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Albert Lea Times Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 7, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota 8 pages \ 2f a 8 pages Albertea Enterprise forty ninth year Freeborn county times Twenty six year Albert Lea. Minnesota. Wednesday september 7, 192 a vol Rie f1ftu v number thir t y seven u. S. Troops in control of w. A. Vermont senator who will retire after fifty years Public service Gen. Bandholtz Tours mine disorders District. Reports no disorder. Officials of United mine workers charged with responsibility of by associated press Madison a. Va., sept. 5. Taking advantage of the general atmosphere of Calm which prevailed through omit the recently disturbed areas of the West Virginia Coal Fields. Brigadier general 11. H. A Maholtz today journeyed by special train up the Valley of Coal Iver on an of Leial inspection tour. Over the entire la nth of his route to Blair including stops at Clothier and a it Fuerey he found not so much As a Ripple of Disord r. General Bandholtz w to was accompanied by his military staff and colonel c. A. Mai tin in Eon Miami of troops in the Coal River \ Alley i dared that the situation was in Quot line shape and that he was Quot very Well plea it earlier a the Day Colon 1 Martin dispatched a detachment of troops to Survey the territory tip the Hewitt Creek Valley with to pay through the Divide near Telfer. Y and sour the Summit of spice Fork Ridge for a i stance Ltd fifteen Miles i p to a late hour tonight i e detail had not returned. No alarm was expressed a Headquarters. A re How Ever it being assumed that the so it Dier were delayed by the electric an i rain storm which swell the Hills to f of the Day. Colonel Martin today declared a did not Belit to accounts brought in i it civilians that tin bodies of men who had been killed in the Hills were lying about in the passes lie s. It a number of these civilians on bearing then stories under military escort. Washington sept. To. Officials o the in United mine Woi Keis of Amor a were charged with responsibility a for the invasion Ollo an county and pro posed invasion of i o county b armed miners in a statement issued Here today by Harry do. Ted Ltha r Man of the operators associate on Ollie Williamson Field. The statement was declared to be in answer to tout of Samuel Gompers president of the american federation of labor which or. Olmsted described As hypocritical and in Many instances false and mis leading mine guards and private defectives Are not employed by operators in the Williamson Field. Or. Olmsted said adding that or. Gompers had a deliberately misrepresent d condition j that have preceded and surrounded the attempt at and d invasion a the charge of or. G Nevers that the up rising had been caused by the failure of the operators to put into be Echt the award of the government wage Boaro was character Zed As a another Lak Quot the mine operators were under no obligations to do so the state my said a they inning no sort of connection with the Coal Fields covered by that award. A nevertheless the increases allowed by the United states gov imm it were adopted in this Field promptly after1 the amount of increase had been fixed. B has never before been alleged that the strike in the i 1 a is on Field was do to wage adjustments or any cause other than to compel recon nit Ion of the United mine worker so organization. A Coal is measured rather than weighed in this Field because it is the easiest and most satisfactory method of accounting Between the miners and the employers. The men have never asked to have the system changed. They done to want it changed. Quot the earnings per Day or week or month is the real test. Such a statement comparing the earnings in the Williamson Field w Ith Tho o in tin unionized Kanawha Field was submit Ted to the senatorial investigating committee in july. To s by ii was envy aroused by that exposure that caused the Kanawha miners to attempt an invasion of the non Union Coal Fields. Quot or Gompers makes himself lit i Culous to Wen virginians when he makes ills plea about the miners pro testing against lawlessness insofar at least he refers to tin United miners themselves Are generally Law abiding. Every disorder that bar Over occurred in the mining Fields of West Virginia has been occasioned by the thugs and outlaws of the United mine workers of Gan Antion who came into the state to compel the unionization of these Coal Fields. A the invasion of Logan county and tie threatened invasion of Mingo county was not a spontaneous uprising. It was threatened by the ended mine workers organization in the Williams to Field As Early As april and May 1920. A in the counties of Logan and min go we tet Virginia and Pike county. Kentucky having an aggregate area of 1,633 Square Miles and an aggregate population of 1brs17 people there were not employed As Many As 100 four of lost Dail Eireann a flyers dead last reply one is dying made Public notorious Bandit flees fed. Prison congressman whose a love contest aroused countrywide comment Martin bombing plane no. 5 British and Irish press predict Roy Gardner mail robber is found destroyed in Woods. Four of Crew of 5 dead one reported to be dying. After half a Century of Public sen ice senator s. Page of \ or moot Lias announced Hud he will retire at tie expiration of i present term March 1923. Or. Page who is the old St member of the upper Houe will have entered his eighty first year when his term expires. Novee officers prior to the invasion by tin o utilizes of the i Rod mint Woi Keis. Tiny Ware not m did. A not any of these peace officers Ware he id4 in Eek employees hut in eluded Only regularly Choen Deputy Hei Iff s and constables and other Lii Cei s. the United mine workers of Anni a a War formed in 1890 it was no n Zed As a lawful organization and com inked As such until 1918 when thy entered into a conspiracy with ii Central Compoi Tive Field to control i bituminous Coal Market of the United states. A Sim 1912 it has been the policy of tin United mine work. A to compel by in us of foce in every conceit Ash Way All persons engaged in the Minim Industry to join i Union and it los likewise to ten Ira Poncy to destroy All business of non u train opera tora the end of which would mean to subject the Coal Industry of the us cd states to such unjust and in Lav. I in demands As it might desire to put into Logan w. Va., sept. 5, colonel w e. Eubank in command of units of Llie me onal guard tailed out to resist the attempt d a Nei of Lehment of armed nun upon tray glory went of Spruce Folk Ridge today left for his Home in Werli. Before he be t Logan every unit which served under him had been in banded. Federal troops which yesterday took up positions in the Aiea recently swept by on bieak.-, o firing Between armed men today patrolled the entire . Act Vilh f of when. Without exception indicated that All was quiet for the first time in Many Days. Col Oriel Shuttleworth in command declared that not a single shot had been tired on either Side during the Day nor was Lim e a sign of tin presence of any i embers o. The Cace. Re associated press Charleston w. Va., sept. 5.�?the bodies of four of the five members of the Crew of the government Martin Bombin plane no. 5. Were found to Day 10 Miles Southwest of Summerville Nicholas county. The fifth is in route by automobile to Charleston in a serious condition the dead Are Lieut. Harry l. Speck Pilot Medford Ore. Lieut. W. S. Fitzpatrick observer Medford Ore. Sergeant Arthur r. Brown Kentucky. Private Walter b Howard ran Francisco. The injured Man is Corporal Alexander c. Len Jeffon we Lorngton Del. Little Chance for Tom recovery of Corporal Hazelton was expressed by physicians when it was Learned that in addition to suffering broken legs the Corporal was injured internally. The wrecked air plane was discovered by Ben Hughes a Nicholas county Man. Hurdist reported by Telephone that he heard faint cries and groans while Stales Earth Long in a heavily wooded and reply will create grave situation. Immediate fear of breakdown negotiations not heeded. By associated press the Dail Eireann a reply to tin Brit capes capture in dash for Freedom. Is believed to have made Mainland. 2 others shot. By associated press Tacoma wash., sept 6. Rov ish prime minister signed by Eamon Gardner the prisoner who escaped de Valera which was made Public in from the Niel Island prison in a London and Dublin simultaneously to prison break in which one prisoner Day had been preceded in the British a was killed was thought to have and Irish press by a number of appear i reached the Mainland prison charges entry inspired statements that it said after they had searched the would create a very grave situation Island and found no Trace of the miss perusal of the reply however of ing Man. Lords Little reason to fear the immediate breakdown of the negotiations Tacoma wash., sept. 5.�?under the unless the Cabinet Council meeting on a eyes of Herr h. Votan superintend wednesday to consider it should de Dent of Federal prisons and brother Eide to impose a time limit. J in Law of president Harding three the reply so inv that. Or. De Valera prisoners in the Mcneil Island Peni and the Dail Eireann have not receded tertiary today made a dash for Liberty in the Singh text from the position at a baseball game with the result former a adopted. It emphasizes that that of is dead another seriously the British governments proposals wounded and the third Rov Gardner Are not an invitation to end r into a California ail Bandit is at Large and free and willing partnership with the be exp 1 t0 l a 111 i link 0,1 to of Island a nations of the British Commonwealth. Verett Inpyn a like termer was shot and killed by the prison guards but that on the contrary the to. And Lawardia Bogart another Lite editions or. Lloyd Jeorge seeks to ini.,.,. Prisoner was seriously wounded in pose would Divide Ireland into two be at t0 a Yogurt is in artificial and mutually destructive nos m Hor lit. A 1 his Holt Lori. U7 peril towns of 7 counties five Hundred men reported to be fighting Forest fires in Northern Minnesota. Farr a Are fleeing from Homes. By associated press Mcgrath sept 6. White Pine a lumber settlement eight Miles Nouh of Here was destroyed this afternoon a and Solana a Village 1 Mil there. The villagers were forced to flee when the flames famed by n thu1 / Mie wind which sprang up teds set on began to spread the flames beyond the i fire lines conditions at Solana and White Pine were reported As a favo Rabley according to reports of at 11 a. M. But a half an hour int it a i sudden High wind sprang lip with new fury and passed beyond the he Fetters control. Hope was entertained that j the fire May lie under control by it Morrow morning. Solan acc Ardih representative Manuel Herrick of a to reports War not by i. Oklahoma has created country wide but was in the path of to Lac Oniris Fridg comment with his a love contest in flames. Families left Init Irdi. Ltd after the flames had passed the fire lines and escaped to Mcgrath War re they found safety. A heavy is and of Timber which crosses us Ron l no the prison Hospital and his body rid ii insist that lilo do Empoli no de with Buckshot. Diaries must enter a conference in w Nich he promised his love to the Winner. Or. Herrick recently Intro Dued a Bill in Congress prohibiting Beauty contests. He has written letters to forty nine Washington tracks is in jeopardy and troops will beauties inviting Thorn to enter his by and Stem the flames Here own contest. The congressman de-1 the people of so1, a did not Al planes that his Only motive is to pre-1 the flames he h jilt w from a vent girls from being lured from their t it a 10 tree top reached the Way a had made the boast that Homes on account of the appearance the town. Ten member of the de part leu la Ray rugged Section. Following rated fid by conditions but with Jie would not stay Long at Mcneil i of their photographs and names in the direction of the sounds he said he Bat i Rov so it says that the Dail i Island prison. Twice in the last newspapers came upon the wrecked and burned Reann a Lea by to appoint Plen Poten. Thirteen months he had escaped from machine. The injured Man had managed to crawl several Yards from the scene of the disaster and was found iving face game Between two prison teams i except for the Small towns the in who arrived Here at 1 05 of Clocy to reach Ireland. Sept. 4.-�?Michael Gardner Inpyn and Bogart sat to downward. Hughes partly revived him by giving him a drink of water. Pachment of fire fighters were overcome by smoke but will recover. A car Load of women and children diaries. Of filers on his Way to prison. J from the fire District have just anew d except that or. De Valera seems to the prisoners had been Given a j in a Section sparsely settled almost a Mcgrath and Art being eared for ignore the prime ministers warning Holiday on account of labor Day. Impassable during the Winter months by the military author tii of danger in continued delay. J nearly 200 were watching a baseball and often almost entirely Cut off. Claire Nelson one of the refuges game Between two prison teams. Except for the Small towns the in who arrived Here at 1 05.o�?Tclwt Hughes then made the suffering flier Cwi ins commander in chief of the Gether at the extreme rear of thins comfortable As possible and set out for help. My drugs family Irish Republican army and sinn fein crowd of spectators. At a tense Point minister of finance came to his con in the game they suddenly bolted Stit ency today the first time he has Gardner who reached the barbed been Able to make a Public appear wire enclosure several Yards in and Ance Here since 1918, to thank his Vance of his companions Cut an open supporters for electing him to the Dail Ian with a pair of pliers stolen from Eireann and As he explained for the prison work shop and crawled giving him a mandate a not to sit in through. Before Inpyn and Bogart habitats for the most part Are Moun a the women and Ehin or a Tai neers. Many live in log Cabins taken to a c v in a rim a pcs so i and Combine farming on a Small scale from the Forest fire fell info a Ith fishing and trapping. Schools Mill shed. The whole town a a a pud and churches Are few and far apart i to catch on fire at once. Reuvers Many children do not attend school Are arriving at Mcgrath some of others have the advantage of a six whom had to walk three quarters of n mom Hsy term. Mile through a flame swept Ana. Of probably one of the first affairs of the fire which came Down the South fairly earned from the Ewd How. Tion to pain the attention or Road toward Mcgrath. Manv of fee j _2. Athe outside world was the Hatfield a women were on the verge of de Lipse the the North he proved a most emphatic speaker f air Fli Ala, e1&Quot Beuoy feud which continued inter from both in Irish and English he kept i Jill m. I u Frank Kopcow banker pays All debts r signs As cashier then drugs and kills entire family. Pins note on door which reads a walk his audience entranced Tor nearly an hour As he denounced the partition of in land and appealed to Armagh to follow Tyrone and Fermanagh in denouncing allegiance to the Northern parliament thus a striking the last i in against. English control of or. Collins touched very gingerly they fell near the Hole in the Fence n to 1u,u no a Uriu ent a 1 rail Tupi with shot from the gun. Of a for the part Quot Rhau through which they had by a Century. _ of go. Few of the Many feud killings re j _ suited in prosecutions and fewer Mcgrath sep. 6. Superior efforts still in convictions. In Many cases it will be made today to Check the fires was found almost impossible to of j in White Pine. Solana which have been trin juries As practically every in Hab raging for tie past few Days and it ant knew the of nudists or was re-1 which have forced the i armed in Hus Lafed. I Section of the state to vacate their the Section Liko some other Moun farms according to plans made at a half dozen guards. Gardner a escape was his third in thirteen months. He made his first break for Liberty la August 1920, from a train at Portland Ore. On june 11 of this year the Bandit escaped from a Deputy Federal marshal and a Federal guard on a train near Castle Rock. Wash., while Enro Ute to by associated press Ormsby minn., sept. 5.�?an entire family of seven the father Mother and five children were found shot Racine which cures neither the North nor must choose his words. A Ling said or. Collins a wants parliament like Carnegie gave away libraries they Are the sort of medi death in their Home Here late today apparently the victims of the father Frank Lazow a prominent Loci business Man. T he bodies were discovered shortly alter 4 of clock this afternoon bin the Coroner ii. C. Jones of fair Mont concluded Thev met their de Atli were leaders of All sections of ire if i Iff s n Between 12 and 1 of clock yesterday land As Well As Harry j. Boland or. Morning. De Valera a Secretary and Sean Mil i Roy chairman of the sinn fein clubs of Armagh. The orangemen held a Black Chap ter in the presbyterian Church today but in marching to the Church avoided the sinn fein quarters. Upon the peace negotiations explain Mcneil Island prison. He was Captur Tanous regions also became known meeting of the military and format offline that at the present moment heed at Centralia wash., on june 16 j a it ars aka As a stronghold for Moon j rials reports from chief of master c and taken to Mcneil Island prison. Shiners. Revenue agents and state announced. Five Hundred Gardner first was caught at Del prohibition officers had almost in j state troops citizens and lot mar ualif., a Beach town North of Enumerable clashes with Mountain j or last night stood All night san Diego april 29 1920, charged with of it is when they penetrated the Region j fires digging ditches and robbing a mail truck. Near where in search of a Mountain often Back fires. He was taken the officers found $67, they were successful in seizing still _ 000 in negotiable paper and Many and illicit liquor Seldom however did j Mcgrath sept. 6 Villa tres other papers not negotiable which they bring Back prisoners for the Are eight Miles North of Here in the had been taken from rifled mail mountaineers according to the reve Range of the Forest fires a Coidin pouches. Nue agents had an intelligence ays reports received from the fire i Gardner later admitted having com Tern of their own and their coming fare Safe efforts to Subdon i fitted the robbery. He then apolo was usually heralded Long before i were successful Iasi n get an sized to Raymond Stock the Driver their arrival. Are fighting weather front into for some epithets which he had used the Mingo Coal Fields however i Fox Sta o forester the but if it did not the line of custom houses would. A England a said or. Co Lis a wants a truce today because she wants to save her on the platform which was decorated with american and sinn fein flags exec a of is making whip h registers at Pinson City under an assumed name takes letter with her to Clear Lake. Mason City la., sept 4. The Bod of miss Annabel Skeleton i. I. Committed suicide last night b jumping into Clear Lake Horn the Speed boat Bob Dirk was do Cove ii floating on the water near lie Moss Banks Halfway Between the Whit in ii and a. Side 9 o clock the morning by to the Gretchen. It is believed struck by tin Hurt before she s Given As the floated. The Hod to lion credit Relief to Farmers is completed in the hold up of the mail truck de have proven the latest and most daring that he used them Only to bloody ground of conflict. This Trou inti Sidate Stock. N Lyte Ivon Pilot t that the women or prompt a r and w a i the w at r. To a w by t i b it Ritz boat brought til Coroner a. U Lyen of Mason City was called to the Lak i this morning. A letter in the woman s Len Ebru which has not been found yet writ probably reveal the Rea ton Why sin chartered a speedboat at Clear Lak it Ai 10 36 of clock Friday night and committed suicide by jumping to a watery grave. Miss Skeleton Short dark and we dressed refined in her manner and very silent As to her reasons for be j no in Mason City for the three Days prior to her dramatic act had Regis i tired at the Cerro Gordo hotel As miss a. Ii. Smith of Solone la. War finance corporation to Advance one billion dollars in agriculture and livestock credits. By associated press Washington. Sept. 5.�?preparations for advancing upwards of a billion dollars in agricultural and livestock credits under recent legislation have virtually been completed by the War finance corporation officials said to Uig it the probably will be ready the next week or so to function and its enlarged Powers designed to afford needed credit re Lief to Farmers it was said. To expedite the advances executive commit ices Are being formed in agricultural and k raising sections of the i t and South and will attend to preliminary details of world War vets plan to erect new building by associated press Minneapolis minn., sept. 2�?the world War veterans a former service menus organization will erect a build ing Here to House National state and j local offices of the society it is announced by Minneapolis Post no. 1. J As Minnesota men were elected to the National chairmanship and National where the fighting is being done Mountain counties noted for feuds and Battles. Fighting always popular there. By associated press Logan w. Va., sept. 6. The South pm Section of West Virginia scene ble started with efforts of the miners i Union to unionize the Mingo Fields almost the Only Coal Section in the state not organized. The operators resisted and at first the miners themselves showed slight enthusiasm. There were frequent clashes Between Union and nonunion miners. Many of the mines were closed Down Union miners began to picket the mines and the operators retaliated by evicting Union miners from company houses. It was such an affair that resulted in the noted Matewan a a trigger fight Ai would be v i. To fight the peat und a i h and a a than three Lui ired men Vav the fires. Hundred to the command of the for were helping in the fight. Meat to Getem he fire if Ideal w. T. Strides i in the More fight my s under ran Gerg re in which a number of citizens of out or Al St. Paul sept. 6 a the of situation remains the same As Day burning Brush and time. R being spread by a High wind Accord no to reports by a a. Waltz. Sgt a. It adj ant general. Adjutant general Rel now said the fires at Madras a d a Olan were the worm. No Hope for rain is held and he of luvs in Progress will Eithfl Secretary ship it was thought feasible 0f do present conflict Between min to locate National Headquarters Here. Erg residents an a Public authorities. If is proposed to float a Bond Issue to or it the Structure it was said. S. D. State prison is not Large enough by associated press Sioux Falls s. I sept. 2 applications housing shortage a. Reached the the has been noted for its bloody conflicts feuds and lawlessness for a Century. The picturesque Mountain Section comprising the counties of Wyoming. Logan Mingo Mcdowell and Boom has rarely been without some sort of warfare or smouldering quarrel Likely at any moment to burst into the flame of Rifle fire. Hemmed in by rugged mountains my the is else a a unexpected rain Matewan including the mayor and Aid in their extinguish in several private detectives employed by the mine operators were killed. Nearly a score of Mingo men in eluding Sid Hatfield were indicted in connection with the death of one of the detectives. Weeks were spent recently in obtaining a jury and other weeks in trying the Case. The acer. De were acquitted. In the meantime there had been other acts of Vio or e. Miners from outside the Region Hru be a brought in Ami often the sit Gatun was beyond control of the state police and the county author f 11 a 8f j Effort to Stop the fire p at various times slate and Federal ,.a or three Days to get a a by under control. Will five Hundred men were East a combat the fire swept District m Mcgrath and unless heavy v. Income up urn officials Hope to have to fire under definite control. White pm and Solonia town North and North of Here have not been reach fire though they con. De on All Side fit had in some a Ripon 1 St report that they Are a a the Calm which h. S s graph District state Oil i continued who Aid . By the Bank Dar Ted 1 if i no % ii it oops have been sent to the Section Ute i Imp Lete making the necessary investigations South Dakota Penitentiary. Built to. And determining the adequacy of be accommodate 216 prisoners the Ensti a a a on ave so i pained to a rarities offered. Tut ionis now caring for 301, with the More or extent. Toads a e leu. To or fifteen such committees Are Prospect of approximately 100 More Piave is slow and tedious and the and being formed now and others will be being added by the first of the year Vance civilization has skirted this added As the amount of business in from the fall terms of circuit courts. Mountainous Region until today it has the different localities warrants. The Early settlers were Cut off from and maintained Orer under Maginl the outside world and succeeding a must undergo test. It does no to take much to Sot us Back from out acquired character to our original nature. Sometimes a Long rank me -1-Fairmont, mint. Xoi bed is by arose a Stod p Fairmont. Sept 6. The to the Point of clutching each others tonal Bank of s a a. Providing for possibilities. A a in a like to get married but i can to support a wife of my present a fall right my boy ill give you a raise. But done to say afterwards that 1 did you no Louisville courier old shirt factory which has been rained the reputation of being one of spell of sickness discovers to us what _ in disuse for years is being remodel i the most primitive sections East of we really Art As compared with the improvement led into a cell dormitory which a the Mississippi River. Fine creature we like to pretend we the rowing coach of Blank College 1 fording to Warden George Jameson from the Early period when theare. Starvation will bring old mends had a very Sharp Tongue. A member wil1 take care of the expected in-1 Hardy mountaineers 1 ought the Indi f i Odiev in. 20 Miles Soulum a of of the Crew who had got into it crease in the prison population until Anse until today the inhabitants have tny oat it and june i a. Of l Odiev a 1 through favouritism still to him you think if i were a it would the coach a Ita it fir to a of Natl town was by of january 1. 1922. A number of trustees had a tendency to take the Law int., a a a a it Quot Quot it sweetest temper in into and re i. D last n .1. I a r. Is ready for occupancy. Had a hard starve to gain a foothold Exchange

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