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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 1

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Albuquerque, New Mexico Today a smile Arff Aio. . Ari a the Ruthop t cloth Nir of via and the had Crest bloodroot Vlot coincided at Coronation Parish. Said Thiv try Rev. Sitar. David p. Her thy in his a noun it it in no a first a want the shirt off your Hack. Than a want your Blond a Unal Good morning it s cd on i nor ii i Aion a Short hrs Rdv did not or to it. Fora or k tarted i world tour a for foot in Mouth Dis a. 82nd year volume 331 number a a second class postage paid at Albuquerqu to and at additional mailing offices monday morning february 19, 1962 published Dally and sunday at 701 poll Var b w. Albuquerque . 40c weekly copyright 1962 by journal publishing is 20 pages in two sections a a a Price 7c House group oks provision of school Bill assures districts same state Aid As getting now by Fred buckles of the journal s Santa be Bureau Santa few the House appropriations and finance committee sunday approved a supplementary assistance provision in the key school finance Bill that Quot would guarantee each school District much state Aid next fiscal storms dead missing Rise to 246 in Germany teacher student honoured miss Emma Bell Sweet of Albuquerque and or. Ralph Bunche right undersecretary for special political affairs United nations receive Golden key awards at ceremonies in Atlantic City saturday. Or. Bunche said miss Sweet was a great influence in his life As student under her in Albuquerque. The awards were presented at a meeting of the american Assn. Of school administrators by Harry a. Fosdick California president of the National school Public relations Assn. Up telephoto paid under protest As year As the District is receiving in the current year. The committee lowered to 250 the maximum enrolment of school administrative units that would be affected by a new consolidation provision. Administrative reorganization or consolidation could be ordered by the state Board of education after a Public hearing and consideration of the action. All afternoon session the House committee slowed through most of the lengthy Bill in an All afternoon session attended by about 50 Legisla a tors state department of education officials and other school leaders. The committee deleted a suggested $1 million for the supplementary Assi stance fund and decided to leave the amount subject to legislative appropriation. The development of a supplementary assistance forum by Tim weeks la would be left to the state police found in a Pawn shop Here s girls Alto saxophone Stol school superintendent and the in nearly three years ago in a burglary but the girls Mother Jem Illinois Public school finance director had to pay $15 to get it Back i hundreds of secondary Road the Bill attempts to include the Mother mrs. Thomas p. Miller of 812 Grove be said an incentive feature in its pro the saxophone and several other privately owned instruments visions to stimulate local Dis were taken in 1059 from a band tricks to increase their sup room at Lincoln Junior High port of education. School. She said the family seen As c on cession bought the $229 instrument several years ago for Hei sen. Anderson Montoya seen behind Campbell source says party leaders asked to Back speaker or ill conceived thousands left almost All Stock without Homes offerings in state by Roods termed fraudulent damage estimated at Many Hundred million dollars ninety five per rent of proposed Security offerings in new Mexico Are fraudulent or ill conceived the state securities commissioner says. Hamburg Germany up the toll of dead and miss Midwest snows close churches stolen saxophone found under / 5 halt travel it a # ii a i awl Pawn ticket from the journals Santa be Bureau Santa be a county. Security commissioner Pete s. Wainwright reports Jing in the wind whipped the he has rejected or restricted 27 of 31 registration re-1floods which hit Germany sex socratic udders in the que in to years mostly be state were called into Separ cause the principals lacked i 10 ate conferences Friday at management ability or were tooj\l001 i no clan la Fonda hotel Here by u. A self dealing in. Greedy. Other j authorities revised earlier sen. Clinton p. Anderson and proposals wire discouraged new a lib a counts of casualties As Waters congressman Joe Montoya and fore they reached the registrar h Etc i Jaq fun All were told it would be Apreci lion stage. Laud Vicki cd All a a ated if Thev supported Jack a a in a Century a receded. Campbell for governor. U n l.11c leaving behind what looked the spokesman Sal no Ackon. Wac my Tho is n a g he a apr. Sure Quot was applied. He said 15 a a Van a or promote we Mvi a lips Ivy Vujo county chairmen and other 7r she Sav he found party leaders were simply told Llowd it cond Lons prevalent that their support for Campbell i super salesmen with Noth-1 in the race for the democratic in they skim the North sea coast this weekend Rolt a sunday to 248. By the associated press a furious wind blown Snow i Man said most of the group j _ _ called to the conference were a dorm belted the Midwest Sun rom Northern new Day and practically buried East-1c-ounties pm South Dakota Southern a4dlhonl, support Minnesota Eastern Nebraska it it much of Iowa and Northwest delve additional Epport in the nomination for governor would Cream up by collecting be and recited their commissions without any m1. App in to leu. Would leap into a revolution the Northern county chair Gard to whither the business i i a a giant Battlefield. Hamburg police reported Santa be up a House that in the City alone 96 bodies speaker Jack m. Campbell i have been recovered with an said sunday he doubted the j other 120 listed As missing and new Mexico legislature j feared dead. Thirty people were reported actually was shirt a gtd. Ary method of supplying to have perished in Bremen the state now insists that the unc so to schools without full and on the North sea coast of Mexico promoter Bear a substantial study. The state of lower Saxony. Burden of the risk it also at however the current Spe Soo in hospitals tempts to Stop promotional Jeuial forts at the licensing stage i 2, Stock offerings prof session a on school this was regarded a a. Cession to Mort plan support a Kuhter now is and a ars. The House committee a Junior High school. Writing a committee Susti it to t Quot. Tut for the Colt Bill. State mr5 a ller school a a school supt. Tom Wiley was. Monties reported the Bur Lmh student Unm student killed in crash said Campbell will re o d if governor s race soon from the by persons w Ith Little of poor Quot a a7 tens of thousands were made were drifted shut tollway a a a a a per inc 0ne principal had face ,Heru on behalf at hts Hom less pm a by a it Man called to the meetings had a a a cleared the almost 500 persons were in finance prob Hamburg hospitals to be Campbell told a cof-lrealed.?r exposure or Shock. 3. Principals voting Busy spokesman in the meet a 1959 and she tunic to in a a a others were injured sunday Cross country ing explaining the state Agen pm entry report to police night when their car left no running in so with the instruments serial Miles North of Albuquerque. Dead was David h. Lehman. East of Sioux Falls about too Cyl a stand on provisions. The state Board of education number _. A a strongly endorsed the Mort a w j , h said a school band director. A John Colt nubile school fic us a her and told her some of so 1 k Trafim Iii Allis John Golf. Pub c school i Ruments Inelus 19�2 to Date 32 in feb. 16 pane director also a �., ii a a a found by detectives in a Down-ii9, of 1502 Vista Larga be a town Pawn shop. Passenger. Boy scouts went on a 10-mile mrs. Miller said a detective state patrolman Vance trip near the Iowa Border but called for Aid when Snow Mam Highway were piled already decided he wu1 endorse with drifts and driving was Campbell later it was Indi hazardous. Rated Church services in Rural j senator Anderson and con areas in Many states were Giesaman Montoya have not an cancelled and cml a in the Pri-1 Tat my Mem were postponed 1 Mary for governor. A everything was closed in Anderson has said he will a i Ursuta Firma Vry to them. ,.,. In interstate firms vote them a a behind Mound of anew at the have a Chi in in the race and selves Stok Lons Hov University of new Mexico Sioux Falls s. D., Airport and will make it known. He told a exr in Hon Nair a on As was killed and two bus depot officials said no a reporter Here Friday he had a method of milk profits the buses would he not decided who he will Back to no a out Montoya told a reporter to will a paddle his own canoes aft requires fairness and will not endorse a Candi the state and Wainwright gone bankrupt twice a each1 undid cd for the Democrat time to the tune of $1 nomination for governor. Emergency Crews All aking a not exactly a successful his-8 Northern new Mexico ? f. Repaired tory of experience a a Wain economic conditions Are a de dices wac liven Way o Wright comments. Plo Rable a Campbell said and the ra6ln6 a ers at out then. Suggested a local Canning Miless pm int Fred a 46 and crashed into a tree South Dakota. At la Worthington minn., 60 Miles Dusty to Market Chimayo Chili As a Means of self help Lack education a these Northern people Are not on welfare Rolls be the Strong winds which had sent water swirling Over hundreds of acres of Fertile land and residential areas largely had abated sunday. But Many cause they want to be we people still were trapped by have failed to provide Educa the deluge. Damage was elation so they can lift them timoted to run into hundreds selves by their boots raps a a of millions of dollars. He told a crowd of about 350 West Oerman president the committee. Gott prepared 39 amendments to his Bill but he pointed out they were readied As a result of objections to the Bill and did not necessarily constitute his recommendations. On the Pawn shop detail told Adams said Driver of the car her she could have the Saxo was James t. Elder 23, of 1320 phone Back if she would pay lass Lomas be. Another Pas off the Pawn ticket which a Sanger was Edward c. Mccabe newsmen were excluded a a from the committee hearing sunday although there were continue Quot an a la weather experts cautious in Hope for orbit shot Calls officials a i Felt like if i paid the $15 i would be contributing to 21, 4100 Marquette be. The victim and injured were taken to presbyterian Hospital where Lehman was pronounced travellers were stranded by a Date in the governors that if the Public partied at la Posada. Heinrich Luethke surveyed 20-Mch snowfall. Montoya said he will run for pates it should enjoy the fruit while not mentioning a the disaster area on a Helicon of 19 churches in the re a Keetion and will be con of Success. The state Securi publican gov. Edwin l. Me Ter night and the Bonn gov Worthington area All but two corned with his own race he ties act requires that the offer chem by name Campbell Ern ment offered Federal Aid. Cancelled services. Said he would announce e for Imp be a fair just and equitable slapped at what he called floating bodies a group of Fairmont Minn Mally soon after returning to to the Public a executive planning a Washington. 1 Many principals particularly and leadership. J there still were no casualty Montoya left Santa be Sun in the mining and Oil Field Campbell criticized alleged reports from Remote Rural Day for Washington. Are unwilling to relinquish con failure of the state planning areas began piling up. A Snow plow Campbell speaker of the tool the commissioner reports officials and other executive opened up a route for Auto House and a state represent even though the Public has Pyo facials to use the Federal mobiles to bring the boys Dative from Boswell said Sun up the bulk of the Money. I Rea redevelopment act. Home. Day that Anderson and Mon new Mexico has one of the teacher incentive he predicted the special session would end this week at land to a a somebody a thievery a she said. Dead on arrival. So she called other officials for patrolman Adams said the advice. Accident occurred when the car a bus carrying augustan Doya have not said they will better securities acts on the College basketball players support him Campbell said and fans took three hours to he did not meet with Ander drive 35 Miles to Beresford son and Montoya Friday. S. D., where they found the he said he talked briefly Only places open were Ai with Anderson in a la Fonda she said she called Deputy failed to negotiate a curve Jiakun it Romat and the Emanu dining room and with Mon police chief Frank Doyle two skidded about no feet and hit Al lutheran Church Toya at the Capitol but held Deputy sheriffs two assistant the tree broadside. J a lifting Snow we whipped no conferences but Rescue helicopter Crews reported seeing numerous bodies floating in the water or lying on roof tops. Many persons had spent their second night in the top floors Pilot Dies of Burns suffered in crash Cape canaveral of a weather experts said sunday they Are a cautiously optimistic that Atlantic Ocean weather will improve and permit John h. Glenn or. To rocket into orbit around the Earth tuesday. Weather in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean showed signs of bettering but experts warned that a new storm is expected to move into the Western Atlantic and the areas in which Glenn could drop Back to i Earth. This development might come by shot time. Glenn meanwhile said he is a relaxed As can partly Cloudy skies Are expected Over the Cape canaveral launch site on tuesday morning. Weather experts said from the launch site to the Central Atlantic there would be some showers locally fresh winds and rough seas although the area would generally have moderate conditions. Because of the weather uncertainty space officials plan to take an Lith hour look at the total weather picture shortly before Blastoff. And they Are prepared to delay the shot on a Day to Day basis if necessary. Weather and technical difficulties already have caused to postponements of the project Mercury attempt to Girdle the Earth three times. A three television networks lbs Abc and Abc will cover the orbit shoot tuning in at approximately 4 30 . Met and continuing until the safety of la col Glenn hit been established. And would or on the roofs of flood sur a provide necessary funds rounded Homes. White bedlam the next school year in sheets hoisted from Chimney eluding a a incentives for teach stacks indicated to airborne resets to come to the state cues where help w As needed. A help new Mexico get lord mayor Paul Nevermann i it paen a ii bw., away from a crisis to crisis said in Hamburg alone 20,000. Uff is t t government. Wen Mill Cut off by the water _ Trad . Co it it ild Ltd it mini. Admin by Toto to Quot Enfin in Nebraska. Some or Leo Murphy for the dem i Pilot were in crashed Ancie. Shot jul do a tact of people were homeless in the traffic and other secondary socratic nomination. A plodded on Takeoff at biggs1 roads were drifted shut. I All of the candidates have air Force base. District attorneys City at tor �?~8h Speed was attributed Jar ounce by funds gusting up Campbell is pitted Ney Frank Horan and the the probable cause of the to 26 Miles an hour in the state sen. Mead of to she said told her she could Adams. He said charges Are recover the instrument by of pending taming a writ of Replevin froma Justice of the peace for $7 j Albuquerque weather the others she said advised a q i kill is Aku pm i it partly i Lone y and warm a it a. Her to pay the $15. Among democratic capt Robert r Saurs 30, Miki Hirn my today finally pays Price j to my a few Tho wort mrs. Miller finally went to the shop last week and a Idem the $15 under protest. Detective it. Alex Nottoli l said the proprietor of the Pawn a a shop had no Way of knowing ult mrs. Millers instrument was $ stolen and was not to blame a it when he accepted it for Pawn. Cooter i gtd t Airport our Tull night tut Aday Ter today Tumada no i Xii la fart i Quot consider Kyta Claudine Tua Oday. Widely mattered i id in her Eleva Loaa snow1 be inning in treat pot a end a a Reading to Etal Poi a titty a mad tuesday stalled and stranded. Motorists a til ii i Windy Law to i. La Elk and i of highs i is she mess night a Little to Tift flu epidemic grows j Tokyo up a an Influen-1 backing of some two die in crash near Tucumcari leading historians a no viol v tum4�y Pamy a epidemic now in its third known democratic tar h it 20 30 in were firm support and More flex laity. They Are in temporary Bibity of local control. Shelters set up in churches a we must relate school i schools or other Public build dances to the Over All t a x mrs. Structure a the Roswell Law ask i s. Army Aid yer said. A i would favor wait Nevermann said the u s. My on the interim re Venine army had been requested to resources study committee make available 50,000 blankets to make its comprehensive re and pieces of underwear. _ port j american and British soldiers a fused at Louisville. J the committee has held darned with tens of thousands their Trainer was moving bearings throughout the attle of German troops police and i. A l11 a was at to study tax a St sements volunteers in the Rescue oper that Campbell was getting fab at Elpaso when of collection and up actions and in Clearing up the Praise Quot a a in South Dakota police and support Road blowing Crews combined leaders in Northern to help bring several preg Mexico. A Nant women to hospitals. Oth endorses Campbell 2jet work Crews opened a path John Miles former governor three doctors summoned nor congressman and chair from their Homes on Emer Man of the Public service edition. Gency Calls. Many buses were commission endorsed Camp-1 both were recruiting officers n e w Louisville died in William Beaumont general Hospital. He suffered third degree bums. The other Pilot capt j. W. Allen remained in serious con w e r e hell sunday at a reception for the candidate in Santa be. I there were other evidences a week claimed me More leaders. Saturday bringing the toll to the filing Date for Candi additional weather Page b-3 66, it w As announced sunday Date is March 8 w i d e i y kind of explosion occurred in Prasai an j we a party or Side the Craft toe air forceh933 cession. J said informer gov John e. Mami the Netherlands red Cross a Board of officers we. In announced his endorsement of 0ffere<j Send men and report to debris. From Denmark a Rescue corps arrived in Ham Tea of Vest Gate the cause of the crash. Ree Tucumcari up a two persons were killed and another critically injured sunday night in a ear truck collision two Miles West of Tucumcari on us-66. Identification was not Learned late sunday night but state police said All were from Tucumcari. The three were in a car that ran under the rear of a semitrailer truck driven by a n. Myers of fort Worth Tex. Although Myers head was smashed against the Windshield knocking it out he escaped injury. Ked Folio vaccine Havana up a the government sunday began an intensive propaganda Campaign for polio immunization with an Oral vac me manufactured in the soviet Union. Morning newspapers said Russia was sending 6,, xxx pieces of Candy containing the vaccine. Atty. Gen. Praised South of Border for remarks on War Campbell at the meeting equipment to flood stricken Campbell is opposed by state few it sen. v. Mead of Albu Quer a of Lettien u s army Helicon que and Santa i a mayor a it a it is were flown up to Neath it. Murphy for the party her Many at the request of tile German bund Estehr which a lion skies sunny but temperatures Cool Mexico City a leading mexican historians agree with Robert f. Kennedy a View that the War with Mexico More than a Century ago was unjustified. The attorney general kicked up a storm in the United states last week by telling students in Indonesia in response to a question about the u War of 1846-48 a although there might be some from Texas who disagree i would say we were unjustified i done to think that this War is a very Bright Page of american Kennedy was right. Texans did disagree strenuously. Some u s. Icon this Side of and so did dorians. But the Border writer and historian Jose a a la Des said he ranks president Kennedy brother along with Abraham Lincoln and Gen. U. S. Grant As a the Only friends that Mexico has Ever had in this shameful Lincoln As a Young congressman opposed the War. Although he saw his first combat As a Young officer in the mexican War Grant wrote later that he looked upon the us. Attack with Disfavour. Another historian Alfonso to Ravens took an anti a s. View. He said that even though it is True a the United states is no longer after our territory it still tries to keep on dominating us by every mean at its historian Arturo y i Reg said Kennedy swords should be taken As a a moral vindication for Mexico. He declared the words Bear great importance for relations Between the two countries a was they come precisely from the Man entrusted with granting Justice in the United states a a for or. Pablo Martinez Del Rio director of the Institute of history of the National University of Mexico a Noth ing could Ever justify in tie first place the War which the United states waged upon Mexico a the newspaper Excelsior is publishing excerpts taken from Carl Sandburg so the War quoting Lincoln a statements condemning the invasion of Mexico u s. Military forces. The newspaper carried a cartoon depicting the Young attorney general beside a mexican politician who in the past has made reckless utterances and now is always portrays cd by cartoonists with a zippered Mouth a should he also carry a Zipper a asks Excelsior of Kennedy also set up an Airlift hauling supplies from the Southern parts of the country. Serend floor level in the Hamburg suburb of i temperatures remained Cool Wilh pm Burf where the flood m cd a a a i Are believed to have claimed throughout new a expo Sun i i he t War Day although the weather was a Jujj reached up to the second generally sunny floor of Many houses sunday j Northwestern new Mexico noon. Gained a Point or two but in Power failures continued in a Hamburg and Many villages Luther sections slight losses were Cost the City a noted. Railroad links with the South a general warming is expect anti the West were interrupted led late ted it or tonight As ijbecaun1 water had washed new Pacific storm moves into ground away from under the the state. The new system May rails. Bring some rain to Northwest police said the homeless Mien new Mexico. Eluded hundreds of inmates of i sunday s temperatures rang the fake Werder Refuge and from 16 at Raton to 64 at Camp who had fled from com car bad. Albuquerque had a East Germany Only a High of $0. Early morning read few months ago Many lost the Ings were 17 in the Valley and few belongings they had eol-21 at the Airport. Heeled sine their Acap

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