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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque journal an Independent newspaper by the journal Publ Tabony co Silver Avenue at seventh Street Post office Box i 19 Albuquerque n m. 87103 t to . A p pick ill it win d Mist by p. I. Hurt pc by own in to rtt Kilter a tir a bettor. Xxx Kin i a i it lit of Buhr Flamoe rain Moraine and sunday or Barrer aaa pm Wmk. $ Iov cml by arrear tic or weak or malt in maw met Leo 1&Quot >0 a 5r#�r u of Pat month 8 not tay Ltd it by Ste Par month by mall out of maw mip. Iloo i it a month a a rat it but Lay Only to amp a Pat month at in it Fory Itron co Nuri it it Par it onto if pm of w or Theta is i mat to pee a aim Borowi by United of ass International the Faaoo Tatad pro la ant St lad or ulv by to Thum for rap Ummat on of All local a part a i in ult a Wenj it Apar Law a a Aswed std of new Dut Pat a National apr stat Tom Moloney. Rattan Schmitt inc Boater Chicago. Kill trot Foyia amt. Miami new York. Cran. N Philadelphia. San franc Taco. It Loma. Pm bars c it r at Dit Bureau of circulation Telephone All departments 247-33ll monday january 17, 1908 Castro a Ric k problem Fidel Castro May lost not Only 150,000 tons of Rice hoped to set from communist China this year but also much of his ability to Export subversion. The two items Aren t As unrelated As they May seem. For years the cuban dictator has retained a measure of Freedom within the communist world by playing soviet Russia against red China. But the sino soviet schism deepened forcing other communist nations to take sides and now has placed Castro completely under soviet dominance. Moscow does no to follow peking a revolutionary line it is unlikely Fidel will either. Final acts in this Power play were announced recently by Castro red China would not fulfil a commitment to Trade 150,000 tons of Rice a cuban Staples for Castro a surplus sugar. This meant halving the Rice ration to three pounds a month a severe Cut in a nation already beset by food shortages. Red China explained its default by saying it needed to build up a Reserve in Case of a . Attack and because of increased exports to North Viet Nam plus deficits in other food crops. The explanation is sheer nonsense. Red China has agreed to sell about 300,000 tons of Rice to Japan this year twice As much As last year. Where was the club president Johnson Dol fully admits that the try settlement of the even More expensive new York City transit strike is inflationary because it makes a shambles of Ute administrations wage Price guidelines. Ii1 said a i finn let lie Ieve that any settlement that violates the guideposts to this extent is in the National but where was the president and the anti inflation club used against Price hikes in aluminium Copper and steel All during the 12-Day transit strike disturbing overtones there Are some disturbing overtones in a Campaign by the brotherhood of locomotive firemen and i Ngi Nemen to restore the jobs of some 17,500 firemen a a Campaign recently brought to Albuquerque to Many it will appear a drive to restore Feather bedding those jots were ruled Asun necessary or Feather bedding by i an arbitration Board created by i Congress. But the boards ruling expires March 31 and now the brotherhood is going after the lost jobs through collective bargaining. Blaff says it also is seeking an a acceptable do Gre it of safer rail Road a a safety is the theme which the brotherhood has campaigned upon Ever since the arbitration Board recommended gradual elimination i of the unnecessary jobs. Anri this Campaign has been distinguished 1 More by its exaggeration than by i its accuracy in predicting wide j spread death and damage along tie railways. Recently a National joint labor t management Board retorted that removal of the Feather bedded has rot a adversely affected them i j i yes or rail service in in its 122-Page report the Board acknowledged a slightly higher i Railroad Empl Nye casualty rate in Loo than in 1963, when firemen were still in All diesel cab. Rut it noted that the increase was a a titlist an tingly below the gain Between 1962 arid 1963. File report also ref rred to an engineers Union Stuffy that reported there was no instance in which an Accident or casualty could attributed to the absence of a fireman from the engine involved. Ref amp a remains unconvinced Fine of its vice presidents called the report a hoax and refused to sign it. Now it remains to is Cen of the brotherhood can convince the general Public that the Feather bedded were any More than an unnecessary Drain on tin railroads and the nation s a in Ltd my. Implementation phase Core area plan nears Milestone by Bob Brown the first major Milestone is being reached this week in the downtown rehabilitation program. Friday night property owners who watched their land and buildings drop in value and businessmen who a. E seen shopping centers grab their profits will gather at the Alvarado. There a at a dinner Starling at 7 . A they will get a look at the Core area redevelopment plan put together during the past year by Albuquerque downtown. This is the planning Agency set up by Albuquerque metropolitan development committee at the same time they will Given an idea of How the plan can put into effect. This of course is even More important than the plan itself. Don Hyder whose family owns considerable property in the downtown area will handle the presentation will receive help from Ronn Ginn Charles w. Quinlan and Maria bus Chut making up the technical staff of the downtown organization. Many of the Basic ideas to discussed been presented in earlier meetings but they will expanded upon. a while drawings and maps showing location and Type of proposed buildings will of primary interest just As important will fee a phased plan for solving the automobile problem and an indication of How vehicular and pedestrian traffic can separated. And relatively new will a master proposal for putting future Public utilities in the area underground. Included in this is a proposal for a centralized air conditioning and heating syst m for major buildings in Trie Ai Ca. Public service co. Is already putting some of its lines underground and downtown officials said that both it and Mountain states Telephone cooperated in the master proposal. Ginn a who has been in charge of plan development a said the traffic program set out in earlier reports will remain basically the same in the final plan. said these ideas been examined by traffic officials and Quot appear to even r than Charles Lanier chairman of Admix will discuss the implementation portion of the program or moving into the second phase of the redevelopment plan. Meanwhile the City Corr Mission la expected to consider his proposal that a citywide metropolitan pc Ozment Agency set up to coordinate the downtown plan Urban renewal proposals and other development ideas. Should this a Cene v set up. A search will made for the Man to head it a a Man who should a planner a super Salesman an administrator and a Fine Diplomat. It will his Job to bring property owners together on various projects to keep City officials working together and to keep moving constantly to see that the Effort put on the plan knit wasted. Whirligig news behind the news o co n fib the staff lint v crafted to on the Job Only i enough to draw up the plan a a pm. To out of a to after feb i. Blachut who has been on m the City planning dept remain As tech it a1 to working under the new mass loan fron is expect i 11 to Vei Ozment Agen y and Quinlan is. Expected to ground As a coordinating architect. Moving into the picture More prominently ii a will c. E. Woodcock who has agreed to head a committee to recommend Means of financing the various portions of the plan and another downtown businessman who will head the so called implementation committee itself the s could very Well Hyder although the Chol Lias not yet been made. From this Post on. The interest and cooperation of the property owners themselves become Moi and More important. They can no longer use the excuse that Quot done to a pan Quot plan. Once it receives approval property owners and at least official approval from the City Irish guidelines for future decent. It will not binding on Lual owners but it. Will provide s for cooperation among owners routing properties. Of ii Al goal architects will Able to work toward a common goal City state Ai i Fedei a1 funds a Mould spent More intelligently. And if the implementation phase takes hold it should Ere Huragt the investment of Money a both by property owners themselves Aud by out Sider s. Albuquerque downtown moving ahead As a it no r for government and Man it Tai institutions is not dead sketches of bin Kik Koi fill put sit suds a i note the deportment of agriculture announces that of frankincense and myrrh from the Middle East totalled 130 tons. Mom of the Gold unhappily goes the other Way a new Orleans times Picayune Quot i Pace my Sele Quot however fast this world turns round a. T matters not to because in a Learned to p t a myself., wha Tevi i comes to . I move slowly but surely. As Onward i pursue. ,. Always Ever ready. To pay the Price that people to of to hurry ,. Along the roads of life. But those who journey in this w a. Have greater shares of strife ,.whereas those who go it most of the Hole. It May take them Milch longer ,. But they will reach then goats. A so it is i Pace myself ,.for the Way ahead is rough. Keeping something in for i,.e time when things get Tough. By Andrew Tully Washington a Mike Quill is a vulgar Man and a lawbreaker but Quill is not what is wrong with the country. What is wrong is that both political ideologies a Liberal and conservative a cheerfully condone extremism so Long As it is practice by their Side. History can paraphrase Barry Coldwater in reporting the liberals thinking about the recent new York City transit strike because it boils Down to the premise that extremism is Okay if it is committed in the cause of Trade unionism. If this is liberalism then the boys should shove Over and make room for Adolf Hitler and Mussolini who first curried the unions favor and then made them the property of the state some of my Best friends Call themselves liberals but they Are wrong. There is nothing Liberal about a viewpoint which can applaud a president for fixing steel prices outside the Law and then remain mute when a Mike Quill Breaks a state Law and toys with the Freedom and welfare of 8, too new yorkers. This is the liberalism of mob Rule of Rule by men not Law. Power of captive votes a on Capitol Hill the so called Liberal bloc runs and hides when the transit strike is mentioned it a Assn to beastly to Mike Quill because represents labor and labor has the votes. Yet the liberals Are being unfair to themselves and wreaking damage to their image because they Are ignoring the welfare of the citizens they profess to Champion. It is the poor people who suffer most in a transit strike not the banker with his chauffeured Cadillac and his bags of Money. Moreover if it is merely votes the liberals seek they should take another look and try to see the handwriting on new York City a Wall. It was there that the voters turned out the cynical and workout democratic machine which for so Long had exploited the common Man. When goes for his gun -ev�wb0�>y gets shot up old events recalled. By Holmes Alexander background of the news to am ii say. Sui. Quot Liberal Only b if Frorer the voters went for named John Lind use promised a politicians who v lives. 20 years ago deacons of the first Baptist Church in Las Cruces Are calling for moral support in their fight against horse racing in the state. They vigorously protested t posed half million doll for better h Cal la by s. I. Nudelm is. M i. Shiver and sneeze All you want in Winter weather like this. Ifs Good for you. Shivering is not harm Ful and it does no to always mean you coming Down with a cold. In fact it might help you avoid one. Chilling the body does no to do As much harm As once thought it did. Shivering is actually a protective device to generate More body heat. When your body is chilled your Muscles begin to contract in a quivering motion. Any kind of exes Cise generates body heat. Shivering a the same effect go to a warmer plate if you can but let yourself shiver while you on your Way. You la probably continue to shake until your body mechanism decides you warm enough. Then you la Stop just As you began a Automa til ally. Sneezing is a reflex action and should not stifled either it needs a Large amount of air pressure. If Thi air is expelled through the open Mouth the Force is expended into the air without causing damage. A sneeze wont harm anyone if you remember to cover your Mouth with your handkerchief so you wont Spray germs. Trying to halt a sneeze by forcing it through your nose instead of letting it come out your Mouth could cause a nosebleed or harm your hearing ability. It could easily infect your sinuses. Stifling a sneeze entirely could create enough pres i a inside Hie had to Force a temporary Rise in blood pre contribute to Thi legislative invalid Washington a the sick Man of Capitol Hill Congress _ i a itself is bark in town. It suffers a temporary disorder from a in 14n f Erly individual having eaten More last session than it could digest. It also suffers an extended decline in health and spirits because of occupational frustration a a pro Force fed from the White function. Congress hoi a rare ouse and rendered pretty mightiest weapon of to r3c cd a i Vaiuli us i Quot Tolj track to six and one half toothless reduction of opposition the 89th Cong Rees a in Miles North of Elpaso inside the state line. Just Timi Fok Liberal Al form a probably it wiil by no Good but i will buy the sentiment in in editorial in the Asbury Park n j., press that the tin is Ripe fur a revolt of the liberals. The press urges the issuance of a Liberal manifesto a setting Forth their understanding of liberalism and repudiating the current philosophy that anything is Liberal that meet mob a err ands a and reiterating that liberals a Are Friendly to the aspirations of labor and the common Man within the framework of Law and a Man can a Liberal Friend of labor without supporting a labor Union that violates the Law or is in contempt of court if Mike Quill had robbed a Bank or worse the Union s Treasury a would prosecuted for t raking the Law let the Liberal movement seems singularly undisturbed by quill1 contemptuous flouting of the Conlin wad in act forbidding strikes by Public employees at a criminal Cost to the City of $1 of million a Day. Iii i mos part in a this the democratic party cannot avoid being cast As the pc Lam. New yorkers Are a properly cynical v \ and they saw the strike As democratic machine attempt to discredit John Lindsay on the very Day lie took of Uquill and the outgoing mayor Bob Wagner had always avoided strikes before this is the first transit Walko it in 32 years and the y could done it this time. The 1960 census showed that 70 per cent of the country s population jives in cities of or 2500. One third lives in cities of a million or More people this is a lot of votes and eventually they will go of the party which does the Moat to make City living tolerable and the Devil take labels Irwin mouse former judge of the fourth District with Headquarters in Las vegas is visiting Albuquerque with the intention of entering the practice of Law Here. has jus completed Over 3 years Servi it in the Kaw. Last year ingested a whole new executive department of housing and Urban development a second helping of the poverty program a new civil rights act on voting a Mill a it. Tary budget with a debt Lency of r of Iron in it an undercooked immigration Bill. A the Power of trope id dismissal of the it vie it i evident a f pc of. W anted this could stroke. Although the common Cole is the prime reason an a1 to by May produce sneezes a a ii Well so might emotional up the and Vou eve Pepper without or o hers by Gres Ament pre Situ pm Oral judiciary ample if con it. That a what nature intend to throw its a you should do. Fed my so shiver and shake am sneeze whenever you feel like a plan to co owned property on Between Central a into a parking in bounced wednesday Berg of the City q the lot can Date about 400 ant Day and would to parking congestion Broad a a my Tijeras t was an a by Mem it a Mission. Acce in ratio it mob a s a us relieve downtown appalachian project a As numerous Public work eluding spicy items of i fiction and culture. President Johnson s impeachment i m the 11 and swollen a trial in the Senate for the v. Al ?. In Way Sargent Shriver Pas been running the poverty program. A this extreme measure Isnit Grested but Cotter More my answer by Billy Graham the universe is so big in fact scientists Are finding that it is limitless. How can sure that god is concerned for us Little insignificant creatures on a Small Dot in space called the Earth ii When Henry n Irris Rue _ Are sell Princeton astronomy 50 years co future cof to of dome in 1 6 had concluded a lecture i Ward Anderson Junior latl0n enacted last year. Many other proposals Are Milky Way a woman member of Albright and nonessential Domestic the Ajr for a it Vual Teing the him a question atm tin Anderson has purchased Kny Fum reused invalid of Capitol Hill the t0 yours a Elf our world is s. The interest of George Al. While members of the kith sinking strength of the Legisla a Hub and the universe i publish deluding both parties Are live partner recalls old fears a Pat. Bow can believe tha pm. Farnming ways of undoing a Ca Esaris a which the god pays any attention till the Over indulgence of 1965, founding fathers saw n to. Us f outsiders Are concerned with presidency a it squint a the die loss of St which monarchy. Patrick la it a a to a Congress tins been suffering cried out at the Constitution to Over the past several years Ai convention a a your 0 eleven consultants brought president May easily become together by the american in a King a Tern in dilute issued a series of bulletins a to causes and cures not unnaturally the Butu a than hints that Congress flu s of inflation Are being should liven up its image by Felt in the Congress Stonall cracking Down on the Hilton Ach. As the eminent do Prev court pm Ticie a. Rep. Gerald at the Verv ,es4 f la i ? -. A. P in Wal s Quot Congreve should h. a it a the. Power to reverse supreme Congress has an oblige court determinations which turn to assess the present and according to its statutes future costs of Domestic leg i is at Ion enacted last other proposals the nonessential Domestic spending must while members of the 89th, Bright in the Large ing House hereto ducted by that f pm in future so in Owr business. And Miep. I g filed notice is Herd ail applications flt Graze Cattie hot and goats within National Forest season of 1910 n in my office a Albuquerqu n. Mon or before feb. 1916. J. F. Mullen supervise Gerald Cassidy it w Mexico artist has sold hts a prehistoric Santa flt a on exp Oit in the museum currently it was a sketch made for the great mural painting in tie Indian arts building Diego. Problem a Day astronomer reply it depends Madam i tirely on How big a got believe in a the creator is certain greater than his creation a therefore is capable of Mal aging it and being concern professor Kenneth Jan a of Northwestern University finds that Congress just Isnit get ing enough information about the nation and the world to to its work. Its committees and staffs let alone its individual members cannot match the administrative Branch of government in or Light on an adv sign flashes every to while another Light every 6 seconds if lights Flash Togetti in 8 00 n a. V hat h v brain game time 4 get Here a answer for 8 00 pm the lowest number having 6 audio As a Factor us 30 simply add 30 Ond to 8 00 o clock. Like a i it nation s press got a Mateu smokers a it tomorrow Haling the smoke from relies such a it i Gurette s at a meet my i it a it. My Texas ,.anybody in c in it some Roque Foi Atlanta journal in Iga i cd i 1. Who add i i Union to ii 2. Each i s How Long 3. Win i evident 4 a time pre a a it Collet Ting a is Ana ideas j and a proposes a s8o6 Mil i in informational compute system with no less than 574 outlets. These would provide less. A instant enlightenment for a a Congress As a whole the ass a state of House and Senate separately age in whom the 30 standing committees Congress is my the 535 individual members birdies nominate prof. Charles Dechert of Purdue feels that Congress Gre a with improved information which might regain a initially. It the Long h no Lien win might not to rely on the r humiliating practice of wait but pure logic some in leaves us wild j when it stand before die greatness god. To Bridge this wide a christians rely upon god own word. The words Quot god so loved the world to. gave his Only son. The. Whosoever Beli Eveth u porn mud aft him should pot perish by everlasting life Quot Rev irrefutably that god is col corned for the Quot Little Quot poor on this plat t Flash a both at exact-1 Hea both Flash to try and Stop by Bennett Cerf it a antedate Only of col Ai ably of la f a Gifu i p by is draft bad a City lad was asked h of i Atlon a trn a comedian a declared. A that so a a a a Fri or a a let a see you do something funny so tile it Ity lad turned to co Ofifi f to i Cut Ide i s w the country Parson 5. 101 dictate o a of w 7, wha prior to l vice pre h. Issuance under Width answers i pres ii to Dent of a non go on v. Itch to i to Ide t or Mson i and passports int butane my till one n d sat it i up House. Ras for example rep i a1 Reuss Proposed peace corps concept in in but ted Sorensen Jib Man grabbed it As a pain kicker. In president Kennedy in my their turns behind him and called out a you can go Home Fellows. I got the jobs a if President to members of Ltd the peat corps a a t of tin state i party int by execute order. Six months later colonel fran is Duffy 19a9, observes that tha people idea w to sound off the loudest Arn and most often about Capi Tal and by Hor never had any d i Tai and never did Congress 2. Tao years. 3. Political party conventions. 4. Legal. 5. Approx 0, federalist 7, Truman h. Dts a. Of s ingress finally rubber stamped its own inspiration no t Iona i it Al y ten times do a preachers move from place to spreading cheer a pleasing folks when they Rome and making them Happy when they _ any labor. The colonel also tells about a neighbor who in a caking a plump Little Bride who Giggle ail the time. behave to a Short wife and a merry one. A 9 sign at a Railroad crossing near Sandusky a the average til t Kos a Tram to Eros us voters econ is Twenty seconds whiner your car is on it or not of Eiche a . Disgusted night dub entertainer to an obnoxious ringside Lei Yoe r. To class ill right Quot i by tired of waning portable in a c crowded restaurant her a net cd husband How Long Are you going to let to Hassid waiter ignore us Are you a Man or a mouse ique i which regain its flavor and aaa inf the. Otter Quot two Branch f mov a a a a consistency when milk is add is of government j n Manhattan Quot the Only private Tare and. Thar. Moi. Mao Cool a of negative to i 1 1. It a n#uu4 try Al # s est tire syne ice # professor Cornelius cot Ler of Wichita state univer it v seems to say a at least to my a that Cong i 1 a nothing so much an a few victories Over the wite Hoise and supreme court a inanity a a a Legi Siat it Mill con a new breakfast Cereal now Gres is performing Only a being test Marki contains of it duty tie other half bils of of tenge died ice Cream i alls for keeping watch Over ;