fact. Another reason for Christian Contentment is we Are Only aliens in this world. The Bible says tint we Are citizens of heaven and that this work is not our Home. Therefore Uke a Man on an unpleasant Railroad coach we Don t Gripe because we know we re on the Way Home. Another reason for Contentment is god is in his heaven. And we know that All things work together for Good Bill to Grant the Fri monopoly. Meanwhile it looks As if the Senate hard Heads Are unwilling to take action against rampant crime unless they Are also permitted to ride roughshod Over individual rights. The Pentagon shouting about it hut it has had to Send More troops into Thailand. While truce talks Are scheduled for Vietnam Tho situation in Thailand has deteriorated. It May Well be that the United states will find itself with troops being transferred from one War to another in Southeast Asia. At present More than 43.000 american troops Are stationed in Thailand. The air Force is operating eight Basos throughout the country. This is More troops and More bases than the United states had in South Vietnam Between 1954 and 1964. At the end of 1964. There were Only 18.000 u a troops in South Vietnam Mumm j diving on prey a Duck Hawk Bible mothers topic often travels 180 Miles an hour. Mothers Day services at Hoffman town Baptist Church i will include a Sermon on mothers in the Bible at la a in by Rev. Elias Atencio and a up their infiltration of the talk on gospel work among the country and guerrilla activity Spanish americans and the in has increased in three sop j Diana of the Southwest at 6 Arate areas. The United states is bound by treaty to help defend Thailand from a communist takeover and it seems certain that thai authorities in the face of a communist threat will invoke the treaty. The difficulty is that Thailand is a monarchy supported by a military dictatorship. With almost no vestige of democracy. There is extreme wealth at the top. Extreme poverty at the Bottom and corruption running rampant through the ruling class. It s a country made to order for communist revolt and if the United states is going to defend it we should begin now to demand Basic social and economic reforms. First Church of religious science sunday Milf 11 00 n m. Thi sciinc1 of mind Cinti a 320 it in in few in 3 Vav till Kri Linen n. In ugly Trinity Faith Church it Tati re in it Filna to Iannot 5200 Marble of Church school 9 to Worth p Sac vie to 0 Evansq worship too Lawrnnce Grann pastor 255-1525 Ganic Hil Mok Nim i \ i Nim regular Baptist Fellowship 5 21 Cattral n i. Be Mooi is i ill Lull is ohm ii 1 48 la 00 i on the teaching whole counsel or goo Ray Jam w Glt lbs it phone 89s-0257 Trinity methodist Church of 3h5 Silver i. C. Goodwin jr., Minuter morning worship 8 to and to 50 a in. Church Schoch. 9 40 a in. Sermon a sounds of silence 6 of p in. Junior and Saniar my Nursery care for All services Church Central methodist 215 Pine . A Ona Block Watt of Unm g. Lemuel finn d a pastor sunday school 4 Church worship at both Houri 9 15 4 to 30 Sirmon to make religion a family Aid Mother s Day sunday i a Inq fellow Halo far Ait aaa i of p in. Stir Arr rant inn ilm at All tar or a ample Parent Welcome to Grace �33 unaffiliated Church 115 Cedar St. In i Quot. Ondr pedant bin chm a tora k a Ady. Thu in 9 45 a in sunday school la of a in a a godly Mother a 6 of trim no hour All 7 of a a people scatter tuna. In a i Fly Ihm Quot Rio a or a Ward f entry Tow a a i \ a % n v parking i to t Ultra i nth it Rel no Cary a it v a Myrry Pray dad a mum anti Faith conservative Baptist 4400 Eubank Bird. . 1 Chapel by leu school or n. S. Mat Phanon pay or sunday school�?9 45 a in. Morning worthily�?11 Eva nine i 296 1427 you Ara Wakamo Don Stram minister tint Christian Church 122 Broadway . Phone 242-6172, 265-0169 come worship and study with us 9 30 . A Bibl clo for Evgr a a 10 30 a in. It s Mother s Day Quot 5 30 p in. Youth \5aa�ioq 6 30 . Quot three things which Jesus never did a making it Brut control in that Ilya i in tar in edition to 43 000 u s. Troops now in Thailand weapons and equipment have been stockpiled to support a far larger Force meanwhile the communists Are stepping Valley Christian reformed Indian student of ship 9 of a in sunday so keel to of a in Mamma worship la of a in. Van my worship 7 of p in car nor it Maul 6 9th St. New 256 2717_ Good Shepherd lutheran Mission Wisconsin Synod service every sunday�?7 10 pm Strong theme mortuary it Fern Chapel 1100 Coal ave no of Coll 299-8840 or 255-1014 Welcome to first United methodist Church fourth and Lead downtown in i William jr., pastor Sermon topic a so that what a Home is Quot worship service 9 15 amp 10 30 . Church school 9 15 . Broadcast Kob radio at 8 30 . Hristian science or prices first Church of i Brist scientist too Kir it in Tutti Pine . Two sunday morning services Larn and sunday school and 11 00 wednesday evening services 8 00 Siel Conill Nursery provided for Small children. Hristian science heading room a open daily 28�?� i c ventral be. Be Corner Girard and c ventral tune Iii log a a a Hie Kiltie speak Loyd us radio station a gym to 10 on your dial a every sunday morning at i 8 15 episcopal Church welcomes you St. Allws 1500 a Eluid be. Tri. "sr-0248 ii mile. T Rill. Holiday the Rrok h of. 9 1 it 11 00 a. Church school 9 15 a slim Cwi i till by ii Kali 448 aah. . Tri 247 2515 sur error i Arr Taim a i it n m. Alii Poe array sunt i v i or Hirist 7 30 and 10 00 .�?-5 00 . St. >1 elks 431 Richmond no. Us i Iii mis Tri. 255-6331 11 no in re Ltd Iii a 8 Imi b Roll of i Hun to school 9 of 11 of s i. M att la Ell s 2633 Utah no. Tri. ?99-584 11 Taro re film of. 7 1.7, 9,00, la of hurry school 0 00, 11 00 Ami Alii St. Mic la i i 601 Montano Road. N Vav. Valley or a it 7 30. 9 00. 11 of hurry school and Nursery 11.00 a i. \ Mel i h Tri 344 3133 ass a a it amp it e x nil in i. Tri. 247-1561 let it it it want it Maar it 6 00, 9 15. La of 12 39 hurry school 9 15 am. St. Joh is 318 Silver . St. Johns methodist Church Church school 8 30, 9 45 la of worship service 9 45 amp i i of Sermon Quot the Christian family Quot 6 of Junior amp srm or my or. Be to in Caswell pastor i blk Lait of Jan Ordra blk. Narth of manual of tech i la Tobi to e i it your Choice of Avocado or new Harvest Gold colors the lutheran churches Welcome you Christ it mite our Synod 7t�i i a Mona m �474 i Attar a w. Ii Tai trillion a rift an i i i Ihu a a it it a 0 30 Messiah Alc 11818 l4.uu up <1� 0am7i i i Tut i us a i a or Milf a a is la Imi it i id vol haul 8 talc a i Atco Christie Victor i Ilia i an ii aria it i Ait urn Dohs h. Prera 11 of Kisaday lir Hual 0 Ltd Faith american him aaa put or Ltd it 8 7lmw Patton la or. Ltd an i 11 of Linda 1 Ai Imdorf 9 tis Immanuel. Uni old i ii , 11 a to Hurt Hamu it Ira Lii h i an. 19 68 Honda i i it of -. Of Iii Hurt Syndal our Saviour Hub Aln Ltd Khz or. A Tot it i or in i 9 to ii into a Iii in redeemer m noun Synod i Quot la Alvarado we pallor it. To or Jar Tutor amp of and la a Linda a Lional 9 is St. Luke a to 91#�?� Manaol he tto la Al pastor i Loir Hiiop in to or id p h i Iii in i8 Banda Rawl a 5, Iii Wiki is St. Paul Suu a la and a Ilfra wuss ,i�?~68� a Gator it Ronklin hrs Hind in in a 7, la m Honda it Nikoal lilt St. Timothy a til jail Rummi Vuk pastor run a x it and 11 of ii of in Oil Bas Trinity Mii Taun Synod it ii Lith at vhf <345-17181 pastor John hard Hoft or hip is and i is vim-1.i v ho.,i 9 30 sunday radio Ano to f90gkam5 hmm us a lutheran or to to a a the lutheran naut i p a Tivod 7jo be Thi i the life Kob to a 4 it Paul Tun tar god-kvo0 to Sun 4 j0 Al Welcome. Mother s for Mother s Day service sunday school morning worship youth services 9 45 . 10 45 . 6 30 . 7 30 . This w ill be Rev. Amp mrs Paul Savages first sunday with the congregation at Highland and we would like to cordially invite you to ment our new pastor. Rev Savage accepted a Call to pastor at Highland after serving As pastor at Seminole okla., for ll1 it years. Highland Assembly of god Church 201 Valencia . Paul Savage pastor

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