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Albert Lea Times Enterprise Newspaper Archives Mar 16 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Times Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 16, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota 8 pages Luiu so anti purr is 8 pages Freeborn county to m est Twenty six year Albert Lea Enterprise forty ninth Yea Ralbert Lea. Minnesota. Wednesday March 16, 1921 volume fifteen mine Union officials viewpoint a review Workings Kansas Industrial court Law made by Alexander Howat president dist. 14. Of Callaghan says Ireland will be free by associated press Topeka kan., mar 14. A review the Workings the Kansas Indus trial court Law from a mine Union officials Point View has been made by Alexander Howat president j District no. 14, United mine workers America. Or. Filowat says Quot the Industrial court has been in existence one year. During that period it has accomplished nothing in bettering labors condition in this state. A few wage claims involving i but a very Small number men have by associated press new York mar. 14.�?marine work ers employed ferries Buff eries been handled by the Industrial ourt tugs barges and other floating equip a few crumbs handed out As a bait Toji Lent railroads in new York her labor but for every Penny that has Hor Wil be asked within the next few been paid out to labor hundreds Days u Wake reductions rang dollars have been Given to the Public utilities corporations in increased rates. Eight ten cents an hour in crease was Given to the employees the Joplin Pittsburgh uni Way company who were already working for a starvation wage $3.50 $1.00 per Day and the passenger rates the company were almost doubled. Quot the Industrial court also added about 33 13 per cent to the value the Telephone company at Topeka and did the same at Kansas City Kansas and permitted their rates to be adjusted accordingly. A the Industrial court has Cost the tax payers Many thousands Dollar directly and Many hundreds Ltd thousands dollars in increased rates to Public utilities that have been Given by the Industrial court. P has pre vented no strikes and has done Noth ing but aggravate the labor prob Jeu and create Industrial strife. Quot every honest self respect n z working Man in the state should resent a Law this character. There is n Law even in the most autocratic country Europe today that enslaves the workers in such a manner As is in tended by this Law. Quot this Law is an infringement the sacred rights even Horn St working Man in the state Kansas. This so called Industrial court Law is an in j suit to every Man who believes in the principles Liberty and Justice and is a disgrace to the state Kansas. J this Law is meant to enslave organic de labor and to place us in the same condition that we were in years ago j lie fore we had established the 1 Nite 1 t mine workers. It is meant to place j us at the Complete mercy tin pm players labor. It is intended to d stroy the usefulness and effectiveness our organization and in fact is Only the beginning a movement that is finally intended to enslave the work i ing class America and to destroy j the organized labor movement the entire country. Quot organized labor is not opposed Toj the Industrial court Law because our desire to Call strikes but we know from bitter experiences the past what it Means to us it we surrender j the right to strike if that right is j taken away from us. It is Only be j cause we have in the past enjoyed the right to strike thai we have Ever been j Able to compel the employers labor to Grant any concessions that have j been accorded us. We know How Little j sympathy consideration we May Tope at the hands the employers1 when we Are chained to our jobs like slaves. Organized labor in Kansas has a right to expect the same degree Liberty and Justice that is accorded the organized worker in the other states the nation and we Are going to continue to fight until that principle is recognized and reestablished in this state. Injunctions and Industrial courts shall not be permitted to interfere with our policy in an Way. The Kansas Industrial court Law was the outcome the miners strike 1919 and was passed chiefly through the influence governor Henry j. Allen. It created a court these members to hear controversies in Indus tiles and utilities was Given Power to intervene its own initiative in Industrial controversies and May make orders relative to wages and hours employment. The Law declares it unlawful for operators to wilfully limit cease operations for the purposes limiting production transportation to effect prices for the purpose avoiding any the provisions the act. The Law also declares it to be unlawful for any two More employees in industries named to conspire to quit employment for the purpose hindering delaying suspending operations. The right any individual to quit employment at any time is recognized. The Law provides that a wilful violation provisions the act an order court is a Misdemeanour Pun Shable by a maximum Fine $1,000 a maximum term one year both. In the Case an officer a Corpora Tion the officer a labor organization wilfully violating the provisions the act they will be guilty a Felon punishable by a maximum Fine $5,000 a maximum term two years both Industrial commission in existence governor Minnesota signs Bill and appoints members new commission which is to take Over Many divisions. By associated press St. Paul mar. 15th.�?governor j. A. O Preus this morning appointed Henry Mccoll St. Paul former senator f. A. Duxbury Caledonia chairman and j. Williams Minneapolis Alderman As members the new state Industrial commission created today when the governor s Ned the Bill recently passed by the legislature. The Industrial commission will take Over the work minimum wage division workmen a compensation division boiler inspector division hotel inspector division Accident prevention division statistics division women s and children a division employment mediation and arbitration Divi _ _ _ _ Sions and others such As the com two minds Are a a. Better than one extra session ended at noon by associated press Cincinnati o., mar. 15th.�?donal Callaghan lord mayor Cork speaking Here last night under the auspices the twelve Cincinnati councils the american association for recognition the Irish Republic said Liu time is almost at hand when Ireland will be free. Quot nothing will satisfy us but Complete Independence Erin a mayor Callaghan continued. Quot we Are More than willing to give Toj England guarantees that Ireland w ill not jeopardize the safety the British Empire after it becomes a Marine workers wages Cut Down Clara s. Hamon tells her Story the shooting attempt to disbarred Wing lawyer Thomas Mohn May be refused j right to practice Law in the state Minnesota. Inu from 15 Learned Here to 23 per tonight. Cent it was by associated press Minneapolis minn., mar. 14 Stu j dents at the University Minnesota who Are finding it hard to keep up to j Grade in the studies probably will be i Given paternal advice to travel the matrimonial Trail. A recent report issued by the University shows a High uniform rating foe the married men who Are taking training under the Federal Hoard for the re education former service men. Commencing the comparative t ratings single and married Stu j i hints Dean e. E. Nicholson head student affairs said that this Star a affairs probably was due to More j a rious thinking by the Man who Hart added Domestic responsibilities. A sem e late hours which is a habit Jot the unmarried male classmates Al a so is a help to the married Man the j Dean asserted. Quot and also remember. Two minds Are bettor than the student affairs head concluded. Railroad wage controversy by associated press Washington. Mar. 15.�?the extra session the Senate which began March 4th. Ended today shortly before noon after confirming a few additional nominations. It adjourned sine die. Turk killed by armenian by associated press Berlin March 15�?pailat Pasha former grand vizier and minister finance in Turkey was assassinated in a West Berlin suburb today. He was shot to death. The murderer an armenian student was arrested. Anti dumping legislation to be rushed representative unskilled workmen met officials roads probable that final answer men will reject reductions. By associated press Washington mar. 14 anti dumping i legislation to protect american industries from european Competition will j be rushed through at the Specia sos Sion Congress under a decision reached at a Confer Nee today re publican members the Senate Fin Ance and the House ways and Means committees with Secretary the Treasury Mellon. By associated press new York mar. 15�?~.h.�? representatives common labor employees the new York Central today rejected the wage cuts proposed by the roads and declined to join in a joint conference requested through the railway labor Board to adjust the matter. Thereupon the officials the Road notified the men the reduction would become effective april 1st, in any event. New York. Mar. 15. Represent a fives unskilled workmen employed by the new York Central Railroad today met officials Hie Road for a conference regarding wage reductions proposals submitted to the workers last week. Anthony j. Stair spokesman for maintenance Way employees and Railroad shop labourers said before be conference that an adjournment probably would be requested Railroad officials in order that a direct answer might be prepared. He Sale Bis organization had not had time enough to consult All i s members and therefore the Case was not in proper shape. New York mar. 12. The wage reductions proposed for unskilled labor by the various railroads in the East probably will be rejected by the workers a canvass officials the interested Union organizations indicated Here tonight. The first official announcement the refusal he reductions is expected tomorrow when representatives the workers will meet in conference with officials the new York Central and reply to that roads proposal to Cut wages from l?1 to 21 per cent. While no official statements were made by Union leaders it was Learned that the various organizations have been holding conferences Here during the last few Days and All have virtually agreed to decline the wage cuts and let the whole matter go to the Railroad labor Board at Hirago. The workers take the position that the figures and data sub gritted by the railroads do not show sufficient cause for the reductions and cannot be substantiated in a blamed for trial delay by associated press Chicago mar. 15th.�?-responsibility for delay in the trial the indicted players and others in the baseball scandal was thrown upon the state by president ban Johnson the american league in a statement made Public today. He declared there would have been no controversy such As caused the postponement the opening hearing by associated press St. Paul mar. 15.�?the supreme court heard 4 arguments Here today in the matter the application for the item ova Thomas Mohn from pfc right to practice Law in Minnesota. Mohn was Goodhue county attorney until t917, and Steps looking to his disbarment were taken following the charge that he signed a codicil a will after the testator was de id. The codicil would not have been Legal unless properly witnessed at the time making and made considerable difference to the beneficiaries under the original will Emma a. Hack red Wing. The supreme court took the matter under advisement. Election Bill passed Senate by associated press St Paul. Mar. 15.�?by a vote 38 to 25 the Minnesota Senate passed the election Reform measure introduced by the committee elections. The Bill provides for a party convention endorsement for certain candidates. Baseball hits boy kills him by associated press Chicago mar. 15th.�?baseball claimed its first fatality the season yesterday when Joseph Matiloa thirteen years old was struck the head with a Ball in a game with playmates and died several hours later. He was dazed at first by the Ball but recovered quickly Ard collapsed last night at his Home. Mother poisons her children and herself by associated press Blun s. D., mar. 14 a coroners jury today found a verdict Quot murder and attempted suicide in he death Alice Collins 3 years old who died saturday from the effect Poison her Mother gave her in some Fig syrup. The Mother mrs. Arthur Collins put Poison in some Medicine and gave it to her three daughters a ice dying from the effects. The Mother and the the players until thursday if the other tyo daughters Mabel .12, and Case had not been funded when it Mildred 14, were said first came up before the grand jury. J today. Lid to be recovering dramatic recital Young woman witness stand. She accused Hamon choking her and striking her with a chair which made the gun go off a wild demonstration nearly broke up court earlier in the Day. By associated press Ardmore mar. 15, at 3 clock p. M. In Clara Smith Hamon charged with j the murder col. Jake l. Hamon took the witness stand and told her Story the incidents the Day and j night nov. 21, when colonel Ham 1 was shot. J she spoke dramatically in a Cool j Low pitched voice hesitating Only when she told that the colonel had choked her. She answered the preliminary questions and then launched _ into her Story the fatal Day. When the defendant tried to Tell How Llam a had said. "1 am hit a and showed l her the blood spot forming his shirt she broke Down and wept into her handkerchief. After a few preliminary questions in. Which the defendant said she w is 129 years old. And knew that Hamon was married and that he had educated her so that she might work for 1 him she was asked to Tell the jury i How the shooting was done. Quot i was very Busy cleaning up my i room Reading newspapers and be Ting my clothes ready to go away to California for my trip when i decided that i would like to have a Little j ride so i got into my car and went j for a ride. It was about 7 clock. Dark enough for the Street lights to be lighted when i came Back to the hotel. I when i drove up to the hotel Hamon was sitting in front in a chair. Between Hamon and the door there i was another chair. Or. Hamon immediately grabbed me As i passed and shoved me Down in the chair j and said he wanted to talk to me and he used most profane language. I said. Quot go to your room . Team i if you want to abuse me. There i Are men standing about Here and you must not talk that Way in so i got up and went up stairs. 1 was afraid . Hamon. I saw a look in his eyes i had never seen before. He was Drutok drunker than i had Ever seen him in All the years i had known him. He was crazier and drunker than at any time. When i got to our rooms the doors were locked and i thought i better eat something. When Bill came in with the ice water . Hamon drank. The door had barely closed behind the boy when Hamon said Quot where have you been Quot and choked me and chocked me until i was Blind and could not speak. He c hockey me and hit me and then somehow threw me the bed and alter that he struck me Many times and then took me by the foot Ana jerked me off the bed and Hurt my Back. He kicked me in the Back and choked me again and 1 struggled to get up and when i got up he choked me again and backed me 1 up against the window and choked me again. He saw a knife the it user a common knife that we used to Sharpen pencils with about the room. He reached for it and said Quot i could continued Page six three is a crowd amaryllis show pretty As a picture by associated press Washington March 15.�?the Green House at the department agriculture was ablaze with color when Secretary Wallace formally opened today the annual amaryllis show at which close to 11,000 plants ranging in color from White to deep Carmen were exhibition. The majority the plants All which Are from seedlings arid a result Crossings Are about five years old but about 200 Are Bloom ing for the first time this season and have just reached their second anniversary. The amaryllis Knight s Star Lilly. Is a native Brazil. The Parent plants the present show came from England about a dozen years ago and grew into the present assemblage As a result the close attention the department officials. Some the lillies have Flowers one Stem and one big red Bloom Meas ures 11 inches in diameter. Trotzky will make children suffer for it by associated press London mar. 14.�?russian-Leon Trotzky the rusian soviet War minister according to advices received Here today has decided to blockade Kron Siadto despite the fact that this Wlla entail great suffering to the 8,900 women and children in the town. Tax revision program senator Watson says internal taxes should be re adjusted first to Relief business. Suggests repeal excess profits tax and substitution sales tax. By associated press Washington. Mar. 15th.�?announcement the final program for fiscal legislation at the coming special ses Sion Congress involving the Deci Sion As to whether Tariff internal tax revision shall be accorded second place probably will be made today following a meeting chairman Penrose the Senate finance commit tee and chairman Fordney the House ways and Means committee with president Harding. Washington mar. 14.�?whether Tariff revision legislation. Agreement accorded second place the fiscal program was left for final determination at a conference which chairman Penrose the Senate committee and chairman Fordney the House com Mittee plan to hold tomorrow with president Harding. The final program senator Penrose said probably will be announced after this conference. The majority committee members attending today a conference were said to favor giving right Way to Tariff revision legislation. Agreement it was said was unanimous against attempting to enact any temporary Stop Cap Tariff Bill the feeling being that any Tariff legislation enacted should be a permanent nature. The Soldier Bonus Bill a collateral Issue is to be a part the Republican fiscal program senator Penrose and representative Fordney announced financial requirements the government for adjustment compensation to former service men were included in the estimates considered at the conference and at the close the meeting senator Penrose predicted that the Bonus Bill would be passed at an Early Date. All the re Publ can senators the finance committee and All except three the Republican members the House ways and Means committee participated in today a conference Secretary Mellon was accompanied but a staff experts. Prior to the conference. Senator Watson Indiana one the Republican members the finance committee issued a statement declaring tha internal tax legislation should precede revision the Tariff adding that the business world expects immediate Relief Quot from the great Burden taxation now imposed. Quot we should at once repeal excess profit taxes and the higher sur taxes and substitute for them a moderate sales tax and at the sme time clarify and simplify the administrative features the Law a senator Watson added. Quot we should make definite arrange ments w the our doctors to pay a fixed amount each year whatever the sum so that we May have definite assurances As to just How much we May expect irom that Quarter. Quot we should at once adopt a thorough going budget system so that we May Cut the costs according to pattern and then proceed ill All ways to the reduction governmental expenses to the lowest Point consistent Vith efficient an assistant government in Washington said to be made up effectively trained men and women representing All branches Industry and All interests in the country. For every congressman there Are two expert advisers. By associated press Washington mar. 14.�?existence a a new and powerful a assistant government in Washington made up the representatives varied interests is charged in a statement issued Here tonight by Charles s. Barrett president the National Farmers Union and chairman the National Board farm organizations. Quot the a assistant government a . Barrett says Quot has one advantage Over the constitutional government. It is More effectually trained for its work. It is an association specialists. Eminent men and women who know All the legislative administrative and bureaucratic avenues streets and alleys in Washington belong to this interesting and patriotic collection men and individuals named by . Barrett As included among these Are Joseph de frees Chicago president the United states chamber Commerce Alfred p. Thom general counsel the association railway executives j. A. Morrow vice president the National Coal association George h. Gushing managing director the wholesale Coal dealers association James a. Emery general counsel for the National association manufacturers Willis Compton the Hardwood lumber a association John h. Kirby the Southern Pine association and r. T. Strasbaugh president the National canners association. Other interests which . Barrett says Are represented in the Quot a assistant government Are the Institute american meat packers the american automobile association the Southern Pine men manufacturing chemists association America Council american Cotton manufacturers Southern Industrial education society founders association Highway industries association american automobile chamber Commerce National Bureal wholesale lumber distributors american mining Congress american realty Exchange National merchant. Marine association National committee Gas and chants the United states National Oil Bureau National Petroleum association american Patent Law association National committee age and electric service National committee Public utilities conditions Dixie freight association National association for constitutional government National association for Protection american rights in Mexico National popular government league National committee to secure rank for army nurses National negro business league National voters league National National forestry association National a riot in press league for the preservation american Independence National association coloured races National committee armenian and syrian Relief National federation Federal employees and National women a Trade Union league. Even the foregoing governments Are not without their representatives according to . Barrett he says Quot course it is improper for a foreign Diplomat to attempt to influence american legislative executive action but a Way has been found to accomplish this. Legislative committees have been created under the names educational bureaus such like. These have no definite tangible connection with any accredited Diplomat nevertheless the country which the Diplomat represents is the beneficiary their . Barrett says no one has taken a Complete census the men and women associated with the Quot a assistants government a but that Quot it is estimated by persons who believe they have Correct information that for every Man in both branches Congress there Are at least two patriots in Washington ready and eager to instruct him in his a if a statesman is in doubt a matter a he continues a fall he has to do is to consult with a member the inner Circle the a assistant government and he can instantly be set . Barrett asserts that . Defrees who recently was elected president the chamber Commerce the United states Quot has been Given a place among the notables who Are in Washington to assist the government in its Effort to do its . De frees a he says Quot has spent the greater part Bis life time amidst Money luxury re nement and intellect. Naturally a Man such attainments would be influential in Washington and would be an a question to the ranks the great a assistant government. Or. De frees has a a it continued Page Gevea

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