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Albert Lea Times Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota 8 pages Lulu s Freeborn county times Twenty fifth year Albert Lea Enterprise forty eighth year Albert Lea Minnesota wednesday june 23, 1920 volume fifteen number Twenty five the tailor tells Story of assault says he was brutally attacked and terribly Hurt by fellow tailor after few drinks of a com whiskey furnished by local plumber. It will he remembered that a few Days ago the Tribune printed an account of a fight Between two sailors. At that time we were unable to learn the names of the men but this morn ing one of them came in to our office and asked us to print his Story on the affair. He gave us permission to use his name and gave us the name 0 this alleged assailant. However to avoid possible future trouble Over the affair we withhold both at present. A there is the tailors Story a i was working at my Trade that Day until four of clock in tin afternoon when amp plumber who is employed by one of the plumbing establishments Here invited me and another tailor to his House for a drink. I do not know the plumbers name. We went with him he gave us some dope that be called a Corn whiskey. I had a few drinks Vith the others. We then went Back through the Alley to the shop. 1 done to remember what was said after we drank the stuff. 1 done Bremem bed that the other tailor and t had end words at All. Tim rest of the people in the shop told me that i did nol want to go out of the shop again with in hut he grabbed me and dragged me through the screen door. 1 do not remember any More until i was struck and Laid out. Two men came and carried me to the Naeve Hospital and i was sewed up he a local doctor. He took six stitches. This took about half an hour. My Lefi ear was split open and my ear drum broken. My hearing in that ear is go Fie permanently. After i left tie Hospital i Felt so weak 1 could not walk Home and went to the Park and sat Down on a Hunch. In a few moments i saw Trio tailor who had struck me coming to wards me. I thought lie was coming to Tell me lie was sorry he struck . But instead when he got near enough lie raised his foot and kicked me in the face with his Heel splitting my nose open and breaking out two Teeth splitting the gum. I got Home As Well As i could and then my daughter went with me to the doctor s office and he took two stitches in my nose. 1 was not Able to go Back to work until Friday. The other tailor Lias left his Job. Lawyers have told me i could have him arrested for assault with intent to kill but 1 done to know whether to or not. I have Learned one lesson out of it. I will hereafter pick my the tailor showed his wounds to us. And there is no question hut thar to was very badly used. He will have several Good sized scars to re mind him of the occasion. Attack on a White girl a is avenged socialism smashed in Freeborn county Warren g. Harding Calvin Coolidge fatal Auto Accident near Wells thursday mrs. Chas. Anderson wife of banker of Walters instantly killed. Daughter Beatrice in critical condition from injuries. Others slightly Hurt. A terrible Auto Accident resulting in the death of one person and the serious injury of another occurred thursday evening at eight of clock about a n he West of Wells when the Studebaker six belonging to Chas. Anderson banker of the state Bank of Walters and driven by him was overturned by another car backing into it. Mrs. Anderson was killed and thirteen year old Beatrice Anderson seriously injured. The Anderson family consisting of or. And mrs. Anderson Beatrice Eda and Oda Ruth the latter a baby and Nephew Clifford Cook of St. Paul were in the Studebaker. They were returning Home from St Paul where mrs. Anderson and the children had been visiting relatives for the past few weeks and where or. Anderson had gone a week ago to bring his family Home in his car. The Anderson car was coming along the main Road when a car driven by a Young woman and with two other women in it backed suddenly into the Highway its rear bumper striking the Stude Baker on the rear wheel and fender causing the car to turn Turtle. Mrs. Andersons Skull was crushed and she died almost instantly. She is Only years old. She had been Riding in the front seat holding baby Oda Ruth. The baby escaped injury. Beatrice who was in the Back seat was injured about the hips and spine so badly that she is unable to walk. It is not yet known just How serious her injuries will prove to be. Clifford Cook was considerably scratched and bruised. The others in the car were unhurt except for the shaking up. The Windshield of the car and the top were smashed. The other car and its occupants escaped injury. Mrs. Andersen was taken to the undertaking Parlours at Wells and Beatri e to the Home of or Holmes in Wells where she still remains. Or. Anderson has been banker at waiters for the past two years and a half. Later. Monday evening j. A. Peterson county attorney issued warrants Tor a the arrest of Chris Sorenson and Hans Eide two local tailors. Chris Sorenson is the Man who was so seriously injured when assaulted by Hans Eide after a Drunken quarrel. The charge against Sorenson is drunkenness and the charge against Hans Eide is assault. V it is claimed the men bought dope Lemon extract and Corn brew from a local plumber. There should he an it fort to secure the name of the local plumber and then a warrant should he served charging him with Blind pigging. Here is the official vote in county quiet wedding our women May vote at fall election now eligible to cast ballot for president cannot vote at the primaries june 21. Albert Lea and Freeborn county women in nov jul it r will vote for president of the a a it slates Tor the first time. Few a men and fewer men. Apparently Are aware of this fact. In accordance with a Law House file no. 222. Chapter 89 of the Laws of 1919, passed by the Minnesota state legislature women of the age of 21 years and above and having those qualifications required of male voters can vote Lor presidential electors. The Law was approved March 24, 1919, if the Federal women a suffrage amendment is effective by november 2fi the Day of the general election then All women will be eligible to vote for All elective offices. Women were not eligible to vote at the primary election on june 21 nor will they to eligible to vote for any others than the presidential electors next november. They v. be re i quire to Register at the regular polling places either on october 19 or on october 26. The interest of suffragists has been a directed towards new Jersey where Duluth minn., june 16th.�?virtually Normal conditions prevailed today in Duluth s business streets Over which a mob of 0,000 persons raged last night sweeping the police aside and Lynching three negroes held in connection with an attack on a seventeen year old White girl. Two companies of National. Guaras reached hero Early this morning and found Only a damaged police station littered streets and three dangling ropes on Telephone poles As direct evidence of the mobs activities. A Promise to prosecute to the fullest extent of the Law All those guilty of participating in the Lynching was made by Warren g. Green St. Louis county attorney. A it is a terrible thing to have Aone. An investigation will be started today and Steps taken to bring All the guilty to Justice a he a a. The Lynching took place under the windows of the Shriner a apartments. Duluth shrines who a re in the building getting ready to go to St. Paul were witnesses of the hangings. An automobile full of youngsters said to be from the Wes end where the girl who was attacked lived started the Lynching by rapidly Riding up and Down Superior St. Asking for volunteers. Some men quickly joined them and the theatre emptying themselves hurriedly added to the crowd. A boy Twenty years old made an impassioned plea and the mob started for the jail. Ten negroes brought Here last night from Virginia where they were arrested in connection with the Case Are held in St. Louis county jail according to the statement of the police this morning. Early reports were to the of. Feet that the ten men had been sent to St. Paul and Minneapolis in a special train. Police authorities this morning said that shortly before nine of clock the ten negroes were held in the county jail and that no further difficulties were expected. The jail is heavily guarded. Adjutant general Rhinow who is Here with two companies of National guards conferred with City and county officials and has his men doing guard duty. Another company is expected. Available record today showed Only one previous Lynching in Minnesota continued on Page eight Townley socialist candidate in 1914 below is a facsimile of the 1914 Gol Den Valley socialist ticket nation a jul so far so Good. In old Freeborn county the people have demonstrated that they Are not in sympathy with ticket discloses town by Arul the nonpartisan league. They registered this fact at the polls i monday when they eliminated from i the race every nonpartisan league 1 candidate. Shipstead for governor lost out in j every precinct except five and won in these by a narrow margin. Old Ostby did no to make a showing. Stor Vick for judge of probate and de i Ward Flindt for representative came As Low men. J one of the encouraging facts about the election was the vote for Gover nor in Albert i a. Shipstead received Only 288 votes. It clearly j shows that organized labor is not Back of Townley and the league As strongly As a certain few radicals in Albert Lea would like to make them i Cut to be. Five precincts in the county and thank the i Ord none of them Are in i Albert Lea carried for Shipstead. They Are Newry Alden Mansfield hat hand and Pickerel i Ake town i ships. I we All can feel justly proud of the citizens of Freeborn county in general. You la always find them ready to go Over the top at every stage of the game. Townley has been severely rebuked if Only the rest of the state i would follow suit. Frank son Iverson Ellsworth and Keefe Are the four candidates who May defeat a a americanism in Minnesota. They never did have a ghost of a show to win. The whole state is disgusted with their actions. Vote the county socialist ticket socialist ticket 1914 a. E. Bowens representative. A. C. Townley representative. Ernest w. Johnston representative. S. A. Smith sheriff. R. S. Conkling auditor. C. J. Strum treasurer. C. W. Heckmann Register deeds. E. E. Pinkham clerk of court a. O. Whitney county judge. Of a. Mosher county commissioner 1st District. Herman j. Wojohn county com Mission 2nd District. Thomas Kromat county sooner 3rd District. Commis let the own the trusts 1914 Golden Valley socialist ticket a. C. Townley was once a candidate for office. Since organizing the nonpartisan league he has devoted himself to the function of a big Bossy and has not sought endorsement of the league As a candidate. But Only six years ago he was a socialist candidate for the North Dakota legislature. This was just a few months before lie began organization of the nonpartisan league. A memento of that 1914 Campaign is published by the Beach n. 1 Advance. It is a facsimile of the election card issued by the socialists there giving their list of candidates in Golden Valley county and is photographically reproduced above. The ticket it will of noted was headed by a. E. Bowen who claims credit for being the original organizer of the nonpartisan league. He was elbowed out of the Lead Tab in by Townley Ami Ever since Haboon one of town Ley s lieutenants but is of a attired As one of the main Townley orators in the present Minnesota Campaign. 106, l. C. J. Wayne in bad wreck extra by associated press St. Paul. June 23rd. Eight for governor 2293 precincts 102,196, a unique situation was created. With hous air virtually All of the states already hav j Frankson 23.116, Ellsworth <,115, miss Lucile Jenson became Bride of Wilhelm Heineman of Keokuk wednesday. Wednesday evening in the presence state tickets governor Preus j of the immediate relatives and a few 2558, Shipstead 1088, Ellsworth 81, intimate friends was solemnized the Frankson 228, Iverson 106, Keefe 69. Marriage of miss Lucile Marguerite it. Governor Collins 2499, Mallon daughter of or. And mrs. Peter r. Secy. State Holm 1962, of Jenson ant Wilhelm a. Heineman of Keokuk. Rev. J. B. Lyle performed the ceremony using the double ring 1449. Said 608. Vollum 1289. State treas Rines 2469, Lund 1413. Att. Genl Hilton 1880, Larson 409, Patterson a service ing made decisions on the proposed Federal amendment and with ratification from but one More state needed a Small handful of Jersey legislators were holding out. The right of millions of women of the United states to vote at All elections on a basis male voters thus was temporarily held in the balance by the legislature of a state whose population is less than that of Chicago. After a struggle the amendment was passed by the House but then was halted by the 21 senators of the upper House. Keefe 3,428. For it. Governor�?2112 precincts Collins 120,471. Mallon 101,483. Secretary of state a 1981 precincts Holm 99,800, Opsahl 77.901, vollum 29.038. State treasurer�?1988 precincts Rines 105,995, Lund 94,081. For attorney general�?2168 precincts Hilton 94,340, Sulivan 87,361. For Railroad and warehouse com missioner 1987 precincts Jacob son 116.114. Ostby 81,783. In 7th congressional District volts Ead 13,712 and Kvale 15,376. Iowa Man driving Ford attempts to pass on wrong Side of Road. Wayne car turns Turtle Side of Road or. Wayne receives broken left Arm and Little daughter is Cut. The Bride wore a travelling j partnership Sullivan 1267. R. R.i8uit of dark Blue. The couple were 1262, Jacobson 2615 j . Pink and White peonies 229, Smith 160, amp we Ostby Zuj Jacobson zoo. Asst. Justice Dibble 1095, Siegel 867.1 were used in the decorations of the Johnson 1565, Vandenburgh 318. Rep. A ving room and red peonies and red 1st dist Anderson 2s9q lev an g Rosys of in employed m the dining room where a Dainty wedding supper former Albert Lea Man assumes interest in Austin electric Supply company. A business change went into it feet today when j. I. Wiener formed a partnership with c. D. Rosenthal under the firm name of the Austin electric Supply company handling the Delco Light. The invoicing was completed this morning and or. Wiener assumed his share of the business. Or. Wiener was formerly in the hardware business at Albert Lea where he has been located the past three years. He will move Bis family to Austin As soon As lie is Able to find a House Here he stated. Or. Rosenthal explained that the expansion of his business made it necessary to form a partnership. The firm was moved into its present larger quarters at 126 West Mill Street about six months ago when additions were made. He stated that plans Are being made to enlarge the Stock. Under the new arrangement or. Rosenthal will have charge of the sales and or. Wiener will assume charge of the mechanical Herald. 795. County ticket a representative Morgan 1671, Flindt 1079, Emmons 1467. Judge of probate Johnson 2116. In at void 1291, Storvick 856. Com. 3rd dist wan Gen 258, Aslesen 386, Mauseth 163. Com. 1st dist. Wayne 252, Erickson 92, Swanson 374. Local woman h As wife of California a bluebeard was served following the ceremony. The Young couple left immediately for a wedding trip after which they will go to their Home in Keokuk where they will be ready to receive their friends on August 1st. The out of town guests present at the wedding were or. And mrs. J. Heineman and son John parents and brother of the Groom mrs Carl Seheult democratic vote. Heiss of Prairie farm wis., and mrs. Secy. Of state b. M. Loeffler 125, a of a jul Crosse wis., Sisters burgmaster 24. For gov Hodgson of the Bra 1 i and miss Mable Johnson 74, Quane 10, Andrist 16, indie us Iwho is teaching in Minneapolis. Jaques 1, Thorson 15, Hargadine 18. Albert Nelson j. P. Gillan alias Watson was formerly employed at Albert Lea packing company. Married sister in Law to mrs. A. Wenzel passed away at Naeve Hospital after Short illness following serious operation. Albert seventeen year old son of if or. And mrs. Carl Nelson living South of the City passed away at Naeve Hospital monday night Albert was taken to the Hospital Friday suffering from a complicated Case of appendicitis. An operation was performed but his condition was so serious that he could not recover. A virile tale of the West the cow puncher you will like it got All his wife a Money and $600 of mrs. Wenzell a and then disappeared. A the following article appeared this week in the Appleton Wisconsin Post of this week under a double j column head. The article contained j it a photograph of Watson. I tical poo Jii pie have recognized the picture Asl none other then Watson formerly of it j the Albert Lea packing co another name was added to the Long list of a a wives annexed by James p. Bluebeard Gillan alias Watson now serving a life sentence in the California state prison when Fred v. Heine Mann. District attorney discovered that a woman now living in Appleton had been married to the Man and lost much of her property As a result of the Advent ure. Description of the Man whom Liis woman a widow took for her husband under the name of James p. Watson tallies exactly with that of the a a bluebeard according to information from California. According to the District attorney this woman had custody of her children and a Large sum of Money which was left to them. She married this Man about nine months ago and last november Watson who was then at Albert Lea minn., sent for his a a wife to join him there. A mrs. Watson so Money was invested in property near that City and the Man induced her to sell it. Watson took the Money telling the woman he was going into the City to pay Bills and Bank the remainder. She has not seen him since. Or. Heinemann described Watson to Thomas Lee Wool l. C. J. Wayne of Geneva is congratulating himself today that he has nothing worse than a broken Arm after a harrowing experience Friday afternoon when within a half mile of his Home. He was driving North in his Overland his Little daughter Iris with him in the car. Iris was looking Back and suddenly remarked that there was a car coming the Driver of which acted As if he were drunk. A that be a replied or. Wayne As he get anything nevertheless he turned his car to the right after the proper fashion when the oncoming car sounded its Horn. But instead of going by on the lawful Side the other car a Ford tried to pass on the right Side. Or. Wayne looked Back just in time to see this impending calamity and thinking he would How the other car into the ditch by staying where he was he veered sharply to the left and ran directly into the ditch on the opposite Side of the Road his car turning Turtle. Outside of a broken Arm and a badly damaged car nothing happened. The Little girl was somewhat scratched up but not seriously. The Man who really was somewhat was very contrite. He said he Tho fight the Little girl was telling her father that he was coming on that Side. He offered or. Wayne a drink of some kind of stuff he was carrying internally and or. Wayne said it come in pretty Handy under the circumstances. It was quite a Rev Vifler he said. The Man gave his name As Strickler from Southern Iowa. He said he would be going Back through Geneva soon and would Stop. He took or. Wayne and his daughter Home and a doctor from Albert Lea went out and set the Arm. Continued on Page eight Horny from Jenson arrived Home from it. Sheridan for a 30 Days furlough. Township report. Bancroft twp. Precinct. State tickets governor Preus Shipstead 71, Ellsworth 3, Frankson 10, Iverson 5, Keefe 1. It. Gov Collins 104, Mallon 79. Sec. State Holm 84, vollum 4. State treas Rines 100, Lund 78. Atty. Gen Hilton 75, Larson 25, Patterson 9, Smith Sullivan 69. It. It. Amp we Ostby 77, Jacobson 110. Asst. Justice Dibble 73, Siegel 41, Johnson 52, Vanderburgh 16. Rep. 1st dist Anderson 112, be Vang 56. County tickets rep Morgan 36, Flindt 75, Emmons 76. Judge of probate Johnson 74, Knatvold 75, Stor Vick 40. Com. 3rd dist Wangen 63, Aslesen 109, Mauseth 12. Moscow precinct. State tickets governor Preus 56, Shipstead 12, Ellsworth 1, Frankson 5, Iverson 5, Keefe 3. It. Gov Collins 62, Mallon 15. Sec. State Holm 49, vollum 12. State treas Rines 56, Lund 23. Atty. Gen Hilton 52, Larson 9, Patterson 6, Smith 2, Sullivan 11. R. R. Amp we Ostby 12, Jacobson 67. Asst. Justice Dibble 21, Siegel 12, Johnson 40, Vanderburgh 5. Hep. 1st dist Anderson 69, Levang 5. County tickets rep Morgan 23, Flindt 44, Emmons 51. Judge of probate Johnson 42, Knatvold 27, Stor Vick 11. Alden twp. Precinct. State tickets governor Preus 35, Shipstead 46, Ellsworth 5, Frankson 9, Iverson 2. It. Gov Collins 41. Mallon 54. Sec. State Holm 34, vollum 54. State treas Rines 44, Lund 49. Atty. Gen Hilton 35, Larson 5, Patterson 5, Smith 4, Sullivan 46. R. R. It pc we Ostby 50, Jacobson 43. Asst. Justice Dibble 7, Siegel 36, Johnson 38, Vanderburgh 14. Rep. 1st dist Anderson 61, Levang 15. County tickets rep Morgan 30, Flindt 42, Emmons 20. Judge of probate Johnson 39, Knatvold 20, Stor Vick 33. Geneva vill. Precinct. State tickets governor Preus 31, Shipstead 4, Ellsworth 2, Frankson 3, Iverson 2. It. Gov Collins 26, Mallon 13. Sec. State Holm 20, vollum 9. State treas Rines 33, Lund 9. Atty. Gen Hilton 18, Larson 6, Patterson 2, Smith 2, Sullivan 13. R. Ramp Wil Ostby 8. Jacobson 32. Asst. Justice Dibble 10, Siegel 4, Johnson 25, Vanderburgh 4. Rep. 1st dist Anderson 34, Levang 7. County tickets it rep Morgan 26, Flindt 5. Emmons 15. Judge of probate Johnson 39, Knatvold 5, Stor Vick 3. Com. 1st dist Wayne 38, Erickson 1, Swanson 8. Emmons vill. Precinct. State tickets governor Preus 64, Ellsworth 1, Frankson 2, Iverson 2. It. Gov Collins 57, Mallon 15. Sec. State Holm 57, vollum 9. State treat. Rines 58, Lund 10. Atty. Gen Hilton 50, Larson 6, Patterson 5, Sullivan 8. R. R. Amp we Ostby 6, Jacobson 65. Asst. Justice Dibble 23, Siegel 14. Johnson 23, Vanderburgh 3. Rep. Let dist Anderson 57, Levang 7. County tickets rep Morgan 25, Flindt 2, Emmons 44. Judge of pro Bate Johnson 39, Knatvold 25, 8tor� Vick 7. Shell Rock precinct. State tickets governor Presa 44, Shipstead 38, Ellsworth 2, Frankton 7, Iverson 4. It. Gov Collin 44, Mallon 46. Sec. State Holm 38. Sut treas Rines 47, Lund 47. Atty. Tom i continued on Page

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