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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1974, Page 4

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Albuquerque, New Mexico \ 2 m Higl Hgt h Jih k v i oui it Iii v a j Iii it a a a a i a journal photo or Harold Agnew. Rep. Manuel Lujan and vice president Ford scientists beef officials on scylla project Ford pushes support for a new federalism Contin red from Al the evidence is that the preside is innocent of any other jape Chable offence including con it racy in the watergate coverup is ked at a news conference in Albuquerque if that included the question of whether the president acquiesced in hush Money payments to watergate defendants Ford do of c nurse i think the evidence As a whole a the new evidence As Well As the old evidence a clearly exonerates the president in the break in in any itt r milk fund impeachable offence Quot f re did not Boid any news conferences a los Alamos or Bere i Uesry r. And answer session a Quot re a Orch orc the de ten Star right cat a of Nicaud imposing Nucie an to ants there Are sate a and will re safer a nuclear Power plants a re pc vein pm Ern the Energy question was raised by of gov John Wbrown of Ohio and in response Ford praised americans f r their voluntary efforts in reducing the use of gasoline and fuel Oil. A we must press in the Field of Energy production a Ford said a by expanding Gas and Oil explorations research and development in geothermal Energy and clean use of on inflation the topic raised by it gov. James b. Hunt of North Carolina Ford said a we have to come up Aith something that will be reassuring that via indicate to the american people that there is a plan to fight inflation. The president i think in a week or so. Will a let Forth these making it Clear he was not indicating what the presidents announcement will be Ford said he Hopes a the Federal Reserve Board will not keep the Money Supply and interest rates under the present Tough control for very Long a is and the vice president said a we have Learned the lesson that wage once controls will not work. I Hope Congress will not reimpose these to reduce inflation. Ford said a it Means a sacrifice from Federal agencies and at the state and local Levels. The answer is for labor not to ask too much for management not to give too much and for the Federal and local governments to curb spending. A if we can show a Little restraint and a Little self sacrifice i think we can the vice president assured the lieutenant governors however that there will be no cuts in Revenue sharing by a which state and local governments receive Block Grants of Federal Ford told the lieutenant governors Quot the Power of the Federal government has been growing in inverse proportion to the declining authority of the state capitols. This rapidly growing Hegemony of Federal Power he claimed reached its Apex in the mid-1960s a the proliferation of Federal categorical Grant in Aid programs threatened to turn state capitols into regional offices of the Federal executive Branch s mushrooming departments and agencies Ford said of the successful Effort to get passage of Revenue sharing a we have done much in the last five years to turn that trend around. We have tried to reverse the direction of the Power flow from Washington Back to the local and then in the Only apparent reference to watergate in his speech Ford said a but achievements have been obscured by unrelated controversies in Washington that have occupied National to a question from it. Gov. Blair Lee of Maryland Ford said a certain lobby groups Are trying in Washington to a kill or cripple the Revenue sharing plan he named a Federal government employee organizations who have a future in justifications of a growing Federal bureaucracy Quot and a Trade associations. �?�8 at los Alamos Ford who was accompanied from Washington by new Mexico a two congressmen Republican Manuel Lujan and Democrat Harold Runnels was briefed on classified nuclear and weapons projects by last director Harold Agnew and his staff. Ford and his party were joined at los Alamos by dec chairman Dixy Lee Ray and dec member William Kne Gaman. The news Media with Ford at last was excluded when he was briefed by Agnew on atom weapons by or. C. Paul Robinson on lasers and geothermal Energy by Mort c. Smith. City officers Hurt in crash three off duty City police of flyers on their Way Home rom work were slightly injured Friday when the Ruck in which they were iding flipped Over after collecting with another truck at he intersection of Marinette and Omaha be police the Driver of the other truck who was not identified was uninjured officers said. The officers were driving East on Marquette police said. Officers John Maruffi Robert Steffenhagen and Albert Tetreault were treat a for lacerations and bruises at Lovelace Bataan medial Center and released it Resauit also suffered a i located shoulder police Aid. For re bars re mesh Call National Steil co. 344-38 Energy observer lauds states by Bill Feather Santa be i apr the nation s lieutenant Gover nors were told Friday that common sense leadership at the stare and local lev Els brought the nation through the crucial stage of the Energy crisis this year or Frederick t Sparrow Deputy director for the a Lineal science foundation. Was a speaker on a Power and Energy As the National conference of lieutenant governors met in the Senate chamber of the new Mexico Capitol the discussion followed a speech in the Senate chamber by vice president Gerald Ford both the lieutenant Rover nors and Ford earlier Friday visited the a its Alamos scientific Laboratory but at different locations the lieutenant governors travelling in three buses from the annual meeting Headquarters in Albuquerque made a whirlwind tour of the Clinton f Anderson Meson physics facility a s100 million research operation at i Ais Alamos the lieutenant governors had a hurried Box lunch there then boarded their buses again for the trip to Santa be tfx As it. Gov. William f Hobby presided Over the business session on Power and Energy Quot the Lack of sufficient accurate Datea in usable form for recent years plagues the Effort a Hobby said a the conflicting Testi to v by technical experts confounds legislators and officials trained in Law ans policy who always assumed scientific knowledge was a constant Factor that could be considered As stable in the matrix of policy formulation Quot Hobby said the overwhelming Impact on employment prices taxes the environment and other considerations affecting the entire population makes it hard to move Forward in one Sens without moving Back Ward in another but Hobby said a Gover norms Energy advisory Voun Cli has been formed in Tex As its members include the Heads of major state agencies involved in Energy use production and regulation along with legislative leaders and private representatives of Industry con sinner and environmental groups the first thing Dom by the Council was to Hammer out a comprehensive pro Gram for data gathering and analysis. Hobby said next the Council will move from analysis to synthesis he said or Sparrow told the lieutenant governors that As the Energy crisis developed there was a program needed at the state level to fill the Gap Between the Start of the crisis and the time the Feder Al government was Able to know what it was doing a if it had t been for your common sense at the state and local Levels i think we would still he waiting in queues for gasoline Quot or Sparrow said gop says democratic help illegal Washington Iti a Republican National committee report has charged that four democratic candidates failed to report at least $88,000 Worth of Campaign assistance provided by or ganged labor in their special congressional elections this year the report said this assistance was provided Quot in kind a Aid paid for out of Union funds As opposed to direct Cash contributions a and included free computer time voter registration and get out the vote drives Telephone Banks paid staff time and mailings to Union members. A memorandum accompanying the report said this Type of Union activity was illegal a Point the unions dispute. Quot what it really amounted to was a colossal Effort in behalf of democratic candidates by the Union Hierarchy to assure the Republican loss of special the report which resulted from a secret month Long gop investigation. Democratic candidates w to won House seats in the elections included John Murtha of Pennsylvania. Richard Vander Ceen and Robert treader of Michigan and Tom Luken of Ohio a draft copy of the report was made available to up by a highly placed Republican party official the committee itself later issued a statement conceding that a pm depth surveys Quot were conducted on the four special elections but saving Quot no inferences whatsoever were drawn As to the legality or illegality of any Campaign activities Byr unions a or the candidates a memorandum accompanying the report however said the 1971 Campaign Reform act a makes it illegal for unions to spend Union funds for candidate for Federal office. The unions have Long contended that the Law allow them to work among their own members for the election of congressional candidates the report said in kind Quot contributions to Murtha totalled More than $40,000, nearly double his Cash gifts of $25,450 from 32 unions. I t said that Trexler got si8,986 in services paid for by labor that Vander Veen received Sio,949 Worth of a in kind Aid judge Robins resigns position by Janelle Stamper municipal court judge Karry Robins Friday resigned his position As presiding judge Over the court citing a a Lack of cooperation Quot from his associates and a feeling that the Post would require a too much time away from judicial duties As his reasons the Surprise action came at a meeting of Robins and the other municipal judges a Frederick Mowrer Paul demos and John e Brown a held in the court offices Robins who won re election to another term As municipal judge in the May ? City elections was elected presiding judge by the other judges Only two weeks ago fridays action was followed by a Brief press release from Robins stating that in his opinion the presiding judge Cost is a mostly administrative and will require too much tune away from my judicial duties a Robins pledged to fully support the new presiding judge. Paul demos who was elected after Robins announcement Friday but declined to elaborate on the for Urf ignation his statement contained High Praise for mayor Harry Kinney and members of the City Council who have taken definite Steps to recognize the City courts As a Complete and equally important third Branch of government but also stated that Robins was a unable in the past two weeks that i have been presiding judge to get co opera Hon from my associates Quot reliable sources have told the journal that the resignation is an indication of deeper antagonisms within the court a copy of the resignation letter Robins submitted to the other judges obtained by the journal states that unspecified Quot actions of the other judges Quot combined with a a Lack of cooperation and the personal attack by members of the court upon me Robins a led to the resignation decision. A this letter was written before the Friday july 12 meeting of the judges but from my experience of the two weeks i was presiding judge and the action of the other judges i can see nothing but troubles ahead. The letter states. Mowrer and demos both declined to comment on the letter wild no. Sources have told the journal that Robins resignation came As a suprise to the other judges and that the judges were not in favor of the action the journal has also i Learned that the election of Robins As presiding judge was preceded by a slightly heated judges meeting and differing opinions As to the role the presiding judge whoever he be would have As a spokesman for the courts needs with the City administration. Inch of rain Falls be height about one Inch of rain fell in the northeastern portion of the City police were alerted to ready Sand hags arum Power was off in portions of the City As a thunderstorm hit Albuquerque Early Friday evening the official weather Bureau record for 6 pm was 03 inches but a total of i 12 inches was gauged at 1824 Carol be and an even one Inch fell on 120o Field be areas in the South Valley registered a Quot Trace while the North Valley station at 306 Tyler Nav totalled of inches of ram. Frank Eldred meter Ogist and forecast ter for the National weather service stated that the Clouds had apparent a moved in from the Northeast along with lightning and Thunder the news in Albuquerque reported Only 19 or an Inch the Albuquerque police dept received Calls for ind Albuquerque Man acquitted of murder a Man who claimed he shot another person during a fight at a local bar in self defense was found innocent of murder by a county District court jury Friday Tim John Newton 33, of is Dennison so was tried f o r t h e d e a t h o f Ai be r t d Angeles 2�?T, of 2525 Sierra be questioned by asst Dis atty Tom Mescal Fred Chavez owner of Michael a bar 4100 Menaul be stated that a fight apparently began Over a Pool game Between the men. Chavez said Angeles began hitting Newton after the defendant cursed at him the men fell on the floor while fighting. Chavez said and he pulled them apart and took Angeles across the room Newton came from behind Hun. Chavez said and shot Angeles. Newton however testified that the fight had occurred but that at the time he shot Angeles had picked up a Bot tit from the bar and a coming toward him defense attorney Leon Taylor brought out testimony from Newton that Angeles had a stomped on my face Quot and Quot started slamming my head on the Concrete floor before the shooting bags Early fruity night and w is awaiting the go ahead from officials Quot any time the East has one or More Inch it will fill the dry Arroyo and cause a tier to come up to the curbs it s not really a threat like it was by fore Eldred said no official Flash flood warnings were being released yet. Eldred said but stated that storms were going on Between Albuquerque and Raton. Santa be Reg tired h inches of ram while truth or consequence totalled 2 inches the Only other places to have registered rainfall on Friday evening were Cloudcroft with 22 inches and red River with 05 inches the sheriffs department received complaints from South Valley residents that Power lines were Down in Var toils portions of the urea no lightning caused fires were reported by Early Friday evening at East two areas were it it of Power in the Northeast Heights in the East Edge area and near Candelaria Bud Mulcock manager of Public relations if the Public service co said that la a problem areas had been reported Crews were being gathered Mulcock said to repair the damages but no other information was available officials said the area from Indian school on the North to Copper on the South. Juan Tai on the West and Tramway on the East was tin major area acre electric services went off approximately 1000 customers were affected officials said after lightning struck an it Rester classified ads get results Albuquerque journal of drawer j seventh amp Sliver so Albuquerque n m 871 of phone 842 2.300 file Wahnung sold a by Carrier 75c per sunday Only by earner 2st Par wet by Mau in sew morning and sunday id cd per a a too or month sunday Only j17 5q per year i 50 per Moth by via out tide of new Mexico morning and sunday 142 of per year i. So per non the foreign country rate upon request ail mad Tubac Ruona Are payable in Advance Onur Teand or w. A a ode 10c per copy lady pm copy sunday second can cottage paid Ai a by Jura be and additional mailing of served by the Avo stated Hen and United Bren in Erna Nonal National adverting Hep Branham Malone inc member of a it Iii Bureau of circuit two 38.70 per to. 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