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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 1

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Albuquerque, New Mexico Today smile i Troj. i a mat i by our hit. A tone Al thai a a a Iglus 31 Pound Aud , on or unusual dial of in Han onions Bort Crapo a and. Of. Mrs a Moo Good morning Vipar Ruhr tho on unit an Rnic think an cure the court iry a Tain with Ca Tro of 85th year i Soma paid at a unique rut. I at a-it1ltlcn.il trailing offices saturday morning May i 1965 put tally and sunday at 701 Allvar Vav a m <0c weekly ice sunday Era 48 pages in four sections a a a Price 7 c cease fire signed in dominican revolt Juja Navy planes get con tin Figol t smash Viet Long a Mississippi Crest at Law Day program Here surges toward attorneys urged to freely surges toward attorneys urged to treely smash let Long f Dup j submerged town support . Supreme court military depots Iti Battle Oti a Cpl Tel m a Ait a t or a Hinr i nor role a i Gulfport. 111., among River communities facing More woes album a to id hero a speak f Trio u. I when it by the associated in Rev Roods on tho Mississippi rive r Doms go Crest Friday swelled toward by Burlington. Iowa. And the up. Aku already submerged town of Gram at Gulfport Iii., on its record flood rampage which timoted be bet m two big targets left in ruins in n. Viet Nam aft. Were club state supreme court w e sit by doing nothing while humid Justice Irwin Moise also said rights guaranteed to All men it of a Only by seeing that the care being Tut liberties of every a second speaker in other citizen Are respect t e d Thomas Ahern president of -, j a. I Nur own tho Albu Nuerup bar Assn Saigon. V let Nam Lri compiled from journal wires i Ali net he1 a invaded. H e spoke of the a a Magnifico e n to a striking through a hazy Santo Domingo dominican Republic a cease fire was reached late i rid a bedded a we cannot be com United states supreme court sky u. S. Navy planes night in the dominican republics bloody seven Day old civil War. Sporadic Nunt. A 1 bombs and rockets ing continued after the agreement however and the rebels admitted they dict not Poy pro p a off in. I t in the knowledge that and declared that its Deci rained Day our Freedom guaranteed if Sions have made Law Day a on two major North Viet have Complete control Over their men. A significant and meaningful military depots Fri . Officials said signing of the agreement was completed at san Isidro do d caused an lion in Dan Buque. To bal. To. The Floo. Taming Hig on Walls a Dubuque. Port Iowa Moline and upstream. The rivet eight feet stages put left Hui g and Chat their Max mum town has a tags critical Purll the a Parer downstream w across the in Madison Low. Supervisor k to Miler do Lionni la scientific Complex a May never be,9 says rep. Morris m will k of a it a journal Washington Bureau Opimo ans in proposed $280 million scientific supreme court. Lie atomic Energy commission taking note of this. Justi n if it by Pai i was it0 Complex Ach predicate dents endorser commit t Point Day. It i. Ill. A i Don fort authorize town May Nevi Day Small of franc a few minutes later. Dial. Judge John Mcmanus said a i took some Small offence to or. Aherns description of the High court and added. Quot i have several other words and they Are not in the a in e cat he did not elaborate. But there has been considerable criticism both by laymen and attorneys of of f t Mon in a. St Sllitti tile atomic Energy commission taking note of this Justice i a theory and has yet to win the Moise said. A i do not mean Jinni Senate House atomic Energy that we should not criticize Morris said Fri the supreme court or an court when it Falls into error. A a a or even when it honestly Felt that its constitutional or Legal decrees Are not Well founded in Law. The Constitution guarantees this right to disagree and to criticize and we should exercise 1 t freely nut intelligently suggestion then he added a what i am suggesting that a lawyers and citizens you Are Day. Spokesmen said both were smashed with secondary explosions in one Case adding to the toll. Targets were the Thien Linh Dong army Supply depot. 75 Milos South of Hanoi and the Phu qui ammunition depot 45 Miles farther South. Briefing officers said the raiders destroyed 19 buildings. Damaged 13. Knocked out four Railroad Box cars and blew up a Petroleum storage tank. Bomb loads totalled 62 tons added rut. K Tome delegation ready to offer dec 3000 acres jul i Cher thai Ord of j in re today High group the it re St Quincy turning revision Ward Friday at 22 5 f Cyl a 45.000 reside snug in i Stream. Farmland flooded just to the Nurmi of Quincy Howe wat up cad Tiei of Farmland and i. Ii a i from the journal. It a be Bureau Santa few the Progres-1 ideas of sue committee of Tome land cernin8 and development co. In a position where you can straighten out the mistaken Many laymen con the constitutional basis of a particular decision met which May have come in for in ill the c Arm Crha be ooh sent 57 planes sky i aiders and sky Hawks into t w o strike again t the Phil qui depot. Both w cd e re flirted1 Mark d by i it arts Sugg of Ting hits i in stored munition de auction of the to Lien Linh d my in pot was t he an sign Lei id of i 55 j Lianes f the t a i tier m Sti i a i at tack w ,.s one of the it do Ine t Ever mde to i i Moi n 1 i h e ii. La a ampule go i Tun e ii eel feb the Cli i was a raid april i a i on a riot or bldg ,. A Duong Phuonh i. 65 mile i Olin on Der Eon tor Meson fat to. A in of sunday said h it to con the a a project Bevy i Bird Quin were Uff wed he i 200-be Aroun comp a hum with Tate officials Friday on criticism of which there have was she a a Airm offer to give 3000-Beea quite a few in recent Lun t Faire on Tome Lam Grant a ars. I he said that while he Hajn Valencia county 20 Miles it Outh of Albuquerque to the atomic Energy commission to or a $280 million for $40,000 of to Chi Minh communist capital. All plane Linum spokesmen said ground fire and All planes re continued on a la till Malmi omm Odate t Rater Alit a. Underage int blood a me by Depths of in to feet. By Cess to it major n m a get i to i Iii i i r to who Kris position Santa Fyk ii efforts nil in it cd. A a Ihu the scientific a8 a night by Cater nut ear c Complex. A a u. S. Sen. Clinton p. An i r a Tina arson a Friday in Washington that new Mexico had not tried to get the big Complex because efforts were concentrated on a proposed $55 million Meson factory at to Alamos Claude , sen Andersn % administrative assist Agen key Martin Paskind by phone to Channel All pro a Holiday inn where the i of Saigon a u. S supported vietnamese drive against the Viet Cong in the swamp of Kien Hoa prov on Linurd on a la License de a p up a cud nations set Thant Fri urn Onstrom a states in i of the Dom or nations tested to general Ida Tiiu de the r new postal and information on the adj closed for Lack million nuclear Complex a la cent Friday Par the Lei son h ice chased a retailers License to Thant off Lull precut la rated it 52io Lomas be of b., i Dan m de Baca 4 Hatrman $40 quo Cash. Tabu., did f the Rome land an a Ujj Transfer i approved Carity minivan military base near Here. Dominican radios were announcing tho agreement but it was taking tune for the word to reach All rebel forces in various parts cd the City Otic vials said. Ito cease fire was signed by the dominican army Navy and air Force the dominican Rod Cross the papal Nuncio by the commander of u. S. Forces in the country and by some rebel representatives including a it col. Camano Deno. It was also signed by the pro party of exiled former president Juan i Bosch. In Roic difficult officials said that because of the general disorder which in eluded roving bands of rebels it was proving difficult to bring the fighting to a Complete halt. I . Ambassador w. Tapley Bennett announced that the j military Junta and the rebels i had agreed to submit their dispute to arbitration by an organization of american states Oas commission. The cease fire guarantees i the personal safety of combatants on both sides including prisoners and those in 1 Asylum in foreign embassies j Bennett said Bennett refused to predict which Side would eventually emerge the legitimate gov i eminent of the dominican re Public but he said the United states now considered the Junta the Only organized authority in the country. Significant signs president Johnson said in a to and radio address in Washington earlier Friday night that there were significant signs that people trained outside the dominican Republic Are seeking to gain control Over the rebel movement two . Marines were killed by bullets from rebel gun during Hitler fighting Friday. A dozen or More other i.-.1 in Meek be troops we r the first casualty by american fore they b e a a n ii Santo Domingo scene woman brandishes stick Santo Domingo Street crowd demonstrates in the dominican Republic. Two american marines were killed and Mort than a dozen other . Sen iceman were wounded in bitter fighting Friday. Chi telephoto Holiday inn . Aggression. A in by. Limo. Of . And Joff deaths dismissed d i t protests age Paul 1 a. Re in a dismayed. By United pre International Yves nose of involuntary Man the Jand no of . Armed fighting Brand air wounded suffered since id ing Here it in scat i uni Ruml t warming trend continues in state april bows out piment co committee office Ali and Dor presentation of the b a Ful ised Lite w to sen my aet tide Bill by sent in Anderson. A Irvey and top a ton and were Torres. Ai me do Chez Roh Ladi ror of tile he Lack of income closes City club to aul inure in \ 6 Hatch area fire under control if the officials agree to change the License from retailers lot package store to dispensers Lor bar operator designation tile big East end Motel can reopen its cocktail lounge since dropping an option to Purchase a t try bar License for $30, 000-Pius some month ago Holiday inn has been seeking a new liquor ii. Enst efforts to move a counts orca License into the City at a $30,-> 00-Piu of t to tile inn West thwarted when they hit a City Pulley against such transfers from outside town. Or. Finis a. Taylor h o but App Ropi 1 United n crisis a tile not Yare the net. Tin act Quot a of tile unit Riding marines to an Republic. It delivered to it it of e by cuban am charge of involuntary Man Alvarez Slaughter against i a. A 1� a h dominican re tired sectors of the City Dur a be Morris former Eddy county Council meeting on the assistant District attorney. Public Drew n an situation. Tackett confirmed Friday Friday in latin America. I on him to take that he granted motions nitration erupted in Chile cont a and Pana Quot too leftist St Caracas threw bottle la and lie ,. I huge to Call for a be Morris Lormer Earuy v it 0fficial criticism411 night in the eerie Light of Parachute flares. The rebels ostensibly fighting for in anti american student dem return to Power of Bosch i through the the Case a which stemmed an of t h e from the deaths of five Mem Wemm land Panama. The capital including the in to Ama fortress. To prevent the Bere of one family in a traffic trave results a a Accident june 22, 1963 a Andje d by Al dismissed the charge of a role Ben voluntary manslaughter while driving while intoxicated an cents of b . E in execution reported for Tai i in g. Lie an Tam to i the tile uned by a uban Moi re i attorn. Rya u n fore i min Tater Kau i Boa Nica i it Hobbs and Lam i said the oho it get tin a uban w Alk ins of Gal bad pet i move a w to Detour ii d i he to tried t he Toui t to allow to a fore that Wren id throw i the in ail to Mange ins plea to into i i me. Diary it the l inned a Chai Geti oui guilty to not net in this new Ani j inso idly. Lent a Gress Ion agon Isi t the g rant motion soc Greig qty i my i Depe in lie Nee tack to said Iii granted the of a foreign c int by. In lotion and Ain other who in suns of v a i t. U Mil 1 fell to survivors installed i Back ?1 were oppo or. Fired so poise the Cid hit . Embassy. Ten in Ca ots into the Ai demonstrators the great sea i had la in itch it a the by operates the in became of land management irate at the situation that Ion on i Lida inns my o p mors �?o1 Tjho it i led i letter idd Tien 1 eded journal Index go Dwa or Bacle a move realized with cynic a i a list insolence Friday brought under control dropped negotiations on land government of to 4 30-avre Brush fir e in the Las for two More ii Ubas mountains near Hatch. Albuquerque. John Gumnit District fire transferred control officer said mop up 7he Lomas be Licen a operations probably will con chased by the Holiday True today to a fire was Dif people was formally ? ult to control he said he feared to its present in action cause of rough terrain a n d Only this week said Robert to k of water Michael who with i brother tile fire to mile Southwest Raymond Michael owned the of Hatch was reported by a liquor ii erne. Ran her thursday he said state liquor dire. Tor Howard Babcock a played the License Transfer n inn t rails Mim of Man Vanden Force Hase air Force i Force la and by t u n i 1 in of i. \1 St ill la Berg lit liked the court to dismiss the Large against Morris. To. Kett said he sent the a Der to the District court Al k in ads Bud a Day 01 Tai Kelt ., said lie had to a commendation in the Ca til hanging of the Ere Wert Embi no e i Santiago polite arrested of the demonstrators and a the others with a Hose. Police moved fast i antiqued on 5 a executing capt non cents. It a said the up an execution Wall in in dependence Park next to the fortress and were lining up the Elf captives before firing squad in the style of the Castro revolution in Cuba the in the aim w 1 t h troops i prong i Dow Ntow West h in the regular launch vement area Fri r the Lier an Ai i saas pc d i mi1 Castro sister cites cuban Aid to Bosch Wens mend. Other recommendation or a Bud i Russ i Las. It in. S la ail Fri dear tic i Del i in. It of for in Taal Mal or i Tibb h of Aii Poueu to 4 6 i Iii Moi Lur i Mill i Pew Jim non it in d i r. In weather Boma a a a a lid ii la i la Ltd ii a d la in 9 b i a i d la f x % i % z a a i i % la All h 5 to i i Madrid f Barry Coldwater said Friday tile i. 8. Marin Are in Santo Domingo to sift guard american and also to keep Fidel Custis from getting an entry there la. Aid he approved president Johnson orders on this i v Eil a his recent actions a que que weather continued on a t Ruffi 11 in the Mississippi so silent Henry finally Speaks to Public to Titi to at 1 Kui it Vuu Imi i my Mivi a a a Ift Mcm Eil Urf Lay. ital Iii Lutava h a 7 Loti mph ii in i i he Cli. M Tami a a Atli Oddi Rioual rather rage it Clinton Tow a p m Lent Loeur a was t silent Friday. Two Iowa i Oise Ratton rim hdm of firer rowed out to see if he needed am groceries. Hie he Rah re lust who ruling out the record Mississippi it i \ e i flood on a raft tied to a Tref told them where to go. A get the hell out of Here he yelled a Don t bather apparently All tile pubic i lie Haie. Rived in t sit Loo Well with him etly Ting Titer. A Tell those Bud to quit Laking pictures of said Henry in a parting Salvo Henry lad name by the Way in Steele the River and die agents Are feuding out the name fit. Pc i did guilty nov Barge involving a amp the of five mein est Beroud Molina Aljy South of a who Bel rued to hear the my Nee judges Dis to i isel defer of and hulls for a Yea i \ j o him to pay $500 a a Hen last no pm ice continued the de a i Miami flu t fide o sister said Friday her Hoilier has i it e e n sending a rms and agents to the do 1 Unican Republic fat under heavy a Marine in i. A. Art in vied a in new court last a rehear ii in ruling from Pic Mexico Jan at lit Otic tin f. Mie in two pushed c Al Embi Gonzalez Manuel Western Alfonseca Hector Mission France and others mile a lies i an t re Mem in the d Cere Iii Guba train lion of t cuban program Haven of trait Santo Domingo fighting r Juan la Ca the marines wipe i a news conference 1 la a ii Juan Bosch took of 1963, fide i said he Bac to Light in Santo Donn lid mis Castro who de last june e then k Del has Heel in. I i v came joined Omin can g a to o nto the l East an i St tier. I comb it Rig. Gen san comes of t e fire dump of tanks ubi oys vehicles heavy fire it rom the Seaside or hotel at the of the c it. Its to secure a nine designated earlier by the organism i Teal states a Tutere from the at took i neck nit with Chine gun be of one attack took 4 out oiled on a t a ending arms Santo doming. Quite sure lie i 1 up his Aid to country. Now that Tito Al to hns Home troops to Belgrade. Yugoslav i i my i am it president tho and shipping wife returned Home Frida Icker from official visits to Elgeti and tin United Arab repulse i i %

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