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Albuquerque Evening Herald (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Albuquerque, New MexicoMetal Market a. New York nov. 14. Ilner a Vrr. Troini flt in Trhlik 1 of Orrlan 72. Copies ii Lim truly in it find Itcik Iii. 141 h in rim quark a 14 4 Iroff Fulner put not nearby. In. To. Future u 31.00. Press in Sou my 11ni Mikk 2111 associated a my kiwanis club condemns governor Larrazolo Boyer is elected president . Albuquerque sets meet Ion next year teachers elect officers. Today and hold closing programs of their convention More interesting discussions developed in sectional meetings. The selection of Albu Jenniie is the next Convent Ion Eity for the new Mexico Kilish Iii Oil Armioia Tiomi by nil overwhelming Nia Iii mud the election of officers ii Turpin Tho close his afternoon of the most Sirce in fill convention of educators Ever Hebl in the state. K. W. Hover of Clovis de fitted or a. Item a i Ren of Santa be fair the Ottlee of president by a close count the ballot showing i 7h votes for or. Sloyer Ami i m for mrs. Warren. The balloting for the convention City showed 1,042 votes for Albuquerque and ii for sunt a be the Only two cities that had made a hid for the l Rel meeting. Minn incl Keleti Silver Tiv Willm i la in tin Uhic Tini Iii of p of the in ii three t or term defeating. I inn of Imson Liy to vote of flu to Itu. Mich mint Villa of River City Vun Lei Tod in Iho executive commit Lee Tor i term of no year. Shimm Luvurn he i Turrett of o county by it vote of 5ir. In uh7.other Felt la i upon whom no ballot ing was being the Only nominees for their respective offices Mitt when have been declared Fli t time Uri .1 a. At Kin turn Nim re Jilin Millie of album her us e Secretary .1. It rep of Chi vie treasurer j. H. Ollun of Secretary Tho chains session of i i run Van ten n thin Vav his lint tin Lar Ftp in Nim life x no unit of i Horn his who he i nit any of the lust Fri . 1j. Ii. I in non of Alma in Leiro. W he of in Ichiki or the Ufir Nunn Whinn trility Minir url Ilia huh cart till Lilly with of i i Hill Ltd. " not nor lit t Mir Allt to. I Hern in in in Iii Iii to hink thin but lit Al i n Clim haul not ii r tved. John v. T . Nuts Mii i Iii Iii tent Fuit Sihu Toke thin afternoon. Tim election comm Loti which the a chill of the ballot Luff of a. It Kaki Ooi Mth. Mury a. Arnnett it. W. Roll. . Kuish 11. Klith Puiul i m. I have. In. Wirt sink her. Will in m a. Wirt in tin polio hts kit i hit i in jul at tin of Zimry limit i Tell How to rat a maximum y out of every Puiul h Iii Loii tit. In Nyhl the a fun of Tho nue chm l the L�ry my join who i Pluy and in the Amir int of Limin. A to Ileal l i innit wan or Milt d Falln Wink or. Wort to . Clan rare ialnml4 Ida Nyht liner. Mint Iii mint my. John l Lurk. Mein Nimnie d by my. I. W. I ii Ruvo Vii Tel tin Eon in Wax under tin huh ref of tb1 music Ichih. Kolln Wlmer the concert the Hamber of wits incl at a Ball which hinted until Lute in the Nellit. Thu dinner at the Alva Rel o in the evening wan Utton Deil by Abtil k0 Pinr Annm. Inn than Waker acted an Toht Mahtar. The Altimu Niue inn Inion club by the Munler Nehib. The War mi.tbei., the kit Stern hear. The i Athelle order of pin Rehem. The tit Friday in club Anil the the Teai Hein from 4 until 8 ice k behind by afternoon with a recept inn Hbl in the y. A. Fly Muhlum. For Lujick Etchill comte Hon a teen to hold a ulale Bull met each year were taken this Nairn in at the Inee Lnu of the Atli Letiro of the new Mexico Duea Iii or. Mckent land wan Initha l d by tonne or tent to Divide the mate into litre Rah. Arnn Lilik to the plan each list run in to need a Buh Nch nid Tenin the Ethie meet after Playl Nir inter Flint Lirten Meelin its determine Bent learn in eur h Ali itch t. Dirt to inti let Liu Lnu the Prmt Mil Vuie t pay to need Theli Lea ins to la Moat or to receive the lain Cut per fatties at Iii i Mvi Mikity m w Maxi 4, i rot to ileum Eusuf m. He Karat i " a v Ati Iru. S4 in Wiki f a fms Ali me Arluro it n Jav dully to , 2j of Man in ii i Tell " j. Apo future 4 rela Tive humidity p. 1 rein Tiv humidity n m. A Pwll t a o n. No Nix mum a bloc Liy of wind Mil 1 Nur hour of pre 1 Val Lenv direction Nurton Imit ii to r of the in Civ in Loon 7 note 4 6. Suir Wrath r. New Mexico Ksor tonight end Thure Duy. Ai Iarj Enlace of proceeds Toni the meet have exp Roten Fernr Illik to the plan inner or Llie Coin. Hit year or role is in blown Hii Irmin. Hunt i. It. Iiah h. In rules seer tar try Iii tit untitled a to Ulieno vie Iii i in me Council l year term or. Mini Hern. Kant inn vean 2 year term or. 3 year lorm mrs. Visuer. sixt Iov. The league certion met in in Only in inn thin inning or. With u program of Ureal interest pre tented by 11. Of Alburtis Niue mean i Runk Carroon. Of in Meffan. And Minh Myrlle 1 Lent of thu Iii Ket flip Init try Tho amok of which has filled the a Ken rising from Mill Lynn or div tire. and dines was a idly prison Ted by m r. I of of t he i. At. U. A., in a Pup or Dauns with the subject. The discussion was car ried on by Dean Carroon and miss Lant. All election of office re Lor thu next year occupied thu Bunnens sin Slon. They Are it. It. Jirku of ii Meffan can Ormun miss Myrtle Lant of Albuquerque Nec rotary and Dean and Iron of Tho state Una i nity Albuquerque. New Council member for the next three years. A Homo Economy k Dumon Strutton by two teams under the direction of milk Hudie Stewart. Of the Lotu. Ana i cull Dona Ana Ulm the City of Union was held in the Hanc Nickit of the hit Ali Sci tool this moral if. Tho first was the conk info and serving of a breakfast in lit min Litchi performed by three of Tho tils of the Colanti. A Vicy detail from Tho a Ayliff of Tho Allonce club h to the re naval of each dunh was done system Giitl rally and explained by Tho you off kit who served Tho Moal a bread Makl Nir him ont ration was Gino Nihro Iwuh with and was by one of the new liar teams. Mrs. Inn Penn m Tho of new meal and two Stu dents of Tho University mrs. C. I. Finiw Ford and miss Helen fio cts were the Miki h. Tho demonstration was inti i Ted by Tho Kli la of Tho Homo economics department of the University and u Tow Visi Oum Teu. Team demonstrations Umlor Tho direction of Tho Industrial Sec Tion it in held yes Erduy afternoon. They represented Tho clubs in pm curios. I Pitan and Knuta re. In the conk in v demonstration Tho Paramount Ohio Len considered by the Tea her were explained food value Money Ulutu and att Theale value. That the teacher on this circuit had Kotten r suits was apparent in the daintily appointed mid w Olls Ved meal i it Refuto the four guests. I Iii ii Ai s i principals Section met in the High school yesterday afternoon when a program f up Ochei was a Himi Nanti Nen Nunn Followell. And officers for Tho Llyl school your with held. They Are chairman. Principal Karl v. I a kor Clovin secret a principal wheat Leih Inlang Council member 3 year term i i Ine pal Van Hoy Artenia co incl member 1 year term Prin Cipal a Allup schools. I him y ,s. The Laht he halon of the co univ so Nei Ihlen Dent dec t Ion wan held this morning at 0 o clock beginning with n round in Bio discus non by mrs. T. V. Haven and Ron Uludong with an Dudt is by Stato Clec t John v. Conway is printed in snot her column Ketton of Oft cers in held yesterday. They arc chair Man. Mrs. John w. Willbon Albu Nuesi Wiur Adolino Hanches to Crotney mis. John ii. Clark Council member i years mrs. Juanche 1 Arrott i omit Nam Hor ii years it. H. Tipton. Harding to Stop at Vera Cruz mexican foreign office says m Kex h f mtg. Nov. A 4. Harding will Stop at Vera you earn site to Tho t United states my Panama unless ii said a statement t wit cd at the mexican foreign office last Nocht. The statement sided that Assurance and been Given that senator Albert ii. Fall of new Mexico would prob Abi v Mirvle Here next monday to at tend the inauguration As president of Moxco of general Alvaro Obregon Albuquerque. New Ange Legal Steps Hay Mexico. 1920 to freeing of Vilia by the Pardon route american legion in Resolution asserts governor ignored the Law mandamus action talked of Larrazolo denounced As forgetting duty to the state. The kiwanis club at its luncheon today hacked up inc had Post of the american i Jeliou in in to Vurnor Jii Rimolo for pardoning the sixteen Vil listas who raided flu Monifi n. The club passed a Resolution Erit Icisie the governor s action and after the mooting adjourned lawyer members of the Cululi held u meet ing to see it Hoipo method could not be Louiie to top Tho release of Tho men from the Penitentiary. The american Euion Resolution As passed it the meeting last i pct the b Lra Lity of the have Ai Iii Kcal Eity wid and state Wal t he re Moutlon Luht Ted by the Diwali Larih Rod nah "ueholve.l, that we. The Klannis club Tif new at a meet Iii held on Jodi ice Wilny. November my. I in i. Do hereby commend and approve the attitude of Hutch a. 1 a Limle i out in. 11 of Tho in its of Riili Imin Ami of the action of Linver nor. A. Arazolo in Impi your Allek i pardons to sixteen a Lixta ral Ilein who Tonk part in the attack on t hit Nln new Mexico March Dill u Kiho it further resolved that we in an Oritano Hatlon to hereby exp eth Nair Selvin in favor of nil lawful a team that May be taken for the retention and continued of an vill Tsuji. Raiders if their alb feed Par dons no found in to without nil Lher it v of Law but if the name Havo Lenal Enrco and effect then to endorse remedial nmn dment Arcati Sitf a Bufurd of Pard inn to pre sent forever any Peru France of Broun abuse in Pardon ins Power. Kiwanis club of Albuquerque x. Tho amerlean legion it was wild would Tako no part in any lentil action but it w an reported that i Una county in which the raid occurred. Consider Init Hrisi Ikinio a Mand Amus action to Stop Tho Warden of the form freeing the Al Llsms and it was Alfo said that other Turlieu in thin City euro Enn older Lar action in Caso Counis did not net. Tho Ain Erlynn . It was explained Stuudy desired to cull at Tention to Tho Cuso by us resolutions Wincn Hirn my of Noumea be i vie Sjo Geneva senator to present ideas to representatives of nations. J Aiton. Nov. Hallen Senu Lor Medill of Illinois who sailed yesterday from new York for Europe. La can nning Tho Atlantic to Lay senator hurdling s personal Etc a on the league of nations o governmental chiefs says a re port front Genova to Tho Echo de i Aris. Tho dispatch states that Tho object of senator Mccormick s trip to was discussed by delegates to Tho Assembly of Tho leu Guo of nations at Geneva yesterday Almini inti it i a Tiv action is Ai Mihovi i. Of Nova nov. Action in with Tho Resolution for armenian intervention recently passed by Tho Assembly of the league of nations wus taken today by thu coun cil of the league. Tho Council decided to ask thu general Secretary of Tho leu Guo to or Duro and submit a Telegram to be sent to the Powers in pursuance of Tho Resolution or the attic my Inai a government willing to undertake mediation Between m a Ciapha Zeinal 1 aha the turkish nationalist Leader and Tho Arin Enlund to sought. It is expected that Tho i Llod Bales will to among the Power to whom the Telegram is sent concern ing intervention to Armenia. Wrought steel Price fixed say witness at Trust hearing it Thi aet Adnew Yolk. Nov. 24. Testimony that s of Tho wrought steel Industry in America to controlled by three powerful corporations with prices usually absolutely uniform was Given in the building Trust in query her today by John o. Cornelljr. A jobber and exporter. The wrought Iron Industry to similarly in the hands of two firms. Cor Nell said and this business is practically paralysed just now owing to a strike in one of their plants. Wednesday 24, n tax system api prevent raiders be taken pc Sci nor s act Ion. The pardons Iii Birnn t in. Donn but it waa did that the Lenion did not consider it a part of Lis duty to Bali it Ney action. it aft inn. The Resolution expressed Humilia Tion and ind in nut inn it the in nuance of the Par Dotin n and Orient pined the1 i Fuji i Imp h i Ortii Rasht in itch it the pardons without previous a Tenn by the Board of Penitentiary Cousin is Illier in this connection it inn stated that Tho state Law sums that Par dons shall to in sized by Tho governor Only after a review of Tho Cany by tin Board of Penitentiary in Nils Minne and upon their recommendation. It was Tild however that Tho Board had Neve exec led its Peru a Liv e and that a i Donn had been is sued by governor without any such action. The Resolution of the legion further ayn Tho net st i it c put a if t does not justly the conclusion that the Rover nor had Mure in mind his personal than an act of jus Tice to men undergoing wrongful and unjust punishment that beit k about to Init Tho it Public of Mexico am the guest of the Pren Dent elect Tho governor completely forgot his duty to Tho people of the state who Havo so no anally honoured him and also for got that mercy to the guilty is cruelty to Tho innocent. " text of Iti Milia Loii. The text of Tho Resolution us opted last night follows at a meeting of the Hugh a. Or Lyhl n no. I hint of the american legion held at Albuquerque n. M., continued in Pajaro six Western Union again fails in attempt to connect cables Miami. Klii., nov. 24. What was described us in attempt by Tho West Ern in inn i elegy up rom pair to connect its Cable from liar does to a Coble from Miami at the West end of the causeway hero today wits stopped by an named Force from Tho United states huh Marlon Chaser 1h. Orders to prevent Tho connecting of Tho two cables were received by Tho of this District from the Navy Ile ariment Sou in time ago and the r Iii Moor of Tho submarine had in turn been ordered to pre vent any attempt at such an opera Tion. Knox to press his peace Resolution in forthcoming Congress emf 4mociatk0 Wash Nolton. Nov. Us senator Knox of Pennsylvania today Rule that he planned to reintroduce at the approaching session of Congress his Resolution to declare a state of peace with Germany. This plan Tho for Mer Secretary of mate said would to Followell despite the veto of a similar Resolution by president Wilson. Senator Knox indicated that to did not expect passage of the Resolution before the he eclat session of Congress next Spring after president Clou t Harding in inaugurated. President to free Franz von Rinteln v a Hill not a nov. R 4. I reel de Wylli Tonii has commuted Tho of runs von Ftp Niello a tier a convicted of War time conspiracy on condition that he leave the United states before next january 1. No Issue of the evening Herald on thanksgiving Day in order to give All its employee a Holiday. The evening Herald will Issue no paper tomorrow. This is in Lino Ullh the policy to As far is to Asble observe the National holidays. The Herald Force will be Able to give you a bigger and better paper on Friday As a result of the Day of remt. We l Hank you. Best copy available qm1 november for pardoning of Villa raiders the shame of Llew Mexico the Imnel oiling or a members of Tho in ital of Ullh Yjih who raided Hie City of Columbus n. M., by fio Vernor on Tho eve of his Icin Arturo Lor tin City of Max leu to to h guest of to gown Mont of a Iii it tin ilium Tii ration of tint Tel Olin Crim As pro s ident. In t to i lion no of m pan Toti that Haw in tight reproach Limhi Tho Roeii Iljin finite of lilo Stoio. This Lii at act brings flu Wiio Spoti Tho Stilto of now Mexico. Whores put thous Nettom of Tho governor no brought Only Tii tint upts him sell Hiu Ruh Uina Llo n act of i. reproach up Xiii Iho in Tiro unto and ii i tact ext Imla in Tuohi our horde amt Leavora a Black Murk to our or Tom Loiro Olmut the out airy to finor limit in so cite Tolu to in Grolton his Doty to Lite st Ftp to it k Envor nil in Mexico. Ilin net Ion can is constructed to no other a Oner. Tinier the thinly toiled of in w. Anil racing the Khoory thai the. C nit Oil Stati to t was at our Ullh i a Levi alien lilo Ilia nun were captured inc governor Imlah Usu Tillro my to Mph Neild not to i Hilt with is Primmer f Sunlo. But either ii prowl Nurs of War. And the crore they Sligold not Seite Tho non Lett. Of. Which they won comb Ted in us courts of tip slain. Filia run shift for pardoning the men no Wink Ami he Tho Amer lean Ujj Cilmi in Lis revolution inst night Moon him offered incl Gishy to Oor twi luit Jofin said insult to the govern us ii t of the Ltd Polho of Mii Ilco by Tolar in g his holler Liat Thoutt were outlaws in their in Tom entry Sruc Fiill Ahtl to Tuvin their a4- Jotun in by tin name Man Dunn As Aro to Tho lion of Tom Mig Niedt in a Tuul War if Tom governor has Fllori Gan cd Tho Law Tot i shiling Lilieno Muir Dan is ton a mild in taken it not to prevent Iho re icon of Tow Vil Lllan and to Anim in Ricilly run into Tho a me thai Lias is ii cast Umili Tow state. Private Secretary of missing millionaire returned to Toronto Portland. Ore. Nov. 54. John Doughty former Secretary to Ambrose j. Mall missing million Alio theater owner of Toronto can Ada left hero today for Toronto in i study of Austin 1. Mitchell chief of detectives of Liq Eastern Canadian City. Mitchell told they would atop in Chicago Between trains to obtain f no 000 in Canadian Victory Bonds which Doughly said lie bad deposited there Tutor stealing them of his employer. Ii naughty was or rented it Oregon City near Here. Monday after m arly a year s world wid e lurch for him. Mexican mob tries to Lynch prisoner path texan nov. 21. An attempt wan Inion by a mob in l of Cidras Mcgran meal a opine to Kagle i Sinh Early today to storm the jail and Lynch Al polio Al Grasa. Held on a murder charge. The military commandant after promising that the Law would quickly take its Tourso finally prevailed upon the mob to disperse. Allegro a was arrested following the death of Jose Maria tin i mantos need in. Who was stabbed and shot hut Friday. By or. Weil that the of project and put its full Tor Alsippi Cupie. Or. Weil his address said few Mont. Ago considerable comment resulted a meeting of the kiwanis club. Hiring a speech made by the Oral Booster to which he extolled the numerous things that unique Ruthie had to adv i use he made the statement thut the Princi pal drawback to our populating or the stale wus thu Gross ignorance of the average Cash nor rear Dong our geography. The speaker continued by saying that we could Well afford to Tuke an entire i a appropriation of the publicity fund of the chamber of Commerce and employing Pace in new York Chicago and Huston use a our slogan. Re Vertu Tai sews Tai Dat it e cd Naoo sch also cold urges sweeping state and a duty would strengthen tax commission Divide state into five assessment districts with a Deputy in each county. Would elect Only governor two other state officers recommends control of All educational institutions be vested in Board of five would appoint majority of county officers by Guthrie Smith. Santa be. K. 5. Nov. 24. C Linneus so a Weenink ri.u1 As almost to Rovolyn ionize the present Luxation system Ami the state and county prov ornaments Are by the updo jul Revenue Fominih Sio in the report filed today with acting nov error Panker. Imp Eom Nivision was Auto ionized by the special of the Lupis latture Hist february to make in exhaustive study of the whole of taxation and government and to to the governor not late than january first. The Voin Misiou recommends now mine tax legislation favouring an and Valorme tax with expert assistants for the state tax Tommis Sio n in fixing valuation of mines Ami Mineral reserves with a it mine tax assessor at salary of and legislative appropriation of for an initial of h. J. Huge Man of Koswell chair Man Albert o. Hemms and w. , of Albuquerque Juhn Joverna of Fuirita of and v. O. Heydon of la vegas. The report cons lots of 10 comprising 2s typewritten Aee and is til Ned by All five Mem tit -. Although two members concur with certain reservations on som features. New taxation code those Renerva Ionn May be do scion a through a subsequent report by the two members. There will be submitted also a series of appendices carrying reports tables authorities Etc. H. Ginning with Tho question of taxes the commission recommend that the Legun Linture enact a new reve nue and Taxa Ion code. Keel Ting that from ill to it a the taxes levied jumped from to a. , the report Al nil that extravagance waste nil inefficiency in government is due in very treat measure to Tenor in e and cupidity and in leaser o to the exigent Lee of politics. We do not believe that new Mexico is on the w Lole. Worso off in these than some other Tho trouble with taxation is found to by not so much Iho of the system Tut to Inadequacy of administration. Lec luring that the state tax commission has justified its existence the report recommends that us Rei Murche and Powers he strength ened materially by it con Sist of Throe full Ottmo members each to receive up of 4."j0 annually with it Secretary to receive . To recommend that the entire procedure be centralized and . We have fount no other solution which we can com mend in the report says t under thin plan the Mats would be divided into five assessment districts. Each in charge of a District super visor with a local assessor and Deputy in each county. Apih Nuevo of few All these districts and county tax officers Are to be appointed after an examination to Provo their compe Tency. This plan would increase the kiwanis a lab take up the financing strength behind it and put it across Albuquerque la the Metropolis of now Mexico new Maxi Cut to in the v. B. foolishly the club missed its Chance on thut Day. In place of a Resolution to adv i us Albuquerque and new Mexico the meeting resulted in a discussion to the possibility of changing the name the liitle aside Rioin the Siegi and sonic rental Obs belts. A More costly thing to do than the advert lung Euggne Atmil after All. What we do lived More publicity the right sort that win bring to us people not Only with a Hottie Money Many people with Little oot unwed pm the. Kiwanis club will consider backing a hew hotel project Sidney Weil urges action committee to be named to take up proposition of financing building Weil tells of need of advertising in the City. The kiwanis club at its meeting tobit to took the first step toward Hurmi Iii a new hotel to Albuquerque when it instructed Tho presi Dent to appoint a committee to consider the project following an address Sidney proposed a hotel in a is from a papers respects fault of is of nun s. 1 g.7 6 re let. 10,001. Kansas cite ij.00 7.000. 1envkr f 7.oa01o.oo acc Lam 100. Sessi ii plan report a 4,500, a expert he apters a Weil. Pappus so. Pm i a 7t. If Reform assessment Cost by $50,000 a year. Hut it is claimed that the efficiency would a More than off. Set the added Cash. For Short ballot. Constitutional Amend non in legislative enactments Are recommended so As to adopt the Short ballot to make Only the to Timur. Lieutenant governo r and auditor elec Tive. All other offices not abolished being filled by the governor by appointment Ullh the consent of Tho senat under these recommendations the auditor who is described As comp troller would have his title changed and would be appointed by the governor. The Tiu Velling auditor now pointed. Would become auditor. And would be elected and to Jold be allowed an adequate corps of Asauo ants. The office of commissioner of Treib 11c lands would he abolished the administration of the Public lands be Long undertaken by the Board of regents of educational institutions. This Board would consist of five Mem Here and would direct the work of alled a National institution. 1 he state corporation commission would be abolished part of the work being assigned to the office of Secretary of state the be is Nee remain ing under the direction of a com missioner of Public u ill it Lea. The of fice of Tansu Ranee commissioner would be abolished the work being divided a Eiwen the Han t examiner and the into Tux commission. The office of Legal advisor to the governor would be abolished. The handling of the automobile License tax would a taken from the Secretary of state end put Unur the slate Hux Hway com mis Slon. The commission protects against a proposed increase in the membership of the supreme court from three to Ivo Justice which would mean an added expense of 115,000 a year. The report declared the members of Tow court Are opposed to such an increase which is suit to be wholly unnecessary. Elect Only 3 county office. County officers Are to be shaken up As thoroughly under the recommended plan Only the three commission ers being elective. It has been shown How the assessor is changed from elective to appointive. The commissioners would appoint the county clerk treasurer and Surveyor. The District judge would appoint the county Board of education which would appoint the superintendent of schoo s. The judge would appoint also the sheriff and a court clerk for each county the latter assuming the duties of probate judge. Terms of office of state and county would be inor Eastvedt from to to Tou years. Consolidation of the University the agricultural a Ollige and thu school of mines under the Brad of the i no Verein of new Mexico is recommended consolidation of the deaf and dumb school at Hants for with the Institute for the blood. At Alamogordo to be located at Alamo Gord also la recommended As h the Transfer of the Reform school from Springer to Gnu r e. The lust named Transfer would utile Tao grounds and buildings of the of and dumb school. A new penal and Reform Board is to be created to have control of the Leotten Tisev. The Reform school and the insane is urged that it j Moott he Este i. Of to improve conditions at the and that the institution be Ort Moiear of polities ourtau str asst juries. Grand juries Are o to i. Except in emergencies Thev m in m celled. In toss i i ii of Cic a. To tit judge or up Uji Iio ii residents of the Ivi Tih i ordinarily will o Condo. To owns Walt to p

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