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Albert Lea Tribune Newspaper Archives Dec 25 1907, Page 1

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Albert Lea Tribune (Newspaper) - December 25, 1907, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Albert Lea Tribune vol. I. R Christmas in ibis or by Louise Root i was the week before Christmas m has been said that whatever i oftentimes we forget that Christmas views men hold respecting Christ. Is or ought to be. The most sacred they All agree that his Advent is religious festival of the a year. In 1. Hailed with Joy. And the Neare he forms of festivity have approx nisted to the teachings of him who it Alth is celebrated the More real has nth Joy of those who have taken Art in the Celebration. The word Quot Christina is Gill Fie Christ mass meaning the festival o a the nativity of Christ. C Brist Mas Blest feast of the nativity heaven made the lowly Shriner resplendent with the gift of the eternal deity i n whom we live and move whose Large benignity spared not his son divine. That Well beloved son. In was Given m Mankind to save by i redeeming blood and Jesus freely left the Bliss of heavens offering death to achieve our lasting Good Stead of he Christ child it i it Santa Claus who is now the kind Patron Saint of the children that festive Little Elf that was probably brought to America by some primitive Knickerbocker or might have Clung to4. Some drowsy old pictorial tiles of dear old Amsterdam. It is not necessary to reveal the Teal Santa Claus All parents fond and dear contribute to the pleas in deception and Midnight each year finds a whole world of waiting hosiery which an All Wise and most disc rim i unating Santa fills so satisfactorily that no reproach Mars the Daj i i whether the Twenty fifth of de a Ember which is now observed Day correctly fives the period of the year when Christ a Lorn is still doubtful although it i a question upon which there has Beer numb controversy and there Are still Many who think that the Twenty fifth of december does not Corres Pom Villi the actual Date of the birth o Christ and regard the incident of the flock and shepherds in the open , recorded by St. Luke As ii Dilaive of Spring rather than Winter As it is the Rainy season in Judea Ain shepherds could hardly be watching their Hocks by night in the Plains at that time. Sir Isaac Newton says a the feast o the nativity Aud Moat of the other it a1 anniversaries were orig fixed at the Cardinal Points of the it car without any reference to the dates of the incidents which they commemorated a dates whih by lapse of time it was impossible it ascertain correctly. Thus the an in negation of the Virgin Mary was placed on the Twenty fifth of March shout the time of the Vernal Equinox the feast of St. Michael on the Twenty ninth of september near the autumnal Equinox and the birth of Christ at the time of the Winter sol slice. Christmas was thus fixed at the time of year when the most Cele brute festivals of the ancients wire held in Honor of the return of the Sun which at the Winter solstice begins gradually to regain Power and to ascend apparently in the horizon. Previously to this it is said the year was drawing to a close and the world was typically considered to be in the same state. The promised restoration of Light and commencement of a new Era were therefore hailed with rejoicings and thanksgiving. The saxons and other Northern nations kept a festival at this time of the year in Honor of Thor at which they mingled feasting drink bag and dancing with sacrifices and religious rites. It was the Yule feast. The Bacchanalia and saturnalia of the romans had the same object apparently As the d ule tide or the feast of the Northern nations and were probably adopted from Quot ome More ancient nations As the greeks persians chinese Etc. During these feasts master and slaves were supposed to be on an Equality the masters often waiting upon the slaves and presents were Given and received As Christmas presents in these Days. In All probability some other Christmas customs were adopted from festivals of the ancients ult As decking with Evergreen and Mistletoe relics of druidism. Wassail bowl. Wassail and Hail a both derived from the Angelon they were the common drinking pledges of the Day a Wassail Bolas equivalent to the phrase Quot your health of the present Day. We have accounts of stately Christmas celebrations of the Saxon danish and Norman Kings of eng land Christmas during the a War of the Romb Quot Royal Christmas under a tudors the stuarts and the Kings and Queens of modern times Christ Quot twas the night before Christ Mas and All through the House not a creature was stirring not even a mouse the stockings v Ere Hung by the Chimney with care in the Hope that Saint Nicholas soon y would he there a x ii this visit of Santa Claus bringing t gifts properly belongs to december j 4-fith, the festival of St. Niholas i notwithstanding tie rows and Row x and Miles and Miles of waiting j stockings that adorn mantels and All x available places Christmas eve Titer q. Is a Christmas tree in Ever. Home a varying from the magnificent tic electric lighted and my h adorned x in the Home of the Rich to the tiny it tiny tree with its few Little a in it 4-in the Home of the mum the 11 in of the Christmas tree with toy. T and ornaments is ii custom Borrower i 4-from the romans and i Hon a by the poet Virgil the. Cd fist my t tree seems also a very ancient Emboli j in Germany it was almost i in England prey Iona to the time it the marriage of Queen Victoria .0 Prince Albert and since that time it has become a Universal custom in our own land and for weeks be fur Christmas the Home is full of mystery and Sweet secrets. This Christina giving plays the most conspicuous part in the Celebration of the Day but have we not reason to fear that the Fine and Beautiful spirit underlying this custom has to a great extent degenerated into a burdensome formality which has become also an expense hard in a majority of cases to Bear gifts Are also made in the Hope of receiving an equivalent. It would seem that we must get Back to the simpler conditions the pleasure of giving where the love and personal touch in the gift is the dominant note. Then Christmas would indeed be a a merry Christmas the Christmas of Joy a of peace on Earth and Good will to men not a sordid Exchange of gifts. Let us try to celebrate this year with Joy and song and feasting but with a thought for the unfortunate a helpfulness for those who sorrow and love for All the world. But while we moralize let us not forget the dinner for the House has been full of Christmas cheer and alluring and spicy doors for Days and Days. Come. Y Folk a a i funny no Niay i. An t Tell what i going on. When a come in a he alway Tayi Quot what bundle or when i a gone it an la i tour h a Clow door or Hunt for plaything anywhere Serl xxi run a rot the floor and Rev i Quot my to t go i there i my hairier talk a Heap with a. But Whittler when i Tome afoul. An they hide thing away a it a wont tee Era when he Comet from town i i id a Elf about ii too i in Only laughed an Arad to me a i i time of it it Lull Bert lot you not to of win the thing you arr n Christmas eve when a and a their vigils keep and Little boys should be asleep. Last night i had a Dandy time. A twas night a fore Christmas too. A put to Early into cd just like they always do the night fore Christmas in i Lay As still As i could keep and made my a and a believe a at i was fast asleep Quot Han i nut huh. N Phok i nov thru pm Kage behind tile bed in a loom. When i found them their i a t hat what they a. She mid Quot i hive you been looking i decline i an ii it a they re gone bul there a lot of bundle in the idler though. An May a a or won i Tell me what 1 hey blur i Don t need to know. A hides dung from my Artri be. An Tirigi the hide thing from my. They re resin on Etui not a Drew. An both of them hide that from a i there. A ome pm poked behind the Book. But a he gone an turned tile lock an near a i it an be. It look like Soin Epin a hid behind the Thok. My Folk Art funny i can t be Why they should All drop Ever dung an pit k some errand out Lur me whenever they hear our Bdl ring i an i am i treated right no How. It Don t seem just exactly fair wherever i am started now one of emmy. A Don t go in there i a a. D. Nesbit in Chicago i Nutine. The drink a bring with a noise my merry merry boys the Christmas log to the firing while my Good Damp she bids be All be free. Cut the White loaf Here the while the meat is a shredding for the rate mince pie. And the plums stand by to fill the paste that s a instead of the huge boar s head of be Olden times heralded by jubilant Trumper and strains of minstrelsy or the Peacock a the food for lovers and meat for lords a stuffed with spices and Sweet herbs we o America Are Content with our less pretentious but More Savory fowl that truly american Bird the Turkey. Whether it be of Good Fortune to have much on this a or a if we have Home love and a Chi a we have All the Requin sties for a Happy Celebration provided we have not forgotten the homeless and wretched at colleges and inns of court j �?~�?~a1 making everything in its Vicinity to freshen into friendships Are the dearer we Are to this Beautiful sentiment finds its widest and fullest expression in the glad Christmas time and let us this year this Christmas time observe it in its truest and highest sense and let the season be so cherished and lengthened that this blessed time of Fellowship and love will extend All through the year and As we hear the Christmas carols Sung by the Sweet voices of the children for the Days Are hastening on by Prophet bards foretold when with the Ever circling years comes round the age of Gold when peace shall Over All the Earth its ancient splendor fling. And the whole world give Back the song which now the Angels sing let us resolve to hasten on that glad time of peace and Joy by doing each and every one our Small part. I i i i i i i i i i i i i i it. He he a candles Copulan. Christmas is celebrated Ferou ghost the world in Europe in 1 Nada in sultry Africa and ice fund Arctic coasts in India and f it a in Australia and new zealand and the islands of the sea. To our own Fai Rland we seem to gotten somewhat away from Oid time festivals w Ith their anti la Barnes and other diversions 1 deteriorated into a time of feast-,ri5 and giving. Everybody expels a Christmas Carol try i la i Ijjas i Hooks Lune. Vuu every Wile re Christmas tonight Christmas in lands of tile Iii or Kiel _ Christina in lands of tji Lii it it ate Christmas where Snow Lieak stand solemn and White Christmas Ivhon Cornfield lie sunny and Bright everywhere everywhere Christmas tonight. Without the door let sorrow lie and if for cold it Hap to die Well Bury it in a Christmas pie it Andover More Fie merry. Voting term. a generally used has wan Creed far from its original meaning of a Little even a Blac Balling la no longer necessarily literal. Language has several Fossil relics of primitive methods of voting. Most famous tax poet racism a which perpetuates the memory of the the pot ahead or Shell upon which the athenian citizen voted for the banishment of a too prominent personage. Another in stance is the Slang word for Money. A Quot Spon Dulos prop Erly a Vertebra of the spine came to mean any round thing and in particular the voting Pebble or its Metal equivalent. A anew or. Tommy pop. A maos wife is his Batter half. Isnit Abe Tommy s pop to we Are told my Eon. Then if a Man marries twice there in t anything left of him. La there London Telegraph. Or i St Mas where children arc 11< a it a t Iii and Gay Christmas where old Mon arc patient and Gray. Christmas where peace like a Dove ill its flight. Broods Over Brave men in the thick of the fight everywhere everywhere c Christmas tonight. For the Christ child who comes i the master Ltd All no a Shim a too or it at arid no cottage too mall. The Angel who Welcome him ing from the height a in the City of David a King in his might everywhere everywhere Christmas tonight. The world uses More of them now than it Ever did before. The a tallow dip Quot of our grandfathers in to longer made of tallow exactly. I it is made of stearic arid which is Only one ingredient of the tallow that grows in the sheep and Iii the steer. Neither la the a tallow dip of today a real they used to take Long Wicks and dip them Iii hot tallow time after time. Till the Candle had acquired the proper thickness. Today they run hot stearic acid into holds Aud make a Hundred candles instantaneously. The Quot tallow dip on the Market today. Therefore would lie More accurate la described if it were called a a stearic arid but nevertheless it re i Mains a tallow product. It is tile do Recd Lineal descendant of the Quot tallow dip of our grandfathers. And it is still so popular that just about ,-000,000 pounds of tallow according to the calculation of one of the Best in formed manufacturers of Chicago Are consumed every year in the Candle factories of the United states altho Gas Aud kerosene and electricity have deprived the Candle of a Large part of the popularity to which it might in entitled it is probable that in Tad ii hemispheres today there Are naps i a a Well by an by i Haij noise an then i seen my a who say to a. Quot i to asleep us course he is a says a. An then they fetched a lot us stuff a phonograph an sled an skates and things and put Mem All beside my trundle bed. And then a tilled my stocking full an then both tiptoed near. And a she tucked to in a in. An said a Tho Little an then i set right up in Bod anon. I had such fun i said Quot boo. Or. Santy Claus and a and a both run. Four track news. Christmas candies. He i it a it which the an Troy confectioner mar kind i a tut. Peanut Gaudy to make Peanut Candy Shell and break Tuto amal pieces with a rolling pin one quart of peanuts. Boll for ten minutes stirring constantly one Pound of Light Brown sugar and six oui is of butter. Just before taking from Tho Are add the peanuts. Four into Flat buttered tins and set away to Cool. Peppermint creams. Boll together without stirring two cups of sugar and half a cup of water. When thick enough to spin a thread remove the tin Basin of cold water and beat til mixture rapidly a Tull it becomes of a White creamy consistency. Flavor with Peppermint and squeeze through a pastry tube into Quarter Dollar sized drops of waxed paper. Chocolate Peppermint or like the alive Aud when tile drops Are almost cooled dip into a pan of melted and sweetened chocolate. These Are Christmas with Lewis sad Clark. Borne rain at different times last night and showers of Hall with inter Val of fair Starlight. Till morning at Day we were saluted by our party under our Winders a shout und a Bong after breakfast we divided our Tobac to a co which amounted 2 carrots one half we gave to the party who used Tobac co to Liao who did not we give a handkerchief As a present. Tho Day proved showery All Day the ids. Left us this evening All our party moved into their huts we dried some of our wet goods. I received a present of a Fleese Dos Ery fleece hosiery est draws a bocks of capt. Lewis or Mocke sons particularly delicious. Of Whitehouse a Small Indian Basket Hickory nut creams. Boil sugar and of gut Crich Goodrich a 2 i it of Wea water us for Peppermint creams. Cool Aela tales of the Squar of Khazono a Bent and when the mixture is White Home Black roots of the Indiana. Our stir in one cup of Hickory nut meats. Dinner to Day consisted of pore Elk turn into a Flat warm in and Cut into rolled split flail a some roots a bad Gnu Are Christmas dinner warm Quot newly discovered personal records of Lewis and a it orlon it atom of Oxford Alra. In some places in Oxfordshire eng land it was the right of every maid servant to ask the hired Man for a bit of Ivy to trim the House. If he turned a deaf ear to Ber import unities or for got her req Oast she would steal a pair of his breeches and Nail them to the Gate in the Yard or on Tho Highway Bis was supposed to Debar him from ail privileges of the Mistletoe. At Tho aporia court. Christmas in a plan begins with the Midnight mass when the King and Queen Mother accompanied by the grandees of the court magnificently at tired go in state procession to the Chapel Royal of the Palace in Madrid on Christmas morning the King and court again attend mass in state after which tile Day is spent in merrymaking. In the afternoon the adoration of the Manger takes place when a representation of the scene in Bethlehem is unveiled in the great Ball of the Palace. Thera is also a Christmas tree from which Alfonso distributes gifts. Throughout the ensuing twelve Days the court ii for St. Nicholas Whit Hora. In Belgium the children expect the Benevolence and Gayety and every More candles shedding their mild and g0o it. Nicholas to visit them. They institution in Madrid shares in be and receive and t hat Jeremy Taylor says that Quot our friendships should extend to and Bibb and the More we love the Bot and th1 greater our kind avarice Maya. Quot i trill oppress the weak and devour the fruits of Bis la Bora. And i wit any that it la Fate that has #0 Olney. Then let even heart keep ii Christmas within Christ s pity for sorrow Christ a hatred for sin Christ scare for the weakest Christ courage for right Christ a dread of the darkness Fri to a love of the Light everywhere everywhere c Christmas tonight. So the stars of the Midnight which Compon it round shall see a strange glory and hear a Weet wind and cry a look the Earth is aflame with Delight o sons of the morning rejoice of the a everywhere everywhere Christina tonight. Humble 1 m1 i Iii a than in any previous period of the world Nical world. Vanity and love. A do you agree with the woman who lays that Vaulty is a much stronger passion than love a a Well. I know that there is a greater i demand for mirrors than for Valen f lain dealer. Think he rides on a White horse so they polish their shoe with great care fill them with Hay Oats or carrots for the a tint s horse and put them in the fire place or on a utile and in the morning. Instead of the forage they Aud at aka the Royal alms giving. Cloaca Jan. To. The festival a perpetual . The solution of the social question would tie found to a perpetual for tiie bad children and Candle for j christmastide provided our generous the Good ones. A Calla it. Peggy now. Will you listen to me while i Tell you the Plain truth. Reg by Beggy in mall ears. Peggy Peggy that s just what i was going to Orat Lve purposes and it is c say Only i should have put it differ rated. What Cornea to Market la Gate Eutty illustrated bits. A red Tram the wild Laurel growth. Laurel for Christmas decoration. The Laurel being an Evergreen makes a striking feature in a Winter landscape. Enormous quantities Are used in the christinas dressing of churches for wreaths and other decorations. Mountain Laurel can be grown for dec thoughtful Neas were not confined merely to our own kith and Kin. Let of be assured that when the world readies up to the highest and holiest Conception of relationship it Wei discover that there is but or. ? family and that the human brotherhood cannot be divided into classes antagonistic. To each other. The reign of the Golden Rule will be the True Christian millennium. Wharf it hit him. Cubbison Mays it costs him a Quarter every time be goes to a i have Bevorn seen him contribute a a the has to get his trousers harpers weekly. A looking for Ca Pacler. A what Are you Wal Tang Little boy Quot asked the old gentleman. Quot Christmas letters Quot responds the tar spirit of Givin. Done to give Only where you expect a return or wonder whether you will be youngster. A one is to Santa Claus supposed to buy something for a., b. A but you have 0r c the spirit of Christmas lies in Quot of the other is to the fat lady in the Loving and the giving never in the the museum asking of she would loan Walf Quot i a on 0t or to Okilj to hang
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