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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 4

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Albuquerque, New Mexico A 4albuquerque journal j Anc Ary 23, 11 61 Stevenson May Moo taken company offers a a a face in debate fro a pro Ter to buy Stock Ute ibis week near rot ted a i in or loft to finn it it lol i d nce Saturn it tin Cut a r la Xci in ate Fri r grounds report is Rabb d of an est j me a near i when the Den or showed us ii Al Chai a com Dis in Al to i deaths and funerals from nine to five of to a scan k Hott Fri a. T in t of i i e Ai x secret i Kcf ill 4 a1 -4 no in in the Fine id Ian for a id l Londt in w Ion a d to a a City airman j i. A 7 x a i i / a turn off thai to Hamlet of Offir Force Hanne in lunch four limit ill Rad a credit Union names officers May on Kemp Carlos Salazar Ani John alias wore a elect cd to two Var Termi Ai dire a a recent hepatitis outbreak How a under control from the journal Tanta fat Bureau s Anta Fettic late or Aith i director sunday night said a recent hepatitis outbreak in the Ambrosia Lake area ii tinder i control and praised Grants area doctors for their help. Or Stanley j. Leland said in the last three and one half p 1000 ners in to or. Be is no Eta la t id the Perfi Cpl pre a ease i f a reamed session noted California gop committee woman Dies Long reach. Ca it Tiai Mer. Item the e or e he conf and n last see a it la the and the a Arma Rind a i Peen turn Rich at the a a ate looking toilets is of mrs bars an and have in it said Amman and to his band had i Telemon has smelt 9 . Curved abort y pm f Rush of some expert the the United nations. Riv at the in organizing Money when a men Wert unable act info in London in Crown a in 0? i then at the Assembly of 1946 and 1947. He is de with Rock met e Rob. A sheriffs de a a a a a 3___ it in san Francis. It preparatory commis Crown. Unt or to at in an c to quiet the mob has asked that the se-1 London was taken h Council resume Congo. R pc a Protection. Were Sun int Pollee control the officers a it gun Load he re and is s a me in Ber of Ftp a a / the Sandoval county red Cross activities. So will de hit i to %cjt4 iwo Ufah Teyf try 1944 crop convention liver a me. A i. E from the to id Leif j Vattie 3 i or Ift i. Airt i liar to Esco. Y irs. Van Dew iter Alec i i red Cross at one of the was Fin t per it. Lent of Campal n planning sessions. J my Katy a41 i met my if net St court ii of re or Burtham presently Isaar j Irvi m ill i to women and held the Post for attending Pilot club meet m4 Sim aloft to was the w i j 0 Vav of Ings in Chicago i and a Tonga. I pouted r intr i Charles Beach r f. Van de wat eel estate and ii of when a strange cow is Intro a i mtg a Wui Ini it i a it Bapt lit churn a la Tkv 11int# ate and m my Man Al led in an Autner. Obil seduced into a Dairy Herd milk c i Dent in 1920 just i nit it it product inn Rev fall of and t ted i Tiki d Bishop Dies Berlin f Rehb Lyshoj Heinrich Slenken 77, it Tufti hic p of Tho roman fathom diocese of or Essen in East get Many died saturday nigh after Long illness Church a to cities announced. Now life insurance birth to age to first 30 Day omit 25< per policy Cue rot Rev Nih Imam a two Imo a Mck to Tous Moul Rimrodt Mctory off. A a a a the j r a it a p. N a of a�4 r in. Pro -. A in. Your regular rat limn am pow amounts equally issued is Shnal Dor tor a amt nation so re a of at amount Silt it no 4 re a at a he. Is is is is in be poo 1, print full Nam Sud address g. Date of Mhz. 2s. Nearest att 2, height la. W eight 4. Occupation and duties ii use to it beneficiary and relationship 7. To rout knowledge have Ami had Hest lung. Diabetes. Sneer or chronic it amass ars you do. Formed or lost a hand. Foot it or East rejected for insurance h. Tats condition of your health w hat illness in psst it years 0. Amount desired sign your nos no a Agi Quot it will Call actual policy sell be a led yes d a or it ill Neof a you to Tho Lodge mag in a r hits. Resident loin tis in i ice Cist talmud co a in Imri us ids isms la a a ass i w Aarset Feresa 2iisl off lev Roo a top the civic auditorium. The old Tom Haces eviction i Arab Republic. The cd in stiffed Singer arrived but his t t t. I in wart the United nations Ard was delayed by the he a l or tyi in i nm/5 i to i la i i get deposed Premier tax own hat night. London had i i us 11 i i i i in Iii i Jil a. A nor a Komsi rho Marvu har Ceylon Ghana Guinea. Lib a. Mali Morocco and the United or to gel deposed Trice Lumumba out of prison 9omc with the crowd and put him Back in Power. That a a while Quot Anding Quot n a ask for debate mane seventy six year old in they decided at Casablanca a a a Samps no f a to ask for a Council de 15 Whittier cub scouts a a r a a o f i a Vav the delegations Are sex a dad a wart for the holidays in the outa petted to Confer today and if a arcs Mccu Nanius Gamin county jail faces the decide to pres for imme fifteen members of Whittier evict cd Aga n Des in i i Diate debate the Cound Proba cub scout pack 284 received that his new friends can do Cly will meet late this week awards at the january meet for him. Stevenson told the Senate my. When authorities were foreign committee the honors were presented terming Down a hoi or. A wednesday the United nations to the v cd before Christu As a re Quot thoroughly anti toui itar Ronald Shields Bobcat they of a my old Tom Hud car. He sail Hammarskjold award Steve Singleton Earl died in a Shack. Mur Cir a1 was trying to fill the vacuum of Kinney and Robinson judge Oscar j. Schmie a w and order in the Congo and Wolf Tom Taylor Dennis my to the ancient s St by he brought him a under Leakey. Randy White Wolf it h i plight a id gave in remitting attack from those Gold Arrow Donald , technical vagrancy sent a who see Rpp Cartun to in Wolf Silver Arrow Kenneth until Jan. 2 a for sooner if he so when the Council meets. Shields and David Bundy Bear wants to leave a Al n with id cd to to. Pat it a i Ai j lit up to ii nun monday and it of old Tom will a however jailers Erin and waiter Osier and others have started cling a fund to buy old a years stay at a City ing Home. The Cost is i i in a a try i at arps v a a t to get to i re a. A a a a Ftp mfg Aernt a h i a. 1.1 a i. Of a of a at the Hap if i 71 Tarma a Rara cry that i follow. To Nung Thorb la a a Ibeh in Bergh in of 1,8 Persona a employers of the Puhi Ishino company the Tribune and the journal and the r Lamitie a Anc Vear end assets of $41,596.50 the Union is now in its 26tb year of operation. A 6 per Rem to shareholders a declared earlier this month. Burned s i set Imil Aji Quot a / or twi Jet is p t pc Ava Sesic Chii �?T-3 i it Puirtt a i it i a a it i ii Iii a. A Quot a a tint a a or i i it ii. , Ana Iree Tut at Roux cycgisr75 whether you need a few dollars or a Larder amount of Cash for a few Days or a Long time you la like our Between payday loan plan. Service is fast and amounts and dates of payments Cen be a res gtd to suit you. Loons up a $1000 g a c. Finance corporation a a. I 22 Gold a. S it to. Chop a 2-5201 620 fourth Street n w7b chop a 3-5569 for rce Quot a a Quot of finance co pore loft Ltd 314 Gold avens . Chapel 7-b87s 416 san mat of mvd., be. Tel. Am it 8-2471 too Sandoval Street Santa la a cause. Tel. Yucca 2 1501 411 Sovlah Seco a Street. To. Unit on 3-3181 Hutty so Venson can in expected to Gold Arrow Mike Dav Meyler defend Hammarskjold sturdily Gibbs an i Bobby against soviet attack As did his one year service Star Don Republican predecessor James Dietz and Chris Dockweiler. J. Wadsworth. Dernier and Tom Mershon As stubborn supports Stant Denner. But Western sources say the. A a a a a a a. J Eisenhower administration was states backs has been losing dissatisfied with Hamm a ground to Lumumba s Lieuten i Skolds stubborn support of his ants. There is a tendency in the special representative in the West to blame Dayal for this. Congo. Rajeshwar Dayal of in the United states it is said Dia. They understand the Ken Hopes Hammarskjold will Send Nedy administration feels the him Home when his six month j a ame Way. Contract runs out in March. But lately president Joseph a there is no indication Hammar a Mvubu whom the United skjold will do this. Old Tom did t. 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