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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 1

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Albuquerque, New Mexico Today a smile m t o i it ii i l i armm it Mut la. In Ilariu tailor Lio aril Kenniv Whrig Llwis w into enough Lim a a Lintel in Nui Tynni r Tai Noenilo re of n it Xii Tan g Union Wking Iii r mine in Moi. Nil Ion Afu a this hint hem be re Mui Ell Quot for hmm in n too Piere j a hand. Real Good morning Only fourteen mom it tip Piaf Dart util a Nill a of our imitator. Do is operate. 81st year Susej in second to ism Fri tag paid St alb a Jiunti an i at Arldt tonal Maillot offices saturday morning february 25, 19fyl pub ii or Ltd daily and is indy at 701 Silver 4 w Al i us que. N. La 0e weekly copyright Liml by journal publishing Ca 28 pages in four sections a Price 7c or que fief a a House mine safety Mucsi at�1 half dmm Mem but rumblings Are still heard on some fronts in South n. A West Texas Washington ? by Terry Larke journal correspondent Alamogordo a con a a Meilean airports Start Gre gation of lawmen from a Ltd a return to their Normal. Over most of new Mexico bustling Pace Friday while and to West Texas gathered the head of a presidential around the Otero county commission quietly sought a solution to the airline dispute. But. Despite this hopeful air. Rumblings of trouble still could toe heard. In Miami a Federal judge ignored one element in the formula that brought the nation s most crippling airlines strike to an a rid thursday distr t judge Emett c. Chaote held the Eastern air lines chapter of the flight Engineer International association in contempt of court my Hou e in Alamogordo Friday As officials sought to learn if there were any conto it Ion Between Roy Leon Handy. 21, confessed Slayer of i. F. Jack i Leflar of Elpaso and the we a in air l element initial of labor Ai Hillix Elrd strike in addition Nedy acted in a related strike emergency Boa part j to Iii h the and More than half a dozen remit unsolved murders in the bordering two state area. Officers were also checking Handy s statement that he had hot his own father and that the death was carried As a Hunting Accident. A in or a Ieth statement a bout shooting his own father during questioning. There were no immediate details about his president Ken separate though he created an re to investigate kit cd n to court by La Tsu rat in j death. For meal in third Hise in a Undy wait Teal of potatoes d floor of tile steel panelled a for a Pris Ito Beans a Cill beef and the n and c i Northwest air ordered the there Back to said the men Back to their is strike Jet engl Ork. The Ere ready Ridenti i it a i Between rounds of ques on Iii Ile of shirtless the form tattoed girl smiling from Lim lanky right Arm and i to this reporter Alt mate a bad Luck discomforts of urn in. His love of cigars a ii in see a newspaper and education group approves measure in close 5-4 vote to Bill killed revived approved from the journals Santa be Bureau Santa few a Bill legalize log racing in new Mexico squeaked through from the journals Santa be Bureau the House education Coin-1 Santa few the House Friday passed a highly controversial mine safety Bill Smittee i riday but with 38-28 after killing the measure earlier in the Day on a 30-30 vote. Out the fanfare and do negations Bill was revived in an afternoon session on a 36-27 vote on rep. Clovis her opposing it which have appear rerun motion to reconsider. 1 t via m Herrera had voted against the Bill in the morning session. L r til u ,11 eight of the nine Bernalillo county members voted for the Bill. Only rep. Anil in. Wifi v. A. Thony Bandoni of Albuquerque opposed the measure. No i in Albuquerque urged up j a Mccoy of Albuquerque labor committee chairman said he Felt he had passage of the legislation. He was the Only outsider to appear before the committee on either Side. He said eight states now have legalized dog racing Arizona got about $1.3 million in taxes last year from it two tracks and Colorado realized about $1.9 million Platt said. Ilia her speculative asked How Many tracks would be established in the state Platt said it was highly speculative Quot because of the local option feature in the Bill which requires a vote of rest dents of the area before any track can be set up. A in the state of new Mexico we condone horse racing Quot been he said the had delayed bringing up the Bill on the House boor after his labor committee had voted approval waiting for amendments from the mine operators. He said he had found that mine operator had been opposed to the Bill. A Call of the Hauter a a Call of the House Quot was ordered for the affirmative action in the afternoon session and nearly one hour elapsed before All members except a Landfill excused could be ii att i is blk re. Miss. Tai a at least five persons Jourd f or the vote. Were dead and property damage soared into the Mil Kepreos entitle rom mining Lions Friday from one of Tho worst floods to hit missis-"�?�5 a it the state Energy of South Battles heavy floods damage soars the army in re Felim return my i March and i Roy Leon Handy in i i a to Home. A hear ii late Birk to work in the truce of six airlines a ret d to go Back to work while the presidents special comm Don investigated the ease for 90 Day. In turn Tny airlines lied i there Tould be no re were p Prusas against the returning too Yai Union in a Tibet and 2 an at Mescal tempt would be made to Stop on the Art d by the n p a e a i Hgt to \ or i. Parents live in Lamesa but he did not consider self a texan. He said he id spent considerable time in Otero county and Ruidoso near where Leflar body was found wednesday night after it name Era Handy arrested in Lubbock had led officers to the Acone. Admitted shooting i hand y admitted shooting prom a bar but said at firs they Lilly target shooting from us-70 on the reservation St 3 30 a anyone challenged to produce evidence of communists at u. Commented rep. Anthon / ban Sippl and Alabama during the 20th Century. Rna Hilo county Quot this will be a big one a a spokesman for sponsor of bul. Ibe in at Mobile ala., said. Son Quot Man who led tax probe Call backs assessor Scott cd a b Hattiesburg Quitman and Enterprise in Southeastern Mississippi and Montgomery Selma and Demopolis in Alabama were the hardest hit areas flood conditions improved Friday in some other Southern till to. Thousands were homeless prot in and Many highways we a closed. At the height of the Battle against flood Waters the chairman Fred w. Footer of weather Bureau warned of e committee re a present some id Scott. A they Bill 300. For that realm voting against a ii pent several Dollin Pond the Bill. Rep. Finis Heidel a Lea tried unsuccessfully in the afternoon session to postpone action until monday morning. The vote against Heidell a motion Wras 33-31. The Bill was chiefly backed by organized labor. The Bill was strongly oppose it d by mine operators at a hearing earlier and several amendments proposed by both Man a Cement and organized labor i the president of the University in effect challenged mate sen. I. Of new Mexico Lins a Arr to produce boys ? Ting to of Tho Telleri or. P action ing it by Vic Lindsly were incorporated in a Substian Albuquerque resident tute version that replaced the it r it my la f. H of vrho led petition movement original Bill and was reported High Northeast height a a the House floor favourably. tornadoes High winds Nof for. Illuv of a Stool i in it Ommittee reportedly a Senate Bill that Tat sided with the county As backed by mine operators. The is ago the race Horn and Large Hail in Mississippi nor. 1 Ranf jul7 invest i t dolls Al Bim. Us not jolted Tex Tau the. I ii Thev Sot a i a a. Bas sided with the county As mine Savery is Kli a 1 Iii. Live House. Damaged packed be proof of his accusations that there arc communists b of sunday on the University a faculty Dull to Send it pure. A Quot said All court action airlines to Force the Back to to k. But it item was Ato it the Lee i no Tiki its attorney. Winiar judge Chaute at this time i Lim to not seeker and ii not pushing reeding i. Hurt orders i am a it Cooee flail it. Imp country ? it acini engineers unable to in Miami Hill told item air dab it to Tift b 5 at one Point Handy Arr made the Ai gain said. It amazes me How att the floor of tit swells in. Short in dents will Bufo n and the Gnu to fore tile sen la killed Hii body w it i lies e it w As it in a proposal 1 to in pc Itiat in Tho urn. Cadent Quot varsity. A t n be Thor Point hand r said. While president 1 no Pope its fur inv How for tour or Joy did i tot me fit or i Carr by five min Lites in a i Dei inn a \ of name he said the lit Quot i if any cite i an go o it f your head a r into zen has e Virdene b tha t and pm a rage an i it la ruin the e rest ploy of the uni overs. To or any of % out i ate. I of the stif items of or e Ducat ions is Frid a a a in it from f the court of we on i in any e men be int Ottn f Aid that under ques toning Friday Handy changed he original statement somewhat concerning the death of la Flur la told officers he had Tati a shot into the Back of s head in Leflar Lay by. H it n to i Osl tied to % it Micro Ai Ami Ltd a a Inin in d it $200,-Ouncil had on i irs la. Judge had Belt hat r of tile la in contempt and Akk or whatever t in it Treasury the six Day walkout of the flight engineers w As stirred by a Nami Al medial in Board ruling that the Fiig lit engineers lines must join single unit Man killed on Bridge j to it i St i us ii eve i that the pm the Dis i died by b hot refers huh for by ena1 unit tin who a Dir carries indeed a co t a i Mediati democrats state funds Accord fails Aneth red Gambon in Nelson of Chaves the amount of were to r Cep Ive from Rig has faded to malt i dog racing w ill t a the state of does no to produce i done to believe it is Ltd gtd of the state of at Pinehurst ga., a Small Jesse w Stiles of 11313 flan by is in a Senate com Tornado damaged five houses Nett be who circulated Peti Quot 1 Lions calling for a grand jury Mccoy it re it cd Friday after investigation of a urged tax in no Ltd in ask for approval of equalities in the county Sui. That Houst House mine e severed All connections a to Bill should be passed my movement that May to he noted that 2� have been killed in in the Grants area. It e i to pm fell by w we. St Dit of the Jurun <1 a it Santa i e Bureau Santa be demo timed in t Fez it a Mon of United air the pilots in a line affected Thairu pan american Binal flying tigers. A flight t it to work pan noun a d it hot operation. Other aul but in a t exp their Fugl sunday. A 23-year-old Man was fatal v injured Friday night Whin car skidded on Barela i program of Sal my violence edit on against the go United states Lake an hath Pope j by said St a before the Senate ids or Abey Gage fore i or areas eminent of or of Tho it a o i to recon at in g for were d a Davenport . Al la a s Fred i Landing Boone of into. Aind rep. A of Edi in rep. Scott i Richard i of Valen Arm tra id w a is cd were ican a s world item. Returned Iran Anni d full turn it. 1 to h in opera slow or Ive All on by Isleta youth Dies in crash hearing finance Bridge and went off the Road committee thursday that he at the West Edge of the Bridge j would take an oath that no on landed in a drainage ditch on the Fatu Ity advocates the sheriffs deputies identified overthrow of the government the Man As Kenneth Carley. He by Force or violence. Friday i was reported dead on arrival said Quot the University does not at presbyterian Hospital have a single Como where he was taken in a Gold among its Cross ambulance. In his last minute App the ear apparently struck a the Senate Friday Carr is Power line because Light in didst believe in pop area went out immediately statement. He said Thor after the. Rash. Three communist on the witnesses said he a thrown faculty and Quot when the from the car and that his body time comes i can prove i was partly immersed in water later told United press they reported hearing a National he would not tremendous crash the three unless the Bill called and pars 3. Ugliest d to it who met Friday in ruses each Reacher plan according to by re p. Mack a democratic caucus easier said in committee a. F the would into i today t i a Oneile difference report Early next a tie us s protest sales t in Easley and oth i Dreidink vote overturned a barn and uprooted a number of Trees. No one was reported injured. The Hattiesburg area with a h. Three deaths and 3000 washed is out of their Homes was expert have # Len Dumcy to reflect miners to icing its Wor get flood since favourable upon the assessor As acct a s a person or upon his office in opponent said they doubted Stead of upon a system where a single life would have Roff nil hat Nirta been saved last year if the Bill a mses had bin Law then. In a separate statement the lengthy legislation Burg a town of 3u.ooo Popula of women voter which up in a state min praised the county com Maalon Boam of five it members. A for its attitude toward tax mat a one it the hottest floor Ter Quot we wish to commend the a feta a it Fth a session Board of county commissioners fat a its constructive approach to current assessment problems both in providing funds for temporary additional appraisers and in arranging for consultation with the state tax Stiles petitions had been held in abeyance pending the but f nit come of the meeting Between 1919, Quot but we Are in pretty Good Hape right now a mayor Rich ird Carl Isle said a major in hotties i of 30, 1 Tion. Was diapers get the available ply dried fast enough. Refuses isolated High school girls College students and merchants pitched in for duty at r gee Center a number of refugees had to be isolated to prevent Reading of mumps and Meas Valencia judicial Bio is favored in a a the Lance National guru ii Little trouble i ast residents to elderly Man re Ltd pointed Desmen and leaving Irth East it of halt ten re i Rem it safety an 18-year-old youth from Isleta Pueblo was killed frs Day night after a head on collision South of Albuquerque John p Lucero w us Riding with his throttle in Ladalvin Jyh Sunshine returns to new Mexico a Arr asked by the Journ Friday night if he would Tui names of the alleged comm of t Over to the District att Ney or the Federal Bureau investigation said Quot i have i such p an at the present urn sunny weather returned a a it maintained again Thall sections of new mexi a there Are communists on t Friday with scarcely a hint of acuity. A Attiat s what we is near blizzard that passed it a he fee Iarud h. Schroeder or. 34, also of through the state thursday. Calf s Hill which croons it ate Thall in do Tahr a few scattered Light Breeze a u a co Quot a to were reported maximum read-1investigate All state Institute of higher learning received Adverse committee it f to i is. I Viii is it i k la Lisbon Portugal if a i. Friday destroyed the Lgth Cei tory i lurch of Castro mini in a Lifave province to Albuquerque weather Sikl might hoi i Imi i it 1x1 to Milt ii til m i minho Soi thi in m i my nuo Vediu Tokal Fri Lilor 1�?~llc b j a c in c Hick saw us it u As Reade before the meet 5 feet above flood Hilton my Vance St i i it the nation Tai guard warned that flooding in the kid reprise e Shubuta Are. A along tiie River i would not be Quot the Kin i be a in to ride our it h i loud warnings i they Central anti s Mill a Alabama. Tion a Ion i rom the journal s Sanu be Bureau Santa Bethe House judiciary committee Friday gave approval to a Bdl providing for Valencia county to become a separate judicial District with its own District judge and District attorney. The committee voted a tentative Quot do piss recommendation conditioned upon drafting of As the result of implied amendments regard Uig division that tax inequities in of probation appropriations Bete and county Are caused tween Valencia county and tile or cried atop county assessor Armando a Rifle at Doc Giannini and the state warned Quot a tax commission thursday night in Santa be. Stiles Stateburg. The a n. About his changed Psi eur trued Quot this Peti de a stage by negligence i honesty on the p fount v assessor. Quot these implication Genie or dishonesty perhaps the Al i r neg ii measure i now feel Oil the Al Alap to be completely unfair to or j Giannini the county assessor Jupe Quot since being engaged in the the movement a Stiles said. Quot i have set i cum ird we j a the Golf Mechem asks Senate of Quot a n i Alamogordo uti icer Robinson to finance Board near Here former manager of Taos Coop free on Bondie Bill i the re a second d Andoval in judg ire and nether i it Are to it b present second j a strict. Drafting of the its Mil delay the Guy or two in getting would have no effect number of judges for ruler of the present strict Bernalillo and countess them am is now at Ai Luquer ther would be sax if Jill before the leg is c omes Law. Paso f or manager electric c was free o to after his overpass work oked by railway 1961 Iii Date 39 Ivy. 19 i960 to Date is All i cd. 20 when Schroedr i a the o f loftier maximum read Ings were Down As much As 1$ degrees in the Southeast and lows were As much Recs cooler than the minimums. C Ity Cit Ash 111 hts gained As an Accident at the in tor Sec Snow from Don of Adams and grand no disappear caused injuries to two men by Gold Cross ambulance. in sections. Friday. A m. Graham hos state patrol officer Everett cold spots on the map Fri Grace be was released af1 i Brooks said the Accident of Day morning were Santa be treatment at Bataan memorial curved about five Miles North with 4, Raton with 8 and Hospital where he was taken of Isleta on Highway 47.tup w Ith 9. Afternoon highs by Albuquerque ambulant Schroeder was travelling South tagged from 35 at Raton to 57 service. Is to. Robert and Thev Isleta Pueblo. _. Eros Star collided with one driven by John m. Maldonado 22, a Quot. Of 11054 Elm be. J 0ut t.mdcr8tures in the Lucern died a few hours later Orthea to at Bernalillo county Indian j Mut b As or Hospital where he was taken i Santa be up a recommend the confirmation w Edwin l. Mechem asked the of f. A Vigil As Revenue com 118 Senate Friday to confirm the no Amer and Edward bal 4niappointment of Paul Robinson comb to the economic so Curit it Ejof Albuquerque his opponent commission in the 96o Republican pro rules chairman Tybo j. Cha j the slate Board of Vez Sal both men had gone to Leo Gonza if the kit c operative a i $25,000 a to i and officials in Headquarters of release from the Bant be railway in Chi George Otero county the Federal correctional instil five authorized the City Deputy sheriff was reported in lotion at la tuna. Tex. To Proeun a with Wark on the fair condition at Bataan memo Gonzales was sentenced to head ave. Overpass on railway rial Hospital Friday night after nine months at la tuna for right of a his car left us-66. State patrol failure to file income tax a it Man Ray dives said the acct turns but was released about revived a Telegram of author a Dent occurred is Miles East of 55 Days Early for god behaviour Albuquerque. I monday City atty. Frank he r.,n re my til lard Iff Ance he Foi Mer District at i replace a Mod a que que on in Ich will meet Here monday one democratic Senate Rule Smittee Whit h makes rec mend. Turns on such a fitments f a a rials t in w Hoot to Senate approval noted they had bet before the recent a Erali a ruling that formation should oat it. Of office the two Are was an Geo hatha in ? 1 return away make Peri had b Dele Iso w Ort a Ted alb. A in Emad Maldonado North when at Roswell. Albuquerque a adige of Sao Cua base was taken receive mrs Quot Ria consent., met Headon said Brook a Low of 20 and a High of 47. To the base Hospital. It Al Wonzah tor test sex in federa Jer que and was to to years on four Imo Gordo. Hath making false St ate in Alamogordo to Rural electrification a murder sos to . Hon Leon Handy. Lit Ajr pealed that a brother Ben George of Al to the . Suprenna protested now Balcomb was an in such shul us Nereu. Mud to thought a Wod Neagoy ofter Tho District . Office before and Dato Ogo Siut co,.gagman or rut the Deputy ear off the court it Albuquerque a Elf. R Joe m Montoya d n m in the Road. George was alone at the held by the 10th i l circuit pending approval of int Agre fall election i time of the Accident. Court of appeals. It ans. N late Friday City commis.-, owners earlier in the week approved a contract with the railway by which the City assumes All liability for accidents and agrees to pay permanent damages As determined by courts or through conv lotion negotiations court Santa be officials refused 1 ment

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