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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - September 2, 1973, Albert Lea, Minnesota Sunday september 2, 1973 Page 4 Tribune a opinion Page labor Day labor Day is a Holiday set aside to Honor the a working staff in the United states. This is a Broad category which includes labourers White Collar workers and professional people All of whom contribute to the health of the american Economy. There Are few nations where the working Man maintains the status he has in this country. In the 91 years since the first labor Day the american Labouring Man has organized himself and has gained financial and social benefits unequalled in the world. In recent years american Industry has found itself being caught by foreign Competition. This is not necessarily due to any inefficiency on our part but due to foreign Industry using methods copied from the United states Matching us at our own game. Many times aided by american investments foreign Industry has become a major Factor in the Competition for business in the United states. What this Means is that the american working Man cannot rest on his laurels. He must still be willing to do a Days work for a Day s pay to assure that the United states will continue to be a world economic Leader. Jamas Oliver another View a modern living is making some aspects of life cheaper. We remember when you had to carve or buy Little wooden boats for Tbs boys to float around in the Bathtub. Now you just give them the empty plastic shampoo bottles and the banana split boats you a Fredonia kent., Wilson county. M citizen. A a sign in the window of a grand Island Nebraska Butcher advertises to Bones for 59 cents a Pound. But in smaller letters at the Bottom it says with meat $2.08 a Pound. A Lucedale miss., George county times. To Day s meditation a bless the lord. O my soul and All that is within me bless his holy name. Bless the lord o my soul and forget not All his psalm 103 1,2 we need to try substituting thanking for asking and see if it does no to change our lives. Of lord we thank you for All the benefits that goes with giving our hearts to you. Help us to Praise you As much As we petition you in Jesus name. Amen. Do you remember Fiva years ago the three Freeborn county girls participating in 4-h revue held at the Minnesota state fair were Lois Ness of Murtaugh club Deboer of Hollandale club and Julie Light of the Hartland club. Tan years ago the budget of the greater Albert Lea United fund drive was set at $65,000. Police chief Clifford Bailey was head of the drive. John Klosterman was Secretary. Twenty years ago Marguerite Gay was the new director of Naeve Hospital school of nursing. She succeeded Marcella Healy who had resigned after six years to further Post graduate work at Washington . Thirty years ago Freeborn county boy scouts took honors at Camp Everett Hormel at Waseca. The troops represented were from Albert Lea. Hollandale Austin and Waseca. Charles Robinson Earl l. Engebritson and Oliver Hove accompanied the boys. A i found this Shell on your Beach. If it does no to have a microphone May i keep it a a now if Only you can stay out of trouble you a have it made a i mean a a a let Swatch this show about the outdoors. There a nothing like getting Back to Naturel Jim Oliver Price Laws failed through the Ages Maryland Victory gives heart to republicans by Don Oakley newspaper Enterprise Awn. In Rome in a. D. 301, the empower Diocie Tien fixed the maximum prices at wit Ian beef Grain eggs clothing and other articles should be sold. And prescribed the penalty of death for anyone who disposed of his wares at a higher figure. The result was that Farmers no longer brought provisions to Market since they could not get what they considered a reasonable Price for them. Eventually after much violence and suffering the Law was Laid aside. For whatever Comfort it is we no longer except possibly in soviet Russia employ capital punishment against economic but even earlier than this Date a in fact almost As far Back As recorded history goes a and on up to the present Day governments have tried every expedient and Experiment conceivable to regulate the prices and supplies of food and other commodities. A the results have been astonishingly uniform considering the variety of conditions and circumstances under which the experiments have taken place. They make an interesting rec Ord and one which contains much food for thought for the problem of the people s welfare has been much die same in All Ages and it is not yet solved a the above example and quotation Are from a Little Booklet Quot food control during 46 centuries a written in 1923 by one Mary g. Lacy a librarian with the u. S. Department of agriculture. The 50-year-old Booklet has been resurrected and reprinted by the american meat Institute which is not a disinterested Spectator at one of the latest attempts to control spiralling food prices by government edict. A few of the other examples culled from history by mrs. Lacy some 29 centuries before Christ. Egypt took entire control of the Grain Trade and saved the people from starvation. But took Over the land in return. Athens regulated the Grain Trade and set prices by Legal enactment but found herself unable to enforce them. Ancient China worked out a system of control of Supply and demand a the Quot Ever Normal granary a and seems to have been the Only country which recognized the whole Price question As being a symptom and not the disease itself. According to at least one historian Price a fixing legislation was largely responsible for the overthrow of the dutch Republic in 1s&. Great Britian had on her statute books Laws fixing the Pace of bread and certain other items for More than 500 years. But All such Laws were abrogated in 1815 because of their failure to accomplish their intended purpose. The colonial United states tried Price fixing experiments at various times and places but failed utterly to secure satisfactory results. Revolutionary France tried the same measures but the protagonists of the movement perished on the Guillotine. Republication of the Lacy Booket is Quot particularly appropriate Quot at this time says the meat institution when once again political pressures on our government leaders have caused them to resort to Quot the same futile counter productive measure which has without exception proved a dismal failure hundreds of times Over a period of 5,900 by Richard j. Maloy Trivone Washington Bureau Washington Republican party officials were heartened by the results of a special congressional election this week in nearby Maryland. In the first Campaign since the watergate scandal broke wide open the gop managed to retain the seat in Maryland a first congressional District by a slim vote margin of is per cent. Republican Robert Bauman 36, eked out a 1.360 vote Victory Over Democrat Frederick Malkus 60. Bauman received 26.941 votes and Malkus got 25,581. Republican National chairman George Bush said with obvious Relief that Bauman s Victory Quot says a lot for the Republican party because it was the first test of watergate a Impact at the while the gop candidate was victorious in the special election he failed to Roll up the 70 per cent margin won by the former Republican occupant of the seat the late rep. William o. Mills. A we Are not surprised at the result a said Vince Clephes a spokesman for the democratic National committee. He noted the gop Victory margin was very Glim and said it was a Cru National confusion will the real Issue please stand by Ross Gelbspan newspaper Enterprise Assn. Of president Nixon a recent press conference did not provide definitive answers to the very alarming experience called watergate it was at least the presidents first real gesture of respect for the intelligence of the american Public Ainee the scandal became a National pastime some six months ago. In retrospect it appears that or. Nixon s a gentle give and take with the press has had the effect of Clearing away some of the Murk that has settled Over the White House during the past months. One wonders Why the Man has chosen to make life so difficult for himself by keeping silent for so Long. A number of glaring factual contradictions still remain As Well As several new questions raised by the president himself. For instance what a Well known and a Large scale program of burglary and surveillance did the Johnson administration pursue what supreme court decision of last Star justified the presidents 1970 plan for a Gestapo-1 i k a Supra Legal Security Force still despite these and other questions the press conference a in marked qualitative difference from or. Nixon a watergate monologue the previous week a has substantially ventilated the controversy. Now hopefully the one critical Issue underlying the watergate events will surface. Until it is met head on it can Only spread doubt across the future of american constitutional government. The Issue is not the narrow question which has become sen. Howard bakery a favorite Cul de Sac what did the president know and when did he know it nor is it As the president would have us think the principle of confidentiality or the question of separation of Powers. It is the use of the term a National Security by Congress the courts and the executive to explain and excuse a whole category of actions which would not be tolerated in a non National Security situation. Just what does a National Security mean what precisely constitutes a threat to the safety of the country the administration has repeatedly cited or. Daniel us bergs disclosure of the Pentagon papers As a critical threat to the a National but the fact is there is nothing in that voluminous record of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations that told the North vietnamese or the Viet Cong anything they did not know before. The papers contained absolutely no military or strategic information. All the papers revealed in fact was the duplicity of Johnson Rusk Mcnamara it. A1, in saying one thing to the american people while doing another in Vietnam. From the Kennedy through the Nixon administrations the term a National Security has grown to an american equivalent of Quot Royal it does not portend a healthy future of our constitutional government. Of Quot National Security is to be used As an umbrella for extra Legal activities then it has to be defined a As precisely As any criminal code is defined. When we know what specific types of activity threaten the country a safety when we enumerate precise categories of information which truly need to be safeguarded a such As weapons systems specifications when we define the scope of executive authority in this area then we will know what rules we Are living under. Until then Quot watergate Quot will remain a synonym for government by whim. World almanac facts Ciali for the republicans to hang onto the seat which has been in their hands for a decade. Ted Henshaw director of the democratic congressional committee said Quot Money paid off for the republicans noting that Bauman spent about Hoo 090 on his winning Campaign while Makua had Only half that amount to finance his Effort. But rep. Robert h. Michel r-11l, chairman of the re pub can congressional committee said the results of the election demonstrated Quot that people will vote for the candidate of their Choice despite the unpleasantness of the scandal and tragedy of watergate Hung like a pall Over the Campaign which was conducted among the Rural and conservative voters of Maryland a Eastern Shore which is cot off from the rest of the state by Chesapeake Bay. The special election was caused because congressman Mills shied himself May 24 after disclosures hot had received $25, too for his Campaign from Nixon Campaign funds and had failed to disclose the contribution As required by Law. Bauman a hustling aggressive campaigner who was a founder of the conservative Young americana for Freedom attracted Large amounts of out of state Money to finance his drive. Malkus an old shoe Veteran of 27 years in the state legislature and also a conservative depended on the two to one democratic voter registration Edge to bring him Victory. I election Day turnout was Only about 25 per cent of the registered voters a Veteran political observer in the congressional District said the Low voter turnout resulted in the gop Victory. Quot the republicans did a better Job of organizing and getting out the vote a he said. Nature s world the boy himself when the average 35 year old reaches that Milestone there is Little fanfare. Most Normal 35-year-old men Are married and have families which use up All the resources for financing birthday celebrations before the poor father gets a Chance. The situation is usually much worse for the 35-Yearold Bachelor who for the Sake of his social life is trying to keep things a Little quiet anyway and for the most part few but possibly his parents even care that he has a birthday. With these facts in it mind i entered last week quite secure in my mind that this year s birthday would be just another Day. After ail turning 35 has no particular significance. Its quite Likely that i Wilt be around for several More so there is Little reason to make a big Deal out of this one. Something went wrong. It Alt started thursday morning when Al Carstens somehow remembered that obscure Little fact on his Early morning radio program. By 7 30 a rn., Arake had been delivered to the newsroom and at 10 30 ., i had to ask a Man telephoning me from Illinois to hold for a minute while the news staff Sang Quot Happy thursday night i was interrupted while watching the baseball game on television to come to one of our local restaurants for some obscure reason. When i entered the Crew of waitresses opened up with a chorus of a Happy birthday Quot much to my pleasure and to the confusion of the other patrons in the place. We then celebrated on cake and Champagne which you will have to admit has a lot of class. To say the least my 35th year got a resounding sendoff. Agnew support slips sharply Princeton . A the latest Gallup poll shows that support among Republic cans for a 1976 presidential bid by vice president Spiro t. Agnew has slipped sharply since it was disclosed he is the target of a Federal investigation. Agnew backing among Republican respondents slipped from 35 per cent in an april poll to 22 per Cern in the latest Survey the Gallup organization said. California gov. Ronald Reagan went up from 20 to 22 per cent. Balsam fir is reminder of Lake Superior in years past the English statesman William Pitt the 1st Earl of Chatham exclaimed before the House of lords in 1770, that a unlimited Power is Apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess in 1887, lord Acton an English historian penned the phrase a Power tends to corrupt and absolute Power corrupts absolutely a the world almanac recalls. By Maude Koevenig under a hot August Sun the Balsam fir by my Hack door fills the air with its fresh Sweet spicy smell. John Kieran called Balsam a superlatively aromatic. The delightful scent takes me Hack to the North Shore country from whence the tree came. Fourteen years have passed since Joe and i rescued the tiny thing from a grader that Wisconsin Calls halt the 5u�.?l? a shameful and inverted racism 4 published Dally through Friday and sunday second class postage paid at Albert Lea. Minnesota Send Chano it address notice to Box 40, Albert Lea Minnesota 54007 the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for Fig pub Leat Ion of All the local news la this newspaper As Wrel Chi ill a news dispatches member newspaper Enterprise association and audit Bursae of Cir Culin Ion Carl k. Nelson. General manager James Oliver Howard Savard e editor advertising manager Terry Jenson Loren Murray press room Foreman composing room Foreman lorry Jensen. Circulation subscription rates by Carrier boy service p. O. Box in Albert Lea City Ion on week 70c. By Carrier Bey ser let outside City tone in Freeborn county and adjoining areas. One week 70c by mall within so Mil radius of Albert Lea one year wi.00. By mall Minnesota and Iowa beyond so mile radius of Albert Leat one year $27.00. By mall All other zones $33 00. Mall subscriptions not accepted from nearby communities where Tribune Carrier service is maintained. Mail paid strictly in Advance. Your Carrier boy will be Happy to collect regularly on any Day you wish wednesday through saturday. Notice of your Tribune has not been delivered by s 30 . Dally and it 30 . Sunday please Call your Carrier of you Are unable to reach your Carrier you May Call 373-1411 and ask for Tribune delivery. Please Call Between 5 30 a 4 00 . Dally and 1 30 a 9 30 . Sundays. Be service after these times. Business Attice hours a 00 . La so pm. Monday Tow Ufa Friday. Saturday s q0 to ii noon. By John p. Roche King features shortly after world War ii a group of us at Cornell University organized a Campaign against the fraternity and sorority systems. Our objection was the blatant racism and religious prejudice of these organizations and the University a Connivance in their discriminatory practices. Spelling it out now before we go further lets be Clear about one thing. I have no objection to members of various subcultures living together. That is if jews want to Settle in one neighbourhood and have their own country clubs and similar organizations Fine. The same goes for Irish italians Blacks or for that matter vegetarians. These decisions Are voluntary and unless pressure is employed for exclusionary p u r poses they Are part and parcel of living in a pluralistic society. To be More specific i done to want any sociologists on my blocks a prejudice but i have no right to get a zoning Law to exclude them. The problem with fraternities and sororities was that discrimination was sanctioned by authority. We were Young and ingenious and shortly one of our group now a distinguished female lawyer came up with an idea. Since Cornell a land great College with private elements received a significant amount of financial support from the state of new York we claimed the fraternity system was illegal under the states Pioneer anti discrimination Law. In other words Public funds were being illegally employed. To use the professional term discrimination was sup ported by Quot state i left clutching my doctors degree As this Legal move was launched and never Learned exactly How it came out. I recall vaguely that the suit was thrown out on technical grounds since none of us had actually been discriminated against we had no standing or some such Legal needlepoint. And Over the years i gather fraternities and sororities ave been required to end their overt discrimination. This ancient history came to mind the other Day when i read that the University of Wisconsin was cutting off funds from its afro american and third world in recent years pressed by militants colleges and universities All Over the country have in fact not Only subsidized but boasted of their Quot Black dorms Quot or a third world it became proof of ones Quot liberalism to institutionalize racial separatism. Those of us who objected were dismissed As a Honky racists Quot dedicated to frustrating the self fulfilment of these minority groups. A third world centers let us Hope that Wisconsin a actions signals an end to this shameful inverted racism. As Thomas Sowell a distinguished Black scholar puts it in his moving new Book Quot Black education myths and tragedies David Mckay education Quot is a full time commitment and an overriding priority. It cannot be a byproduct of an attempt to atone Experiment express noblesse oblige seek emotional experiences lash out at enemies or bask in the spotlight of Black students he observes Are not a Cannon fodder a a they Are human beings in quest of Equality. By Maude Koevenig Imp was scraping vegetation off the shoulders of a gravel Road. This was the Quot old Road which ran close to Lake Superior. It had become merely a service Road after a new Highway was built farther up from the Lake. Between it and the pavement a ribbon of Forest remained. Countless Evergreen seedlings came up through the gravel on the Roadside and grew Thrif tily until Cut Down by the grader. We mourned each one destroyed thinking of the evergreens we had planted at Home which usually turned into puny sickly specimens. There in the Cool Northland the Little Trees pushed up from the thin toil healthy Green and sturdy. Balsam fir Abies Balsamel is native to northeastern United states and Canada extending West through mid Central Canada and Northern Minnesota. One Book says they attain their Best growth in moist soils near lakes and streams. Needles Are Flat about an Inch Long Blunt or notched at the tip. On the under Side of each Needle Are two Silvery lines. On True firs such As Balsam Needles grow directly from the Branch. Balsam fir provides paper pulp and is used for Christmas Trees. Another commercial product is the resin obtained by cutting the bark. This resin has been used for mounting microscopic specimens in laboratories. Our tree has grown from a baby Only six inches tall to a height of about nine feet since we brought it Home. Maybe our Sandy soil resembles the original habitat. My tree does not have dense branches. They grow far apart on the trunk and reach out horizontally making Fine perches for Bird visitors and leaving open airy spaces Between. We never went Back to the North Shore after that summer of 1959 it regretted the coming intrusion of Many ships it a la a St Lawrence Seaway which opened that year and did no to want to see what they would do to the a sea of Sweet water. Taconite development had of iterated several favorite places on the Lake such As the two Island area and Beaver Bay. We wanted to remember the North Shore As it had been during Many Happy Summers a quiet unspoiled clean and Beautiful with a Hermit Thrush singing in the Moonlit Forest at Midnight. R f

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