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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 1

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Albuquerque, New Mexico Today smile Braoo cult a it a Pim Itu t to or Nch Arft a land Tigar a popular Dodge by traffic can cd brr mar get run nowhere aft a the Polit in Troal car Paito Raache lit up a fir Hundred Pollee Ara Lateen i a Tod Litif engl Tab and la future it will Pat a nil Skoly for a apr Rinc motor or i la a topped and that Long. And Quot where a la fir Roar a Aib Kinal Good morning to to a Hart decided on the of filial language. Far the Carlo proc talk. But Tim one a raid tar Olin Abow Talbin Lurker 88th year a 35� nor bar ii saturday morning May la 1968 40 pages in four sections a a a a Price 7cpreliminary peace talks open monday six die in Texas rainstorms 0 negotiators i rapped Houston hit hard tornadoes sighted Dallas up a Texas counted six deaths Many closed roads a train derailment and washed out Bridges Friday from turbulent weather that brought up to a foot of rain and tornadoes by the dozen. Flash flooding thursday and Friday temporarily crippled at least five cities and the excess water sent Manv creeks and Rivers out of their Banks. Quot the funnel Clouds did Little damage and not All of them reached the ground. But they set off almost constant warnings from the weather Bureau. A new upper air disturbance. Meanwhile crossed the Southern Rockies and bore Down on West Texas bringing the threat of More severe weather. Amigos find Gay Welcome in Alabama in Saigon report a Good atmosphere Saigon Dpi a american troops fought stir let Tost reel against hundreds of. To rapt de Viet Cong in Saigon today. . Forces near the demilitarized zone killed at least ill to non h vietnamese believed trying the Accord broke through a potential Barrier of to overlain South Vietnam a i technical problems and raised Hopes of . Officials two northernmost Provin that serious negotiations on ending the War in South it s. Oast Asia May lie come possible. Paris b negotiators for the United states and North Vietnam meeting in what both sides called a Good atmosphere agreed Friday to open preliminary peace talks monday morning. He 1pment explained spa radiation measuring equipment is explained to air Force weapons Laboratory Secretary Shirley Heilman by Glenn Ainsworth lab tech dying in floods or from other weather related causes were by Bob Brown Hubert i. Neighbors 46, of of the. Journal staff Lubbock drowned when his car a Lilu Ala _ Tow Ami of was swept away at Midland. Of new Mexico hit True Southern Debbie Doughty 14, and a hospitality Here Friday receive fad Galvan Iii 17, pinned a against sewer grating and drowned at Corpus Christi. extended to them in their week Long Cross country tour. Robert r. Van Din. 38. Killed in a Highway Accident in it All started when they Eastern Texas during a heavy dimpled from their chartered Rauis air plane to the strains of a High mrs. Made Bailey 65, of school band and Hie smiles of Quanah killed in a traffic a More than 2<> Southern Belles i Dent in a heavy rain at i hissed in picture hats and Cha Falls. Crinoline gowns. It ended Fri Day evening with a Luau at the Virginia Turner. 19. Killed in Isle of Dauphine country club a collision on a ram Slick Street within sight of the Gulf of Lubbock. Opportunity unlimited in Between was crammed or 111 a Holston had a cloudburst a tour of the Sibr National that brought two inches of ram paper company a giant Mill or. In 45 minutes about noon the City a Northern Edge a flooding police headquarter. A luncheon where Amigo leaders number of streets and in and officials of Mobile vied with de passes were flooded. Two one another in exchanging funnel Clouds were sighted but courteous compliments and an did not reach the ground. Afternoon of Golf for some and a Tornado touched Down at is ssh Rockport near Corpus no Ylst pm Mobile boy for others. On the Gulf of Mexico coast the Young ladies were High taking the roofs off three school seniors chosen As Azalea Cabanas numerous tornadoes Trail maids earlier in the were sighted around Corpus Spring for the City a official Christl but caused 11� h to Way their Etapa sent Mutton. Here today mine Rescue is delayed once again another session on arrangements will be held today sat 10 30 am. By ambassador Cyrus r. Vance Deputy chief of the u. A delegation and cot. A Van Lau no. 2 Man of the North vietnamese group. An v in e r i c a n commander said the communists were a still trying to get into Saigon Quot despite a seven Dav Allied pounding in which nearly 3500 North vietnamese and Viet Cong have died j vietnamese Security j sources told up the North vietnamese had been pouring i men and supplies into the northernmost Quang Tri and thua Thien provinces and apparently were out to assault them in major attempts. Us. Jeu and hell Pipier. Trapped since monday in a to saturday and slammed tons of bombs and flooded Coal mine was delayed third session on pro napalm on positions of the 400 to again Friday night by water in Medure would not be needed. Been Hernine a passageway. Be predicted North both Vance and Lau made Clear after fridays session that the agreement on mondays meeting is firm a North vietnamese Hominy Falls w. A. Spokesman said later h e the Rescue of 15 of 25 men believed the few procedural j questions left to be decided Loo Vav rugged lass jul Bridge Cong who have holding out for four South of Saigon a v officials who had question settled the vietnamese spoils Man a communist mortar Neu estimate to a sometime the men would be out by to Saki was that of tongues. He pm. Edt revised their staid English and vietnamese Niriana. The equipment w ill be displayed by Kirtland air Force base during the City s first Job information fair opening today at the canc auditorium. Shed terminal Midnight after would he the official language of the talks and that statements. By both sides would be translated into French tile conferences working language. �?T68 Job fair opens today Hospital unit tells doubts on breakup burst outside a bus near Saigon a crowded Central marketplace Early today killing the 15 have Boon lit least four civilians and Rescue for five Days. The other wounding seven. To men Are presumed dead. Tok Vilt con a Lono water ruled trough a Trie flirt his Dot alb holed up in fortified Cement separates the 15 men from the a. Jan a is bloc houses just oath o f dry passageway and Freedom. That Nothen it further he heavy0 counter fre As american pm Quot Quot the. Pump. Hts Ani said of we agreed with a and helicopter unloaded a a thu Agre. A ment he said was their deadly cargoes a friends waited a Tough Fife the Good atmosphere new . Army Ahi cobra King that prevailed helicopter was shot Down but p its two crewmen were not Hurt Federal mine inspectors went the Allied report said the new i in t Ochee its left it Johnson received a full report Saigon area fighting brought to �?oj8. Rescue Crews on the session from Vance Tom 3300 the number of communists. Would Johnson assistant White House killed in the la province area crawl a few lndmi7eet to a a Quot secretory said the pro is the White House in Washington said president a a rec be diplomatic team As the talks continue. Continued on a it the combined hospitals around the capital since the conveyor _ Lien re j0 the continue Board met for the last time Viet Cong attacks started Sun reports from h s Here Friday still expressing Day. . Officials said about 20 continued on a-2 thousands Are expected to attend new Mexico a first debt Abo Moa of the Board is enemy were killed for Ever Job information fair�?opportunity�?�?T68�?in a quest aise Allied Battle death. The Board gives Way next the Saga of civilian misery authorities said 92 aide reviews food stamp use in state gardens land sunday. Thursday to the state dept of deepened. A in. No a i hospitals and institutions a South vietnamese men women the Amigos found Mobile a 1 he Lair will be held in iv1< a 1 of Hje department in ated by the i960 Ami children were known to seaport City of 330,000, retaining have 62 exhibitors from the private Sec Tor and from legislature to administer eight have a distinctive blend of historic governmental agencies to explain available Job As state hospitals Charm but also typical of the Well As training and skills weeded for jobs. Growing Power of the new South in Trade and Industry. I additionally other groups and _. A1 agencies Public and private for instance they were taken on a Quick drive through the City a new $15 million formation auditorium and theater Corn Wall be on hand to Supply in on Linurd on a it the fair sponsored by new Mexico industries and operation ser service employment and redevelopment a will run from to a m. To 9 p a today and from to Winter grips part of state the new department will be headed by a Secretary who serves at the discretion of the governor. Were known to been killed and 2411 continued on a-7 visitor 34, Stab victim by Bill Huwe journal state editor Taos John a Baker Assis $179 million for Korea Tant Secretary of agriculture flew into Taos Friday and Seoul up a the United visited food stamp receiving states and South Korea Friday a a families from Tao. Pueblo to Ltd an agreement giving $179 in to no Public. Rancho de Taos. Mullion us to the asian nation including wheat Cotton and a i have come to new Mexico tallow under the a food for a i know we re beaded for a Cabinet system of government a j Saki Board chairman or. Louis Levin. A but i Don t think new Mexico is politically mature Winter continued its grip on enough to go this portions of new Mexico Friday or Levin and other Board As red River recorded a four members expressed fear the journal Index around new Mexico but Bridge d-7 business in new Mexico cons a Tucson ariz., visitor to Albuquerque got a cold Resep the Tion Here Friday night when two and 4 Young unknown males stabbed Hun three tunes in the lower Hack As lie stood on by downtown Central ave. Mondays meeting will bring together ambassador w pc re 11 Harriman president Johnson top negotiator and president to Chi minho a special envoy for the talks Xuan Thuy. The l iday in Irig tonic place in the International conference Center. Session lasted an hour minutes. When it was continued on a-2 classified it omits crossword Puzzle daily record dear Abby to 5 pm. Sunday. It is Maurice Miera o n a 11 in a chairman of the new Mexico to review the problems and peace agreement a direct $30.employment Sac u r i to co potentials of the states fanning million Grant and $66 million to Mission and now with the us stat Whir tit Inch snowfall and Chama department Secretary w o u i d editorials shivered under a mixed rain and Snow storm. 1 thundershowers were evident across other portions of the change with every change in governors. A i think the legislature continued on a-7 tile and Small town communities support the korean military and to discover How dept budget of agriculture programs and those of other Federal and state agencies can he Marie moren/7 i n i useful of Rural people. Biker commander i lakes mine said. Continued on a-6 financial movie obituaries religion sport today Calendar to log previews weather table woman a world c-7-if4 d-7 d-7 b-5 h 2 a c -4-ft. B-ft-7. Dot As cd a a-2 a la c-4 Hil the Man 34-year-old Antonio j it i. I j 1 offt pc a Arso Oett was Par tis la is is / i i la i i Liu new school in Espanola Carson paralysed from the Waist Down after the Aksania Ntah k n i in o Vered nerves. High on bakery a new Mexico a rarity is an o n -1 h e s p o t assessment of the Progre a of the departments food stamp program. The program an experimental one seeks to replace the distribution of surplus commodities with the Sale of s amps acceptable As Money Purchase Price of the Stamps i continued on a-7 Albuquerque weather Noyde a court martial sentence is upheld moisture Parade with 61 Hundredth. Of an Tach. Other rain f Falls included .55 at of a Hama .49 in / Illi Lilu at Raton and .12 in usually dry Carlsbad. Alin \ Anderson opposes plan the Young Cotton crop in that a1 i in act i Vilu h Lovington Ai a was damaged thursday evening when a heavy two Inch area. Quot i was standing in front of vips 212 a Central when these two Rotten Punk. Came a and asked me for a cig Aret the Man told police a am Bolus attendants placed Atta from a a a lunar in it at it wound at. La Lay a Hinksm on a Stretcher at the. Corner of was11n,-it,1na x continued on 4-7 ant for a vocational so ool at a a _ _. Espanola was approved this wee Devi it i stud the k it a in 11 0 n o m in traction. R a 550# debated by rainfall Sii Akki Al i of i Koi i Ertler Cloudy try. Stirk run or or i apr ii. To try a Day Hilb Ltd i lilt 42 a a mum \ rid n. A a turf vhf. Be Qung 9 nit cooler Eitt t ea�4 is to so or Tor go m to aft no. Ami a 11 i St i r v. M a is. A a t p. F ref to Widen Toni a Sill aum Arti u-5 Lough a i ii to is additional weather c 6 combined from journal wires Waco Tex. A the commander of the 12th air Force Friday upheld a guilty verdict by a Cannon air fore base \ m court martial in the Case of capt. Dale e Noyd a protestor to the Vietnam War. Noyd was charged with wilfully disobeying an order to train Vietnam bound lighter pilots. He was sentenced to one Yea r s confinement. Was dismissed from the air Force and was stripped of All pay and allowances. The sentence was automatically subject to review by a j. Gen. Charles r. Bond jr., commander of the i2tb air Force. Bond in a statement released from his Headquarters ordered Noyd to begin serving his one year confinement at the us disciplinary Barracks at fort Leavenworth Kan Noyd has been held at Cannon of b since his court martial Noyd. Contacted a Cannon fab in Clovis fetid he was disappointed of course but continued on a-6 la Mesa up x 41-year the cd Dona Ana county Man was killed in a one car crash near Here an no 28 Early ii. Lay i county agent Jim g list rapt _ ,. Said flooding rain and Hail wus Davit do ged Young Cotton plants Martinet Van Kuei of Mesquite and about 50 per Cern of the crop May have to be replanted there also was minor damage to Alfalfa. House group adopts Blue Lake measure a Mel in the 0 traffic deaths High temperatures brought Ai slight warming trend in the i Northeast but it was cooler Over the Southeast and in most of the Western portion. City 1967 left since Jan. I 7 it in Vii May i Ltd state since Jan. I Jia 113 in Aii May 34 it highs Friday ranged from 79 a at Deming to 46 at red r or state Poi. E said Albuquerque a nigh was 67 As a lost control of his Light Shower left .01 Inch at the half mile from la support. Crashed after a the Highway. Early morning lows ranged from 33 at Chama to 58 a Vasque Carlsbad Albuquerque s lows vehicle a in apparently car about orc Mesa and it in / j a Toad by Pai l r. Wieck of the Jour Alft Washington Bureau Washington a somewhat modified Venion of the a Blue i Ake Bill sought by Taos Pueblo was reported out of tie House Indian Affa is committee on voice vote Friday morning following a Iona Appeal by tribal to. That the Senate will accept it inasmuch As sen. Clinton p. Andron dam has introduced a Bill which is similar to the counter proposal made by the Forest service at tuesdays hearing. Mrs s to tie off red to High Soma i students and graduate adults and a Hoe i dropouts t n e i u d e nursing electronics machine shop in e c h a n i c a i drawing welding and Shet Metal we k. All four Mem it Elf of the new mex in Eda pass it a do i w bout approval the foil Ca so Natl s e n Anderson s us Toul that Brough a do or As thrown from the it Over t ii not i he were 43 in the Heigh s and 44 in suffered severe head injuries the Valley. And died at the scene. It now go s to the full House int nor committee whore its chances Aie considered excellent however if it passes the House there is no guarantee St a Anderson Saai Friday afternoon he does t think the Senate will act favourably in the Bill As reported out by the House subcommittee earlier continued on a la mrs. Eisenhower leaves san Bern Ardino Calif. Mrs Dwight d Eisenhower Eft by train for Gettysburg a Friday As the former provident continued to recover from a recent he Art attack

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