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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Albuquerque, New Mexico R a-2 support gains under new program for continuation Albuquerque journal january i 7, 1966 of bombing Lull Mon than too retired or retiring Union carpenters from the new Mexico building and Washington if Industry re Nvvf Carno it bipartisan support for l a continuation of the Lull c Hau it �?~0 1 . Bombing of North be. A Quot Nam was evidenced sunday 1 Che it is were Given Vinas several leaders discussed # Torrance group retired carpenters get initial benefits seeks Senate of 54 members deaths and funerals Der a new plan that is be. President Johnson a peace of div Ltd a he a he first of its pensive. Kind new Mexico a spokes a a Aman said. Chese views emerged a Sens. Mike Mansfield d the carpenters who Are Eli-mont., and George d. Aiken 2lhp for the Blan receive -vt., a joint interview pension under its called for indefinite pause stipulations m the bombing while presi the plan was established As Dent Johnson searches for a result of negotiations with peace. They said the United contractors for a cents nates would gain More than Bour a contributions by Emit loses continuing the Lull payers to a Trust fund admin which began dec. 24. Sintered jointly by six labor and a rep. Gerald Ford House Industry trustees and a Cor minority Leader said re dub pm a Oriole co trustee the first hearts support the president s a Bank peace offensive and believe of the recipients 51 Are the Lack of immediate results from Albuquerque. The aver should not deter continued of a a Aie of the retirees is 71, forts with 24 years longevity tin speaking a television t Irp entry old radio program the Mic Higan the pension plan is sub congressman said the bomb scribed to by 275 contractors ing Lull must not continue lne state. The collections definitely hut said Johnson is began october 1964. The one who must make the the plan pays $90 a month decisions because Only he has for life to carpenters who re11 the facts a tire at 65 with at least 30 praises search a ars Poston c Redit. A re to u v t a diced pension will be Given a. . Jacob k. Javas men who Arlt of 65> have t j t r.y., praised the pres. 15 p,.n5ion ,.,m but Dent a Pean. Search and said less than 30 years. The re. He sees excellent Chance diced pension is payable for of getting out of there with life equal to $3 for each year of pension credit paid a however the new York re monthly sum. Publican said a new York the plan also includes pro-1 is non. So Felss Campbell gives views Nam policy fully before con cause of the longer term of Gress and run the risk of the payment for those with at expulsion of me will of the least 15 years cd edit people. A a plan provides disability Mcgeorge Bundy special pensions and pension for car presidential assistant a. Penters who have retired he by Robert Iii tonal Security affairs said tween Jan. I 1949, and Jan the government Hanoi can it hrj6 make the decision to go Tith conference table without. A a veto from communist China a. Earl journal spelt Jai Brengel a Mil. Aft. Ruth Eli Quot a Quot ter of j1 he intr. Done a both Ryan Bree. 72 a reorient at rank easier or. A audent at Albuquerque for a year flied at the Hon i Quot svelte. Buta a Suchter mrs David at her son Henry Louis Brethel islet hot thin of Columba Ohio a or rallies Mosa be. Early sunday afternoon daughter Caner i a Faytte ind follow a a Long inn Quot or. Brew. To utters j i carte of of no came Here front new Orleans l a be not a. And j r a i Rupert. Idaho hide Lier atm aha to survived by Tao and two Antlers mrs Frank Davenport brother Robert c Ryan of be or of Las Veta Nev and or Golden leans and Thomas la Ryan it it of Cali Norma Bingham Emmett of Idaho he a a and two Vult Hgt a. ,.�?� member of St John methodist Cheh _ ism a member of the lutheran Church and was ars aeronautical inspector for Estancia a the Torrance to new Orleans the body will he the a funeral Arra cements will stat m me Chapel of fit raid and announced by Strong Thorn mortuary. County farm and livestock so funeral director. Asta Carmine thin Avenir Clark a funeral service for jes Bureau has started circus. T Clark win be held today a 2 pm Cremer Mim Mac. A Baird la Baun Chapel of Stron Thorne ilor rating a Resolution calling for Cremer. -7, a res tent Here 3 i years a Ary the the Rev Lorn d Sun a a i fro Rii la Crpss win nos a cd a % amp v int Luff poll few amp frs c. E m Bint v a the state Senate to be com her. At the Home of her a later or a j Pickard. Robert Lehman Pat ,.anne Leonard at Uhm Montclair be Shelton Orval Yram and Luke vane. Posed of 7 4 or More members sunday morning following a illness he mint Fairview Park Ceurter reside Quot her Tater Here she la survived re american legion pos no of. And the inclusion of Torrance by two nieces. Mrs end senti. War Matin a the graveside with the world irs Tho Carrsr , Rui it i and or Marsha Smith of War i veterans attendance the same senatorial District \ .,.w one Nephew j olm As Southern Santa be county Creme a Warren i. She a a men copy to v John a Courtney. I. A Donta of Voundy. Ofa it fur tit off Tom churl Redden Here 19 years died sunday after copies of the Resolution funeral Era Kement by the Strong noun a hot snit Quot Here court v were taken to Santa be Sun erd Torrance who farm Bureau member. Is a pm i a k Dunmon William Hubert i it Sil received a Check saturday As his pension payments began under a now retirement plan inaugurated at the carpenters Hall. Charles Lembke Albuquerque contractor Center present i the Cheeks to Hubert and Ruth Erford ii. Leatherman 81. _ journal photo Thorne mortuary. A a led at 561 Pron com Jeanne and tax survived by i wife Dora. Of the Home. Kex. Chavez a per Juan Chave or. A a brother William Courtney of i of Day do mate Hen. Earl Park . the us Marin corp Alani. Two i or t c Harper of rim Sant few Anay Friday of Albuquerqu and mrs R.Y.a Smith Denver colo., following Accident Ltd of Kansa. And i Mother or. J. A Viiar had been a life Long re sir int let Courtney of Albuquerque he a a int Law ,., Albuquerque and was a member of member of the. Institute of radio brat adoption of the Resolution a. A of heart Catholic Church. He is i a a a ser. Or will by announced by followed address it the Quot survived by he Parent. Or and i French Moi Ary. U a aunt it 81 j Juan o. Chave or. And six sister farm Bureau meeting last or Alice Flores or Adeline Zamora Chavez funeral f.,r mss we Geek by pin Tuhn v mr8 to my is or. Or Zellla Tup ii Trinidad Chave will he the so Mon of a cd a it a Nep. Jonn r mrs. Abd a i Arriba and mss Beatrice a g 15 Jur 0f Belen Ai r Higbee r Torrance dast Lave All of Albuquerque funeral a jul interment the family t a i. Range Neil Are pending and will be Catholic cemetery pallbearers Elia plesiant of the country no announced by the Garcia mortuary Chave Amado Chase. Richard Cli v Reau Nanri now a hire Etna of Ihn eighth and Stover so David Chave Alex Ron. To and Adam real Ana now h director of me saved Tornero funeral Home. Helen state organization. Caunca a flank William Cahier. 56 to Cragi a resident of Albuquerque 1> years by ghee expressed the View d a plane Accident i turd Groom-1 so sri or for mrs Pearl or 4 uhe la or tved by i wife mrs Frank grown will b to Day afternoon at that maximum membership a a a a a a a from Chapel to the Garden of French the Senate would reduce the p. A or a Isi Iru Vule Msj ish size of each senators cons tit to Al 11 i ii i i hit Quot i r a to. ency and encourage the 1wu i Sci i 111 -.1 a a a a ii a. Grouping of More homogeneous c j j l loft amp of sgt to counties. Of Floh at Cill a i. Funeral services will be wednesday it was pointed out the morning at Ltd at san Jose chm h the discussion that Estancia Val journal special cd a a a Quot re oaim.d-n1 m a Ley residents have fared Well Espanola a the Rio a Tum it ctr the past Santa be coun ribs county democrats for a if Norman c Hawley 99, a a a resident of the City died better government headed expect edly sunday evening at hit Home to politics. Speaker Bruce King of the by state sen. Martins Chacon. J�?~r.2 a of psf a a a Quot new Mexico House of reared Rio Arriba sunday unan or u # fan y fixatives a resident of near Mously endorsed t. E. Gene by Stanley now represents Lusk for the democratic go Industrial groundwork stressed help the Industrial dept at forts to expand its economic Santa Al up a Industry to new Mexico. Jack t Ampbell called local Campbell explanation trustees Are Bob Stamm state corny undo sunday to of new approaches within the a Lay groundwork which would state to Industrial develop Puckett los Alamos Marvin i Downer Albuquerque Luther Al a nil till Ousby has relations Sizemore Secretary Albu ii Dullum St jul with other larger communist que que Odeil Bloomfield r ii houses illness of ment said the program to attract Industry a must be based new Mexico House of Repi a a a a. A Tives a resident of near Mously endorsed t. E. Gene inn a t Park Cai r Ala i Hawley of Buena Park. And Quot a. . A. Job Robert l. Hawley of Thea clays the Santa be county District be material nomination. Even grandchildren and Ifo d the legislature and former approximately 500 people a Annona .mbrr&Quot h by served As county commis attending the meeting Esta u1r a tbeettmcr�a7iufof the Sis sooner from the same area. Panola pledged their support of Hub Bro my now i Higbee told the farm10 Lusk following a speech s?thnh?2. Matt array form Bureau membership that each by the candidate which He�hearkfrnr,?ruoct<1 senator a House of 54 Mem stressed the need for the fibres would represent a popu cation of a state civil rights m of a a m v v f.,# lation of about 15.000. Commission he estimated a senatorial a a Caumo for the a no a to soften the blow of the is Rich under Thi plan a a us so said R.Y.dim a Lowe Quot closing of Walker Force encompass and of Torrance . .,.i. Mahoney service Quot for Jam p county and extend As a b Kod Powers but we do believe to Albuquerque and that that government can if Miguez Santa be it s of a mind to make a fund administrator is fund decision for peace said Bun administrative assn., Harry a a television radio pro Austin manager. Consultants i s Hack and co. Journal special and Martin Al Segal co. Estancia Judson not so Black a vice president Hubei t h. Humphrey said the situation Viet Nam is not As Black As the i lure a riled a report issued by a Senate fact finding team headed by Mansfield the Senate Den olt ratio Leader and a -., Dean of the gof senators. Cincinnati a the Rey. Troneum heating system the report said the Chance of a pm but Worth has re cause of the Accident was of getting peace talks Gung sign my As pastor of revela tentatively Given As faulty were slim. But they said Loti Baptist Church after vents the heating system. Months of bickering with a new vents were installed let part of the Hoo member r by the liquefied Petroleum congregation contractor. Base. A i believe we have the pc or has a Sam a be Tennial for attracting the Type Lenl a of sophisticated technical a inn that is 88 interested professor hints our schools As our land a ,.n a we Are now he said. Hanoi head oils aged All out Cam he said new Mexico a Cen re a or leaders inters for nuclear technology j 10 peace to fort Industry and business with such As Alamos and Las the opportunities for invest Cruces Mirror the a National ment new Mexico Stu Economy which is be torn v it i. _ l j. I _ a Hon Etc Fri Levi for Jam. Have had three cultures work Mahon Atli be my Morrin at to my Side by Side Harmony lev of 1�?T�?Tm it of 1&Quot Tom City a v ,. �9f maim. 1709 Haines be. Wan bathes j new Mexico but we should Javior abet a establish this off Clat int Siw to Mentor a1 Park escort commission to . T insure the future the rights 5 old by it i it Jack it i re t ii Blae Fruish mortuary ii. Hearce at Ltd i ail to it a to ens Reg aimless arrangement of race Creed or Urr a a. J cop or Clar Bell pop is % Lusk envisioned the com lament fire re or . Oteo sunday mis Ion As one which would or it a a seek to solve complaints to l 1 Jav her a Boxt Homer i. Pop it the Fields of Public housing no a a i lbs or Muri of by i new York up a the Public accommodation a d o Baptist pastor resins Post value of Edu unauthorized Mission has Sug should follow. Campbell said that 1965 that Hanoi May Al ii u pm. Aware of the Sewell Estancia town mar although the state will Ca ted professional men Shah and his Ife Verias he a communities become a were found a Emi conscious Dummy he , a the the Hanes Lott my co7plant a a a have ended favourably their Home sunday morning drum a the Load must be i a s. To president Johnson so peace suffering from monoxide Poi Ca. Led by local brants and v four Yar by withdrawing son my. Campbell cited As a a a Quot Liberal arts College a s Orth vietnamese troops from they were overcome by ample Roswell s recent of. Plan nah he ar1ftciu or a a. A a South Viet Nam fumes fran the Liq Iofi d pm Yale University professor who and Only then up it Fth of Quot i or r do visited North Viet Nam recommend whether pros ecu rant Emem Anno i Bune Mon Tau is she Church a announced by str fog less materialize hostilities could spread into a general land War Asia a there is a great Deal of factual material the repo t and i a i had considerable Merit but i think its conclusions were too gloomy a said Humphrey a television radio program. Ecumenical topic at Temple Albertt e temp a a Nett men club Beld a panel discuss tor a what to a ecumenical Council Means to Mcm at its sunday breakfast meeting. Tile laymen a pane consisted of Frederick Al Mccaffrey a roman Catholic i it no Packwood presbyterian Aud leis r us a jew the audient e As composed a 4 both jews and it Ristiano who participated a ques lion and answer period Atte the Lac us Sion. The i Ime Nical Council As lauded by All three panel members do Fig the discussion. Lars Halama Speaks tuesday at paddock Lars Halama director of Dove piment for the University of new menu of will to the .Iturt i speaker it the meeting of the Albuquerque chapter of women con St action at 6 30 p t a Day at the Paddy it k the group Wilt present a $150 Check or use scholar ships by University recipient of this years scholar ship is Ronald Blair electrical engineering major at Unm. Halama will disc Usa t h e Cloudy Crystal Humphrey cites americans right to be different planned by Artesia. These also were examples of a1 Stoughton Lynd a 36 year Jolina. Wnm j i a by .tiutue, he add cd history professor said he cd a a cargo counts Guadalupe vote cd. 1000 attend rally Washington was led to speculate this possibility by North Viet Nam Premier Pham Van Dongs statement to him two weeks ago that no such troops were Santa Rosa a rep David cargo. A Bernalillo 55wi?b?urn Republican Candida for Las so a Day Shoemaker a funeral for Rosa j Maria a. will to held. A a a a a j9 i it Palm Chapel the Martian a the the Rex Clarenee e part off and inter a int a Fairview Park cemetery Tapia funeral Arrivee for Rich a re kill be i Uez uni a to it a a o a of go latian upe cat to r Uburth. Buna it Calvary Cerin ten rotary ill to rented today at 7 e a at Salazar and Sims mortar or m Nav Wint . Ii Here nine year it a i a a capital Bere a resided party a nomination for gov-1 by her Tyc he a we twirl a a i it. Said he has m to. A r a my pm cd d v a a Thal no such were a 55 vice "0r truce i virile South Vici Nam followed enough rapport to insure that a by at Hebra m a a ,. A he will i of Hallof Tiou aft Moon at 1 x j urn by later american press re Dariot from riia Pei to a a a Garden another Section of the con the couple was found by president Hubert h hum. Legation left the Church and mrs. Sewell s Kotlier mrs prey said sunday no Man estimated 1000 persons pints indicating no Quot a Contact g0ldai�pe county. A twi vat �.,? tike1? St t t1�i i i a Misar Mai tic a Horn it it if be a i by should a Dan id h sat amp tnd6d 3 Poi if ital rally for with previously id it if cd Cdr o amp of s 3 id Iii his up Colo for Bun Ena Ewing said they would Mcintosh who stopped at the legislative body simply be Democrat gubernatorial can North vietnamese units pm Ltd Tony Sanchez of Santa we son fun,7.r eff Cen for a no my at up a new Church the Louse her Way to Church Causa he disagrees i h the Thuda Bruce King sunday Southern Border areas Rosa Ashi it coordinator for a us Baru to by policies of the. not at the fraternal order i Guadalupe county. Of litter sacred right a Humphrey h television radio Pio most have King aired his views the rth coming special session of a Leader the Stu the legislature and called for Christian leadership Confer found to be unconscious a Quot a probably would mrs. Homan opened All the different yes even toe right wives Aseep the Call. Igor and window and called t0 be obnoxiously . Plan to stay Here pm a doctor. I doctor said the Einnatz. Shuttlesworth said a pie could Only have stir gr0 j i tit Ink it to wonderful Vived a maximum of two thing that of Many people bouts the fumes. Have stayed by me they left that Church of their own freea.ll about 250 of them a i run or asked anybody to eau. A a a nlh1 it frae Quot Naf quoth a a Quot Guady Lupe county. S tim Fesi a a their j Dis i Ltd a a i do.nm-422 Chi Al to Hao a l Quot a a Quot a a a a a a support 2skk� %lj�lgf8sws said and san a to be. Jer this month said such a a car is candidacy Nave a Quot a a a re bal Quot is. The rally was organized by withdrawal a seems a possible a a cd , cof Altya a a Hajj a p 4. It to tue 1 of Gram. A i want to warn All to go a Bernalillo c o u t y indication of a North vie a a a cd Quot to has a a hut s?s5,-�, vie.?e, Suth As oficial of Reed the Der and staggered now that cot Campaign Chan Man Bob hat-nan., response to Johnson s Quot Maunt it s 1 Quot to b / t Martin la her Kina s Back to bed. Mrs. Sewell was a a a a precious freedoms is and a attended by pre peace moves. He called for up and Ltd it Atlon Camuy Home 1. is the right to be Bluet chairmen and the or official report the pos land d Quot a a a c eiss -,ust,4 4_____ url_., the meeting Here. Among calf a a a it Cartei r greater new Light Baptist she a d she found the doors it it urn h and ask Siut Elesworth locked at the House and could to lie its pastor. Hear Sowell groaning inside Shuttlesworth a civil rights her knot King door Ider who spends much tune aroused the marshal who to or. Martin Luther Kings Back to bed. Mrs Sewell was the v e y Sivility from Washington. Whit Ltd of a one a forthcoming special session of Hodges 79 Dent non violent cd mat voters to make their views those present were county to of Raj Quot Quot a Law a a a a x. i a col White a. Puih Central committee ,.rwl 2 some my. Not from of Ami site a of a opponent at Cus i him of being tilt to tonal and of misusing Church Fonds. Both sides went to court la fall and a he minister s foes obtained intern Ion to a a p Nim from handling it Hun h Money he narrowly escaped timing ousted As minister by Baptist convention Post relinquished by.c. Ribble a me Nail month men seek alternatives to tile draft Nashville term a c. Ribble pah it i to to to a us i ii if the Mexico Baptist foundation has stepped Down from his pot As chairman of the Stew 1 most Rev James Peter ship commission of the a a Archib shop of Santa Southern Bapt it convention. Old a a a liberate a mass he was rep at cd by Preston a a wednesday at to a . My committee was fleeced known through their elected to the Georgia Hou e but was officials who looked to the denied a he seat because he voters for gunmen. Agreed i h a statement Call. L s poll. V \ it Nam mrs. Kennedy Caroline. I e St Omen c r # a o urd to it Youngm i enjoy Var tree skiing officials. Dies san Antonio 1 it it of a t r after <2 i a i get Lenrist he a member of la pita Brunai Clr it Mur to r e Mot Jar a Chare Utt 7 a archbishop Davis to celebrate mass social put poses originated san Antonio tex. Up the court of Louis Xiv Gen i her Courtney h Fiance Hodges 79, who commanded the first . Army Europe during world War ii died sunday shortly after be a St a and Switzerland yes Hng admitted to Brooke army mrs John Kennedy and Hospital san Antonio. Her daughter Caroline had Gen. Hodges was being afternoon of Undis Tui bed ski to ted for a a heart Stop my Here sunday they were Page. Happy and enjoyed every bit the first . Army under the command of Gen. Hodges accompanied by a . Be took part the breakout at ret service Man a a stand Normandy was the first to indonesian red leaders fade h. Call a South Carolina t0 Mark the 15h anniversary ski instructor and a Swiss to arrive Paris first to mate representative from0 the Anding of the Little Holt Offu Ial mrs. Kennedy Vade Germany and made first Columbia Brothers of the Good Shep and Caroline spent several Contact with elements of the Kibble 1707 san Carlos so her i fur a vis pile slopes. Russian army Albuquerque has held the Hhd will be Cele like sat Day she was not he retired 1949 As com Lindon up a virtually pot tar years he is also sex the order novitiate pm it to tinted by anyone and no Mander of the first army the entire leadership of the or ecu live Secretary treasurer of new. Done Sian communist a to has the new m exit o Baptist Public is invited. 11 a been liquidated following re Church loan corp. Adieu auxiliary will serve luncheon following the mass. One even seemed to recognize area at governors Island her. But she was a Dtf-.y. He had lived san ant Erin Mountain sunday. Tonio since retirement political upheavals diploma c i patches from to repented. At a Jii 45 it if the 50-merr it party executives were said of have neen wiped out e mass liquidation of the Lead a ship has ail but re a ii the once pow erf ii c a 1�?~ de i ? he returned to Albuquerque Fliday pedestrian convicted Scooter fatality it party ski from them the political so no i ride Scooter c l a 4 la j i jets Lyle eting wednesday a Sandia base credit Union London e a a judge con a pedestrian of Caus death of a motor or seer and ordered him to pay $5 60 a it k for toe Sandia be Mill and Federal credit Union have its annual Mer wednesday at i pm. At bae theater. Terne next 32 Yeai % to tiie victims a id a and daughter Tise judge ruled that Malcolm mar Donald 29 year old sales assistant was negligent when he stepped off the Side five children Ages 4 toll walk front of a motor scoot five children taken to Aii faiths Home the Agenda will he the were placed All faiths it driven by Jet email Ben y election of three members of Home sunday after police Dis 42. Macdonald was not be Iii Board of directors and covered that their Mother had Sously Hurt but Barry died members to the credit not teen Home since Friday shortly after the Accident committee. Police were looking for Hie the court awarded barrys operation since 1957, the if year old Mother a diver family damages of $9139, but credit Union now claims $4 Cee who left for a dance Ai because Macdonald earns million assets dec 31 a downtown bar Friday night Only $2240 a year the judge it declared a 5�?T? per cent and never returned according ordered him to pay it Semi annual dividend. To the children. I weekly instalments Man slays wife then Falls asleep ii Kok Thailand r a police reported Munday a primary school headman ter shot and killed i Quot third wife saturday because she failed to Call him for supper police said Haroon Nak vat Bara of also shot and kilted his two previous wives but was a it quilted after investigations police said the latest shooting occurred after it Batoon returned from a bar they said he went to bed and after a White noticed that his wife hang urn 42, was eating Ile grabbed a pistol shot his wife then went to sleep tile police account said. To All Whiters ibis area. A representative of a Well known new York publishing House will soon be Albuquerque to interview writers hit purpose is to uncover manuscripts worthy of publication. Fiction non fiction poetry specialized and even controversial sublets will be considered. Of you have a Book length manuscript ready for publication or Ore still working it and would like to discuss it with this executive please Telephone 243-3585, Between 8 of a End to of p m., end leave your Nome Ond address. You will be contacted later to arrange for a definite appointment of you prefer write to editorial director to. Boy 2ll�, go new verb i y. Professional look duty pals by 7/ to few of club suor a a iou ear 30 years i is Viv i no of miso a if Aiu tog Lanvin declares and extra dividend now Ard or y be a a Beautiful fluted Glass Lacon to Trie pump a Spe set top to e newest form of fragrance. A a veil of Arpee Quot. Almost three ounces to Silken be o As the fragrance Cli is hour after hour Stock up to a extra Viper a is such a Wise .catmint. Only 3 50 Al a my s a pay less drug store 318 Central so 4320 Central be Menaul at Louisiana be v v 1 %

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