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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Albuquerque, New Mexico Today smile cd a Titan too a twin. A. Ii apr a dim emf Vii in letter Tram in Chatta wig Elemai at Ore Awner. In tit let tee we n picture of aim and at note at a Lyon look All fir by but Jour Wilt i i fit. I ame Loon and a in fit we a rented a the unit i m mrkal Good morning it is easy to acc Why co arms pm m pretty mad at wasting Al of Money on military bases abroad when there Are a lot of con thu eavies in to country. Volume m number Tiet in red a second Cis is matter Albuquerque n. M., Post office under aet of co Greet 1879. 73rd tear monday morning february 16, 19s3 published every morning is pages in two sections Price 7c big dc-6 with 46 aboard sinks in Golf coast guard recovers 15 torn bodies legislators meet tonight to tighten lines for Battle parties Square off for final crucial weeks of session from the journal s Santa be Bureau Santa be feb. 15�?republicans and democrats alike will Convene Here again tomorrow night to tighten up their Battle lines for the remaining weeks of the legislative session. Democratic members of both the House and Senate will hold their usual monday night caucus while the republicans will expand their gathering to include members of the gop executive committee. Kaaa state chairman Harry Robins some 1000 skiers and spectators saw Albuquerque skiers said that die committee has been we most of the honors at the annual Winter carnival at la invited to meet with Republican Madera ski area sunday. A i legislators and with gov. Edwin Raj los tnbei7ue go a club won the menus a Ujj rusits downhill race and placed second in the slalom race. He was Dick Swinney Albuquerque ski club takes the last turn in the slalom race at la Maderas Winter carnival sunday. A split second after this picture was taken Swinney crashed into George Kew photographer and both men were spilled in the Snow. Neither was injured. Swinney was a member of the Albuquerque senior second squad which placed third in team standings at the carnival. Kew photo Albuquerque skiers top carnival honors at la Madera area Given the trophy for combined time in the two races. John Dendahl of Santa be won the slalom with a second mar-1 Gin Over Ward. Dendahl had placed fifth in the downhill race and lost the combined time prize to Ward by a margin of 8.7 seconds Sandia officer third Ltd col. Richard r. Mitchell of Sandia Rase placed third in the downhill race and third in the combined times. However wards Best time was j Seoul monday feb. 16 up a topped Tov a woman. Elsa John fighter bombers knocked son Albuquerque won the girls i. Downhill race in 1 34. .08 of a out two generators at the a ant Allied bombers smash generators at big Yalu Plant second better than wards time. Yalu River Sueiho Reservoir on the the Albuquerque senior menus team won the team championship. About 175 of the spectators at the ski races went on the five party responsibility in connection with it will be discussed. Meanwhile the Tempo is expected to step up in both houses of the legislature tomorrow with the Senate throwing its spotlight on the questioning of two members of the state Highway commission during a session of its rules com i Mittee. Segregation Bill the two commissioners a. D. A Hatfield of Deming and Thomas Mann of Roswell have been reappointed to their jobs by gov. Error Mechem but the appointments still Lack Senate confirmation. High winds dust Clouds sweep Colorado Kansas Hutchinson has., feb. 15 up a the worst dust storm of the year rolled across the Western half of Kansas tonight driven by North winds ranging from 40 to 60 Miles an hour. Visibility was Cut to Zero. Motorists were slowed to a crawl and numerous accidents were reported. The civil aeronautics authority reported that dust Clouds reached 12,000 to 13,000 feet in the air. The wind marked the Edge of a storm in from the Northwest in the shape of a huge arc. It hit Goodland and Hill City in Northwest Kansas about 5 p. In. By 6 p. In. The Western end of the arc hit Garden City in the Southwest. The dust rolled into Hutchinson at 9 p. In. Dodge City police set up a Road Block to Stop All traffic in that City because the blinding dust was causing so Many accidents. Great Bend reported Many cars in ditches along highways in that area. High winds reminiscent of the dust bowl blows of the 30�?Ts swept the Plains of Eastern Colorado. Heavy Snow piled on mountainous sections of that state. Ted Clark Newspaperman at Holyoke in northeastern Colorado told the associated press that High winds knocked Down some Telephone and Power lines in his Section and pushed in the plate Glass of store display windows. A a it a the worst storm in a Long time probably since the 30�?Ts,�?� Clark said. A a we la find a lot of damage in the Clark estimated wind gusts reached 65 Miles an hour cutting visibility practically to Zero. Busses chartered by the Albu of c0tt,Merce the sabres outnumbered 22 to 45. For its annual Snow Cade. The two migs probably _ _ on the Senate floor proper the manchurian Border sunday while Bill eliminating segregation in Public schools will be up for final action by that House and its sponsor sen. T. C. Jaramillo of la Joya predicted passage. Jaramillo pointed out that the outnumbered Sabre jets held off red Mig fighters based Lefor than the fifth air Force reported procession left chamber Headquarters at to am and returned to Albuquerque at 5 . Top four in meet there were 65 entrants from Albuquerque Santa be los Ala target shot Down destroyed a third and damaged four More in two air Battles High Over Northwest Korea. The red planes Are based at Untung Only minutes away by Jet from the mos and Taos in the races sponsored by the Albuquerque ski club. Jay Staley was chairman of the carnival and Lennie Lapka was in charge of the races. Dendahl placed second to Ward in the Over All ski picture but the Santa be teenager got a Good can Tanpai a Bac fir 8th army has Surprise in Case of red push says general Taylor Seoul monday feb. 16 up a it. Gen. Maxwell Taylor hinted sunday his eighth army would have some unpleasant surprises in store for the communists and declared he asked nothing better than a red offensive in Korea. A a we re ready to take him on any time he comes a the commander of Allied g. W. Evans boys ranch president searchers sub Hope to locate survivors of Mardi gras plane new Orleans feb. 15 up a fifteen bodies were pulled from the Gulf of Mexico before darkness halted an air sea search tonight of an area where an Airliner with 46 persons aboard crashed into storm swept Waters. The coast guard said there was a a Remote possibility that one life raft was adrift with the new ground forces told his first news conference. He called the eight army a a formidable military Force which has accomplished great things in the past and is capable of further achievements in the a i have never seen a country that offered a greater Opportunity to ingenious and unorthodox the air clashes raged while 24 slower paced Thunder Jet fighter bombers roared in Waves Over the Sueiho hydroelectric Plant on the korean Side of the Yalu River unloading tons of bombs. The communists had been repairing the two generators since last summer when 600 Allied planes devastated the Plant. Ranked the greatest hydroelectric installation in Asia and Forth largest in the world until last Summers massive air strike the Plant supplied Power to manchurian and North korean Industry. Other Allied warplanes pounded communist targets All across North Korea destroying 57 buildings touching off nine secondary explosions and six fires cutting rails in nine places and wrecking Supply stacks bunkers and gun positions the air Force said. From the Gulf of Mexico to the i International court of Justice. A Quot their objective is to Stop what a Quot re a re u authorities Call illegal fishing by i up. Fai l inf a in iraqi Fly pkg from american and i i an Allied outpost. Cuba Pons. The government a has tips swept int0 won san aay. These vessels Many armed Lri in monday and shelled Mexico Calls All services into hot shrimp boat War Mexico City feb. 15 up a the mexican army Navy and air Force Are joined in a sizzling shrimp boat War that May spread Senate committee on education a commanders a he said adding that proved the Bill and said a if Emo confined an psst two two cold fronts to keep Mercury Low Over n. Two cold fronts were headed in the direction of new Mexico sunday night promising to keep temperatures in the state fairly Low for the next few Days. The first cold front will arrive. ,. In Northern new Mexico in the f offensive now would cer Early hours this morning and Talv succeed koreans Hills and valleys were a Challenge to unit commanders. Ask if the Challenge also applied to the eighth army commander Taylor replied a very much enough said he did not elaborate on what lines of unorthodox strategy might be devised. Taylor turned aside a direct question whether he thinks a general offensive by the eighth army could succeed at this time Gen. James a. Van Fleet who turned Over command of the eighth army to Taylor last wednesday said before his departure that an morning spread Over the entire state by evening. Daytime temperatures will be to to 30 degrees below those of sunday. The storm will be accompanied by the usual on the northeastern korean coast a a that sea of Japan port opening the third year of siege. With machine guns Are hauling in Rich shrimp harvests within the nine mile limit Mexico considers her territorial Waters. Sri a in the past Mexico has seized r oof uld Albuquerque american and cuban shrimp1 boats and received Sharp protests from those governments. They contend the High seas begin three Miles out not nine. Now government sources believe the Only Way to Settle the old quarrel is to place the Issue before the International court at the Hague. Two other nations would like to see that court Rule on the question. They Are Sweden and Denmark which have accused Russia of arbitrarily extending her territorial Waters to a 12-mile limit in the Baltic sea. They have protested the seizure of Large numbers of their fishing vessels by russian patrol ships. Mexican government sources have reported that hundreds of foreign shrimp boats have been fishing recently within the nine mile limit in areas near Tampico Vera Cruz and the Yucatan j Memphis tenn., feb. 15 up a Peninsula. Two hons slipped from their the nations Navy is too Small to cages during a circus matinee at do the patrolling Job alone. So the auditorium today and ran out the government ordered air Force into a downtown Street planes from bases near these takes another beating attention los Angeles chamber of Commerce in promoting Good relations Between persons or cities it is always important to spell names correctly. For instance the Oden motor co. Has received a package addressed to a Tajber Skwirsk Kwi Kwee new the package was mailed by a Large los Angeles firm. I think enough has been said by this time a Taylor told newsmen. A if not it will to. I will leave that to my by this Taylor apparently Clouds and winds but probably i Mea 1j that Yan s views not and moisture. A uld be aired further when the a High pressure area should former commander appears be Chase out the Colts front on tues Day when temperatures May be up a Little. But another cold front developing sunday in the Pacific is due to arrive about mid week. Sunday was mild in new Mexico with Clear skies and temperatures up to 75 in Carlsbad 60 at Albuquerque and 52 at Santa be. Winds were for the most part absent. Storms were Felt elsewhere in the country. Snow flurries whipped through Montana and Wyoming. Rain beat the Central a Gulf coast states and headed northward along the Atlantic coast. Pensacola Fla., reported 3.78 inches of rain in 24 hours and both Mobile and Montgomery Ala., had More than two inches. Newsman Dies Pebble Beach cal., feb. 15 up a Clark Lee 49, foreign correspondent died at his Home Here today of a heart attack. Fore members of Congress March 4. Taylor also said he would Welcome chinese nationalist troops in Korea with a open arms but pointed out that was a decision to be reached at a political level. Help Welcome in response to a question he said he a a certainly would Welcome increased military assistance from other members of the in adding a the More participation we have the More we affirm the determination of the free world to lick the communist As for a communist offensive Taylor said there is no question he has the potential. We know he has Large troop concentrations and we As sume he is Well supplied. A i can assure you that the eighth army asks nothing better than for him to try that. Weye ready to take him on any time he escaped circus Lions find Freedom appalling grounds to spot the alleged poachers from the air. The army also was directed to patrol in non Navy boats. The u. S. State department has intervened Many times when american shrimp vessels were seized. In most cases the ships were released after fines were paid. The weather Ali Al Krie and Vicinity part or Cloudy today and Tua Aday. Cooler Tolar. With a Chilly Bree. High today a. Low i la the. Valley. I in the height. 24 at Ute Airport. Windy tue Day. New Mexico generally fair today and tuesday. Cooler today and tonight. Windy today highs 38 to 45 Northwest. 45 to 55 elsewhere. Lows tonight 0 to to in norths a in mount amp Ioa is to 25 in North 20 to so South. But they found Freedom appalling. Bewildered by the uproar of the crowd dazzled by traffic the Lions padded Back into the outer corridor of the auditorium and nervously welcomed recapture. Pat Anthony lion Trainer was running through his wild animal act when his two Young a bit players dashed for the main Cage according to script and found their individual cages wide open something not on the program. Surprised by their sudden Freedom the Lions loped through the Arena. They eyed the shrieking crowd cautiously and made no Effort to leap into the Spectator sections. The Lions padded out an aisle in the main outer corridor. Anthony police clowns Gau Dily costumed shrines and curious spectators flew in Pursuit. Many were armed with chairs apparently considered Standard equipment for lion catching. In the corridor lion no. I stopped and sniffed at police inspector Cliff Legg sitting in a Booth counting the take from program sales. Legg was momentarily petrified. Then be snatched at his hip Only to find he Hadnot worn his trusty revolver for the off duty chore. But his suspicious actions alarmed the lion who moved on. Lion no. 2 stopped in front of mrs. Dick Burkhead an intrepid woman and peered at her with Friendly Golden eyes. A i thought she was Nice As could be she said later. A i patted her on the head a her husband was desperately trying to focus his camera on the Cwm Siom Pac to woman injured in traffic mishap Marie Marchese 30, of 2620 Washington St. Be was injured in an Auto Accident at sixth St. And Tijeras ave. New at 10 45 . Sunday. Her injuries were not considered too serious at St. Josephus Hospital although a rays were taken to ascertain the exact extent of the injuries. Mrs. Marchese was thrown against the curb from a car driven by her husband Frank Marchese 33, who was going East on Tijeras ave. New. Marchese told police that an old Model Black car had run the Stop sign on sixth St., and that his wife had been thrown from the car wh6n he threw on his brakes and swerved his ear to avoid a collision. A prison guard killed san Juan puerto Rico. Feb. 15 apr police said five prisoners broke out of the san Juan District jail last night after clubbing one guard to death and injuring another. Three of the escapees were re captured today. Undertaker finds Man pronounced dead is alive new York feb. 15 up a an 80-year-old Man pronounced dead at his Home today police said was discovered alive two hours later at a funeral parlor and rushed to a Hospital. Nearly seven hours after a death certificate had been signed by the family doctor the police report added the Hospital said the Man was a still with at la a. In. Today the doctor signed a death certificate saying the old Man William Brossman had died at his Brooklyn Home of senility and arterial sclerosis. He was taken to the Queens funeral parlor of Charles Morton where embalmers discovered he was alive. He was treated by an ambulance doctor there and then taken to Wyckoff Heights Hospital arriving at 3 40 p. In. Doctors worked Over him in the emergency room of the Hospital for hours administering blood plasma oxygen Shock treatments and later whole blood transfusions. Shortly before 6 p. In. They issued a report that Brossman had no discernible pulse or heart sound but was still breathing. The Hospital said at least two doctors were working with him at All times. Relatives told a Hospital official that the family doctor had been treating Brossman for some time and made a lengthy and careful examination before pronouncing him dead this morning. Later asst. Dist. Atty. George e. Regan quoted the doctor David Blumenfeld As saying that during the initial examination he had found no heart beat pulse or other reaction indicating life. Sheriffs officers find stolen cars the sheriffs office recovered two stolen cars sunday. A 1941 Sedan owned by Alejandro Perea Kirtland Field was found on Coors blvd. So about half a mile Southwest of Bridge blvd. Three wheels had been re i moved and the car was stripped of All accessories. Manuel Cordova 449 Atrisco drive so reported his Model a Ford stolen Early sunday. It was found later about one Block from where Cordova had parked it. G. W. Evans g. W. Evans Magdalena rancher was elected president of new Mexico boys ranch sunday by its directors at a meeting which decided upon what amounts to a Complete reorganization of the ranch. Lloyd bloodworm who has been tourist director for the Albuquerque chamber of Commerce was named ranch manager. Joe Heaston Albuquerque was elected vice president. Carl Brogan Albuquerque was named Secretary treasurer. Also elected were 16 executive vice presidents and 19 directors both lists containing a number of new names. Directors approved plans being developed by Evans for smoother operation of the ranch and to put it on a sound financial operations basis. The program Calls for an immediate drive to secure operating funds and Sid tracking for the present plans for expansion. Need Money we need operating Money badly a declared Evans. Much of the emphasis in previous boys ranch drives has been placed on Money for buildings and improvement of the ranch and farm. Evans and bloodworm plan conferences Here today to detail the new program. They will hire needed ranch employees in the next few Days. Evans succeeds As president Roy Stovall Sierra county rancher who resigned recently. Blood Worth succeeds Cecil Pragnell who resigned to Days ago after a disagreement with some directors. Two ranch employees resigned at the same time. Both Stovall and Pragnell will remain with the organization Jin advisory capacities Stovall As an executive vice president and chairman of its Stock and ranch committee and Pragnell As a member of that committee. Office Here bloodworm the new manager will open an office for the ranch at 518 Haines ave. New in Albuquerque. He plans to spend much of his time Here or in travel about the state in connection with its need fund drives and other business. Actual Day to Day management of the ranch will be left to personnel at the ranch. The reorganization plan Calls for the executive vice presidents and directors to take a More a cont null of Pas two list of missing on plane ranges coast to coast new Orleans feb. 15 up a a carnival owner a new Orleans socialite a High school Leader and a couple whose daughter was lonesome were among the passengers of an Airliner that plunged into the Gulf of Mexico. All of these and 41 others were missing on the ill fated flight of a National airlines dc-6 that crashed into the water yesterday on its Way from Tampa. Fla., to new Orleans. The Crew of the plane included a 44-year-old Veteran Pilot and a Beauty Queen As stewardess. The crash of the four engined plane saturday touched states As far apart As Connecticut and Arizona Illinois and Florida Kansas and Louisiana. Never reach Home or. And mrs. W. C. Schnorbus were vacationing at a Beach resort in Florida while Schnorbus attended a business meeting. Their 8-year-old daughter Vicky was lonesome so they Cut Short their vacation. They boarded a plane for Houston but never reached Home. A i done to think Iti Ever make it a mrs. Alfred c. Bergman told a Friend before she boarded the plane. Her premonition proved True. She is missing. Mrs. Bergman was the former wife of the late Billy de Beck creator of the Barney Google comic strip. She is Well known herself and claims Friendship with such world figures As president Eisenhower and Perle Mesta u. S. Ambassador to Luxembourg. Carnival owner missing her husband was ill in Houston and mrs. Bergman was flying to be with him. U. S. Jets engage reds Over Japan Tokyo monday feb. 16 up a two u. S. Jet interceptors fired on two russian Type fighter planes Over Northern Japan today and damaged one in a Chase Hack toward the Kurile islands the far East air forces said. The american planes broke off the Chase to a avoid violation of russian held territory a fear added. I it identified the planes As la-1 is a russian fighter Type. This was the first incident reported since Japan warned recently that it was calling on u. S. Air might to prevent unauthorized flights Over japanese territory. Survivors and that an Armada of planes and ships will resume the search at Dawn tomorrow. Three other rafts carried by the National airlines dc-6 plane were found empty. A Fleet of planes and ships that blanketed the area from Dawn to darkness assisted in recovery of the bodies. The coast guard said the total number of bodies recovered might reach 18, but the exact number could not be determined until All search vessels combined their totals. Some prominent forty one passengers and five Crew members were aboard the plane when it crashed yesterday afternoon on a flight Over the Gulf from Tampa Fla., to new Orleans. Some of the passengers were prominent in business and social circles. And Many were Happy Florida vacationers coming to new Orleans for the Mardi gras carnival tuesday. The bodies were located As they floated to the surface from the submerged plane 90 feet below the Waters surface. The scene of the crash is 44 Miles Southeast of Mobile Ala. None of the bodies has been identified. The crash brought the second tragedy within a week to a Coral Gables Fla., couple. Or. And mrs. Richard h. Shad Dick were notified last week that their son second it. John Philip Shaddick 25-y e a a old bomber Pilot was missing in action in Korea. A Cut to pieces another son second it. Richard Harrison Shaddick jr., 22, wag on the ill fated plane that plunged into the Gulf. A a we re All Cut to pieces a the elder Shaddick said. A i just done to know How Well survive if Richard is missing too a he said. A the plane went Down about 12 Miles Short of fort Morgan. The owner of the 20th Century where there is a Small Airfield continued on Faro two passenger list Miami Fla., feb. 15 up a the following is a revised list of passengers aboard the National airlines plane which crashed in the Gulf of Mexico saturday while on a flight from Tampa to new Orleans Crew members Apt. Ernest a. Springer 49, Coral Gables. Fla. Co Pilot c. T. Stettner 38. Miami Engineer Edward b. Campion. 38, Miami Springs. Fla. Stewardess Betty Bawny. 21, Miami. Stewardess Lillian Blameuser 28, Miami Springs. Fla. Passengers Serend it. Richard h. Shaddick jr., 22, Coral fables. Fla. De to wild Cucuta Colombia sooth America. Or. And mrs. J. W. Homer both 89, Wichita. A. John Wynn Harrisburg. A. Mrs. Earl Loomis Miami. A Harrof Seagraves or. 17. Osceola. Ark. Leroy r. Robertson. 41. Dallas. Tex. J a Thompson Sailor. Port Arthur tex. Mrs. Alfred c. Bergman Al. St. Petersburg. Fla., former wife of the late bin ode Beck creator of the c4�mie strip. Barney Google. Or. And mrs. W. C. Schnorbus. Houston tex. H. G. Lewis Hattiesburg. Miss. Anne Neely Public relations representative for Josef Meier who stages the passion play at i Ake Wales. Fla. Or. And mrs. Eben Putnam Greenwich conn., president of Greenwich Gas co. George Raymond. Tarpon Springs. Fin. Mrs. J. Cornelius Nancy Rathbone Harvey la. Or. And mrs. John Morris _ Legendre new Orleans. Harry f. Stiles jr., new Orleans. F. A. Thomas 58, Dallas. Tex. Mrs. Eur Krupp 82, Safford. Arts., and mrs. Mary Long. 56, Safford. Mrs. W. D. Besse heu Miami. Mrs. Komi Osman. 35, new York City. Mrs. Eleonora Korkowski 35, polish legation Washington C r. E. Toss. Lamarque plumbing contractor. It. Harold l. Barker. Miami Beach Fla. R. B. Friedman. Miami. Mrs. Gean item amp a. 60. Miami. Mrs. Frank Solomon Miami Beach. Mrs. R. Robinson it. Worth tex. Dolores Ernado Tampa Fla. Mrs. J. Colaru Tampa. Fla. Miss Marilyn North 22, Rockford. In. Robert g. Barnes. 22, Rockford in. Engaged to miss North. Albert c. Martin 37, Ottawa. Has. Said Billy Lavendar photographer for the Mobile press Register who flew to the scene. A a it a possible that the Pilot of the Airliner was attempting to make it there or somewhere along this coast for an emergency Landing a he said. Heavy seas pounded the search ships and causing the submerged plane to break up allowing the victims bodies to float to the surface. 100-mile winds the plane was buffeted by 100-mile-an-hour winds on its fatal flight but airline officials at Miami Fla., said such winds at High altitudes Are not unusual. A spokesman said a cold front moving across the Gulf brought on squally weather but such conditions were not considered dangerous to planes. The coast guard Cutter Blackthorn with most of the recovered bodies on Board was standing by in the disaster area tonight. The bodies probably will be transferred to the Mainland tomorrow the coast guard said. Identification of names on the passenger list was difficult. Many were Florida vacationers or had transferred to the plane from continued on Page Flo a bomb planes concentration hit Washington feb. 15 ins tex., retired senator Long d., la charged tonight that the country has been a courting disaster by concentrating atom bomb carrying planes on a few Fields where they could be destroyed by enemy attack. Long a member of the Senate armed services committee declared that this practice would owner of 2oih on tory show a truck make it possible for communists Carim six Martin Gay from proof. Fla. Or. D. Graham port Neche tex. T. Young no address. Getting tired of eating Snow says Man reported dead in 8-36 wreck fort Worth feb. 15 up a a i was getting tired of eating Snow pm sgt. Carroll w. Butin said when rescuers pulled him from the Snow filled Tail Section of a crashed b-36 bomber in Labrador after he had been reported dead. The sergeants courageous remark was reported today by an air Force medic who helped dig Butin out of three feet of Snow where he had been trapped for two nights and a Day. Two men were killed and 15 injured when the 10-engined intercontinental bomber plunged to Earth thursday night 16 Miles East of the Goose Bay Airport. Butin 34, a gunner was reported dead. He was not found until saturday morning after More than 30 hours pinned in the wreck. Airman 1/c Udie g. Mcdowell of Beckville tex., told the Rescue Story on his return to Carswell air Force base late today. While using axes to chop through bulkheads saturday morning the Rescue party heard muffled cries. They checked with others believing one of the searchers had called. Then working feverishly they pushed aside a damaged Bulkhead and plunged into the rear of the massive debris. Or. Theodore Bisland a Carswell medical lieutenant pushed his hand into five feet of Snow that filled the Section and found sergeant Butinas Arm. The entire party plunged in and continued oat Pue two to catch us a by surprised and destroy the nations offensive and defensive strength. The senator interviewed on no cd a televised a meet the press program was told that he was making a a terrific indictment against military he replied that he has heard testimony that if one of the big bombers caught fire a we would not be Able to get the others off the he said he hoped that a one of these Days the air Force would see fit to scatter its Long Range bombers so that the air Arm would not be wiped out by a a Pearl Harbor Surprise attack. Newspaper official Dies Detroit feb. 15. James c. Montgomery assistant general manager of the Detroit news died today of a heart attack. He was 67 and began his career on the news in 1903 As a mailing room employee

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