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Albert Lea The Evening Tribune Farm Tab Newspaper Archives Sep 22 1913, Page 5

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Albert Lea The Evening Tribune Farm Tab (Newspaper) - September 22, 1913, Albert Lea, Minnesota Monday september 22, 1913. A Quot listen a she said. Quot last night my brother went into Santiago with a letter to you from me. He arrived at your quarters. Then he was seized and thrown out of the City for violating the order of your general that cubans remain at a distance. Perhaps you can explain a i cannot. I never received the she Shook her head. Quot All that is very Little matter a she continued. Quot that letter contained what i have now said to you. And it mid this besides that the enemies of my country Are my enemies and that it is Clear that no greater enemy to Cuba than the United states Ever she bowed and turned away. Holton stood for a moment watching her and then without a word faced abruptly about and walked toward his horse. Chapter Xvi. A frightful revelation. Holtons ride Back to the City was Ute most forlorn he had Ever taken. In the Flash of a hand he had been lowered from the Heights of ecstasy to the Depths of despair. A Beautiful dream had been lived out and the Bittor realities of waking had Corno As his face turned Holton gasped. As he sat before his tent thinking a Man paused in front of him holding his Broad Sombrero in his hand. As Holton glanced at him curiously his face lighted with recognition. A Pierre a he cried rising. A what do you want a the cuban nodded to him gravely. Quot can you come with me lieutenant Holton it is very Holton without replying accompanied the cuban. The two hurried along until at length the cuban stopped in front of a Long rambling one Story building evidently used at one time As a Barracks for the Spanish soldiers. He leaned Down and took off his shoes motioning Holton to do likewise. Realizing that the situation was Rife with importance the american sat Down and complied without a word. Tatien rising in his stocking feet Pierre took from his pocket a key unlocked the door and entered motioning Holton to follow. After they were both inside the cuban closed the door and locked it withdrawing the key and placing it in his pocket again. Quot she has not arrived yet a remarked Pierre. T am Happy. I feared it would be too Quot too late for what who did you expect to find Here a whispered Holton almost irritably. For answer Pierre squeezed his Arm and silently pointed out into the night. Following the Many a Finger Holton saw the form of a woman alighting from a Pony. As his eyes strained Jie recognized miss la Tossa. By her Side was a Man and As his face turned toward the building Holton gasped and whispered hoarsely to his companion a give me that key a the cubans hand tightened on his Arm like a Vise. A a not come. I Ani certain now the Way is Clear. I feared he was below. It install right. something in the fellow s manner made Holtons obedience implicit. Without a word he followed the Man. The cuban had lighted a Candle. Following the Light Holton could see a Long Tunnel opening before him. In the apartment itself were several electrical appliances and a push Button was in the Wall. Holton marvelled greatly at what he was going through but the Man he had seen with miss la Tossa was uppermost in his mind. A i thought that fellow Cenola was dead a he said tensely. For the Man with the girl was none other than that of the omnipresent and apparently immortal waiter of the new Willard. Pierra laughed without mirth. Quot the Man is a Devil a he replied. A the firing party at his execution was selected by an officer Friendly to him. They shot Over his head. He pretended death thus be escaped. General Garcia was tricked by his own Holton nodded. Quot but what is the meaning of All these instruments Quot he asked. Quot and Why have you brought me Here a the Man faced Holton gravely. A this Tunnel a he answered a leads under the heart of Santiago. At Short distances it is packed with dynamite. This key will release the spark that sets it off. It is the plan that the City and the american soldiers shall be blown to pieces after which the cuban soldiers now gathered on the secret Trail leading into the town will Rush in and assume Holtons breath ceased for the moment and half Cho kingly he placed his hand on Pierre s shoulder. A and miss la Tossa a he asked quavering by. Quot Senorita has been selected to press the Button. I have brought you Here to Stop her. To save the City to Bave the americans to save herself for when that Button la pressed she creaked. Holton and Pierre were lying behind some wine casks. The next instant they knew the girl was in the apartment with them. They heard a match strike. Xvi Dently she had lighted a lantern for a soft yellow glow filled the place. And now Holton peering through a crack Between two casks saw her. She still wore her Khaki Hunting snit. Her face was Pale As death and her eyes blazed with a supernatural Light. Slowly she looked about the room and then in the Middle of the floor she fell upon her Knees. She was praying. Holton arose silently and stole to a position directly in front of the switch key. When she returned she found him there with arms folded standing As immobile As a statue. She did not scream. Her lips parted and she stood still staring at him with dilated eyes. So they stood for the space of a minute. To Holton it seemed an eternity. Then she spoke. A Quot you a her voice was deep but expressionless. Quot it is i miss la Tossa a responded Holton. A a Why Why have you come Here a Quot i have come to save you from yourself. You Are in the grip of a great before Holtons steady compassionate gaze the girls eyes fell. It was As though some message from the americans heart had reached her. At any rate her voice became More gentle. A you must leave me lieutenant Holton a she resumed. Quot in in a she pause realizing what it would mean to have Holton leave her to perform her deadly task of shattering the City and its american occupants. This thought caused Heil to reel. Then As though with the flashing swiftness of lightning she sprang toward the officer and threw one Arm around his neck the other reaching Over and touching the electric Button. A now or. Holton a she cried a if you move i shall press a before she could Complete her sentence Holton raised his shoulder Ever so slightly and her Finger was thus removed at least an Inch out of reach of the Little Knob. She tried to Spring away from him but Holton held her. A miss la Tossa a he began Quot i came Here because i love you that is my Only thought. I love you. I have loved you since i first saw you. I have spoken to you concerning the americans As a Man would speak to the woman he loves with the whole truth in my heart. I have talked since i saw you this morning with scores of High officers and i can Tell you that what i have already said to you is the whole truth. Quot Cuba is certainly and surely to be left to the cubans. England France Germany Italy All great countries have been officially assured by the state department that it ii to be. Hut first order must be restored Here and the wheels of government set going. To that end general Wood is to be appointed military governor and in Good time every single american Soldier will leave this Island. There is no doubt about that. A miss la Tossa believe me for As god is my judge i have spoken Only the truth. A one moment a As she essayed to speak. A closing you is a Prie too Grout for me to pay even when it involves saving my countrymen. No. I cannot lose you and live. I do not wish to live. And so you have not believed me. Every look every word of yours tells me you regard me As a liar. So be he moved away from the push but ton and folded his arms. A you Are now at perfect Liberty to press that Button. I shall not interfere. I shall stay Here Ana die with you. That is my wish. Life Means nothing now for a cry of horror broke from the girl. So stood swaying surveying the two with staring eyes. Her gaze at length fastened upon Holton standing there his arms folded his Broad shoulders heaving his dark handsome face turned to her with an expression of great tenderness. Something in his eyes something magnetic the Power of his great love tor her the intensity of his emotions riveted her raze to his face. Slowly in spite of herself she crept f toward him fascinated. A Ranee How my arms have ached for you. How my heart has bled for Vou Ranee coma with a Low cry the girl sprang to him. In his powerful arms he caught her. She looked up at him and kissed her. Her hands caressed his face. She Drew his head Down once More to her lips. And thus in the darkness with potential death All about love the conqueror triumphed. Chapter Xvi. The Day of peace. Ten minutes perhaps had elapsed when Pierre who had thoughtfully wandered away Down the Tunnel reappeared with a warning a ahem a Holton exalted to the seventh heaven of happiness glanced at Pierre and then striding to the cuban he seized him by the Arm and led him forcibly into the Tunnel again. Quot now then Pierre a he laughed a you stay Here until i Call or ill set you Down on some of this dynamite and press the so saying he returned to miss la Tossa and gave such an account of himself As a Young Man very much in love with a Beautiful Young woman May be expected to give. A Little later they made their Way out of the building. Her Pony was still standing where she had hitched it but Cenola and his horse were gone. At least Holton assumed that Cenola had gone from the fact that his horse had departed. As they walked to the girls Pony Chough Holton with a sudden exclamation leaned Forward. There almost at his feet Lay the body of a Man. The girl saw it almost at the lame instant. Quot what is it a she asked tremulously. Quot a Man a was the solemn reply. Holton lighted a match and Bent aver the body. Then he straightened up As though he had been struck in the face. A it is Cenola a he whispered breathlessly. Quot Cenola a she Bent Down until her face was close to the dead Man and Ber hand reaching out came in con with a Low cry the girl sprang to him. Tact with a knife. This she withdrew and standing up trembling she held it toward Holton. A you must get rid of this a she cried. A Grid of it Why a Quot because it is Pierre a in a Flash Holton saw it All. Pierre coming out had seen the spy waiting for the explosion. Filled with hatred for the Man who had led his beloved Ranee into this situation he had promptly paid off the score. A give me the Holton wrapped the thing in his handkerchief and in Good season contrived to place it where it would never be found which is getting a bit ahead of the Story. In the meantime the two wended their Way toward Headquarters Holton leading Tho horse the girl walking very close to his Side. The recent ordeal coupled with the discovery of the body of Cenola had unnerved her and occasionally a dry sob broke from her lips. Holton decided that More than anything else she needed lights Good cheer and Good food. So they went to the Venus restaurant and there amid All the brilliancy of its military patrons the blushes returned to the girls Cheeks and the laughter to her lip8. After their meal Holton and the girl set out for the la Tossa estate the girl on her Pony and Holton on a horse he borrowed from one of the general a aides. When the y reached the estate it was nearly Midnight. Ranee was delighted to find availing her a message from Are lather in Havana assuring her that he was Well and that through Force of circumstances he would remain in that City until the result of the present Campaign was determined. The girl wept Over the letter As she handed it to Holton. A poor dear father a she cried. A i Trust he is Happy of Happy ask As a Holton crushed her to his breast. A a a a a a a As to the War but Little remained. The Fleet of Cervera had been wiped out and thus shorn of sea Power there was really Little use in resistance on land. So it came about that peace was agreed upon by commissioners of the two countries to be continued if the new currency measure meant that if will be easier for the average Man to a larger Mea ire of currency Why we Are for it. Al news i d. G. C. Made in Albert Lea 5c. Adv the simple life is not suited for simple minded people. State Creamery butter 37 cents at All groceries. 12-tf adv Congress should investigate the non delivery of that $34.44 per capita. We represent the old Hartford the Aetna Liverpool amp London amp Globe and fifteen other equally As Strong and reputable companies. No Cut rates. The big Agency. M. M. Jones prop. 240-tf-b Tho seventy eight year old Chicago widow who is charged with Turkey trotting in new York seems to think that no one is too old to learn. H. B. Cole a practical no in a mover formerly of Marshalltown Iowa solicits a share of the local business. First class equipment and years of experience guarantee patrons satisfactory services. Address h. B. Cole care Tribune. 148 Tab adv attention Steno Type will secure you the Best positions. For particulars address the University of Southern Minnesota Austin Minn 247-8t-adv. Lavish american tourists spend $200,000,000 abroad every year. some of that Money do a Little Good in the United states ask to see that Pencil Sharpener just put in our stationery department for Sale Hest Pencil Sharpener known to tan. Free trial with no obligation on part of purchaser. Albert Lea publishing co. 2v�-Tfc for Sale improved farms in red Lake county Minn. Address a. E. Rolfson 226 South Pearl Street City. 248 watch the old maids and bachelors flock to Vienna since they Are going to Start a lottery marriage system. Cut rates on household goods to Pacific coast and other Points. Superior service at reduced rates. The Boyd Transfer company Minneapolis. Of adv the erecting of the new factory the Kemper Odee Gas engine co. Let saturday. For the bids for the erection of the new factory building for the Kemper Odoo Gas engine co. Were opened saturday afternoon and the contract finally awarded to the c. E. Hagstrom a co. Of Minneapolis for $8,329, exclusive of heating. The building will be started As soon As the contractors help and machinery arrives and will lie completed by the first of september. The Structure will be of steel and Concrete and will be As near fireproof As can be made. The site of 3 acres is just North or the Albert Lea grader company a new building and East of the stale Creamery. There is ample room for the company to grow and Tho building is being built accordingly. The new machinery has been ordered and All of the old machines tint can be utilized have Bon sent into the factory to to rebuilt. It is hoped to have All equipment installed and ready for operation by the first of january. The demand for the class of engines this company has been making and will continue to make has always exceeded the Supply which indicates that there is Little doubt about this company growing into one of the big and prosperous factories of Tho state. Scores ran Good Freeborn county butter made a Good showing at the fair last week a the result. Insure with m. M. Joner big agcy. 108-tf adv wanted to reduce our Stock of old newspapers. 5 cents a bundle Albert Lea publishing co. Of adv insure with j. E. Nelson Strong Agency. Armstrong bldg. 196-tfb adv say do c. To the Cigar Man. Adv Freeborn Clover butter 36c at All grocers. 107-tf adv there was the largest display of butter at the Freeborn county fair that has been seen there in years and that it was of a High Quality is attested by the result of the scoring which was made by j. G. Winkjer state food and Dairy commissioner. The scores were a follows a. A. Nelson Hayward 94%. James Rasmussen it Iceland 93%. W. F. Aim Oakland 94. H. H. Jenson Clarks Grove 93%. A has. R. Olson Bancroft 93%. La. L. Hanson Alden 93. Helmer Hanson Hartland 93. Fred Peterson Manchester 93. Gus Knutson Armstrong 98%. George Heine Conger 93%. A. W. Seidel Myrtle 93. Peter Kvale Brunson 94%. De o. Prestegard state line cry,93. Henry Springer Alden 93%. John grosser Geneva 93%. Nick Sterling Glenville 93. Ole o. Rusley twin lakes 93. Much Corn gathered again the meanest Man in the world. He refused his wife a Nickel to see a moving picture show. Nineteen years of honorable dealing has placed the Hig insurance Agency in a class by itself. No rate cutters in ours. M. M. Jones prop. 240-tf-b a Philadelphia builder has incorporated himself for $2,000,000. A great Many in Eunhae a $2,000,000 opinion of themselves when tiny Are not Worth 30 cents Fop Sale the Well known Black Mer amp Nelson Dairy and Stock Tarm of 180 acres one Milt West of Albert Lea. Ham Lins Cement floors silo Etc. House has Furnace Bath room All Complete and modern. Soil Rich from heavy manuring proper cultivation and Clover. Ideal for a Home for crops and Market and schools. Call on me. Loren g. Blackmer 518 water St., Alia it Lea Minn. To of Rad Blooming Prairie honoured James j. Hill promises to establish an agricultural Experiment station Here. Blooming Prairie sept. 21. It appears that Blooming Prairie will a be on tile map Quot More prominently than Ever As James j. Hill has practically decided the establish an agricultural Experiment station for Southern Minnesota at Blooming Prairie. This will come As an agreeable Surprise to the majority of our readers. The location of the station Here has been Semi red through the efforts of Sam a. Bask working in conjunction with Hon. John Furlong president of the stat fair association. Or. Furlong was Here tuesday of this w Eek to Confer with or bask concerning the plots of ground to be selected for experimental purposes. It is the intention to place them As near the Village As possible Aud along the main travelled roads but up to the present time they have not been definitely located. Professor Crane w to has charge of the agricultural Extension department of the great Northern railway is expected in Blooming Prairie on Friday of this week to consult with or. Bask and to make arrangements for the several parcels of land to be used next year. The people of Blooming Prairie and Vicinity Are to be congratulated upon securing this institution Here for it is the Only one maintained by Jim Hill outside of territory contiguous to his Railroad estimated that 90,000 Farmers picked seed Corn last week Outlook very Fine tile close of seed Corn week hat urday night left Minnesota Farmers with the brightest of Corn prospects so far As seed is concerned. Reports from All sections received at the University farm Friday night told of unprecedented interest in the work. During the week last year it was estimated that about 40,000 Farmers in the state selected their seed Corn in accordance wit ii tile suggestions of the agricultural experts. Prof. A. I. Wilson superintendent of tin a Rte u i ural Extension division who id charge of the work said that More than 90,000 Farmers took advantage of Hie week this year to pick their Geed and that they never had a better Opportunity for getting finer Corn. I of a ii a. F. Woods who has travelled much Iii the state during the week said that everywhere the Farmers wore at work. Greater Success Iii the Campaign is attributed to a better organization of the publicity work made possible by the new system of county agricultural agents according to prof. Wilson. Most men Are anxious to know. What sort of service the clothes they buy will give. Kuppenheimer suits and overcoats at this store not Only answer that question Rig the i a but through thorough Quality enable us to Back them fearlessly a to guarantee a satisfactory performance of their duty always. Better see what $18, $20, $22.50, $25, $30 will buy Here. Nelsen amp Sorensen 4� 4 a 4 a 4 4 4 4 a 4 4 a a 4 4� Idle hour tonight. V 4 4 a a. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Quot the trappers torn i n Der Wood an easterner who has come to the West in search of health is living with a trapper named Bob Turner whose wife Rose and their baby daughter Violet Are the objects of frequent attacks because of the husbands unreasonableness and unfounded jealousy. The couples frequent quarrels Embarrass Underwood so that he finally decides to leave the House. Toms kindness has been s i appreciated thai when he goes mrs. Turner is heartbroken. Her husbands cruelty and Lack of consideration As site recalls them to Lier mind give birth of a wild desire to be Freo from him and accordingly she writes a note to Turner bidding him Farewell. As she turns to go her glance Falls upon her baby daughter at play beside her. Instantly her mind is changed and she crumples tip the note addressed to Boh. She goes on with her Hetiso hold duties Ami a Short time later leaves the House to get some water at a Well nearby. While at the Well Rose is attacked by two red skins and carried away to their Camp where she is forced to work with the other squaws mending canoes wigwams blankets and the like. Turner returns to his Home and finds the discarded note. Tho Noto plus Lier absence naturally leads him to think the t she has ran away with Bob Underwood. A year later Tom is trading some furs at an Indian Camp when he sees Rose at work. With the Aid of his Indian servant Tom escapes with Rose. They arc pursued to a Frontier Post settled by some Whites. Tho indians surround the Camp and a stirring Battle ensues. Tile men from Tho neighbouring Plains Corno to the Aid of their White Brethren and among these arrivals is Bob Turner. After Tho skirmish Turner publicly denounces Underwood accusing him of eloping with his wife. Underwood denies Tho charge and so does Rose but Turner is sceptical. He is finally convince j when Underwood a Indian gives an account of Toms Rescue of Rose from the Indian Camp. Adv just to boost bargain Day of you Cut out this advertisement and bring it to our office on wednesday sept. 24th we will sell you one american self heating Flat Iron at half Price we regular Price $5.00, wednesday Only $2.30 american Gas Machina be. 231-239 East Clark St. Only one Day and one to a customer my Clarks Grove Auto livery comfortable new car infill of ii j. On reasonable rates Wahnon try Wiite tei options Albert Lea Candy Kitchen Palace of sweets ice Cream sodas and ice Cream fresh Home made candies end hat drinks California Malaga and Tokay grape ii vat Manon props in a announcement owing to apparently unavoidable delays we Are unable today to put in operation our hot water heating system. We have however Crews working Day and night and will be Able to Start giving service on or about september 26th. We sincerely regret this occurrence but Trust that our patrons will Bear with us a few Days longer and we want to assure them that nothing will be left undone to finish the work. Minnesota Gas amp electric company Ludwig Kemper. Manager Albert Lea Minn., sept. 20, 1913

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