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Albert Lea Times Enterprise Newspaper Archives Sep 14 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Times Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 14, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota 8 pages the so tics Ietter Pritsc 8 pages Albert Lea Enterprise Porty Quot ninth year Freeborn county to m est Twenty six Yea Ralbert Lea. Minnesota. Wednesday september 14, 1921 number thirty Kiwitt 2 major Points of House tax Bill approved maximum sur tax rate fixed at 32 percent by Senate finance committee. 100 More of flood victim bodies found bodies of victims of flood in lowlands recovered. Waters Are receding. River by associated press Washington Sepu 13. Provision by the House tax Bill for the repeal of the surtax which was to take effect this january 1 instead of last. January 1, recommended by Secretary Mellon was approved today by the Senate finance committee. The Secretary also recommended the repeal of the capital Stock which was to be effective in 1922, was accepted and the committee also voted to increase corporation income tax from id to la per cent effective january 1. Washington sept. 12.�?two of the four major provisions of the House tax Bill were approved today by the so Nate finance committee. One fixed the maximum income surtax at �?�2 per cent As compared with the pres int �,5 per cent and the other in creases by $5uo the exemption Al Lowed to Heads of families having net incomes of $5,000 or less and by $200 the exemption allowed on account of each dependent. Chairman Penrose announced that the committee would vote tomorrow Fin the effective Date of the repeal of the excess profits tax. Even those senators favouring Secretary Mellon so proposal to make the repeal retroactive to last january 1 were of the opinion that the committee would accept the House provision for repeal As of next january 1, 1922. Should the House Date be approved it was said the committee probably would approve repeal of All of the transportation tax As of next january 1, and most of the other tax repeals provided for in the House Bill. Secretary Mellon a proposal for retention of the transportation levies next year at one half the present rates and the restoration of a tax on cosmetics perfumery and proprietary medi fines were predicated upon retroactive repeal of the profits tax. In voting to reject Secretary Mel ions proposals that the maximum in come surtax rate he reduced to 25 per cent the committee took under consideration a Treasury plan to re due the rate in each of the income surtax brackets by 1 per cent so to lighten the taxes on those having incomes of less than $68,000 a year As Well As those whose incomes ex-1 coed that amount. Several new taxes Are to be presented to the committee but. Chairman Penrose said it had been decided to have a final vote on the i i next Friday so As to give the drafts men and experts time in which to put the measure in shape for presentation to the Senate when Congress reconvenes on sept 24. If necessary the committee will hold night ses Slons chairman Penrose said. Continued on Page six forty hours net $250,000 by associated press san Antonio tex., sept. 12. More. Than 100 bodies of flood and storm victims in the Lowland along the san Gabriel River in Williamson and i Lam counties have been recovered according to the correspondent of the san Antonio express at Taylor who telephoned a report tonight tie number of houses swept away or damaged seriously on Alazan Creek in saturday s Twood was placed at 145 by newspapermen who made a count along the Creek today. It is estimated that probably fifty More dwellings were carried away or damaged beyond repair along the san Antonio River san Pedro and Martinez san Antono tex., sept. 13 with Down pours of from 5 to 10 inches in every direction from san Antonio for almost 100 Miles it i Learned today that a Small Section of country in Weste n Medina county less than sixty Miles from tie City had had no rain fall. That was reported by John l. Rot he whose ranch is in that District. War ships Aid in search for 2 Small boys a life Saver murder and Arbuckle is not suicide taken before now belief grand jury inquest into supposed suicide of grand jury goes in session for Frank j. Fitzpatrick Federal officer shows that while two i shots were heard Only one took effect. Possibility of murder belief. Five hours. Arbuckle appears before jury Only three minutes. Sivi Hgt associated press new York sept. 12 a belief that by associated press san Francisco sept. 13.�?a statement was made that after the grand jury had held a five hour consideration of the Case against Arbuckle it adjourned without voting and indict Frank j. Fitzpatrick head of the Ted ment announcement was made that eral narcotic squad Here was murder during the five hour session of the de after a spectacular drug and liquor grand jury Arbuckle was brought be raid on the steamship King Alexander a Ore Jur a but remained in the court room about three minutes. He last Friday was expressed today by j. Collins by associated press san Diego. Calif., sept. 13�?with their powerful searchlights flashing Over san Diego buy fifty warships aided last night in the finding of two boys Philip Watkins aged 4 and Chas. Sherbno 5 years ago who disappeared from their Home in Coronado yesterday. A bout from found the two after Midnight the Little boat of water. Zr-2 victims to reach new York Friday explosion of still brings confession the destroyer Bailey Little Fellows shortly asleep in a Row boat was reported half full British Cruiser dauntless bearing american airmen to arrive at new York port end of week. Large naval services will be held. Rep. Taylor of Arkansas died today i by associated press Washington sept. 13. Representative Samuel m. Taylor of Arkansas died Here today after several weeks of illness due to pleurisy and pneumonia. He was sixty nine year old. Prior to contracting pneumonia. Representative Taylor who was 69 years of age had been in declining health for several months and had not attended sessions of the House since about july 1. Elected to the sixty second Congress in 1912 to till the unexpired term of senator Robinson following his election to the governorship representative Taylor represented his six Lii Arkansas District in Congress continuously up to the time of his death. A liquor Belgium and by associated press Francisco. Sept. 13 during dirty hours ending last Midnight Lilor Worth $250,000 was seized by Deral prohibition enforcement Oft it is in Northern California according i e. Forest Mitchell prohibition i san Rector. Forty raids were made of which 34 were in Sacramento and the Sacramento Valley Mitchell said. I Hir to two persons were arrested. Alabama ready for army air service test by associated press Washington sept. 13.�?the Battle ship Alabama which is to be used by the army air service As a target will be turned Over by the Navy at Philadelphia today naval Craft will Tow her to Chesapeake Bay where the bombing tests will take palce Oil Tangier Island probably beginning sept. 20 for the first time it was said the tests will be held under War conditions As far As possible. Army officers Point out that it is no longer a question whether they can sink a warship As that already has been demonstrated with former German ships but rather a test of Dit Ferent. Methods of attack including Gas incendiary and both Small and Large demolition bombs. After each attack the ship will be inspected by observers tip note tie effect of the bombardment. To indicate the effect of the different types of bombs on the ships personnel Dummy anti aircraft and Searchlight Crews will be placed on Board. If the new Type bombs weighing approximately two tons Are completed army Viates Hope to try them out in the last attack on the a Obama but to Date none of this Type has been used. Holland and enter Parley Japan and France give assent to proposal that Belgium and Holland be entered in disarmament conference. By associated press Washington sept. 12 Japan and France have formally Given assent to the american proposal that Belgium and Holland because of their Large interests in the Orient he invited to the discussion of far Eastern questions at the conference of limitation of armament. Favourable responses from Oiler Powers Are expected at the state agreement on the subject but no formal invitations will go for Ward to the belgian and dutch governments until there is unanimous agreement on the subject. While these negotiations Are pro feeding state department officials Are j feeling out the attitude of the other participants on what subjects Are to i be considered at the conference. The British ambassador sir Auckland Goeddes conferred with Secretary Hughes today and it is understood the problem of framing a conference program was considered although there was no indication that the eni Bassy had received detailed instructions from London or that the Secretary had formulated any definite proposal on the part of the american government. Conferences of a similar nature have taken place Between or. Hughes and other ambassadors the intention being to keep the negotiations in an informal phase until the views of All the interested nations have been More or less clearly defined. By associated press new York sept 12. Comrades it1 arms today were preparing to pay their last tribute to the american offi cers and men who plunged to their death with the ill fated dirigible zr-2 the British Cruiser dauntless will bring the bodies Ottlie sixteen Ameri cans to the new York Navy Yard fron England next Friday. There american Blu jackets will receive their own dead and on the following Day will a Cord them the full naval honors due those who gave their lives in line of duty. A Fleet of destroyers aircraft and possibly several battleships will put out from the base at Newport r i and escort the dauntless into port. A special Chapel is being built to re the Flage overed caskets. Then two guards of Honor each a Hundred Strong picked from marines and sea men will watch Over the dead unti t he memo i a 1 service. Punis Tor the memorial service As announced today but Captain c. 1 Vogelgesang commandant of the new York Navy Yard through his Aid. Lieu tenant John d. Bennington Call for services in which High government officials headed by the Secretary o the Navy will participate. In Addi Tion Gates to the Navy Yard will but thrown open to the general Public Foi the first time since the War. Joining with sorrowing americans will be representatives of to reign governments. Officers and men of the i taunt is will attend in a body while Topiah s. R Bailey and air commander l. E 0 Charleston attaches of the British embassy in Washington and Consu general Armstrong will be among la it guests. The French Cruiser Ville d is now i american Waters will he moored ii the a d so that her Crew May at Tern the ceremony and officers of to it brazilian Batt a ship Minas Gerates have sign tied their intention of be in present. Th1 Yards athletic Field has chosen i it i t he ceremony. The monies i 1 he Brief comprise it cd thou in and protestant rituals a voided Secretary Den by will deliver 1 he address. At the of Ose of Tom ceremony tap a get he sounded and marines and Blue jackets will fee the final Volley. Three of the dead commander Lotus h. Max Field who was to have commanded zr-2 on her flight to this country. Lieutenant Valentine m. Bieg senior Engineer officer and chief machinists Nate George Welch will be buried at Arington. The others will be sent to their Homes for private burials. By associated press Duluth sept. 13.�?the explosion of his Moonshine still which destroyed his shop and All his personal belongings led Lewis mainer settler of Pike Lake and alleged Moonshiner a to squeal on Barney Frederickson and Fred Davs prohibition agents. According to the statement Given to county attorney Warren Ellison today mainer had Given to Davie $35, All he had for premised Protection and that 200 of a a hush Money was to be Given to the agents. When the still which was his Only source of Revenue was destroyed he was unable to furnish any More Money and confessed to the authorities. Construction association takes action by associated press cd Cago sept. 13.�?the members of the builders construct on employers association planned today to replace All Union workmen who have not returned to work by thursday with non Union workmen. This Marks the cd Max of the wage dispute which has been in Progress Here for the past four months which came about by the wage reduction set by judge k. W. Landis arbitrator several weeks ago. Japs Advance 5 proposals for disarm Parley 2 accomplices Are involved with Church Harvey w. Church confesses that he was helped in committing double crime. Police hold Leon Parks and Clarence Wilder who confess. In the custody was grilled to of the Confes Beer Cere thir i Dies while on Way to coast by associated press j Omaha sept. 13. Frank Goodrich former president of the United motor sales and transportation co. Of Massachusetts who was seriously stricken with pneumonia while on his Way to the Pacific coast died Here today. By associated press Tokio sept. 12.�?the japanese Dele ates to the conference with representatives of the far Eastern Republic it i is her a in Dairen have advanced Ive proposals according to special Dis patches Iron Dairen today. They Are 1 the organization of a Syndicate if japanese traders to do business in Russia. 2 the establishment of a joint Russo japanese Bank. 3 recognition of Japan a sniper ii fishery. Forestry and mining rights in Siberia. 4 lifting of the embargo on the Export of Gold and furs and a re arrangement of the customs tariffs. 5 free navigation of the amur and Ungari Rivers. The correspondents believe there is a likelihood of an agreement being reached on these proposals. M. Pjerov representative in Dali on of the Lai Eastern Republic was recently quoted by the far Eastern press Agency regarded in Tokio As Semi official As saying his government was on Friendly terms with the soviet administration and that therefore in a sense the conference could be regarded As Between Japan and soviet Russia. He also was quoted As a Liem. Do that therefore in a sense the conference could be regarded As Between Japan and soviet Russia. He also was quoted As saying the Darden conference afforded Only Opportunity for Japan and Sia to cooperate economically politically. By associated press Chicago sept. 13.�?all� de confession obtained Lute yesterday and Early today by authorities investigating the murder of b. J. Dougherty and Carl Ausmus automobile salesmen front h. W. Church 23 year old youth in whose Home the alleged killing took place and to which the two salesmen had been taken to receive pay. Ment for the car told the police late last night that he had two a comp lives. The confession involved Leon Parks i held by the police who is employed in a garage where Church worked and Clarence Wilder a Friend of his i and Parks As the accomplices. Parks who has been in the custody of the police for the past several Days when confronted by Church alleged j killer told the police of his part in j the murder. Wilder who is now of the police today verify the statement Sions. Parks confession police say bar red the real motive of the double tour i Der. It was ascertained that the three had planned to steal t he car of Dougherty and Ausmus and then sell it an Divide i profits. Chicago. Sept. 12 a coroners Jur it i investigating the death of Bernard j Daugherty and Carl a. Ausmus Auto Mobile salesmen returned a verdict i today that they came to their death through external violence inflicted by Harvey w. Church and recommended that he be held to the grand jury on a charge of murder in both cases without bail. Church a 20-year-old youth heard the verdict calmly. His face showed no nervousness or emotion us he laced a crowd of several jeering men j alter the inquest. J a a there a the murderer was tie cry and it was necessary to Call a squad of patrolmen to Clear a Way through the threatening crowd for the prisoner. Yesterday Accord no to the police Church confessed that he killed the two men single handed to obtain pos j session of a $5,400 automobile for the Possession of which he was negotiating. A. .0.t. Was the last witness called upon and i United states attorney l. J. Collins.1. Refused to make any statement. After Arbuckle had been returned to i until today investigators had a jurors took up the Case of Cepter the theory that Fitzpatrick adjournment and did not wish to stepped into a washroom on the Piei any further action in the Case att i the Laid and tired two budgets in until further evidence was produced to i heart. Suicide was the official Date was set for their return finding of an autopsy i _ colonel o. G. Forger of the internal j san Francisco sept. 13.�?a state Lional Revenue service at Washington ment connected with the charge of who is conducting an investigation murder was Given to the grand jury into the death a Aid he leaned to tie investigating the de Atli of miss Var suicide theory at first but was now Ginia Rappe film actress and Rosoce wavering and would sift the murder j a a fatty Arbuckle who is under a theory to the Bottom. Rest was issued Early today by Dis Ai Fer a conference col forger and strict attorney Matthew Brady. Or. Collins went to the pier to inspect District attorney Brady in the the scene of Fitzpatrick a death. Or. Statement said that he believed a the Collins pointed out that while two motive of a sinister charge would be shots were heard Only one Bullet was brought to found in the body. He said it was i in pig statement District attorney possible for a Bullet to have Ipen tired Brady said that miss Zey Provost alar hip a few from n it menu in the to own As Zey Paifon. Changed her testimony from that Given to the grand jury and to the police officials in the District attorneys office that miss Frappe had told her that her injuries had been inflicted by Arbuckle Early last night. Patron refused to sign a statement that miss Rappe had told her that she had received her injuries at the hands of Arbuckle and later denied that she had Ever asserted the miss Rappe Brady said. The District at the officer from a window washroom. Allies order surrender of men held by associated press constantinople sept 13.�?the Al lied authorities told the turkish connection with government to surrender the men who were in the revolutionary plot disco attorney said that a red Here yesterday the allies told miss Alice Blake another of the win the government that they must surrender the prisoners within one week and that the men would be tried by an Allied court martial. Shipments of milk declared unsanitary Nesses would be further questioned. San Francisco sept. 13.�? Roscoe fatty Arbuckle motion picture actor at 1 of clock this morning was taken from his cell at the Hall of Justice to appear before the grand jury that is hearing evidence on which an indictment charging him with the murder of Virginia Rappe an actress is sought. He remained in the grand jury room Only three minutes then was led Back to his cell. St. Paul sept. 13.�?charges against five Hundred Farmers and milk ship pers effecting nearly every county in a Minnesota who have been shipping j san Francisco sept. 13.�?ottmr milk w hich is declared to be until for i witnesses who appeared before the human consumption will be started grand jury were mrs. Bambino m. Soon it was announced today by the state Dairy and food commission. Five Hundred cans of milk in ship ment were seized and condemned by the commissions. British govt. Is warned by Hugh of Neil circumscribing of new Ulster parliament would result in civil War in Ireland of terrible form. Delmont Friend of miss Rappe Al Semnacher and Zey Provost guests it it the party in arbuckles rooms in a hotel when miss Rappe was taken ill. Physicians who attended her also were witnesses before the grand jury. The inquest into the death of miss Rappe to be resumed today before Coroner t. W Leland. Alien poll tax Law declared void by court hoboes offer services to the Sec. Of labor by associated press Belfast sept 12. Warning to the j British government against circumscribing the Powers of the new Ulster j parliament was Given by Hugh o Neil speaker of the parliament in an address at Ballymena county Antrine yesterday. A any diminution of 1 lie rights and privileges of the new Ulster Parlia a m tit As a result of the projected medications Between members of the b fish Cabinet and the sinn fein a he a flared a would Lead to a bitter civil War n Ireland. A it would mean War Between North and South Ireland tie horrors and misery of which we do not like to con template. The calamity As prime i minister Lloyd George has truly said would not be confined to by associated press san Francisco sept. 12�?the state alien poll tax Law was declared unconstitutional insofar As it affects japanese in a decision handed Down today by the state supreme court. The Law imposed an annual poll tax of $10 on All alien male residents of the state Between the Ages of 21 and 60. It was passed by the 1921 legislature in response to a constitutional amendment adopted by the people in november. 1920. John Webb continues to evade police by associated press that the rus and by associated press Washington sept. 12.�?Aid of the organized hoboes of America was offered Secretary of labor Davis to Day in the efforts of the government to solve the unemployment problem l Francis Shea Secretary of the hoboes Union which maintains Headquarters Here advised or. Davis that his organization had prepared a plan which had been tested successfully especially with a the unskilled illiterate never had a Chance migratory Man or and asked for an interview in which he could present details. Prisoners try to escape 3 of 4 wounded by associated press Jefferson City sept. 13.�?three of the four men who attempted to escape from the state Penitentiary Here today at 10 of clock were shot by the guards. One of the men is not expected to recover. All men were returned to the Penitentiary. Hibbing sept. 13 John b who killed three members of he u blink police Force is still i la Al though a Poss a several de men a Avo me dug be i a a a within a a Simc r a ii # with lie Conte lit e. The r Ard for his rapture was incr a a thousand dollars. Hibbing min sept. 12. Four Days after the Faial shooting of chief of police Daniel Hayes and two other ii jiving police Lotfi Era John Webb alleged murderer of the three officer is still at Large. What promises to be a material clue according to mini in illicit wait taken up Early today when h was imported that we b had positively Beer identified by two farm a he we ked along the Road no Ai Chubb ii

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