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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Albuquerque, New Mexico I \5 s smile l Wmk k i. N i Lune 22 i birr bandits almost coasted jail saturday their far ran of has two doors from police file minutes after held up a tavern. Police hied them. Good morning reports say a a trades Are expected at Republican convention have they finally gone in for Quot free Trade a 60th year volume 245 number 84 published every morning sunday morning june 23, 1940 in re it i it Amend a i Metier Alfeus Uerz it in. N most office under eel of conjure 1878 Price. 7 cents Churchill Calls on French Navy and Empire o carry on War despite nations surrender of presidential i tenders deny Lumores of deals gof feminine influence Dewey Taft and Willkie arrive for convention towns flow in committee votes to curb Delegate strength of South Philadelphia june a leading contend it for the Republican presi a tial nomination arrived this carnival Bent Conven a data e nog rumours of impending teals Quot and looking for. Ard to in party s first wide open con-1 it for the nomination since Congress enacts defense tax in Bill recesses senator Glass 82 w eds v virginian announcement surprises capital colleague four billion Dollar naval expansion passed by House clears desks both Chambers quit until after gop convention come and get us foreign legion challenges nazis 1000 still holding forts on Swiss Border after five Days w gift it Kie the new York my risen from dark nos Thomas e. Dewey in new York District Atcho swept the preference Anet senator Robert a. J Ohio fresh from the Brin Quot Ash ton a thed n loin senator St ins i in Gannett and gov j mrs of Pennsylvania Iho had previously a quarters Here prominent contend Arthur Vandenberg was not due in town a ii sunday. With Thorn came a Niah of delete and party Camp followers to i ii of i Otel lobbies bar and restaurants talking excitedly of this Rumor that and arguing i Odic i about platform planks my i a Uli dates. In Ruck denies any Deal taken i i up that of the Iona Tor Chican. Mrs. Greathouse the women s Point of View As represented on the Republican resolutions Committer meeting in Philadelphia is is pressed by mrs. Rebekah Scandrett Greathouse left of Montgomery county. Maryland and mrs. Helen Hunt West of Jacksonville a. Doth Are members of the committee and Well known Republican leaders in the Job at the information desk of the Dewey for president Headquarters in Philadelphia is pert lbs Ruth Mccormick of Albuquerque n. M. She is the daughter of mrs. Ruth Hanna Mccormick Simms. One of Dew by s managers. Mrs. Test Washington june 22 apr Congreve quit saturday night for a one week recess after sending to the White House a billion Dollar lax Bill and Over $4,,, too of appropriations legislation Washington. June 22 ins Virginia s 82-Vear-old senator Carter Glass Secretary of the Treasury under president Wilson was i tarried in Amherst. Va., saturday to mrs. Mary Scott Meade 50, of Amherst the announcement which pried Glass colleagues in the wont surrender Senate was made at the senator s office. The ceremony was per o in e in the a s c e Sion Church in Amherst. Senator Harry by re Vir hitlers conditions a hard but honorable government declares May Cross Border a when we get hungry a they Tell peasants weary Poilu hurl Back italian attack continue resistance against nazis armistice awaits settlement of terms with Mussolini ill a Les Akk in Eues. On la e f la e x c h Swiss guilds Junior Frontier .ilint4 22 a senator a is Best a thousand a expert toughened fighting men of the the marriage French foreign legion with their performed Hacks to the Swiss Frontier held Man. W a a scattering of a notes Quot came by the Rev z. B Phillips Senate two Mountain fort saturday for from the Republican Side when chaplain and Rector of Epiphany the fifth Day against heavy Ger the House adopted the Resolution episcopal Church Washington i Man assault. I 1.1.ftiv London. June 23 sundae a the French peace negotiator Are expected to Hare their first meeting with the italians monday i Schaller news a British a Rory. Reported from Bordeaux Early sunday. Official circles in Bordeaux were said to believe it would take two three a it to reach a settlement. It was said also that French authorities expected Germany to into lie Nee a reduction in Italy a claim anal not France. The French government proposes to stay in Bordeaux the news Agency said and would not return to Paris unless the Naal captured capital was a free City and a not controlled by German Hay Knox confirmation y meets opposition Jitiam of which closed a ten hour Day for assisted the legislators and recessed con 1 i Gross until july i. Acting swiftly on one item after another the Senate and a j House sent to president Roosevelt a score of Bills during the Day,1 including a $1,768,913,908 Emer j Gene a defense measure and the annual appropriations for Relief j the labor department and the Federal Security Agency. In addition to the direct approx j privations. Congress also granted authority for various govern-1 Church by Rev re if inure John Welford rut i recover bodies of 3 who drown searchers say 2 died trying to save air Springer. N m june 22 in ment agencies to enter into con j searchers saturday night acc of us stud the bodies of two remaining tracts totalling almost another $1,-000.,. The purpose of this High Speed action was two fold to allow Ani Here and said it appeared the i interlude for the Republic it an Jsu a Jos their lives trying to save Hel i in Atta 22, the third victim they Are Cut off from other French troop. Completely surrounded they fought on As a a Beau Geste Quot and because fighting is tile tradition of the legion. The forts w Here they have repulsed attack after attack Arr la Meux and la eel use across the Frontier from usually sleep Swiss town. The peasant Folk Call the Legionnaire a Lei Jov Rux Quot a the Joyful ones and keep As far from the forts As possible. Others surrendered nazi swastikas have flown for five lays Over the near of Pon tarsier and by the associated Presa British prime minister Winston Churchill made it Flam in in Appeal sunday to frenchmen everywhere to f i Crit in of Britain s Side against Germany despite capitulation saturday night to a German armistice which he said no free and Independent French government could have accepted. Frankly going Over the Heads of Hie Bordeaux gov eminent Churchill said that the German terms if accepted by All frenchmen would Force the Hrench to work against their allies would use the soil of France As a Means of attacking Britain and would turn the French Navy and Empire Over to Germany. Despite All this. He declared Britain will a cherish the cause of the French and a British Victory in utter i Frances Only Hope for restoration and Freedom. A a v 11� Ift Pir a la Root i victims of a motor boat Accident i Mountain in Miles to the in Miami Lake 17 Miles West of North which fell to the germans War news Senate committee to question him a ivs Ruth Vici Orma k without a struggle after Premier pet it n of France announced he Al w i a King e germans for of i cd a Day Long dragging of the Lake terms of pears we a i holding a press Confer ice. Said i lately that there was no i nth in sports that his forces Ere team my lip with those Oft i a Nator Taft in an Effort to a Stop i ilk asked whether he Ouid Leo ept a vice presidential lamination he said then Washington june 22 Strong opposition within Senate naval committee to formation of col. Frank Knox s nomination to be Secretary of the Navy was reported saturday after the committee decided to question him on his views toward United lotion is Aca states policy and the War. One committee member who platform a a Gard he favored approval of the nomination asserted that an informal poll indicated that if the strike looms at Alamogordo London Churchill tonal convention beginning Mon Dax a1 Philadelphia and to cart a he unit intr a. _ vital appropriation measures end it omit 20u men recovered the the German commander at by the a ocl ated ire acted into Law Well before the new a body. Of Muhael Atta 22, brother j Pon Tarher received a Telephone fiscal year starts on july i. Of Helen and is Claude Ewing 24. Call from the legionnaires at be House passes Navy Bill Madeline Atta 14, other member a Bill to authorize a $4,000,000, 0j. Jul boating expedition Clung tooth expansion of the Navy passed a be boat an j floated to Shore Safe t a House in record erne Satur it a in a it. To the a lumber Mill workers seek wage increases we re at work behind Siedi on fag fifteen tear Gas used to Stop Las Cruces Street fight Avo re i to in were limn Tak w of n saturday the be rejected 11 a strike by it Southwest limit Iii appears company the wages vice Cruce of tear Lux n. A. June 22 Gas to Stop a yes streets be Lle expressed t whether not the proved the Nom in Pend on Knox s i i Enfin. Fat a in opinion that a i Ommittee Apatan would statement of ins her e m can unit vim my v does not a. W. Muir Orient of 1 i it enters Anc Day. Sipio is creditable Grant higher internat Lonal her Hood to said Alamo might if if the measure it in join Lee Hou night the Bill then was sent to the Senate. The measure was not on the a must Quot list before the recess., Howe . Designed to give the United states what experts called the Fleet in history the would authorize con \ Striction of 200 additional warships of All categories including a new Type of Long Range Cruiser. Chairmen Vinson d., a of the House naval committee told Cal no. Orff in still a Claude Quot she said a uti cd to save Helen but she grabbed ins Arm in such a Way he a w in Michael tried to help them and All three went Down a the bodies of the three victims were taken to Raton funeral services were pending the Attal were the it Hildren of Solomon Atta prominent Miami i merchant. Charles Morgan Heads legion Campaign against subversive agents actually the terms of the grim document which wet eyed French plenipotentiaries signed j saturday night in the gloomy Depths of comic one Forest were 1 not disclosed but honorable tile French government a Avine scribed them As a hard but adding that if they had no Independent French govern a t been honorable France would ment could have acceded to have rejected them German terms appeals to j actual fighting in the once frenchmen everywhere to it on Lovely cities and Countryside of Tine the snuggle at Britain France continued on its weary Side As finances Only Hope for Liberty and restoration British Bomi Krupp armament works at Essen and German aircraft plants elsewhere report battleship Scharnhorst badly damaged. Santa be june ?2 it new acc inn act in Redit a ironic and local aged Here Satur-1 in which no one j in re earlier in i stated. In on Knox for president move inaugurated a cml to several of Arent we of . A i it a Ltd i \ a on car be pain my a group of i Omaha n neb., j la e 22 ii my men clashed Ross l. Shotwell Alba attorney used by author j annoy pay saturday he was in a hostilities. When Tilting a m love to Bai. The re pub merely moved j i lean parti i Hon Ltd h i its candidate it a in p officers for Premie Lent u a flank Knox the acc youths nominated by pres ident Roose pm me i to bar veil for i Secretary of the Navy. Shotwell s Aid it woe lid be a one of Las Cruces Bel i the great a St to coups Ever ies into custody put on at a party cd a frequently Riis Shotwell i. Who c organized the Nebra a k pox for president Lea gue in 193 i said he i ent telegrams motors to rep la lean chair a Man John i. June 22 ins m. Hamilt on and it i let a strategic disclosed Here party Leat lers urging i the Nomina p hers have been Tion of Al lox a a i if k nor a c m med states for i dilate a who Wall k keep us out of of air plane end Var and a sol tills political so i Lan Maie planes id in the Brit Lhnn to ters and met sat i re a. Jai i John to live it Hood and t wits my the state federation o to present demands Muir said reprise Nativi a Cloudcroft and would att Ordo son Mogardo j workers _ a state farm Bureau annual convention to be at Las vegas Ald in the search was enlisted Mexico Vulcan legionnaires from authorities Ami volunteers elected Charles Morgan of Arni Las vegas and from Colfax Testa saturday As their new state county officers and state police commander and instructed him to searcher worked the Lake with draft a plan of a it lion against state labor m tray Gen f the brother in of present labor Yah a in i of the Marcia Ding at Din feeler by re a i Yeai s tors of the new Mexico Tion of farm and livestock is named Las Vega As thus grappling Hooks Dempsey assigned to in american probe in Elpaso new Mexico it of subversive agent in men closing Mal convention Button pledging con int Ion meet i try a Here their Satur a Day off s to i work w Mimun a 40-cent Ming in Lima strike then of ii awaits facials Are the v announced at one o n Ca Chicago Prece the re a Amer Nan farm by m said. Tion i could be invite a 33-cents i the november col the Union w a h attendance is mum with ext i the 200 prot in other a \ ear s meeting Here mex i it .�?�if.-, t i federation h it about Din it said a p tog v of present a it it at the Iron a prs w Ould of at Chama i the Ltd convention sex week will Whir i quota Ere not Ann a operators att ending the dire be to con veer e a. H Gerdeman Edward a silent of Trie eau federa-1 to speak at invention at expected to sent at Washington Jon chairman Dies ithe House committee to in american act in it the rep. Dempsey d., n a a a sub commile it22 ip1 a of the i a Ligate designated i sat prof one to the act Vize Organ Inatio the sex ser their 21a adopted a n themselves to follow thai plan in a a no Quarter fight for americanism and Paroti in and against ail other isms the i leg ions statement of pol Icv Aga text the a fifth column in a i mime also condemnation of Bok Fai x France a1 k now ledges signing a hard hut honorable armistice with Germany. Confidence voted to martial a Tam fighting continuing until Atter italian armistice agreed to find germans thrusting More strongly into Rhone \ Alley and South of the Loire a Misti p Elpa to a cd Las it w of air training plan weather forecast acc has openings for 1800 state youths he add denial workers at Al my their Patio did not believe of id be a table Imog n i if to Rdv an my As of i to hold i by Seq i e High and intermediate cloudiness to in dais ooh afternoon and evening Shower thunderstorms Over Mountain and Ocean Lonath running into the Valley. Monday fair with mime it loud Ines. T ool monday. Sant \ of. Jul ranks of the in Tion corp will i july i to 1800 Mexico youths t a a department announced although same Tbs enlistment had no dire the Federal Coo ated w and h. I. Re pres n re Vir to in preside a pre Ider men of the Fedora l Hildwein. La acting the state sex make an Invfc-1 Ignatin a Tex arid in new Mexico. Dies and i cd Dempsey in a let Ter to get in touch with Federal ast tier Der agents. He Alo empower new led the new Mexico represents-700 j five to Call witnesses and take i testimony if he found any Active Jeal-1 ties which came within the com a is of outlet scope for a Quot a traffic accidents killed nine in april Santa be j me 21 a a mint persons were killed in new mex in i last april in a total of 72 re detrimental the idiot whose enthusiasm coupled with a Signor an a a a might be nation Cital it Ruidoso in in a i the new state commander a War time balloon observer now employed by an Artesia Oil ref i to told the i invention he w As i a a Man of few but would Lor no Tim Quot going into he a elected by a it claymation Wane Drysdale of Ter 8 poll of delegates by run French capitulate signing armistice in railway car in comping be Forest fighting to end six hours after they agree on Aff Magtire with Italy German con Inland report Vii my French Soldier in Lorraine surrender. Komi italian k ence Hei Pla it e and time of a re b armistice Confer secret. Alex War \ italians i bomb Alexandria four times driven off by coastal and naval Cannon. N ref Rimio in fill t a a i i it Ifo a Tion in open a1 new welfare sturday. A line wed bearing mechanized chivalry costs americans in Canada face trouble returning ported motor vehicle director Al s. Rought state Drivers la ens reported saturday. Thirty four of the a red pc Sona injury resulted i of Divi extra values feature greater Albuquerque the Days monday tuesday Washington Congreve approve Hillion Dollar tax Bill and s1,"h8.00<i. 00 defence a prop nation measure. House approve St,000,000, Navy expansion authorization opposition reported within Senate naval rom Pittee to confirmation of col. Frank Knox As Secretary of Navy w m w Meak o partly Cloudy sunday with afternoon and eve t Iling showers Ami thunderstorms monday partly Cloudy a us thunderstorms East portion. It note West and North portion monday. \ in a t i i a loud a a it Dai with afternoon and be nor thunderstorms. Monday fat cooler West and North portion sunday. On the controversial question of the cd cd a part in National defer a a prepared statement said a today the acc can help by continuing its present operations in the of human resource and by Emp a zing the technical training of e non combatant i it is ipe Long f. R for Las Rius Las Cruces n. M. June 22 j in a construction of a three plane fat to Texas partly Cloudy i hangar Large enough to include to Cloudy sunday with showers Caa off. Is will get under Way Ami thunderstorm. Monday next at the Munu pal Airport As partly Douds with Thunder a he Caa civilian Pilot training storms South portion. Warmer proc in a state i of it it South portion it unday. Intended to a second i it Raja Al it to Mil wat Kee. June to a it would have been i caper for William Foley to huge an umbrella. He emerged from a tavern with a girl Friend saturday into an unexpected rain. Leaving the Cirl in the door a a v he dashed a it loss the Street to his automobile hopped in. Drove bark arrows the Street and up a a her the Side ilk. There i Friend untouched by the pattering drops stepped in. \ policeman More concerned with traffic rules than chivalry provided an escort to the Pollee station. Foley who be i address As Omaha. Neb., a fined s25. Seattle Wash j ins new passport and Viva re j oui remind for canadians entering the United states after july i will eau e difficulties for returning american citizens who cannot prove their identity to Border author in Igray sat ird a he advised Amer Nan to carry Ahlf be identification in a old a in in a in return my a Rosa the Bordel. And 30 n property damage to i new Mexico a 1940 tray toll was 39 killed. Ass to q the free h i i it Lei leading the to Grater value in their Albuquerque merchants celebrate greater Albu Quer Day go pet Jai sales Days Mono a and tuesday. Tile event is to Mark the Community a Advance in population first wheat marketed urn 50 downtown merchants Are Portales n Mjune 22 a a a Ope remit g Johnnie Ross of Rogers brought Bis Patron May due Down in the first Load of 1940 wheat town free Between 9 and la o to k both morning Geneva French Tri color still flies Over great fort of germans Rushing in Effort to join Force with italian Al a Pine armies gain a few mountainous mile German capture j i it it and regain Bellegarde be tween Dawn and dusk fight a my ear Swiss Border continues without respire showers expected to continue sunday it warned District in to the Worley Brot Era Here it n by rec p Bonham was cored the wheat Tes a 62 a course and will not cease until six hours after the French have concluded an armistice with Italy Germany a so newly Bellig Erent ally. The French delegates flew to Italy to hasten this consummation. The French government declared that die fighting was not in vain As it hat enabled France to hold out for a a Soldier peace i with Germany. Marshal Henry Philippe retain the Premier who requested that peal e. Got a vote of Confidence from the French Senate beat bark italian in a heavily censored dispatch it was disclosed that the government remains for Tho moment at Bordeaux the provisional capital. From the Headquarters official a it out Metal said a fresh French j troops were holding firm along the Alpine Frontier beating Back attacking italian from Mont i Blanc to the sea despite the men Ace of German pleasure from j the rear. The germans were pictured a p shiny a spearhead Down Tho a Rhone Valley behind the Frontier i defence for is slowly steadily despite valiant rest Tynce. Fiance ally great Britain gave proof of her determination to fight on alone and unconquered by announcing heavy i Aerial attacks on Germany a great Krupp armament works at Essen and on air plane fac tories and storage plants at Bremen Kassel Rothenburg and Gottinger. Down four bombers i Only when la Duce too has j been satisfied will there be an end to the deadly struggle which in a Little More than a month a put half of France and substantially All of her Rich Industry in German hands at a Cost of untold casualties on both sides. Italy took a More Active part a in the War saturday by sending four Waves of bombing planes against the British naval base at Alexandria Egypt and also bombing Jib uti French Somaliland. Damage was described As slight. Both French and British Fleet compared to a Normal 60 test Taylor Mich better Florence Italy june 22 ins a Myron c. To Dor. Pre i Dent Roo eve a personal emissary to the Vatican who is ill no pc i a much , it ii cd. A Highway worker kills Bear with .22 Rifle Dow flying thunderhead which units of Ugilt Back and four ital rolled Oer the Sandia and Jemez Ian bombers were shot Down. Mountains saturday and held the the fetch humiliation before maximum to 85, three -1 pow,.r of Adolf Hitler w As graces below Friday High Mark Santa be j Bunnell High a to Santa be saturday with a 300-Pound Black Bear slain by a single .22 calibre Bullet. Bon Nail said he killed the Bruin when he a St approach no a Giop of children playing ii Muu Tou i of a juju a maximum to 85, three in the same old comping be o Van spilling their moisture on w skis where Germany the loser Jim the City shortly before la of clock then yielded to Frances mar worker came saturday night. Shal Foch on nov. La 1918. The weather Bureau reported j try but to dr3ld showers wire general Over tiie a a be historic moment of this new state and probably would can i armistice was put at 6 50 p. In. Iii it through sunday. Low for j , _ _ a the Day was Given As 63. Cooler weather was predicted for monday 9 50 a. In. Albuquerque time the signer for Germany was Pau Aumi a a Iii Tva i

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