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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1957, Page 1

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, Albuquerque, New Mexico Today a snide Dearborn Rich. Apr that to. O. William on a Handte Haking tour heard a Sharp Vole nay. Quot shut tip a then a spotted the Verbier and broke into a big laugh. It was a talking Mynah Bird. Williams a ram palming for democratic candidate in monday s election. Inal Good morning the c. S. Might help England More now by lending labor instead of capital 77th year volume 311 number m entered u second Elan matter Albuquerqu a. N. Al poet office under act of Congress 1879. Sunday morning March 31, 1957 published every morning too pages in seven sections Price 15c Burian bandits agree Mechem cancels special election to help Absentee vote chances to free u. S. Woman if granted amnesty Tehran Iran it a the Leader of the desert outlaws who kidnapped mrs. Anita Carroll has agreed to release her if he is allowed to go free. The government replied with an a Assurance of amnesty if the pretty 35-year-old american woman is released immediately. The dramatic Exchange of messages was made Public today by the Interior ministry. A message from the Bandit chief was received saturday at Iranshahr Southeast iranian Headquarters for the search for mrs. Carroll established by police and army officers. Dad Shah a notorious thug Leader assured the Shah a government that mrs. Carroll is a quite Safe and the governor of Iranshahr has been instructed to a immediately Contact the bandits and arrange for mrs. Carrolls release a the Interior ministry said. Strike spreads in Britain 1000 More plants hit London spreading factory strikes hit this teeming manufacturing capital saturday paralysing More and More of the Industry on which Britain lives. An estimated 1,700,000 workers now have Laid Down their tools in factories and shipyards making everything rom hammers to sewing machines and electronic brain computers from engines to bombers sleek new tankers end liners. A half million men in about 1000 greater London plants officially joined the million a a engineering workers who walked out a week ago mainly in Scotland and Northern England. Two Hundred thousand ship makers began the third week of their strike which has silenced 70 shipyards around Britain. A negotiations break Down neither Side in the wage disputes held out any Prospect of peace moves Over the weekend. Negotiations in the past week broke Down in deadlock labor minister lain Macloed pinned his Hopes for an Early end to the strikes on an Appeal to the unions to Call off their walkouts and leave the issues to an impartial investigation by a three Man court of inquiry. The executive of the 40-Union confederation of ship building and engineering unions which is masterminding both trikes will consider the government request tues Day the Day before the court of inquiry opens its hearings any recommendations the court May make however Are not binding on either Side. Unless a settlement is reached during the coming week the unions threaten to pull out by next weekend another million factory workers ranging from unskilled hands to machine operators. Work on ships halted there has been no official statement on the economic repercussions of the strikes so far. The factories involved account for 40 per cent of Britain a exports. In the shipyards work on 300 ships is halted. Although company books Are bulging with $900-million Worth of orders enough to keep the Yards Busy for the next five years a employers have expressed fear that new orders from abroad May pass them by. A spokesman for de Haviland aircraft works where the stoppage will affect work on the new version of the Comet Jet Airliner told newsmen a this May tee throwing away Britain a last Chance of getting into the Jet Airliner american capital airlines has ordered 14 of the new comets. Taken last sunday mrs. Carroll has been a captive of the outlaws in the Barren reaches of Southeast Iran since last sunday. The gang ambushed two american jeeps killed her husband a u. S. Aid official another american and two Iran men before they spirited us. Would starve us says Nasser the weather Albi que Fuji e and Vicinity partly Cloudy today and monday. Moderately Windy today cooler tonight. High today 55. Lows tonight 2i Valley to 54 Airport. New Mexico partly Cloudy today and monday. Rain or featured showers East this Forenoon. Snow in mountains this afternoon. Locally airy a West Windy East today. Colder tonight. Local Frost South portion. Highs today 45-55 North 55-85 South lows tonight 25-35 North. 35-45 South. Ian mrs. Carroll away to a hideout in the mountains. Dad Shah a message a in reply to repeated broadcasts on the government radio promising him amnesty and a unlimited Ransom for mrs. Carrolls Safe return. Unofficial sources said he also wis pressured by leaflets scattered from a u. S. Plane assuring mrs. Carroll that the search would be pursued until she was found. Although none of the bandits can read English these sources said they understood quickly that the leaflets indicated official determination to find their captive. Government source said the Iranshahr governors message probably would reach dad Shah by noon today. Earlier the u. S. Embassy had reported the Shah a police were closing in on two segments of the gang. A doctor and a nurse were rushed to the area 800 Miles Southeast of this iranian capital to stand by. While the embassy remained noncommittal an informed source said a it looks quite the embassy said it had been determined the outlaw gang split up after the ambush. She was borne away by one group perhaps in the party of the bandits womenfolk or maybe with four gangsters who headed in another direct lion. The Pakistan government alerted police and armed for Ces to be on the Alert for the iranian bandits a foreign office spokesman in Karachi announced. Tells of seeing woman the spokesman said it was certain the gang has not yet crossed the Frontier into Pakistan. Earlier saturday a desert tribesman told of seeing a White faced foreign w Oman Riding on muleback with the women and children of a Nomad Bandit band presumably the one which captured mrs. Carroll last sunday. It rfcs believed she was to be sold As a slave after her husband and another american were murdered in the desolate reaches of Southeastern Iran. Light planes criss crossed the sky Over the desert to As Sist the ground parties and give Sohie Assurance to the american woman that help was on the Way. The bodies of mrs. Carroll s husband Kevin St a Point four official in Iran and brew Ster a. Wilson 35, of port land Ore a near East foundation official have been brought to Tehran for return to the United states. Cairo up a president Nasser charged saturday the United states is trying a to starve but despite this u. S. Pressure he said Egypt will run the Suez canal by itself and will not let israeli ships use it. Nasser spoke to visiting american editors As the first ship convoys in five months transited the newly reopened waterway paying tolls to Egypt on Egypt a terms. In one of the most stinging attacks he has Ever made on the United states Nasser asserted a the United states is aiming to starve us while the soviet Union is aiming to help us. Group on tour a we like to be Friendly to the United states but not As senator pledges full cooperation on labor Check Mcclellan says committee to Aid Al Cio Council Washington to sen. Mcclellan dark has pledged full cooperation with the Al Cio investigation of teamsters president Dave Beck and any other labor efforts to rid its ranks of what he called a unwholesome Mcclellan is chairman of the special Senate rackets committee which tried for two Days earlier last week to draw answers from Beck about his financial dealings with the giant teamsters Union the nations largest. Beck invoked his fifth amendment Protection against possible self incrimination in refusing to answer. Friday the Al Cio executive Council suspended Beck As member and vice president a result of pressure. As Long As we have wheat and bread we will Continua to resist pressure. A we wont local newsmen were barred from the news conference for 29 u. S. Newspaper and radio editors touring the Middle East. Nasser said Egypt will keep israelis ships from using either the canal or the Gulf of Aqaba �?150 Miles East of Suez despite threats or pressure. Is Roal has been sending foreign Flag ships through the Gulf to its Southern port of Eilat since israeli troops knocked out egyptian guns last fall that had blockaded the alternate route from the red sea. Both the Gulf and the canal Are Egypt a territorial Waters Nasser said and he intends to keep them so. Plenty of business the spokesman denied there would be any physical hazards for ships using the canal. He also lashed at proposals voiced in the West for building alternate routes for Middle East Oil a we know that sooner or later the simple Laws of economics will dictate that ships use the canal instead of taking longer routes a he said. A even if they plan More pipelines and supertanker in the future we will still have All the traffic we can Nasser s reference to the United states trying to starve Egypt was an obvious reference to u. S. Refusal to sell this country surplus wheat for egyptian currency. When the United states refused Russia sold Nasser some. The president bitterest blast was directed at the u. S press. A fall of us feel disappoint ment when we read american newspapers and read Between the lifes and realize that the americans Are Happy to see us in trouble a he said. Bolack worker hits sen. Kennedy a vote against Colorado River storage project a Republican Leader in the Campaign to elect Tom Bolack to Congress declared saturday that sen. John f. Kennedy speaker at a democratic fund dinner in Albuquerque Friday night voted against the upper Colorado River legislation which vitally affects new Mexico. Speaking at a Bolack breakfast in Espanola Holm Bur sum of Socorro also pointed out that Kennedy Youthful senator from Massachusetts voted against a Quot Bill to Aid the local Mineral such As manganese Tungsten and Bursum said that a it seems Odd that Kennedy should appear Here in new Mexico in the capacity he did. A Kennedy a chief function Here was to promote the candidacy of Joe Montoya Bolack a opponent. Meanwhile Bolack ape aking at both Espanola and Taos a pledged a continuing fight for the appropriations needed to Complete the River project and declared a we must fight for we surely can depend on More Effort by California to steal our precious meanwhile in Albuquerque a group of self styled a Independent democrats met at 300 Mountain Road Sie and organized to help Republican Bolack. Fidel Martinez was named chairman and mrs. Josephine Baca Secretary. An executive committee was named consisting of Torivio Montoya Talion Bael and Willie. Garcia. Martinez issued a statement declaring that the group is supporting Bolack because it feels support should be Given the president and that at least one member of the new Mexico delegation in Congress should come from outside the Albuquerque Santa be area. A i wish that the democratic party had seen fit to nominate cart Hwy a rags and directed its ethical practices committee to investigate charges that he has brought a the labor movement into Mcclellan was asked at a news conference whether his Senate committee conducting a far Flung probe of racketeering in the labor management Field had offered to cooperate with the Al Cio investigation. No formal Otter he replied that no formal offer has been made but he said a i think they know Tho committee will cooperate with them in every Way in the world in every Effort they make to eliminate the unwholesome elements that have developed in the labor a and we feel a he added a that most leaders of organized labor will reciprocate and be As helpful to the committee As Mcclellan was asked if he meant the committee would furnish testimony or documents in its Possession which have not been made Public in its hearings so far. The senator said he speak for the committee but he declared that a any request from them for information we May have will be Given immediate the committee has recessed its hearings for about two weeks but Mcclellan said its investigations into Union activities in new York City Scranton and Philadelphia pa., and los Angeles Are a substantially ready for Public hearings. More involved in these areas he said the investigations relate to the teamsters Union but that More than just teamsters affairs Are involved. Mcclellan said that both Beck and James r. Hoffa a teamsters Union vice president under indictment on a charge of trying to Plant a spy on the Senate committee staff will figure in the testimony about what he called a paper locals of the a nip in new York. Paper locals Are so called because they exist on paper with officers but with few or no members and Mcclellan said one purpose for setting them up could be a to give a cloak of authority or Power to racketeer or to he called this a one of the most vicious aspects a but he said another purpose could be to influence Union elections. He said that in the new York joint Council of teamsters each local has the same number of votes regardless of the number of its members. Mcclellan said he thought the committee would be Able to establish at its forthcoming hearings that a at least half a dozen of these paper locals had been established by the teamsters. He also said the committees information was that these paper locals got their Charters through Beck or Hoffa bypass ing the customary channels for setting up a local. At earlier hearings held by the Senate investigations subcommittee also headed by Mcclellan there was testimony that Johnny Dio under indictment in connection with the acid blinding of labor columnist Victor Riesel was instrumental in setting up one a a paper local of the teamsters in new York. Automobile accidents kill three of the associated Presa Tommy Webb 22, Broadview n. M., died saturday in Clovis memorial Hospital of internal injuries received in a traffic Accident March 7. Webb was driving a pickup truck when the Accident occurred about 20 Miles North of Clovis. A defective tie Rod was listed As the cause of the Accident by state patrolman Otis Foster. Two Roswell residents also have been killed. Alice Wattley keen 49, of Roswell was killed Friday when the pickup in which she was Riding ran off the Road and turned Over three times la Miles West of Roswell on us-70. Another Highway death Friday came when Luis Salinas 29, also of Roswell lost control of his car on us-285 North of Artesia and crashed into a tree. Reasons for veto of other bilk Are explained measures considered on their merits governor says a. St in pageant Maxine Wilson Albuquerque student at Haskell Institute Lawrence kan., has entered the a miss Lawrence Talent and Beauty pageant set for april 27 at Kansas University. She will demonstrate tribal tongs in sign language. Indian coed in Beauty pageant journal special Lawrence 18-year-old Albuquerque coed at Haskell Institute Here is the third contestant to enter the miss Lawrence Beauty and Talent pageant at Kansas University april 27. Miss Maxine Wilson daughter of or. And mrs. William p. Wilson 1915 eighth new As her part in the Talent division will demonstrate sign language and will appear in authentic tribal costume. She has a keen insight for the jobs Beiring a san Juan Pueblo and Sioux. A 1956 graduate of Albuquerque High school miss Wilson is enrolled in the Institute a two year commercial course and is a member of the Indian club and Owca. Chicken pox does no to hinder Little girl Pacific storm pelts new Mexico Tampa Fla. Up a one Little girl stayed in an automobile and wept while adults and children of St. Paul a United lutheran Church wielded special Little Silver shovels at a ground breaking ceremony for an educational building. She had Chicken pox and although she Felt All right she was barred from the ceremony for fear of contagion. But when the congregation departed the child scrambled from the car got hold of one of the Little Silver shovels and helped break ground to her hearts Content. A Pacific storm pelted new Mexico saturday with wind dust scattered Rains and Snow showers and brought a Promise of cooler weather today. Winds on the East Side generally averaged 25 Miles per hour but Roswell got a Good dusting when the wind there hit Peak gusts of 60 mph. In the West the breezes were intermittent and not very Strong moisture was meager and widely scattered. Albuquerque recorded .02-Inch for the 24 hours ending at dusk. Other gauges Clayton .24, Raton .02 Socorro .01, Farmington Glen Wood Santa be and Roswell traces. Near the Southern Bor Der .08 fell in a thundershowers at Elpaso. Temperatures were near Friday Levels except at Clayton where a layer of cold air kept away the winds but brought a 29-degree temperature drop. Clayton a High was 46 just one degree above Albuquerque slow. Elsewhere maximum readings ranged to 77 at Carlsbad. Albuquerque a High was 63. The storm is expected to move of t of the state late today but Likely will bring some Snow to higher Mountain elevations the weather Bureau said. Hechemy a dad feeling better journal special Las cruses a Edwin Mechem father of gov. Edwin l. Mechem was reported a feeling a Little bit better by his son Here saturday evening. Gov. Mechem flew Here late Friday night from Santa be to be with his 78-year-old father who has pneumonia. The governor said a a some of the Medicine seems to have taken hold the congestion in his Chest is beginning to solidify a Little bit and his heart is acting a Little bit better a the governors father auf feed a heart attack six years ago and while he was Able to return to his Law practice he has not been at full strength the elder Mechem is a for Mer president of tile new Mexico bar Assoc. He is widely known in Legal circles As water attorney and has represented the elephant Butte or ligation District. The governor said that his brother in Fresno calif., May come Here the first of the week. Newspaper employees killed in collision Lamar Colo., up a two Lamar newspaper workers were killed in a collision of their car and a pickup truck nine Miles East of Here on u.s.-50 saturday night. Dist. Atty. Carl Shinn said the pickup turned across the Road without warning and crashed with an Auto carrying City editor Alfonso Martinez and circulation manager John jewel1, both of the Lamar daily news. The injured Driver of the pickup was Charles Harry Meador of Hesperus Colo. He was brought to a Hospital Here with a broken leg fractured nose and Chest and face injuries. State traffic deaths so fax this tear 73 last tear at this data 79 gov. Edwin l. Mechem said saturday that he cancelled out a constitutional amendment election scheduled for sept. 17 in order that an Absentee ballot proposal might have the advantage of a general election vote and a better Chance of passage. The Bill setting the Date for the special election was among the record number of measures vetoed by the governor. Most of them�?93�?were vetoed after the 23rd legislature went Home. Seven others were axed earlier. Mechem interviewed by phone from the Home of i father in Las Cruces gave his reasons for killing a proposed $7,263,500 Bond Issue for educational institution construction for deciding against keeping the polls open until 8 . On election Day for refusing to permit permanent fund investment in Eha Loans for turning Down a department of Justice even though he favored the idea in principle and for killing the slum clearance proposal and several other Bills. Mechem anticipated criticism by democratic sponsor of the slain legislation by denying that there was any politics involved in his decisions. Sponsors a not singled out if look through the Bills vetoed find few instances where any one sponsor appears to have been singled then he added a if you Start looking at the sponsors you lose he said that All Bills were considered on their merits and then explained Why his number of vetoes was the highest Ever. Some Bills were ruled out Early because of mistakes others because of inadequate title and still others because their constitutionality was questionable. He said that he and his advisors then asked the question of a does it accomplish anything is it really necessary about any Bill. And finally he said a we asked if the Bill is contrary to the Public interest or the Public Good a he said he was asked saturday if he thought it was right for a governor to veto a Bill approved almost unanimously by both houses of tha legislature. A i said that a what a gets paid for a Mechem commented. Mechem said that the extra Cost was also a Factor in his continued of pigs eight Holloman Bate Pilot slightly Hurt in crash Ruidoso up a Henry b. Blanchi of Holloman air Force base escaped without serious injury saturday when his Light plane stalled on Takeoff and crashed. The l-2 Taylor Craft stalled at 150 feet above the Ruidoso runway on Takeoff and spun into the ground. The Craft was demolished but Blanchi alone in the plane escaped with Only a face Cut. It was the third Takeoff crash in three years at this towns High Landing area. Of seven persons involved in the crashes none have been seriously Hurt. States congressional delegation unites behind Montoya bid for seat in Congress Mexico City blast is blamed on dog Mexico City it a the fireworks factory explosion wednesday that killed 12 per sons and injured to was blamed on a dog. The son of the owner of the factory and dynamite warehouse Antonio Joya Meneses 22, told police he believed a dog overturned a Box of explosives and touched off the blast that levelled a Block near Mexico City a International Airport. New Mexico three Man democratic congressional delegation was publicly United behind Joseph m Montoya a try for Congress saturday despite evidence that some of sen. Dennis Chavez supporters Are not in the Montoya Camp. Chavez made his personal position Clear in a Telegram sent Friday to Bill Briggs democratic chairman of precinct 38, in which he said he is a unequivocally in favor of Joe Montoya for Congress. But even As word of the Telegram was being passed out among the democrats attending the party a fund raising dinner her Friday night Cha i Vez aide Charles Davis was adding fuel to a running fight with state democratic leaders publicly backing Montoya. There were these other developments on the democratic Side of the special congressional race 1. Sen. Clinton p. Anderson announced in Washington that he will come to new Mexico late this week to actively Campaign in behalf of Montoya 2. Montoya declared that the National administrations tight Money policy is damaging a to a anal business state like new Mexico. 3. A Farmington businessman Bob Maddox charged that Montoya s opponent Tom Bolack also of Farmington has been trying to take credit for passage of the upper Colorado River Basin Bill and labelled the attempts As a political Buncombe horse feathers and 4. And Anderson revealed plans to make a series of a Psi Mideast a for use in new hex Ico in which he and rep. John j. Dempsey will declare thai they Are wholeheartedly behind Montoya a bid for the congressional Post vacated by the death of rep. Antonio. Fernandez. The special election is april 9. In his Telegram to Brig scan seram k % i in i. I j

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