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Albuquerque Evening Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Albuquerque Evening Herald (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Albuquerque, New MexicoMitabe Mau Kkt. I i i in few Vulk Hept. 21. Bar Silver unchanged f Roca Copper quiet unchanged. Tin Ensy Root 144.00 nearby Cit to. .?$44.25 Ful Iii $44. 0. Iron Heady unchanged. Fin Viva is.r.6 1m.gantimony, Kino Ana Lead unchanged to mini Mukh Pilj associated pm mrs Albuquerque new Mexico thursday 23, 1920 Tai hew to Pat Bat he Miku Vesa 63a-speak-s 8 a or apr governor and party none the Nef talk scheduled governor will have Din Ner Alvarado and proceed to armory program for Cox visit in City to Nln Cox and curly so o clock. Governor Cox will make five minute address on North Side of Alvarado hotel. Dinner for Cox party tuft Hill. Automobile Parade to armory 7 30 o clock. Main address armory o clock. Heparin for Denver 10 so. All Road will Lead to the Alvarado hotel 0 30 o i Mck tonight the to or Eliut gov. Jamee m. Cox of Ohio democratic candidate for president and Pirty Are Luc in arrive in the Foreman the water Plum Anil inn Engineer the Tua f shop Are a tending ready to blow la whistle which will sound the a Pruth h of the Iriton carrying the party he. N noun will gather the North Able of the Hole the Lulu ital time where rive minute addicts will m inn de by the governor. In Ida will play Flinga will flutter1 and the Throat of the Ouanda will be cleared for a cheer of Welcome. No a a Rieann Are to lie made for Tinline Ink Erner Cox a Emp sign lug or the hurling Huta into Tiemin wan wrecked about 4 80 of clock till. I Iii m thu Ever to Nee Eliut everything in orderly we re flu re. in i roam the Mocerf Etc Candy of Hue to die wreck the Apodala Phoenix Lent yesterday attn Dale and Hla party were badly shaken noon several change bad to be made i when engine and four cars . Pc in work old the governor and party would of caped Ner Lintig. Injury. The Moat head from the nut ton to old Albu 1 Are loudly injured won com Rlyn ii Niue utter Hla nil Dree Haa end Hola Engineer i re Roll who abandoned. R of owing l in Addrenne. T the hotel the party will enter the jumping from Alvarado for dinner. 30 o clock Hla Rah when Hla engine toppled Over a n Nuzio Mobile pursue in which the Hyrc Ndang rails were a dined by m i " i v Vin j Central Avenue to the armory where wed which compelled the governor the main Addrena i to be made. The he party to return Here and Millie route from the hotel to the cancel evening address y will a luxe with red future itinerary a to Wae Tureen. The to Nln was detoured from Imide Nix by Way of in Ming and was combined with train no. K0h Altu on the committee which had gone to Lull up with the intention of meeting the party there land escort Long the member Here returned Home this morning n my left on n per i i Ca r of to Nln no. Rot for the South Thea noon. Henry 1. F Dora jr., joined the already named to meet the party. They will meet the Cox delegation Kim Cedoit the list station Tina of Man if a re la i this afternoon. Intent reports received by Railroad Otic Cutaia were that train no. Nun wan in time. Addrenne p. The train carrying the special puny will pull into the station in the fecund truck. As soon an stops a switch engine will he coupled to the special car and bring them up on i he first truck directly in front the Al Vurdo. The governor will then he escorted to the North Side of the hotel by a committee consisting of Arthur hello a Henn Tor a. A. Jonnee und . Ii. Hisiu Iii. A bund will be in waiting in the Center Garden or the Alvarado Lawn and will Piny Aeve Rul pieces As a honoured guests gut her in front of the crowd continued on Page 1kb ijn1vkiihity of new Mexico a14i ret bean bating a. Hlf these temperature 78 lowest temper Luro a daily Range Tern p e r a u r e 30 Meun Dally tem poral u re 69 relative humidity p. 24 relative humidity a. Hong maximum velocity wind Miles per hour i direction tout West character of the Day Clear Hun Alsce 8 a. A Acta 8 07. Tot we atelier. New Mexico fair and cooler tonight Ami Friday Frost tonight. City s guest 1 a a v i re James ast Cox presidential of Prehl Ellal of an " a. Of in .111 Hla be aide m. Of or i i Oknin. Aria. Hept. 23. Gov yesterday 14 mlle North of Here Roll Ned no n the Taumo of the unset Mac a till Nunn. The Accident occurred a half mile nut of Peorl n Al luge on the Hunta Rull rond 14 Miles North of Phoe Nix. After delivering Neveril speech Here the train Conn inting of six Cam i and drawn by two heavy engines needed for the e to Prescott left Here 4 o clock. About a half hour later while running a Speed estimated Between 36 and 40 Miles in hour the train a jarred suddenly an in in common Ami men application of the emergency broken bumping Over Roaen rails and tic and careening or earn told passengers their Story. The four Forward cars were ditched. The governor a private end the fed eral the rear and the adjoining Compi ariment end of newspaper men except for its Forward truck Only remaining on the tails. A baggage conch jumped he track about 15 feet and turned Over in its . 1 to up Avenger coaches and an other compartment car behind also slowed ten feet or Lees from the track am partly toppled Over. The first engine of the double header Engineer f. C. Hutton of Prea Rott said left the rails first and then jumped on again but the Sec Ond engine toppled Over amid a Cloud of escaping steam. The tender of the Forward engine also fell Over while the first passenger coach ran the length of the overturned bag Gugo Enron train after they Are a Knelt. Hept. A 3. Pan Angera on Santa be to Nln no. I were robbed Early this morning to a mingle masked Tut my Between Ilia Anima and a Junta. Colo., and then captured the la. A to Nylla Junta after recovering nearly All Belr Vul Unble. The Robur boarded the to Nln tvs Almaa and proceeded throw Ike the train collecting the Paese Tiger s ?. A. O Helen the conductor dropped a message nut of a window a Little station describing the Rob Bery. Tho Telegraph operator saw and a warning to 1a Junta. As the train neared that place the conductor led the Piuta Unger in a Rush upon the Bandit is he entered a Vestibule. To waa overpowered and held until the train reached the Junta worse wreck experience Cox has Nett of Escyde when special passengers capture Bandit robbed for tonight 1 i rain is wrecked i . Forward end into he iiu4kh. Iu.,.t my Mem i n. All of the Niitme Orem on nil run i " Weri thrown Tony turn Home nut nip uru and Cuba from flying1glass. In the run for escape several a Omen Pur Wenkam in the coaches were put through broken windows. My error Cox Wax in the dining room or bin private end going Over papers with or. Hubert Goldsmith Hon Ithmal Hinaut on the league of nut Lona quo Lonn when the crash occurred. Thu i m that to shouted rising to Hla feet to be thrown heavily Mcroan the car into a steel Wall. He Wun shaken up. But rushed nut to in Kent the injured and soon was viewing the wreckage smoking bin lie. And waiting for u wrecking train to arrive and take Back to Phoenix. I of the passengers including ave Era of the local reception committee of Preschil and Phoenix judge a k. Olllnger. Kingman Arizona of the Mojave county court suffered a Hrul Ned leg. He Vera i other had ruts and nil sch and torn clothing. Per j Onul effects of All members of Tho rain were scattered and broken. Charles Nichols the Engineer Una taken to Phoenix in a pausing Auto bile und Flint Aid Una Given to Sev j enl others. Philip Ion Prescott. Tho train or Neman who was alone in the baggage car when turned Over suffered a nip lacerations. The fireman on the second engine wag in Nile to jump and crawled out from the wreckage without a scratch. Governor narrow f scope. That governor Cox escaped injury with due was Bald to dolby in a conference with Prea Rott reception committee. J. J. Sinnott represent ing the democratic National commit tee on the Campaign trip and chair Mun Norris of the Prescott committee were Enro Ute to the private car to the governor to go Forward to the Flint coach where the reception commute wan going worn crash came. Most of those bruised or Cut were in. The Forward coach. The governor waa Able to continue use of Hla private car and also one of the compartment Enra for other members of the party. The other compartment car however waa too Hundly wrecked to proceed Ana an extra. Sleeper waa engaged. Two mail order houses Cut prices 10 to 20 per cent v tin a seats Ssiss Chicago. Few two of the largest mall order houses in the. World hear and end Penny and Montgomery Ward and company today announced Price Cuta from 10 to so percent in Many Lynea of Mer Chandise. Food Price As whole were not affected ult migh sugar was quoted 1 7. Itil a Hundred pounds and the representative of one company predicted . Would drop to from n Flat after the Canning season. Cotton Staples Nuch is muslims Cambric Sheet Long and Poppins led the list with 20 percent reductions. Men s and women s ready to Wear clothes Thoen und Corset were niger items affected. Chute from bed and Emit Speaks few words to crowd gathered about car 1 Kitfu to with Oover nok co b.. Hla Alliona Irmin nod a truly by the i Rhi of Hla no Clyl to Nln boat May i Hon la Yovo Anfir Cox Elmo critic Condl Aluta Todne Wun i n route throw try new Mexico to a Pink a night album Piergue. The to Vurnor and party today were none the work for their sex i in the la after to their train hut Hook Ful that in f w injure thro Iirth the Orri the governor lout two ii lne Enki Sementi Cheri Ishimi Toiny in Beetem new Mexico. Me Hisil no open King today except Long kit h Natl Ruckh Al by toilet okie but wan in ought nonet Hiitt he my kit be Able to Mako one or two rear platform talk. be Ninn n. M., a Large crowd gathered about the governor a cur and routed out of bed to speak a few Woiln. From Leming to Klencon the candidate a arty again travelled by spec jul to Nln in order to connect with the regular train which Wae to Taki inem to inn Querques Roro Izaih plans or in Colorado itinerary were Necen notated by the wreck of Hla spec jul to Nln in Arl Aono. Yew Penl i ,.coni, to information .nmn.tl. .1.1. .,.,. A. Loy ,. i i taxi Vee for i to n my Zihui or us i iia Munich a Audi Purlum tomorrow continued lilt Mac tmo.1 in the Law. Utmost respect to the president in i candidate of one of the Crent political Purtle the people of new Mexico parti sans and opponent alike Are lion ored to entertain. i submitted that governor Cox Una not u yet publicly stated i position upon and upon us enforcement a now provided by the volstead act. Governor Cox has wild that he a my for Law and that statement i accepted us a mutter of course. He inn also stated that i a dead a slavery and that statement in accepted with Renei ions. These by governor Cox do not const the a statement of Iii Altitude toward National prohibition or toward its As now provided for in the we believe i to say that these statement Are As eve Nylon. Governor Cox in Neek no the votes of the men and women new on the act the adopted by Muin Loii vote of the democratic Stule convention in on zit ill o to stand for Tho n. Of act and any repeal or of Ltd r copy Avail Cle september Hung hot to meddle where does governor Cox on Tho volstead act democrats u. S. Already is interfered abroad too much he says . Ohio rept. 23. Decler Iii the Iron a Pim Ihlam la pot n m Ca Tion for a Myrlca Hen Tor j liar Dolnic wild in a Ati tement that in Hla opinion the movement far Iruh independents would lie under the Learue of a Tlona n he eject enter ily internal or without referring directly to the promo he to Harln the Irth quention to the attention of the Learue the Depuhl Lynn Hilld that Naif say had a chilled n Broad exr Ehritt a without invitation and Fine red that off i Lul Connlley Rullon by thin with Pillif a noisier in Lutc fun an exp Kenlon of by in path y. The a paiement. In which the senator the Iron a to Matlou directly for the Flint time aim Hla Nomina Tion there Are two Pena ii of the Linh pie Atlon in America. Individual sent Lent in one thing and la recon tiled that there la a wide p n Ltd Nymph thy Here for the cause of Iron a Hilt Xiomy. We voted an of that Nymph thy in the the Tine the put Delft no were in i Arta. Official Fomltlfratio in Siulte an other thl Nir. in not a Ipac Filion for official America. America Haa already meddled abroad Excena vely without invitation i Bald an i truly believe that the provi Noim of the Lea Guenne Tammi Iii Nisun m Interra l or Doin Entac and i recall Dan that the hem Inge before the Tennte foreign relations commit tee the american advocates of Iron a Independence bitterly opposed the in proposed been Tine not Only cloned the door to Ireland but committed us to the Tine of Force to main Tain territorial late Rolt m exists today. Pm i in Ops ore., re Duc Lnu of or cent a barrel to $13.80 on Patent flours Wun put into effect by local Millers today. was the first change in tin flour Market since late hint july. Of new Mexico who Are for prohibition and for its enforcement us provided in the d Law. These men and women have been told that the no mix i Ion of governor Cox a n Francisco was hulled is a great a Cury by the lie nor interest. They have Wen told that the organised la Fluor in ersts Are among bin most Active they have seen letter and extracts from letter written by officer of the organised liquor Inte rents which state that those Thieret have set out to do part to word the of James m. Cox us the next president of the a Ltd inner Tang that the nomination of governor Cox of Ohio for the presidency by the democrats is a big Victory for our interests and earnestly soliciting fund for the democratic Clune. These statements do not con Vlco governor Cox of being the Candi Date o the Honor ii crests. They do justify the following question which we believe governor co should answer directly and with out equivocation. In fairness to himself and to the people of new Mexico whose support he seeks in event of your Clur Tun should an act of congram be i Bini in i to Yon w Hatch will Rulec the alcoholic Anima in Bev Cravo or which will Cimi to wow Kuti Uio est fort dimwit of in Law will you Appam or will you win Mimi an act i realised that this question like other of similar nature which have been put to governor Cox during Hla Western Lour. Is Rosy of evasion and that May More easily be ignored is the question of a Small town newspaper which i olso an Active and Earnest sup Porter of the re i i i lean Ennd Ldawn for president. Vav can Only give to governor Cox our sincere Assurance that Thea question is in the minds of Many thousands of lawyers appear in evening dress before woman jury 0axvim.r, hi., Hept. . Torney a Rock Vulte Indiana near Here solved a nuo Atton of Eton Felt eau Fri by the Imanell inc of twelve women 4or jury duly when they appeared in the f arks county court in full evening Drena. Chicago whips Cleveland,10-3 in first game so Ems Meetie mmm1.kagc13 Pakk. Csc Vibiano. Hept 23. Twenty seven thousand Lane were present when play started today in the first game of the eerie that in expected to decide the american league championship. Hag by who Haa won 29 games for Cleveland Thea year was the Only Pitcher to warm up for the indians while i k Kerr Leit hinder was the we tit hox Only hurling nominee. To wan the act tend for tickets for loony s game fans were bid Ding 1 o and 9 2 for grand stand Cut one Man waa a trusted charged with being a scalper. Inning Chicago trunk the first Hall pitched to Center for a Weaver twice tried to sacrifice and then grounded to . Cd col Lins riled to speaker. Jackson walked. Felch forced Jackson. No runs. Cleveland Evans singled through Short. scr priced Weaver to j. Collins. Speaker to j. Collin. Hash erg fumbled Hulth a grounder Evans scoring. Gardner Yingli d to right. De Collins threw out Johnston. One run. Hi0coni inning Chicago Gardner threw out j. Hag by tooled out he Nam re. Chalk singled to Center. Kerr filed to Hulth. No runs. T Lovelund 4ewell popped to cd Collin o Neill popped u j. Of Lynn Flag by dangled to Center. Evonna fumed Tushy a Laberge to de Collins. Runs. Mum inning Chicago he Well threw out Ttrunk. Burdner Flynn by pick up in Keatir s drive Bent we aver out of u . Cd Collins singled to enter. Jackamo filed to speaker. No runs. Cleveland running catch beat win Legunn out of a two lne on the letter s drive to left Center. I continued on Mage two stand men and women in new Mexico. Including thousands of democrats and that they want a definite an. River from . la real lied also that should governor Cox answer this ques Tion definitely and should he state that Hon position is in sympathy with the sentiment of the people of Thea state May mean Many votes gained for Ami Many Voles lost to Henn Tor Harding. should be Clear to governor Cox therefore that this question is asked in nil sincerity not is partisan propaganda hut in be hair or the vast Mai Orlov of the people of new Mexico who with out to party affiliation Are for the enforcement of prohibition an now provided by the Vois tend Tow and who want Lopnow whether governor Cox is with them or them in their stand. New Mexico republicans stand on the volstead act from the platform adopted by unanimous Vole of the re publican state convention in Albuquerque on Hep Tern her 7, 1920. We pledge our Candi Date for Congress to oppose any change in the volstead act which will raise the Aloo Holio Content permissible in beverages or which will tend to weaken Tho enforcement of the to Lelieve that governor Cox Nohoum Tell fhe voter of new Mexico in definite unequivocal where he a Tiiman upon National prohibition Ami upon Titt enforcement an now provided in the Vou Tead Law. Thin in a prohibition state. Statewide prohibition wan adopted by an overwhelming majority of our people Many month before National prohibition Wah achieved. Our people without Rej Rard to party Alili Atyinn not Only desire the Ronti nuance of National prohibition but Leonti nuance of enforcement an provided by the Vou Tead Law. Evidence of this is found in the platform declaration of the to political parties to produced herewith. These declarations Are identical in pri Niple. They declare without equivocation for enforcement of the volstead and Nyji Imit any repeal or modification of its provisions. The Republican platform specifically Pic Dirch the candidate for Congress to uphold the present enforcement Law while the demo cratic candidate for Roi press is the present prohibition enforcement officer of this stale. He would not continue to hold such a Federal position or to draw salary thereunder were he not personally sympathy with with who National prohibition eau arcement prohibition vat expressions Itu definite enforcement volstead Law. Unfair universally regarded Here where Mexico stand volstead from platform lexus August Foro ement the volstead against modification today America follow have Tinct by league . 21 support Eia. Their election that mint single. Bounded Collin. No Feu a regard rational against where press Case will . Wants a commission named to Settle problems so tvs a Seei my . Bept. The wish Lifton government will be naked to appoint a communion to effect a solution of j a n problems and in the event of the Parange of the California legislation the Japan Eye government will arrange for a Law suit against the California legislature on the ground that the Bill la und a violation of the treaty rights of the japanese according to leading new paper today. he Japan is act Tox Wah Hington. Hept. 3s. Reports in the japanese newspapers that the japanese Cabinet and advisory Council had d idea to ask the tilled Hattte to . A com m lesion to effect a solution of Jyh Annene Amerl a o problems created surer list the Sta depart menu where Erfort to Flot an by diplomatic mean Are still being made. waa stated today that no of fit Insor Natton had received that Japan had decl Dod to Ink a the question to Mil of the Hunt Uca Ibana Dor Kujuro Shl Dehara. The Convent Kiron now under Way Between the i unease amb Amidor on the one hand and the dirt Merit officials and in Laid 8. Morn. Marlean amb senador to a Spati on to other have to do with the Japan of Patlon of hardhat ii Kimlun As Well a the legislation to b voted on in California in Norvein Lucr Haa been mde Clear that the slut department has 4ttentumi of i Tonii iting to influence result i Call Foi Nurt. In l patrolman puts out burning fuse or elevated platform v the amt Listii m new Youk Hept. To. While investigators were still necking to solve the mystery of the Wall Street explosion a week ago police announced a package con Taining dynamite had been found to Day on the platform of the Field venue elevated station in Rooklyn. the seme time announcement came from police Headquarters that a tag found in Wall Street near where the Ahnrae and death cart had stood Hod been identified As on inn i Ted by the health department la 111 8 to the id ice Cream com Pany of Brooklyn certifying that Tho horse wan not afflicted with a Lumler. Liete calve left immediately to ques Tion company Orr Ciais As to w net tier the horse had been Nold within Tho last two years. The Bureau of combustible police Headquarters announced th. the dynamite package wan a boat with fuse attached and burning when a patrolman found and put Henry a Dull Chap he does talk enough Henry May he a very Fine fellow hut he hide Hla Likht under a Bushel. Many people make the same mis take w Hen w riling w iut make their Story too Biel. They Don talk enough. The Man who any form for Sale and stops right there will not get Many in Ruhle. But the Farmer who describes property like this will have no trouble interesting buyers or Sale 1 10 r. Fin blink Aid i Nehru of cum feral hath go and reel Rucj Ilert Nln Fli Luketi Hnin or urn Wir Franco. 0 fruit to. Hill Siul Mcaa Fml rur far full Irris ned4. No matter what v Are and Vermis in make your ail tic lev e by giving a Good i of . If you do not know exact in How your and should be worded a Herald Waul and Tetiker will Urti of pit ran no will i l a Crucil annl Al. Oft Pumi Iii. Fhon 345

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