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Albert Lea Times Enterprise Newspaper Archives Mar 23 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Times Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 23, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota 8 pages 8 pages Freeborn county times Alpert Lea Enterprise Twenty six year a forty ninth year Albert Lea. Minnesota. Wednesday March 23, 1921 it Mill volume fiftbe5n prohibition agents killed in liquor raid ranch near Elpaso is scene of tragedy. Gun Battle precipitated by ranchers who fired on searching posse. By associated press Elpaso Texas mar 22nd.�? Federal prohibition agents s. E. Beckett and Arch Wood were shot to death Early this morning when for liquor on a ranch owned by Neil t. Shearman near this City. Federal officers were Given a tip last night that a Load of Twenty three cases of liquor was to be sent across the line intended for the ranch according to members of the raiding party. Approaching the ranch the officers searched an Auto and found nothing. The posse was nearing the House when a voice shouted at them to halt. The officers did not Stop. A Volley of shots followed. Beckett and Woods falling mortally wounded. The remaining officers fired from the woodshed and barns returning fire from the Hose. When the firing from the House ceased the officers entered the place but its occupants had fled through the dark Ness. Got Bonus Money on warrant Cut by associated press Seattle wash., mar. 22.�?police today were searching for a Man who according to complaint at police Headquarters presented a newspaper picture reproducing a state Soldier Bonus warrant for $405, at a chinese restaurant and received the Cash for it. W. H. Klett War Veteran received the first bonu3 warrant issued Here last week and the Check was reproduced in a Seattle newspaper. Poland is not satisfied to let vote Sta an Appeal my be made to the league of nations and u. S. Asked to help decide. Claim Germany brought germans from America to vote after u. S. Had refused the Privi Lodge. By associated press Washington mar. 21. Polish of i vials Here expressed the opinion today that Poland might Appeal to tire coun plane Tumble Ril of Litu a lors and to the league of nations from the of the i p two killed in .1 by associated press West Palm Beach Kin. Mar. Attempting a Landing from too loan Altitude Lee Rutherf of this City end j. Ii. Harrington of Newport ky., were killed Here today their seaplane striking the Earth within 20 feet of the water and sat Etc. Rothert who was driving the plane became confused and lost control of the machine As it neared the Earth according to those who witnessed the Accident. Farrington who was acting As Rothert a instructor. Realizing the danger jumped and was crushed to death. Rothert was killed when the plane struck on its Side. Put r silesian plebiscite should the official count be confirmatory of the German Victory unofficially reported today. They Are so far without any news of the official decision. Should tin Appeal be made to the league of nations it was said that an impartial tribunal might be asked to Leview the plebiscite. In such a Case it was suggested that a representative of the United states might be asked i to serve As was done by the league in j the Aland Island dispute. It became known today that last j november request was made of the state department by the polish government for the appointment by the United states of an american repro a Senta Iive to observe Tite alleged file Gal methods which it was charged i Germany was resorting to in order to j further her designs on the territory. In a note to the state department of november 8, 1920, the attention of the american government was called by i the polish government to Quot the Power Ful Means of resistance and defense to a defeat the purpose of the plebiscite Quot Germany was organizing. Quot it is of the i utmost value a it was further repro seated a that the United should j the world Ai present the question j whether upper Silesia will be allowed j to a it main attached to Germany or will Cern expects to deliver goods be allot i to Poland. A ten thai question hinges entirely the future of German militarism Foi with meter trucks. J >l0ut site a Germany is ure never to be Able to undertake her revenge. Fairmont mar. 22.�?plans Are in \ a the polish government considers Way for the organization of a it necessary to represent this Condi $100,000 wholesale grocery in fair Tion to bring to the attention of the Mont and if present plans material United states that the peace of eur ize it will he in operation before fall j rope will greatly depend on the insult most of the Money for the project which the present developments Are understood to have been subscribe j allowed to take by those who Are Call it is said that with the possible i upon to insure to the world a just exception of one Man it will be nil and peaceful existence based on Ebosi local capital. Principles which America was first to the firm expects to have a Fleet of i Lay Down in obtaining peace for the motor trucks with which it w ill Deli v world a conservation water bodies is necessity the u. S. Deportment of agriculture urges that states set aside areas for preservation of wild fowl else increasing drainage will work havoc. By associated press Washington mar. 22.�?conservation of water and Marsh areas is necessary to the perpetuation of the migratory wild fowl the department of agriculture declared in a statement today. Reports received by the biological Survey during the last few months show there has been a increase of wild fowl since the passage of the migratory Bird Law they also said and under proper conditions it stated Quot water farming Quot of Many lakes and Ponds and of Marsh and of swampy lands will yield a larger return than would the same area drained and used for agriculture. Or. D. W. Nelson chief of the Survey declared the rapidly increasing drainage of lakes and marshes throughout the country indicates that wild fowl resorts and places will be practically eliminated from most of the states unless a considerable number of the Best of them Are conserved Quot Resolution of St. Patrick a Day adopted Young boy was smothered to death in Oats by associated press Marshall minn., mar. 22nd.�? Clyde Creech twelve year old son of a Farmer near Here was smothered m a Grain Chute in his fathers barn while playing about the building. The boy s id Down the Chute into a huge pile of Oats and his plight was not known until workmen who were filling wagons at the Chute saw the boys feet protruding from the Grain. He was dead when taken out. Flour drops in Portland by associated press Portland ore., mar. 21.-�?local Mil lers today announced a drop of 4 cents a barrel in wholesale prices of family Patent flour is no quoted at $9.49 a barrel at tie Mills big grocer wholesale co. In Lilia most of capital reported to have been subscribed con within radius of fifty Miles Dor i de groceries thus eliminating Delev freight shipments and Cut out excessive freight charges. In this Way a a expects to be better Able to compete with other wholesale grocery houses Selling in this Community. Ii is understood the local company will incorporate and take in a Tei Tilory about fifty Miles. No Stock will be sold to those out of the organization and groceries will be sold to local and other stores . Their Doorstep or in of Side boys pleased when school House burned by associated Piess Norfolk ya., mar. 21.�?the John Marshall Public High school containing 28 rooms and valued at $200,000 was destroyed by Fine today a shot Quot time after the 1.000 pupils had been dismissed for the Day. Only the teachers and a few children were in the build ing when the alarm was Given and All i shaped safely. Five residences on an adjoining Street were damaged by the leaping flames. Boys Are believed by the police to have been responsible for the fire. To in a second note in december the polish government furnished the state department with documentary evidence of the alb ged abuses which it was claimed Germany was practising in the Effort to bring about a vote favourable to Germany in the plebiscite. Among the alleged abuses there1 were recalled today the return to i a per Silesia of germans from America or the purpose of voting As reported in press dispatches despite the rr.ua-1 Al of the so Ato department to the . request of the gent n govern ment that natives of Upp r Silesia residing in America should be Premit Ted to leave the United states for this purpose. It was represented by the United states at the time that As Long As the technical state of War with Germany continued such a practice could not be countenanced. Clara is going into the movies by associated press Ardmore okla mar. 21 Clara j Smith Hamon lat today signed a con j tract with a motion picture company j to produce pictures for the next two j years she said tonight. A reception 1 was held for her tonight at the fir Tchristian Church where site was Bap j sized yesterday. Paderewski Calls reports a a propaganda says results of plebiscite cannot be known for several Days and statement of Germany win ing is Only part of their Campaign plans. By associated press Chicago mar. 21.�?reports from Berlin telling of a German Victory in the upper Silesia plebiscite wore denounced As propaganda by Ignace Tan Paderewski formerly Premier of Poland who stopped in Chicago to Day while on his Way to California where he will spend several months resting. Paderewski declared that the ballots cast in sundays election were now being transported to Centra places where the final tally of votes would be made and expressed doubt As to whether any formal announce ment of the result would be possible for several Days. Declaring that German propaganda was still rampant he said that in the silesian Case the peace treaty which provided for a plebiscite also set Forth that the result should Only he a for the information of the commission in Paris and that the actual line of division of Silesia Between germans and poles will be drawn Lafor in Paris by Allied authorities who have the Power to ignore the vote if they so a thus one can see the German motive a he continued. A German propaganda from now on will be directed to influencing not Only the Allied representatives in Paris but the judge Lydis today issued injun i people in the several countries which tons closing three More saloons for they represent. If the impression can be spread abroad assuming the poles win that the plebiscite was an unfair one. And that riots and disturbances marked the function the germans will consider their situation so much the better and that is Why Congress is called by pres. Harding today by associated Piess St. Paul mar. 22nd tin St. Patrick Day Resolution for Irish recognition was adopted without objection by the Senate today. The motion was made by senator Mike Boylan. Three million German orphans it is to Convene at noon april 11th. Tariff and tax revision principal subjects to be dealt with. Other important problems to come up also. By associated press Washington mar. 22.�?a proclamation convening Congress in special session at noon april 11, was issued today by president Harding. Tariff and tax revision will be the principal subject before the new Congress but Many other important subjects including transportation problems regulation of the packing and Coal industries and immigration restriction Are expected to be taken up. None of the subjects to be considered was mentioned in the Call for the session. Washington March 22.�?with the decision by Republican leaders to put Bill precisely As vetoed by president through the Fordney emergency Tariff Wilson immediately upon the convening of Congress the major legislative program for the extra session was lie lived today to be definitely settled. Reversing their previous position against the enactment of an emergency Tariff members of the House j ways and Means committee yester j Day acceded to the request of presi i Dent Harding for passage at once of a j measure designed to afford Protection j j to the Farmers against foreign com. I petition. Agreement to the program also was j Given by senators Penrose. Smoot and me Cumber conferees from the i Senate finance committee senator j Penrose stating that there would be limitation of debate if necessary to insure speedy passage of the Bill i through the Senate. It probably will be rushed through the House under a i special Rule. With the emergency measure out of j the Way the House according to the final program agreed on then will take up the anti dumping Bill to be followed by permanent Tariff revision. The actual work of framing the Tariff Bill will be begun by the Way and Means committee at once. It is planned to j Speed up the program by having the Senate finance committee consider Revenue legislation while tiie House is at work on the Tariff new ship can Fly and swim too. By associated press London mar 22.�?details of an entirely new Type of air plane which can either Fly or cruise As a warship have been made Public Here. Two of these ships Are being built for the air ministry. The vessels Are said to be much like Small ships with wings added. They Are larger and stronger than any sea going aircraft yet constructed and each will carry a Crew of seven with emplacements for five machine guns. Asked to take Little Holiday by associated press Montreal Canada mar. 22nd.�?More than 5000 men in the employ of the Angus shops of the Canadian Pacific were notified today that work would be suspended tomorrow and resumed again april Ltd. The a Holiday a officials said was declared As a necessary expense reducing measure. Coal miners go on strike by associated press Pittsburgh Kansas mar. 22.�?a strike of 150 Coal miners called by Alexander Howat and the Kansas miners Union executive committee in Defiance of the court of Industrial relations and the injunction of the Crawford county District court went into effect this morning. Blazing Gas Well put out by associated press Monroe la., mar. 21 the famous a Torch a of Eldorado ark., a Gas Well which has been blazing since struck by lightning ten Days ago was extinguished today according to information received Here. The Well immediately became a Gusher and territory for some distance around today was being sprayed with Oil. Man is slain on the Jefferson Highway m. Conan of Rochester found with Bullet wounds in Temple and neck South of St. Paul. By associated press St. Paul March 22d.�?a Man the police identified As m. Conan of Rochester minn., was stain on the Jefferson Highway nine Miles South of Here probably late last night. His body with Bullet wounds in the Temple and neck was found today. Apparently a had struggled with his assailants. Drivers of Oil delivery trucks found the body and notified the Coroner of Dakota county. Conan was found with his arms above his head indicating to the police that the body had been dragged to the spot. There were two Bullet wounds one in the right Temple and the other in the Back of the head below the right ear. No powder Burns were discern Ible police said. By associated press Berlin mar. 4.�?there Are 3,000,000 War orphans in Germany according to official figures. They Are being Given state and local care but it is said they form a Large percentage of More than 1,000,000 in Germany boing aided by foreign Relief workers. Two judges help and one hinders a a wets by associated press Chicago mar. I. Federal judges f. E. Baker and Samuel a. Schuler today reversed the order of judge Kene Law m. Landis closing the entertainers cafe a known South Side cabaret for one year. The reversal was on the ground that government officials who confiscated liquor at the cafe did not have a search warrant. One year. Board will have a woman As a member by associated press St. Paul mar. 22.�?after a debate which dragged through the morning session the Senate today passed the Gillan Bill increasing the membership of the Board of control to four persons by a vote of 46 to 12. The purpose of the Bill is to permit the appoint ment of a woman member of the Board without displacing any of the present members. An excuse for High Price of fruit to come settlement in sight today for packers Monkey makes it unpleasant by associated press Lincoln neb., mar. 21.�?apricots were seriously damaged and pos Sib v cherries and peach Trees were Frost bitten to some extent by the 60 de Grees drop in temperature during the last 48 hours according to professor r. F. Howard of the department of horticulture of the University of Nebraska. Saturday afternoon the tem req Board ship intensity of the propaganda j ppr lure registered 81 degrees and at everybody is after Buffalo by associated press barrage will increase from now on. A until the Fate of the territory is actually settled you will hear much 7 of clock to 21. This morning it was Down Havana. Mar. 22.�? port officials in 0f three German arguments As to by associated press Washington mar. 22.�?the forestry service asked recently it anybody wanted a Buffalo having a score on hand to dispose of. Apparently the answer was a everybody does. For the service has been deluged with we. Requests. One Little girl sent a two lice were informed by Charles Dreyfus cent stamp expecting a baby Buffalo who gave the alarm that he had Notic-1 by the return mail for her backyard smoke coming from the basement zoo. A Farmer with a 60 acres and had found two boys standing be five children wanted a family play fore a bundle of burning rags and Paft allow. Stock men wanted to try Cross Breeding. Wild West shows when lie started to trample out the rushed in applications by Telegram p Dreyfus in his statement to the and mail and the Supply was quickly police said the boys pleaded with him exhausted despite the warning that to let it Burn so they would not have a Lusty Bull Buffalo eats two tons or go Back to school. Hay a Stern opposition yesterday when they boarded the american Schooner Benjamin Van Brunt for a he purpose of towing the vessel to the Dock following the refusal of the commander of the vessel to leave his Anchorage. When the officers went Over the Side of the Craft they were met by a huge and ferocious Monkey which ran amuck among the boarding party and bit a policeman so severely that surgical attendance was deemed necessary. The Captain of the boat had re fused to Dock and unload Bis cargo general Wood will sail for Manila soon by associated press Washington mar. 21.�?having received final instructions As to his philippine Mission from Secretary Dern nity to the Allied governments weeks major general Leonard but that with Silesia she will make Wood left Washington tonight for almost immediate payment. I Sim Francisco where he will Board a third that the world s Coal sup ship for Manila. The general was a ply will be seriously curtailed if the i eco pained at his conference with polos Are awarded this territory be Secretary weeks today and will be Why they should be allowed to hold Silesia. A first that without the Coal and great Industrial plants that the economic rebuilding of Germany is impossible and that the stabilizing of the world at Large will accordingly be delayed. A second that without Silesia Germany will be unable to pay her in de and per Bias to until demurrage charges aggregating cause of their inability to function n accompanied on Bis Mission of in $14,000 together with a payment of $300 for alleged deterioration of machinery was paid. Cuban authorities took up the matter with the american Consul general and it was decided to disregard the Skippers objections and bring the vessel to the wharf. When the boarding party reached the Side of the Schooner the Captain inverted the american Flag As the Vest gating conditions in the Philip in reply he said that even when Pine Island by w. Cameron Foster the losses of German Coal Fields in former governor general of the the West were taken into considers a islands. Tion. Germany had enough Coal for general Wood it was said at the her legitimate Industrial needs that War department will continue to the polish authorities have agreed serve As commander of the sixth that in the event of their winning is army corps while engaged in carry Lesia they would assume and pay the. Ing our the philippine Mission As do proportion of the German Index in a reeled by president Harding. He will a distress and his wife left in cities which would normally be assess be accompanied to the Philippines by Small boat and boarded the american Cruiser Minnesota to make Protection against what she declared was an a a invasion on the part of the cuban quarantine authorities de on Silesia if it remained a German colonel f. It. Mccoy lieutenant Possession and finally that the pol colonel Gordon Johnson major Peter ish capacity and efficiency in mining activities had already been proved beyond All question. Bouditch and lieutenant o. C. Wood his son who will serve As aide do Camp. The conference with Secretary Davis seems to have brought about an amicable understanding Between packers and men. By associated press Washington mar. 22.�?an agree ment Between the five big meat packers and their employees through which present wage and hour disputes will be amicably adjusted was forecast today a Short time before the second joint conference of spokesmen for both sides with Secre tary Davis at the labor department Secretary Davis told the Cabinet at the regular session that Good Prog Ress toward a settlement had been made and from other sources it was Learned that negotiations had advanced so far that further attendance of secretaries Hoover and Wallace at the conference was not regarded As necessary. It was stated that both sides had tentatively agreed to a settlement at private conferences Writh Secretary Davis late last night and Early today and All that remains was to bring them together on the final terms at the joint conference late today. Washington mar. 22.�?represent Stives of the packers employees wer in private conference today with Secretary Davis before the meeting of president Harding a Cabinet at which the controversy Between the packers and the workers was expected to be discussed. M. Millerand started new French style prominent men at head of drug ring under fire by associated press new York March 22�? of Peng of a fight to curb the traffic of an International drug ring said to be headed by business men of Germany Japan and England was announced Here today by or. Carleton Simons special Deputy police commissioner. Declaring High ranking officers of steamships plying Between new York and Mediterranean and South american ports have been transporting drugs to this country or. Simons said Many raids Are planned and developments of a startling nature expected. The Crews of six steamships now Are under surveillance he added. The Deputy police commissioner said the leaders of the ring had been identified but that action against them was impossible As the Laws of their countries do not prohibit trafficking in narcotics. Drugs manufactured in Germany it is charged have been carried from that country into Switzerland by Means of underground passageways which have been discovered through Switzerland the drugs or. Simons asserted have been transported to America China Japan and Italy. Influenza in Camp overseas no deaths yet by associated press Coblenz. Mar. 22nd.�?influenza in epidemic form has broken out Here among soldiers belonging to the United states army of occupation. The second battalion of the 8th infantry has been quarantined to the medical authorities. Forty five cases of the disease have been reported and it is said the attack of the malady is very severe. There have been no deaths from it so far. The Colorado is launched by associated press Camden n. J., mar. 22.�?the super dreadnought Colorado the largest and most powerful battleship Ever built on the Delaware River was launched at the new York ship building incorporation Yards Here at 12.42 p. A. Today. The great fighting machine was sponsored by mrs. Ruth Nicholson Melville daughter of u. 3. Senator Nicholson of Colorado. South America Good place to sell livestock by associated press Paris mar. 4.�?president Millerand did not put on his Swallow tailed coat for the reception of marshal Pilsudski the polish president when that dignitary visited Paris recently and fashion circles of Paris say he thereby established a new order of things. M. Millerand wore a one Button cutaway or morning coat it was the first time that such a garment has been worn by one of the principals in an official ceremony in France. In French official functions full evening dress with All available medals and decorations is required by associated press Washington mar. 22.�?South America offers a an excellent Mamet for pure bred american livestock the department of agriculture asserted today in a statement offer no suggestion and advice to prospective shipper. The Trade last year amounted to nearly $700,000 As the result of the cooperation Between the department and individuals and Breeding associations the statement said but at Tbs same time warning we As Given that this kind of Export requires a Quot highly Complex a certain machinery is involved and numerous details must be Given attention a the statement said. A if the exporter would avoid serious losses do to delays overcharges and misfire Tion. Even minimum charges Are usually High and shippers should tak All the Short cuts pow Sibl in arranging to meet transportation and governmental the difficulties to be met and my i ods of overcoming them Are outhn�4 at length

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