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Albuquerque Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 1

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Albuquerque Journal (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Albuquerque, New Mexico Today a smile it. Ion mid a in a Utton a it re had task Agata Whitn a Wamala wasted a in kit tax is Small a wat aha truant a Flagstaff la am no it Ike clerk Law Good morning Kiter War it tit til the Teaf Tan plug i it rats diddle tis so drag the kit h fun per Down to i a Matt an a Bing in demand wha. To Ballata wham Secor 44-.%m a Raga paid at Alt a que Rua and at additional mailing sinew sunday morning August 20, 1967 Pulli had Dally 04 sunday at in Sib a Albuquerque n no. S710s a of Wae Kiy a 1a� sunday Only 102 pages in eleven sections a Price 15c vocation school is sought to Aid Northeast . San Miguel Mora possibly Guadalupe would get Benefit by Hob Hill r of the journal staff Las vegas .�?efforts to establish an a Ira \ vocational Teoh Nival school for san Miguel Mora and possibly Guadalupe counties off the ground during the final session of the Senate Sulie Ommittee hearings on economic development if Northern new Mexico Here saturday. I the extreme plight of san Miguel co univ was described by educators a the superintendents of schools Al cast Las vegas and West Las vegas and Calvin Hager. Head of the re Ara lion Merit at Highlands University big Marine task Force hits Headquarters of red division liquor dealers May have won part of Battle Carlsbad helps Effort to lower annual fees on firearm charge two battalions h. Rap Brown jailed1 a a under $25,000 bail Quot Quot a new York up h. Rap racially mixed Section of Man fens. Brown could he son Brown firebrand advocate of Hattan where he had left the tended to t maximum of five Albuquerque liquor re Black Power and racial Vio we pow Brown walking with years in prison and a $2000 takers with the help of Lence who has travelled the Large group of followers of Fine if convicted. Airborne attack designed to catch enemy by Surprise the counterparts in Carls-1 Unerv had appear to have gained Irons u ground in their fight to the City to reduce the of substandard educational what Rodeo l a a Rod two pc lenient at the Bernalillo in i Ingvey coliseum proved too old Manon Hall so she sacked the shoulder of her father Wendell Hall or. In Eta. The Halls Are guests in Albuquerque Dewey Dismukes of 732 Morningside be. Journal photo by Ray Cary com hides hearings sen jus h m it it it Ivad n. Mis i Ixia 1 bund up three Days 4 Hgt iring a s ail ing t in in a of f Tise Nile Public i sub committee k if of w ii for the new four it Oil onus develop f c min Tiss Ion to help North a. To View m Xci of Mont by. T pres iou h i d hearings ill Albi Panola and Tao at the it tim Ai t h e hearings s a Tun Ian Dor Itoya said inc t Tuer is i Quot Dis played a comm 1 snit v a up it by i the if atli1 and i t a f i a their lbs 10 us de Airt e to work wit ii us i Sud do t to exhorting Felt a get you >4el was jailed under sturday for eat automatic Rifle annual be it charges liquor state lines while Aire. License holders. Der riot indictment. Dint. Court judge Caswell Federal agent s s Neal has i tiled he City of Brown 23 outside Ai Carlsbad has Beta imposing i in i. He sea a a its municipal liquor License fee illegally because it has not been complying with the state Law. And this is pm of the contentions on which 27 retail liquor License holders based its suit against the City of Albuquerque. Albuquerque City attorney Frank Horan said saturday the City of Carlsbad will a peal the ruling to the state supreme court and the High court s derision a could be owne Fer cd no resistance. Of some u. S. Commissioner Earle. 2ti,000 n Bishopp set the bail of tying a $25,000 Over Prate to of civil across rights lawyer William m Kun Ady in Slier that the High figure was a outrageous Quot and that Brown seized was being held a a a political i apart prisoner Quot he said Brown was praying. Carrying tip Rifle for self de Tijerina Follower seeks foreign help necking the Aid of foreign Powers from t he United St ate flow crowd shown me pie live in ave oust the pledge efforts in Las vegas saturday the two school superintendents said they would work with Federal and stat officials to obtain Federal funds for a to Cai Iona i school they Wert Ray Leger Watt Las vegas superintendent arum a convention of Rete Tijerina a Spanish amerlean Tom Clark superintendent at land Grant group almost reached the Point of violence Las Vagi across the River. He saturday when one of item rated to take new Mexico v ? Ozment administration Eda to obtain funds for the Jerry null St of proclaimed vocational school building and lawyer for the organization equipment estimated to Cost formerly called the Federal tween $500,000 and to Mil Alliance of land Grants told icon it i the group that new Mexico is under Federal regulations actually a kingdom of the ran provide 80 per cent West indies and that if it is 0f the Money required for necessary to conspire with cop Rule Ting and equipping foreign Powers to get Aid to school oust the United Staten the Leonard de Lavo state a dons move should be made. Penn pendent of Public inst Rue Over an unidentified Man in the Keo audient r jumped up and continued Quot ii a state crashes take two lives county mental health Center expects Start of construction in fall Bill i Bordon a Mcwinn a i Bernalillo county a a mental health mental retardation enter after delays in final plan approval and threats of loss of state funds is expected in begin within three months. Lids for construction of the in the i Tuiai Hollingsworth a $1 to in to to -1 a the associated prs two persons Wei saturday in be Par us-550 of f Lei Gallup lit amp ferry Crar for Mongto said Alva m a Hup w k led news in u r nod Hun Dick. O was the me re Rob chief hits i7alley i politicians traffic deaths c ii v is 1%7 sin Jan. I ii la in All vue 2 a Sivin Sim r Jan. I 2> tsi in All auf. 19 i a an Structure a to be j the of the Bernalillo Indian Hospital on 24 f Unive ratty of new land a will by open sept 7 at i p m in a to of m Ion con it auction was to have i in june but delays by and Federal review a postponed ail proceed by about three month it Ribos of C Kruger pc Sociats architect for no jct said. Boat Laid auction costs have into to per cent since rpt i i annually. A canal Zoi id. Van fir i ill be a Saigon Chi a a v. S. Marine task Force whirled runner i in in e d i a t a i Yin by helicopter charged ought a writ of Hareas Cor tip Jungle covered Mountain slopes saturday in a lightning strike against Tho Headquarters hideout of a i North vietnamese division. Brig. Gen. Foster a Lahue the task Force commander hoped to overrun the command Post of the North vietnamese 2nd division before High ranking communist officers had a Chance to escape or destroy valuable documents. The area was 30 Miles South of Danang and some to mile Inland from the South China sea. Determined drive the Leatherneck strike was part of a determined Allied drive to break the hark of what appears to be a new i communist Campaign to capture the Northern provinces nth thrust South from Ute demilitarized zone and East from Laos in support of North j j Iii r % task a a la. Hap Brown pus i brow re i court id could a a up a a a r it my a in in it Cincinnati Auk Quot Quot a a Al Quot a a a Fri in runic la. Sporadic fir hampered the Marine drive in it Early hours. Lahue said a $14,000 annually. Saturday night three new although the he York bonding company it he a a a a a a a a a a a financed by an wad it tack to Poat hat for Brown. Can Mun Loop War. Turk. A Xuc approved in March. Iwo. Otto Era of la. Student Nett in m in one halt violent coordinating commit copter a hot Down by mate a acc of which Brown Chin fir. In head had assured Meinn marines lobbed tear hers of the organization in Cimpl s $800,000 in Federal my funds the facility staffed and operated University of new school of Medicine theirs both hoi in and Browder in 1 strongly that the Cen Community pro Jei t. Tile mental health will ret Eive $70,000 to match Wili be by the Mexico never fit aah a a a Gas grenades into bunkers s Mali that i bail would a nth unnels they found Honey be Pended in time for him tie hillsides. Four North vietnamese were add a meeting there. He set t tot in new. Mexico stat Hospital and $73 Othef Wou d not 000 from the los Lunas to. The a p Linw lately. Pita and training school a a a. 1 application five firm five construction total of $ 145,000 for the first year of operation. During the do hut Jean Wiley an internal flushed out. Two were killed tonal officer of a acc said and Tho other two captured. Three leading bonding com t battalions strike refused outright. Accept two Marine battalions made the initial helicopter assault into Paddy land Landing zone at the foot of the mountains to re run into heavy Valier be f inti urd in a t a i of re urday it discuss cargo $508,424 Iniard. In an the of. Polit i be cattle och red gov nity boar i i shouted a we Are not traitor e galls re sat a Are not traitor we Ai i ii a meeting no traitors to the unit David f. States several people in the Laid approval of Audi inca seemed to disagree Graal for the with the exclamation. L klan negroes in rival rallies Mal mice. Gail a1 i Ever onto need on at i in teenagers note Long hair ordered posit end of this stats cup Rai saturday night while state a police and the National d watched out for trouble it was a tense ending in my i Jimmie in a cargo and 0e0 officials review problems of City by Wayne s. Scott of the journal Santa be Bureau s Anta be g v David f cargo and three mom bet of the Al Bop be que a emails county Board of b Opportunity spent two hours saturday talking ail around Leo problems in Ajbuquer-1 que but skimmed Over what in n considers toe Calef hone it ? Contention t a is c Irene Ganiard executive dirt tor of the a a coun y bed car. A id he Brid a Ber of complaint ,j0ut ga.-, a d a and the d a in grass Roo Erp Runn no the Leo m be Mali to county. A. W. Atkinson Robed chair i of tinted in a the in Tijerina then told the t _ toting to group that he could not go Baton Roige la Ard said along with the United states hundreds of negroes and aug Impact a i go along with the United Siux Kinsmen rained on of f it tile i one of re Mem a me con i the last few politicians attend meet Lewiston. Idaho a Ion Long haired teen agers and pipe a Ake note police sgt the Quot Jack Fannan was recently Given s 15-Day suspension without pay for not wearing conf band., a. Or his hair longer. Groes and a fan Nan Aas ordered to let planned Pat Ade and n his har grow. Police chief on toe Capitol Gre Uitos. William Silver said Fannan a a column of be Roei. Rout mad him look like a Strong completed the Lmh a member of the Gestapo. A from Bogalusa. La. Tot Fannan appealed the so saturday by slogging through Den on saying he had the heavy rainfall to a slum area l. Haircut when he joined five mile inside Baton Rouge. He Lewiston Force 4 three Hundred negroes years ago and had never had fathered after Nightfall in a any trouble before Appeal Junior High school where the ass . Starch a re Tieman j about 4 30 after flames i me truck or of Balmor a a Ltd a Lur s vegas a Erie ear he was driving missed a curve near the outskirts of the City and crashed into a Light pole ripping the electrical fixture from the ground. Tie car Bien p Tweed into father of a in w p in a t or engulf d his Harvey harhow sex re was Flay night n la bail. On omunds Mal a Tel Beld in Roa Erve in jw7 Sui. U�aaiur., the a it. firms fund were almost chopped. Copic a i it hut Ltd ii grn.r.1 up prop la r,.own m. A Tiona by by opponent but up no nosed centers Archit curl l Strong backing by several plans Boa said he est 4 onto need in Bernalillo county legislator mated that construction would finally won approval for the begin about two months after fund b d openings with completion Hoard once Rue d due in 380 Days. Despite Cost toe new state combined action Fine journal Index was a a too Mil of Ute which caused in go text display c a racial co frontal the City was pea uneasily so. Auth concerned most a Possi in be our r blues in increases Bosi said the a hospitals Board a expressed Clity can be built within the concern about the use of these allocated budget. Funds and has called for the. Enter wit count of a a a a a a a cd unt no to the. -3 a a u Flor mental i Board. Hollingsworth and an Arroyo and landed on its two sections. On tor mental too Osi ers a d the acc health treatment to be direct Browder said they Nave no of. O leers inc it liar. In lines obie it Dona to providing a. A drat occur a bout w of 5?. Of us. Of the. An .v.w,tn.s� to in. Worth re the. met her to. A Ltd it. R c. Slim Ulm a a do on 1 he a two Eder i str Fetn i tint owner opt Rator of the needed by or j. Aiken arow in a i to twi in la trading port Der. . The. Raul r. Get. Mounting to hot w., fored action will b. Other fond rom. Fro h. In or t r. K. I i for children. La hosp.t.1 and is u i it ,.too comes from the county. Dick was an employee for Hollingsworth is associated ,.the i d. Clark t Oil with Unm medical school a contrast the Manta r z inn melt no Quot cards be it Tion receives no t o. In . Lie had department of psychiatry and a a a a because no traded Hilr ack at the. Bro Der with the. Sthool. P. It a it a a Itata. In Bud. Jia teau Hefin wry at i attics department. Depend on the funds Field snout 2 45 p in. An Wasto a. In route to Gallup when one administrator named to in los Luna $5�00 fro Accident occurred. Administrator will Beju a Kwh county for a Toul of state police said they writ in Boose who was head of too plus fees from unable to determine what the Federal psych Iasic Hospi who can pay a Are Eunmi caused the truck to run off tit mad til vehicle it 34 mexican prisoners marry in Penitentiary .3 \ 4 i 1 i continued in a-7 Al around new me Aho la at City my v4 business in . G-5 Oas sifted it h 19 it a Oshwa re Pule farm and Kan it h financial Home living in the api isl Jenkin Lloyd Jones movies 4>bituariex our slant people s 4 Olumn sports the arts to in to previews Heather table Heck in want a. Homans Hsrold Pius Parade and two Rozmir see Lions Amend they of fighting a Short d Dan it South or the new Marine sweep la in paratroopers from the list airborne division fought their Way out of an ambush Laid by part of the North Vietnam me a regiment they believe they have boxed in. Six Ansar i lean died and 15 were wounded before he ambushed platoon of less than 4<> men managed to fight free another paratroop unit in the area killed 30 North vietnamese in a bitter Jungle Battle earlier in the Day. There were five americans killed and 35 wounded 7 ski 3 a-4 a do 7 a a % 4 a a a j 14 4 12 of a-7 t 3 a-7 blk big reeled 1f2 feet after running Oft the Edge of the Road new Haven riot quelled by police hear be hear be new crying Champ crowned Hastings England a a Oyes Oyez Oyez know re by these presents that the Best Mer me me olde Englana this year is e h. Preston of in the county of Gloucestershire. that be won saturdays Competition by 19 other town criers from All Over the realm in is to on a rear. Ent Field of Hasting. Contest sponsored by a British weekly paper refile criers to Call a Welcome to the festivities and for Hastings embroidery Industry not informing the citizens of Tewkesbury that a a ail s Well a pre j toe operates a press at a rentier factory. Ben John pm nine times a Winner and the Fendig Champion finished for in in Jewkes know be at my a vocal the c quire t a pm w Mexico City thirty j four prisoners in the a Atli la Federal Penitentiary in Mexico City married a Neir fir friends saturday in a mass j new Haven com. 4# ceremony St the prison. Gas masked police armed tri prisoners were married with Sho guns and riot Sticks m judge and the Warden used tear Gas to disperse 5gi amp reception afterwards. J crowds in Tlle predominantly a prisoners in mexican jails negro Hill neighbourhood sat can a a overnight visits urday night after fires hit from wives so the new Bride an apartment House and wer9 allowed to spend the stores were looted. Night with their husband in six persons were reported Lher Ceja. Injured during the disturb a a a once pol it # detoured traffic 411 weather a a a from the Ana and Albuquerque weather guarded firemen who fought Auh a it i Nanna i we i the apartment House fire. A a it a a j to Aimi mat ii. N r t a. In police chief Francis v. Mcmanus said the trouble drop out earlier in the evening i when three men in a tavern Hod an argument which re suited in Hie of the men re. _ appearing at the tavern with a a knife and Beng shot by the bartender. A Maul i a in i a my i co y Asai of a mom my additional Heather Page Vej action line ignoring of appendicitis proved fatal to Houdini How did the great a oudh die a i a from lace Kendall t biography a Houdini Mamer of escape a the Public Library reports that Houdini was stricken with appendicitis a cd so vice he Khouw have an operation at once. He refused laying he had to go on with a show scheduled that night in Detroit. A performed his regular act nearly to thee a a when r e lapsed he had developed gangrene and peritonitis was rushed to a Hospital where he died seven Days on oct. 31, 1928. Q re you allowed to have peacocks within the Chi it a mrs. 4. \ it a be the of animal prohibited by Law within qty limits is the pig Large arum a is such As some Uve Auk a it or Square of Itaas if within the require certain amounts of sur. A City and you should cd k re Riel depart a eat. Add Tuoakai action line a Fate Al col i. He later with the City j City gets More a rain now Well above average Gusty winds saturday continued to improve the n a Ura Outlook in album tier rainfall for the month 2.57 Hub he and the to a i 1 year to a e was 5.43 i Espi us 55 tech above average in the City. Showers also were Rem in other comr Uniti irn h a los Alamos. 2 do to and 13 Ai of and smaller amour where. Thunderstorms become widely sea Day and Mondi i state toe i predicted. Temperatures s a night wore mostly Low 80s m the South and in the 50 to 80 Range in the Norm but High elevations repo red in Chilly Early morning temperature. Red River had 34 and Moriarty 37. Albuquerque minimums a were 82 at be Sun port and 5$ n the Valley. Afternoon bight saturday wei4 around the ski Mark in toy the in Section while Moat of the North had readings in the go the Albuquerque High wan m and Carlsbad Regia tired the state High of 93. Id v a we the 45 at ruining no else Ukly ired Toff the Bureau urday in the que

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