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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 2 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - September 2, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune vol. 82, no. 207 a Anglo copy 30 cons of born Loo Mann Soto sunday sop Zombor 2, f 979 new waste Plant rates to Rise uses 181-5 80 28pogi spaceship survives when Albert Leeds new waste treatment Plant opens in the summer of 1182, Quot user rates will increase substantially from the rant level to the new Plant a according to a statement issued Friday by City manager Paul Sparks Szarics said construction costs for the new Plant Are expected to reach b3 million of that amount. 7s percent will be paid by Federal Grants. 15 percent by state Grants and 10 percent by local Bonds Quot major sewage contributors in the City will be responsible to pay Back the Federal government for their share of the con Striction costs on an annual charge Sparks said. Under the rate Structure that will go into effect with the new Plant a fixed monthly fee of $1 would be charged plus 57 cents per 100 cubic feet of water used residential and general customers Are presently two killed in accidents by the assert a ted press the deaths of two minnesotans in separate accidents raised Minnesota s 1979 traffic toll to 486. Compared with 654 a year ago Ben Iverson. 76. Sedan was killed Friday morning in a collision near St Cloud the state patrol said. The Accident occurred just before noon at the Junction of Minnesota highways 23 and 96. The Otter Tail county sheriffs office said a Rural Perham youth died Friday morning when the pickup he was in left a Road and struck an embankment one mile South of new York Mills Matthew Paavola. 7. Was dead at the scene of the Accident on a county Rood around 8 is . He was the son of or. And mrs. Waino Paavola. Charged 61.50 per month Phis 26 cents per 100 cubic feet of water used Sparks said a typical residential customer pays 89 70 per Quarter. Under the new rates the Cost would increase to $15 per Quarter. The City a largest Industrial user. Wilson foods corp. Would also experience a substantial increase in sewer costs. According to Sparks figures. Wilson foods which now pays 9121.341, annually would pay a total of $410,411 to the Federal government under the Cost recovery provision plus a $916,075 in annual user charges for a total annual rate of $1,326,466 other major industries would experience similar increases land o lakes annual Cost will increase from $52,200 to $340,490 Freeborn foods $25,105 to $210,322 Holsum foods. $14,577 to $57,364 Streater industries. $14,976 to $25,896. Albert Lea electroplating $13,295 to $14,329 Kaler clothing care Center. $4,362 to 99,813. And Naeve Hospital $2,303 to $10,496 a Public hearing has been scheduled for 7 30pm sept 10. At the City Center at which time members of the Public May comment or ask questions about the proposed rates Sparks said a reason for the drastic increases will be the increased Energy costs in operating the new Plant Grain mediator offers plan Washington a the governments top mediator took a new tack Friday in an Effort to hasten an end to the dispute which has halted Grain shipments from the Lake Superior port of Duluth Superior. Wayne Horvitz. Head of the Federal mediation and conciliation service said owners of the eight struck Grain elevators Are preparing a a Complete and final proposal Quot for settlement of the eight week strike. Quot i Nave told them that 1 expect that proposal which will be b in to me on a confidential is. To include As part of the package any economic alternatives that they have not yet proposed but would be prepared to propose to the Union in order to Settle the said Horvitz. In Minneapolis sen Dave Durenberger criticized Horvitz and the Carter administration news highlights j halting of Dmn Hirw extended Washington apr the Energy department is extending for two months economic incentives for importing heating Oil from refineries in the Western hemisphere. The incentives a so called Quot entitlements Quot Worth $5 per barrel for the imports a were to expire Friday. The department extended them until oct. 31 in an Effort to boost heating Oil supplies for the coming Winter. Charles w. Duncan the new Energy Secretary said the entitlements were being continued Quot to assure reaching the 240 million barrel target for heating Oil stocks while improving the deliveries to dealers Homes and other end users. A a tune embargo Throat nod Washington apr the United states is again threatening to embargo Canadian tuna in retaliation for the recent seizing of the . Tuna fishing boats. Canadian authorities report nabbing 19 . Boats so far this week. State department spokesman Mark Sawoski said Friday night the Treasury department had been informed of the seizure and action was expected soon Quot to Block the import from Canada of tuna and tuna products As required by . Law. Earlier the state department formally lodged a Quot Strong objection Quot to the seizure to the Canadian government the protest noted that the United states does not accept Canada s jurisdiction Over the fishing of albacore tuna a migratory species that the United states feels should be controlled by International agreement. Sugar stockpiles decline Washington apr for the first time in five years sugar stockpiles May Start declining the agriculture department says. Tote departments Outlook Board reported Friday that new projections indicate the world sugar crop will be 88 million to 92 million metric tons with a midpoint possibility of 90 million. That would be slightly less than the projected consumption of 91 million metric tons. Quot the potential decline which would be the first in five years has contributed to the recent strengthening in world raw sugar prices Quot the Board said. World prices in the first seven months of 1979 averaged 8.06 cents a Pound compared with 7.65 cents in the same period last year it said. China rounds up demonstrators peking apr the government saturday rounded up 30 of the 40 ragged demonstrators who have been staging an on again off again sit in outside China a government Headquarters since tuesday. The demonstrators who Are seeking jobs food and redress of old wrongs were driven away in two buses. Twenty others remained behind to continue their Vigil at the Gates of the Chung Vanhai government offices in Hopes of meeting with Premier Hua Guofeng Hua Kuo Feng and senior Deputy Premier Deng Xiaoping Teng Hsiao Ping. Police angrily ordered reporters away from one area today and tried to Block picture taking. Panda critically Iii Tokyo apr Lan Lan an a year old female giant Panda from China and the Star attraction at Tokyo s Ueno zoo is critically ill zoo officials said saturday. Shigeharu Asakura director of the zoo told reporters that Lan Lan was suffering from acute kidney problems. He said she had a convulsive fit Friday and bled heavily from the Mouth biting her Tongue in Shock. Zoo officials and Tokyo University veterinarians were doing their Best to save her life. Quot we re not taking any chances and will stand by 24 hours Quot Asakura said. Clevaland defaults again Cleveland apr battered Cleveland has defaulted again a the second time in less than a year a but the latest financial setback caused no widespread commotion or loss of services in the Lake Erie port City of 600,000. It did make political Waves however. Candidates hoping to unseat mayor Dennis j. Kucinich said that if they had been in office the City would not have had to default As it did at Midnight Friday on $3.3 million borrowed from the City a waterworks contingency fund. Technically the latest default Means Only that the City owes itself funds it does not have and in contrast to the earlier default there were no frantic meetings Friday night payrolls Are being met and municipal services Are continuing without interruption. For not ending the strike by now he noted it has been two weeks since president Carter ordered Horvitz to Lead the negotiations himself Quot if we have to wait two weeks for Horvitz to find out what his predecessor had found out in seven weeks and then another week to learn everybody so final it will be december before anything gets done to help the Farmers in Minnesota Quot Durenberger complained meanwhile the president of the Minnesota wheat Council predicted the strike will be Over in a week Charles Rhoades said one sign that something is Quot fixing to happen Quot was that ships were heading toward Duluth again in his statement. Horvitz said the Grain companies would submit their proposals by tuesday. "1 expect continuous bargaining with one or More of the com panics to begin on tuesday evening Quot said Horvitz. Who last met with parties to the strike thursday in Minneapolis the companies were asked to make no Public comments until Horvitz has reported his assess Merit of the situation to White House officials. Agriculture Secretary Bob Bergland and labor Secretary Ray Marshall. Durenberger. In his statement. Accused president Carter of being a too Busy worrying about How to save russian ballerinas to worry about the economic Impact. Of the Grain handlers missing Man found in Field Hollandale John Vasily. 83. Of Oakland who has been missing since tuesday was found at 10 10 saturday in a Corn Field six Miles Southwest of Hollandale Vasily was taken to Naeve Hospital where he was listed in fair condition. He was found by a search team headed by a conservation officer the Freeborn county sheriffs department said he had eaten Field Corn and had very swollen feet when they found him the sheriff s department was helped by local people and various groups the Albert Lea police Hayward and Hollandale fire departments. Mower and Freeborn county conservation officers Minnesota state patrol helicopters and air planes. And employees of Oakland and Brownsdale Grain elevators Vasily will be a patient at Naeve Hospital until a rest Home is found for him. According to the sheriff s department. Encounter a this artist s rendition shows morning. The Pioneer in s passage through the dangerous area april 5, 1973. Beyond Saturn s rings which it negotiated saturday Veteran spaceship was launched Glenville plans police department to replace contract with sheriff Bill for $136 for department ser vices the Secor by Kevin Sweeney Tribune it editor Glenville the Glenville City Council decided just this past week to Start its pm n police department but the decision has been building for the past two or three years according to mayor Don Williamson it took a couple of incidents this summer to arouse the people to the Point where Fin people attended a City Council meeting to make their feelings known he said the first was a letter from Freeborn county sheriff Holland Laak to Williamson criticizing the Way gun Wei Derby devs was pinned and handled the letter included Despai Ond was an Accident in which a six year old girl was killed hit by a car that went out of control into Tbs Yard where she was playing Brian Reverson of Northwood. Iowa has been charged with second degree manslaughter in the Accident Quot the letter he Laak sent to the City woke up the people Quot said Williamson on Friday Quot the tragedy that took the Little girls life kicked them right nut of bed and got them to the meeting a for the past five years the City of Glenville has contracted with the sheriffs office to provide extra patrol service to the City beyond the regular or vice provided to the rest of the county according to Laak the sheriffs office s regular duty is to handle criminal activities and investigations in the county the contract with Glenville requires the department to provide an extra 32 Man hours of patrolling per week in Glenville. For the purpose of keeping order and controlling traffic Laak said he Hasni to been officially notified by the City of Glenville of any dissatisfaction with the arrangement but there is dissatisfaction ale contacted in Glenville in complained of cars travelling Down main Street at 50 Miles an hour deputies not being in the area when it would do the most Good and too much routine to their patrolling when Thev Are there Quot they come by my place every sunday morning one Man said Quot i can practically set my watch by them the kids know when they Are Here and when they leave Quot Quot they come by the same time every Day Quot another Man said Quot the rest of the time i could he shooting at my neighbor Quot the came to a head with leak s letter and Hilling sent after Glenville a Derby Days a new Celebration in the City this year in his letter. Laak criticized the routing of the Home made wooden car race course Down main Street which is a county state Aid Highway he had suggested using Center Avenue and indicated his displeasure in the letter when the main Street course was used anyway also criticized the Lack of control Over Sale of Beer and included reports from deputies that indicated that the situation during the Day has been close to getting out of hand he included a Bill or 11. Hours of patrol ser vice provided by two extra deputies after a motorcycle gang showed up at the cent ration the City is not going to pay the Bill according to Williamson even though the contract with the county says the City is required to employ extra people needed to keep order in situations beyond regular situations a the question is. Who decides More people Are re coded a Quot said Williamson. Quot we did t order two extra deputies i called the sheriffs office earlier when the motorcycles showed up. But at that time there was nobody deputies Here there were no problems that Day Quot Luik said Cuple in Glenville have a misunderstanding about the level of service the county s contract with Glenville requires Quot it gives them 32 hours of Protection per week spread Between 6 p m and i Quot Quot some people think we have to give them 24 hour traffic control Laius said Quot i can Tell you that we have Given hours of Daylight traffic control outside of the contract Quot Glenville is the Only City in the county with such a contract said Williamson and he feels it was a bad idea in the first place Quot personally. I have been in favor of local Law enforcement since i first ran for Williamson said. Quot in fact. I mentioned it at my first meeting. I think it hits been a silent wish of the people for the last 2 t years i talked to a lot of pc it ple w Hen i was running and a lot of people mentioned it to me Quot rut Lack of Public support of people coming to City Council meetings kept the City in the contract for one thing the contracts Stem is cheaper the City pays Rio a month to the sheriff s office for the service wages for a full time officer would probably be around $1.1.50 to $1,250 a month. Not counting Cost of extra insurance. Car maintenance and a Sion payments. Quot but any tax dollars spent would be the Best Deal Glenville could get on its Money Quot Williamson said Quot we re paying $920 a month now and we re not Happy with what we Are get Ting a a Williamson said the contract with the cite is very one sided toward the sheriff s office giving the sheriff final authority m any disagreement on How the continued on Page 2 Saturn pass Mountain View a a cheer went up in the Pioneer 11 Mission control room saturday As the tiny spaceship survived a perilous crossing of the uncharted space just beyond Saturn a glistening rings on its Way to completing Many a first exploration of the giant yellow planet the crossing occurred at 10 36 am Edt. But nervous Mission officials did not learn the results until 12 02 pm because radio signals needed 86 minutes to Cross the almost l billion Miles of space to Earth dashing along at 53.000 Mph. The space probe took less than a second to Cross through the danger zone chief scientist John Wolfe had earlier estimated the ship s Chance of survival at about 50-50 scientists at the National aeronautics and space admin isl ration Sames research Cen ter Here. 963 million Miles from Saturn warned the Little ship might be mortally wounded by a collision with chunks of debris the space rubble is believed to be circling out beyond the visible rings wide Flat Stets of orbiting particles that reach 48.000 Miles from Saturn although saturdays journey was fraught with hazards. Pioneer scientists said they had wanted to Send the ship right through a Gap in the rings to get even closer to the planet than the 12.950 Miles expected saturday Quot but we got a lot of criticism for that said the was Gehrels of the University of Arizona Quot it was called a Ami Kaze Mission and so on. So now we Are flying outside Quot the rings where the trip was judged a bit less dangerous project manager Charles Hall said Friday that streams of electrified particles sent into space by storms on the Sun have been play my havoc with pioneers earthward radio signals to remedy the problem he said engineers have reduced the rate at which the Pioneer data is being transmitted Quot done to think that will mean fewer Hall said Quot but it does mean we will be seeing smaller parts of the planet Quot it will not affect the Resolution of that part that we do see. But Well have to be a Little to selective in what we look at Carter faces questions about russian troops Washington it a it Dis closure that the soviet Union has stationed a brigade of combat troops in Cuba has left the Carter administration facing three sensitive and potentially embarrassing questions Why Are the troops in Cuba what can be done about them a and Why is the administration Only now revealing their pres Encey a critics of the administration particularly Republican presidential candidates weighed in quickly with their own answers Friday the soviets Are a thumbing their noses Quot at the United states said sen Howard Baker. K Tenn the Senate ought to refuse to act on the proposed strategic arms limitation treaty until they leave said sen Rob Ert Dole r Kan Quot it reflects badly on our intelligence gathering said John Connally sen Frank Church a Idaho. W to disclosed the troop presence at a news conference thursday night rejected Dole s idea but said the soviet brigade s presence would have a a chilling effect Quot on the chances for ratification of Salt ii Carter administration officials. Speaking privately said they did not know the Mission of the brigade estimated at 2,-000-3.000 men state department spokesman Hodding Carter said the brigade Quot poses no threat to the United and the administration did not treat its presence As a crisis president Carter and National Security adviser More Oil washes on Texas beaches m Ion Poutu comics. 8 crossword.10 Opinio Poga. 4 bridge.11 Dally records.23 family Page. 5 deaths.23 sports.16 to guide.10 boyhood memories Pra Ridant Jimmy Cortor chats with or. Rochal Clark during a tour of downtown plaint Gay a Friday. Tha 89-Yaor-old mra. Clark was tha nurse Whan a woe a child. Corpus Christi Texas it a More Oil has washed up on the White Sandy beaches of South Texas further complicating the cleanup drive aimed at salvaging part of the usually lucrative Holiday we Kend for the area s resort Industry the multimillion Dollar tourist beaches of South padre Island and the Shoreline farther North along the padre Island National seashore were the prime targets for today s difficult cleanup Effort Quot the beaches that Are the cleanest Are the Public beaches at port Arkansas and the Beach at the nieces county Park Quot coast guard spokesman Larry Clark said a Otney Are going to make an Effort to give each hotel a Section of clean a Navy reconnaissance flight Friday spotted a Light Sheen about one mile wide and stretching the entire length of padre Island most of that Patch is now washing ashore Clark said a facials estimate that Between 5� and 100 tons of Oil have been deposited for each mile of Beach. Clark said last week the estimate was about 10 tons per mile. Frank Sturgis of the state water resources department said a lot of Oil remained on South padre beaches Friday "1 would t want to spend my labor Day weekend Here i Don t think we re going to see Many people Quot he said the Oil spill has Cut the South Texas Island tourist Trade by at least 50 percent officials estimate a Federal cleanup team and anxious hotel operators also kept track of tropical storm Elena located about 150 Miles East of Corpus Christi late Fri Dav the largest Oil accumulation threatening Texas beaches is a mile Long stretch of Light film floating about 60 Miles South East of Cavallo pass that leads into Matagorda Bay Quot if Elena moves in at Matagorda Bay it could come across that Patch and could be a natural dispersion which could help coast guard capt Roger Madson said the crude a threat to wildlife Breeding grounds remained an other prime concern of Oil spill experts who Are taking Steps to guard Baymus and channels that Lead into Laguna Madre an important Breeding ground for commercial Marine life. Scientist Nancy Maynard said Friday Early surveys show Quot a number Quot of dead Oil covered clams and crabs along beaches North of the port Mansfield Cut. Oil appears to be slowing Down the crustaceans movement. It also has invaded their habitats and Burrows. More than 88 million Gallons of crude has spilled from the i toe 1 test offshore Well that blew out june 3, spewing 1.25 million Gallons of Oil a Day into the Bay of Campeche 500 Miles South of Texas officials who say the flow has been reduced to about 420,000 Gallons a Day. Say the target Date for capping the Well is sept 16 the spill is More than 38 million Gallons higher than the worst previous that of the wreck of the supertanker Amoco Cadiz off the French coast in March 1978. Zbigniew Brzezinski both were on vacation spokesman Carter acknowledged that Quot elements Quot of the combat unit have been in Cuba since 1976 other sources said the entire brigade May have been in Cuba for As Many As four years without intelligence sources being aware of its numerical strength and capability. They said the evidence did not indicate a recent influx of troops. Officials speculated privately that the brigade might be in Cuba at the invitation of Fidel Castro to serve As a Quot trip wire Quot presence warning potential attackers that an invasion of Cuba would entail fighting the soviets undersecretary of state David Newsom called in a soviet Diplomat earlier this week to express american Quot concerns about the brigade and to ask for More details about it spokesman Carter conceded Friday that .-soviet agreements reached during the 1962 cuban missile crisis prohibit the soviets from stationing offensive weapons on the Island but say nothing about ground troops the officials said they had Little Hope the soviets would immediately withdraw the troops although they said that might be a Long term goal of its policy. Carter said the administration would insist that the soviets not establish a military base in Cuba or elsewhere in the Western hemisphere. Sen. Richard stoned Fla immediately took Issue with that he said the soviets Are already operating from a military base lentil this week the administration had been denying that there were any More than about 2.000 soviet military advisers in Cuba along with about 4.000 6.000 civilian advisers. In Havana a cuban government spokesman. Lisandro Otero said. Quot we have nothing to say on the subject want and knocks out budget problems fast when it Comet to bringing in extra Cash fast a the want and it Tbs Champ a s knocked out Mora Tough budget problems than anybody. He Doe it by finding Cash buyers for musical instruments Power tools furniture a almost any worthwhile thing you can name. Don t go on struggling with your budget. Dial 373-1411 for a Friendly and Takor and lat a want and fight it for you

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