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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 5

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Albuquerque, New Mexico January 17, 1966 the Peoples column pleas Wolti briefly must Sii a name and address. Its majority of Brien to end service cutback in Post offices Washington in president Johnson has approved a proposal by postmaster general Lawrence f of Brien to a restore a six Day a week Par a come on. Feller. What cel Post delivery service and Affif Fth Tryon ,0 it0 Mirease of window for three years and almost service in the nations Post eight months we have had to offices put up with perhaps the g re a j the improved service will est group of i Don know a k0 nto effect As sown As con. People the City commission Gresl provides the necessary has Ever had and also the funds. The Cost was estimated most expensive. They a so by the White House $15 lately do not understand or million a year seemingly dont know any in approving of Briens reeling concerning the word commendation Johnson told a a Jfe a a so in ten has him he wants the postmaster been displayed by the Majori general Quot to provide this coun Rel no Wihr try with the finest mail serv fall Heilman a Brown and Ico has Tver known who of their total disregard for the managing the Post office voters who so willingly put dept. Efficiently and Pru them in office has been so Dandy a obvious is a wonder that Post office window hours they have not moved quietly and parcel Post delivery serv out of town to some Corner be were Cut Hack As an econ a Coon re and silently omy measure in May 1964 waited out their term. In under o Briens proposal Stead seems that we Are six Day a week parcel Post now go Quot jog a dose of care delivery would be restored in fully contrived publicity which 6091 cities with a population will put this group in a More of 3000 or More which have Vav a _. A a received such service on a the rubber stamp Trio five Day a week basis since such As is of course do the curtailment of service. In i to receive pay for their serv those cities one Day has been u f Jai its Las a dipped each week except on said j i Ney Only desire to routes where postmen made Sei a our question is the deliveries from motor be i desire to serve what not for niches instead of on foot. The Good of the taxpayer. Not also under the proposal or the Good of the City pm Post office window service on Ino s. get for the Good nor saturdays and in some cases the welfare of the City Pupu sundays would be authorized lotion a a a whole wot a a a a in a in Bdl basis to the oin missioners should car a i5 l0o Post a a Fles late. Re. Cd e a Vns a of thanks and Bour service where needed grateful understand h a a in wow be r sued on they do give of their time week Mushik and efforts in freely. But if ,.,&Quot.u,r, we a a cd re Eleft pm be a theorized to resume Selling. Important offices re Rny Ney orders on saturdays As should be positive that ,.t he we do a a or vice have an understanding of the restoration in Des where ofpr0l,? 11 or Quot Money order Sale have been which they will operate and curtailed. I willing a pm per pie vhf a re despite the added Cost of Simla la. A s15 Roll on annually for the a Dos re improved service. Joseph Lai is because of this desire assistant White h o u s e spnd.,n? no a a p"1 Secretary said of Brien selves silly in efforts to cover Planny cd r,dui.,h i confusion and mistakes us pos d de Cut know Dedee is Walthou which estimated 400 Mil in Sledge thatdues con lion a or he ,.urr,.moft a a a i Ai be he said this would Vennt r in done through improved of people of Albuquerque de Fly Jenev seemingly headless or Leader less City government. T. A a in As of now the question Iho Roe is uncovered arise on the feasibility of a 21 years after Wii seven Man commission some How the majority on the Belgrade Yugoslavia or commission wants to r a m a former member of the through a Early As pus Chet Niksz the monarchist Oriole Why what Good was ionization which fought Martha time and efforts of the Shal Tito a partisans during Harter committee in making world War ii has Bernar recommendations for changes rest in Serbia after hiding in the majority group from police for 21 years. Tempts to undermine this the newspaper ver Cernie Ork and make a Sham no Vosti evening news re a i le8�?� Wulfing to Ven con ported that Bogdan Pribak fued commissioners he a lit vie 49, was apprehended tie worse than five do the Jan. 3. People of Albuquerque d e the paper said police found serve this Type of policy Mak Pri Bakovic considered dead a a when he disappeared after Robert p my Donn Ell fhe War living in dugouts in 1204 Dorothy . Be hts native Village. Albuquerque journal Ohio born girl 17, Trail army corp. Join animal Ian army now that 1 in adjoins australian army Tell Ltd j would Ike to re Perth Australia up Ohio Thi country a she declared. Bom Melody Williams has surplus funds sought for alaskan towns Seward. Alaska i Pic Congreve appropriated $25 basis. Of ended up that Cor san Francisco to re Budorf out City manager Fred Waltz an mall fam in disaster Relief funds Dova just raise its project and turn Over the flounced that his City has re to be used under the Urban $300,000 surplus to Cordova or jew Dav Quested s Are and Federal he renewal program on a Spet Sal when Seward Learned of the any of the smaller Coronius a naturalized australian fat Quot $3k Kkt 10 fran Bing fund basis situation went Over its own ties which might need a Melody a fresh faced seven in surplus reconstruction a fall the other cities pet and found that Money Waltz said. Teener born in Fremont funds and turn the Money received funds on this basis a was being saved with costs Ohio came to we Tyz la Over to the City of Cordova Waltz said. But by the time running below estimates the men who carry As a Small child an cd o �1v�ei ifs i Cordova applied the fund Quot so we asked the Alaska mad have two Busy seasons she in believed to be the to j ,f5qu a were a Quot i up ind lha by had t0 state housing authority and Christmas and mad order cat first american Horn girl to after the quake Waltz said j go to a_j�-25 Matching fund the Urban renewal people in Alo time join the women a Royal aug Well Fly you free to Lake Hatasu City amazing new land of Opportunity where California and Arizona meet a-5 an on the spot prove to yourself inspection tour of this new water wonderland in the dynamic West Only one Book appears the bureaucrats have finally taught up with the Albuquerque Public Library i stopped the Negus Brans h Library to Check in Home books Check out some books and renew my Library card the librarian accepted the books i was return no but informed me that since i wanted to renew my curd i i cold Only Check out one Book. How come i anted to know. appears that i would hate to be investigated before my Library card could be renewed and besides cards Are Only issued one Day a week and this Wasny to the Day. I would be allowed one Book until i was cleared by higher authority. Now in the course of Many years of government service i have been investigated by the Fri. The oni and a Host of nth i alphas cd Ileal organza tors and thought of being investigated by the Albuquerque Public Library is enough to Send me into hysteric. Gad i can just picture Junior librarians skulking in the shadows checking on my coming and going. Perhaps some second assistant librarian will on some pretext or other enter my House to Check on the books on my own shelves to see if they Are compatible with those stocked by the Public Library. Will some librarian third class discover that i kept a Book three Days past its due Date from the grammar school Library i in 1935 and turn in a a pm that will bar me for life from the Albuquerque Public Library Well i did no to get a new Library card so i guess ill have to confine my Reading to what i can get in the bookstores and smuggle past the apprentice librarians on guard the door. Maybe of their next meeting the City fathers would entertain a motion to change1 the name of this latest Bureau to the alb Quei Jue Republic Library. Roy Tackett 91 Green Valley twi new discovery now makes possible to shrink and heal haemorrhoids without surgery stops itch a relieves pain in minutes j both ointment or Uppit Tiu try form a Salt d or partition a. In addition to actually shrinking piles preparation h lubricates and makes Bowel movement less painful. help to prevent infection a principal cause of haemorrhoids Only prep ration h contains this magic be i substance which quickly helps heal injured cells Back to Normal and stimulates regrowth of healthy tissue a Tram. Just a a for preparation h ointment or preparation h suppositories easier to use away from Home. Available All drug counters. Come to Lake Hatasu City Arizona and you will join the nation in singing its praises you will see Why others have decided this is the finest place they have Ever seen in which to work and play. With the potential of making Money through land ownership yes a Here Lake Hatasu City we Promise you a land Opportunity so real so solid Vail stand up under your closest scrutiny. We re so sure of this that Wco la Fly you Here frit a you and your wife a for a personal inspection tour. Board one of our giant four Neine airliners and Well take you on an exciting trip of discovery to Beautiful Lake Hatasu City a round trip ail expenses paid you re in for a treat you see that the thrilling things being said about this amazing City Are True. From the air you la see the City with its 22 Miles of Shoreline and Lovely beaches on wondrously Bluc 45-mile-Jong, fresh water Lake Hatasu a your year round playground in one of the West a finest fishing swimming sailing and water skiing areas. Upon Landing you la cruise the Lake out where the Bass jump. Dine Lake Hatasu hotel with its spectacular Over the roof Waterfall. Tour the growing City. Sec the Many new shops Homes and apartments. The water sports and Palm lined beaches by then you la surely know Why industrialist Robert p. Mcculloch first chose this water wonderland for testing his Mcculloch outboard motors. Why after finding such an extraordinary place in which to live and work he stayed to establish a City. A a and Why Mcculoch corporation worlds largest manufacturer of Chain saws chose Hatasu City for expansion of its worldwide Industrial Complex thus Industry is Here already established arum in production two buildings a part of an k0, Square foot Mcculloch facility to Cost Over million a Are in operation and turning out thousands of feet of Chain cutting devices each month. Regular working Days and pay checks Are the solid foundation for a new Community. And Mcculloch will not be alone in providing them us other Rulus tries have shown their interest in moving to Luke Hatasu City growth Here is astonishing by the time the City was just 18 mon1 i old More than $12 million had Hen invested in Homes apartments Buvitt secs construction engineering recreational facilities and other improvements. Permanent population soared to Over 1,000 and continues to grow. Tourism in the Lake Hatasu arca increased to More than a million visitors in 1964. Also Over 50 commercial enterprises a including 15 stores and services in a Large shopping Center a were established by private business people who recognized the Opportunity and invested Over $3 million in Lake Hatasu City a promising future for All its rapid growth however the City has Only begun. Projections of the master plan anticipate an ultimate population of 60.000. Thus the Opportunity to grow and Prosper with the City is wide open. Choice property is available for a Small Down payment with monthly payments to fit your budget. And remember a Lake Hatasu City is in Art Zova the nations fastest growing state both in population and in Industry. Where the Price of land once Selling for a few dollars an acre in such cities As Phoenix and Tucson has soared out of reach of the average investor. Can investment opportunities like that happen a gain undoubtedly and is Lake Hatasu City such an Opportunity 7 he entire length of Ink a Ilat Usu in a great Tenter playground tilth a part to Minifay of Rry or arg. Without obligation weekend tour includes round trip by giant 4-Fngine plane a cruise of Lake Hatasu a you will Dine spectacular Lake Hatasu hotel a stay overnight the nautical inn. All expenses paid the experts declare its destined to be one of Ari-7ona�?Ts largest cities. Which Means that the City has All the ingredients for growth fabulous climate recreation and Industry plus something Cise that Phoenix and Tucson a or even Palm Springs a did have a great Beautiful Lake on its very Doorstep add All up. Then ask yourself is Opportunity knocking again we believe is. And we re ready to prove by flying you Here a1 expenses paid no obligation As guests of Mcculloch properties inc., Developer of Lake Hatasu City our huge jul Ury planes will Fly you under command of million mile pilots and attentive hostesses. For a 28-pa e full color Booklet on Lake Hatasu City and fur details of the free flight to this Beautiful new land simply fill out and mail the Coupon below a or Telephone. No obligation of course. I i Clouth in population new Hornet built fiery month. City praised by nation s press. One of the most ambitious projects Ever attempted in the realm of private land development. A Everett Smith the Chius i Jan science Mon Hoe. Mcculloch has poured millions into development of the Cea including a Start on an Industrial Park commercial facilities and hotel and Motel accommodations. I might comment that i have Nei or heard a single complaint from a by. Or Lake Hatasu a Tom Cameron real estate editor to Angelus times. A. A fully planned Community with Industry com menial and residential development,0 a pm Koto daily news. A a Palm Springs with water a Ian Francisco new Call bulletin. The Young City s steadily increasing population has already necessitated enlargement of in Mervial facilities moving residents Usa Angeles he uld rear Ianul a population figure of 60,000 in 20 years is not in a Moline Illinois dispatch. This is your Opportunity where Industry and recreation have joined to create the West a most amazing land development potential i new York v v. Cipy Rii i a world Oumou Institute a covered a not w sub Lance which has the astonishing ability to shrink haemorrhoids without surgery. The sufferer first notices almost unbelievable Relief m minutes from itching burning and pain. Then the i a <3b�tance speeds up Healing of the injured tissue All while que Only reduces painful swelling tet conducted under a doctors observations proved this so even in a a of to to 20 years standing. The secret is the new Healing substance Bio Dyne now offered in \tv4d4 a Apfl Nso a a a a Francisco Calico r i i -Io,, a we qty i nos eats a \ t a a .110 Lake Hatasu City is a i Lake Hava Arizona Holly development co agent for Mcculloch properties inc. Developer of Lake Hatasu City Mcculloch properties inc., a subsidiary of Mcculloch Oil corporation of California re Regent realty to an Pablo i . Be a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a i. Telephone Aniis 34 6313 gentlemen pie provide in no obligation with additional information regarding Laie Hatasu City and details of your erne blight. Name address City. A a a a a a Filiti. Zip a a. Telephone. Offer limited to persons our la and subject to a mutable accommodation.

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