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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 16 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - September 16, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune Frederic hits Ohio Valley by the a Quot Ort a re pres Monsoon like Rains spawned by the remnants of Hurricane Frederic turned creeks to Rivers and Rivers to raging torrents As the storm that left much of the Gulf Toast in shambles Cut a deadly 75-mile Swath through the Ohio Valley and parts of new England at least la persons a eight along the coast were known dead from the Hurricane and its Stormy aftermath Barly estimates put the damages in the hundreds of millions and those figures were still being revised As the storm moved North Friday a we have several Rivers at or Over flood stage right tv1 Vela of meteorologist Robert paddock said Friday night a there have been reports of evacuations but of far we be not heard of any loss of life Quot paddock said the National weather service tracked the storm As it moved mirth from devastated Mobile. Ala sweep ing diagonally across Ohio and moving into the Northeast Nashville. Tenn., authorities reported the heaviest rainfall in 79 years 6 Fig inches and la 8 million in agricultural damage three persons were killed in weather related traffic accidents As the storm surged North. 7 inches of rain fell on Doylestown. Ohio the Akron Tanton Airport reported a record to 5 in Ches Columbus where several families in Low lying areas had to be evacuated received 4 76 inches in Erie. A. Where 6 inches fell Between thursday and Friday. A fireman said. A we were using everything we could get our hands on. Pumps water discharges mops and buckets we were pumping like hell All Over the City Quot the Goodyear tire a rubber Plant in Akron closed part of its two plants due to flooding general tire said shifts would not resume until sunday night Carter drops from six mile race Thurmont. Melt a it president Tarter dropped out of a foot race saturday after visibly tiring and beginning to falter about four Miles into the Hilly 6 2-mile course Carter s personal physician. Or William . Asked the president to Stop running be cause he thought Tarter was too tired to finish. White House aides said Tarter reluctantly agreed and was helped into a car and driven immediately to tamp David. My. They said a Lukash says there is no reason for concern because the president is in Good physical said Mike Puhl. A White House spokesman the president and about other persons were entered in the race the woman said Carter was standing with the Aid of two per sons who supported him by his arms and helped him into an official car accompanied by Rosalynn Carter awaiting her husband at the finish line immediately returned to the presidential Retreat after being informed he had dropped out asked if the president was All right she said. A i think so Quot Carter who will tie 55 on Ort i. Is an avid Jogger and has said in runs four Miles most Days at the White Houk and As much As six Miles a Day while on vacation news highlights pm Law contract Accord reached inspects damage a president Jimmy Carter Friday inspected the damage left by Hurricane Frederic at the Pascagoula miss., shipyard. Carter inspecting the damage in the path of the storm said it could exceed the millions of dollars in damage done by Hurricane Camille in 1969. Detroit a general motors corp says it give the nation a Small a shot of Confidence Quot by agreeing to a new contract with the United Auto workers Union without a strike the two sides melding in a Marathon bargaining session that began at 6 p in thursday announced tentative agreement on a new pact less than three hours before the Friday mid night strike deadline of ratified it would to a the first time in 15 years there has been no strike against the Union s target company in National negotiations the agreement prov ides Large pension increases the make or break Issue since talks began july in autoworkers pensions have been fixed by contract the new agreement in the first to provide increases in the life of a contract no immediate average in crease was available but two examples worked out to annual increases of 8 5 percent and 9 5 percent other details were withheld but it appeared the Union had to accept the traditional wage for Mala that it wanted to improve the Taw Wain More pain time off and. Ant report said. Automatic recognition in new plants biting a Quot general malaise and tremendous consciousness of inflation Quot pm vice president George b Morris or. The com Pony s chief negotiator said Quot the Cix Intro needed a shot of Confidence Quot a i Don t know if this is of that magnitude Quot he said Quot but in our own Little Way it should serve to encourage people despite All the predictions by people w to did t know anything about the situation that there would tie a strike and it would be of predictable duration Quot the agreement will serve As a pattern for Ford motor to and Union officials said they foresaw no problems there normally it also would guide a Chrysler corp settlement but this year financially foundering Chrysler hmm get concessions the Rig three companies employ 780don Paw members. at pm the contract w ill be reviewed by the Paw pm Council officers of the 151 pm locals in Detroit on tuesday when More details will be available i Aiea i ratification begins after next saturday no Price tag on the total set Dement was available but mor Ris said. A we can live w Ith it Quot Paw president Douglas a Fraser said. A we feel we have kept Faith with the retirees of the p a Quot an autoworkers retiring next month who under the old con tract would have gotten $7fw a month before social Security began now will get Sauna month if the contract is ratified increases in the three years of the contract will bring his pension to 1915 a month for an average 9 i percent per year an autoworkers who retired at 65 in 1974. Who now gets $390 a month plus social sturdy will get $498 50 a month in the final Quarter of the new contract or an increase averaging r 5 percent a year Fraser and Morris said they did not know if the settlement met the wage and Benefit guidelines of the Tarter administration Quot of i did i would t Felt you Quot Fraser said said Morns a that s not my problem thank god Quot panel denounces Talmadge finances Quie tax hikes should require three fifths legislative vote Man killed in elevator blast Montevideo. Minn. Apt a authorities said Sparks from an overheated bearing May have caused the explosion and fire Friday at the Pillsbury Grain elevator in Montevideo which killed a Young Louisburg. Minn Man the victim was identified As Harlan guse. 20 three other persons were injured in the blast two critically. They were identified As Timothy Buseman. 23. Montevideo. Michael Anderson 17. Montevideo and Dennis Boraas Dawson. Montevideo police chief Carl Sorensen said the explosion and fire occurred about 3 35 p rn., severely damaging the elevator. St. Cloud inmate Dies St. Cloud. Minn. Apr a Stearns county jail prisoner died Friday of a head injury suffered in a suicide attempt several hours earlier authorities said. Or Lawrence thienes. Stearns county Coroner said Ray Cordova. 24. Died of a ruptured blood vessel in his brain. Sheriff Charlie Grafft said Cordova apparently tried to hang himself with a bed Sheet thursday night the Sheet broke and the prisoner struck his head As he fell Cordova was taken to St. Cloud Hospital shortly before 9 . After being treated there he was released and brought Back to the jail. Shortly before 4 a m., Cordova complained of headaches sheriffs officers said he was Given aspirin and returned to the Hospital he died shortly after 7a in Cordova had been jailed on charges of possessing a controlled substance and violating parole a station Burns sleepy Eye. Minn. Apr fire broke out saturday morning at the Brown county agricultural services chemical Plant Hie mile West of Essig and firefighters said the Blaze remained out of control a couple flours later. Firemen from both sleepy Eye and new Ulm battled the fire said to involve up Gas. Sleepy Eye firemen got the Call at 8 a Considerable water was hauled to the scene to use in the Effort to put out the flames. The firm deals in agricultural chemicals. Essig is a Small southwestern Minnesota Community Between sleepy Eye and new Ulm. Pip Alina blows Noar Truman Truman Minn apr Brilliant flames lit up the air near Truman in South Central Minnesota Friday evening after a pipeline containing liquid propane ruptured and ignited authorities said the flames which could be seen for Miles in every direction erupted about 6 20 . Near Martin county Road 50 four Miles West of Truman. Jeff Hoppe a member of a harvesting Crew working near the site said he heard a a loud whoosh Quot and then saw Quot a Mist like Mosquito Fogger Quot Drifting skyward. Seconds later he said the volatile Gas ignited into a giant blow Torch. La breathers Hope for Relief los Angeles apr Southern californians were hoping today that a change in the weather might help break up a layer of Eye stinging murky smog that has Hung Over the area for More than a week. A sunday looks Good better than saturday Quot said Bill Faulkner spokesman for the air Quality management District who said there was a a Good chances that the nine Darold air inversion layer that has sealed in pollutants would disintegrate. The problem has been caused by a number of factors chief among them a temperature inversion in which a ground level layer of polluted a and cooler a air is trapped by warmer air above it. Teacher gats kicks gats Boot Anchorage. Alaska apr an elderly substitute teacher has been fired for kicking a 16-year-old boy in the Shin during a math class school officials said. Substitute Marianne Mandy who gave her age As a Over 70,&Quot said Kenneth Moore a was stopping everyone else from learning Quot Quot he was just interrupting and joking a she said. A i really did no to plan to kick him. I walked up to him and then instinct just took the incident occurred during the sixth Day of a teachers strike. Classes for anchorages 38,000 students were conducted by substitutes until Friday when negotiations resumed and 1,450 teachers went Back to class. Alexandria Minn a gov Al Joie told the Minnesota Independent Republican convention today that am tax increase should require a three fifths majority vote by the leg stature their governor outlined his he legislative proposals in the keynote address to 1he Oft end convention in this resort com Trinity delegates were nonscheduled to hear from senators Rudy Koschwitz and David do pen Berger who along with Quie won major election victories under the gop election Banner a year ago also on the Agenda was a Straw ballot by delegates and alternates to pick their favourites from a Field of nine Republican presidential contenders in his remarks Joie said lawmakers should approve a constitutional amendment to limit any increase in state spen Ding to the same percentage increase in personal income making tax increases More difficult would also require a constitutional amendment a twins fifths majority is current in required for passage it bonding Bills that Means it takes 4t votes to pass a bonding Hill in the Senate Are i votes in the House instead of a simple majority As required for other legislation there was an austerity theme running through Quie s mrs Sage he pointed to the $710 million tax Cut approved by the 1979 legislature As the highlight of the last session he said state spending was held to an increase of 15 percent for the current biennium the lowest percentage increase since 196 ? que also renewed his Call for legislative approval of two other constitutional amendment initiative and referendum which were a part of his 1978 Campaign themes to blamed Seante Deleers for blocking those Bills Quot i urge you to carefully watch the legislative process to make sure these ideas survive Quot he told their delegates the governor also reiterated his support fora bipartisan com Mission to Bandle the politically sensitive Job of drawing new legislative Ami congressional districts after the 1900census Ile said Senate Del leaders livid the reapportionment Bill hostage in the final hours it the last s a Venn in Exchange for an agreement that senators would not have to run again in 1982 both Senate and House Mem hers run in 1980. But senators who normally serve four ear terms would have to run again Iii 1982 after reap por i hut ment Quie sound it another partisan note when he criticized the 1977 legislature for making Law makers eligible for a pension after six years instead of eight years the governor also defended his pro >osf<1 til 5 million Energy assistance program saving a rival $35 million plan porn a it Sod by Dei cars is Quot totally inadequate and unworkable Quot Quie said the state has an obligation to help the working poor and those on fixed incomes pay some of the sharply increased Energy costs this Winter Washington late inc Senate ethics committee s recommendation that sen Herman Talmadge be denounced for Quot reprehensible Quot financial misconduct completes Only one step in the lengthy investigation of the Georgia Democrat s affairs Talmadge now must face action by the full Senate an be currency that probably is at least several weeks away in announcing its recommend i Ion Friday the committee said it would make its files available to the Justice depart mint Quot to determine if violations of Law have occurred Quot Quot should the department find evidence leading to the indictment or conviction of any me Max a. Officer or employee of the Senate the committee will take such additional action As is the announce men added of the committee recommendation is upheld by the full sen ate. Talmadge would become Only the eighth senator in the nation s history to be so severely chastised the punishment recommend inspectors tracking Trail of pc contaminated food israelis suggest making warplanes with . Washington a de sense department officials Are taking a Dost look at Israel s suggestion that the United states and Israel team up to build warplanes in israeli factories defense Secretary Harold Brown said Friday that officials w ill Goober technical and other aspects of the proposals with israeli experts Leforc making a decision. Brown commented after meeting thursday and Friday with israeli defense minister Wei Man. Who brought up the subject of the two countries producing w warplanes together a the israeli Side has expressed its further needs Brown said of the co production proposal Quot the us Side is going to consider this Quot Over the next six to eight weeks and then Quot Well come up with our conclusions Quot Weidman said Israel has not yet decided what Type of a plane it w ants for combat purposes Iii future decades. But that nation s government is understood to he interested in a land based version of the Navy s twin engine e-18 fighter plane a version Only in pro Tot pc form now Israel s interest in building the warplanes is believed to he linked in part to the economic difficulties its aircraft Industry is having because of an inability to sell its air planes abroad Lake City a Federal inspectors say they fear they Haven t yet reached the end of a Trail of tend contaminated by toxic eco a chemical Han no Al in this country five years ago the search for chickens eggs processed foods or feed contaminated by eco poly Clor dated biphenyl has so far spread from Idaho and Utah to Montana Washington. Oregon. California. Iowa. North Dakota South Dakota and Minnesota regional food and drug administration director Leroy Gomez said Friday. \ million eggs. 75, Hhd Frozen cakes. 350.<nn chickens Are among the Fonds scheduled for destruction Quot i think it s going to in widespread. Much More than we thought at said Mike Williams of the Eda in Seattle the eco contamination first reported aug 30. Has sofar been traced to Pierce packing co in Billings. Mont. Gomez said meal made from hog byproducts and shipped by the company beginning in Early june was con laminated Zyvith the chemical once used As a coolant in electrical equipment the director said. Officials Aren t sure How twine and meat meal from Pierce packing could have become contaminated Ken Poggi president of the company said in a statement that pc in t in use in the Plant and could t come in Contact with any meat or byproducts handled by the company the meal was fed to chickens at kit Wood farms in Franklin. Idaho a major egg supplier for the Mountain and Western states the meal was also ship Pix to customers in the Northwest and in the Dakotas Gomez said chickens from at least two unidentified Montana farms were contaminated by the chemical Oakdell farms a Riverton. Utah egg ranch bought contaminated pullets from chickens from rite Wood were shipped to Utah for Slaughter then sent on to Clinton Iowa. Where they were destined for meat pies and other products made by Swift and co Swift spokesman Bill Hillman said none of the contaminated meat had left the company a Possession and All would he destroyed contaminated chickens from Montana were sent to Butterfield. Minn. Where they were to become Campbell s Chicken soup they were processed but not packaged when the contamination was discovered eggs from chickens fed the eco laced Bone and meat meal went into 75,000 Pepper Edge farms Frozen cakes that have been quarantined As the company awaits a government godhead for the cakes destruction Gomez said 350.noo laying chickens in Idaho and Utah have tax a voluntarily destroyed by their owners however he said some contaminated chickens and eggs could still he on the Market cd by the committee contains no penalty other than Public humiliation the committee made no recommendation on whether Talmadge should in stripped of his seniority an action that Cix Iid remove him As chairman of the agriculture committee Talmadge called the verdict Quot a great personal Victory Quot in that the committee had agreed that Quot i am guilty of no intentional wrongdoing in connection with any of the charges that w Ere brought against me Quot the committee ailed unanimously Friday that Talmadge violated Senate rules by failing to report More than in Campaign contributions that were deposited in a secret Hank account by his former administrative assistant. Daniel Muchew. In 1973 and 1974 claiming $43,435 83 from the Senate from 1973 through june to. 1978 for official expenses that were not incurred Talmadge already has repaid some $37,000 to the Senate hut refused to pay any expense Money Muchew put into the secret account the committee recommended he be required to repay the full amount plus interest failing to properly file Correct financial disclosure statements from 1972 through 1977 failing to file Quot As required by Law Quot his candidate receipts and expenditures report in a timely fashion for the year 1971 and filing inaccurate reports of candidate receipts and expenditures for Tho year 1974 the first and second charges were the keys to the verdict and the committee walked a Fine line in resolving them by stating that Talmadge should have reported the contributions that wont to the secret account and by requiring him to pay Hack expense Money funnelled into that account the committee made him responsible for paving Back funds which Talmadge claimed he knew nothing about dutch Elm on decline Here inside the Tribune comics. Crossword opinion Page 27 la 4 Bridge. 29 daily records 23 family Page. 5 deaths.23 sports.14 to guide.26 horoscope.26 tree cleanup a National tree service employees pick up the remains of a dutch Elm infested tree near Fountain Street and Vine Avenue Friday. The Tribune photo number of diseased Trees in Albert Lea has been dropping in the past three years. Dutch Elm disease which has stripped whole cities of Trees in other parts of the country is being checked in Albert Lea spread of the disease is being slowed according to tree removal figures this year Fay Miller. Albert Lea City forester said the number of infected elms removed in Albert Lea this year was 195 publicly owned Trees and 257 privately of Ned Trees 452 Trees compared to the Peak of three years ago when Over 700 elms were Cut Down Quot the disease As far As we Are concerned is on the Miller said Crews hired by the City to take Dow n infected Trees Are mopping up the last of the Trees for this season and the City has stopped testing Trees for the disease during the Winter. Miller said. While the disease enters a Dor Maut stage elms make up a Small percentage of the City a tree population. Miller said there Art under 2.000 elms on Public and private property according to a City tree inventory com pared to a total of about 35.000 Trees in the City. Ash Trees Are the most numerous in the City numbering 9.000. With Oak accounting for 6.400. So the loss of Trees to dutch Elm disease does no to Cut As big a Swath As in some cities where elms Are the predominant tree. A a it a not As critical Here As in some other cities Quot Miller said. A Austin for example has about 8. Pm elms that could get pretty expensive to remove diseased Trees and replant a a the City is spending an average of $137 per tree for removal according to its contract with National tree service. Owatonna half of that Cost is reimbursed by the state of Minnesota to the City. Miller said and the state legislature has allowed for that program to continue next year the state will pay about half the Cost of removing diseased Trees from Public and privately of Ned property dutch Elm disease is a fungus disease spread by the dutch Elm Beetle the fungus clogs the tree s circulatory system blocking Tho flow of moisture and nutrients to the leaves Sells fencing by using a want and this Man Hod no trouble a oiling a Whit rail Ronco by placing an and in Tho Low Cost Tribune want and Section. White roil Fence. Has been a Back Yard enclosure consists of 2x4 rails and 4x4 posts. Some of the posts will have to be replaced. Ready for pickup. $30 seat xxxix. While this of was scheduled to run in the paper six times the and was cancelled after it appeared Only two times. Cancel the Adl ready have Good Luck with Tribune want ads said the advertiser. You can get fast results by coding 373-1411 today and placing your and. Vol. 82, no. 218 single copy 30 cents Albert Lea Minnesota sunday september 16, 1979 lists 181-580 38 pages

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