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Albert Lea Tribune (Newspaper) - April 23, 1958, Albert Lea, Minnesota Cloudy. Cool local temperatures maximum tuesday 57. Minimum tues Day morning 32. 8 00 a. In. Today 45.the evening Tribune volume la number 97 full leased wire news report of the associated press daily and sunday. Albert Lea Minnesota wednesday april 23, 1958 Twenty pages to cents Fri says youth crime wave grows . Scientists wonder a does Russia have secret sputnik sailing in skies bears out fears of j. Edgar Hoover by Alton l. Blakeslee a science reporter new York Jim is a secret sputnik Iii circling the Earth painted Black beeping out its message Only Over the soviet in Small towns worst Ion is a rocket make in the soviet Washington in a Sharp Union a11 set t0 land in the Moon Rise in lawbreaking among Young or has the .s.r. Been having toughs was reported by the Fri rocket launching troubles today with the release of figures i these Are some of the questions showing youths accounted for 47.2 asked in a sweepstakes of specs Ker cent of major crime arrests lation All rising from the fact it is year. Has been almost six months since the report bearing out fears voiced by Fri director j. Edgar Gloover against an upsurge in juvenile committed crime said the crime rate among persons under 18 has increased 55 per cent since 1952. Hoover Long has advocated a a a get Tough policy toward Youthful criminals whom he distinguishes from simple juvenile delinquents. 9.8 per cent increase the increase in Youthful crime Over 1956 was 9.8 per cent. This corresponded closely with the Over All 9.1 per cent Rise in major crime among All age groups. The Fri said its reports from the nations local Law enforcement agencies indicated a 1957 total of 2,796.400 major crimes. This represented a 23.9 per cent Rise Over the average for practice Law in the past five years. The report showed a major crime w As committed in the United states once every 11.3 seconds in 1957. A murder manslaughter in that City. He rape or assault to kill was com has also been mined every 3.9 minutes. County gop convention set saturday the Freeborn county Republican convention will be held in the court room of the county building saturday. Keynote speaker will be Henry w. Haver Sto c k. Jr., Minneapolis attorney a 1956 candidate for state Atto r n e y general. He has Minneapolis for 12 years and has held a num Ber of civic positions sputnik ii Rose nov. 3. Why the six months delay in sputnik is the soviet Union preparing some spectacular new step in our Young new space age secret sputnik possible a secret sputnik is possible says one prominent . Rocket scientist a a the russians might have been shocked and awed by our reactions when they were first with their sputnik a he says a a maybe they done to want to stir us up any More so they re waiting awhile. A a maybe they even sent up a secret sputnik to continue their scientific work. Paint it Black instead of polishing it up and it would be very hard Ever to see. Fix it so it broadcasts Only on command signal from the ground in Russia and radio stations else where could miss it or. Wernher von Braun . Army rocket specialist expressed a different View. Used military icbms the soviet apparently used powerful Ocean leaping military rockets their icbms to Send up sputnik i and ii he says. Production of icbms could Well be limited he said. The military democrats see gains in Congress gop chairman doubts party can control Senate Washington democratic National chairman Paul m. Butler predicted today democrats will gain at least 40 House seats and 8 to 12 senators in the november elections. He commented in an interview on the unusual statement by Meade Alcorn Republican National chairman that a a i just done to think its in the cards a for the Gap to capture control of the Senate. Alcorn contended however that the republicans will take a Bare majority control of the House which like the Senate is now controlled by democrats. He talked with newsmen after a White House conference with president Eisenhower. Sees close Battle Senate Republican Leader Knowland commented a a i think ifs too Early in the Ball game to has had the Call on the subset Cau the score yet a Knowland Ciment ones and been testing them j Gad thak the Battle will be a the scientists have had to wait close one but its outcome will be Ike denies single service planned of a a go says defense plan wont weaken units their turn for the rockets for More or better sputnik. Another publicly voiced suggestion is the soviets have been shooting for the Moon but missing determined by conditions later in tile but sen. Coldwater a Ariz it noting that a a the arithmetic a against us a sad that As a prac a or even that rockets sending up Fucai matter he has to agree with bigger and heavier sputnik have Alcorn. Crashed and failed. Since no prior in november the voters will fill a _ Wmma us Mumm announcement is made of an in 34 Senate seats and All 435 House chairman of the Haverstock Tention t0 launch. No explanations memberships. A a of any failures need be Given. Twenty on something is i at the other end is speculation Eyota Junior chamber of com a Sov Jeu Arp having a big shoot me of or a big announcement of an a Haverstock was also selected by complis hed fact for its greatest time Magazine and the minora propaganda value. This could be 49 democrats 47 republicans and pointing up the growth of governmental affairs committee criminal activities the Fri said for both the Minneapolis and Minn there was one major crime for Eyota Junior chamber of com every 61 persons living in the United states last year. 12,660 died by violence a total of 12,660 persons died by Polis chamber of Commerce As one Quot luring the May Day celebrations violent Means. There were 121,190 0f the states too outstanding Young visit 0f Egypt a carnal Aldei rapes and assaults 61,140 Rob men. Series and 590,020 burglaries. J delegates to the convention were nearly half a billion dollars was ejected at the precinct caucuses lost in robberies. March 24, in precincts town i he reports statistics crammed a bps and villages where no Dele-127 pages gave detailed evidence Gate were elected any Republic of juvenile crime which the i can May attend As Delegate. Said had increased during the past five years at a rate 24 times the Conven Uon win elect county greater then the population Rise including chairman a and among Persona under 18. I chairwoman and to the Twenty one Senate seats the republicans now hold and Only 13 Democrat Fly seats Are up for decision. Six of the democrats seats Are in the normally democratic South. Present division of 10.3 per cent of arrests for murder. Manslaughter rape and As the convention will be called to Sault they figure in 53.1 per cent order at 2 p. In gain in Senate Quot we Are looking for a gain of Nasser late this month or the time from g to 12 seats in the Senate a of a Summit meeting. Butler said. A i done to think we will something is apparently brew i0se a eat we now log. A Al corny a claim of Republican a hungarian communist youth Victory in the House certainly is newspaper recently quoted a so not indicated in any of the re vet scientist Nikolai Varvaros port we have Quot he said. A we be As saving the .s.r. Would soon Steve our net gain will be 40 seats launch a satellite weighing More a and possibly than five tons a 10.000 pounds a j Alcorn reported to Eisenhower urn i Only state and first District party con parrying Complex instruments. I on the party prospects on the a mentions. Academician Ivan Bardin a so basis of a recent trip through Viet Leader in the International Georgia Alabama now geophysical year was quo t e d Massachusetts Louisiana Early this month As saying a sput or arrest for robbery burglary. Ralph Peterson la county chair a Talich no was do breaking and entering larceny Man and in. Wimam f. Rebh Kje cd nah Anark that mind those rends to unto non Ira Nhsn and Auto theft. Among those rends county chairwoman. Nabbed for Auto stealing youths represented 67.6 of the total arrested greatest in Smalt towns the report contrary perhaps to popular belief showed a greater a let Rise in Youthful crime in the Fqy Otto in cd Small town loan the big City j teen age arrests in cities and towns under 25,000 population Rose 16 per cent while the increase was 8.1 per cent in larger cities. Over All Rural crimes Abo out ask pleven Cabinet Paris Jim president Rene Coly York and Missouri but he said he did not Tell the president about his belief that the republicans Are not Likely to win Senate control. Man rocket planned academician Anatoli Blagonya nov a rocket specialist was Quot Jed in a soviet radio broadcast As saying the soviets Are close to sending a Man up in a rocket with Safe return. A one stage rocket carrying 14 tons of equipment soared up 295 Miles and landed at the j planned location he said. Some soviet officials have hinted that it is repetitious and a waste stut Jcj who Gay be wag abducted of time just to Send up satellites j by three Brothers and forced to student claims he was forced to drink whisky Redwood Falls Minn. It a Lamberton Minn., High school stripped City felonies last year move it t0 a political Cen that after a couple have gone lip Brink whisky returns to the wit 11.1 to 8 9 per cent. Burglaries a to a a in 8t�?~arch for a be Quot no at a 18 foment of a of Ness stand today. Showed the biggest increase 12 2 French Premier. He summon e a Ger and bolder this could be the Richard Marben. 15, testified per cent murder and non neg i Rene up Ven after old shot for the Moon. Tuesday that the Trio stopped him 1 tilt a a t a my aaa in a Ltd Caas it i of i t Oill i. Tea. And forced him to a gent Man laughter declined Light Ltd Vocate of. Tougher North soviet .cientl.t, of . J in by Sev a tenths of i per cent. Africa pour a. get even know the plan and the answer at Yar Hie no ii a Erlof a to a1? hid Oisiu m xxx Vlad nut Hula thou Lief lot tits will other categories showed these he it 0wb party t0 Back is attempt j meanwhile they just let the spec increases Auto thefts 9 9 per form a government. Elation run. Cent Larcenie 8.4 robbery 8.2 Coly sent a special plane to the rape and aggravated assault 3.8 a it it rth of France for pleven the and negligent manslaughter 1.6 president s second nominee for per cent. The task of trying to solve the of More than two million arrests crisis which began eight Days ago for major and minor offences with the resignation of premi e r White persons accounted for 1,405, Felix Galliard 967 and negroes 616,028. Of these i pleven tried unsuccessfully last approximately one of every to was j october to form a govern m e n t a woman. Airline pilots complain about stunting jets weather ant forced him to accompany them in their car. On trial on charges of kidnapping Are Gerald Falk 22, and his Brothers August jr., 21, and Charles is. A jury of seven women and five men is hearing the Case in Redwood county District court los it two commercial pilots complain that stunt log air Force Jeu endangered their airliners Over Nevada less a before Galliard succeeded. Whether he would accept Cotys request to try again was Uncertain. Political observers believed than eight hours alter mondays \ pleven had a fair Chance of mus Aerial collision that killed 49 per it Minnesota Cloudy this after-1 Taring enough National Assembly sons noon and tonight mostly cloudy1 votes to undertake forming a cab the report was made tuesday South with partly Cloudy skies get. However that would not to the civil aeronautics Board by North thursday occasional Light guarantee Assembly approval of capt Al Shelly of Continental air i rain Southeast and extreme South bus government. Lines and capt. Robert Chase of tonight continued Cool through the 6-foot-tall doctor of Law american airlines. Thursday Low tonight 25-32 North beads the democratic and social-1 six fido Jet fighters began Aero j 32-40 South High thursday Gen resistance Union a i d d i e Battel near the airliners which Erafily in 40s. Of the Road group with 21 Mem were carrying a total of 93 Pas Wisconsin rain South and pos bees in the 595-Man Assembly he sengers the pilots said Sibly a Little rain or Snow North was Premier twice Between mid a i reported the incident because tonight and thursday not quite 190 and Early 1952 for a total of the kl00s were much too close so Cool most sections tonight but j2 months and was defense minis-1 for Comfort a Chase told report quite Cool entire state thursday Ter Winn France suffered its ers. A these jets Fly so fast that Iowa rain North showers and crushing indochinese de f e a t at it is almost impossible to avoid thunderstorms locally heavy South Dien Bien Phu. Them at close this afternoon and tonight warm Bidault a former Premier and the skies were Clear monday or Northeast tonight Low tonight foreign minister threw in the Towel when the United air lines act j in 40s scattered showers East after his own Catholic popular re carrying 47 persons and the Jet Cloudy West Windy and cooler j publican party refused to Back his fighter with two aboard slammed thursday High thursday 44-54, plan Fer an unyielding policy in together at about 20.000 feet. Congressmen immediately urged invest in a turns into rules governing the use of air space by military planes. Missing infant found badly beaten Kingsville tex. Of an infant disappeared from her crib yesterday was found unconscious a few doors Sway and died shortly after being rushed to a Hospital she was Sandra Carrick Daugh Ter of personnel Man in. David Carrick of the Kingsville auxiliary naval air station and mrs. Carrick. Peace Justice Tom Simons said the baby a head was badly beaten. I ii pm South Dakota Cloudy and ton j Africa tinned cold through thursday rain or rain and Snow Southwest and West Central and intermittent Light rain Southeast this after noon increasing northerly winds Over state this afternoon reach ing 25-40 mph West Light rain or Snow extreme South tonight and Black Hills thursday Low tonight 25 30 Northwest 30-35 Southeast High thursday 33-38 North West to 33-43 Southeast. North Dakota mostly Cloudy through thursday occasional Light Snow or rain extreme Southwest this afternoon moderate to Strong northerly winds and cooler Thi afternoon Little change in temperature tonight and thursday Low tonight 25-35 High thursday 35-45, just what in a looking for that a what people a people with Cash a say every Day As they read the Tribune want ads. Two a a is urea. There is probably someone waiting to pay you Cash for the item you no longer need. The above advertiser sold the tires and is uce led his and the 2nd Day you too will have Good results v Sib a Tribune classified phone 3968 an Esqueen arrives in u. J. A Lovely Princess foray of Iran is interviewed by newsmen upon her arrival in new York aboard the luxury liner Constitution. The Princess who lost her Queen ship because so had born be children after seven years it marriage said that so planned to go to Bermuda for a 10-Day stay and then return to Tho u 8. Employment picture in City erratic employment in Albert Lea continued to present something of an Enigma today with a record number of employed persons in the Community but More unemployed than last year As Well. How Ever Walter Stieler manager of the Minnesota state employment service office pointed out in his monthly report that unemployment in March was Down 340 from the february High. Specifically Stielerr a figures showed a record non agricultural employment for the month of March of 8,290. That is 70 More than the 8,220 employed the same month last year 87 Over the end of the year employment of 8,203 and 265 Over the 8.025 employed in february normally the Low month of the year. Stieler said unemployment in March stood at 800, 340 less than the february High of 1,140. Despite that drop however u n e m Pluym Clit still was 250 higher than one year ago. A the Overall employment p i a Ture a Stieler said Quot remains very erratic with some plants having temporary shutdowns of one or two weeks duration while at the same time other firms Are adding to Stieler said construction showed the greatest increases in employment during March with a lesser increase in manufacturing transportation and communications he said showed a slight decrease. With unemployment Dropp i n a Stieler said claims for unemployment insurance have also dropped since March i. A last week Quot he said a the r e were 528 weeks of unemployment insurance claimed a decrease of 225 from the week ending March 6, when 753 weeks of unemployment were 5 bulgarians flee to Greece in armoured car Athens Greece up Riding a 1927 Chrysler fitted with a Periscope and Armor of Concrete slabs five members of a bulgarian family raced Aero the yugoslav Border today to week poetical Asylum in Greece. The car wag driven by Traiko Tamiano Ivanoff 50, of Sofia with him were his wife 3�, and three sons aged 19, 15 Ami 14. The Lva Noffs said they planned their escape for a year. They got permission from the bulgarian authorities to visit relatives at Mon astir , close to the greek Border. There they secretly fitted the Concrete to the Auto and installed the Periscope so it could lie driven dying Down As a further Protection from bullets. When the preparations were Complete Ivanoff packed his family aboard and headed for the Frontier. Ignoring guards signals he smashed through a Road Bardier at full Speed greek guards took the family to Salonika. Caledonia Driver killed in Accident Caledonia main. Up a a Cal Edonia Man who apparently fell asleep at the wheel was killed Early today when his car slowed into an embankment and overturned. The victim was Henry l. Becker 41. The Accident happened about six Miles North of Here on Highway 4. His death raised Minnesota a 195s traffic toll to 156. Comparer i with 171 at this time a year ago. Cairns named manager of Wilson amp co. Plant Here James d. Cooney president of Wilson a co., inc today announced the for Low ing promotions within the company inching personnel at Albert Lea. H. B. Housh formerly manager of the Albert Lea Plant a been named manager of the Wilson a . Living Cost Index advances Washington jul soaring food prices sent the government living Cost Index up seven tenths of one per cent in March to a new record High it we As the largest monthly Advance since july 1956, and was attributable principally to higher food costs which also reached a new Peak level. The Bureau of labor statistics said its Index Rose to 123.3 per cent of the 1947-49 average. This is 3.7 per cent higher than the figure in March 1957. Means pay increase the new living Cost hike Means a pay Rise of two to four cents an hour for More than a million workers whose wage rates move up and Daw ii with Index changes. The bulk of the million workers some Hoo Kio Are in the Railroad Industry and will receive a four cent hourly raise. Increases of two to three cent per hour will go to workers in the electrical Metal working chemical and local transportation industries. Four fifths of the big living Cost increase in March was attributed to higher food prices. Higher prices for fresh fruits and vegetables meat and eggs were largely responsible for a 18 per cent food Price jump Between february and March. Food prices averaged 6.7 per cent above a year ago. Expects decline Ewan Clague labor statistics commissioner told reporters he expects food costs to begin to level off in april and decline in the summer As More fresh food supplies reach Market. He declined to predict any drop in living costs for april but said the government Index would Likely not move very much either up or Down. This was plagues explanation Why living costs have continued climbing despite the business recession a people have got to eat Quot two Brothers held for Salon robbery daij.a8, tex. It two Brothers charged with holding up a reducing Salon and forcing some 18 women to strip at gunpoint Are in custody Bere Billy Lambert 27, and Clifton Lambert 21, were picked up in a stolen Auto. Sheriff officers said they were being questioned about several other crimes. The Bandit got 8143 in the hold i up monday night and our woman i was struck across the face by a i pistol. The clients and women pm i ploy is at the Salon were forced to strip but no one else was harmed. Young Folk meet Waseca Minn. Or a Young people Between the Ages of 17 and 31 from farm organizations i Church groups Sud clubs will attend the 10th Western regional conference for Young adults so the Southern school of agriculture Here May ibis. Co. Plant at Cedar rapids Iowa. Effective May 5, 1958. C. E. Cairns formerly assistant manager of the Albert Lea Plant has been promoted to manager succeeding Housh. R. S. Wheeler formerly manager of hog buying for i he company at Chicago Headquarters has been appointed administrative assistant to or. Cairns. Housh came to Albert i a As manager Here in january 1956. Prior to that time he had served the company for 23 years most of which was spent in various capacities at he Oklahoma City Plant. He was manager of the company s Headquarters sausage division in Chicago at the time he was appointed manager of the Albert i a Plant. During his residence Here Housh has been an Active member of the elks kiwanis club and the Albert Lea country club. Or. And mrs. Housh Are members of the presbyterian Church. Their omy son a a boy Housh jr., is in i senior year at the University of Illinois the i blushes will move to Cedar rapids in Early May. Cairns joined Wilson a co. At Albert Lea in 1943 in he livestock service division. He was later appointed personnel manager and in april 1957, was promoted to a Sextant manager of the Albert Lea Plant. Cairn is past president of tile Albert l4?a chamber of Commerce member of kiwanis an Elk a Mason arid an elder in the first presbyterian Church. He is a graduate of tile University of Wisconsin College of agriculture and has taken graduate study at both the University re Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota. He was associated with the Minnesota College of agriculture in St. Paul prior to joining Wilson a co. Or. And mrs. Cairns live at 103 Willamor Road and Are parents of two daughters. Dorothy attends Pembroke College in Providence 1 Rhode Island and Peggy is enrolled in the Albert i a High school. Wheeler joined Wilson a co. In the provision department at the company Omaha Plant in 1941, and was later promoted to become manager of this department. Since 1956, Wheeler has been manager of the hog buying at company Headquarters in Chicago. Wheeler is a native of Nebraska and graduated from the University of Nebraska or. And mrs. Wheeler Are members of the Christian Church disciples of Christi. They have three children David 16, Cynthia la and Ronald 4. They will be moving to Albert Lea As quickly As plans can be made. Asking certain operational authority Washington a president Eisenhower said today it is just As sensible to say Congress is going nuts and will abolish the defense department As it is to contend that Eisenhower wants a single military service. Eisenhower angrily told a questioner at his news conference that his defense reorganization plan under bipartisan attack in c o a Gresso will not weaken the individual services. Eisenhower said he is asking certain operational command authority for the Secretary of de Rense and the joint chiefs of staff hut these services will not be weakened by such a change. Sarah Mcclendon reporter for several Texas newspap3. The charge had been made n Cong r e s s that Eisenhower a plan could Lead to a situation where one Man would have a personal military Force. Eisenhower flush Flushing Eisenhower asked the reporter whether she had read the Law he proposed. When she replied she had Eisenhower said firmly no. She had not. It would be just As sensible to say that Congress is going mrs and will abolish the defense department As to say his plan will set up a single service the president said. He added that he lust was not doing that. Shortly before Eisenhower spoke out. Secretary of defense a it my Elroy told Congress he could not live w i h the limitation on u size of his civilian staff advocated by congressional critics of the re organization plan. Hearings resumed the direct conflict was injected at the Start of the second a it of hearings before the House armed services committee on the White House proposal. The effect of the rival plan would be to shift still greater emphasis to the separate branches at the same time my Elroy put off until Friday the delivery of written replies to questions put to him yesterday by chairman Vinson id Gal. I be re was every indication the hearings will be a Marathon affair. Vinton said 3rd Graf ta43 Vinson Aid each witness will be asked to on the stand until each of the committees 37 members has Quot All of the information he desires Quot he also said the committee will hear from All top civilian officials in the defame department As Well As military leaders. Vinton asked Mceroy to submit written answers to a series of pointed questions. They added up to a demand that me Elroy spell out in detail Why he needs additional authority and How he would exercise the added Powers Vinson is an emphatic foe it any proposal that would downgrade the authority of the three separate service. Still sending Pasadena Calif. P Lolow Power radio of the explorer i satellite la still transmitting co Mic Ray information Back to Earth says or. Norman Jacobson of the Jet propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of technology. Nominate three candidates for a Mother of the year first three candidates in the chamber of Commerce Quot Mother of the year contest have been announced by Gene Gordon publicity chairman. Nominated for the Honor have been mrs. Arehie Bamberg Edgewater Park or. Lester Olson 807 n. Shore and mrs. M. S. Knutson 303 Fountain St. School nurses in nominating mrs Bamberg stated that she is the Mother of eight children the arid est la. The children it was explained Are courteous and Well behaved. Her Home is Well managed and the entry stated or. Ham Berg Quot is always Home to Welcome the children when they come from school a mrs. Olson nominated by mrs. C. A Kelley was cited for her Many Community activities. Work in p. T. A. From the local unit level to District offices and super a Tuten Dency in the Young Chil i Dren s department of the first lutheran Church were particularly emphasized i mrs. Knutson Mother of four i children was nominated by Al s f. R. Smeby. Among the pot j stressed by mrs. Smeby in making the nomination were a musical Mother who plays piano Leilo and viol in sunday school teacher Singer in choir and director of children a choirs and a big help la Church work for her pastor Hua band. Finals in the contest will be held St 2 p. In. Saturday May 16, at Fountain Lake Park Aper judge narrow the entry list to seven tin a lists. Entries for the contest May j

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