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Albert Lea The Evening Tribune Farm Tab Newspaper Archives Sep 22 1913, Page 2

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Albert Lea The Evening Tribune Farm Tab (Newspaper) - September 22, 1913, Albert Lea, Minnesota Page two Tek etching Tribune monday september 22, 1913 b the evening Tribune kit Ablahed 1897. Published Evert Day except a a a a. Sunday a a a a a a. Official paper or the City of Albert Lea office 101107 West College Street Corner of Broadway Albert Lea Minnesota. Subscription rates one year. By months. One Wert. $4.50 2.25 .10 the Wes Enterprise being a consolidation of Ute Enterprise established 1872, the Freeborn county times established ii and the Semi weekly tribute established 1897. Leered in wednesday. Subscription Price 11.60 per year. Contains a in in Mary of events or Tho week and county news by the Albert Lea publishing co. 8. O. Simonson president l. 8. Whitcomb. . Managing editor. C. M. Hobart. Editor Anonymous communications will be rejected. Rejected manuscript will not be returned unless accompanied by stamped envelope. Advertising and commercial printing rate furnished on application. Entered at the Post office at Albert Lea Minn., As second class matter. Telephone n umber 72 Tun paper represented Fem Tori advertising by the general offices new York and Chicago a ranches in All the principal Cit Al the Sulzer impeachment. The impeachment trial of governor Buller now under Way in new York is of direct interest to every state in the Union important among the questions involved says the Minneapolis journal is whether Suiter can be questioned regarding things he did before he became governor. His reports of Campaign expenses were made in Advance of his taking the oath fan he be impeached even it these Are proved false his counsel Are prepared to argue that he cannot. Of so it would be technical acquittal that would leave Sulker in a bad Hole politically but he would doubtless prefer it to defeat and removal. The Laws of Many states now provide that an official elect must file a statement of Campaign expenses within a stated period after the election and that his office May be refused him of he fails to do so. The Rule ought to if it does not apply to the making of a false statement. Sulzer s Best defense after All is bus standing with the people. Courts of impeachment Are More susceptible to Public opinion than courts of Law because the political element is Strong in them. When the articles were presented against Sulzer he appeared to be doomed. But Public opinion has turned to him again after contemplation of the horrible head of tammany that will be reared Over Hie whole Stet of new York of Sulzer is removed Sulzer is a frail defense against Murphy ism but he is better than none. The people turned Down the Bosses in Rochester and Buffalo in last title Day s primaries to identify their disgust with the up state partnership with tammany. They Are willing to go further. Sulzer May yet be raved by this negative defense. Ii is to be hoped that of he is preserved in his office he will conduct thereafter a More definite and sane Campaign against Murphy. In the past few months the people could not Tell whether he was warring or bluffing. They did no to take either Side simply because they did no to know which was the less to be trusted. Would work a hardship. One of the Best known men in the Northwest is a. B. Stickney of St. Paul who was for years president or the Chicago great Western railway. Or. Stickney has not Only been a prominent business Man but be is also a student of affairs and is the author of several works on business matters and finance writing in the St. Paul Pioneer press or. Stickney analyses the currency Bill now before Congress and declares that it will impose unnecessary and crushing burdens upon All National Banks outside of the Reserve cities of new York Chicago and St. I Ouis. The trouble with the measure he say is in the Reserve clause. He cites the requirements which Are at the now talking of Bis getting the Republican nomination for the presidency in 1916, whether the politicians will so or not a Man in new Mexico has been sentenced to 150 years in prison. It is said that if he behaves himself he can reduce it to too or 125 years and so help him oat a Little. Did you pick your seed Corn last week or did it Frost at Brainerd this week state federation of women s clubs Convene tomorrow for thre Days session. A Large gathering expected to be present Browns Valley Tribune it would a Quot interesting to know just who were the prime movers of the senator Al Well Boom for governor. We dare say that senator Elwell does not know. A a a Minneola Mascot our Friend Frank Day in his Fairmont Sentinel thinks that the legislature should get together and pass a Public utilities Law. Frank says it is needed and that the legislators have been paid for passing needed legislation. Certainly Frank but Tell us was the governor paid for vetoing the Telephone Bill last Spring the Only Public Utility Law that the country people of the state really need if the legislature is paid for passing Laws is the governor paid for vetoing them they used to say that you were governor several years Back so you ought to know Frank. Present time imposed upon the Nax tonal Banks and states that the Addi a Winona Independent now that tonal Burden which it is proposed to 820,000 or More is often paid for a baseball player it is evident that the place upon them under the proposed co a pops Are doing exceed to Law would not Only become an int work Erable nuisance in the matter of having continually to renew and discount notes but that it would prove a great hardship and furthermore Rob the stockholders of at least half of their legitimate profits. It is said that Many National Banks especially in the smaller cities Ani towns Are contemplating surrendering their Charters and changing Over to state institutions unless the Senate in its consideration of the Bill. Modifies it considerably in this respect. Frost monday morning Marks the first killing Frost of the season considerably earlier than for several years. Last year it was around sept. 26, and for several year previous the first killing Frost did not come the very last Days of the month Anil up As late As the end of the first week of october. Today is the first Day of fall officially. Today the Sun crosses the Equator on its Southern March and the Days will continue to grow Shorter until the Sun reaches its southernmost limit on december 21, and turns about for its March Back toward Spring weather. Secretary Bryan announces that he Baa closed his Chautauqua contracts and that he has cleared Over 17,000 from them. He further states that he will deliver lectures front time to time through the Winter. The seer tary is going to be Thrifty while he manages the affairs of state. Red Wing Republican president Wilson is at the present time exerting an unprecedented influence Over Congress but it has been the experience of other administrations that the path of Wisdom Lay in getting the policies of the administration made into Laws before Congress takes the bit in its Teeth and refuses to be guided by the rein. Washington dispatches state that colonel Roosevelt s Shadow still looms Duluth Herald one of the civil War veterans at Chattanooga ran a Hundred and forty Yards in seventeen seconds. Wow he must have started at the top of Lookout Mountain. A a a Waterloo courier what kind of a situation would you Call it if the people of Mexico should insist upon cashing their ballots for president Huerta and would t accept a thrice repeated nay for answer would the government at Washington accept such an election As evidence of the staleness of the mexican government a a a Webster City Freeman Tribune of expected that Small vessels can pass through the Panama canal by the Middle of next month and that it can liners can make the trip by the first of the year. The United states government has certainly showed tin world How to build Ca rials thanks to the courage and indomitable Force and will of Theodore Roosevelt. Women avoid society. They Are reluctant to make the least Effort when suffering from dizziness backache headache nervousness the blues that bearing Down pain or a displacement. Yet they would like to be Well. Why continue to suffer when thousands of american women Are living testimonials for what Lydia e. Pinkham s vegetable compound has accomplished in overcoming All such troubles and restoring glorious health adv when the calendars Are changed to make the months As nearly the same up across the pathway or republicans it nth As possible the Opportunity at the a amp tonal capital and the Are Quot i it a us Quot a a Cha Quot sch Ltd me of sunday to sunday. Boob Nebo important notice the Western mausoleum co. Announces to those interested in the proposed mausoleum to be erected in Albert Lea cemetery that construction work will begin very soon and that As there Are Only a few spaces unsold in the building those desiring crypts should immediately Reserve same As the Sale closes with the beginning of construction work. Application for crypts May be made at the office Over citizens National Bank. to o s o i o n several very important questions will be up for consideration interesting program. The event of this week will be the nineteenth annual meeting of the Minnesota federation of women a clubs to be held at Brainerd tuesday. Wednesday and thursday september 23. 24 and 25. Preparations have been made by the Brainerd women to entertain the largest meeting in the history of the federation. There Are More topics of Public interest to be considered and a greater number of educational and civic problems to be discussed than there has been since the organization of the federation and women in All part of the state Are intensely interested in the work of the convention. It is expected to result in several definite campaigns for moral and civic betterment in the state. Protection for girls. One of the questions which is to come up to be introduced by the fourth District will be the placing of matrons on All through trains to protect girls who Are travelling alone. The women of St. Paul have been asked by the investigators of disappearance cases to assist in making the travel Erst Aid work in the state More effective and they will bring the question of train matrons and a wide educational Campaign up at the state meeting. Council meets tuesday. The federation Council which includes All club presidents will meet at amp to a. In. Tuesday september 23. The executive Board will meet at 10 30 a. In. The meeting of the Council the Board and the Day sessions will he held in the Brainerd commercial club rooms. The evening session tuesday will be held in the first congregational Church and the evening sessions wednesday and thursday will be held in the Park opera House. An Art exhibit will be held in one of the rooms of the commercial club in charge of the handicraft committee. All members May speak. A clubs having a membership of too or Over Are entitled to three delegates and clubs of less than too members Are entitled to two delegates. All members of the Federated clubs will be entitled to the privileges of the floor but Only accredited delegates general officers and chairmen of standing committees May vote. The officers to be elected at the annual Meehling Are the president corresponding Secretary historian general federation Secretary and vice presidents of districts from i to 5. Vice presidents for districts 8, 9, and to will be appointed. Mrs. Atwood for president. Mrs. C. L. Atwood of St. Cloud is the Only candidate yet announced for the presidency. Mrs. Atwood was for some time chairman of the civics committee of the state federation and it was through her work that Caroline Bartlett Crane was brought to this state. Mrs. Atwood is a suffragist and is thoroughly conversant with All departmental work of the federation. A mrs. Higbee declines. Mrs. P. L. De Holst of Duluth president of the Minnesota woman suffrage association and mrs. T. G. Winter of Minneapolis president of the worn and a club of that City have also been mentioned for the office. The fourth District at its Board meeting last week endorsed mrs. C. G. Higbee for the office but mrs. Higbee refuses to consider it on account of other work in which she is now interested. Fair weather is promised. However heavy frosts Over the Northern states Are Likely on first Days. A Strong play miss Marion Sherwood with Good support presents a spendthrift in admirable manner. classified a advertising 5 a. 5 one of the Best plays which has appeared at Broadway theatre of late is the a spendthrift a which was presented sunday evening by miss Marion Sherwood and company. As the spendthrift miss Sherwood gives a most interesting interpretation of the play and her support is Good. The play is built from life. A Little exaggerated maybe but the object lesson is strongly pictured of the result of Hving beyond me family income. It was that of the Well to do new York family spending $25,000 a year when the income was $20,000 $13,000 when it was $10,000. It showed the desire of the woman to keep up with society to have Wii at her neighbors had her hopeless views of business and her indifference toward her husbands burdens her was to display followed by bankruptcy. Or. Lee Barclay As Richard Ward the husband of the a spendthrift a is another Strong character and carried his part Well in the play. A pleasing pert of the play is that or. Barclay and miss Sherwood occupy the stage the major part of the time and in the third act Are especially Strong. Another Strong character in the play was mass Lola Davis As a a ant Gretchen Van Zandt Quot a regular Hetty Green. She represents a woman with one foot in the grave and the other in Wall Street and her part is Well taken close in her ways she is kind hearted amusing and close to nature. In the play miss Sherwood is seen at her Best and at its presentation Here she added a Large number of friends to the Circle she has made in High Standard of work. Out put doubled University authorities take Ada Itin Al Steps to increase serum to combat cholera. Washington sept. 22.�?fair weather generally for the whole country is promised by the weather Bureau for this week. The forecast issued yesterday says a there will be frosts monday morning in the great Central valleys the upper Lake and Western lower Lake Region Tennessee and the extreme Northern portions of the East Gulf states and on tuesday morning in the Ohio Valley the Lake Region new England the Middle Atlantic states the Interior of North Carolina id Northern South Carolina. Quot these frosts probably will be heavy Over the Northern tier of states j a it will be warmer Early in the week Wert of the my Iseppi River tuesday and wednesday and of so Central portion of the country and by thursday or Friday Over the Eastern District and there is present indications of decided changes Over the West during the second half of the week. A the week will be one of fair a weather. There will be Rains monday in new England and the North Pacific states but no other precipitation of consequence is now indicated except possibly some showers about tuesday in the Northwest and some local showers monday and tuesday in Eastern and Southern wanted those who appreciate and really need a Good Pencil Sharpener to try our Boston Pencil Pointer. Free trial. Albert Lea publishing company. If the capacity of the hog cholera serum department of the agricultural College of the University of Minnesota is to be doubled at once As a result of the demand for the serum in the Southern part of the state according to an announcement by Dean a. F. Woods saturday. A Little later in the fall Dean Woods said the capacity will be again largely increased to get a Supply of the serum ahead for use next summer of the $10,000 appropriation should be exceeded it is expected that the legislature will make Good the deficit at its next session. A we can not Supply one Hundredth part of the demand for serum a said Dean Woods. A in the Southern part of the state there has been a demand for it since the Middle of july. The capacity of the department at the present time is about 75,000 cubic centimetres a week. We could dispose of a Hundred times that amount if we could produce it. Since the need for it has become so apparent we have been instructed by the regents to make As much of it As we can. That is the reason for the enlargement of the All available men at work at present. Dean Woods said five men Are devoting their entire time to producing the serum. Others will be added As soon As room has been fitted up for the work the entire veterinary faculty he said As Well As the teachers of animal husbandry Are co operating in producing the serum. The process is slow. The shortest possible time according to Dean Woods in which serum can be produced is six weeks. It has been used with excellent Success he said the results showing that in places where it was used in the first five Days of the infection of hogs from 98 to too per cent were saved. While Dean Woods believes the cold weather will Check the cholera he does not think it will be entirely overcome this Winter. A there is Likely to be another outbreak next summer a he added a because the disease is very contagious. It is carried by Birds rats mice and even blown in dust. We Are instructing Farmers to use disinfectant in All the places where their hogs live and feed. Only by the proper use of the serum and disinfectants can the disease be brought under control citation for hearing on Peti Tjon to sell mortgage or lease land. Estate of George Phelps. State of Minnesota. County Freeborn. In probate court in the matter of the estate of Phelps decedent. The Blate of Minnesota to Viola Phelps Carpenter Lillian Phelps Merrill Thomas f. Phelps. Frederick s. Phelps and ail persons interested in the Sale of certain lands belonging to said decedent the petition of Wil Liam a Sanford. Thomas f. Phelps and William s. Carpenter As representatives of the above named decedent being duly filed in this court representing that it is necessary and for the Best interests or said estate and of All interested therein that certain lands of said decedent described therein be sold and praying that a License be to them granted to sell the same now therefore you. And each of you Are hereby cited and required to show cause if any you have before this court at the probate court room in the court House in City of Albert Lea. County of Freeborn. State of Minnesota on the 30th Day of september 1913, at to of clock a. A. Why the prayer of said petition should not be granted. Witness the judge of said court and the Seal of said court this 6th Day of sept. 1913. Court Seal. A. V. Mayland. 237-3wks and judge of probate court in Quot a one cent per word no single j 5 insertion for less than 10c. 8 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a for rent. For rent modern furnished room heat and Light for gentleman. Phone t. S. 634-r, 717 Fountain St. 248-3tc for rent six room House modern except heat. T. S. 584-r, 246-6t-c-adv for rent modern House by or. Roll 227-Tfc for rent farms for rent and farms for Sale by or. Rodli. 211-Tfe for rent Furnace heated modern 5-room Flat. Adress f. A. Snow Mason City la. 217-Tfc for rent Large modern furnished room for gentleman. Call 529-j t. S. 243-Tfc adv for rent two furnished rooms suitable for Light housekeeping. Call t. S. Phone 174. 247-2t-c for Sale. For Sale or rent Nice six room House at 924 w. Fountain St. Not modern but in Good condition. Inquire of c. J. Leusman at first Nat. Bank. 248-6tc for Sale eight room modern House by or. Rodli. 207-Tfc for Sale residence 347 East third St. Mrs. J. C. Daum. 247-2te for Sale Good pair rubber boots. Only worn a few times. Call t. S. 138-r. 240-Tfc por Sale modern seven room residence six blocks from court House. Address inquiries a a by care of Tribune. 6t wanted wanted position As bookkeeper. Address h. O. Care of Tribune. 247-Gtc wanted to take care of Church or Hall. Call t. S. 848-w. 248-3tc wanted three or four unfurnished rooms for Light housekeeping near the packing House Call t. S. 779-w. 148-2t-c wanted boy sixteen to eighteen years to learn tanning business. Also can use girls to work in th9 factory. Hirsch Robe and tanning co. 24s-3tc ����>88p8wy�p8pppbbm 5 professional j a a ads j a a a a Nunn Nunnun 44444444444444 a a 4 t John f. D. Meighen �?�5 lawyer. A i 4 to 6 Armstrong Block v Over o. C. Hayden a clothing 4 a -9 4 4 i 4 44444444 4 4 store both phones. A �T��T��T��T��T��T��T��T��T�4814.4 4 4 4 or. Herbert 8. Raymond 4 osteopathic physician 4 Simonton building 4 Albert Lea Minn. 4 office Houre s to 12 1 30 to 5 4 4. Tri state phone 359-j 4444444444444444 4444444444444444 4 4 or. J. P. Von Berg 4 physician and surgeon 4 office Over Townes a drug store 4 128 South Broadway 4 residence 246 West claim St a a 4444444444444444 4444444444444444 4 4 w. 8. Aarne8, Bentlet 4 successor to o a. Rose 4 offices Over 4 Barragan a Thurston. 4 n. W. Phone 58-j 4 to phone or 4 44444444444444444 444444444444444 4 4 4 glasses that fit 4 at 4 Myers Broadway optical a 4 Parlours 4 open first two Weeke of 4 4 month. 4 4 4 4 4 4 Clyde Hayden 4 lawyer 4 office to 896 4 residence to 722-j a 4 room 5 Armstrong bldg. 4 Albert Lea. Minn. 4 a 4444444444444444 lets Tell Mem those who Are Hunting for Homes should be informed of the opportunities in Minnesota. Over two Hundred editors of the leading papers of Iowa have pledged Secretary Ralph Bolton of the greater Des Moines committee that they will boost and lend their efforts to give the state of Iowa All the advertising possible during the next year. Secretary Bolton a plan is to have literature boosting Iowa written by competent writers who know state conditions. This literature will be put into a newspaper plate. One plate will be sent to each newspaper once a month with a request that it be used. The articles will not boost any one person or group of persons nor will they boost one Section or interest. The Many advantages of living in that state will be pointed out. No other state will be criticised. This is not needed Dolares Secretary Bolson because Iowa is a Good state. Of course the papers of Minnesota Are always boosting Minnesota but it be a Good scheme to adopt a similar Campaign for the 1914 year and make a special United Effort to let the people both North and South East and West know that the Best land in the world can be found in Minnesota and can be bought for just half its real value. If land seek ers can be made to realize that Minnesota land today is the cheapest proposition not barring a single place of any land anywhere the Price will soar rapidly. Think of it Freborn county lands can be bought for $,5 and $100 an acre where the j top notch prices Are paid for the produce where the climate is Superb. 1 where crop failure has never been known and Here the land is bound to double in Price in another five j years. If the state papers will make a Little extra Effort in letting the country know of our natural beauties qualities and Price we will double our population in a few years. All we have to do is to let them know the real truth and facts. New hand laundry 213 Wert Clark St satisfactory work guaranteed Fong Bros proprietors 4444444444444444 railway time table c. M. A 8t p. Going West no. I pass.7 50 a. In. No. 23, pass.4 40 p. M. No. 69, freight g25 p. In. No. 93, Way freight9 62 a. In. Going East no. 22, pass.9 62 a. In. No. 8, pass.6 32 p. In. No. 72, freight it 06 p. In. No. 92, Way freight.3 30 p. In St Clair line. Leave 8 30 a. In. Arrive .3 10 p. In. Daily except sunday. M. A St. L. North bound. Arrive i sex. Sun.2 36p.rn. 3 daily.4 00 . 6 daily. 7 daily. South bound no. 2 sex. Sun. 12 01p.m. No. 4 daily.12 25a.rn. No. 6 daily.11 30 . V to no eat no. 102 Daley no. 6 daily. It from Ert. No. 101 daily 6 Dally. No. No. No. No. No. Depart 2 46 p. In. 4 16 . 6 55 . 6 20 a. In. 12 20 p. In. 12 40 . 12 10 p. In. 11 46 . 2 20 p. In. 6 46 . Illinois Central. Going East it. Arrive no. 30 daily. 12 no. 414 daily. 12 no. 432 sex. Sun. 4 from East no. 29 daily. 6 15a.m. No. 415 daily. 2 05p.m. No. 431 sex. Sun. 9 00 . Special notice to lawyers. Just received in our stationery department some handsome serviceable lawyers Brief cases. Strong leather Ith convenient compartments straps clasp and lock. Prices four to ten dollars. Every attorney needs one of these Fine folios. Look them Over Albert Lea publishing co. 6t adv t Tyllere was a time when the family hat had a porch swing stood As High socially As the family that has automobile now an Rock i8land. North bound. Arrive 19 twin by sex. 4 05a.m. 61 twin by p .5 20 a. In. Amp is Way freight. 9 05 a. In. 9 63 twin by. A. 1 20 p. In. I 85 rocked rl2 26p.m. Ca v by 8�uh bound. La 5 cd 12 30-rn. Ii 84 Way freight. La a Hica a 7 10 . I so stay freight .3 10 p. M. 4 62 St Louis sex. 10 65 p. In. La depart l a it a. In. 25 a. M. 45 a. M. 30 p. M. 50 p. M. 16 p. In. 15 p. M. 45 p. M. To p. In Germania line. Fart bound 434 a. L. Pass. 987 Way freight. M weal bound. 87 Way freight. 433 s. D. Pass if you know of a party entertain Merit death birth meeting any 0 leaving town a Friend or relative co lug to visit you or anything that w interest our readers we will Appl cite it greatly if you will phone it

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