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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Albuquerque, New Mexico Morning e d i t i o n 50th year in Muff of Aib a Metier of a Ortas de pre Good morning we re j rut wondering of them or rules whether Lindbergh will walk the floor or it for a plane ride Albuquerque n. M Oil Field worker killed at Hobbs George Ferguson a a a Quot taken in to custoijj1 to a Lis Bui gives i uis actions Graf Zeppelin runs wild but lands safely i big Airship Breaks away i from Hamburg Field leaving commander on ground he uses plane its a papa and mama now immediately removed to Raton jail Spe d night at Canon where Terecita a Home is located Man is states Star witness in arson Case pkg Lin. J in 52 with her i Puiu Letl her or a to Fie from la i Tburg the Firof to Fie us punday a Cir a at Rived Safe y it Ita Afcin Airfield after an eventful Etc Raloh to the great a apart. Ito n l fun Arn and Plain Haft it to fir1 Hiller were through jail Accident left on the Roult at i ii my ire thee and thirty a a i .�o"2er a fun a i d from the Airship when under Derr this involves robbery a burning of John Voun bunter s artist studio it to jul Artim. A a Princess involved Taos. N. M., june 22 apr having spent the night at Canon. Two Mil Gouth of of it Georg per it Guy on. Who walked out of j the county jail saturday Wail again taken into custody shortly before Neon sunday when Hwa lighted t sauntering hark into town. Ferguson la the state wine fur the robbery and a on in in Bleb i aunt. A a Prince ctr Evita Eroff i Ann of the Manby mystery j notoriety and a r common Law husband Carmel Duran Are charged with Tho looting i and burning of the John Youn Hunter artist studio. It lets her of off a a after eng i Btl and rapidly or of the Landing re i aboard. Of the officer by to in i miming Abow vain for into mum finished Toi in Celm Tion arrival of fit St passenger train will be celebrated saturday with governor Gold Spike l.000 persons Are expected to be there edified that line will open one of largest undeveloped agricultural regions extant a to in nil a it a so in win Peelier tending my forty Ltd la silk be i c n a a Cipfl mid in Shafter bad k in it i Iii r. Ray at Rahimi it it rho i the fit a i in meged attempt to flee arrest Lovington n. A. Lune 22 special a the laying of tra k of the Texa and new Mexico Railroad a c in Plet eel into Irvington at look clock sunday morning. Crowds get of people thronged Tomit the Cine a the sweat my negro chanted song liter completing the huge Hank it a i Covington Lay of re mining and much i a made of it. T a Little rout a a it Wilt i malty re to by it the i1 i i <1 a a tia Turda. The Gold blk will a f a a i nor fill while j Hirv Wal a my he Nile Fri famous flyer. Tea or Hurt land Bergh �1w� Sunder be earn the Parent of a hey. Then. A Horn. Of Ami alar Del a w. Morro. Of the. Son is born to Lindbergh sunday a Oon at Home of ambassador Morrow Grandfather in it it i eve font Happ Onod on 24th i birthday of former Anno parents Morrow returning 1 it Wall a ii Ina to till a huh i. A i i a it of i 1� i i s sir k a a a Bing # a i to i Luis Romero taken to Hospital with broken nose after being hit with policeman club t i Antony fully i a re nne rpm to do a fir bar no it a a Ewe flu a feet Thetie hat Era Al the been ent i Ever tee a re Ehwa. N or. A a turn a feb it i la it a Quot to Couch i. Idun off Elf la Tew. Rind a a a a i Newell a a a a Quot n a. To not a. End Mew j de he w my Row mine a t p., in or i la or la i thai a a i a a my a used a. I t Hon i Tater that an heir hand wee born it the my or be infer Katlun wee Folb Ming ther. Krum Ether Tourre cd a. However. It wee i earned the he Byi a Hornet is. I in the Happy stored details lacking i Parent we remotely sheltered j in the Houe of or. I attic he Rill rsm 1 Woop n j jul lf1 father. A were Wolf held. I i a a. Dele Ile of the i one Egle in in a Eon we born sunday to i Tir i Hgt Marr As were end i air n he had Eele Dot a be j s tried title. of Abr a adm a i a Chicago endurance flyers prone on past 262-hour Mark i ill i in recent a. Thed in ire loft f in in Public Hee been Era a be to or thine or of tire go Tho do the err a a a a hint to her mod he Clung to her Cue Totti for Pip Neny lax by due Huei and in Many of by. Flight v it Thor Lay he few ire thru to a it la re. Coni from ,. I f. Airport ten de heartier i. R Ltd to it it in it i him in tet re of a email Mono file be Over persevering cop gets Man who escaped Romulo Salazar refuses to admit Defrat after losing foot race with alleged prowler refuting to admit defeat after he had by. N outdo it r d hat inlay night a foot race with a Hon thief. Patrolman Romulo Alatar Ira i i Man Down Honda morning and or it to d Tom o Donnell ?i6 South Broadway. A the fugitive a charge of robbery was filed against him. O Donnell i charged us enter log the Home of a. A. Wiley Al lit fourth Avreet while or Wiley we a there. And stealing a Quant Ltd of riot Bing Halawa off duo. Raw a Man emerging from an Alley Al by with a bundle of clothe in Hiarm and order a him to bait of or questioning. The Man dropped the clothe and ran. Eluding Tho officer of leaping Over Rev Erat Fence. After his Ane sunday the Fuddle a id to hat Quot admitted in lug Tim in the Dolor ado Elal Penitentiary. Ile had hem her i Geek. A. Noting to i Torf. Relief Bill ions in Rise silts president measure comes up in Senate today administration leaders move to put Forward substitute. Ill buns up Dies before reaching Hospital in new Hobbs body thrown Twenty feet by explosion boiler is hurled 30 feet in air by blast Auto 75 feet from boilers demolished boiler House and platforms torn into kindling leg a re a a re fur a one to a flight rom Glendale c Allf i Loloa Al fluid n. Y. Caton i4#dbergh declared i Wolf did the greater part a of work on the flight Arling a Nail Lur and co Plim a Wall although there by l a u it Oiler i Rumor of la r Iper ted Blitz the firn def int indication to than two week Aga when bad Dot a Morrow wit abandoned her i Otth Oil a Riv lilt in behalf of her Hub had a a it Myrun Folh Natrul nomination in order Tadei Ole get attention to her daughter. Var i. Of mud a voted a no w Tork to it a pit a i wet can upon monday in the a mite met ant a run in taxes and Washington june 22 apr president Hoover sunday Star net that the vet Hobbs n. My a june 22 apr one of the exile a a the California no. I Tato Well blew up sunday afternoon killing Virgil Heath of Thi City fireman. Ilia body a thrown Twenty 1�?Teet by the explosion. He a unconscious when picked up by fellow worker and died before reaching the Hospital in new Hobbs two Miles away. Ii. Ii a waa turning Mart wat of into Thauwald holler of hat by of to tue when la Center on #plo4#d. The finding holler a a thrown thirty fret in the air and Llu feet from Ila a. The other two or a kidded Over three fret of the by. I Are the Boller Houa and platform w or torn into hindi to the Wood a a to Over a a Hundred foot Radula. An Auto la feet from the holier we Domol Lehew. Another let to a emf w a badly damaged. To wet located in dec ton 3 Loti in a being drilled Hrth bar Bam drilling company of Here to port la a a i to i la it �, Init i ,. Or sunday two month id do Pevgh Ehnry d with Traband a edit of a or a Lleti i a veral diva ago god to _ Piti equip mint and Auri of a nut Ramon leaders in the nuts Wop brought a a the Morrow ii to a of Nat Ltd immediately mos eur a,.m urn afer be ,. A of the j l up Forward a substitute birth Wolf a a l. New j a tip to him. The president made girl killed. Three injured when Auto crashes into Wall obtain d of a ird inform til d u in or l non and Throe i Lindy sends wire of congratulation to colonel Fierro i a a John a s grandson to be married t00ay to miss Mary Clark Zimin lands at Holbrook for night has t yet decided definitely on next Stop it e a bed i in say Lea y in a it is a it a in i. I Etti w lilt i id i i i Mth Cut s 11 i a a i of Milt a Lull a a i jul i i ebb Bergh flight la Gray a Fiji to a a u i d y Ord Tot in i Oil flawed up a i it to Lone Emlet is Shir to l Lite Lindbergh. I a Nat it a Reed a a it strict simplicity undoubted i it by. To i in a a fond i in win Mark raising of it u a Ai child it is said couple a a rred. Izev. Jus 31 Oia a it yer old girl i dead. A Yun Man i hot exp a la d to Hue and two Ether wer Touly in jut thin the malt bin in which they wer Riding i truck throne it 4# of Bridie Between Ren and truck to 2 o Elm k sunday morning. I 1�?~eirgy Jhn ton i dead Tun a Knight i not re needed to a. Margaret and Tom i Roo per a injured. I John id i Knight and Modem Looper attends Blanford 1�?~niyer i % their Home a ail in Reno. The four a a re returning from Dan e at link to a his at the Tim. Of i a Quot of to a i i a Btty. Or Largo a a a Den a a ibo to Tut i mid Molt he. Known i opposition to the Bill in a letter to senator Watson of Indiana the Republican Leader which Way i \ in out at the White hour she san ii not of ill t or injun a meant increased taxes but it Mon. Min a Kvan and i a uni Nui Utvic. Ihu i world War Veteran and a far More than they them 1 selves had asked. Life raft e. Hit rifts i a Rock Jet f i in wanted boy a Rio flight from Mill by de i a to a ital Art t i Mil a new a a re Tun to the i Gin t Kiel we of toe Terne h Iii end the daughter of still Meg Lay Wichita Pilot Dies when plane dives during air program w Reg Ita has. June St speeding at a id no it no hour a Poniti right a h in an us o t i. 11 a of in night. Atm that by a the from the in Miti wreck a a i ill. _ car is struck by train two a a \ women and another Man. The weather j members of party. Also re a Hajj f i i i n it led to ii that Maul a in t he Antoum in Gem Ltd a ceremony will Taim it to a a a Wii thur it h r i i i ilium Erm Iii. It. U i went of couple is burned to death in fall of plane at Toledo a and d u a a an la. I i in j a Jap ii to t i and or fur re 3 a a it oeuvre. Of death Hermit or air a i Airport i it i i it mrs a i d1 <11 us i j Dallas realtor shot Ano killed wife held 4 u Are a to ii to of him Titi i Iii i a .1 a t ii. A the it of Blin r B�-4 it Tnp v Loo it a i it i it \ i to id it tit it Charles Piatt and Albuquerque girl married. Bernalillo a i int to at Tern Jane full at to 4 Bur ii in flame Kenneth Atter of Al a Fjeld j a j. ,. Lot Nide a futile of to drag tit mfr la plan Huwa Hur it it <1 ii the attempt. In Detroit assured of election on recall . J n e i i i Phi of the City election Quot a ii. h it.4>�y a a 4 Cheek Tureff a the petition to ne1i of j or a i it a Row in they t a i a Ltd a a fur a of i a ered inter or Iii More Friend a or i in uni a i dont a a rib yet Quot family wild of la k of a t his a but # or Mhz ure a it a any fug or a the t near path i hold. The men. I i 0f a to or Way in a trl b hindu f re eur Iii Quot and in to the puddle Are in a. A a it no us oel us Bergh Ami the 24-, a a nun a or Rutle atm wit by aim purity re he even a Friend of the in night. A to King it Gnu die arut it have been mad his a babe. His Arr age hip it in thing May but a to be a imply reared child in a use in Quot 11. It ctn Iii Happy the i re a a b me in , a so i i ant spoke Over phone to a be Quot York entree log Mumm of line within the la one a in in i of Fere i a of id of those attending the too Erener t or i tided Secretary Melton. Senator it a director tune of the \ to Ere a Bureau. A ret Ary Hurley and Ruder Frettim of the Trcy a. H the three Oner Ary addition to Henaz or red. Armley Watson and sunday night to in an a to v a a Nhaisi Iliia would be Ali a it heres undo afternoon. Ray Ihm the Reed it. Re e Touhl be amp old Wichita plot. Offered to the a a a a monday to i r a a a hopeful by a Pic r to i a i. The plunged i i death when hut a. A la. Ma., Fri la rom a .111.-0 a lira by la i a a it j a a non. A a a. I Erie of i a a a a a la each a by it re pending to t Rrt ref banking i k get to i i t it ill a i i i if it. Us g i. A a met . Leader have. Died plane to a turn or the Nuh of re at. Taut us fur tuesday j the my. It the Senate approve the , Silt a i St i i it a by f a a family How a he n in Ber Geed de to Fri Etc. T Loose of urn of t ii it of the int be. A fled to Rini Eton i to ran v need pre Fop a it 43 i in r met a a a a i a a no on of 11, u t 41>.c meter it Ere married Jin ii., Tipo county court i up it in a a i ice of the peace or cot and or. Atli go Quot a rho Ivan xxx or a i Ticino ill Mak. To in k their Fem Stu edgy. I Alfin. Of a Sill r Ani test a. June i up. I a in in passenger end .sr a i let cot at not cd it Between tic Pacific i the hawaiian Latunda to hot it of Flono Luto w by b burped in the he re Oulu of it. A of tic do aug in lip company mid fund Anne i Quot Tien theft Vara. Meal a few to i. Re. And a to rat flu Tut rile tilt tide a that a Urru Odd Undberg Ainee the hip of utile flew it i id g Treen a Emu at Cuero i it of urn i. I ador Morrow at <1 lit it eth attended a re Iven at tha Home of in Inglewood race is made i Roe the birth of Eon waa Ald by be Auroe a Fig five queer suicide pact brings death to two f Rig an . June ii ta., non. Chars Tex Cne on. It l Herbert , 31, died sunday in what in i mid we a in merlot Aub the pact. I a Bodle a in found i the rear a a i of an automobile and a a bad i let int. The a or through a tube connected with the , to Eveleon a cd in a got Fout a n i body that or. of h. Struci in of a Ahu of a. D Ato hut tried in care anything happened i him. Dukes miners remain in tie in c. N. Loop after dropping Munday morning go no with Tea Madrid Miner by in y-4 count the Albudy Rupa. U i a. A tile Dale i Duke Cam Back in the afternoon Mil remove cd f in toe com Lam a a a a a to win by to to 4. With Bundu a d brought to u the. In that Emit the team. R. cd of it. Known dead in tic Witk no dad in cd for firer to Nan. Of the fishing to at Arnee la at me at the Ubiar. A r�?z1ml Day Natherine believe treated the tire by a a to i Ore two men victim Are yet to by a detail Ait be found on to counted for. Poi i jag. Shut will be considered a the Caricu. Of the acute to Valet not a the pending in a ure an a a Arlo Anjou my ent ii unlikely in Leas Veteran Relief legs Attu to def feed until be session Aioli i re estimating immediate in to of the it hate a a a ran a lie of Bill int 1102.0 a in. La a i Lent Hoover sold the or to 11. It program of the american a Gin. M i it Ray a d an out Fay of Enty annually. ,1>4t Raa i i Irlond to offer he a inc rim n i elicit Prog in of she Reed Aubell tute i Defeated. My vow bib. The a Merit on in Dor. Through it weekly bulletin but Lac or Quot cd it adoption of the wit ate Nica Aure body of sixteenth victim of Ameco s sinking recovered hint a of Onida Dalit. June 23 i i i the body of a Man Idem

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