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Albert Lea Times Enterprise Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Times Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 27, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota 8 pages i note Ramsi is pack Freeborn county to m est Wen to six year Albert Lea Enterprise forty ninth year Albert Lea. Minnesota. Wednesday april 27, 1921 no mfr Brvant Ken volume fifteen a jealous Lover shoots miss Agnes Rooney is jailed Otto Larson goes to Home of Ben Salinsky on Vine Hurst and shoots after girl has fallen in Yard. Bullet penetrates forearm. Police and sheriff Fosse Hunt about an hour before offender is captured and placed in county jail. Rival of Larson said to be prominent business Man of Myrtle men take grave step in Coal strike some More big town stuff was staged in Albert Lea monday evening. Miss Agnes Rooney aged 22 years was shot through the Arm last night by her Lover Otto Larson of Kasson minn., who has been doing Pebble dash work in this City for the past two months. The girl is the adopted daughter of or. And mrs. Henry Anderson of Northwood Lewa. And was a maid at the Home of Ben Salinsky proprietor of the new York fashion shop Here. She had been receiving attentions from Larson. It is said that Larson was jealous of a prominent business Man of Myrtle Minnesota who was a so paying the girl attention. We were unable to learn the name of the Myrtle Man. Last sunday Mies Rooney found three notes aft mysteriously on her bed at the Salinsky Home. One of the notes read keep this Unher your hat or look out. I have none the limit. Leave the City. If you do not we die the second note read a i mean this for you for your Good. Leave on no. 6, Rock Island. Look out. The third note was As follows Quot leave tomorrow before 6 2 a night. Will get you. You can t make a Damn fed of me. You have hed and have made a fool of the girl p id no attention to the notes although was somewhat worried. It is believed that Larson entered the Trine by Home by t n rear door saturday night unobserved and left the notes. Last night about 7 of clock while miss Rooney was alone Larson walked into the Salinsky Home armed with a revolver. Shortly afterwards neighbors Baw miss Rooney run out of the front door screaming. She was followed closely by Larson gun in hand. As the girl started across the Yard she stumbled and fell. In a second Larson was upon her. As she Lay he pointed the revolver at her and fired. Evidently thinking he had killed the girl he turned and ran. The girl continued to scream until she was helped Back into the House and attended by or. Folken. Immediately chief Carey was c let a and he in turn notified sheriff Fosse officers Liedal and lie son. The chief and sheriff wont to South Madison Street where Larson had been Rooming be Beving he was hiding there. Finding no Trace of the Man they went to hotel Albert and As they entered they met officer Liedal and con Olson coming out with Larson. Larson had gone to one of the hotel rooms occupied by his employer where he was found by officer Liedal. After the capture. Larson pre tended he was drunk and then that he was crazy. At present he tasks very Little. Before coming to Albert Lea miss Rooney was employed by the Louis Nelson family at Myrtle for one year. She came to Albert Lea last fall and was employed As a maid at the r. A. Wolgamot Home on Fountain Street. About three weeks ago she went to work at the Salinsky Home. Larson has been paying her attention for several weeks. The Bullet from Larson a gun entered Ore of Rooney a arms above the wrist. Fortunately it missed the Bones passing out at the opposite Side. Just what was the calibre is hard to determine but the wound looks As if it had been inflicted with a .32 Ball. Much damage by new members of heavy Rains by. Labor boarding Wisconsin by associated pros Milwaukee. Wis., april 25. \ heavy rainstorm accompanied by electric disturbances swept Central Wisconsin this afternoon demoralizing wire communication. stretches of Railroad track near Janesville were reported under in ter and Oshkosh reported Waters rising rapidly in the Rivers that flow into Lake Winnebago. Meager r ports Early tonight did not indicate that the widespread storm had caused any great damage. La Crosse wis., april 25. \ heavy wind and rain storm hit this Vicinity about 2 of clock p. M. Today. Coming from the Southwest and pass ing toward Hie Northeast. Telegraph Telephone and Power wires were blown Down but no other serious damage was reported though communication badly hampered. 1>arg0 Crews of repairmen were at work tonight restoring wires. Eau Claire. Wis. April 25. Nearly half an Inch of rain fell in this local Ity late today. The storm was accompanied by wind and Hail and Telegraph communication was interfered with. No other serious damage was reported Early tonight. By associated press Washington april 25.--the Nomin Lions of in to w. Hooper of tonnes be. Walter m. Mcmenimen of Massa Itu e to and Samuel Higgins of new York to be members of the Railroad let or Board were confirmed today by the president could not go to a. P. Doings by associated press new York april 26th. A Pettei from the president speaking of the loyalty of american newspapers was read today at the annual luncheon of the associated press at the Waldorf today. Regretting that he could not to attend the luncheon he also sex yield to the temptation to play truant pressed Hope that the administration would be Able to deserve and retain the lavish measure of Good will and Confidence accorded it thus far. The guest of Honor at. The luncheon was John w. Davis formerly Ambuss a Dor of great too much of Irish doctors by associated press Dublin. April 9.�?physicians of this City regardless of politics have ignored the cider of the government military authorities to report at one the arrival in hospitals of persons suffering from gunshot wounds. Thus far no proceedings have been taken against them. The order was intended to Aid the military in identifying their attackers Many of whom escape though wounded. Physicians resent the military mandate because they declare 11 would require them to break Faith with their patients thus violating a Rule of professional ethics. They arty that if the order were obeyed Many wounded persons would go without medical did not treat Brothers Well by associated press Varna Rud Garia april 4.�?a Large deputation of bulgarian bolshevik which has just visited Odessa was received with anything but brotherly kindness from their russian Breth ten. The red guards who in group occupy All the streets of the City a Quot priced the majority of them of their boots. Soviet representatives in Odessa ignored them and consequently they were unable to obtain any food. So Little did the Odessa bolshevik stand on ceremony that the agents of the extraordinary commission shot Down a deserter on the deck of the ship by which the bulgarians had travelled in View of the whole delegation. The bulgarians have now returned to Varna much chastened and very doubtful of the Good results to to expected from the introduction of bolshevism into their own country. By associated press London april 26.�?the National Union of railway men has instructed its members not to handle Coal from Colliery sidings or from overseas. Sir Eric ged Des minister of transportation announced in the House of commons today. He characterized the order As a grave Preus is going South by associated press St. Paul april 26th.�?governor j. A. O. Preus will visit at institutions in the Southern part of Minnesota this week on his Way to new Orleans where he will attend a meeting of the Mississippi Valley association on flyer escaped from the bolshevik communist handbills in St. Paul 7 red Flag posters distributed at workmen a Homes urge labourers to join a general May Day revolution. Police search for guilty ones. By associated press St. Paul april 26.�?the hand of the United communist party of America urging St. Paul labourers to join a general May Day revolution against the United states government was shown Early today in distribution of thousands of inflammatory handbills at the Homes of workmen in the Vicinity of the great Northern Railroad shops. Police and Federal authorities Are searching for the men who made the distribution of the h for Gilbert urged by or. Tig Hewill occupy by associated press Riga. April 26. Captain Morion r Cooper of Jacksonville. Fla., the Ivor Itsko Squadron flyer who was Sho Low n on the polish front and eap Tut i by the russians last july from the prison cant near on april 12th, and arrived Oday. Escaper Moscow in Riga mail robbers got away with six Milijov by associated press Washington april 25. Mail Rob hers got away with approximately $6. last year of which some $3, >00,000 has been recovered postmas or general Hays said today in Dis ussing Steps taken to remedy Fhi a absolutely intolerable condition. A it must and will be stopped Quot la Aid adding that in addition to tin distribution of arms to postal employees the standing Reward of $5,006 to any employee of the department what brought in a mail robber had Boer widened to include the general Public reduction not disarmament says rep. Kelley by associated press Washington april 25. American naval expansion plans were described Oday to the House by representative Kelley Republican of Michigan As an lid to International disarmament. He was opening debate on the Annua naval appropriation Bill which his committee framed and which carries a total of $396,000,000. Quot when the ships now building Art completed the United states will he in a position to offer proportionate re duct Ion in naval construction to the world Quot or. Kelley said. Quot when this program is finished the nation will he equal in sea Power to any nation on the Globe. A there will never be disarmament there will be reduction of necessary iti�3 is the determination of Vemier Brinn who is sup ported by chamber of deputies. Germany must live up to agreement.?, or be forced to. By associated press pars april 26th.�? Premier Brand told the chamber of deputies the s afternoon Quot if on May 1st, satisfactory proposals with acceptable guarantees Are not made by the German government the Ruhr will be after hearing the Premier s statement the chamber voted Confidence in the government by a vote of 424 to 29, with 59 deputies abstaining from voting. Paris april the possibility it of applying penalties to Germany immediately after May 1st, despite whatever proposals Germany May make re Garding reparations in general is being seriously considered according to rumours in official French circles today. Such action would be dependant upon Germany a refusal to Transfer one billion Gold Marks to the bin end or hand Over the equivalent of that As de mantled by the reparations commas Sion. Paris april 26th.�?Germany s new reparation proposition As made Public today was considered Here As unacceptable even As a basis of discussion according to Well informed opinion close to the French government. Paris april 26th, what is termed the vital effect of participation by the United states in the reparation settlement and the necessity for occupation of the Ruhr Region of Germany As a guarantee for Germany a execution of any agreement entered into is emphasized in evening a pets Here to it by associated press St. Paul april 26th.�?andrew Tighe prominent St Paul attorney and former counsel for the Minnesota safety commission appeared before the state Pardon Board today and urged clemency for Joseph Gilbert former Minnesota state manager for the non partisan league and prominent in nonpartisan league affairs. James Manahan of St. Paul former congressman and nonpartisan league worker also spoke for clemency. Gilbert began serving a term two months ago of one year in the Goodhue county jail on the charge of interfering with father shoots sons by associated press san Francisco cal., april 25.�? bodies of Arthur and Andrew Gornyn were found underneath a clump of Trees in Chapman Terrace at Corte Madra where police were taken by the boys father late this afternoon Cornyn a former inmate of the state Hospital told the police he had shot and killed the boys and offered to show where they were Brothers were honoured by associated press Belfast april 26th.�?the Council of the Royal College or surgeons of ire land today resolved to Confer lion ovary Fellowship on i r. W. J. Mayo and or. C. H. Mayo of Rochester minn., and five other american Doc tors.1,200 sheep Are Frozen to death by associated press Salt Lake City Utah april 25. Twelve Hundred head of sheep which had been recently shorn were Frozen to death at Milford Newhouse and Blackrock Utah in a blizzard sat inlay according to word brought Here by or. W. A. Stephenson state Veur Inai fan. Germany offers fifty billion in american Money Germany agrees to assume Allied obligations to the u. S. Wants unbiased commission to determine reparations. Mentions amount will pay allies immediately. Allies will discuss proposals saturday. Allied officials gathered in London today to talk Over reparations proposals. By associated press note forwarded to Washington. A Washington april 26th.�?-geramny�?Tsj clause in the note says Quot Germany counter proposals regarding re Para a suggests the appointment of an unions were received today at the state biased commission to fix the total sum department and Are understood to of her War reparations which Sho have been Laid before the Cabinet at j pledged to accept As binding and to its regular meeting. Just before the carry out in Good on Palmer View postponed by associated press Washington april 26.�? hearings scheduled for today before the department of Justice on the question of to review of former attorney general palmers opinion on in transit ship ments of liquor through this country have been postponed until May 4. The postponement was granted officials said at the request of James m. Beck of new York and other attorneys for the complaining shippers who were unable to attend today. In the i transit opinion the former attorney general held that Tran ship moot of liquor via this country from a foreign Point of origin to a foreign destination were illegal and that ships of any nationality entering american ports with liquor aboard were Viola tors of the prohibition Laws. Cabinet met the announcement was i made at tin state department that the i memorandum from Berlin had been coming in through the night in frag ments and Wax then under Cusidor Atio by Secretary Hughes. Washington april 26th.�?the German counter proposals on reparations were discussed at length today tit the regular meeting of president Harding s Cabinet but if any decision was reached the fact was carefully concealed. Those attending the meeting maintained absolute silence on the subject and would not say even that the German communication had been discussed. Berlin april 26th Germany Quot in the event the United states and the allies so desire is willing according to the extent of her ability and capacity to assume the Allied obligations to the United states Quot says a clause in her counter proposals it was definitely Learned Here today. With this exception the counter proposals forwarded to Washington in eluding the offer of 200,000,000,000 Gold Marks Are virtually As forecast in yesterdays a. P. Dispatches from this City. Berlin april 26th.�?Germany of fers to pay fifty billion dollars the present value or which converted into annuities totals two Hundred billion Gold Marks. The payments under this proposal would be made according Iso ability. With the acceptance of its proposals says the German note Germany s other reparations and obligations will be annulled and All Germany a private property in foreign countries released. Berlin april 26th.�?an arbitrary proposal by Germany for determining the total amount due her on reparations is contained in the reparations i Quot Germany Quot adds the note Quot would Welcome any suggestions from the american government for further negotiations or for changes in the present As evidence of her Good Faith says the note a Germany is prepared immediately to place at the disposal of the reparations commission 150,000,-000 Marks in Gold Silver and foreign Exchange and 850,000,000 Gold Marks in Treasury notes redeemable within three months in foreign Exchange or foreign London april 26th.�?Allied officials began to gather Here today for a conference preparatory to the meeting of the supreme Allied Council on saturday which will discuss officially Germany a latest reparations proposals. Louis Louch sur minister of liberated regions in the French Cabinet was expected to arrive from Paris and other Allied ministers were believed to be on their Way to this City. Announcement of the German reparations proposals which the being transmitted to the allies through Washington was being awaited with interest. Berlin april 26th.�?dr. Walter Simons was prepared to go before the Reich Stag and read the text of Germany s reparations proposals today. He was to have disclosed Germany a terms yesterday but declared they could not be disclosed until the rec it ii of Raj a Gorman note to the allies had been acknowledged by the United states government through which they ate being forwarded to the entente. In addition to the details of the German proposals the foreign minister was expected to Maxe a statement covering the genesis of the governments action in invoking the Aid of consider the Knox peace plan where Fleet is to be reviewed by associated press Washington april 26. The Senate was expected to begin today formal consideration of the Knox peace Resolution which was reported yesterday by the foreign relations committee. Both Republican and democratic leaders were agreed that debate probably would occupy Only a few Days. Pro portents of the measure were confident it would lie sent to tin House before the end of the week. Senator Underwood of Alabama democratic Leader planned to Confer j during the Day with minority members 1 of the foreign relations committee and j a few other democratic senators with i a View to mapping out a course of ac-1 Tion. Meanwhile the House continued de Bate on the naval appropriation Bill. It loaders have decided to postpone a i Tion in the House on the two Pence resolutions offered yesterday by chair Man Porter of the foreign affairs com Mittee until the Senate has disposed of the Knox proposal. One of the Porter resolutions would declare the War with Germany at an end while the other would make a similar declaration with regard to the state of War with Austria neither however provides for the repeal of the War resolutions As does the Knox Kansas City newspaper sold by receivers by associated press Kansas City mo., april 25.�?the Kansas City journal this City a oldest newspaper was purchased by whiter s. Dickey at a receivers Sale today. The Purchase Price was $211,-000. By associated press Newport news va., april 26.�?hotels in the Hampton roads cities Aro filled with relatives of officers and men of the Atlantic Fleet whose Vanguard already is anchored in the roads and the main body of which is expected to pass within the capes late today. Orders have been issued by the commandant of the fifth naval District to regulate Anchorage of merchant ships in Hampton roads during inspection of the Fleet by president Harding and Secretary of the Navy Denby which will take place at nine of clock thursday make gloomy films Liege. Belgium four barges carrying about 100 american dead from Verdun were paid notable honors by belgian officials. Sanford inks and adhesives Complete assortment always in Stock at stationery counter Albert Lea pub fishing company. 66-Tfa adv by associated press Berlin april 8.�?German moving picture films will not be serious competitors of american films in the near future in the opinion of Many american producers w to have been in Germany within the last few months studying the development of the film Industry. Quot neither the plays staged by germans nor the personality of the German actors i have seen would Appeal to american patrons a one of americans Foremost film producers declared after an inspection tour which included the leading studios and ing picture Heaters of Germany. Quot i could truthfully say the same of the British Flim Industry. American producers Are in my opinion far ahead of the germans and British in the Art of producing appealing films. Quot in Germany Many of the important films Are too gruesome for the american Public. Then the actresses who appear in Many of the films Are not Young and Beautiful enough to satisfy German film makers Are producing Many cubist effects. Some of Theao films Are skilfully done but the themes Are generally gloomy and not of a character which american demand. Chicago. April 26.�?a reduction of three cents a gallon on Gay Lin and kerosene from 25 to 13 is cent a a announced by the Standard Oil of la Diana company

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