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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - June 13, 1964, Albuquerque, New Mexico A-4 Albuquerque journal Albuquerque journal an Independent newspaper published by the journal publish log co. Silver Avenue at seventh Street Post office Box 1319 Albuquerque n. M. June 13, 1964 t. M Pupp kurday la p pick rus. I of in in Minteer Robert a. Brown publisher declined it. Editor retired. Editor associate editor a Bee riot Ion str. A roman Sod Bunly by in 40c per week 8 Nav Only v. Rier Uke per week by mull in new Mexico Sis of a year 75 to a month. Sunday Only 65c per month by mail outside of new Mexico 12.00 per month straight. Sunday Only 78c per month it right. Re Coio tries $7 50 per month. Mem Brof Hika ssi i ate >1 h ass also served by United press International the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All local news printed in this newspaper a Well is associated press news dispatches. Nations advertising representatives Moloney reran a Schmitt inc. Boston. Chicago Dallas Detroit i of an cites Miami new York Orange Philadelphia. San Francisco St louts. Audit Bureau of circulation Telephone All departments Chapel 7-3311 saturday j us is 1964 so r Anton takes plunge Pennsylvania gov. William Scranton a decision to oppose Arizona sen. Barry Coldwater for the presidential nomination promises to enliven things a bit at next months Republican convention. In the interim Scranton s eleventh hour move also May help Clear up some of the incredible confusion swirling about the cop leadership during the last few Days. Scranton himself has been a Conli uniter to that confusion. Scranton had said he seek the nomination but would accept it if drafted. Ile also indicated at one time he could in for the vice presidency on Goldwater a ticket and their views on issues weren to too far apart. But in announcing his candidacy Scranton Aid he wanted a to offer our party a Choice a and added a a it fur party is in danger. If we let an exclusion minded minority dominate our platform and choose our other bits of confusion a gov. George Romney of Michi Gan said head do everything in his Power to Stop Gold water but when former vice president Richard Nixon suggested that Romney go after the nomination Romney . Former president Eisenhower said he take part in a Stop Coldwater or Stop anybody move hut he has been nudging Scranton to get into the race. A Nixon once said Scranton would be a Good vice presidential candidate for Coldwater. Behind All this chaotic scrambling is the belief of some gof leaders that Goldwater a views an too conservative to win the important vote of the big Eastern and midwestern states which brings the last minute desperation candidacy of Scranton. Of r Flag the lamentable fact about Flag Day which this year is sunday is that so few americans will observe it. There was a time when nearly every family on the Block kept a Flag and proudly displayed it on such occasions. But now when we talk about a waving the Flag a the Phi ase has acquired the slightly derisive connotation of overzealous patriotism. Flag Days roots go Back to june l a 1777, when the second Continental Congress adopted a Resolution a resolved that the Flag of la United states he 13 stripes alternate red and White that the Union la 13 stars White in a Blue Field representing a new As time went on the admission of new states burdened the Emblem with the stripes representing them. S a Congress ordered that after july 4, i has the Flag should have 13 stripes symbolizing the 13 original states that the Union have 20 stars and that whenever a new state was a d in i 11 de a new Star should in add a to the Union on the Independence Day following its admission. The Flag acquired its 50th Star for Hawaii on july 4, 196g. Contrary to popular misconception. No a tar in old glory is officially identified with any state nor Are the colors symbolic. In the in at Seal of the United states however White stands for purity and innocence red for hardiness and valor Blue for vigilance i Reserve Ranee and Justice. Looking at the Flag in 1915 Woodrow Wilson saw a alternate stripes of Parchment upon which Are written the rights of Liberty and Justice and stripes of blood to vindicate those rights and then in the Corner a prediction of the Blue Serene into which every nation May swim which stands for these great the american people Are not concerned with polities in the Viet Nam crisis. They Are concerned with America itself and with the kind of chess game Washington government leaders Are playing with american service men As daily citizen Mobile Speake Asies have appeared in Mexico which makes it harder than Ever to answer the question a when were you you worm last night a a Windsor ont Star a Fri to Al Greer Strong Public opinion is developing in this country that our courts in protecting the rights of individuals Are sometimes going overboard and neglecting to protect the rights of society. It of if. Of. In a recent a s. Supreme c ourt decision a majority reversed the conviction of an alleged narcotic smuggler. The court majority held that some of the incriminating evidence was obtained by ii. S. Agents listening in on a Quot bugged Auto. Justice White in dissenting sharply said the decision would cripple Law enforcement and that a the notion that statements from the Mouth of the defendant should not be used in evidence would have a severe and unfortunate Impact upon the great bulk of criminal the court majority was thinking in terms of preventing self incrimination by the alleged narcotics smuggler while Justice White was thinking in terms of protecting society from criminals. Washington. I. C., police particularly have been severely handicapped in fighting crime because of a court decision that often prevents holding prime suspects Long enough to gather evidence for formal charges. It May be a Fine line Between protecting the rights of the individuals As against the rights of society. Whose rights Are Paramount the question is interestingly discussed by judge John f. Scileppi of the new York court of appeals. In beginning his discussion he said a i am aware that anything i say May he held against me hut i am willing to waive All immunity and i do. All judicial decisions of course Are a product of the mind and because the human mind is fallible the risk of human error is Ever present in the work of All judges. We find increasing Public concern Over the mounting crime rate in our society Over the decline of Law Aud order and growing Defiance of Law. If if if a what i am suggesting is that we can no longer afford to coddle the guilty in dealing with those who have been convicted of serious crime a that we must resort to sterner measures in treatment of the convicted Minim also the killer the rapist the robber the professional Gambler the drug Pusher and the like. We owe this to the Public. Daniel Webster said a the Law is made to protect the innocent by punishing the so if we Are to meet the Challenge of crime we must adopt and employ a get Tough policy toward crime and criminals in meting out punishment. I do not think As judges we should reach out and make Fine distinctions in interpretation of our Laws for the purpose of giving greater Protection to the guilty at the expense of the innocent victims of crime and society in # the judge s reasoning Here recalls an opinion years ago by judge Furman of Oklahoma a High court of appeals. It wiped out technical faults and brought a famed opinion entitled a harmless error which at the time was widely quoted. It was an opinion based on the reasoning that society should not be penalized because of harmless errors. A a a continues judge Scileppi a the criminal already has adequate Protection a defined by the Constitution and by court decisions without the necessity for straining and bending Over backward to give Hun added Protection. I think it is time to give some thought to the rights of decent Law abiding people who make up the bulk of our society. One such area is that involving searches and seizures. The Constitution bars Only unreasonable searches and seizures not nil searches and seizures. Courts therefore should not be Swift to suppress evidence if it can reasonably be sustained by a realistic interpretation and application of the if if if our supreme court has shown a Strong tendency to stress individual rights As against the Contention of critics that the rights of society Are being submerged. There ought to be a Middleon therond formula. Certainly the crime situation is getting out of hand and too Many dangerous criminals Are going free on technicalities. If if a judge Scileppi makes a Strong Case for proper Protection of the rights of society St a time when crime threatens to undermine our society with grave consequences Potomac fever by Jack Hilson Washington a congressmen say i the California primary showed we j need changes in the election Laws. They want to outlaw the pollsters because they were wrong a and the computers because they were right. Republicans who Are up for election this fail dread having Coldwater head the ticket. They done to like his clothes a weak coat tails. Governor Romney a attack on Gold a water raises a question of interest to traffic safety experts what Hap i pens when a rambler runs into a former gov. Robert Meyner is picked As administrator of the cig Aret advertising code Short title tar Czar. Question of weather forecasters Arentt pessimists Why do they always say a partly Cloudy instead of a partly sunny a fickle legislators two counties names were changed briefly by Bill Hesch d. R. Burnham of Tucumcari challenges a bit of new Mexico history contained in news items about a proposal to Swap Bernalillo for Kennedy As the name of this county. He writes a twice in the past two Days you have carried statement in journal that last county change in new Mexico was in 1923, when Washington was changed to Quay county. A this is incorrect. Harding county was carved out of Quay Union and san miguel9 in 1920, i think. A think you should Check this Correct the error. Do not know when Quay was first named or recall if it previously was Washington county hut it was not in 1923. Must have been much earlier. A old mat Quay the. Politician of Pennsylvania was inspiration of our county but no one seems to know the office Law books show or. Burnham is both right and wrong about the dates. A a compiler a notes under Sec. 15-20-1, article 20, compilation of 1953, gives this information Quot the county of Quay was originally t related in 1903 by Laws 1903, cd. 8 from the counties of Guadalupe and so Burnham is Correct about Quay getting its name a much earlier than 1923. But a sketches by bin blk Klohs How you translate that Twenty years later in 1923 to he specific a that county s name was changed twice so quickly that probably nobody realized what was going on. For instance the 1923 legislature passed chapter 141 which said in part a the present county of Quay is hereby abolished and there is hereby created the county of chapter 141 went on to detail the Legal boundaries of the county. Rut hardly was the Ink dry on that measure when the same 1923 legislature enacted chapter 150 which reads As follows a the name of Washington county heretofore created is hereby changed to Quay san Miguel county got the same treatment from the same legislature. Its name was changed to Honor another u. S. President and for a very Short while it was Jefferson county. But the fickle 1923 legislature soon afterwards restored the name san Miguel. In the Quay county Case it is interesting to speculate whether mat Quay a the Pennsylvania politician mentioned by Burnham a might have had any influence on the Quick name switches. Meantime an Albuquerque evident plans to push his Campaign to change this county a name to Kennedy despite a flurry of Early opposition. The matter of honouring the late president Kennedy already has been answered adequately it would add no particular Luster to the martyred chief executive to tack his name on one More county Bridge Street building or anything else. A disturbing Prospect is that of a Campaign succeeds in changing one of our historic names might this not Lead to further tampering with other if Bernalillo is hard to spell for new arrivals hereabouts the same can be said of Albuquerque. Somehow there just Isnit any Appeal in such names As John Burgh Fitzpatrick town or Kennedyville As substitutes for the City a ancient i Moniker. 1 a a a a a a a a ii i a a a a a a. Nation s press impatient wait if and when the Freedom fighters inside Cuba succeed in setting up a j revolutionary government on the is i land we and other foreign countries would be within our rights to Raco j Nize it and to convert our moral sup j port into military and economic Aid. The liberation of Cuba would then be at hand. The hemisphere Waits impatiently for that memorable Day. A new York Herald Tribune a Flag of peace so it Waves above us. Flag of the Brave and free. Each Atar upon its Field of Blue. Gives Hope in things to be. Red and White stripes fluttering. In the gentle Breeze. Have the magic Power. To put our hearts at ease. This Banner is More than a Flag. It is the Symbol of. All the worthwhile things about. This Sweet land we love. Our Flag was born of suffering. ,. Hard work and Faith untold ,. These make our Flag a treasure. We re proud to have and hold. So it Waves above us. I Pray it always will. Be an instrument of peace. A Promise to fulfil. The country Parson for better health by c. A. Dean . Q a i have a chronic sinus condition and to treat it i use a swab dipped in Merthi Olate. It seems to help. What do you think of this can i harm myself a mrs. . A the nasal membranes Are very delicate and susceptible to injury from minor irritations. I think your practice could Lead to chronic damage and so i would advise discontinuing it. There Are other and better forms of therapy for sinusitis including various nose drops sprays and Oral medication. Menu fact 8jraea to old events recalled background of the news. By Holmes Alexander Ltd a i am 67 and having a lot of trouble with urination. I think my prostate j gland must be greatly enlarged and May be causing this condition. I have heard other men talk about this and state that there is a natural treatment which will cure it. Do you know of any natural treatment which will make the gland smaller a . A the Only cure for an Eniasi ged prostate gland i. E. One Large enough to produce obstruction of urinary flow is an operation. There is no other effective treatment a natural Quot or otherwise. I presume by natural you Are referring to some Type of medication. There is no Medicine presently available which will shrink the prostate gland. 20 years ago los pol adores Alegres group sponsored by the Coronado Lodge no. 37, Alianza hispano americana is sponsoring a costume dance thursday night intended to revive old time new Mexico dances. Costumes will be in the Pioneer and colonial new mexican spirit. Dancers will be awarded prizes by couples for the Varso Viana Schot Tische polka Valse and the More distinctly new mexican la Cuna Vaque Rita la Camilla and Schotte. Latin Amarie a influences will be introduced with the Rumba tango and Bolero. The party w ill be at 8 at the Buckhorn dance Hall this state will get $6,542,-000 annually for Federal High Way construction under terms of a Post War Highway Bill which has just been approved by the House roads committee. It. Jack met Manus user left Albuquerque monday to report for duty at the san Diego naval air station. 50 years ago headline Curry county official books a sorry mess travelling auditors rep Ort shows pretty nearly everything is wrong Gross extravagance charged. Taos a Taos is assuming metropolitan airs and now the hotel is lighted by electricity from storage batteries. Warden John b. Mcmanus of the new Mexico state Penitentiary arrived Here last night from Santa be to inspect the convict Camp on the Albuquerque Isleta Road. A a million bid is the most famous motion Pic Ture in the world. It is a 5-reel Vita graph classic adapted from the Drums Quot a neg a and produced with a cast of Vita graph stars. Anita Stewart plays the leading role and her work Stamps her As one of the Foremost photoplay artists of the universe. Her chief support consists of such eminent i tag Raphers As Harry Morey Julia Swayne Gordon Charles Kent and Gladden James. Brain game co part a �?T64. King Kev turn syndic i Frances King Louis Xiv is honoured in which state name9 2. The Queen of England s King Charles i is honoured in which state name 3 the latin form of Charles i gave name to which two states 4. Sir William Raleigh a Honor for England a Elizabeth i led to which state names 5 the latin form of which state originally was Nova ? 6 which state name derives from the double title of an English Duke 7, an English King of 1732 led to naming which state 8 the latin term for Mountain is in which two state Ltd a i am 67, have diabetes and High blood pressure. About two years ago i first noted pain in my right leg thigh and foot especially when i walked any distance. Soon As i Stop the pain disappears. My doctor says it is due to poor circulation due to some arteriosclerosis. Is there anything i can do for it a . Military education Washington in a week of travelling along the education circuit which trains pilots and technicians for naval aviation the reporter looks for reasons Why our military society handler american youth so much bettor than our civilian sector does and these factors can be documented despite some political lip service in the upper echelons Early successful because i t the Navy frankly regards its makes use of instructors in Soi Ial Structure As aristocrat Stead of teachers. The Navy tic. Not democratic. Speaking instructors Are Petty officers recently at Vanderbilt uni who come in from the Fleety or vase ?,t the verify Navy Captain j. A Tor three years of Shore duty t my High blood pres Masterson who a in charge of with the a families. They Are sore should help. Medication 15.000 technical trainees a experts who have b e e n a do late the arteries in the year described his service As through the Mill themselves. Be May Alj it a he a in some a an aristocratic Tiona where a a we segregation a not according Atlon which Young men a to race Creed or color but was hav loj a it a a a a a actor Dong to rank rate and or men who have made r00d-capabilities.�?� 1� addition the Navy seems these of course Are the never to let up on the 8tress specifications of the entire Tor Quot leadership a so that these american society not just the instructors have Many incan Navy but Navy educators lives in Pav promotion and say so a and civilian Educa Security benefits to make tors done to. In Short the pub Good. Lie an i Industrial educational at a time when the civilian systems Start off by telling a education is on the rocks and loud lie to the students and president Johnson a War on it s no wonder we have to poverty is cranking up for a much social rot. Massive Effort at i a your symptom is very typical of poor circulation. In their relationship with t h e c38 an operation is useful rests on the Admir 80 i bunk a vascular surgeon organize. Still have runes action which should be no suited to explore this possibility. My answer by Billy Graham is there anything in the Bible about people a a sponging on other people w. S. Yes in ii thessalonians 3 10, la 12. Paul Whites training a for even when we were with the military services take High school drop outs and oth you this we commanded you far More religious and Spirer mixed up youths the Mili that u any Wou not Wor ritual responsibility for their try service ought to make a trainees than Ever happens in the Best possible How to do it neither should he eat. For we the civilian Economy. About models. Hear that there Are some half the states Are so afraid it May be that the same which walk among you Dis of religious tyranny that they officers and men methods orderly working not at All have curtailed Public worship and machine which keep the but a Busy bodies now in the schools and the us foreign enemy at Bay can be them that Are Surh of com pre me court has outlawed used to subdue this deadly school time worship As a a enemy tonal practice. Us Throat at Home. Mand and exhort by our lord by of social disc it Gra Jesus Christ that with quiet a us nem Tivey work it and eat their Day i do not know the character or extent of the a a sponging to which you refer is taking place but the Bible a himself provide is a poor a portuguese whose Wallet testimony to his Faith. If the containing $32 was stolen question is not Clear i would three years ago has just got advise to always err on the ten it Back with the dough Side of generosity and help to intact. What no interest others. A worry is what we do when there s something wrong which we done to intend to names answers 1. La. 2, my. 3 n a and s c 4. A. And w. A. 5. N j. 6. . From Duke of York and Albany 7. A 8. Mont. And it. I know of no private com Pany which encourages re problem a pious observation among employees or trainees. But at the an irregularly shaped plot Pensacola naval air station of Gilt a und is bounded by foul makes it Plain that each is the Young officers and cadets straight sides. One Side 148 the Best of his Are marched to c h a p e i on ept la of bes parallel to the ability to provide for the Nec sundays. I heard of an in a ppm site Side which it 174 Esai ties of life. At the same stance when three Young men these two Side it to my it Jug the duty of the declined to attend Chapel be a a a la feet apart what is the Christian to help others in cause they were agnostics. Lieu 118 jul l f ground. Need a especially to the House their commander told them answer 21,735 Square feet bold of that As officers they had this is a trapezoid and the there is not More effective responsibility for the spiritual area is determined by divid it it be for Christ than for us Well being of their troops and tug the sum of the two Par to show a concern for the Crew members. The next Sun Alm sides by 2, and multiply needs of others. On the other Day the doubters marched in the result by the distance hand for a Christian to look to Chapel. At the Memphis = do let a them. J to others for things he should technical training station j there is no compulsory religious observation. But there Are la chapels on the base. A chaplain attends every Quot Mast Quot court martial hearing and offers help to the miscreants. The military educators although dealing with Large Stu a Dent bodies who attend Cours i is which last Only a matter i of weeks or months give far More personal attention to their charges than school principals College Deans or Industrial personnel officers j i have a form letter which j the Navy course commander writes to the parents of every Tralee the letter contains a photograph of the youth in his uniform mentions him by name and is personally signed. It is More than a polite formality. The officer w Arns the parents that two Pitfalls alcohol and the automobile a Yawn to engulf their precious offspring. Both i liquor and cars Are discouraged in military training and punishments for abuse lire dire. Try and Stop me by Bennett Cerf this Friendly forthright letter to the parents draws Many appreciative replies from the Home folks it often establishes a Liaison Between educator and Parent which we rarely think of As part of the military concept military education is Singu it Man the Milwaukee Breves came up with a Fin no Catcher named Torre a Stream of puns by the sport writers began at once. Most horrendous concerned an oct Sion when a runner came a teaming into Home plate with his spikes flying and Torre allegedly backed away and failed to tag him. The manager came storming from the dugout to holler a what s the matter Are you Chicken. Catcher tone a a a a personable minister turned in his resignation to a prosperous pastorate in the South explaining later a there were St girls. Widows and old maids there All determined to marry me1&Quot a but Don t you know a asked a Friend a that there la Auppl to be safety in numbers a not for me a smiled the minister. A i found min in exod a a a an impetuous Young Man deliberately threw three pain Trou Aera into the Furnace one sunday then told i wife a longer can you accuse me of being a stick in the unveil to take a Chance. I have just burned my breeches behind me copyright i be by a nut to ctr. To Novua by fee return a it a j

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