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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - October 14, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune vol. 82, no. 242 single copy 30 cons Albert Lea. Minnesota sunday october 14, 1979 uses 181-580 40 pages Quie leaves for China St Pahl a gov and mrs. Al quip left saturday on a 17-Day trip to China which includes a two Day visit to Thailand to inspect refugee Camps the quips flew he commercial flight to Chicago where they hoarded an air Force plane for Tokyo the quips Are part of a delegation from the National governors association travelling with the quips Are goes Ray of Iowa. Milliken of Michigan. Snelling of Vermont. Lamm of Colorado. Judge of Montana and Ariyoshi of Hawaii president Carter at the National governors association meeting in feh urary. Asked that As Many governors As possible Northern tier pipeline gets temporary Okay St Pahl apr a conditional certificate of need was granted by the state of Minnesota Friday for the Northern tier pipeline project to bring alaskan crude Oil from the West coast the action by Minnesota Energy Agency director Al Johnson made Minnesota the second of five states along the proposed path of the line to Grant a certificate of need for the project. The proposed is 2 billion pipeline would carry crude Oil 1.300 Miles from port Angeles. Wash., to Clearbrook. Minn., when it would connect with other lines travel to China to a help broaden and deepen relations with quip will meet with a number of chinese officials to discuss Minnesota China agricultural Trade and educational relations in addition he plans to get in considerable sightseeing during his first visit to China Quie said he Hopes the itinerary includes a visit to the great Wall of China in an interview before leaving. Quie said minnesotans should look upon a nation of 950 million people As a Quot great Opportunity Quot for expanding Trade and cultural relations he said his visit will mean that minnesotans a will have a governor who s been there who a dealt with the chinese people a Quie said he expects to a get a feel of what s happening in a nation that is moving toward a in a ret Economy Quot Quie is the second Minnesota governor to visit China gov Wendell Anderson visited China before he was appointed to the in s Senate in 1976 attorney general Warren Spannaus recently visited China with vice president Walter f Mondale no members of the governors staff Are accompanying the quies on the trip the quips Are paying personal expenses estimated at $250 to lion per person. In addition to $472 airfare to and from Chicago Quie s office said the National governors association and the National committee on relations a private study group Are co sponsoring the trip and will Divide incidental casts the chinese Peoples Institute of foreign affairs is paying the group s expenses inside China but the quips will Pav their hotel. Meals and travel expenses during the oct 27 28 visit to Thailand the i s air Force is providing travel to peking and from peking to ran cock thai land and from there to Chicago the quips will visit seven chinese cities starting monday in peking other stops Are at hang How. Banking. Yean tientsin. Hope and Shanghai. The governors office said quiet a Agenda involves the areas of agriculture Trade and education he has meetings scheduled with a Ling Deputy director of the China agricultural Council with the vice minister of agricultural machinery and with the vice president of peking agricultural diversity Quie also is scheduled to meet with Hau i fun. Deputy director of instr mex China s High technology import Export marketing group and with Zhang Nan zing. Minister of education and Pong Viu up. Vice minister of education the governors office said Quie was selected by the National governors association because of his background in agriculture education and human services the trip to Thailand will include a visit with the prime minister. General Kring Sak. And visits with refugees and minnesotans working with them the quies return to Minnesota on the evening of get 29 a is Castro Calls for new order f it a Low photo . Address a cuban president Fidel Castro arms outstretched called for an end to Quot aggressive . Policies and exploitation of poor countries by Rich nations during a two hour speech to the United nations. General Assembly. Meanwhile blocks away from the . Building anti communist protestors including Castro s younger sister Juanita demonstrated against his visit. See Story on Page three. Pipe line recommendation expected Olympia Wash. Apr if All goes according to plan. Interior Secretary Cecil Andrus will make a recommendation next week on a pipeline route to transport alaskan crude Oil to thirsty Midwest refineries the Andrus recommendation will go to president Carter who will then have about 60 Days to decide whether to accept or reject it. The Federal action will Only Speed up the National licensing procedure but probably wont affect state License requirements says Nicholas Lewis chairman of Washington s Energy facility site evaluation Council homa sought for giant Organ los Angeles apr one of the biggest performers of the movie world s Golden age. A pipe Organ weighing 40 tons and funding 40 feet tall is entering forced retirement. But members of the american theater Organ society Are working to find a new showplace for the Gigantic instrument which required five freight cars when it was brought to los Angeles in 1923, from its Chicago builder. W w. Kimball co. The organs Home since 1933, the wilted theater is slated for demolition. The 600-member los Angeles chapter of the organists society has taken on the task of dismantling and storing the 2,000-pipe instrument until another Home can be found. A removing that instrument will take us months Quot said Milchael Ohman chairman of the society. A the owners of the theater have asked us to remove it. We done to charge for our services Quot said society member Bob Powers presidential Salt la briefing does t change defense concern by Chris Manahan Tribune staff writer a two hour Salt ii briefing in Washington. Friday did not change the concern Paul Overgaard. Albert Lea. Has toward the nuclear arms limitation treaty Overgaard arid Phil Tennis a Hayward Farmer and Freeborn county Republican party chairman were two of about too minnesotans invited by Minnesota Sens rude Boe Ehritz and David Durenberger to attend the session with administration officials an equal number of missourians also were at the Friday session Overgaard a concern is the a Overall military posture of the two countries Quot said Overgaard it is important that the United states not forget about defense if it approves the treaty with the soviet Union he said a a it a kind of easy to think Well we be got that behind us. Now we done to need to Overgaard said president Carter said Friday during a 45-minute talk with the group that he plans to submit his 1980 defense department budget before the u. S Senate begins debate on the Salt ii Accord to convince the Senate he plans to a beef up the defense budget said Overgaard the move is meant to counter arguments by treaty opponents that once the treaty is passed the administration would not make Good on its claims of increasing defense spending. Overgaard said a comment by Carter that the president Felt opposition to the treaty May be due to partisan politics during an election Vear House votes to decontrol Gas butterflies get lift Cleveland Heights Ohio apr some warm hearted first graders arranged for three migrating Monarch butterflies grounded by cold air in Ohio to Fly by jetliner to the warmer climate of Florida. The Orange and Black butterflies were taken to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on Friday by two first Grade classes and Given to United airlines flight attendants for the trip to Tampa after reaching Tampa International about 9 . Edt the three insects were a Little soggy because a wet sponge had been packed in their travel Box for moisture. But after flight attendant Lynn a homme Aen coaxed them out and the insects made a few false starts i three managed to flutter away in the warm Florida Breeze. One landed briefly on the head of a television photographer there to record the event for the la o clock news but the Butterfly soon flew on its Way. A i did no to feel too Good i did t want the Butterfly to die. I wanted it to stay alive a a said one of the Ohio pupils Mahabir Muttalib. Fluoridation Daad Lina sat Brainerd Minn. Apr five Brainerd City Council members have been told to reconsider their decision against Fluor dating the City a water. Judge Harold w. Schultz of Ramsey county District court said Friday the Council members should reconsider or he would make an a appropriate order. Schultz set a deadline of noon next Friday for the decision. The recommendation was made to the Council members in Chambers after the judge denied a dismissal motion made by attorney John r. Graham who represented the five Council members. The five voted july 2 to table a motion which would have initiated fluoridation. They Are Mildred Michaelis Mary Koep Jim Brown James Wallin and Don of Brien. Council members Denny Washington apr House Martin and Frank Murray voted against tabling. Leaders Are searching for a Way to overturn a vote to lift Price inv Charras lava lad controls from gasoline an aeon nun to i la. Tion one critic save could Lead to Stpaul apr a Minneapolis Man has been charged with $2-a-gallon Gas three criminal counts stemming from the filing of a fraudulent the House voted by a slim 191 property tax refund return the Minnesota Revenue department i88 margin Friday to imme said Friday. The complaint alleges that William j. Mountain 42, Diatel lift All Price and Alloca filed a fraudulent rent credit refund for 1978, claiming the United Tion controls on gasoline. States Post office As his rental unit address. Mountain was even though gasoline prices arrested by Minneapolis police and special agents from the have risen sharply this year to Revenue department. The three charges Are All felonies. Filing More than $1 a gallon the in a false tax statement carries a maximum penalty of five years in creases have All been under the prison and a $5,000 Fine while forgery carries a maximum of framework of Federal Price con three years in prison and a $3,000 Fine. The third charge presen Tro a that generally prohibit in Ting false claims to a Public officer or body carries a maximum creases that cannot be justified prison term of two and one half years and a $2,500 Fine. Regulations00�plicated set of under the House vote Oil Humphrey concur Conter Nomad 32&ws�t5s Boston apr the wife of the late sen. Hubert h. Hum Bear prey says she Hopes a Multi million Dollar cancer research Cen sponsors of the amendment to ter named in his Honor will carry on the a indomitable spirit of free prices claimed Federal the Minnesota politician. A Hubert would be pleased to know of pc Ablations were making this centers role in providing cancer care to Many residents of shortages worse without pro the inner City a Muriel Humphrey said Friday As a group on Irr frs Tom gathered in Bostons historic Faneuil Hall. A there is no magic pole r t that Rem Quot a sol cure for cancer but i know the indomitable spirit of Hubert will Der ice controls established in be ongoing at this Center she said. Mrs. Humphrey s remarks 1973 came in a panel discussion on cancer research led by Boston rep John dinged a Mich University president John Silber part of a Day Long list of events chairman of the House Energy scheduled to celebrate the dedication of the schools research and Power subcommittee preceptor. Dieted the move could Send prices at the pump soaring to. _ wards $2 a gallon. Inside the to Bune i a a a guarantees massive in a saw a a a wait j creases in prices especially if there is a shortage a Dingell comics.25 markets.18 said. A it leaves the american crossword.32 deaths.18 consuming Public naked to any opinion Page. 4 sports.14 shutoff of supplies or a Panicky bridge.26 to daily records.18 . La later in the Day. Oil Industry family Page. 5 and . Government sources did not sit Well with Overgaard sen David Durenberger s appointed to the state Independent Republican executive and Cen Ira committees and Duran bergers former Campaign manager a i think Carter makes a mistake thinking its a partisan said Overgaard a i Don t care to have my honest co Neems reduced to being politically inspired a the Long history of bipartisan foreign policy in the United states shows republicans have not in Traduce partisan politics into foreign affairs he said Tennis said he went Down to Washington with the position that the i s and world needs a Salt ii treaty. A at this Point i have not changed my he said however. Tennis said Satur Day morning he had not gone Over the notes he kept during the meeting and was t ready to say what he now thinks of the treaty a i really was not aware of All that was in the said Tennis the complexity of the treaty Means that a a we be got to expect our senators will be dedicated students of the said Overgaard he said most people Are unable to study the treaty and its ramification in depth a Job the Senate should do Carters meetings with delegations from each state were aimed at making opinion leaders in various states aware of the administrations position on the treaty in the Hope that senators May be influenced by constituents attending the meetings except for the partisan politics comment. Overgaard Saiid the session was a Good thing a i think tin important thing is ifs a step toward dispelling undefined fears and concerns it certainly is not the end. But it demonstrates the president is aware he s not going to in Able to say a sign the treaty and it w ill be done Quot the fact the president held such a meeting shows a a respect for concerns of people out Here that does no to too often show Overgaard said a suggestion by Carter that the Senate televise its debate on the treaty met a favourable response Friday Jim word my to Overgaard who also supports the idea Tennis agreed televised coverage of the debate would be beneficial a i really would like to hear that treaty debated on the Senate on to. So you can hear both the pros and cons Quot he said Quot i think it s Good for the nation As a whole to be in formed Quot Tennis went on to say that it is important that people understand the treaty since ifs been w worked out Over a nuttier of years and would in the final step before negotiations begin on a Salt Iii treaty that w ill attempt to include Jill countries that have nuclear capability Quot he Saiid he would like the pople to go Home and sell his Tennis said referring to Carter while neither Tennis or Over Liard said they would Quot sell Quot the treaty both said they would to willing to talk about what they think of the treaty and what theve be heard let in ending upon where the treaty debate is at the time of the Freeborn county Republican convention. Tennis said he would expect a Resolution supporting or opposing the treaty would be con Side red Ile said to definitely plans to discuss the treaty at the party a next executive county meeting and May have decided by then How he of Els about the treaty both Minnesota sons rude Rosch wit find David Duran Berger Ara uncommitted on the Salt treaty another minnesotan vice president Walter Mondale spoke at Friday s session for cd omit 20 minutes in support of the pact foreign policy advisor Zbigniew pro Ezinski also spoke to the group fair cd unit an hour United nations a to the thunderous applause of third world delegates. Fidel Castro demanded a new world order a to replace the unjust unequal system that now pre vails Quot and blasted what he called Quot aggressive Quot us pol ides a the exploitation of the poor countries by the Rich must the bearded revolution Ary said Friday in a two hour speech to the general Assembly a i speak on behalf of the children of the world who Don t even have a piece of bread Quot i have not come Here As a Prophet of revolution nor have have i come to ask that the world be violently said the cuban president making his first speech to the world body in 19 years instead Quot i have come to warn that if we do not peacefully and wisely solve and eliminate the present injustices and inequalities the future will be apocalyptic a he called on the Quot developed world and other countries with resources Quot to contribute $300 billion to the Quot underdeveloped world in the next to years Quot the Judd hence. Dominated by third world diplomats interrupted Castro s speech with applause a dozen times and gave him i final a minute standing ovation amid shouts of Quot Fidel Fidel Quot the delegation hid a by ambassador Donald Mchenry remained seated Castro saving he was speaking As chairman of the nonaligned movement criticized what he termed a a exploitative us policies against Cuba. I Hhd Rio Rico and other nations in latin America the Mideast and Southern Africa he also at tacked Israel s treatment of the palestinians he said he had not come to Quot wound a powerful neighbor in his own but he lashed out repeatedly at Washington state department officials in Washington said they had no formal response to the speech but noted they had differed publicly with several stands adopted at the nonaligned conference such As condemnations of policy in Southern african. Puerto Rico and Middle East police and Security men sealed off the mid Manhattan Headquarters and kept Friendly and hostile demonstrators blocks away during Castro s 4,--hour visit wearing Green fatigues and surrounded by nearly 200 bodyguards. Castro was taken to the United nations Friday morning after spending 36 hours in the fortress like cuban Mission seven blocks away after the speech he joined Mchenry and 90 other dignitaries from the 152-member general Assembly for lunch and then returned to the Mission where he hosted a number of third world delegates for dinner Castro arrived in new York thursday while details of his schedule remain secret. Castro has said he will remain Between five and to Days one item on his weekend Agenda is a meeting with four puerto rican nationalists recently released from prisons the wife of one of them said she said the four jailed during the 1950s for armed attacks on the House of representatives and president Harry Truman Are flying to new York from puerto Rico a Commonwealth state insurance act said unconstitutional St Paul a the state comprehensive health instance act is unconstitutional contradictory and confusing and should to overturned in the View of a Federal magistrate magistrate Patrick Mcnulty. Duluth gave that opinion in an a i Page recommendation to District court judge Edward Divitt. St Paul the Law took effect in stages in 1976 and 1977 challenging it is the insurers action Council a nonprofit corporation including 24 insurance companies outside of Minnesota the Council monitors insurance Industry regulations the Council objects to what it contends is unfair legislation that is costly to health insurance providers Selling policies in Minnesota such companies Are required uniter the act. To provide comprehensive health coverage the Law also directs what the coverage shall include and requires policies to carry at least $250,000 in lifetime benefits the Law states that employers providing group health insurance must offer the Broad coverage spelled out in the act and requires that when persons Ara denied coverage by at least two health carriers an association of health insurance companies must offer coverage to them the association now provides coverage to about 1.600 Quot Unin Surah Les a the system operates similar to High risk motorists who pay higher premiums for the greater risk spokesmen for the insurers action Council were not available for comment on Mcnulty s recommendation John Ingrassia. Supervisor of the state insurance division s life and health Section said that the Minnesota Law is Quot the envy of a lot of other states a Legal service opens office said Iran apparently has drastically Cut its Oil exports in recent Days. A development that could have serious consequences in the United states if the reduction continues the suspension of iranian Oil last Winter was cited As a key cause of shortages that caused Long gasoline lines and sharply higher prices for Petroleum products. According to government figures. Iran supplies about 900,000 barrels of Oil a Day to the United states about 6 percent of daily consumption. Supporters of gasoline deregulation and even some of its opponents a disputed that prices would Rise As High As Dingell predicted. Another vote on the Issue will be held Early next week As the House continues work on the Overall Bill a measure authorizing department of Energy programs although it is working on a companion measure the Senate has yet to take up the Issue of gasoline Price decontrol Minnesota a delegation to the . House of representatives split along party lines in voting on the amendment. Republicans Arlen Erdahl Bill Frenzel Tom Hagedorn and Arlan Stangeland voted for the decontrol while democrats James Oberstar Martin Sabo and Bruce Vento voted against it. Rep Richard Nolan a sixth District did not vote. All Iowa representatives voted for the decontrol except rep. Berkley Bedell a sixth District who did not vote. By Nick Moti Tribune staff writer Albert Lea is Home base for i new service which will provide fret Legal Aid to senior citizens and Low income citizens in five counties. Its name is the Southern Minnesota regional Legal services inc. A non profit organization which is funded primarily by the government and hits numerous offices in the state and throughout the country Legal services officially opened its doors oct i on the third Fly Xor of the old pre bom National Bank building at 201 so Broadway. Since then according the managing attorney Joan he Dihl licensed to practice Law in Colorado but who will be taking the Minnesota bar exam soon Over 40 citizens have taken advantage of the service so far although the scope of Legal services is intended to reach five counties Freeborn Mower Waseca. Dodge and Steele clients thus far have been primarily from the Albert Levi Are i but Ahjit should cling soon Ecdahl said that in the near future Legal services will establish regular office hours in each of the counties so said offices in Austin and Owatonna w ill be staffed two times a week and offices probably in Waseca. Dodge Center Kasson and other undetermined locations will in staffed less frequently but regularly also there is the possibility that Legal serves will visit nursing Homes in i regular basis in order to reach out to senior citizens. Hedahl Legal services chose Albert Lea As its Heji quarters because it wanted to lie in one of the three largest cities in the five county service area and simply Quot because we got a Good Deal on office in a addition to Hedahl. I Egal services presently employees three Para legals and two attorneys find is seeking another attorney preferably one who Speaks Spanish Hedahl said the office will have a capacity to handle bet Wen 200-300 cases at a time of the Case Load gets to heavy. So continued the office May have to screen out divorce cases where there Are no children involved. Cut Down the time spent on staffing Extension offices and the time spent seeing clients or establish a waiting list Quot its a very Large problem keeping the Case Load Hedahl conceded adding that an attorney can Quot comfortably Quot handle Only about 50 cases at a time Hedahl pointed out that the service will not Deal with criminal matters of fee generating cases but will Only be working in the area of civil Law. Basically in the areas of family. Consumer administrative and housing Law those areas include divorces landlord tenant problems and termination of benefits social Security. Aid to families with dependent children Etc Legal matters the service in most cases wont provide include the preparation of wills bankruptcies and suits where clients could make a profit making use of the service is simple Hedahl said clients Are asked to fill out a form clients Are screened and then referred to a staff attorney or a Para Legal to qualify for the service a client must meet income standards for instance a non farm family of three whose total income is $7,000 or less or a farm family of three whose total income is $6,000 or less can qualify Hedahl pointed out. However that the income requirements Are flexible Legal services presently does not have phone service but Hedahl said its on the Way phone numbers will be made available she said through the local news Media Tribune photo Legal services whose staff is pictured above opened Ink Legal services staff for business oct. I in offices on the third floor of the old Freeborn National Bani building in Albert Lea. Legal services will provide free Legal aide to senior citizens and Low income citizens throughout a five county area. From left Are ted Hinnenkamp Para Legal Debra Radtke attorney Joan Hedahl managing attorney Linda Stanek Secretary and Kathy Diaz Secretary. Not pictured Are attorney Tom Navy Para Legal Eileen Knudtson and Para Legal Linda Shine. Want and knocks out budget problems fast when it comm to bringing in extra Cath fast a Tho want and i Tho Champ hot knocked out More Tough budget problems Thon anybody. To does it by finding Cath buyers for musical instruments Power tools furniture a almost any worthwhile thing you can name. Done to go on struggling with your budget. Dial 373-1411 for a Friendly and taker and let a want and fight it for you

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