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Albert Lea Times Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jan 19 1921, Page 7

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Albert Lea Times Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 19, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Wednesday january 19, 1921.the times Enterprise Albert Lea Minh. Page Sevah two year old Bull calf Sells for $60,000 biggest Deal of kind Ever taking place in the state closed at Ellendale by three breeders. Ormsby sensation was the animal sold. In All the Young Bull will bring $60,000 to Ellendale men it is estimated. Calf travels new York Home ill h a a sixty thousand Dollar Ormsby sensation leaves Ellendale for his new Home. Celebrated Golden wedding anniversary does does it b. Johnson or Alfred c. I Eterson of near Ellendale. These breeders have just disposed of a two year old Holstein Bull which will bring in to them approximately $60,000. Sixty thousand dollars this Young fellow was purchased by the Ellendale breeders a year and one half ago for $4,000. The Deal scandalized the people it pay to raise Fine cattle i Bull in he was As pleased Well ask Sloan Brothers a. J As a boy with his bargain and talked voluble about it. �?�1 will get the Money Back in the first two calves a he said. A they will sell for $10,000 so does the Stock game run up into big figures. Ormsby sensation was sired by sir Pietertje Ormsby Mercedes Best son called 37th, and his dam Wisconsin Fobes 5th also is by 37th. The Price around Ellendale. They thought the j paid for him will cause owners of buyers had gone crazy. The present Deal which is the biggest Ever pulled off in Minnesota Means that these breeders have made at the least calculation $56,000. The following article about the Sale taken from the Ellendale Eagle of wednesdays Issue will be of interest to every citizen of Freeborn county especially the Farmers and breeders a year and a half ago three Ellendale Stock breeders went Over to Waupaca wis., and bought a Call raised by John Erickson the Holstein Breed scrub sires to rub their eyes incredulously. Many of them will not believe it at All because they think it is impossible to pay out so much Money for an animal. Turned Over $20,000. The amount of Cash turned Over to the owners of Orrnsby sensation was $20,000. Other perquisites go with the Sale which Are considered to be Worth $20,000 More making the total Price received for the Hull $40,000. Some stockmen computing the value of the advertising received and the a doubt rides in private coach with Valet Rev. And or. O. A Sauer formerly of Glenville observe Day at Minneapolis Home. Entertained at fair. View Church sunday crowd at train to see him off. Coach nicely padded to insure Comfort. Holstein his new a and owner a a a he largest Row of d progeny Tomt Breed in the world. The Call j a. 4l_l they bought bore the name of Ormsby sensation and Bis Granddad was of the Bull which still remain on the Ellendale farms estimate the Deal As t. I o i u k being Worth $60,000 to the three Al Spring Brook Boss Hurko and to wept Alp Stork,n,.�?z. I besides the actual Transfer of j $20,000 in Cash other considerations involved in the change in ownership cow. The Price paid for the calf was $4,000. This was the first really High priced animal that has come into this Community and people were somewhat scandalized at the Price and sceptical As to the Vatilce of the investment. A Good buy. The owners of the expensive calf were Sloan bros., of Orchard Hill Dairy. Arthur b. Johnson of Beaver Oaks Stock farm and Alfred c. Peterson of Ormsby Home Stock farm. If they had any doubts of the wideness of their Purchase after it was made they were dispelled when a week after the Deal had been completed they were offered $1,000 for their bargain. In the fall of the same year they received another offer of $8,000 and this confirmed them in the belief that they had picked a Winner. Fascinating game. Fine Stock Breeding is More than a science and a business. It is also a game. The various animals Are the figures in the game and their position of advantage is determined by their records. Tests Are continually being made of production and records of physical characteristics taken. A boost in the record of one progenitor enhances the reputation of the whole Lupe. Thus a few months ago when Ormsby sensations dam beat her own grandmother in weight and Cap j lured the record As the world s larg j est cow the report sent Ormsby sensation s value already High to still greater Heights. Way Down East in York staff is one Julius Schmidt known to Holstein j men everywhere As a successful breeder and probably the Foremost Man in his business in the United states. Schmidt watches records As a cat watches a mouse and no move escapes his vigilance. In following the career of Ormsby sensation he made up his mind that Here was a very valuable animal and he wanted him. That was the reason that last week a Man of German extraction Well past Middle life and walking with the Aid of two canes appeared in Ellendale making inquiries about Sloan Bros und the associate owners of Ormsby sensation. He saw his men and came to the Point without too much delay and after matters of detail had been threshed out the Deal was closed. When the papers had been signed last Friday. Schmidt went to of the Hull Are As follows other considerations. Another year Schmidt is to give the Ellendale breeders their pick of a son of Ormsby sensation from an at least l,000i Pound daughter of his famous Herd sire. Ormsby Koldyke lad. This is considered Worth $10,000. Schmidt is also to Send for the use of the Ellendale breeders the coming season Ormsby kor Dyke lad Posch. As his name implies this Ani i real is a son of Ormsby kor Dyke lad i and out of a 1231 la. Daughter of j Ormsby kor Dyke lad. This Bull is i being retained As a Herd sire at Beaver dam the Schmidt farm in York state. The service of this animal for the season is conservatively placed at $10,000. Three heifers go East. Three daughters of Ormsby sensation one from each Herd go with j their daddy to show the people of the East what his calves look like. Orms j by sensation leaves behind him 27 calves 18 cows to freshen to his i services Between now and june and some 18 that have been bred to him this Winter. When his majesty changed hands in this Deal every one of his calves doubled in value. These calves Are wonders for Type and Bis daughters will be retained on the Ellendale farms to build tip a great family farther. The farm to Wirich Ormsby sensation will go in the East is a famous one. The previous Herd sire at Beaver dam Stock farm or. Schmidt a place was Ormsby kor Dyke lad and up to Date it has been a race Between this sire and sir Peterje Ormsby Mercedes for the most daughters that have made 1,000 lbs. Butter and Over in a year. Pietertje maid Ormsby is the dam of sir Pietertje Ormsby Mercedes and Granddad of Ormsby Koldyke lad. The interchange of blood Between the East and West which this transaction involves will be beneficial to All concerned and probably further business deals May be consummated with Mutual advantage. All around Benefit. The completion of this Deal is rep t a Only a great thing Lor the local breeders concerned As Well As for the Village of Ellendale and surrounding Ihn Telegraph office immediately and i country. All these breeders Are com set the following message to his Para telvely Young men who have just Herdsman Quot i have bought the Best become Well grounded in the business i of raising pure bred Stock. This will a j put them in the front rank of Breed is and their work will always receive attention. As for Ellendale it gives us the Chance to develop further along the lines which Promise us the greatest Opportunity Lor distinction. A Superior product will bring the world to our door even though the path must be Cut through a wilderness. In Dairying and Stock raising lies our greatest Field of development. We should make endeavours to establish a sales Center Here and make a move for the Erec Tion of a Pavillion for the housing of Fine Stock sales. This is one of the biggest transactions in blooded Stock Ever put through in the state. It is especially notable on account of having been consummated at a time when there is More or less business stagnation and a disposition to hold up on everything but the most necessary buying. This goes to show that there is always a Market und a Good Price if there is Merit in the article sold. Well the sixty thousand calf is Nowr on has Way to York Home. We Are referring to his Honor Ormsby sensation the two year old youngster sold at Ellendale last week by the breeders Sloan Brothers a. B. Johnson and Alfred c. Peterson to Julius Schmidt a world famous Holstein breeder of new York. According to an Albert Lea citizen who reported to the Tribune that he was at the Rock Island station at Ellendale last. Saturday to witness the going away of the calf a Large crowd of citizens were also present. The animal left Ellendale in a private coach with one of its former owners in attendance. The coach was nicely padded to insure against any possible bumps or bruises Ormsby sensation might get when losing his equilibrium As the train travelled around curves or came to a Stop. A goodly Supply of specially prepared feed and pure water was also in the car. The new owners paid the fare of the attendant both ways besides $5.00 a Day. In is said the a a tickets for the calf insuring his Safe delivery in new York Cost the new owners $1,500. Ormsby sensation leaves behind him 27 calves 18 cows to freshen to his services Between now and june and some 18 that have been bred to him this Winter. When his majesty changed hands in this Deal every one of his calves Douty de in value. These calves Are wonders for Type and his daughters will be retained on the Ellendale farms to build up a great family further. The farm to which Ormsby sensation will go in the East is a famous one. The previous Herd sire at Beaver dam Stock farm or. Schmidt s place was Ormsby Koldyke lad. And up to Date t has been a race Between this sire and sir Peterje Ormsby Mercedes for the most daughters that have made 1,000 lbs. Butter and Over in a year. Peterje maid Ormsby is the dam of sir Pietertje Ormsby Mercedes and Granddad of Ormsby kor Dyke lad. The interchange of blood Between the East and West which this transaction involves will be beneficial to All concerned and probably further business deals May be consummated with Mutual advantage. The completion of this Deal is certainly a great thing Tor the breeders concerned As Well As Lor the Village of Ellendale and surrounding country. The Ellendale breeders Are comparatively Young men who have just be Many messages received by Honor guests from friends who were absent. I Creamery has j a successful year in 1920 Conger organization held annual meeting on Jan. 11 and elect officers. The Conger Creamery company held its annual meeting at the Village school House of Conger january 11, 1921. This year was the most successful year of the Creamery in its history. At present the Creamery has 112 patrons an increase of ten Over last year. The meeting was called to order by the president Barney t. Steele. The first thing in order was to hear the Secretary a report which was then read by the Secretary Albert h. Wisemer. Next the election of officers. The following officers were All reelected for the ensuing year president Barney t. Steele. Vice Wietman. Secretary Alberth Wittmer. Treasure re Frank w. Steele. Directors Brick Lindeman Frank Krueger George Wiehman. The next thing was to discuss business matters for the coming year. Hereafter the county agent gave a Short talk to the patrons. After this the meeting Cream received .699,104 children alter which Rev. O. A. Setter j test for year. 29.2 responded thanking the guests Loi pounds butter fat from cream.204,153 their presence and Tor the Good will j Poun a butter made .254,364 shown alter this congratulatory descent of overrun. 23 1 sages were read and then lunch was Poun s 0f butter sold to Pat served after which a general inform Lrons. 18.708 gathering took place. Or. Arnold 0f butter said at Sauer the youngest of the family pre j Creamery. 1,369 sided at the program. Pounds of but ter shipped 234,287 the children who Hud arranged average Price Reed net for this reception Tor their parents were j butter. On saturday Jan. 8th, 1921 was the Golden wedding anniversary of Rev. And mrs. O. A. Sauer. The entire family gathered at their Home in Minneapolis for a family reunion at 5 of Toek p. M. At 7 30 p. In. An informal reception was held at their Home and during the course of the evening besides vocal selections by the misses Esther and Lydia Kukain and piano duet by misses Marie Reque and Datura Sauer several speakers All of j whom have been intimately Assi rated with the Bride and Groom of fifty i years spoke. The Rev. Geo. A. Gullixson of Chicago 111., who has known and been intimately associated with the Honor guests reviewed events from Pion a Days in Iowa. The Rev. J. A. Thor j son a classmate of the Rev. Sauer from St. In it us University spoke on their Early associations. The Rev. J chrs. Anderson pastor of Fairview i Church North Minneapolis congrats a lated the Bride and Groom in a Lew j very appropriate remarks. The Rev. C. F. Sauer spoke on behalf of the you save Money says the Good judge and get More genuine chewing satisfaction when you use this class of tobacco. This is because the full Rich real tobacco taste lasts so Long you done to need a fresh Chew nearly As often. And a Small Chew gives More real satisfaction than a big Chew of the Ordinary kind Ever did. Any Man who uses the real tobacco Chew will Tell you that. Put up in two styles we git is a Long Fine Cut tobacco right. Cui is a Short Cut tobacco any. 1 in Joad Vayne it a. Y 0rvc, Ambrosius and wife and two children j Evelyn and Lucille of Duluth Minn., where or. Sauer is in the menus furnishing business Rev. C. J. Sauer pastor at Lignite n. D., with wife and son Carl Arndt x. O. Sauer and wife of lint on n. D., where or. Sauer is in charge of the Extension dept of agriculture in Emmons l. A. Sauer a Public accountant of Minneapolis adopt Sauer mgr. Of Public drug store at Minneapolis a Tura m. Sauer a registered nurse and graduate of kit Al Hospital. Minneapolis and Arnold g. Sauer a Bond Salesman also of Minneapolis. The following Day sunday Jan. 9th the Bride and Groom of 50 years As Well As the whole family were elaborately entertained at the Church Parlours i of Fairview congregation of North Minneapolis the Rev. Chrs. Anderson pastor. The bridal couple und family i were escorted to the Church in autos by member of the congregation. The Parlours were elaborately decorated in Gold and the following program Ren dered the pastor Rev. Anderson president and welcomed the Honor average Price paid for butter fat. Cost of making one Pound of butter. �?T>8,7c 69.7c 3.65c receipts Reed for butter shipped. .$137,467.01 butter sold to patrons. Butter sold at Creamery. Cream sold at Creamery. Buttermilk sold at Creamery. I Salt and others sold at i Creamery. One tub butter from nov. I 1919, overcharges on freight. Recd from Speltz for overcharges on Coal. Theo. Wiehman for Brick. Total received for year. Overdraft at end of year. 11.802.75 850.67 112.65 272.95 29.30 44.99 28.50 82,81 10.20 come Well grounded in the business of guests. The Rev. Gullickson of Chi j Cago spoke on the Early associations. The Rev. Thorson spoke on student raising pure bred Stock. This is one of the biggest transactions in blooded Stock Ever put through in the state of Minnesota. 26 schools in big contest t \. A k it f. Schools divided into subdistrict for declamatory event. Wheeler of Austin chairman. Dairy win. Schneider butter and Hall taxes insurance. insurance. A. Stewart Durance. Conger state if your eyes Are weak you Are Apt to suffer from Snow blindness. In Many cases there is no serious defect of the Eye Ami the wearing of tinted glasses for a period will give you the proper Relief. It would be a Good idea to Call upon us for an examination. V to i i 1 a v v v v v v v a v v t c m. Simonson d. S. Teeth extracted or filled plate and Bridge work done promptly. Office second floor Simonson building Albert Lea Minn. Keen interest in the High school declamatory contest of this District is now evidenced by the fact that 26 towns of the District have entered the Competition. The we Ork of dividing the District into sub districts and arranging plans Lor the event have just been completed by the committee supervising the work of the District. Or. Wifi Eeler of Austin is chairman of the Southeastern District committee. The other members of. A Church at that tune presided the committee Are supt. Brown of Days at St. Miamis University. Rev. Torgerson of Northwood la., present it Oil. mrs. Sauer with a purse front the Minnesota members of the Albert Lea ministerial conference. The Rev. John strand spoke to the Bride on behalf of the Many who have enjoyed hospitality in thir old Home at Glenville Minn. The Rev. C. N. Petterson on behalf of the congregation presented the honoured guests with $50.00 in Gold. Rev. O. A. Sauer then responded expressing his appreciation and thanked the congregation and every one present Lor what they had done for them on this occasion the musical part of the program consisted of piano selections by miss Ruth Lund formerly of Lyle Minn., and one of lev. Sauer s former Church members. Two vocal solos rendered by miss Windem accompanied by miss Nelson. At both receptions the Bride wore a purple velvet gown trimmed in Gold lace and a Corsage bouquet of roses and during the congratulations at the Home site wore the veil and Wreath which she wore at the wedding ceremony in Chicago fifty years ago where the Rev. J. Rohen the brother of the Bride and pastor of the Saviours expenditures. J butter maker a salary. Helpers salary. J Secretary a salary. I other officers salaries. J fuel. Tubs. I. I Salt. Council. Hauling rent. Accidental $150,701.83 877.86 $151,579.69 $ 2,050.00 300.00 300.00 231.00 834.16 2,545.00 194.20 56.64 125.85 77.00 55.86 25.001 10.95 ing until an investigation could be made. A a done to get excited. There is no danger but move right along Ana empty the building up said. It was surprising How Well behaved every one was. No exit men of speak of prevailed among the people in any part o it he House As they rapidly went from the bunding. It or. Vallati then turned in the alarm and for the first time went to make an investigation. He discovered that the fire just breaking into a Blaze was located near the rear of the building under the stage Back of the prop room near the Coal bin. If was quickly extinguished and the people were Back in their neats enjoying the last part of the show before the fire boys arrived. What started the fire is a mystery. No electric wiring was near where the tire originated. During the shows at the Idle hour and the Broadway Val has for years used every precaution to guard against fires during the show time. At intervals one of his Man visits every part of the House. It was during one of the rounds made by this employee that the fire was discovered. Val stated today had the fire started three hours later in the evening after the plan was closed the theatre probably would have burned or suffered a heavy damage. Lie wants to compliment the people who were in attendance last night on the Way they obeyed his request to leave the theatre. A was in the past 1 will always keep one of my men on the Job during performances to see that fire does not Start and get beyond control a said Val today. A by so doing there will never be any cause for anxiety along this line among the people in the teachers will hold meeting to take place saturday afternoon january 22 at the court House. There will be a meeting of the teachers of Freeborn county saturday Jan. 22, at 1 30 p. M. In the court House. County agent Ben Rieke will give a talk on boys and girls club work. A demonstration lesson in silent Reading will be Given by miss Mcmil Len of the City schools. Instruction will also be Given As to the manner in which you May find out whether or not your school is up to the Standard which they ought 1o attain. The matter of the school exhibit building at the fair grounds will be considered. The prospects for a building Are very Good at present judging by the responses from teachers in the Rural districts. Considering the splendid contributions even some of the Small schools Are making we would suggest that every teacher try to do something. A Small school of five pupils recently sent us $25. No doubt most teachers Are doing something in preparing exhibits for the county fair. One of the Strong features As been the making of Industrial booklets on such topics As poultry cattle horses Corn weeds bread making Etc. Miss Sweitzer county nurse will give a talk. Returned . Henry plan i Ning of Mansfield who was called to Albert Lea on account of the illness j of her husband returned Home Mon Day morning. Or. Pfenning under a went an operation for ruptured appendix to the Naeve Hospital about j two we is ago. He is getting along nicely and expects to leave the Hospital in a Short t Ime. I thoughts for 1921.�?the world will continue to exist. Business must move along. What is happening now has happened before. It took Len years alter the civil War before economic equilibrium was restored. Picture the state of the worlds mind in the dark Ages. Men must Hope. There can be no Progress or Prosperity founded on gloom. Those who Are Well must help the Wmk. Those who have enough and to spare must help those who have not. An ounce of Good cheer goes farther than a Pound of judge. A a a m for fire in Bank for and freight express others. Richter hardware co. For ventilator and supplies. C. Sprenger for lumber and Cement. J. Albert Lea and supt. Peterson of St. Charles. The arrangements for the event were made by correspondence. The contests in this District must be completed by March 4. Accordingly the contests in the sub districts will be held on feb. 11 or feb. 18 the District contest on feb. 25, according to the plans of the committee. The District has been subdivided by the committee with the railway lines As guides to facilitate schools meeting for contest. Albert i it a is in the fifth sub District. District 1�?rushlord, Spring Grove Caledonia Houston. Preston. Harmony. I Knesboro District 2�?hastings, Stillwater Kenyon. Zumbrota red Wing. District 3�? Winona Rochester Spring Valley St. Charles. District 4�?waseca, Dodge Center West Concord Hayfield Owatonna. District 5�?grand Meadow ing Lea. Prairie Elkton Austin mm.#. Bloom Albert the Rev. And mrs. O. A. Sauer resided in Story county la., from sept. 1869 until aug. 1872, where the former served iwo congregations. In aug., j 1872 they moved to fort Dodge la., i where he organized congregations inline counties. In 1877 they removed j to Thor la., and there resigned As i pastor because of ill health. In 1889 they moved to Bode la., where they res ded until 1900 at which time he had regained his health and again j took up the we Ork of the ministry and i moved to Glenville Minn. After serv j ing the congregations at round Prai Rie Lunder Glenville and Lyle Minn for 12 years he resigned in 1912 As he was then getting along in years and his health was not Good at All times. In 1918 they moved to Minneapolis where they have since resided at 307 West 15ms its. In Oak Terrace apts. Rev. And mrs. Sauer were the recipients of hundreds of messages and greetings As w Ell As a great Many presents including purses of Gold and several individual pieces. H. Turner for Carpenter work. A alb. Johnson for work and material on Chimney. Pc. Meisner for painting i Creamery. J c. W. Bailey for work on Creamery and Cistern. I unloading Coal. Books and supplies. I other expense. Paid patrons in checks. J paid patrons in butter. Buttermilk and other Wise. I overdraft at beginning of year. 123.06 02.60 .30 38.85 470.65 a 144.50 19.90 78.00 47.44 760.73 130,156.40 12,105.00 total 26.35 expenses .$151,579.69 a. Ii. Wittmer Secretary. Small Blaze Large crowd at Broadway theatre Well behaved in time of fire. Val of the Broadway theatre is Well pleased with the behaviour of the Large crowd at the Broadway last night. At about eight thirty of clock during the first show a Small Blaze was discovered underneath the stage floor. Val was immediately notified and Fie without turning in the alarm quickly stepped to the orchestra pit and m a Calm and deliberate manner asked the audience to kindly leave the build poultry helps Best poultry profits Are possible Only with ninety per cent of the Chicks raised quickly to maturity to laying or to mar Ket. Chicks that drag along six or eight months in development yield no profit neither do Chicks that die. Thousands of people raise 90 per cent or More of the Chicks hatched. Thousands of others get eggs from pullets in five months and then eggs every month of the year. Germ Ozone is of first importance As it is very strongly preventive As Well As curative. Chicks must be kept healthy. Chicks must not contract Bowel trouble sour crops colds Etc. They will not thrive and grow if unwell and Many will die. Germ Ozone is so easy to use and so inexpensive. A Little in the drink three times a week not As Medicine but As a corrective of the bad things a Chick picks up with food from the floor and for keeping clean and sanitary that Little storage bin the Chicks crop. Leeds egg maker and Chick grower As its name implies induces laying and rapid growth. It pays to crowd them along every min Ute of the time to the laying Point. We have germ Ozone Leeds lice killer Leeds Louse powder and Leeds egg maker in All usual sizes. Mem

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