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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - October 17, 1976, Albert Lea, MinnesotaSundayThe KWA v»Y< Tribune « Leaders Regain Spotlight Following Friday Debate MONDALE AND FAMILY—San. Walter Mondale it surrounded by his family following the Friday night vice presidential debate. With Mondale are his wife. Joan, and children (from left) Bill, Eleanor and Teddy. (UPI Telephoto) Gateway is Evaluated On Home Economics HOUSTON (AP) - The cam* paten spotlight is back on Pres ident Ford and Jimmy Carter after a brief interlude in which their running mates traded sharpJnngued jabs in an histor ic debate that gave voters a State Poll Says Mondale Won MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A telephone poll of .152 Min-neapohs-St Paul area residents taken immediately after the vice presidential debate Friday night showed 46 per cent support forSen Walter F Mondale The Jim Frank en bury survey showed 46 per cent feeling that Mondale was best qualified to serve as president with 36 per cent saying that Sen Robert Dole of Kansas, the Republican vice presidential candidate. being the best qualified Thirteen per cent were unde cided and 5 per cent said neither man was qualified to be president By JIM HUGO Tribune Staff Writer As Albert Lea High School begins evaluating its performance on all levels, members of the Gateway Cooperative Center are getting evaluated in one area Under a state grant. Gateway is administering a home economics strengthening program which is aimed at helping out those departments in the member school districts of Albert tx>a. Ellendale-Geneva, Emmons. Glenville and Lyle "What are the needs of the students and are we meeting them." is what the evaluation hopes to find out, according to project coordinator Jan Nystrom The study will be relatively subjective on her part, since she Average $754 Paid in State CHICAGO (AP) — A report by Commerce Cleanng House, Inc , shows that Minnesotans paid an average of $754 each in taxes to state and local governments in fiscal 1975, putting the state eighth in the nation in average state and local tax payments. In 1974. Minnesotans paid an average of $696 in state and local taxes, The report said the average individual state and local tax payment for the nation last year was $664, up $46 from 1974 Highest state and local taxes were $1,025 in New York, followed by California, Hawaii, Alaska. Massachusetts. Nevada and the District of Columbia The lowest was Arkansas, with $405 has no strict procedure for judging a curriculum's effectiveness Her evaluation will he "based on what we see in other departments and what we see is good." she said However. Gateway Director Roger Olson said he hopes the recommendations for what to do come from the individual school teachers and administrators The purpose of the home economics strengthening project is to make the schools aware of what other people are doing, he said. "It's not the idea that things are wrong Ifs to strengthen where strengthening is needed." he added "I'm trying to expose the teachers to what is done elsewhere and bring new or ad ded ideas to the curriculum," Mrs Nystrom said Olson noted that within the five schools they could probably find some curriculums that are good and should be shared with the other schools. “You don’t have to go IOO miles away," he said Mrs Nystrom is planning several workshops before the project's funding ends Jan 14 "I plan to spend each workshop discussing what other schools do," she said So far she has met with every home economics teacher twice individually, and a third time as a group There she got some of their ideas about what to do with the monthly workshops, she said She is planning one full day each time, because she has found that more can be accomplished that way than if the teachers meet variation on familiar campaign themes President Ford called Sen Bob Dole after the debate and told him. "You were superb You were confident You hit hard but hit fairly " Then the President prepared to campaign in Illinois for farm votes After watching the debate in Kansas City, Mn, Democrat Jimmy (’arter telephoned Sen Walter F Mondale and said: "Fritz, you did great, man you didn't get small, you didn’t get mean, you didn’t get twisted in your approach " In his telephone conversation with his vice presidential run mng mate Friday night. Carter said: "I've never been so sure as tonight (that) I made the right choice I was really proud of you It showed tonight you're completely qualified to be pres ident I'm just glad I'm not running against you." For 76 minutes, three more than scheduled, the two men who've served together in the Senate for nearly eight years, stood on the stage of the Alley Theater and tried to win votes for the men at the top of their tickets Equally important, they were trying to avoid the sort of gaffe that might lose votes But both Mondale and Dole seemed more willing than Carter and Ford had been during their debates to let fly with roun dhouse verbal swings at each other "I think Sen Dole has richly earned his reputation as a hatchet man here tonight." Mon dale said at one point "I get a little tired of Gov Carter's antibusiness attitude." said Dole "I know they get great support monetary support from George Meany (president of the AFL-CIO > In fact. I’ve been suggesting George Meany is probably Sen Mondale’s makeup man " Dole also took a shot at the league of Women Voters, the nonpartisan group that has (Continued on Page 2) after a day of school The project funds will pay the instructors' suhptitututes Mrs Nystrom earned her bachelor's degree in home economics and taught it four years in North Dakota, two as department chairperson She has also sold real estate, supervised a day care center been a promotions director for Skyline Mall. and still teaches an adult ed course in interior decorating She is try ing to get input from members of each of the communities. and will be setting up an advisory board for that purpose But Olson added that even if people are not on that board. their ideas are welcome "lf people have something to say in a constructive way," he said. they should drop Mrs Nystrom a note He encouraged former home economics students to write about their successes and concerns Mrs Nystrom can be reached at Gateway. 377-1628 One of the program goals is utilizing resources of the schools and developing a resource media exchange Some of the things that could be possible would be a sharing of textbooks if certain of the six home economics area are taught at different times. Equipment, space and supplies could also be exchanged She would also like to help revitalize youth groups such as Future Homemakers of America, and develop programs available to both girls and boys. A further goal would be the utilization of existing staff in their greatest areas of strength Swine Flu Death Scare Cuts Use By The Associated Press Authorities might have avoided the scare that disrupted the swine flu vaccination program this week by better handling of reports that some elderly participants died. a federal official says By Friday, all nine states that suspended the program had either resumed giving shots or made plaas to resume next week But the number of persons accepting the free shots was reported sharply lower in some areas The federal Center for Disease Control in Atlanta reported Friday that none of the deaths were caused by the vaccinations Dr. J. Donald Millar, of the CDC's vaccination program in Atlanta, said Friday that the CDG had expected reports of deaths among elderly persons who had been inoculated "Perhaps we underestimated the phenomenon (publicity generated by the deaths) and un derestimated the public aware ness of the phenomenon." Millar said. "In retrospect, we probably should have gone to the public with the figures " Millar said a thorough review of the deaths showed "there is no basis to conclude that there is any increased mortality because of the flu shot program." Some programs stopped after reports from Pittsburgh that three elderly persons had died within hours of being vaeci- •.HT* ♦•A*-' v *■* A ' sK t' CHECKING THE HARVEST — President Gerald Ford Iowa, Friday, with farm owner Marshall King. (UPI Telephoto) walks through a harvested cornfield near Boone, Has Home-Cooked Meal Ford Puts Iowa Hosts at Ease BOONE, Iowa (AP) - "I don’t quite know how to act,” Iowa farm wife Alice King confided nervously to the guest sitting down to her dinner table. President Ford assured her she was doing fine. He apparently meant it The President had second helpings of home-grown beef, sweet com and pumpkin pie during his Iowa campaign swing Friday, which included a tour of the Marshall King farm in central Iowa. It was a folksy gathering, Mrs. King later recalled, and "very lowkey.” She said the President "was absolutely marvelous. He’s a very easy person to be with. He ate everything and had seconds." Ford told the family about a belt he was given recently in Chicago that had a pig’s head on the buckle. "I tried to find it this morning to wear out here,” he said. King, 46, raises 800 hogs, 1,-500 cattle and corn on his 1,100-acre farm. Others at the dinner table included Iowa Gov. and Mrs. Robert Ray and acting Agriculture Secretary Robert Knebel. A family friend, the Rev. William Miller, said grace. Earlier, the President, dressed in brown suit and tie, had toured the farm despite the blustery, 46-degree weather, and got chaff in his eye as he watched corn being stored in a grain elevator The President reminded King that he had approved an increase in grain price supports this week "I was very glad to hear that," said King. "I know a lot (of people) will say it s political, but every little bit helps " nated Similar deaths were then reported from 17 other states Millar said more than 2.5 million persons had been vaccinated as of Wednesday, more than one million of them over the age of 65 And he said another 30 million doses of vaccine had been shipped to health departments across the country The 35 victims counted by the Atlanta based (’DC included 19 men and 16 women raging in age from 34 to96. Millar said Twenty of the victims died of heart attacks, seven of other heart and blood vesel failures, two of unknown causes which were still being investigated, two of diabetes, two of respiratory failure, and two of other lung problems, he added Study Says State Tax Declined ST PAUL. Minn. (AP) - A study released by the office of Gov Wendell Anderson says Minnesota farmers and homeowners will pay $48 5 million less in property taxes this year than in 1971 The ll per cent decrease, from $442 9 million in 1971 to an estimated $394 3 million in 1976, compares with an increase of more than 73 per cent from 1968 to 1971. The reduction in property taxes was accomplished by large increases in state aids to local schools and municipalities which were financed by large increases in the state income, sales, cigarette and liquor taxes in 1971. The governor’s office said the ll per cent drop in net property taxes was accomplished despite an increase of more than 40 per cent in the cost-of-living over the five-year period Various property tax credits paid by the state have increased from $130 8 million in 1971 to $325 3 million this year The governor's office said the study was prepared by the State Department of Revenue at the request of Gov Wendell Anderson Pik-N-Pak Robbers Sentenced Two Albert Lea men were sentenced to prison terms Friday for the June 15 robbery of the Pik-N-Pak grocery store, 906 W Front St Both men had pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and aggravated assault charges in District Court Sept IO. Judge Jack F C Gillard sentenced James A McCullough. 24, of Route 3, from one year and one day to five years, and recommended the time be served at St. Cloud Reformatory. He sentenced Gerald M Clark, 22. of 1440 Academy Ave . from one year and one day to IO years Both men were given credit for time served. They had been held in custody by the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Department since the evening of the robbery attempt. The two were apprehended by Albert Lea police following a car chase during which gunshots were exchanged between them and pursuing officers No one was hurt in the shooting, and McCullough and Clark were captured on South Lincoln Avenue near Town Hall Road DOLE GREETED—Former Texas Gov. and Mrs. John Connally and Mr. Robert Dole rush to congratulate Sen. Robert Dole, following debate. his Friday night (UPI Telephoto) Carter Claims Ford Misrepresented Issues KANSAS Cm’ (AP) - Jimmy Carter said Saturday he has wired President Ford to claim Ford has misrepresented his position on four issues and to ask that the President desist At a news conference. Carter read a telegram which he said he sent Ford Friday expressing certainty Ford would not continue to repeat the challenged statements "knowing your concern about integrity ." Carter contended Ford is wrong in claiming the Democratic presidential candidate urges a defense cut of $15 billion. that his social programs would cost $100 billion, that he would end tax deductions for mortgage interest and property tax payments and that hie would increase taxes on all those with incomes above the median At almost the same time. Ford began a whistlestop campaign train tour in Joliet. III., with a ringing attack on Carters positions The President included three of the charges — about defense cuts, social spen ding and income taxes — that Carter wants him to drop During the half hour session I News Highlights China Violence HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong newspapers and the Yugoslav news agency Tanjug say there has been scattered violence in China linked to the reported arrests of Mao Tse-tung’s widow, Chiang Ching, and other radical leaders. The anti-Communist Hong Kong newspaper Fai Po said Saturday there have been repeated clashes between Chinese militiamen and regular troops on the Chinese side of the border with Hong Kong, "resulting in heavy casualties on both sides." Arrests in Thailand BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — Hundreds of politicians, journalists and students have been arrested throughout Thailand as suspected left-wing subversives, police reported Saturday. All but about IOO were released after questioning but the others may be detained without bail or charges for up to 30 days under martial law decreed after the military coup IO days ago, Police Commissioner Gen. Vichien Saengkaew said. before embarking on a campaign swing through Ohio. Car ter was asked what he would do if one of the countries of Eastern Europe were to revolt against Soviet domination — a question that Ford sidestepped at a televised news conference Thursday. “I don’t know what I would do," Carter replied "But I wouldn't send American troops in." Foreign affairs dominated the news conference, in which Carter also stated —"I wouldn't go back on the commitment" to protect Taiwan against military takeover but would seek a pledge from mainland China that it would never use military force toward that end —"I don't see any immediate prospect of normalization of relations with Cuba'' and would not have that as an early goal of his administration, if elected —American atomic weapons would be withdrawn from South Korea and American troops would be pulled out over a four-to-five year period, although "adequate tactical air cover" would be continued and the South Korean military forces would be strengthened Carter was asked if he was denying published reports that he had suggested possible defense cuts of up to $15 billion While saying he could not recall saying such a thing. Carter stated. "I can’t deny that I ever said that." He was quoted by both the Los Angeles Times and The Savannah Morning News in 1975 as advocating a possible $15 billion defense cut However. Carter consistently has said he favors cuts of $5 to $7 billion The Democratic presidential nominee held a brief question-and answer session with report- FOA Warning WASHINGTON (AP) — Woman ara boing warned by ♦ha Food and Drug Administration not to take female ere Friday night to discuss the hormones called progestins during pregnancy because televised debate between his they can cause severe birth defects. Flourocarbon Phaseout WASHINGTON (AP) — Before the end of the year, the Food and Drug Administration plans to announce a timetable for phasing out non-essential uses of flourocarbons in aerosol sprays to protect the earth s ozone shield. Kelley Changes Script WASHINGTON (AP) — FBI Director Clarence M. Kelley s retraction of a prepared speech text leveling caustic criticism of the news media was reportedly made at the insistence of his superiors. Kelley's text, which was prepared for delivery Friday to the New Mexico Press Association in Albuquerque, has threatened to end FBI cooperation with those news reporters he described as hostile. But as he was on his way west, there was a change in plans. running mate, Sen Walter Mondale, and Republican Sen. Robert Dole When a questioner said Mondale had ducked the Eastern Europe question during the debate and that President Ford has done likewise at a televised news conference Thursday, Carter said he would be glad to discuss the subject at Saturday's session Keep Calling-UseThe Want Ads! 56 INCH GAS rang* far tai* in good conation Call ui-uu oft* 4 p rn tor mar* informaHon Inside the Tribune Comics............. 30 Family Page ........5-7Crossword.......... 28 Deaths 19Daily Record ......19 Sports ...... 12-15Editorial Page....... 4 TV Guide llBridge 25 Horoscope .......30The range was sold in a very few days and the ad was discontinued from the paper. You, too, can get quick results with Want Ads. Telephone your ad in today before 5 P.M. and have it appear in tomorrow's paper. DIAL 373-1411 ask for Want AdsVOL LXVIII NO 245    ALBERT    LEA, MINNESOTA, SUNDAY, OCTOBER    17.    1976    SINGLE    COPY    25    CENTS    40    PAGES

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