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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - September 23, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The vol. 82, no. 224 single copy 30 Conn sunday at Hort Loa Minnesota sunday september 23, 1979tribune uses 42 pages by Judy Allen Tribune Washington Bureau Washington Congress and the environmental Protection Agency sceptical of the benefits of the Industrial Cost recovery program. Ice for users of municipal sewage treatment plants Are planning to suspend the collection of user fees for one or two years during the moratorium the lawmakers and the regulators will try to find a better Way to finance operations of treatment plants the clean water act of 1977. Which created the ice plan called for collections from Industrial users to begin on june 30 of this year however following an Epa report citing the efficiency and inequities in Cost recovery moratorium won t help City the program that Date was extended to the end of this year to permit a reassessment. Under the current ice for Mula Industrial users of Albert Lea s proposed new waste treatment Plant would face prohibitive annual user fees similar financial binds Are confronting other cities planning treatment plants with Federal funding according to a spokesman at the Epa the House of representatives has passed legislation calling for a two year Extension of the moratorium the Senate wants one year delay in assessing the fees a conference committee is currently attempting to write a Compromise that will be acceptable to both houses of Congress although it is Likely that either moratorium will have ended by the time the Albert Lea facility is completed the interim will give legislators the Opportunity to dismantle or revise the program As Epa has recommended repealing the Federal governments Industrial Cost recovery ice program would mean a Quot significant Cost reduction for major Industrial users in the City according to Albert Lea Mayoro h Hagen but Hagen added that a repeal would still not reduce the operational costs of the proposed waste treatment Plant which May be prohibitive for local Industry. The ice program requires major sewer users to repay the Federal share in the plants construction costs according to their proportion of the City sewage discharge in Wilson foods Case the annual ice Cost would be $4 0.411 a year for 30 years Wilson s and seven other major local sewer users would repay the $26 8 million in Federal Money used to build the estimated $33 million Plant Hagen called the ice program Quot counterproductive Quot since residents pay taxes already to fund projects such As the new treatment Plant and would he assessed for the projects again through the costs to local Industry City officials have asked to testify during congressional hearings on the program in sup port of a repeal of the ice program in a report released in january the Epa concluded that the ice program produces Little Revenue for communities. Is unfair to industries because of its costs creates managerial burdens for City administrators and has Little Impact on water conservation in addition the report said ice will not substantially increase payments to the Federal government Quot based strictly on economic consideration Quot according to the report Quot for medium or Large discharges of compatible wastes it appears less expensive Over time to build and operate their own self treatment facilities than it is to pay a proportionate share of the operating costs and local debt service of a Public sewage treatment system Quot even without considering ice. Many Industrial plants have incentives to self treat because of various tax advantages the Epa study notes industries can get tax credits for accelerated depreciation of pollution control equipment capital expenditures and the use of tax free Bonds to finance self treatment facilities if industries choose to build their own waste treatment Plant however higher sewage Bills for residential commercial and Small Industrial users will result Small to medium size cities particularly those with agricultural businesses tend to pay higher ice rates because ice rates Are a function of construction costs and because agricultural communities construct treatment facilities designed to handle seasonal Peak loads cities like Albert 1,6 Are often saddled with higher ice rates than Large Urban areas rep Ray Roberts d Texas chairman of the House Public works subcommittee on water resources posed several questions to the Epa about the effects of the Ich program Quot what can a Community do to lower its user and ice charges to a level competitive w Ith other communities in order to keep its employment opportunities Roberts asked Epa replied that some alternative source of funding would have to be made available requiring legislative action the study did not suggest any methods of accomplishing that goal Epa officials predict that during the one or two year moratorium on ice payments the entire ice program will be restructured for communities like Albert Lea. Said one Epa spokesman. A a its a predicament not knowing w Hether to build or not not knowing whether fees that seem too High now will be lowered somehow the entire program was obviously not thought through very Well before it was made into Law Quot disloyal solons Accident Washington a some House democrats say president Carter was right in threatening to deny political favors and visits from the first family to in Loyal congressmen Quot he appreciates those that vote for him More than those who vote against said rep Jack Brooks chairman of the House government operations committee a a he ainu to nuts Quot Brooks. D Texas was among a group of about 60 democrats who went to the White House thursday night and heard the president grousing Over a string of recent legislative defeats the most stinging rebuke was the House s rejection earlier in the Day of legislation to carry out the Panama canal treaties one member said Carter called it a the worst blow in be had in my presidency Quot according to those present at the rambling two hour session. Carter said he planned to keep vote tallies of nay saving democrats for future political reference rep Gunn Mckay. A Utah. Offered this rough approximation of what the president told those assembled a look. I m not going to reap retribution on every person who does no to vote the Way i want but in be been into a lot of your districts and if you re not going to give me any help i m not going to keep going into your districts or Send my wife or family apparently it was members of Congress and not the president who first brought up the subject of a party discipline a a a in fact the president was mews highlights party go a backs Jordan Washington apr the purportedly Quot licentious party that Hamilton Jordan attended in 1977 in Loa Angeles was actually Quot very quiet proper and subdued Quot says one of the people who was there. The latest description of the party held at the Home of California businessman Leo Wyler was backed up by others who attended with Jordan the White House chief of staff. They were interviewed Friday by lbs news. Nathan Landau a Washington builder who went to the party with actress Shirley Maclaine was quoted As saying a the evening was a very quiet proper and subdued one which i would not in any Way describe As a David Collins a Volunteer workers for California gov. Edmund g. Brown jr., likened the evening to Quot a parlor game at the Rev. Billy grahams House. Quot Chrysler trios again Washington apr Chrysler corp. Is going to try again to get government Aid in overcoming its financial troubles. I tee a. Iacocca the new chairman of the nation s no. 3 automaker said Friday that the company will submit a revised proposal to the government for financial help. Last saturday the company presented a plan asking for $1.2 billion in loan guarantees Treasury Secretary g. William Miller rejected the proposal saying it was a Way out of but since then Chrysler has shifted its top command. Draft registration appears dead Washington apr congressional proposals to renew draft registration appear dead for the remainder of the year but Are expected to be resurrected in 1980 for another showdown Battle. A six hour Senate debate Friday a three hours of it in a secret session a Likely marked the last congressional action the controversial Issue this session. Sen. Sam Nunn d-ga., sponsor of a Bill to Register Young men Between the Ages of 18-26, called the debate the Start of next year s Campaign for registration. On the other Side of the Issue Barry Lynn spokesman for a coalition of 40 groups opposing registration said a a we re not about to disband. We re not going away. We expect it to be an even hotter Issue next defectors planned their move los Angeles apr Bolshoi Ballet dancers Leonid Koslov and Valentina Koslova say their defection was by no Means a Spur of the moment Gamble but stemmed from a quiet determination to Quot explore new in an interview in saturdays los Angeles times Koslov said. Quot we wanted to live and work Here. That is Why we defected. We had wanted to do this thing for a Long time but had told absolutely no one Quot he said. Quot we feel americans Are warm people. We also want to see the world More. We want to try modern dance to express ourselves artistically in different ways. We want to explore new Faa finds Ona dc-9 Daf oct Washington apr the Federal aviation administration says preliminary reports on the inspections of dc-9 aircraft have disclosed Only one serious Bulkhead crack. Fra spokesman Fred Farrar said Friday a 5�?~/2-Inch crack was found in one dc-9 operated by Eastern airlines and minor cracks were found in some other aircraft. The inspection of about 125 dc-9s was ordered wednesday after the rear Bulkhead of an air Canada dc-9 failed and knocked the Tail Cone off the plane. A Noma Pra slant reacts Panama City Panama apr president Aristides Royo says a the people of Panama will enter the canal zone on oct. I with or without implementing the panamanian president reacted to the House of representatives refusal thursday to pass a Law implementing the Panama canal treaties. He spoke Friday at the inauguration of a Public works project outside Panama City. Earlier Friday a panamanian government spokesman said he was sure Congress would reconsider and pass the enabling Bill which already has been approved by the Senate. Under terms of the treaties signed in 1977, Panama takes control of the canal zone from the . Administration on oct. I. The canal itself becomes panamanian property at noon on dec 31, 1999. As of oct. I Royo said Quot we will begin exercising All those governing and Legal functions that result from the criticized for not using enough records and said rep Richardson Preyer. In c Quot i was pretty disgusted with this week s activities and i think the president was very patient with Preyer said it had been a trying week for the administration besides the Panama canal vote a clearly rebellious House also rejected in Short order the entire fiscal-1980 budget an increase in the National debt ceiling and a Hill containing emergency Money for a variety of Federal agencies whose funds legally run out oct i the last measure was rejected because it became ensnared in the Issue of a legislative pay raise As if that weren to enough the House democratic caucus also took a slap at the president s Oil pricing policies it voted thur slav to urge that Price controls be reimposed on Nome heating Oil. A step the administration has consistently opposed House majority Leader Jim Wright of Texas likened the thursday night gathering to a Quot family meeting it was inspiring Quot and rep James r Jones. A okla. Said Carter exhibited a a toughness and sense of Carter reportedly said he would continue to press for passage of his programs and that he had no intention of being frightened out of the 1980 pres dental race a Damn it. In a a the president was quoted As saying a a in a tenacious i Don t give up a the entire episode prompted Republican Robert Bauman of Maryland to suggest whimsically that House votes henceforth to fed directly into the Oval office so the president could a Cut Down on his wife a travel plans Quot inside the Tribune comics. 8 crossword.16 fatal crash a Horae Schmidthuber 69, of Emmons was killed Friday afternoon when his pickup truck and the Semi trailer in background collided at an Emmons intersection. Government accused of delaying reports of contaminated chickens Salt Lake City a it after the first samples of Ucb contaminated poultry were taken in Provo. Utah it took the government 19 Days to get test results. 59 Days to Stop sales and 71 Days to Trace the source a government chronology shows meanwhile up to 200 Gallons another elevator reaches agreement Minneapolis a one More Grain elevator firm reached a tentative settlement with striking twin ports Grain Millers three of the eight strike bound elevators still negotiating Multi foods the other firms without agreements were standing by. The tentative agreement be tween adm corp. And local 118 of the american federation of Grain Millers was reached about 3 p.m., according to John Rogers of the Federal mediation and conciliation service. Wayne i. Horvitz. Head of the service has been conducting the Marathon negotiating sessions under orders from president Carter. Although tentative agreements have now been reached with five firms Union officials have said no ratification votes will be taken until settlements have been reached with All eight companies besides adm. Companies with tentative agreements include Farmers Union Grain terminal association Cargill. Colagra and Continental Grain co. An hour after the adm agreement was reached he began talks with Peavey co. That session recessed at Midnight and was to resume at 9 a m today. Rogers said representatives of general foods and International the strike which began july it. Has halted Grain shipments from the Lake Superior ports of Duluth and Superior. Wis the director of the Duluth port authority. Davis Heiberg has warned that at least the Promise of a return to work by Millers is needed by monday or shippers will give up on the port for the rest of the shipping season of the banned electrical coolant was finding its Way into chickens. Eggs and other food prod nets in several states the 2fm� gallon figure came from government sources and was confirmed Friday by Pierce pack Ingco of Hillings. Month Here the contamination originated millions of eggs and thousands of dollars Worth of processed foods have been quarantined or destroyed since the pollution was confirmed traces of Only a few parts per million of the oily chemical Are enough to Render Folt Al unsafe by government standards pc poly chlorinated biphenyl has caused cancerous tutors in Laboratory animals death in cattle and skin disease in humans the contamination began As Early As june 26. More than two months before it became publicly known according to a draft document provided the associated press from the department of agriculture a food safety and Quality service the document is entitled a tentative chronology of events in pc Case Quot Idaho gov John Evans last week criticized the government for waiting so Long to report the contamination to states and the Public the chronology shows it took 59 Days from the time contaminated samples were taken to the time sales were first suspended at rite Wood egg co. Franklin. Idaho it describes How detection of the contamination was delayed for several Days because an in Spertor was on vacation and while government agencies passed the information from office to office according to the tentative chronology on july 6. A government poultry inspector took Omitine samples from chickens at Jolly wholesale poultry in Provo Utah then went on vacation storing them in a Freezer they were mailed Al Days later arriving at a san Francisco testing Laboratory four Days after that five More Days passed before pc was found nine Days later the results showing five times Tho allowed Levels of pc arrived at the meat and poultry inspection regional office in Alameda. Calif. For further tests three Days later the Agency s office in Boulder. Sologot word of the contamination it took the office nine Days to Trace the Jolly chickens to rite Wood five Days later the food and drug administration found pc in meat meal at rite Wood two weeks later More tests showed unacceptable Levels of contamination and rite Wood suspended Salt s a week later. 59 Days after samples were taken the firm announced it would destroy chickens the first Public word of the contamination twelve Days later the source was traced to a leaking transformer at Pierce the leak was discovered after the chemical had contaminated animal feed manufactured at the Plant Emmons a an Emmons Man was killed Friday afternoon when his pickup truck collided with a Semi truck on Highway 69 near Emmons according to the Minnesota state patrol Horace Schmidthuber 69 died at the seem Schmidthuber was travelling East on Freeborn county Road 14 and was attempting to Cross the intersection of Hwy 69 when his vehicle was struck by the Semi truck which was travelling South on Highway 69 the patrol said Driver of the truck. Gary Peterson of Buffalo Center. Iowa was not injured assisting the state patrol at the scene was the Freeborn county sheriffs department three other persons died in separate traffic accidents Friday raising the state s 1979 Road Roll to 533. Compared with 701 a year ago the Rice county sheriffs office said Dawn Schlie. 17. Morristown. Was injured fatally in the collision of a truck and a pickup truck near Faribault Friday afternoon the victim was a passenger in the truck driven by Tracy Schwichtenberg. 17. Waterville the Driver of the pickup. Virginia Dahle. 34. Morristown was hospitalized in serious condition at Faribault Tracy sch Wittenberg was taken to the Faribault Hospital then transferred to St marys Hospital in Rochester the collision happened on Rice county Hoad 16. Two Mill s North of Minnesota 60 the state patrol reported the death of Dwight Quigley. 16. Montevideo in a car and semitrailer truck collision on Minnesota 7. East of Montevideo in Western Minnesota the crash occurred at to 40 Friday five others in the car were injured. Including the victim s brother Michael Quigley. 13. Was taken to University of Minnesota hospitals in Minneapolis and was listed in serious condition the patrol said the truck Driver. Ethan Wallace. 57. Raymond. Minn was not Hurt air Force bomber crash victims found Las vegas. Nevada a the bodies of two men found at the crash site of an f ill bom Ber outside Las vegas have been positively identified As the Crew members of the new Hampshire based aircraft. A spokeswoman at Pease air for youth survives elevator fall be base in said Friday Newington. N la Minneapolis a a foot of Grain at the Bottom of an abandoned elevator May have saved the life of a 13-Vearold boy who stepped backwards and fell 120 feet authorities say. Richard Miles was hospitalized in serious condition Friday with a fractured left Arm internal injuries and multiple trauma. Three Hurt in train derailment family Page.30 deaths.25 opinion Page. 4 sports. 5 bridge.12 to guide.29 daily records.25 horoscope.13 derailment a engines and cars of a Milwaukee Road freight train were piled in a jumbled mess l Friday after the train derailed in Cologne injuring three people. Cologne. Minn. A Railroad workers Laboured saturday to Clear the site of a Milwaukee Road freight train Acci Dent in which three men were injured twelve cars of the train derailed and the locomotive exploded As the l 5-car train was passing through Cologne about 4 30 Friday the Carver county sheriffs office reported firefighters remained at the scene for Many hours after the Accident but the sheriffs office said the Effort saturday involved Only Milwaukee Road Crews Quot its strictly cleanup now Quot a sheriffs dispatcher said authorities said the engine exploded shortly after the cars derailed the derailment blocked streets in Waconia ambulances rushed the three victims to the Waconia Ridge View Hospital. The trains Engineer Vernon Miller. 60, Crystal suffered a broken foot and was admitted to the Hospital in fair condition a passenger. Frank Gilmer. 44. Union. Miss., complained of Chest pains and was transferred to Hennepin county medical Center. Minneapolis. Brakeman Martin Nelson. 37. St Croix Beach. Minn., was treated for Burns at the Waconia Hospital and released it Nancy Barnett said the status of the Crew members has been changed from missing to deceased the crewmen were identified As capt Phillip b Donovan. 31. Of Lexington. Tkv. The Pilot and capt William j full. 30. Of Owatonna. Min the navigator they were attached to the strategic air command s 393rd bomb Squadron part of the 54 9t h b of b w i n g a t pea Selt Barnett said authorities investigating the crash Are trying to piece together the plane to determine what might have caused the crash however she said it might take months before a cause might be determined the bomber went Down in mountainous terrain 200 Miles North of Las vegas last tuesday the plane had been taking part in a red Flag Quot combat training exercises staged on the sprawling Nellis test Range of you have an Eye for real value you la Quot Eye Quot the classified ads regularly 1967 Ford Van for Sale. Low mileage like new. Call xxx xxx for More information. Sold the Van the first Day. You too can be a satisfied want and customer. Dial 373-1411 to place your and today Carter rebukes Emmons Man killed in

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