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Albert Lea Times Enterprise Newspaper Archives Oct 26 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Times Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 26, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota J new s pages i. A a f of f Job Mph Albok i Lea Enterprise forty by six year Freeborn county times then ninth year 8 pages Albert 1 la Minnesota w f i a i &.y&. Of i Uil . I 92 volume k1ftr&n Rauni Imrit tax a. Koicic p a i torn n a if re a a in government to Nema Iun dab a mar Ekuko ruad7c ii -4 a apologies accepted skims caused rail Board re Macc h f r to wat to acted Ulm leu Kail Imeln to Tafea Uewl \ s. My goodness an r Dudi jul Juaiil in Mil in or Elk Road service reek captured nation wide strike would Hin former Austria Hungary Mon Der Public and government operations so authorities May demand running of roads. District attorneys Are to be Given strike instructions. By associated pres. Chicago oct 2a. T h,1 United state s Railroad Labo Board n to Exeen Ive session tins afternoon to consider the situation of Dot no a Kerstan Dinitoo some of tie i in four brotherhood leaders As to the Meetin of the Board order Tor. Or 1 Quot a a Oral chairmen of the Union of appear the hearing lure tomorrow. Thu United state s labor a i re asked die he i Railroad executives to end a Eon Nuit tee to meet with the Board 2 of clock. No mention Wigt mad a de subject for discussion. The executive to just ecu a a session the Black on i a a n a was announced to the Send a a messenger had been dispatch d to d Hoard to request their App avarice r. S. B nerd ass no a i o Arches attempt to regain throne is failure. Monarchist troops Are forced to surrender. By Asick cited press Budapest oct. 25.�?former emd ror Charles attempt to reestablish himself on the Magyar throes met with a failure and he attempted to commit Sui a e near Kar o n a 1 Ere he Quot to prisoner a Quot to former Empress z to who a him preparing to shoot u Mae if prevented h m from committing the act. The vex emperor and Empress Aie imprisoned in the hazy Castle an 1 de Umont to hic. Brit ish High comm Sstoner to Hungary and representatives of other nations a hurry no to the Castle to sure f e safety of the prisoners. Paris. H i. 2a. The Quot Mlicki policy flt the future dealing with former pm Nero Fth. Ltd of Auk Ria hum Arv have been do id a Iron except in paint namely that he must to put in selves Khin amp on a that utile fellow Dewitt c Tyler. Chairmen of the exe. Option us i a outlives raid that a committee \ on id a. To did Ltd the a. A i appointed immediately t a1 a offi the Hoard would a a a a put a in Jais Ioda. Pie i h c a Hoard fir i hand info Madon of their plans in a i Ltd inc Imp Din p p i. N. A a a rail strike should take p1. A Guch 1 and a a a s a a de Valera a Cable to Pope Ben United states Railroad labor diet asserting Irish ind Epen Beard declares meeting is to Denee brings first real crisis determine if transportation in conference. Act has Bern violated. To ask its a Seifertt lat Vav Frh i cot my Flah nets 1 cot my gannet of an the oust poin b me a Faxon Ted Schau captured today no a flu for Caniff in tin Hitmi the same As when ared the. Now a Cadir d n presidents of the. Labot Lav d a a 1 a i 1 a. As members of do Board said. A Ltd a Sooj a a. Colond of rent Rry a Muju a Washington. Oct. 2�?T&. Pina i data in my tin Iverc a a of the Gove Ismeni. S to a pro a we a a a Force a. Designed to assure Quot frail a or Oion a people who travel and Nysp a of food and fuel a were to of Yunn i. i id i. A n out today a cab Ltd a ecu a. A a a a a a Torney general Daugherty and lit y Sun no a Federal District am in from a to. Y get a Laid Ruilt Miter. A a a a a on of id a. I suit of the meeting we cd to. Cot a Isar u a o. A tinted from Vesterdal. In a a exp of of a de that instructions a a. 1 p.,i to other Distri Quot i attorn a v Ltd i i Ltd serve to guide hem lits Hotch the strike materialized a. A the District Cornea a called 1�?~ for i d. By m a a us of new York Clyne of a Hie. To. Ltd a i 2. A i of Cleveland of Buff do and tuna Vannuys of Indianapolis the a Conn wry Ion a the1 attorney general announce d. T 1 a i n discuss fully the plans of the do a trl a a to d the no in Hun i ment in the event of a j o hand m a h a. I he added that these plans were he a Nash. I us a. A i red on the re Aliza Uon of their hot Rem gtd u Quot a Quot a a. Bud. Psi right of file government to up dec tin tin. P 2 killed and in but 1 Public against tue woe s v Ine v i july wound to. Inevitably result from a paralysis o the a Ltd a a in a to transport on. Supporting adm a Bor i he get a gent. The students e Washington get 28. A Progno Rerng a. 1 1 Urr Yini. I i i a y i one Ltd hut to main a Quot n Union chiefs prepare Maziers on strike situation. .11 f Earls of a Nicks must f Quot get u. S. Labor Board tomorrow. To Ltd f by As Sere Sal cd behind. Get. 1 in i i be state mint a i Bward a Chi All the re.1 a i f i / i i . To a j a or be Bot hoi Hood i l in 1 press not v. U the d of Quot ill. One do the c a Cincinnati. Ohio . 25. The no Taco sent a Iii by the National heat quarters Here today the brother Hood Ltd Raf Iwai so Ionnie a i 1 res Dud freight or Mil is u ii a live some a whose organization bar u Mem ship of More thru 2 Itiat is ionization a Are sympathy with pre pos a rail v i n g u a by a broached tin Point that in Tuan will 3ber tired hand car used in rum running by arc i s v be. Wash get. 2obj tar be h parti Brinni horde a Ubbe. Ioctl . Star Eyar rat d o e r the re a car a a and Noi imn railway a Core go Thor of 11. C. Graham Chevens Ante who sin ounce l Toda in he ih1 car in i to Cache of liquor valued a d a. The Rad ure was a r a Marcus y Tih. A tout 75 Niles nah of acre. Or is Coni Ify Senate again returns to fight tax revision Bill. G. O. P. To push continuous session until Bill is passed. A nigh n Hunt the Lay associated pie Washington Ock 25. Normal Tux of per Prall up to the fir 24.000 and fat Jar cent Emall of r that Ami test was approve today he Senate will a rec e a i i vote the approval. C the came after Iho demo e1. A had tried to live il1 r am in Lent accepted without Suc by \. Be Icisie did Ress London oct. 25, views a were expressed sinn be n Headquarters this afternoon that the crisis in the conference was Over for the present. The do e Rean representatives said last if the negotiations were declared off today they would return to Ireland tonight. London Jet. 25. Announcement by a Eiffie i i Lom Nitte no. 10 Downing since Affer the sinn fein Del had left in British prime Nikiti Iii res official if Sid in ibis a Vining sail that the mooting has Bemi Post a Pon a a while and that a committee i in of a Taco was sitting in Lemdon oct. 21 the first real Eris i in the1 1 to h Emu Rencee aused by la non i Yalora a assertion >3 i land s tide Pendency in Hilt message to pop Benedict last week is not healed. But i in re Iii Hopes not pros in a 1� Smoot and of i to con i Omi sed. The a per a in Ntavos of the British go Vernon non Ltd de the bail Eireann Eon Lei i i gtd or nearly the hours Litis a de mom. ibis que non was tli1 on 1 Euie ice Ore the confere nce. Which u a d until four o clock Temi Orrow All no a. The government is under stood to Lune Pla 1 clearly before i sinn foul de Legate s its ultimatum. A declaration thai or Ai Ilii Tain w ill a Al with sinn fein Ireland Only As a Pari of a i British Empire and a w Mhz or is Nta Iive o or. A inn Pton a i Fri note Niarie a of an Independent re Publ i id one min str a Lloyd George mad do governments policy Clear to the House of commons be fore he walked of r to tin i ish conference his of i Dalr id a in Downing Street lie mid air. De Valera a was a Velj Fie that the govern a a or Ilion on that up Tendon ring a dem Neh Kcf had he end abundantly Clear and that the a could not Pitog de Pitt an a i Beer will be permitted for Wash in ton oct. 25 the Senate returned today to its now hitter fight Ltd a a who fax revision Hill which p-1 Judi mean haders planning to Force Eon Durous sessions beginning to Morrow. Until the measure is passed inc the democrats general Hsu in lick e to the front Way strike and the me Are or lore Ltd Lor a conceited action and Harmony of which is now 1 me Bioko. Much not to obey the order to a ease work Effort a to prevent a tie up of tiny further Westward. In this do suit the a Iran spoliation facilities of the Conn sex ital r and the members of i new. Chi ago. Get. 25. Judg u. M. Bar try in the event of a Railroad strike Cabinet Are camping. Ton Hainan of the United Tai. Was Dee id upon today by by c. Quot hark i Eon Iden d to be in a had Huil Rei d , b a i a. Lav Tel m Treasury Dan arts unit a dec Daug Hemiy in we a 1 position to is me n s 1 in Lite read j . Re 1 states disk Tai top from five by the worn hungarian in hoop a a a Iaun a v Union Tiia. Cities. A be urge s led by Baon Pur. Who n <4n ,0 yet Crai chairmen Are expected he deadly enemy of co. Oaten Hurt i to meet with the Board holding a Washington go. 24 9�?The d i a a Omnus Tider a he a a Chist Toic. nes i my or bar attorneys who w h to o and we my 1 to so the on Tua. to Gra a s that he Ney general we a Hayw 1 of x c irks pit ters lie Ca or tin a a to. A w u in Bro Hoo York Clytte of Chicago Wertz n a a 2 no a in tin Moeini i a is in Cleveland Lockwood o Hub tin off 1 Ai i the. Til the Coth 1 to what hey regard As a Dine d procedure. If the propos Tel Resolute oppo an Ungro a continuous sessions is i Callin unt a int rot Ltd he i a a ins edly sanctions use of Beer and f ? 0 Light wines for medical Pur to Csc a. Mellon gives cat Beer Iii a rules. For four Days tour in South Van nays of Lodi Tirac lie a to Confer Wilh or. Daugherty again tomorrow when in truck r to a he sent other District attorneys to govern their actions in the vent a strike. Professing his Disho if in tin possibility of a Gen Quot Ai , or. Daugherty Elmedar Thi. a h. On de the enl inc we called Lor a or a try Drou fax understanding in any a n by a the in h hip thu hoi beyond ment on of he get n cent Newt Conn Laws he 111 not discuss the a j a a Ina Gumiit Ion. Of the government s , but ind three add.-. A w 1 i n the h. Rated that was belie vim 1 the pro adult . A. T strength of supreme court 1 Ltd i in made is in a. A. W Srin a e Iii Man a pres on. A. S. A thu i olt Ohio ii i Man i Begraph d morning saving. To a to by a Vocate e press i be to by associated press a l in ton h i. 25, i Harding in Washington. p do due rial to n in present ii thu ii j 0 thu h a tint tiv Iden sen i a. <1 by Oun Ildr can a ii is certain in r in a by hindi on. Get 1. 25 if i tue m Day a a i end Oldie a 1 of the has i a g Tion Al that us yet my ill 1 its rot Ani pm e a be Quot 11 v is e inform met Iii no. If Niv in a h no Mth. Til s i tier Tan made through i Ince his Iii magi get. 2? Orni in a i sent Gil Man r. Use o Beer re a of Tom f Alio Lay the Tot Toni id to do no he h v an Bra a Nisi of in founding of that i y end i he of her one ant a a on so Frao n Den dug v. Quot ill . To i by s Hool dime. In b 11 id of w be r a re i he i n cel frate a that the government has the Ian ent right to Proir i dec f for an a a Lysis of the co m rvs i i an pm my i. Facilities and the i Owr l u Laws applicable to accomplish i men a. A the lit ret lome is came lie or. Daug luny said Quot for a Eon i mice end an under sanding in any eve and in any me a Geme \. Sigh in believe tie to will b a any strike pm is the duty of the Eraitt . Justice to he pro Arr in any Geney for prompt action if n c Sarv. By a of a uniformity of pro Eding and po1 Wall on. O 2 a must Emi Eon a i i a i n in. An in ton with Ami Coult Deltca in a i be Ted of by die i re a or i unit. With Mhz since March 2 k former attorney general Panf held in.,. A Hoe r As a Medicine to be i Gal and. Rhe prohibit i Laws the i. Unne of the Bce a regut ions Earpe a p 1 a in o i c on Elm Jon Wrangle House passes foreign debt committee of do. Engineers who advis his general he airman the a tin m not to spend to the boards Itati to cps car to Morrow and 1 to he had had no or. Stone of do not Utida Erst us Vav Vas Given. U y he Revl 1 ule a Sho i i to b go Rei Antl get. 2i Tor to Elmir a Maui until is Nai had a to. M return to Bif ago Torii Glit w h reit Amure the Pond in g and Heer b .1. Edno Day they will a Pear i ire o thu or Regutti its w i Row. As promised by son. Pen of Pennsylvania in charged Are Favure a determined get is i is expected from the Minov i Lff in this connection the ones had been raised the de n would not delay the final on the tax measure beyond that ii probably could be in a by Terr you g oui the original Republican plan nigh a ions. A a 1 Robin pledging Republican Bunai ors to be within a All Day d night for votes on the measure. No to Cir Tillat today Anion i a i a Mortty members of these Nad Cul its r non sops hoped to a m i a majority of the senat-1 Orfo the Day ended. The Quot round re Bio Quot a in this language. Do a tide rip d Republican set arms agreed that beginning a a. E . 20, a a shall remain i or Nous by in the capital or within quorum Call or a Voi unt 1 Bug tax Bill is finally do us and Lohin Quot was put in Cir 1 Iff yesterday during a to in the Senate Between Reyuh about do Fate Leinuis and h Nio crat i Suie of i dry urge s who Clare i flier Tuo v i astir. Barges from the in n an under Stan dog or h the d in a did that there had he a i lev ant were denied by to 1 to in urn Cirg i that the. Phi jeans Litty agr Ltd men tie i 1 no l my i on Winnon go. To for through. Do c Hii Load labor Aust redoubled efforts to if the revision pm regardless off oat a in an to i action the big of the and b. Or n Muu Nuj Ratip of or facts. T h unit strive Quot rail re id pen Sas i a i f w to to until a Tisci. E Moron to Day on May tev pertaining therise situation. Answers Dot All mos Vages from gone chairmen Art agreed to senator Lead is Deliar a. V to Sayut rhe Normal income tax Section of b a Exiebe in Raic Ltd. 1 for tin tie r venue Hilt still was before the in Saloon la ague dese ubed s,.�?zate today. Three to 1 re a surya a on As Quot less to nsiah up r ailing for reductions in the taxes icy was determined upon in do in v s i a la a 1 do -. On d up he 1 b Feu a he 011 he i n 0 a jul ,.vo1 event. They Caru Ioli i full in pm re us a i Hilliers aus. A ,. C1, a pm Ion. A n. A. The various plans of the department air. A o or i. A Denis Doe a uni p of am u m a i Inee he a i a a a j 1 Nua Kiiu in the event of a strike. In incl so Wev Ihu h each Chi he a 1 a a 1 1 or a p a or Ili a a we did not discuss who merits e massed a some a. And to i once. Ltd or 1. A . The a. If vend Mir a emf l Ltd or a. Maters in dispute Between the rail Senate by a vote of pm to 117. Pala a or pc ,.t disc amt inti Quot a Quot on re to 5 Nan Quot roads and Fin employee who a j final icon a a a a a aft a a no ma.i01ls Tolar time discord of a 1 a the. Don. A m to pin i i foot threatened to strike. The Denar j Osal had been Rej e d for Pongre Tje a a Jet f a . A re a v f Over Eom Ive Lex Jualena i a ment of Justice lakes the be him a have in i i to re a tale tto Wither w from i 1 a 1h a via Ruis a i Udai i o a1v/if hire that has nothing to do v. Id. Of the co mrs m. H c 1 a to lab. Tin. V dish ohm us . A a Gnu dicer to amount Ball vial Lold merits of the controversy. And pro a Secretary o the. A o y which de i a auth Ion. Bodi presidents Cian n ,. A a a Ribe Ai ably no a a. Would die merits on Bill Ergo a for Himm the rein Warren s. T o. f thu engineers and big r Lovus old in or by a to cited press ter into its policy. My. L. K. By a Pard of Tom conductors on i nit to 2vi gallon. The a Etui Gheen o get. 24 Liany John on. A the department probable word a number of othe r amen in cents Al have opt no stated they do not Eon Valier of a c a hot no . 15 Livanion High school too bal concede that the men have the right to were rejected g h i As report aider the re i. An a open Breal. A or i placed up n the no b. R of Uch i y a i 1 today Irum concussion to strike that the a even have thed from committee standing up Stone Al tiv an red the re is rom. Prescript ions a Phy. I Ian May writ or the brain caused when he was struck Light to strike in groups. But would against attacks from democrats and j. J. Bernt a. f the Nickel a he me May Obi a n i inn a on me h and in i last Fri j continued on Page seven several republicans. J plate Uail Ioa has info Ruid the. Local Van period. Day. I i i he business up today see Jolt in Eure washed aft a us a Journo int a an attempt to a upon a formula which won91 carry the conference Over die apparent deadlock created by or. De Yalei a site intent. this requires <11 Cate Eliglo Maey goes without saying. Or. De Valera s claims of Ireland s Independence in Pia Jiminaro Correa Pond enc with dlr. Lloyd George apparently were compromised by a tacit agr. Eine of to avoid any discussion of them but apparent a.he Issue now has a Aeh. D a slam. While avoidance of do subject or a Feu Promise upon . H Nimat impossible. Whatever of Iii in that was discernible tonight among info Ned onlookers both bribed Ami Insl was based upon their con i -1ion that Dure arc men of High a Bilu is on hot sides of the conference table am dins there is a sincere Ltd an for a Seii lenient i the w Hole i ish problem on both sides. U. S. Agents seize $50,000 Worth of wine by associated press new York. Get 24 fifty thousand dollars Worth of wine was seized today by Federal prohibition agents in raiding an Al in above a Greenwich Villa e i a Shurant Useir haul included b to casks 2.000 bottles and 100 a tags Ltd v Milam the smell of e nearby War Rel of Mash mingled with doors from and Ltd mid officers said but the attic was us d As sleeping Juar be. In free in a soils. Rah workers number about 1,800,000 men by As. Of Einfel press gig Imago oct. 24 the hit offi pm figures of Oil a an railroads give out by the inter Pia e commission total 1, 580.142 this was the average num Here get employee s in the service to urdu the month of june 1021. Railroad of rials say dint there has been an in crease in employment since that Date possibly bringing the figure up to i Ken Bun. A rough classify Adonta the rail read worker. Slew. Or in Tigre. T rain Ervilee employee2ff , 8hop in in . Maintenance of Way employees 3 58. You. Ftp Don a Ndoc Quot in pm eve a �?�-125,000. Clerical to c s 2?s my. M is Cellaneous 182.852 figures Given out by the labor or Gnu Izzat on have said that approximately 2.000.000 men would he affect us in the rail strike. By associated press Cleveland. Get. 25. W. S Sion pres Idem of the brotherhood of or motive engineers today corroborate a report i hat he had advised do urn Mal chairmen of do engineers deaf they need not attend do citation of do the Railroad labor Board to appear before the Board in Chicago tomorrow and disclosed telegrams he claimed thai had been exchanged be him and chairman . M Barton chairmen of the labor Board and the id five executives. Fiu Eago get. 24. The United Stales Mil Road labor Board does no intend to re sent any plan for Setd ment of the Railroad strike situation when thu Union and Carrier Feii is Convene with wednesday in a a us to citation and any sum num Emmat from the labor and is or die Railroad Heads Hoard member declared tonight. The Hoard Mem Elk explained that the he Aring technically is to determine if he transportation act Lias been Vilt a lated and that they had decided informal meetings that the boards Provin be was merely of carry out the provisions of dus act although v Oil d take any Steps which might lend toward promoting a Clearing tip of the crisis. M the same tin the Hoard format a announced that a there was great Hope for settling die strike a and that All of the 1.4 be Union men and the 155 rail Heads summoned must ,a1tenl every session. The Hoard hired the coliseum scene of Many Groat gatherings for the hearing which will be open to the Public. From the labor Side came announcements that the 15,000 signal men will not be authorized to strike thus limiting the prospective strikers 475,000 trainmen conductors a Vod Comien Engineer firemen Aidt Ltd is map la is and increasing the num by f i i in whose leaders have pledged them not to walk to about r million and a half. The 75.000 rail i i i. I Raphews apparently were Iii rely commuted to a strike when f j. Hanlon their president announced in . Louis that there was no intention of changing the decision for dose men to support the a a big five in the walkout scheduled for or. No. The information that the labor Board would not go into the conference with any specific plan for so Union of the rail difficulties came on the i ids of an announcement from the Board i a or presidents of the big four brotherhoods in a Telegram had again warned the Board that the strike could not under any circumstance s he postponed although might be settled. They also declared thar or rail crisis was message from the brotherhood clue s was looked on by Hoard a a minus As especially significant in a w i to a that they have not been d in Leiting to become known the Drey expect the hearing n drag out for some time and Are a. Pending Ltd a the Union chiefs to obey Duir orders not to permit a strike pending n decision from the Confer a Nee. This decision they said undoubtedly would not in rendered Luisiii a ter get. Fin die dates for the Star of the progressive walkout. Ii was explained the boards offices that the hearing probably would he a. Ned with a statement from judge r h. Barton chairman of the i eur 1. To ring Why i eonferene1 was called and oui nine the boar desire a a further information. The Board then will ask both sides to j vent formal Fua Tenientes following v b Ltd Board members will begin Cress Ami nation of both rail and Union chiefs was said. is hoped explained that a Nice automat out without to offer any e me g he Lor specific one is song on and All be re not plan or my the p numb s for Agic brought was Likely r Der Ihas i attend very Call would h c Dure undo do b. Re in oth hearing Aid that of boards or.Feu i hit is nub in ii Dally Rod and that Uch pro would take con m a. ? h a ecu ii a an in Day a noted to rat a 1 a. V s pry i Rumen to cd Tutta said vhf in Mak a chs Arv i Cut Rig Short do time ref tia disco Sion of the Raith Oad in begat Garter ing la re tonight Tot the meet jog but the general influx la no of expected until Rexf Lotrow w ton th&-.-Mditic pie my Etc com Tutti of the v so kites of inti ill v its by ill to old aft inf 1 disc Rise if Alit Lille ingot. The Curtij Hub have taken the off a so steel of a the. Be of Alto of on

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