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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 4

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Albuquerque, New Mexico Al Burlle a journal it mtr Mckay up Motr. I j 2ft j , n j in a car Elj. A Muir in Chi an Independent Hrics paper published at seventh St. And Silver ave so. Albuquerque new Mexico by the journal publishing co Robert a. Brown editor John Mcmillan executive i editor wrangling end Iii convicts to cd help Hrom Hospital the first step a-4 50 years of airmail tile Post office department will Issue next wednesday May to a new a cont stamp honouring 50 years of continuous airmail flying. The first airmail route from Pasco wash., to Elko nev., actually started two years earlier but was subject to interruptions hence is officially ignored. Rill Ilar Barth a 67-year-old survivor of Early Day mail flying set out from san Francisco in a salvaged biplane to retrace tin original transcontinental route. To make sure he reached Washington in time for the May 15 ceremonies a companion followed in a pickup truck carrying a spare world War i Vintage Liberty engine. Tile precaution seemed sensible in View of airmail s actual birth. On the Potomac Park Polo grounds before president Wilson and other dignitaries on May it1918, a Young army air service Pilot loaded a bag of mail into his Curtis Jenny and promptly flow off in the wrong direction. The Mission quickly came to an end in a Maryland co pasture. Pilot lieutenant George l. Boyle landed his Flimsy biplane upside Down but emerged unseat shed. In keeping with postal tradition tile mail had to go through. So the next Day Boyless bag of mail was placed aboard another army plane and carried safely to the Belmont Park race track on i Ong Island the original destination. Thus Washington new York airmail service was established on a regularly scheduled basis. Some folks today viewing the loss than offi Rient service sometimes wonder if the Post office is still following the Boyle tradition. Generous offer the offer of mrs. A. N. Spencer of Carrizozo to help the state out of a financial problem is a most generous one. Mrs. Spencer a member of the Hoard of the state boys school at Springer has offered to buy $100,. Too Worth of state tax Severance tax Bonds at an interest rate of 4 per cent the maximum allowed by Law. These in ads were authorized by the 1968 legislature to finance construction of a vocational and technical training facility at the school. The state expected considerable difficulty in Selling the Bonds since the Law prescribed interest rate is considerably below that prevailing on the Bond Market. The state finance Board now plans to offer the Bonds for Public Sale at which mrs. Spencer is expected to be the Only bidder. In addition to her offer mrs. Spencer also plans to finance the construction of an interdenominational Chapel at the boys school. New Mexico can be proud of a Public spirited citizen such As mrs. Spencer. Those pain killing drugs the big hassle Over the alleged doping of Kentucky Derby Winner dancers image Points up something the nation ignores with Regnal my. This is the widespread practice of administering drugs to act As pain killers to animal and human athletes with disabling or painful injuries. The danger in this practice is that it is possible an athlete can further aggravate the injury while rendered oblivious to pain by the drugs. A ase in Point is St Louis la r Dinal Pitcher Bob Gibson who returned to the Mound after receiving a drug Only to find out later he had a broken leg. Luckily Gibson did not seriously Hurt himself but he could have. A More historic and tragic Case occurred in Nebraska a few years ago when a Star football player w Ith a chronic shoulder separation was administered painkiller and had a pin inserted in the so odder before each game. The pin was removed after the game tins lad eventually ruined his shoo Der missed a Chance for a professional baseball career a he was equally adept in that sport and suffered agonizing pain just so his coach could have a winning team. The questionable part of this practice is whether the administering of pain killers to athletes or horses is Worth the risk of permanently damaging the Man or animal. Saturday. May la 1968 by John Mcmillion time for living some hobbies can be turned into paid jobs by Rogers Franklin retirement Counselor Over the years in be been returning to the question of a second career based on existing abilities. In other words taking a Hobby or avocation Ami turning it into a real Money making Job. Suppose you be always been interested in. Say baking or gardening Well when you retire you begin to sell pies or accept landscaping assignments a lot of readers have found this a feasible transition. Others Tell me they be run into a hitch. That a my subject just now. To hitch is this. It sounds Fine to talk of shifting from Amateur to professional in a Field that interests you. But suppose the word a a Amateur Means just that. Suppose you re not. Good enough to set up As an expert no matter How much enthusiasm you have. Then what a the answer some of my correspondents answer the question As quickly As they ask it. They say plainly that the thing to do is to give up the idea of transforming a Hobby into a profession. Admit you done to have what it takes and try something else. I can to do much for these cases except suggest other lines of work. Which after All is a perfectly sound plan. Why not get a Job As a Saleslady and keep on baking pies for fun still there a another class if amateurs who surrender too easily. They re the ones who have the potential minus the polish. They be played at a Hobby without Ever a cry acting it using Only part of their ability and letting the rest lie dormant. The answer Here is obviously education. These individuals simply need professional training to become professionals themselves. Nowadays that Kino of training should t be hard to come by. If you live in the country you May find that a correspondence course fills the Bill. If you re in or near a City you can almost certainly find regular courses in your Field. The states Are going in for this kind of adult education in a big Way. New York state is among the leaders and in a taking an illustration from a Booklet put out by the state education department called a that extra Dollar in later life this publication notes that the individual student needs a Basic self analysis when he decides to turn a Hobby into a profession. To return to the examples i mentioned above its not enough that you like to bake or to Garden. You be got to get Down to specifics before your existing skills can be directed into a definite and profitable Channel. For instance the new York Booklet mentions an analytical approach to gardening in the following terms a if you have a a Green thumb can you grow House plants grow bulbs grow annuals perennials Nursery Stock grow Cut Flowers for local florists undertakers Etc ? grew herbs make Corsage care for cemetery lots including planting7 place and care for Countryside gardens a As you can see gardening covers a multitude of Virtues. It s Clear that one fundamental ability a skill with plants a runs through them All. Ifs also Clear that additional skills Are required in one Field that might not apply in another. Tiff same kind of breakdown is helpful in virtually any Field you can name. Baking unless you re a one woman factory you la have to concentrate on one of the Many facets of the Craft. You certainly can to do everything a bakery does. The purpose of such it Elf analysis is to keep the individual from Riding off in All directions at once. He can find where his Talent lies. And guide bus educational courses toward his strongest Points. Of course a bit of experimentation often helps. I could go into cases of senior citizens who discovered unsuspected gifts is themselves simply through exposure to novelties. But that a another Story a another column the country Parson the Way Johnson is defending the Dollar one would almost think it. Could vote a Russell karts daily news a i Brist said wed have the poor with us Aida so but he did no to say the a after Long years of wrangling it appears something is finally going to be done for a handful of people who have been caged at the new Mexico state Penitentiary a some for Many years a despite the fact they Are mentally ill. Tie executive director of the combined hospitals Board George Bryan announced this week plans for construction of a maximum Security facility at the new Mexico state Hospital at Las vegas. The subject of these prisoners has Long been a Bone of Contention Between prison officials and Hospital officials. The late Harold Cox Warden of the Penitentiary until the time of his death in 1966. Fought bitterly with former state Hospital superintendent or. Dan Palmer Over the matter. Cox contended the prisoners did not belong at the state Penitentiary Palmer contended it would be unsafe to House them at the Hospital. Cox left Little doubt that he considered the Hospital officials nervous nellies in their apprehensions but Palmer mustered some Good arguments showing just How unsecured the so called maximum Security Ward at the Hospital was then. And it was unsecured having no Limiter fencing and being readily accessible to the Street in front of the Hospital what has happened to solve the impasse is that the new prison Warden j. E. Baker did what should have been done Long ago. He went Down to the Hospital looked the place Over and then submitted to Bryan some constructive ideas including a detailed outline on How to build a maximum Security facility at the Hospital. Warden Baker submitted All this to Bryan who in turn has passed it along to an architect. Baker and Bryan therefore have apparently solved the problem by Mutual cooperation and thus have complied with a request from gov. David of cargo a request asking they work toward solving the problem what Baker found at the state Hospital was a building a made to order for renovation into a maximum Security Ward. The building the old children s Ward on the extreme northeastern end of the Hospital Complex is relatively isolated from the remainder of the Hospital. Baker proposed building a 12 foot High Woven wire Fence topped by three strands of barbed wire around the entire building. The Fence would have no Gate to the outside the Only Entrance to the Complex would be through a Corner of the building extending out of the Fence. The building itself would a so remodeler As to make the Only Entrance or exit through the administrative portion. Tvs portion would be divided from the patient rooms by a Sally port like the ones separating various areas of the mate Penitentiary. There would be an attendants area within the patient area with a Security door through the attendant s area. Leading into the fenced Yard. Two Day rooms would be on either Side of the attendants area and there would be observation windows into both. Patients rooms would be within the building and some of tin be could be in the nature of cells to House difficult patients. However construction of a maximum Security facility at Las vegas won t mean a thing unless the Hospital trains its staff to handle the patients to be housed there As Baker said in a letter to Bryan a Iron bars do not a prison make. Baker has offered to let some of his men train the Hospital staff. Byker also discussed in his letter to Bryan what he considers two major stumbling blocks that have been in the path of efficient and effective care and treatment of the mentally ill offender in new Mexico. He said in part a a. Among state Hospital personnel there probably has been the concept of the prisoner As a hardened vicious person at the very Best interested in and intent Only on violence and escape when to this picture is added the Label a criminally insane there emerges a raging animal requiring the utmost in physical control a the truth of the matter is of course that the a criminally insane offender is simply a mentally ill human being who happens to in serving a sentence to confinement lbs mental illness May be of a classification quite common to the population of the state Hospital. A another truth is that prison inmates As a class of persons under care Are no More prone to escape than Are mental patients. The second stumbling Block according to Baker has been a on the other hand prison employees Many times have rather medieval concepts of the mentally in person and overreact to his presence by fear and a tightening of Security measures. A we make efforts through staff development programs to modify this misconception but a prison is not a mental Hospital. It cannot be geared to the handling of the mentally nation s press going to pot of seems that americans in Genera take wretched care of themselves l Eft to our own devices we americans v variously tend to go to pot or to Psi cigarettes poor driving habits and poor eating habits plenty of food a round mind you but not enough collards turnips lettuce Mustard greens oranges and apples to Kelt one sound As a Dollar used to be a new Orleans states Itera syrnic in Washington insight our Paris group can take it by Joseph Kraft Washington the a it cent wave of attacks in Vietnam is an Earnest that the other Side is going to be Tough in the diplomatic talks in Paris. But the delegation being sent there by the United states is an Earnest that its Leader ambassador a v e r e 11 Harriman can take the pressure. For in the process of putting the delegation together Harriman has once gain shown himself to be even at age 76, a very rough customer. He has emerged from the bureaucratic Cross fire with a Crew that assures him easy management in Paris and maximum leverage Here in Washington. For openers consider the size of the delegation. Harriman did not want to have to put in a lot of time coordinating matters among dozens of extra hands in Paris. He wanted a lean delegation. Agencies and arms of government All Over town however wanted a piece of the action. There were demands from the Congress the Pentagon and the various offices of the state department for a place on the delegation. Against these Harriman held firm. He goes off with one of the smallest delegations this country has sent abroad in years a five principal figures carefully selected to represent or neutralize the major forces in Washington. Of the Washington forces the most important by far is Lyndon Johnson. The president intends to control the Paris negotiations very tightly. It is expected that he will be making personally even the detailed decisions when it comes to presidents. Harriman is loyalty in person. But having Long let Een sceptical about the possibilities of winning a military Victory in Vietnam he has not at All times had the perfect Confidence of the White House. Which is whore Harriman chief associate in the delegation former Deputy Secretary of defense Cyrus Vance enters the picture. Vance has been working with the president Ever since he did service As a counsel to a Senate committee More than a decade ago. He has recently been the presidents special representative in averting a blow up in Cyprus. And then in the handling of the riots that broke out in Washington after the assassination of or. Martin Luther King moreover As a member of a special advisory committee to the president on Vietnam Vance along with former Secretary of state Dean Acheson and former White House aide Mcgeorge Bundy has come to doubt the Efficacy of the military Effort in Vietnam thus Vance is in Basic Harmony with Harriman while enjoying enormous clout with Tho president. And it is possible that he will be shuttling Back and Forth Between Paris and Washington As the talks draw on. Vance a entree at the White House inevitably Calls into question the role of the presidents special assistant for National Security affairs. Walt w. Rostow. Not a few High officials believe that bestow a consistent proponent of More intense military pressure is prepared to snipe at the talks and the officials conducting them. And to curb that threat a place on the delegation has been found for a Rostow staff Man William Jorden. Besides the White House two other Washington forces had to be represented. There was the regular d i i somatic establishment heading up in Secretary of state Dean Rusk. Rusks Man is Philip Habib. A foreign service officer with a deep knowledge of Vietnam and of the limitations of purely military pressures. Lastly there is the military interest heading up in the joint chiefs of staff. Their Man on the delegation is la. Gen. Andrew Goodpaster. As a former staff director to the joint chiefs Goodpaster has the Confidence of the military services. To be sure the character of the delegation has Only a secondary hearing on do course of the negotiations. The decisive Factor is going to be the attitude of the other Side. But if the other Side is serious the Harriman delegation is not going to lie an obstacle. For perhaps the first time in the Long history of diplomatic soundings on Vietnam the United states is truly putting its Best foot Forward. Jold events 20 years ago a Senate House conference committee Bas approved $822 million to establish a Modem 70 group air Force. I Calls for 6800 Active combat planes w Ith 8100 in storage. Santa be reports that irs persons have filed for Public office nominations to be voted on in the primary elections next month. A Forest fire which destroyed an estimated 1500 acres of Timber in the Gallinas mountains has been brought under control. It was located in red Cloud Canyon in the Cibola National Forest to Miles Southwest of Corona. The nationwide rail strike has been called off. By Federal injunctions granting the government authority to take them Over. It is the fourth time in 30 years the government has taken the Industry Over 50 years ago the City commission is calling for bids for the feeding of City prisoners for performing the work of janitor in All the City departments except the fire Dep which include care of the Furnace and for performing the work of City Jailer. Bids must he accompanied with a $10 certified Check by May 22. Date of the contract will to from May 22 to dec. 31, 1918. The 1918 Chautauqua will open at 2 45 today with the ladies regimental orchestra appearing. It will be on a patriotic theme this year with speeches lectures films and skits promoting an Allied Victory. The state drainage convention committee Here has received Many inquiries from persons interested in joining the drive to Drain River lands clogged by water. You re telling me by Wilham Ritt an american Dairy is reported recruiting 25 britishers to deliver its products Over Here because of t h e britons Well known a cheerfulness and and they re bubbling Over with the milk of human kindness Hawaii a Robert m. Lee is probably the Island state s busiest Many he a executive Secretary of the state boards of Barbers boxing cosmetology collection agencies and private detectives. Wonder what he does in his spare time the portuguese Arn spending $3 million on a new Casino they Hope will attract u. A and British gamblers. They Are taking a Chance too its grand Pappy Jenkins who says the permanently stiff shirt can to be considered a recent invention Ainee he knows for a fact that lots of them have been sitting around exclusive menus dubs for years. The British Law commission i s recommending repeal of an act calling for the apprehension of persons guilty of Hie a horrid murder a of King Charles i who was executed in 1649 guess they be decided its a Little late to expect an arrest Washington merry go round Johnson reportedly agrees to wiretap by Drew Pearson and j Ogk Anderson Washington in order to get Senate aet Ion on his in of control Bill president Johnson has made a secret Deal with sen. John Mcclellan d a knot to veto the wiretap amendments. Senate conservatives also expect to shove Down the presidents Throat some amendments overturning the supreme courts controversial decisions on the rights of criminal suspects. Iii effect the amendments would Knock Cut the safeguards which the High court has up held in re out years and would virtually negate the authority of the Federal courts to review criminal cases. As chairman of the Senate criminal Laws and procedures subcommittee Mcclellan refused last year to process the crime control Bill unless the president would agree to legalizing Telephone taps this was made Plain by the dour Mcclellan at a private White House meeting with the president last fail lbs h press to feel strongly that people ought to in Able to talk on the Telephone w it bout govern of snoops listening in he uses the Telephone constantly himself Arri suspects his own wires Are tapped by inquisitive government agencies. He also is a great admirer of chief Justice Earl Warren who is a staunch defender o f constitutional freedoms. Rather than permit the vital crime measure to die however the president Ca led Mcclellan to tile White House recently and agreed to his terms lbs not Only pro Tisei not to veto the wiretap provisions but to persuade House judiciary chairman Emanuel Ceiler not to tie them up in the House. Once Mcclellan turned the crime Bill Loose however sen. Sam Ervin d-n.c., came to him with certain Ham stringing amendments. These were carefully worded to overrule the supreme court on the rights of citizens who Are arrested by the police. Ervin. An astute constitutional lawyer also phrased the amendments to forestall the supreme court from ruling on their constitutionality since it is questionable whether Ervin s Clever language can really prevent this Senate conservatives Are gambling on a switch of one vote on the closely divided court t o uphold the amendments. Fri Boss j. Edgar Hoover also sent his emissaries around to see Mcclellan about incorporating into the crime Bill so me additional clauses that would give the Fri a legislative monopoly Over police training. This is by the International Assn. Of chiefs of police which has complained that a he Chi m the past has discriminated against police who refuse to kowtow to Hoover the i act wants continued on a-5 try and Stop me by Bennett Cerf an irate husband fulminating Over a pile of unpaid a to Bills choked Over one in particular. A do you mean the Tell me a he hollered to his wife a that you paid that fan Park Avenue quack of yours Twenty five dollars just to paint your threat a a what did you expect a countered his wife haughtily. A wallpaper a in Marcia Davenport a Book of Remina fences a too Strong for fantasy she devotes a few words to Alexander Woollcott As ill mannered and snobbish a celebrity As Ever gushed into a microphone. A while i w As still at school recalls miss Davenport a i used to come it on Wanter afternoons to find my Mother Wool Mon. I was g Niche and timid and 1< of my age inc i dog bands on my t my Mother would Greet me lovingly end to Woolcott yet know my daughter Marcia. And t. Be Auer tune he Wou glance at me without recognition and say disaster p.,n t it if my Mother had realized How i Felt she would have Ordyn Hun out of the House instead of think my the brute funny. I Ota blk High Heel were invented by a woman who had been kiss. Only on the forehead a Christopher Morley the politician $ promises of yesterday Are the hexes of Toda a Mackenzie King. D w h an to playing Hack Garf h i very Dis Advant it g con e Tive up. Eta i

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