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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Albert Lea Times Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 9, 1918, Albert Lea, Minnesota Page foot Farewell reception a berm Quot Cloud Borri informal event in Honor of Rev. Carlin and family took place tuesday evening. That a w at two travelling Sale men thought who spent the n get at hotel Albert. In informal social was held in Wesley Hall at the m. E. Church which was in the nature of a fart Well to hew Carlin and his family. There a a Large attendance and it was a very enjoyable occasion the Only thing that a Farr the pleasure of the Catherine j Hgt me the regrets freely exp Sod. T the removal of the pastor and ins fat try nothing was attempted in the Way of a program it being entirely an informal affair. Refreshments consisting of ice Cream and wafers were served and at a late hour the meeting dispersed each leaving wit a v and mrs. Carlin their Hest wishes for Success in their How Home. A Farewell offering of Over $150.00 was Given re Carlin by the Menthe riot the local Church. Rev. Carlin will go at one Tow charge at Owatonna hut ily will remain Hen weeks. Is was hop ii of new pastor who would be pro he was obliged to poning on account at his Church. V Mccampbell and gee. Davis in an Auto to our town last and put up at the hotel Albert. A very quiet evening not to hat a quiet evening was any unusual for these gentlemen. The two won to be d and to sleep. In the night or. My Campbell was awakened by the dash of shoots of a. A against ids window arousing or observed that there was a loud Hurst outside that it of chains and travelling in in ii no div roads next Day. Worried them a bit but by j. Came night after thing i it a vis regular was a a died in 19"i. Two children died in in a hey. Four bet w e e n the e Agos o f 11 Aru is died from Black measles with n a week and were buried the Sam Day in february. I860 and Ole her Only son died in 1815. The deceased also leaves 8 grandchildren and 12 mat grandchild n the funeral was held from the House and the Manchester lutheran Church Munday. Sept. A a Rev. I j s . Her former Raster conducting the. S. Prices. A v. T i strand also Spok at the House and Church the remains was Laid to rest at the Central Ruth i Cran Church cemetery. At the Cern tory Rev. Myrvang spoke a few words and dwelt upon. How sad it was to know that one of Hie oldest and noblest a Sidon to is not with us any Moro. Taif times enter risk. Albert Usa Muto. Ii wednesday october 9. 1918. Hats air Imit Mumm Spanish flow demies which before that time had been Little or not at All known t it Many of the populations affected. It modern times dysentery has been a common affliction of warring armies Ami still remains a source of serious concern for medical staffs. Annual rally meeting ladies Aid and Mission society of Bap the firs meeting it is Well for every one in Albert Lea to know about this disease. Disease is accompanied by All grip symptoms a it Tor i Lav in Albent Las a turn onto i Koeh 51 it a a gets i night but How last the n t. Bac p ring i Lim i re notice d so they in the resent at firm in son g ii a meat Algeri leh club organized by local go Ris who now working for line e Sam in Washington. A re tin r v Albor a owning a in special of the Tribune til following account of the la a it hib at washing Tor d it or it the tritium by one local girl now at Washington a an Albert a a flub has a Gam Zed by Thalbert a a i doing government work in a ton. Fourteen were it a t it Jal meeting which was held thursday evening september 26th. It v. Is decided to meet once a month Anil to have the Secretary keep a record of a names address s. And Telephone numbers. Mis Marshall was elected president and i Dud y Cretaro. Real Coffee with a i Cream. Reeves est Lent hoc Olat cake and plenty of Caraway cookies wet among the evenings pleasures and the company voted their hostess miss Marshall the Best or coff a makers. Quot Washington was thoroughly discus Earl and the opinion seemed to prevail that some of the Good offices of in Spector Mckee of the Board of heal ii would mas1 it a let Tei Plant to i Vin. Important matters pertaining to the Capitol Entrance were also taken up and it was agreed to do something about it at an Early a. Miss Mccanns approval t i tin plan being especially . A eth party broke up a an hour incredibly later for Washington and took Possession of a fourteenth Street car eagerly assisting miss Jorgenson in explaining to Lite Motorman How necessary it was that he should Stop at fourteenth St ? it cd Quot the gathering was compos <1 of misses Marshall Gunn Donahue. Skew. Megann Jorgenson Doerr and Walsh of the War risk i surant Bureau miss tanager of the auditing Section. Treasury department miss Menelee of the census Bureau depart-1 meat of Coni Mere misses Ahrens Foster. Meyer and Dudley of the War j by to i in ire Happy disposition they went jeep in spit of in terrine a their windows were a i that a it Mem. Outside they hat the roof did no to i a and should worry. Morning Hina travelling rep hrs of a prominent lumber Idaho to icy called on Chris he Sanborn lumber go. Ii f the Conversi a Ai so that the re had a n a night rift open d in i Fie for sheriff red a Ted a nothing g w re t he g it it Ion a so he remarked that he v a ha1 i i and rained a lid. Quot it rain i shot to of Lur Cloud Btu St. Seeing is in r sopping wet this Iris reiterated that it i a then a did it it he a Salon. V. Hied j and More 11 fated As its finally Chris Lucanie very liable to develop into pneumonia of not checked at the beginning. Prof. A. D. Wilson. State food administrator will be in Albert Lea october 10th, i a r food 6 30 Lea in tool it prof. V. P. Wilson. It a food administrator and Frank Pool sugar division representative will he Here to direct the meeting. As the so called Spanish influenza according to medical testimony is to sweep the West it is Well to keep Post list Church enjoy event in Church Parlours. The ladles Ald and Mission society far less dangerous than any of the 0f the first Baptist Church held its an i Spanish naut rally meeting in the Church Parlours wednesday afternoon. The rooms were beautifully decorated with autumn leaves and Flowers. The mothers and the babies of the j Cradle Roll were the guests of Honor the mothers were Given Pink ear a parents and teachers of Ramsey school children listened to instructive program Friday. Scourges enumerated above influenza has its serious aspect in its possible impairment of an army a offensive efficiency. For this reason the medical staff of All the Allied Anni a a exerting very precaution to protect the Allied front from infection. The parents and teachers association of the Ramsey school held the first meeting of the year at the Ramsey school House Friday afternoon oct. 4th. The following interesting program arcs rendered a the disease reduces a soldiers vitality Lions and a ropy of a Beautiful poem t Maimer a 1 so that he Annot fight and makes him j a ready Carrier of the disease to others unless he is instantly removed from the ranks. America was practically exempt from direct Contact with the new Dis-1 a ase if it was new until the arrival in j son this port on aug. 12 of the norwegian sol0f a a Mother Machree a liner Bergen fjord which had during Clarence Mickelson. Entitled a for my baby a the following program was Given scripture Reading by mrs. I. W. Jensen. Prayer by mrs. A. J. Hoag. Heading a lost a by mrs. Frank Nel by mrs a it a k from today october Loii. Wit be a county conference of workers which will Start with a de on its symptoms and methods of banquet at the business mens treatment. It Leiter of appreciation a n Dnn la Moi it tiled. I of v. L. A. Burton proprietor of minute lunch room thanks patrons and help for co operation. Que Arelong in this manner w i i Bis gut its. Just the n a Bright a a tight i Ruck him i in inquired where their room was in to Albert a they told him and i Cana our upon p. Ronal investigation of the three that the City water tank had overflow cd Las if usually docs in the night and Das i quantities of water against tin windows of co loom where the two gentlemen slept. Of course Chris is one of our driest it Irons and he does no to like it we Hen Strain. A a Cli him hat his oui Tow a is As by t As that an he Braw Nomine about it. naut obituary j j Milt Nna g Bottolfson died sept. _ re. Ims of old age. She was born August loth. 1826 in yikes Prest leg Jyrld Segeti Noi v to. In 1847 she was married gut tuna Bottolfson tin with her husband and tim1 children be migrant d to Ane Rica 18a4 and lived on year in Boone county ill. J�?T,., tiv it. Iii i a Ato a h county and local about on mile North of Bancroft Camery there being Only lacs and has. Mickkelson con it before Thorn and that Only by vet a or its. In i r,6 they local i on a farm about 4 Miles Northwest of Albert Lea. Where sin lived until a sup of her it nth the hardships of those Days run Only be to Aliz Ltd by Thos wit took part and mrs. Bottolfson took her full share. She helped to dig out Tim dirt of the first Collar in which the r lived with her bar hands there Beng on a pro of in Tor of the minute lunch room. Which was swept by flames it in Day sept. 22. And put out of business. I wish Tiik this Opportunity to Singer in thank the multitude of Loyal and courteous patrons of this City surrounding villages and country for their generous patronage. I can Well say Loyal patrons for if is an easy matter for the writer to Point out on the streets of this City customers that took their meals three times a Day Lur six years of the six years nine months that the minute lunch we As in business during which time the plat enjoyed a very Large Trade. My constant aim was to see that All were treated with the same distinction. To Loyal and courteous help that stood by me so Well through those tedious Days of toil and performed their duty of Trust so honestly i owe the greater part of my Success. In the event that the minute should open for business again in the future in some other location i will appreciate ii von will remember the name. Will make it a Point to St e that you get the same Courtesy the Sam service and hop it to be by that same old faithful help. Yours sincerely. V. L. A. Burton. Agricultural course has been modified to meet the quire ments of the Smith Hughes act. Card of thanks. We Tab this method to thank a Many friends who asst ass. During illness and death of oui dear my Lier mrs. Anna g Bottolfson also a especially wish to thank Tho who sent Beautiful Floral offering Ani others who extended their sympathy to us in our a re Venn it m is. I no Kiu it pkg k St vye nurses Bertha we Hann \ Bottolfson. Up of on n t v one Spade and a poor on at the \ ears want by the y built it Fly finest Homes in tin an a n in i Hilt tis in no. My lit teach a it n to net a son the Church an i it St a True Christiaa is loved her am a main object was it it her children Ani True Chris thre Chi 1-ml luge Johanna an a us i it r husband <3 Henoch 5 jump. A we a was. 8 Siss Quot i Siyan have heard of a Larj 99 Hemlock service do you know what it is first it is making the Best Quot old faithful Hemlock lumber possible at the lowest possible Price. Next it is helping you to use it right. We publish 9 free information books on All sorts of buildings. Each Book contains a Coupon Good at your lumber dealer s for real working plans. 27 different buildings including freeze tin git Cultum course in the he it Lea High school been modified to meet the requirements of Iii. Sinith Hughes act. The new course combines practical farm work with class room instruction. Upon the Home farm the Pupil will have Del Nile projects which will la on in co operation with the instructor. Provision Lias been made to meet the needs of Many Farmer boys who a needed at Home during the Spring and tall months for students in agriculture school v ill a Gin monday. October 7th. 1918 and a Rul in april. This does not mean Howe i a that it is not desirable to keep students taking tit agricultural course in school the entire term exit to at such times As it is necessary in a Euse than for the purpose of working on their projects. The program will be arranged so that they May he excused for tit least one half a Lay when necessary Tor project work without seriously interfering with the program of the student. By Home project work a provided for in the Smith i inches act. Is infant the application under the farm conditions of the pupils As Many of the facts and principles studied in the class As the various conditions will permit for illustration the Pupil in he univ in Field a a rops. Ii a May select Corn As his project. Undin the direction of tin instructor lie gathers and stores the seed prepares the soil plants the peed cultivates and harvests the crop and keeps a record of the Cost of the various Early last May Dis Pat bes from Madrid told of a mysterious malady which was raging through Spain it the form and of the character of the Grippe. Not Long after a similar epidemic took hold in Switzerland and penetrated simultaneously in mild and isolated forms into France England and Norway. Early in August this disease carried from Europe in Ocean liners and transports a san to make irs appearances in this country Ami within the past two weeks the occurrences of the malady in the civilian population and among the soldiers in the Cantonment have increased so greatly in number that government state and municipal health a Atis Are now mobilizing All thir Fon t s to combat what they recognize to be an approaching epidemic of a so called Spanish what is Spanish influenza am. What Are its symptoms although clinical and Bact erotica investigations of the Dis ase Are still in the or Early stages the medical profession believes it has already arrived at certain unshakable conclusions in the matter. In the first place Spanish influenza if not the grip itself is accompanied by All the symptoms of the Grippe and differs from this disease Only in that it is More severe and is More Likely to Lead to pneumonia if no checked in. Time than the less virulent form of influenza which goes by the Nam of toe Grippe. As with the Grippe the disease is characterized by excessive sneezing re 1 Dening and running of the eyes running of the nose Cli ills followed by fever of from 101 to be i degrees aching Back and joints loss of appetite and a general feeling of debility if properly treated the malady can be overcome without much difficulty. Surgeon general Blue of the Public health service in a report issued several Davs ago advises that persons so attacked should go to their Hemes at re. Once get to bed without delay and place themselves under the immediate care of a physician. Treatment under la direction of a physician is simple but important insisting principally of rest in bed fresh air. Abundant the voyage More than 200 cases of sickness resembling influenza. Prior to the arrival of this vessel however and even prior to the epidemic in Spain it is Worth noting that on april 2, the officials of the Ford plants at Detroit reported that More than Joo employees had been suffering from a malady which was very much like the Grippe and yet somewhat different from the Grippe. At that time a Spanish influenza was unknown. No observations Wert made of the Ford cases and it is Only possible to guess at their connection if any with what is now known As Spanish influenza. As to the liner Bergen fjord How Ever there was definite investigation. Eleven passengers were transferred immediately to he Forwe Golm Hospital afternoon in Brooklyn. On aug. 16, eleven More cases of Spanish influenza were reported it quarantine from a ship arming from one of the scandinavian countries. All of the patients were in a convalescent stage and none of them had developed pneumonia. The ship was passed but the question was then raised for the first time As to win her the health officers of the port should not be required to quarantine against til disease. At that time or. Leland Al Gofer health officer of the tort and health commissioner Copeland were inclined to take the matter Getty an advanced the opinion that a Spanish influenza Wras a Misnomer and that the epidemic was not As new to this country As was generally supposed. They regarded it As nothing More than the Gripp. Or at the Best a sort of a a Cousin to the Grippe. A. That time also they were firmly convinced that new York was no in danger of an epidemic a conclusion which fails of justification in Light of later developments. On aug. 18 a big passenger liner at this port reported that on her voyage Twenty one cases of Spanish influenza developed among the passengers and Crews. The theory that the strange epidemic of influenza attacked Only those who were run Down because o Lack of proper food was exploded in. Late August when a dispatch from an Irish port told of occurrences of symptoms of this disease among officers and men stationed at at american destroyer base. A be from american soldiers the Ament an sailors Are probably the Best fed persons in Europe but the disease attacked be eral score of them sixteen babies were present eight boys and eight girls ranging in Ages from three months to Throe years judges were appointed to decide which baby was to have the first prize. After serious deliberations the judges decided to give a Blue ribbon to each baby which they did to the satisfaction of All. Four Young nurses with White aprons and Caps took the babies to the i beginners room whore they were ser a d milk Rackers and cookies. Dainty refreshments were served to the j ladies. A message of sympathy was sent j to Tho Cradle Roll leaders mrs. M. Ii. I Jensen who is seriously ill. Both mothers and babies spent a pleasant Rev. Vioag then Gat a very interesting address on what lie called a your chief Industry Quot which was not manufacturing etc., but character building for which three things were essential responsibility respect and interest. Miss Nelson our school nurse then spoke on the health and care of children. So gave some facts about Spanish influenza and How to detect ii explaining the symptoms. She read an article by a prominent physician in Iowa on the disease. Mrs. Storvick read an article by Madame Schuman Heink on what music is doing for the boys in tin Camps. The program closed with a selection on the Victrola entitled a at the the a per meeting will be held the first Friday in november and will a an evening meeting. Soldier s Xmas gifts Iii Meury of or. Snyder obituary of brother of miss Charlotte Snyder of this City. Passed away in Illinois. The following account of the death of or. Snyder brother of miss Charlotte Snyder of this City was taken from the Versailles Senf Imd of Versailles 111 James Ervin Snyder was born in Mower county. Minn., Max to is l food with dovers powders for the re there and for a week or so disrupted Lief of pain. Every Case with fever should be regarded As serious and such a patient should not leave the bed until a Normal temperature is remarried stored. Convalescence requires careful treatment to avoid serious complications such As bronchial pneumonia. During the present outbreak in foreign countries quinine and aspirin have been most generally used during the acute attack. Tho history and bacteriological character of Spanish influenza Are still Uncertain few of the cases under observation have revealed the presence of the influenza Bacillus which would be required to Bear out the Contention that Spanish influenza is nothing More than the classified influenza or Grippe which had its of Ign in Russia in 1889. The designation of the new malady As a Spanish influenza Quot is purely arbitrary. The malady has not been definitely tracked to Spain further than that it was in Spain Early this year that this particular form first obtained a hold. Spain disclaimed the unwelcome guest. The people leaped at the conclusion that this new evil like Othet evils of the War oust be traced to German origins. Hence two theories presented theme bes one was that a new Trench bacteria must have been born in tin German lines where the troops poorly fed and clothed were living in a reduced stat of vitality and that this bacteria must have been carried from Flanders into Spain by the Strong winds to the Spanish coast crw assignments completely. All of the cases recovered. It was found in that instance that the disease was hoi dangerous if taken in hand quickly enough. Two Glenville bots following letter write by Jack Remington to Minneapolis Tribune will prove interesting. Items entering into the production of iaij4t Winter. While this theory would explain the subsequent appearance of the new influenza among the Allied crop. When to boy his finish d project he should have carried tin his out in practice the Best methods i troops it would hardly be As applicable known for the economic production j to Spain because Madrid a City of the proof silo. Just write for what you want and give dealer s name. The Hemlock manufacturers Cut of and nor i hem Michigan offices at Nikko in i in until we spread the goad Kunrt about a old to Lex pc but me do a mlle. Lei it it omy our local Lumu la Dlallo. Of Corn under the conditions pres err 1 by the farm on which he works of the Pupil living or town wishes the take the work in vocational agriculture and does not have land on which to carry out a project land for this purpose will be furnished. The Smith Hughes agriculture should arral to a he country boys v to have completed the eighth Grade hut who Are needed on the farm diming Iii Early fall and Spring. It offers Tiara an opportune to continue their studies and possibly Cofoid the High school course. To Thor do who int lid to take it course n agriculture in Collit gives them the Opportunity to Lay a foundation noon which to do efficient work in to Cir advanced work in agriculture. Interior was in the grip of the disease Long before any of the coast towns were even touched. The other theory was that the Dis ase was carried into Spain by the crows o. Germani submarine boats just As the bacteria of yellow fever were believed to. Have be ii created out of the filthy and crowded conditions of the old slave ships this theory in the opinion of medi Cal scientists must be accepted As ingenious lath r than probable. It has not been definitely concluded that i Spanish influenza is anything Mot i than the familiar Grippe. It is fairly certain that the Spanish influenza if different from the familiar Grippe originated in the German a in a modern military Hospital located in on of the quiet picturesque districts of Paris a score or More of Minnesota and Wisconsin soldiers Are recovering from wounds received in the Battles waged around chateau Thierry and Soissons a few . None of these men Are from the twin cities As nearly All the wounded men of the Minnesota unit of the Rainbow division which fought in the districts mentioned Are being treated at other hospitals. Leonard Peterson formerly of Iowa whose parents moved to Glenville Minn., shortly before the United states entered the War is progressing nicely at this Baris Hospital although he has undergone three operations. He was wounded in the leg by machine gun fire during the chateau Thierry engagement private Peterson was a member of the Iowa unit which was assigned to it he Rainbow division. A brother. Herbert Peterson Al of Glenville. Minn., was a member of Tim regiment and was gassed july 15. A wrote his brother at the Paris Hospital from base Hospital no 15, where he was being treated hut Herbert has since left the Hospital and has been transferred to another organization so that Leonard is unable to locate him at present. All of the Minnesota men whom the Tribune correspondent has met Over Here Are keen for Tho sen ice and have no complaint to make. Ill the big military hospitals they Are receiving the Best of treatment and in their daily chats with visitors the have nothing but Praise for the work of the army and in Cross nurses. The mail service is to bit irregular but is improving rapidly and utters from Home Are most Welcome at the visits . De. Larson on his fathers Side or Snyder Quot wan4-f res8t of German English extraction on his mothers French English thus the deceased had mixed in his veins til a blood of different ancestral strains marking in him that vigor of personality Tho product of commingling National strength. Tim father of a. Snyder came from new York when a boy and grew to Young manhood in Iii state of Minnesota from which state he volunteered As a Soldier in a he civil War having serve 3 years from 1862-1865 in co. C 2nd Minn. Vol. Cavalry he was stationed Iii to Dakota a amongst the Indian tribes during the outbreak there. Elwin received his elementary training in a country school during one win a Rode horseback to Brownsdale school about 4\ Miles attended Austin High school one Winter. Next As a Young Man he was employed in the postal service was a member of the state militia a member of the knights of pythias of the modern Woodman of America and was a member of the Christian Church at Austin. In 1908 or. Snyder entered Hie Chicago College of Medicine and surgery and 1 years later graduated with class honors. For these honors a in received appointment for one As assistant surgeon a in the House of correction in Chicago. On May la 189s or. Snyder was United in marriage with Katherine Rose of Cooperstown. The Twenty years of life together were spent in Beautiful and devoted relations. You Are familiar with the Story f or. Snyder a sickness end daring attempt at recovery with the marked heroism courage Ami patience on his own part and on the part of his faithful wife. Or. Snyder died with the Christian experience and glad resignation of a Saint and Why not thus die when he was trusting All to Jesus Christ. The Snyder children four girls and three boys All of whom Are christians pay special tribute to the godly lift and example of their father. To mourn the doctor s loss Are the bereaved wife two Brot tiers f. L the red Cross has received instructions regarding the sending of single packages to soldiers. 4 Many ask about this year a plan for sending each soldiers Christmas gifts in a single package. The latest information received by tile Freeborn county chapter is As follows Complete information regarding Christmas packets for soldiers has been re coiled and w ill be sent out to All Bapt branches and auxiliaries As soon As it can be printed. This is a preliminary statement 1. Soldiers serving abroad will Send to son. Relative or Friend an Anet to be used on Tho packet. 2. A in he chapter must report immediately to the dision on the numb of Cartons of uniform Siz that the will require to Coy r thir entire Terr tory. Wait for final instructions. 3. The chapter must organize at one1 an inspection committee in t Ach Branch to have charge of the Rasper lion and marking of the boxes. 4. Between october 2 and no Ember i or division will Forward to each chapter one Carton for each Soldier a ported As of i \ ins abroad. 5. The chapter will minted safely upon receipt of these a Mons be that they a distributed so thai one of them is in the hands of each person holding one of la addressed labels. Between november i and of. The Cartons containing the gifts Are to be brought in the inspection Center by Tho relative or Friend of the Soldier. 6. Parcels will then be inspected and mailed in accordance with the directions Givi n in the final instructions. 7. A parcels must be in the hands of la local postmaster on or before november 15. S. Tiles regulations do not apply to men in the naval service. Has been in Whitney returned today from Iowa. He Leit last tuesday go in to Cedar rapids to attend the big swim show there and then to Waterloo where ii Dairy contest was held. Miekelson has i a eel it a a card from his brother Clint saying that he was safely across. Clint left Here july 27th, an i is a member of co. A third Flora or infantry from North . It f. Webb of Battlefield n. Dak., arrived in Tim City thursday and is visiting with her Brothers or. Porter and la. B. Porter. Have rented . F. Nolan Lias rented his farm in Bath township to Selix j Armer of Waseca. Or. Jarm Snyder of Austin. Minn., and Fred a. Or Ope my a a move his family Down in of Ackley la., and four Sisters. Mrs Ester Zehagen of Austin. Mrs. Hattie Chapman Minneapolis mrs. Edith Reed Billings. Mont. Ami Charlotte about three weeks. Had a Good . And mrs. J. E. Wangle of Manchester and their Snyder of Ubert Lea and the Mimer daughters mrs. Hana Hanson Ann miss Lucy have just returned from to trip to the cities by Ford. Oua relatives and friends of the two families. Bab breath it aes 0 you want your friends to avoid you i hey reported . M b. Son. Who has beep so Vry ill is to be some better today. Camps. In this connection it May a j Potch that through All Hie wars of his a Nee miss Delia Danner left monday Jen tory diseases generated by unsanitary nigh for Camp Jackson Columbus s. Aid herding of no n in the Camps of Bel j a for a Tiger cuts have always produced Chi husband. I will certainly do so when your breath is bad. There is no excuse for anyone having a bad breath. It is caused by disorders of the stomach which can be corrected by taking chamberlains tablets. Many have been permanently cured of stomach troubles by the use of these tablets after years of suffering. Price 25 cents per bottle. Few month. Visit with her ;