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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 1

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Albuquerque, New Mexico Today a smile Trango. Col. Apr principal Abner Hama my that Chris los Lichi reported stolen from Miller Junior itch school hive been returned a with a cond explanation. Three Bor a no fort Lewis Aam Collet a id they borrowed the Light to enter them in a Christmas lighting contest at the College. A thanks a int said one. Quot to won first Aib Good morning me fillet the legislature lied the prong knife on the reapportionment pie. 83rd year number by second Els is rout raid Albuquerque and at additional mailing office monday morning december 23, 1963 publish ill let and 8und.lv at Toi Silver 8.w. Albuquerque n m the weekly i Fie sunday Only 36 pages in four sections a a a Price 7c i too abandon fiery ship month of mourning ends As nation turns to Era of new Hope by Merriman Smith birth of Freedom and that crowd his face almost Washington up the we shall achieve in our time Stein while mrs Johnson glow from John f. Kennedy s the ancient vision of peace and her daughter i. Ltd it eternal flame kindled thou on Earth Good will to men. Baines joined in t in Sung Sands of candles in the v in As tile president stepped by the time Johnson refer dusk sunday and the a Back. The crowd began sing turned to White House Hon turned from a month my a America the Beautiful of mourning to a the Light of the president gazed at die ton our on an Era of new Hope a ,. A a a president Lyndon b. John crowing sea of Light Here die from fire carried from the eternal flame that hurtle Neon the slain presidents grave in Arlington National cemetery it marked the official end of National mourning for the Young president who was shot Down on the streets of Dallas 30 Days ago flags Over the nation fit at full staff today. Religious Leader three religious Leaden a negro Baptist a jewish com f e h carrying a c Andle More than 1000 Albuquerque citizens Trinity Council president Anc inv Aprl Honor to the late president John f Kennedy and aft roman Catholic priest firmed Thror commitment to world Prate in a ceremony Sund lighted a Torch at the Prest Mhz a Qew town Pla a dents grave i hey earned it Verv age group every economic condition and various ran across the Potomac River to a a Anuj ethnic groups were re Lithe Lincoln memorial where a n j relented in the multitude w 1 it Johnson and a crowd of some we iric glut tvs 1 am to hot 1 Sci in silence the hundreds of Candle glow honors late president 1000 affirm peace plea t n in in in to Washington in special Jet participants Cirl led the pm a then plated the lighted candles on the Steps and ledge around tile Plaza bandstand until Tim bandstand was surrounded b Tucumcari t rep a a of lights. Thomas cd Morrisd a Wasj there was no a a it t co int of the participants in the w tucked to Amarillo tex., sat Urdaz night for a trip Back to ,.i a Long ceremony that began at Wahington aboard a Jet trans 15,000 persons waited in Freez ing temperatures Johnson cupped ins big hand around the tiny flame and gazed at it intently. Twice a whipping wind extinguished it until Bishop John we Ley lord co chairman of the inter religious committee on race relations which sponsored the ceremony shielded it with a paper. Port 8 30 pm. But at Lea get Limo the president \ be us apparently was in candles were lighted d iring the Candle to an aide As thou Sands of others began to Dot Ronner Tion with the bogged . The Twilight before the huge Coign Aal Bill. Among the crowd were a Dot a John Elliott chairman of the it stat be Mexico game and fish in min. There �1� were Hist a we a Rusing Mission who accompanied hundreds of children most in with the phrases sounded at a is m a of car 10 them Gettysburg too years and on. Manillo said they were met parents. Month ago. Graham Purcell d a we have been Bent in Sot Row but not in Par Poe be a. a we hurried Abraham plane was to pick up Congress Center which distributed a Lincoln and John Kennedy but we did not Bury their dreams or their visions a thirty Days and a few capital at Midnight hours ago John f. Kennedy Elliott said he understood i cur mourning for the late pres 35th president of the United the Jet we As chartered by the Dent should be a time to a com Jan \ greek liner catches fire in Atlantic London i Tho Iii cd Unur i Ionia caught fire in hic Eastern to hint in totals and to to Christmas cruise passengers and ii Crow of ii Ore than 3 k aftan doled ship shortly after Midnight British time. Four hour later Tho British admiralty reported that the swedish Oil car or Alta i t to Letrah Holdup try during mass kills four Mill till i ii i Llic it a melted i it i t Vav v in four Peru i Nhot to death Sun a and a fifth wounded Whin i i hmm i. Of i tiny Homan a Bol in Church in Midtown ,. I to a i to i at in at. To ill a i ii if in i of cd it i c Induc Fok to at to a Mark 11 orlon. 1. Linchis a Candle to symbolize the need for world peace and to Honor the Meni by of the late president John f. Kennedy. Mark son of or. And i Allen Vav i Bain ton of oafs a was among More than who invited candles in it sunday nit of formation Center co. Fill i Lioi Mio Tig Lim till accompanied by their the candlelight re Ramon was coordinated by the Albu Lehott cd he understood the que que peace information a to pick up Congress Center Ion in new Iberia land a rated statement to each Par Atlanta before heading for tic Pant. Interest shown in Beasley As Kiker successor Washington it was due in the the statement noted that sunday the last Day of offi the world will not forget in Washington by White House what he did Here. He will pre Secretary Pierre Sal i a on in our hearts which urge will be i shrine a the presi Dent said Kennedy. I said had fort a malice Tow Aid none and pre would be remembered for his a. Fight for a better life Foi our people a let this be for a i people in need to e sight of an Ere of new Hope. May clod Bles this land and All who live in in our to but peace for Al Morris had Arr Zed at his the statement quoted the Oita Imean Home 30 minutes be testament Prophet Isaiah v. N received a Call from foresaw a time when a nut in t Johnson ordering him Nail not lift up sword again into Aid. Nation neither Hall they Levi car train crash fatal to woman then the statement list a which were taken Dun Kennedy administration in make the prophecy a re such As the signing of ban treaty or d support of the i nit it no and creation of i c corps. R i Aill in Vuu Zihui let c s determine a let us Dolci mine it at John King i calf a the Kennedy my not ave or die three. Engine 14 Ltd South get in vain that this ration unbound Southern Pacific Day Der god. It a a a a a shattered a car a pro Man predicts a is i Leas Railroad Crons. S. K z a a eventual wheat Sale Abo woman educator. The coroners office said Washington be. A papers found in the wreckage tars of agriculture Orv. A run Ruer a Quarter of a Freeman Predi Ted the i a e. Idee died the victim As cd sates eventual y w l i it m \ in it 35, if Palo. Substantial quantities of writ it is e was English super to the soviet i Mon visor for the Public so Hooi he said negotiations for system there put Chase of perhaps 1250 in tee train Laved on the e lion of line de Mot t its Ink beat of an a car v the p Intel ext by ii ally a Einai Bio a a hint y Organ in at Ion Folio. 111 in an mount solent by i Kiker or that he w ii i in Sig m. Kiker said Satus Ignati Ion As Chaun eff ? act i i i it Jim i ? i sup to 11 of j Chavn / a Hom t j a fit i be i on a men Hail of tut urn. A Nom Milt to m j. H a?1 a i a v i cear i j. A and Chat i As a in a i tile Ltd tha men if chosen. Pitt. Cd Ier to. I i am 4 a not of the e a a a a Cut i Volt on i nearly 31,000 West berliners visit Kin in East him Elf through lists Iii in. Pit 11 by 1h> i flies fair weather prevails Here Par 0 v. La h i on re to i a Iet d to too i plane wreckage 4 bodies found if in int i ii i shot Flitter n .1 Ile a reports gain weight u crewmen Are rescued from Atlantic a att. Cent i a r t i Omar u d or pre in a Basolt in tint i on 5 t Albuquerque weather Sikl of i Kui i so pm ism i t by d to nage Are go i to. Moscow t Wrington was the s food re Ahou prewar ? fran there or the a port a i x nah up tee i f men of a sunken French of brighter w. Re jut red up a pc by the Canadian coast guard sunday in two lift Oats but foul other men were dead of exposure after aunt i two Days adrift a toe u y Atlantic seven other Crew in embers a a in slut Dick efforts fail drowned. There were 29 aboard the Vest i bound ? Marseilles France when went Down in a storm saturday off the car u time provinces the survivors of the i i b fated freighter Cen a a Royal Canadian a r fore t of of i Rescue tints to a if i is i Wisi. 1.1 Muhi ii i ii 111 i i i i i a state id be e Raldi Timnui weather in Nee a warnings recalled on reapportionment plan by i i i Rickli s of the journal Santa i e Bureau of the h As s one v a House be apportionment to committee on re apportion u Tiki remove major conflicts be. Men shaped me apportion he a a. T in i Ca and the men is and gave a do or new weighted vote provisions pass ? it a r a a i a r it i Ai a e Tai de to toe apportion Gir meat pm an acceptable to rep. Finis Heidell Lea hid a. Not in court judge Caswell s. Neal a Lovington attorney imme me r judge Nea saturday Diatel challenged tre or be a cant need in Al the Legislatures re apportion dilution a of the weighted or and three a t e a picked up i.50 in e set uth East of this coasts Newfoundland town the hospitalized seamen a spokesman Sal Quot rep i a t a a to the anti e it stay it a tto cd not. Menu o i a a f weigh Ted vote As Prestr it in or m this amp of she tie use Quot a and of a he a the but i o Tim inti urd in \ a Kissi in m Sii Moi so m w a Conn r a Tui sent it irn pain at a e a Ney t it create a John v Kent v n erne Rill scholar

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