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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Albuquerque, New Mexico Father forecast s e w m a i n fair sunday d monday 1111 e change in my erasure. Arizona fair sunday and Mon a Little change in temperature. Good morning baseball reason opens next Forth. Rut it looks like the International i Fifette has already started. 59th year published every morning sunday morning March 19, 1939 a nth red to inroad class Natter. Alb Jarqui n Sipo Coffee under act of conf 117# price7 ends retain France seek soviet Aid to halt German drive in Are killed in crash of new rr7c�? dictatorial rowers Calendar aet for new trials in spa cases to dutch air Mission members Mong victims 33-passenger plane hurtles into ground j in Washington state any see smash big ship first of Fleet meant for High altitudes Alder. Wash. March 18 of i four motored 33-passenger air-jj0 ear off Jane designed to operate through Eye witnesses Tell of tragedy Pilot fought to land ship one says Alder. Wash., March 18 <4 a several Persona in this Little Western Washington logging Community told saturday of seeing the big Boeing str Tolmer crash to Earth killing All aboard. Stanley Scurlock a Farmer said i a i saw the big plane first at an Altitude of from 8000 to 10.0001 feet. Making a Power dive. Then the Tail or part of it came off and it started into a barrel Roll it went into a vertical Power dive again roaring downward a a a d a he t p of one Wing seemed new tax levies seen to finance social Security National c. Of c. Urges Cut in income tax to boost u. S. Revenue Quick glances Over Europe director of president s economic committee opposes reduction warns Congress defense needs of u. S. Cited in fight on benefits increase Washington March 18 it a the House ways and Means co mane. Be Gena Jpe Raie inn Ign. Jhu in Tho Pilot a of a red to by n to re heard a prediction a Ilia sub stratosphere plunged to Abe to flatten it out and i Day that the future costs of the Washington March 18 i a the chamber of Commerce of the United states predicted saturday that the Federal government would take in More Revenue if it lowered its income tax rate. A a s i to a lowering it rate the Albuquerque Man j chamber said in its periodical re first to be called View of business should be combined us proper methods of a at Santa be i plying them to reach real j taking log Izanc of discus non pop Falt i us aph i is in Gre signal and and i Sci Roll no i ministration quarters concerning removal of tax deterrents to Bush i Ness expansion the chamber said i a business will heartily support ii realistic program of fax revision that is developed with first attention to recover. Increase not de to Cope with crisis u. S. Slaps Tariff increase of 25 per cent on nazi goods Reich recalls its ambassador from London rumanian King pledges resistance smuggling forgery liquor charges occupy docket Santa be. March 18 Ltd fed a re ase of Revenue should flow Era District court officials com from adoption of such a plated preparations saturday for Lith near Here during a test sight saturday killing to persons a card. Among to c vict is we re the ask ant general manage. A dutch airlines and a half ride downward and r a Fen leading american aviation Small Grove of Woods part of i nets. J erne of the wings Lief Soo Yards up the huge Airliner broke in Hill from or plan three pieces and rallied with the j Mike Wayne of the Tacoma Cilot still fighting i cont and state a a u o rust d Here Sepug r m fight pos ii s we a of Ier patrolmen a d after la kill d a Tanto a i aboard Ere k the dead Peter Guilonard. A a1 manager of r a a a its and Leader of an Ion to the United staff a of von Baim Rue r the Netherlands d thought j would land on one of it go it a Security program would be my Fields. A much greater than estimated Quot a Quot motor fell off. J to at additional taxes pm of the a but. It seemed to Circle and have to be levied to a it. Statement came from or. V Witt of the urn Hersity a prism. Executive director president s committee on in Security which helped in or i a1 Law. A i g on proposed Chai a act or. W Quot a vigorously Sugg t ohs that a Roll taxes be reduced and Benefit pm men to increased alls Cut a i ii patriotic Vav the rut less dict. A aug Are instill f i Vav to the verge it new ditch Levy protest made conservancy Board studies problem Glt n a a Ewing to e a Reck sgt he Bein a i aboard were killed instant Don Christenson a Mehani Hosa d he St saw the plan it i pm in the h i j ii Earl a. Fin lot Ralph i c hollanders flight secret even Nils it i Nawa re it of Ria be inspection the Rig of common ditch a Gam cations to Lew assessments suited in a deadlock Ion land owners in addition to r Midrib p o Grande Cor server i strict assessments was or Ted saturday t the new Dis of Board of directors. A delegation of Farmers of los Sal of common to Dit re a by the associated press London Britain France bitterly denounce Czecho slovak i seizure seek soviet russians Aid i in blocking German threat to Rumania British French ambassadors called Home from Berlin a to events both in the United states and abroad moved Berlin a nazis reject Paris rapidly saturday As the u. S. Treasury department or London Denu nations As lacking Jerecz a 25 per cent increase in Tariff on a certain Quot Ger rr1�?Tami Premier Dudi Quot a Quot a a a Dor for consultations. Virtual dictatorial Powers by the French chamber of Paris chamber votes Dala deputies. Acting with great Britain an Appeal was made Dier government unprecedented u0 soviet Russia to form the third Point of a triangular dictatorial Powers. Senate con-1 wedge against further drives of Reich fuehrer Hitler Clu on sunday emergency a Titi with Especial attention Given to the welfare of Rumania. Net session called to approve de-1 Germany in the meantime was preparing to receive tense measures. I sunday As a conquering hero Hitler and his first line Washington a a. S. Orders j lieutenants. Extra 25 per cent tat it on Many Washington. March 13 a Paris. March 13 Ltd the the opening monday of a series of a a proles Ullram Law in the heels of the state depart-1chamber of deputies voted pretrial for defendants in the spa revision. Ment s strongly worded Dejunc a Imper Daladier unprecedented die code violation indictments follow j Tivadar car Patho to Kraines tion of Germany a absorption of tutorial Powers saturday night a my a probe of the hungarian troops Complete Occu-1 . The Treasury or a for Quarter disclosed a Relief Agency initial d last fad. Patin of Eastern car Patho la French British move to enlist the hearings will open with the Raine Block roads to halt traffic j dered an extra 25 per cent Tariff trial of Arthurj Daniel former to Rumania. Saturday on Many products that spa project Foreman of Albu Moscow Russia keeps closer the Reich sends to this country que que. On charges of diversion watch on Germany Advance but a Treasury spokesman who an of spa services and continue withholds official comment. Pounced the action said it was Pajac Jer demanded to enable through april to. When retrial of j Bucharest a Rumania in taken with the state departments France to move As fast As the Dic in defendant pros it 1 ear Ngu Rade negotiation with Reich knowledge but refused comment Tato ships passed by a vote of in Albuquerque in february re Arm officials Confer on future Whf it a asked if it was related to1321 to 264 in the chamber Senate ruled. Course. Prague to ooh reported or j a it Public. Dered to appear for questioning Daniels among these Lei who till face conspiracy charges also a cited by a Federal grand by new nazi regime tis week Fop diversion of i and making false payroll soviet russians Aid in a triple front against German economic pressure on Rumania. The sweeping decree Powers Germany s seizure of the Che he approx a1 at sundays session was considered a foregone conclusion. A h s jury Dors amuck Belen or cart d a a him a eng ringing the 44 a in t a 30cent< a in acre asses. If disaster a Rorn n d ? re Ltd their land levied by the of finals Tuff Sot As re Sandoval and for Nolan War like ,. Nalt in it the i a. Hoard no a in Borg a Ere my ii ii name d a in him m r tee by hair no. It ii Quot us a prank b itt to meet w the los i has and it have d t h off leu 1 to. A a a r t lid it of i i Haiha c x i n b silent on Mission Abr Bai. D it due a of the social Security Oal Lnu Dan i Van Allen is named to Springer Post ill i a charge h school pril t a of the i Appeal in blamed Vav a of stretch. In nother ase set in another Case of for monday. Vernon Bak it r and Max Roberson to go to trial in charges of in a lawful diversion of spa services. Int k g false claims and false pay Rolls i o tuesday Paul Tabet and wit in a Thomas an scheduled for trial on conspiracy charges i or. Zimmerman critically 111 University president in serious condition a the action a he said a Speaks for itself a forceful 4 a Phenelon there seemed Little doubt How Ltd or that this economic blow to Germany could be interpreted in any it cur licht than As a forceful expression of this country sex Treme displeasure at what Sumner Welles acting Secretary of state. I celled Friday the a Wanton Law icings so r the occupation of Czecho Slovakia. Recalled too that president veil Aid in his message to f District Bert for the five with i. Til latter Par car bet Chave it i an and tried do Albuquerque boy shot by police youth is Suspiro Ted a i his physicist no change in his condition during the Day. Lire Rose to 101.8 la Auto i Brit Alif Tho by de a. Organizations to a it land a it True of on a of a Ihre c. I. 0. Peace proposal matted communistic by a. F. Of l. Leader old Albuquerque d by police Sun s the Man whom Brooks shot in tie had run the it a car he a refile from the fill Hist it nip it a Early in the it was g Viii a �?~4 being ump or z Amer to Cir Hosp a Al lowing a her at hot sprit. Taking e Bat the preside m of it j Zimmerman a ? a. Sunday i Cal., w i i is. Let a. Or .1 f. Zimmerman president March 27 and March 28 of the University of new mex b Cruz Ben Gandert and i of remained critical ill of Congress last j Mora county residents coronary thrombosis at St. To were Means a Short of War but in r a i c i a j a 11l stronger and More effective than i a fit Fin nurtf8b s Noj p 5aluroi> a aft Quot., of the. I. Had i a words of bringing Home to aggressor nations the aggregate sentiments of our own 8 the Treasury ordered the extra Enwrig. His pulse Tariff i an oxygen tent known it j it intervals. Effective april 23. Nan was brought the Tariff act of 1830 provides Here it Lay Fol that such duties Hall be need i attack thursday in addition to regular tariffs on where he a any foreign products subsidized his in manufacture or Export by the its daughters the government of the country of h and Helen Emily origin in expected to a the Treasury acted after actor ight from Berkel. Of new general Murphy ruled that they Are graduate German Good imported under tile University of or arrangements should be Mexico in i i i Ger a tut d t jul i a resident of 201 Miles an hour Boi in Pris it \ j Iii i it a of i >101 a m Quot i Jan Tab opt a. K a \ Aiti John f. Us. As he i the sue would be it re group. I i. He c in a run c it d of b tement John p f of Tho Fly a m a sol described i jew is proposal Joo North Cal form 11 Ain. Ted when Corona Lav night Oase wit jul ties hot lie d the a had bet Blitt d Drobai the Rel coming by subject to ext in a substantial part thrombosis the Dis official hich or. Zimmerman j not say a is a clogging of the would by affected. It was said erics. His condition however that a a rut tan Tai Pat f ii remain it Cal five of imports from Germany would in another move to put the nation s defences in order the pre n or called an emergency Cabinet session for sunday at which members of parliament said he would ask approval of decrees calling to the colors specialists from a number of military Are. Ice classes. Carol to re it French sources said meanwhile that King Carol of Rumania had advised Britain and France of his willingness to re is Adolf Hitler eastward drive if they could pro a Ide markets for rumanian exports of which Germany now is iary that there the greatest purchaser. The rumanian Monarch was said to have a cd pans and London for a reply within 48 hours on what support they could give against the nazi drive. Thereupon the to o govern Posig what Are ments. These sources said asked intervening duties a Moscow if the soviet Union would loin them in bump from Rumania to Block Hitler. Foreign Munster George Bonnet conferred in Quick succession with the rumanian ambassador former Premier George tatar Sci British ambassador sir Erie Phipps and Jacob sums soviet ambassador. Vote of approval the chamber a final vote of approval on th#1 decree Powers which would give Daladier dictatorial Rule until nov .10, was the fifth vote of Confidence received by the i the Treasury Cou i a a single Day s session. Is time w hat g a a >d1 1 ? a h a Iuse h gtd i n i no i High a. Iofi it from tit 1 tenth two i me a Ion Yards and Zanotta in it i t e plane it in the Tail a it h Quarter mile were gathered Hunters. Mill it Entrola the plat a Ian bodies were at continued Ai ? re no and Bern a Turs. Las been in i he. Or. Allen j1-1 i. G<2 i i a j ii a ? t in air i ring wit develop i is Guiles it. April 15. Jug the Rev. I to i s t i r in s in ter. Or. Was elect oth Board Good p Lane. Or it a Quot a w a i 5 p Blit i a i Ian i in Sata of Ted h. Al Hrnry time by t 1 0,1 l a fro Pink Al Hei d of to a cd Cio and k 400,000 reduction 1 to a the in spa Relief 1 br0< set for april i. Saw the Man in it from the car Quot 111 no ton March 18 d to Flag him j. A Ata official said saturday it 11a a he officer night that orders for a i Kwh re feel the extra duty. The prion pal import a e been chemicals toys med be paper and China. Imports trom Germany declined m 1938 to $64,537,000, compared Antt nuts a it a tug to a Tularosa moves to become a City of roses Ulch Pear it the. Whit i d to state to get $15,000 for venereal Campaign Santa Elk. March 18 r Fig i or j i r x a irk in venereal j i was in i Quot 5 an. Spring a treasurer irs at what _ t. A a Gir it i Astare Mai m lied met Acain Mav 13 South Bend. Ind. Min a a a it m just prime i new York world s fair to have new Mexico Day Honor in the uned s brow a on s father Irv of Brownson in la in 1892. D of if up Cork Relief oils on being prepared and Ald be sent out in a tui xhosa. Malic 1940 the or god upward to y it �?�01 t w window is to been the a Fie .1. He youth. Hot about four knee but old Den a Ork col Prog mus d id by a no take cd ments ii w y or c h 18 r Arn made for a the Nev w Hen gov. The ii. If to Santa be Man suffers stroke condition grave sat an i will no to Gold and intr in n o mormon i Emple i o be used for i is i i Mie in 40 ears p the \ i i tie fir the Rolls t in the Rolls w unless Congress App i additional s i ii too i the sum lopped offs origin request no to meet Relief in re i red to turn Wen of the ret come plat would he Cut 600 he posed the question of Confidence for the fourth time when or a ked the chamber to reject a leftist amendment to a Bill which would have prevented interference with a Public Liberty by Deer the amendment was re be Ted. 321 votes to 281. With Senate adoption sunday a a virtual certainty it appeared that by monday Daladier would be in position to Wield More Power than any Post War Premier of France. A. The terms of the Bill he could dissolve political parties a a the i ban Public meetings and news-15 off a papers prolong parliaments life f com i or dissolve it or virtually put e of mobilization in parliamentary i Prova. Daladier re far n a of commend Roosevelt he hmong a Man i do it roosting i n a t a Dave ii a Santi be i 1st Vince Day night Miff red ? and at a not Rega n i w til to he opera a Oil a a desk i i or Well known hot insist said of Iliou a. Y ill at available a tire recent St is in if tire so to at a he Dup. Lid he would Haw a non for the night compared with $12.ton the ii Sot i Day had Couf Tamms. Hither Lewis no Fiat Ai Here Veteran Railroad Man at Tularosa is retired in f j. Pros d to plow i urns us $690 in Gold 111 ill log to the South acc july 1922. Vice this Here and i f to me Iori Hist Ork m Arki is Santa f match 18 a Plant to erect 20. Do tonal Market for Point of int t it St in the Tate were Mfd saturday h Joseph i Stam tourist Bureau direr or he a f Cham hers of it ont rec of the site had f pin asked the markers. Biggest is i for b4 n Ion k v., i a re it 18 Trie be afford derision to week a sheep House and a the ground for a Garden hotbed brought him immediate cd i \ id end Stafford s son broke the ground saturday morning and his plow share unearthed a Jar containing $690 in $10 arid $10 Glt old pieces. Nio let a \ in r a hah an Noc in a a t i fed in 111 j Arch mint Salt i Ake City. A Quot latter do s a. Their far famed morn to a conclave fit Monti the first Nice kind to to held behind w a Sis in this Centor. A i Thor j is of the e i o in Cir g the me big a of the 109th annual a e Quot i reason flt r tie i some 2 of Minu it Roswell Man sentenced in compensation fraud Roswell March 18 y so w umbrella for Chamberlain p refused flatly to give i1 the chamber and definite information or what he proposed to do with tile decree Powers he said they a it vre military measures and go could not he debated openly. Ii part of program through his ministers and through statements he Matte to deputies of the finance committee to however this much of his pro id Gram seemed certain a i reinforcement of France s to. Armed forces by calling the special to to e colors for the army Navy and air forces. 2, Speed g up production in a Quot tit Ufa an rag Iva Lohret returned to tog. March state police Post Here pm Sussi on a Rcd Lamiel to hot kit i of it of w a some of the but Dian Nock r tick it a Quot \ a h0�?T in it. In til my a Vav i i hint a Urdi As a Chia i i re merits Fain be he to Cor Chok room in which so been i id since the p Keci vices to a ears Ai he rap prs 0. Hiliu p l fined admittance. Of a n ii off Shore n Tim p Kio feet Long by 6 ill be oth r cot flt i fib or sear rid a r nation Widt a a Reb of the mst., lbs if i. Reuben St Lur in in or i r 259.808 m Nfn Santa be. March i hell Eph by jail 18 a a Tho thousand British ii a spin i o it i i u r ii to \ if in braid state prime Minkler Chamberlain s in Seventieth Hirt Dav by buying mex him a it ilk umbrella tied with a on. Lilac coloured Bow mis Florence xxx Kite National organizer of the spinsters pen sex Mon usso ii tion flourished the Trai Al uni Brella at a in Umi meeting and a the declared a i Ani a ure that when he looks a of at it it will take ins mind off it it that Man Hitler and he will i red or think of something far More in pleasant us x. . Lied to to ugh Ohn Aii Kenneth Mcc it it a red to Gallup l is i. He ret was tat her is car in Chai go of the North astern District of the state police i Janus he was tint std and is place Hare taken a cd Apt. Eds to it it Lieut. He ret later was a ated arh stationed Fox Sec a f l k it Cia Dup l in i ate t tie t the Oil tee Ime

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