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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 2

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page two Albuquerque journal february 16, 1953 g. W. Evans boys ranch president tiv part in ranch affairs. The executive vice presidents each represent a District of one to four counties. They have three particular duties i assist in selection and processing of boys for admission to the ranch 2, assist in raising funds 8, represent the boys ranch with the Public in their districts. Directors will decide upon general policies of the ranch and be the governing body for it. Invited to be vice presidents were Stovall Jack Dangle Lovington w. R. Prestridge Alamogordo Douglas p. Stone Portales a. D. Brownfield Deming William Goodrich Hurley Stuart Mcarthur Wagon Mound Albert Mitchell Albert Richard Cook Espanola Willard Kruger Santa be Tom Bolack Farmington Robert Tinnin Albuquerque Ralph card Grants Clare Gurley Gallup Holm Burstra Socorro and Emory Carper Artesia. Directors listed invited to become directors Evans Brogan Owen Marron Homer Lawrence Walter Buzz legislators meet to tighten lines King and Jack of hear fee chosen saturday night at the annual King of hearts dance at the University of new Mexico Are shown above with their a dates a left to right Janice Nusbaum Dave Matthews King of hearts Ann Lee Strana than and Jack Mulcany Jack of hearts. Matthews is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Mulcahy belongs to Sigma Chi. The dance sponsored by the associated women students was held in the student Union bldg. Ballroom on the University Campus. Nachel Skrondahl photo raft of list of missing on plane ranges coast to coast Jones Jack Ewing Jack Pope in if Albuquerque Steve Brock Roy Sherwood Culbertson. Lords dub Underwood Robert tin All of senator Anderson opposes Lone blockade by u. S. Eleven missing in ship collision Tokyo feb. 15 ins a jape Nese Marine officials said today an intensive search has failed to locate la missing Crew members of a 160-ton japanese vessel which collided with the american airman tired of eating Snow Contani Tram pts a one scooped away the Snow finding Butin some three feet below the surface his legs tangled in wreckage. Mcdowell said Butin had heard Rescue parties working in and Burg Jupe Means Estancia or. R. H. Pausma Gallup Emory Carper Artesia Pasquel Marti Nez Taos Noel Rankin Silver City Austin Lovett Belen h. J. Bums Lovington and Charles k., Washington feb. 15 Jins fighter China Bear in the pre Johnson Artesia. A four senators spot sharply it Jown hours this morning too a. Several other vice presidents along party lines today a a a to mite Uther it of Tokyo. Around the plane Friday and had my directors will be named in the corrected earlier a on he was Short time. I j w Vij reports that 12 persons were miss Pragnell said he would remain filling to blockade 4 fraid no Haye with the ranch for a few weeks of communist China. Been recovered. To Aid bloodworm in getting Senate gop policy chairman t. Suited with his new duties. The Knowland of California and sen j former manager then Pun. A Altor Smith or n. A who head a a a a cation before using up residence the Senate a far Eastern sub com China Omar which then continued again in Albuquerque. He has uni tree. Took the View a Smith 0_ or w a t0 Kobe from Yoko purchased property on Rio expressed it that the Eisenhower Ler Way t0 Kobe from y0k0 Grande blvd. Not of a 1 administration a cannot Settle the t. I future plans Are still Defi matter by letting it Drift but j american freighter report Nite but he is considering going must come to a showdown with p far his Balfan �2, it a a Den but a allies. F ?.truem.� prawn ii a Bernalillo county democratic senator Douglas of Sank five minute after the Cul agricultural agent for about seven i Illinois and Anderson of new asian eight mile off Shirahama veers before he became manager Mexico said that the nation run g famed summer resort. Of boys ranch. Before that he grave risk of broadening the a with los Poblano ranch a War which it would have to fight left it Gardener for a number of year,.i in thou effective allies a fat mock Alq Nappi Al tic win be today not heard. A told the rescuer he would pass out and then return to consciousness from time to time. Butin was removed by helicopter to the Goose Bay Hospital where authorities report he is doing Well although listed As a seriously Shock exposure and injuries to Butin were reported earlier to cars Well Butin a been in the air Force since 193#. He lives Here with his wife Connie and their two children. The b-36 was returning to fort Worth from a training flight to in gland when it crashed As it was coming in for a Landing. The crash was the eighth involving b-36s. The number of dead in the crashes was 72. Yellow red Green Light sighted in Western sky a Bright yellow Light in the Western sky which took on red and Green hues As it descended slowly behind a Haze was reported sighted by a party of four Albuquerque ans sunday night. It was first sighted at 9 15 p. In. At a 30 degree Angle from the Well known Jades the China coast or bombs Evans the new president of manchurian bases. Boys ranch it Well known at one Point Douglas criticized throughout the state. He is a Australia and Canada because he former president of the new mex said those countries Are not conic cattle grower a Assn. He was Tributino As much As they should Republican nominee for state land to the present Effort in Korea. I funeral services for Bart c. Commissioner at the last general Douglas said he would like to see Norfleet former City patrolman election. He is author of a pop each of the in members Contri who died of a self inflicted gun ular Book on Hunting and Hunt byte another combat division. Shot wound Friday will be held to four senators appeared on a at 3 pm a in a min Ion 51. A. Urslene Abc television program with Chapel of the eater mortuary. La. Liar h. A a it a frown former senator Moody d., Mich Norfleet 4. Who resigned from about a year. He came Here from a Moderator. I the police Force Jan. I to Start a newspaper publisher and presi All four agreed that the. Add want gag we slowly and Dent of its chamber. A was exp Home of Hil Uter and went out of tight behind the Haw ecu Tive Secretary of the Elpaso with Congress before it ukes any. In Luw or and mrhar 8 25 p m chamber of Commerce for a step to follow up president Eisen a Rajz Inzano those reported seeing the Light number of years and also served Bower withdrawal of the 7th it. Are or. And mrs. D. E. Lettering As manager of the southwestern Fleet from its patrol of the for. ,. Ton. 1001 Richmond or. Be and chamber of Commerce an or Moran Straits. Norfleet had been a member Oil and re p Eifert 321 a animation composed of 75 towns in that connection Smith Indi Sierra place be. Orison.1 a a new Mexico and is mar a Quot my work with the. Albu Quer Secreu of set my que chamber has been very pleas and military leaders sur a a new an a tre can anti commented bloodworm a in a or l5z leaders sur Olic Church. Ant commenia ciota Orui. In keying an the alternatives. Fol when i was fint approached thes new Jersey senator com. The Fop will conduct a service about being manager of boy rented cannot tolerate i1 the ffrav�?�1 the afternoon. Ranch1 refused. But then i dance o Thun by the Chines Burn Al will be in mount Ceavtry cited it offered an Opportunity to communists. We be got to sit cemetery. Be of great service to new mex Down with our allies and arrive up blk a a a common i Bernardo about 50 mile. South of. An in a did the key que Atton of broken Homes or other bad he aired it ought to be x might oth a significant Quot that the. British and Wise become delinquent. It was few Are upset by reports that organized in september. 144, a u. S. Alone might eat up a when the late a. E. Buck was named president and Charles Minton its first manager. First boys were accepted at the ranch in August 1945. Tons and excitements Are kept Down or out entirely the Bill will sail through also on the Senate Calendar Are Bills bringing the states welfare Law into line with the Federal social Security act cutting the License fee for truck and busses operated by religious or non profit charitable organizations placing practical nurse under the Board of nursing and increasing the bonding limit for construction or improvement of detention Home from $50,000 to $100,000. This Bill has already passed the House and was approved by the Senate last week Only to be re called for a possible amendment allowing several East Side coun ties to band together As a District for the purpose of building such a Home. Direct primary on the top floor of the statehouse the House of representatives is still expecting heated action when the Bill setting up a direct primary election is brought up for a decision. The Bill has been on the Calendar for several Days As have two raising salaries of elected officials. A committee report on a Bill which would repeal Bank nights at Heaters May also stir up a fight on the House floor. Rep. W. Morris Shillinglaw of Las vegas author of the Bill said that in his opinion the statute As it now stands is a discriminatory against everybody except theater v and he quoted from a recent attorney general opinion which said that the Law was discriminatory against a new motion picture the attorney general said that in his opinion the Law which exempts Heaters from the states gaming Laws applies Only to Heaters a which Are and for More than one year have been engaged in business a he said that this meant when the Law was passed some five years ago. Minimum wage Bill representative Shillinglaw termed the original Bill permitting Bank nights a an outrageous piece of legislation a another Bill which will stir up some attention if and when it hits the Calendar is a measure setting up a minimum wage of 75 cents per hour with time and a half for All time Over 40 hours per week. A Public hearing was held on the Bill last week during which time rep. Mafias l. Chacon and w. S. Roberts Secretary of the new Mexico federation of labor advocated its passage. Roberts said the action would provide better living conditions and that there would be fewer dependent on welfare. Several representatives of laundries restaurants and hotels opposed the Bill. Marcel pick representing the dry cleaners association said it would put Many laundries and cleaners out of business. Jack Chaney representing a group of hotels said passing the Bill would make another a nuisance regulations and would raise operating costs of All businesses in the state. Cwt from pm pm Freedom scares escaped Lions Cut Tafti from Pap of shows one of the nations largest truck carnivals was among the missing. Albert c. Martin 37, of Ottawa ., was on his Way to Opelousas la., where his show has Winter Quarter. Mrs. J. Cornelius Rath borne was a new Orleans socialite and one of the strongest boosters of president Eisenhower during the recent presidential Campaign. She was married to a Well known new Orleans businessman a and was a member of a socially prominent Maryland family. She made her debut in Baltimore society in 1933. Sherrod Seagraves was the president of the Osceola ark., High school student Council. The 17-year-old student was returning from a vacation in fort Lauderdale fla., to go school. Another vacationer in fort Lauderdale was Leroy r. Robertson 41-year-old Dallas Independent Oil operator. He was returning to his Home. A Mississippi cattleman was also on the plane. He was h. G. Lewis of Hattiesburg. 350 attend dance to Aid Corrales fire department Between 350 and 400 persons attended the fund raising dance for the Corrales fire department saturday night in Perea Hall at Corrales. The department is trying to raise $1000 to Purchase equipment and to qualify for state Aid. The state will help finance fire departments if they Are organized for one year with $1000 in either Cash or equipment. The Corrales fire department will serve an area in both Bernalillo and Sandoval counties. The Albuquerque fire department cannot enter the Sandoval county Section and the Bernalillo fire department is restricted to the City limits _ police seek Man missing from Home since Friday police were searching sunday for a. G. Bud Thomas 37, who has been missing from his Home at 6003 Noble re. Be since Fri Day. Thomas was last seen when he left the House to pick up his brother Joe Thomas downtown. He a driving a 1949 Oldsmobile four door Sedan. He is described As being six feet tall 180 pounds with Blue eyes and Brown hair a Stocky build and Ruddy complexion. He was wearing a suede jacket White shirt Blue Gray Tweed pants and Brown shoes when he was last seen. First woman Marine Dies new York feb. 15 up a mrs. Maybelle Cochrane Owen who was the first woman to insist in the u. S. Marines when its ranks were opened to women in the first world War diet yesterday at Astoria general Hospital in Queens. Scene when lion no. I rebuffed by the inspector padded up to or. Cleland Gann also counting up the program Sale Uke. Or. Ganny piercing scream unnerved both Burkhead and the lion. When mrs. Gann scrambled up onto a Small wobbly Uble the Lions pushed outside through a half opened door. They recoiled at the noisy flood of cars and buses along main Street. Lion no. I raced Halfway around the Block sized auditorium and re entered through another door. Her Section of the corridor was blocked off by a door slammed by an Alert attendant. Lion no. 2, after a befuddled backs to 1�� around retreated Back into the corridor and took Refuge in a soft drinks storeroom. It was about then that Anthony and his Crew arrived on the double rolling cages in front of them. It took Little urging to entice both escapees Back behind bars. The restive audience inside the auditorium unable to View the real show going on in the corridors and sidewalks outside listened to the band play Lively tunes during the Impromptu intermission. The wild animal act continued Rosenberg death Date to be set new York feb. 15 ins a a new execution Date will be fixed monday for condemned atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg whose attorney will go to Bat the next Day for a new delay in the two year old District judge Irving r. Kaufman who originally sentenced the couple to death is slated to set a new Date tomorrow for their electrocution is sing sing prison. Kaufman has Given no hint a to the possible Date but indicated in a hearing last week that he would not Grant a defense plea to put off the double execution for from four to eight weeks. Alameda Driver seriously Hurt Karl Speekhardt 38, Star rt., Alameda was seriously injured in a car truck collision in the 6500 Block of fourth St. New sunday morning. Swe Ekhardt a 1951 Sedan collided with the rear of a pickup truck driven by Walter i. Johnson 35, of 210 Willow re. New. His car then swerved off the Road and crashed into a Telephone pole. His condition was listed As a a fair at St. Joseph Hospital. Mrs. Johnson 33, also was taken where it left off when Anthony to the Hospital for a checkup but wiping the perspiration from his was not admitted forehead returned from the Chase. Col. R. H. Morton co owner of the Hamid Morton circus said there had been Little danger. Quits Cabinet Post Quito Ecuador feb. 15 up a Luis a. Penaherrera ecuadorean Interior minister resigned to a those Lions Are As gentle As Day. He is the fourth member of Spring lambs a he said. The circus was sponsored by Al Chymiak shrine to raise Money for its charities. President Jose m. Via soc original Cabinet to quit since the new government took Over a few months ago. M Mumm in in Nova Alum a Tina in Mumm of Kori aspirin Chaves re elected Asuncion Paraguay fab. 15 up a Federico Chaves 72, was re elected president of Paraguay today without opposition. He was the candidate of the Colorado which Means red but not in the communist sense party the Only Legal party in this country. A suffering from a cold of your suffering from a cold and from constipation that so often accompanies a cold take sparkling Sal Hepatica for Sal Hepatica is the laxative that give you speedy gentle Relief from the misery of constipation that so frequently a gets you Down when you have a common cold. 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