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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 2

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque journal journal Index Bridie. C unified. Airs Ciwa Nufi ruffle editorials i Onella Parson movie obituaries. Pattern. Sport to l4�f to preview. Heather table b b ii. A. B. A a b. By. A b Ait All All Vit responsibilities of educating indians stressed i i huh f nun % i City police plan More roadblocks to curb mishaps a limed in 1952, gov. Me chem told a been Rood not Only for Indiana but Alto for a Tate he said. A we As a state and a nation a re going to need All Talent we ran develop. We need contribution of our Indian students a governor continued. The individuals who can speak several languages have an advantage but usually they a re not Able to speak every language Well he said. The conference devoted to your car is stopped by a fold mock Here in rear future it probably will be part of a new plan of City police to $.v. E you for in a serious traffic Accident Block which have Beer. Treated past few weeks Are an outgrowth of traffic control plans used Here a a h Holiday wrecker i As in blocks held during holidays officers will be or Lookout for Drunken Drivers unsafe vehicle and other violations known to figure in n it v to i of i of nue it Psaki of com tar no is Are three speakers for con ferr e on Navajo education being held Here Dillon Platero left chairman of Neva of tribe education committee and or. Chest Travelstead right Dean of col lege of education at University of new Mexico spoke at opening session sunday evening. Hildegard Thompson chief of Branch of education. Bureau of Indian affairs. Washington do will speak this morning journal photo traffic accidents. Men Manning blocks also will be checking Driver License. Ill comrades Honor Gen. Krueger san Antonio Tex. Tiv in per n and by letter and Tele new Aldersgate Church opened at service Here la Robert bag Chic of a wartime c tirades Hon police department Twig tray ored Walter Krueger Sun Fie shift says majority of Dot a n it a a world War i blocks w ill be held bet co commander of 6th i. S 4 and 12 pm they Arny neared his auth birthday aimed at traffic trouble spot throughout City he explained. Theme a teaching of English to Navajo children a will help Navajo children to speak second language Well Quot your program and your conference will Render great benefits to state and we congratulate you and your efforts a gov. Mech pm told conference delegates significance of conference Alto was stressed by or. Travels esd who railed theme Quot a difficult and challenging subject. I English is a difficult subject a for any group of children j University professor commented. Not Only does Indian child have same difficulties is other children but he also has certain unique problems 346 such As learning a second blocks will not be run on a set schedule but will be used when necessary. Doctor answers sick Call shot former president Eisenhower vice president Lyndon b. Pc in on and Texas gov. Price joined in tributes read and voiced at a testimonial dinner attended by More than 40 former members of 6th army staff. Krueger be of thursday. Eisenhower chosen by Krueger to be chief of staff of 3rd army when Krueger commanded Force in 1941, messaged a my appreciation of your outstanding service to our a country and my personal a Norristown. A doctor called to treat a woman Lute with a headache was shot and i Only wish i could be there killed sunday by woman in person a Eisenhower said husband who then committed in my considered opinion. Suicide police reported. La world hts never or. Roy Smith 53. Of Norris greater army commander Quot town had come to trailer Gen. Of army Douglas Home of Alexander Niblock 68. Macarthur wrote of Krueger. A retired restaurateur to treat a Swift and sure in attack Niblock s 49-year-old wife. Resolute and determined in de couple was married last fens Wise and resourceful in dec. La. Policy he is embodiment mrs. Niblock told police 0 Ideal Mac heard her husband Greet Drar Hur wrote. I hold him in Smith at door but As ii Mitlena admiration doctor reached Entrance to Krueger plans to go to new re Dit Union advice from an expert was Given Barelas tre in Union Organ Erv Sun All overflow crowd of persons gathered at newly language and cultural Dif required Chapel of Iglesia Ferencek methodist Aldersgate fifth a teachers of Navajo children and Artel new sunday after must hive special competence noon for service opening in skills and training Quot or. The Structure for use of Travelstead said. Congregation. J Quot we must remember Ameri Paul e. Martin of Houston can education is dedicated to Bishop of Rio Grande com principal of educating All Ference of methodist children of All people a Church flew to new York. Putting Indian children sunday for a special meeting n Public schools is in line of methodist Council of with that commitment Quot he Bishops and consequently was continued unable to attend As principal a Navajo children deserve speaker. He sent his regrets educational facilities equal to and congratulations to provided other american Andrew Paquet Aldersgate children. These services should pastor. Presiding St service be designed to fit their specific it 1 was Rev. O. F. Garza of Al needs and we must have teach paso superintendent of ers who Are particularly Quail conference s Western District fled to teach these children i other speakers were Rev or. Travelstead said. Simon Nieto pastor of Al Buen Samaritano Church Only other methodist Church in City Rev. Hollis Shook of Harwood methodist Church and or. Ear Nowlin superintendent of the1 Albuquerque District of Washingtonjr a Call Church. Fomia girl and a Georg a youth Rev. Or. Nieto also rep were named sunday As win january 23, i Wiki \ it on i i in Victor j. Dam Joy Boulder colo., a forme director and 1961 National Convent in manager and Harold a Benn execute assistant to president of University of Wyoming who is District director Eire e Park an i dinner meetings Lur tim through tuesday afternoon journal photo Public relations minute Check on was made by officers of Rock District american College p Iblis Assn. Discussing various be begin today Are from left to r b. Whitten director of Public r Brigham Young University distr Kennedy unpredictable keeping tabs big Job Washington up a i on Quot new Frontier Quot tit Kennedy Obriot were toking a swing around fit for. E charged with House Ani White hot a g Tai i it pres Aken g ii is a j getter g to knt Nedy. The place. With 4.1-year-old Tail. The kind of Imp Ujj unpredictable president at Weldom displayed by forms nation s Helm it is never a Dulli a Den Eisenhower who id moment for newsmen camera voted a More formal a Proa men and be. Ret service agents a his White House Job. I a assigned to protect his life. I another example a Kennedy has a politician Pace a narration my flair for hobnobbing with when he made rounds of people. It is apparent pres 1r,d in hot made a appearance at one of fran j. Pulsar psychic master to speak Here id ency is not going to be a _ ,. If he car 1 m and Woland up at a tarty at columnist s Home where by u Andy Ivory Tower help it. Newsmen remained until 3 20 a in. T i i u r in mute d next morning his first before in a. Muy a a . He a a Uon bet i bravery medal winners named a Washington in up and at to g a m i aim Beach a and new 0f his first visitors was rudder York used to say a just wait cheeked Harry s Truman Whit until he gets to be presi a of to set a similar Pace client he a it not lie Able to do White House. That any there have been other to a former hungarian criminologist now listed As a a master if Telepka hypnosis and oth Kennedy is proving them to notations in past id hours or psychic Phenomena is to he poor prophets cameramen for first time speak at knife and Fork he has not forgotten his old in Many years were permitted club meet my wednesday night friends his Georgetown Home to take pictures inside re -.? Albuquerque count a. Or Hii successful Campaign dental quarters of White club. Or his successful techniques. House of a caller. Kennedy resented Albuquerque min ners of Young american Ivyn a. This morning he pulled out posed with poet Robert Frost is Erbil Alliance of which he medals for bravery in 1959. Run it j. Polgar 0f White House in a big in Green room. Who will discuss a miracles of a. 1 a in. Is president and or. David they Are Shirley Frances her bedroom a shot rang out. V,orlc##.tharida7 tor 1 reunion Cay night at sacred heart Santo of Spanishcongre o Neill 20, of san Francisco than a doctor was hit in under gymnasium. Adolfo Loera Bead. Mrs. Niblock said her husband then Lay Down on living room floor and shot himself in head with a pistol. She fled to a neighbor Home Macarthur whose 81st birthday is same Day As Krueger s 80th. Boys condition peace mid he Jerme j critical neighbors reported that Niblock had been brooding Over what he thought were harmful in Albert Sanchez to of 610 sections Given to him by Marble be was in critical con doctor. Edition sunday night at county police did not say Why Indian Hospital with internal or. Smith a specialist in inter injuries suffered when he was i j a1 n j a Medicine had been treating no Over by a truck Here sat. Indecently exposed Niblock. Inlay. I ,. The in blocks last police a i truck owned a 21yearold Albuquerque ments in parsonage. President of largest group in Southwest Texas government employees credit Union of Elpaso spoke at educational meeting attended by about 20 members of Barelas credit Union which is for members of sacred heart Parish. Loera was a guest at a saturday evening dinner for credit Union leaders held at Alvarado hotel journal photo National Church represented who went to Aid of a swim Spanish ministerial Assn. Ming companion bitten by a Black limousine every Inch a new White House seer. ,. President. But going through tories most of whom operated \2xs2,� Gagetown h. A Kew to top in. Itam Remung Way in a. Sot Budapest or. Polgar admits clergymen of Spanish meth Sharn off a California Beach in he did not obtain hit unusual at his House. He jumped out. Senatorial offices already Are Odist Church in various sections May 1959 and Donald Eugene a a Juja # p i Apps and went calling on a itys at executive mansion. Of Ute attended. Mcgregor. 16. Brunswick. A. Ill Zzz who Hveen two a a a a i music a. Sung by . Jun Kwh participated in 12-Houri 4 he a buried polite official alive for three Days. Or. Polgar afterwards he hoofed it Washington up a i found he had ability to unrest with Ltd Way t0 ho1y Trinity Quinn Timm recently retired i. H a v. Deratany th., though., whih rom a Cholle Church with , director of Hyoung american others were trying to say to agent 8nd huffing Cral Bureau of investigation i directed by Rev. George committee headed by birr and puffing in Snow and has been named Field service j p. Simmonds. Tha latter group Fri chief j. Edgar Hoover and a considered a Superb show old to keep up with his Brik director of International Sang Rev. Or. Simmonds approved by William p. Rogers Man it or Polgar Breaks be. Stride. Association of chiefs or police bless before he left office As Atter a of suspense by he Quick typical of Kennedy in it was announced. Tamm �0, Joey general. The governors of wit and unexpected pranks. He pm up appearances was a naive of Seattle. Waah., Suc follow my service women 113 states submitted nominees studied under prof. Sandor be Whon he showed up in thence cd Ray Ashworth who died of Church i cried refresh for a Tadj established by Senczi and was Ore of first House press room late last month in Minneapolis j grabbed a newspaper off complaining about Quot formal for choir of Trinity methodist a Rescue of a family of four from Church under direction of mrs. Stranded yacht. Asher d. Kantz and by choir of Al Buen Samaritano two were select a Spanish translation of this been a widower for six years. Month was first for her and by an Albuquerque meat Dis Man was arrested sunday for i i j these. And for him. He Nae Tri Butor and driven by Fidel indecent exposure after two Rosary is in amp nned Lucero 21, of 5023 Al pase Young women reported seeing for bowl Utrillo Man Way tax goo Quot a Toto f Edith a Stu Quot a in Huc a nude be when Accident occurred from Waist Down 111 Bernalillo Rosary Congress in 1950. Young Mcgregor helped pupils of Sigmund Freud. Busi liquor dealer faces illegal Sale charge Rescue or. And mrs. Harold r a it Gary a Clark of Jacksonville fla., and a does irian uses children july 20 of mishap injuries 11959, in Atlantic Ocean off s saturday afternoon to As while returning from a Tonish ment of reporters. He Ness trip. Was accompanied by Presa j a a a Secretary Pierre j. Salinger who grinned when he Taw a i look on reporters faces will Little Cumberland Island Abiquiu Uay Louis Lucero. Kennedy had on his Over witnesses told of Ivr Vel c Dent occurred in parking recited it sen. Fum it Ril mis. O Neill ,65 . Did . A it at Ber. Cat. Tie looked round a Vounov kitting la. V. T Agio ,.qilhome tonight at 8 for Mariano at san Francisco state College Palillo county Indian Hospital crowded room. Rear bum Der of tr<5w�ui levines 4.j Central Arellanez 81f who d de at big last May 7 when she went to of injuries suffered in an Ecci a you see what i mean about _ ,. K r Ink Asu a. He was arrested later when Bome saturday evening after a id a fellow student Alberto Dent Jan. 18. The space shortage a Salinger Kogler whom a shark had state police said that Lucero told him. A part owner in an Albuquerque liquor store was a i was backing. The Young boy. A a rested saturday night for a1 fell under wheels of patrolman recognized his car Long ulness. Funeral Masa will Negedly Selling liquor to a truck police said. 19-year-old. William e. Brisbois 58. Of do u 3939 Anderson be. Was booked my or Kancen Blouse in City jail for illegal Sale of reported hit by fire identification of suspect be conducted tuesday at la . In our lady of sorrows w As made by two women police said. Liquor to a minor. He is part Owmer of Dales Carrizozo uhf show-2906 Central e. Place Fern Sawyer Dunn ranch Sonny Holland 19, of 613 was reportedly burned to Florida be and Ronnie r ground sunday Tanner. 19, of 904 Hermosa be. Reports say sumptuous who admitted buying Liq ranch House scene of a for were booked for Misrop big party Given by new mexi resenting their Ages by acts can democratic committee and conduct. Woman mrs. Dessie Sawyer. Patrolman Charles Bauer for vice president Lyndon Wolcott in Post. Stopped pair in parking Johnson last summer was de-1wolcott, however will remain lot of store. They were stroked and a servant woman As a Board director. Carrying a pint of liquor in a reported missing. Sack. Bubois admitted Selling ranch is East of Carri liquor without asking proof zozo. Mrs. Fem Sawyer Dunn of age officer said. I is daughter of mrs. Sawyer. Cocke gets Odic Post Washington up a Erie Cocke a former president of american Bankers Assn., has been elected As new chairman of Federal Deposit insurance corp. Odicio was announced. Cocke 65, a native of Lee county ga., succeeds former Michigan congressman Church at Bernalillo Rev Paul m. Baca officiating. Arellanez is survived by his widow Clarita a son. Joe Arellanez of Bernalillo two daughters mrs. Jose Gonzalez of Bernalillo and mrs. Talmadge King of Jemez Springs 20 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Sena funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Gashed. Kogler died later from twas Riding m a pickup truck peeking in doorway of Shock and loss of blood. Francisco de Orellana a Spanish Soldier was first person to explore Amazon River. Do you know you May still Purchase perpetual care grave spaces in Sunset memorial Park located at Menaul and Edith. One of Best endowed Parks in . For Only $75. Just West of new mausoleum. C. T. French pres. Prepare for future at Brownings Taki year training where Yea have these adva Ntaris a Day and evening classes. You May Taka sufficient training to get that first Job then lie change to evening classes to Complete your course. Approved for g i. Training. Shorthand Choice of either Gregg or machine. If you did not care for Gregg you May still enjoy that fascinating Little machine Stenograph or stenotype. No contract to sign. You Are not obligated to pay out a contract in Case you cannot continue with your course. Lecture and individual instruction. Individual assistance supplements lectures. Well trained patient instructors. Your individual needs Are concern of each instructor. Atm Nung 8choou 210 Yale blvd. Sech 3-468 robbery reported Gerald Sowles 46, told police two men robbed him of $30 late saturday As he was entering his room above Ritz bar 207 first so. Sowles said one Man grabbed him from behind clapping his hand Over his Mouth. The second Man snatched his Wallet Sowles said. And jumped off vehicle foyer in executive Wing near Abiquiu on us 84. Was Jacqueline Kennedy Wear Carolina Lopez 21, of eking a sports outfit beige Slacks Llano told police that Lucero j and a Tan jacket. She smiled in had been drinking and she was amusement taking him Home when he a jumped from truck for no apparent reason. The ancient romans were first people to name Days of week after gods in mythology. Learning to dance is fun at Muir Murray a la. I a a i. A a a i All students Are invited to special parties to give them poise Confidence i i yes it s fun learning to dance Arthur Murray Way thanks to his studio parties. And it s Quick and easy too due to his a magic step Quot method of teaching. Your Success is guaranteed when you put yourself in hands of an Arthur Murray expert and learn this key step Vul to All dances. Studios open daily to Al to pm and visitors Are always Welcome. Large selection of Formica colors and patterns. Custom made tops to fit your Kitchen. 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But thing that Pronto probably like us Best his neighbor of All Hood super markets inc where cat hum Quality foods at such Low Low prices but of you happen to know anybody in Washington a Don t Tell us what s Rood Deal we cat hum out Here or everybody move us to new Mexico and then it would be too crowded to shop urn Barbers How to y77777a

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