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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - October 7, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota N�4 Albirt a Tribune Iee Oey oct Fec 7,1t7f Tribune opinions Meany retires of will never be the Tom again. For a Quarter of a Century of president of the Al Cio Georg Meany hat to dominated the labor teen that hit Public Imago hat in in effect that of labor. Now 85 and ailing a hat mad official hit Long rumoured retirement it it a much different labor scene he departs than he surveyed at the beginning of hit Long reign Bock in the mid-�?T50s. Those were the Dayt of consolidating the gains of two decades of new and fair Deal legislation. The merger of the american federation of labor and the Congress of Industrial organizations ending years of organizational and doctrinal feuding confirmed labor s status As one of the nation s social and political Power centers. With a third of the work Force already in the fold the movement appeared poised to move from strength to greater strength. But that is not quite the Way it worked out. There has been a massive increase in the labor Force to almost too million currently but organized labor has increased accordingly. The greatest growth spurts have been in services and a wide Range of White Collar occupations. The Al Cio. However remains in a Blue Collar rut its membership concentrated in and its policies oriented toward the old style manufacturing industries where for the most part jobs Are in declining Supply. With the notable exception of the american federation of state county and municipal employees now the largest constituent Union with More than a million members the Al clogs penetration of the growth employment areas has been minimal. Service occupations where More than 5 million jobs have opened up in recent years Are Only some 15 percent organized. During the Meany Era organized labor developed a degenerated some might say a into one of the most conservative elements of the social Structure. Having won its own rights it was less than enthusiastic in doing Battle for those of others. It was not in the forefront of the civil rights movements and unions in some cases have been resistant to opening their ranks and opportunities for advancement to minorities. There is a Strong possibility that the immediate Post Meany Era will be on of factional infighting further sapping the federation s strength. But it could Lead to a re evaluation of policies and purpose and a restructuring of the old movement according to the realities of the new times. Whatever the outcome of the Post Meany adjustment big labor will never be the Sam a for which labor May Well have the most cause to be thankful. Today s meditation Quot of a brother or sister be naked and destitute of Dally food and on of you say unto them depart in peace be be warmed and filled notwithstanding be give them not those things which Are needful to the body what doth it profit even so Faith if it berth not works is dead being James 2 15-17. Multitudes Are looking for some demonstration from the Christian to along with the invitation from the Church. When these Are brought together we will really be in business for the lord. Do you remember ten years ago the Larson barn was moved onto Lea College Campus to be renovated for use As a student Center. Twenty years ago Albert Lea Cross country team ran its first meet in history against Wells. Two previously scheduled meets were cancelled because of mix . Thirty years ago George Hunt was listed in who s who in the Minnesota farm Bureau news. Forty years ago Warner Tidemann Freeborn county red Cross chairman of life saving announced that Over one million lifesavers completed the voluntary course during the first 25 years of the red Cross. The sunday Tribune Albert Lea Minn. Ujiro n Ini 4 published doily through Friday and sunday second class postage paid at Albert Lea Minnesota Send change of address notice to Box 60, Albert Lea Minnesota s6007 the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All local news in this newspaper of Well As All a news dispatches member newspaper Enterprise association and audit Bureau of circulation Earl k Nelson. General manager James Dennis manager Bruce Collier circulation manager Loren room Foreman Terry Jenson. Press room Foreman subscription rates by Carrier service . Box in Albert Lea City zone one week is .10 including a Holiday week by Carrier service outside City zone in Freeborn county and adjoining areas one Wert $110 including a Holiday week by mail within Freeborn and adjoining counties one year $38. By Moil Minnesota and Iowa outside trading zone one year $40 by mail All other zones $50. Mail subscriptions not accepted from nearby communities where Tribune Carrier service is maintained. Mail subscriptions paid strictly in Advance your Carrier will be Happy to collect regularly on any Day you wish wednesday through saturday. Notice of your Tribune has not been delivered by 5 30 . Daily and 9 00 . Sunday please Call your Carrier of you Are unable to reach your Carrier you Moy Call 373-1411 and ask for Tribune service service until 6 pm. And to 10 . Sunday. Business office hours 8 00 to 5 00 monday through Friday saturday 8 00 to 12 00 noon Berry s world a to no int Quot Good Goshi look of All Tho am people imagine his standing in the Quot no this in t a Holdup i m a militant nonsmoker. Quot by no a in Quot when did you found your religious cult based on roller skating a Meany lbs Pope John Paul la by John p. Roche King feature columnist of was one of those Odd coincidences Reading away a Rainy sunday. I went through three evaluations of retiring Al Cio president George Meany meditated awhile on my onetime White House task of facilitating the lbs Means John Roche relationship then perused a heavy think piece about Pope John Paul la the author was worried about the Popes commitment to Church Reform indicating John Paul a enormous Charisma could easily make him into an absolute Monarch not that he would mean to abuse his position but his personality would simply overpower other clerics suddenly i realized these comments on the Pope were almost a rerun of a description of George Means a a role in the Al Cio that went by earlier the commentator trotted out All the Standard descriptions of Meany a but then in a moment of fairness indicated Meany was a Man of tremendous Talent who never had the Power to shoot Union leaders who disagreed with him this opened the memory Box because the key to Meany Success Over the past Quarter of a Century was precisely the key to Lyndon Johnson a Power they were both smarter than 99 percent of those they dealt with and were willing to work three times As hard when i read about Pope John Paul has curious behaviour both intellectual and in his ebullient Campaign for the de Facto presidency of Poland. Lbs instantly came to mind not. Of course on the superficial level Johnson never wrote poetry or participated in Learned disputations and viewed a celibate existence the Way a Colo Blind critic might evaluate a Van Gogh but fundamentally he and John Paul la shared a common Genius which is also a curse elemental human beings simply by existing they overwhelm most people they encounter similarly George Meany has left a Trail of shaken egos behind him the curse of being elemental is that those who have fallen under your spell never forgive you in the Early 1960s. When National chairman of americans for democratic action i spent a Long evening listening to a notable Trade unionist complain about Means a so High handed domination Quot of the Al Cio executive Council tired of this tirade. I finally said Quot Why done to you Stop whining and fight Quot Ile looked stunned Quot god. Roche you know members of the Council can to fight members of the Council most of them presidents of unions with memberships of up to 2 million certainly could Quot fight Quot Meany the plumber s Union could hardly take on the steelworkers the problem was. In the words of another top unionist. Quot the Brothers can get set for a winding but then George comes in. Locks around and peace Breaks hit ifs strange almost As if he was a hand grenade with the pin pulled and nobody knowing How Many seconds to run Quot this built in High voltage led to the constant charges that president Johnson could not tolerate dissent i be heard it Over and Over from people whom i know instantly turned from Georgetown tigers to tame tabbies when Thev walked into the Oval office he did no to like serious criticism who but a masochist does a rut he actually wanted it and used to complain vividly about All the sycophants a around this town Quot the Bottom line As in Means a a instance was if you get into a fight with him. He have you shot indeed toward the end breaking with president Johnson of a distance became a growth Industry a sure route to a fat publishers Advance and mavin1 a foundation presidency All the big Money was in Quot dissent Quot in this context the Meany Johnson relationship was a wonder i b j had a special fondness few George Quot the biggest Man in before John Kennedy was murdered and beatified Meany was heard calling him. More in sorrow than anger Quot the kid Quot with Johnson it was one on one. With no slighting comments on either Side i have been fortunate i respect and enjoy elemental people and have had Lyndon Johnson and George Meany As friends now i have a secret wish id like to get the feel the emanations of the churches polish Dynamo . Foreign policy grows More confusing Meany was dominant Force by m artha Angle and Robert Walters newspaper Enterprise Assn. Washington of near leaders of other nations should be forgiven if they Are finding foreign policy a trifle hard Martha Angle and Robert Walters to follow these Days. The first trick is to figure out who a in charge is it chairman Frank Church of the Senate foreign relations committee who. Faced with a Tough re election fight Back Home in Idaho suddenly roes All hysterical about a couple world almanac 1. The first Modem olympic games were held in Athens Greece in a 1892 b 1896 c 1900 2. Which of the following caused the greatest number of accidental deaths in 1976? a firearms b Burns c Falls 3. The medical abbreviation Quot stat Quot stands for a statics b at once c stationary answers q a o z q i read Kevin Sweeney in wednesday s Tribune editorial Page thousand soviet troops in Cuba and threatens to sink the Salt la treaty unless something is done about them is it the Ever rambunctious House of representatives. Which with no constitutional authority whatsoever starts trying to rewrite a Panama canal treaty carefully negotiated by four successive administrations and duly ratified by the Senate or maybe its those two staffers for sen Jesse Helms. R-n.c., who went romping off to London to Kibitz on the delicate negotiations to end the civil War in Zimbabwe Rhodesia because their Boss does no to Trust the state department on tins Issue Quot or perhaps its that world renowned statesman Walter Fauntroy. The District of columbian a non voting Delegate to the House and his pals from the Southern Christian leadership conference who have so enthusiastically embraced Yasir Arafat and his merry band of palestinian liberation organization terrorists As the Good Guys of the Middle East or the Rev Jesse Jackson who did much the same but kissed a few israeli babies to compensate or the Quot hero Quot who inspired them former u n. Ambassador Andrew Young who saw no reason to Tell his Boss the president that he was personally changing Long established policy about dealing with the enough already a Quot Amateur hours went off the air years ago and this is not time for a revival a on the world stage yet. All these posturing politicians and peripatetic preachers Are not Only confusing the hell out of other countries they re embarrassing our own and its High time the president and or the secretory of state told them to Knock it off there May indeed have been a Grid in the Post War Era when reign policy was too much the preserve of an Quot Imperial but surely the pendulum has swung too far the other Way. With everybody and his brother now in the act. The Senate has a clearly defined constitutional role to play in ratifying or rejecting treaties and Congress As a whole holds the ultimate foreign policy authority the Power to declare War but Congress cannot negotiate with other countries when they do something we done to like e g., the russians in Cuba. Nor can it mediate disputes Between ancient enemies like Israel and Egypt nor can it perform a million other chores that Are the Woof and Warp that make up the fabric of american foreign policy. It should be self evident that one voice not 535. Must speak for the United states in its dealings with the rest of the world and that voice can Only belong to the president or his designated surrogate the Secretary of state. Its time for the Senate to quit using the Salt ii treaty which is indeed its business As an excuse to meddle in every other aspect of this country a dealings with the soviet Union its time for the House to return to its constitutionally defined responsibility for the raising and spending of taxes. And it is most assuredly time for All those self righteous and self anointed ministers without portfolio like Fauntroy and Jackson to come tend their spiritual flocks at Home and leave the practice of diplomacy to the professionals by Owen Ullmann a labor writer Washington a he never held Public office but that did no to keep George Meany from becoming one of the dominant forces in modern american politics Meany acquired his Power by perfecting a political machine. An expertly organized handsomely financed and tightly controlled apparatus for electing friends of organized labor. And defeating its foes. To that machine. Meany added a valued personal resource a an uncanny knowledge of the Workings of the give and take of politics this grasp of political realities helped Meany win enactment of labor legislation from Congress. Whose membership he helped shape for so Long after a generation of leadership in the labor movement the aged co founder and president of the Al Cio is retiring next month As head of the nations largest labor federation Meany a departure Likely will signal a change from the Blunt political style that characterized his leadership of the Al Cio for the last 24 years. Critics have said Meany a style became worn and ineffective and that it failed to change with the times the Al Cio suffered a major political setback in 1978. When Congress failed to enact legislation revamping the nation a labor Laws a the so called labor Quot Reform Bill Quot that Meany a Alliance had Given no. I priority on Capitol Hill. But the political machine a perhaps Meany a greatest legacy will remain. Not Only that. It Likely will ensure that the influence Meany obtained for the labor movement will not dissipate with his departure labor historians say the political policies of the Al Cio Haven to changed since they were first outlined 95 years ago by Samuel Gompers founder of the american federation of labor. It was Gompers who devised the strategy of rewarding labors friends and punishing its enemies. But it was Meany who built the machine to carry out that strategy. Now. It Falls i Lane Kirkland. The Al Cion a no. 2 Man and Meany a heir apparent to keep the machine Well oiled before Meany became a major Power in tile Al 40 years ago. The labor federation made presidential endorsements Only twice a both times for candidates of the progressive party. The organization endorsed Theodore Roosevelt a third party run in 1912 and Robert m la Follette a candidacy in 1924 Meany urged the Al to get into the political mainstream in 1947 the move was prompted by the stunning defeat suffered by labor w Hen Congress overrode a presidential veto and passed the Taft Hartley act. As Secretary treasurer of the Al. Meany proposed the creation of a political committee. Labors league for political education modelled after one established several years earlier by the Congress of Industrial organizations. Which later merged with the Al. Meany spent the next three decades improving that political and involving the labor movement More fully in presidential and congressional contests Jim Oliver i grew up at a time when Home remedies were just starting to fall from Grace in Rural areas i realize that some people still swear by those kinds of things but they really Aren t As widely used As they once were for example my grand parents were big on Epsom salts As a cure All my Mother s most vocal complaint about her childhood was having to take Epsom salts for everything from the boy himself indigestion to insomnia fortunately. My Mother is one who feels that her child have to through the same agony that she did when she was Young she always said her parents never had any problems with their children feigning illness what brought this All on was the Book by Carol Bishop. A the Book of Home remedies and herbal cures Quot Fine of the most interesting remedies is attributed to George Washington who suggested to his hostess at a Vermont mansion. Quot my own remedy my dear Madam is always to eat. Just before i step into bed. A hot roasted onion Quot that probably explains Why the father of our country had no children of his own some of the other old fashioned offerings offered in Hie Hook include cough Quot put the hair of the patient s head Between two slices of buttered bread and give the Sandwich to a dog the animal will therefore catch the cough and the patient will lose N.C. Crick Quot Down to the hog pen and watch until a hog has rubbed its N.C. against the Fence then rub your N.C. in the same spot and the Crick will fool cramp turn your shoes upside Down before going to bed Quot bad hearing Quot take the Oil with which the Bells of churches Are greased and smear it behind the afflicted ears Quot fever Quot to break a fever catch a Granddaddy spider pull its legs off and Swallow it whole and alive Quot hiccups a Roll a piece of red string into a Ball and wet it with saliva stick it to your forehead just above the Eves and look at indigestion Quot take three Black Peppercorns every morning before rheumatism Quot mix a bucket of red ants with kerosene and Sulphur apply the mixture to the afflicted area the idea is that fhe Poison will kill Poison. Sore Throat Quot take a sock you have worked in for almost a week so that it has a bad odor tie it around your warts a put a dead cat under a porch during a full Moon a a a of the worst joke of the week the Man told his family that he had an important Job with 500 people under him. He Cut the grass at a cemetery. American egrets at Bear Lake travelling town meeting Carter Sweet talks the City folks by Don Graff newspaper Enterprise Assn. Jimmy Carter took his travelling town meeting into the big town the other Day and demonstrated if nothing else that he is one country boy who knows How to Sweet talk the City folks he used the occasion of his visit to new York to reiterate and enlarge upon his pledge to rehabilitate Public Tran Don Graff spor tation he promises to expend $50 billion on the Quot rediscovery and revitalization of americans transit systems in the next to years. That a no casual Promise. It involves an expenditure More than three times greater than what has been spent on mass transit facilities in the past to years the funding is to come from you guessed it the proposed Windfall profits tax on the Oil companies. Carter could not have chosen a subject of More gut Appeal to new York the nations transit dependent City Par excellence without its subways wretched As they Are. Urban rigor mortis would set in. A Point played up by Carter in noting that one line the 75-year-old it. Is at present the nations Quot senior citizen of underground rail but by the time it is worked Over under the promised rehabilitation program it wont be a a Day Over Sweet which proves if nothing else that in the program to rehabilitate the presidential image someone is providing him with Good lines. But before committing himself to such a visibly dramatic transformation he might have been advised to descend into the Grimy it Depths for a firsthand look at the magnitude of the Challenge. Much More than a cosmetic Effort is required. He might also have checked out another essential element of the metropolitan transportation network the commuter railroads on which in some cases Only Liberal use of bailing wire Staves off collapse of the rolling Stock these Are not sporadically patronized Amtrak lines traversing vast and sparsely settled distances but lines packed with tens of thousands of daily riders. An objective observer could Well conclude that metropolitan new Yorkus subway and rail system alone is capable of absorbing a major portion of the projected $50 billion which May be what new yorkers who responded favourably to president and program sub consciously think they have been promised understandably the presidential pledge is being welcomed in transit quarters which he is counting on for support in getting the program through Congress and where he is beginning to be viewed As the most transit conscious president in recent history. He could turn out to be that but it will More Likely be the con sequence of circumstances than original conviction. The Energy Outlook allows few choices. Making reality out of the promised rehabilitation does however and not All Are those of the White House to make. Congress will concern itself intensely in any ambitious transit program with diverse and often contradicting interests coming into play. And then there is the proposed Windfall tax. Which is As yet by no Means a sure thing and the final form of which is Likely to be As much or More the work of Congress than of the administration the yield at this Point can Only be a matter of speculation and it is a Golden egg being counted upon As the chief ingredient of a number of ome lets the proposed Cash synthetic fuel program assistance for the needy in meeting higher fuel costs and now the revitalization of Public transportation. When the time comes to work out the details of transit rehabilitation Jimmy Carter May Well wish he had never left that paddle Wheeler by Maude m. Koevenig a Large flock of american egrets has been observed at Bear Lake which is Good news indeed. Although these big Beautiful White Birds have never become so abundant As before the Days of plume Hunting. They Are steadily recovering. Also known As great egret or common egret Casmer Odius Albus moves southward slowly in autumn from Northern nesting grounds. Over most of its Range this egret is a year round resident. Of the National society. A a flying egret has Symbol of the it Breeds in South Eastern Minnesota where suitable habitat remains and has been extending its Range recently. Rice county Lias maintained a Sanctuary for american egrets and great Blue herons since 1968 located on an Island in sheilds Lake it is one of the largest and oldest nesting places of herons and egrets in Minnesota Heron Island is a 6.4 acre tract covered with Elm. Basswood Ash Oak and Hackberry Trees and carpeted with thick underbrush. History of the american egret and its smaller Southern relative the snowy egret is also a history Audubon Propri Tely become the society. In i903. President Theodore Roosevelt assisted the then infant Audubon society by issuing an executive order setting apart Pelican Island on Florida a East coast Quot As a preserve and Breeding ground for native Birds Quot. Plume Hunters were exterminating egrets to secure their feathers for Sale to the millinery Trade Only during Breeding season do the Birds display the snowy Lovely plumes so their Slaughter left Young Birds to die in the nests. To enforce the few protective Laws that existed in Florida in 1903, the Audubon society hired a Young Warden to guard what rookeries remained in Southern Florida his name was Guy Bradley. The plume Hunters watched him constantly and would in to the rookeries after his inspections. He described what he found at one Quot you could be walked right around the rookery on those Birds bodies a Between four and five Hundred of them Quot. Hunters had taken the plumes from the dead Birds and left the bodies to rot. On july 8, 1905, Bradley was shot and killed by the father of a Man he was arresting for killing egrets he was buried near East Cape Sable Quot on a Ridge of Snowwhite we have Many dedicated men to thank for the Chance to see egrets today. I am grateful to Tom Tubbs for telling me about the splendid flock of them in nearby territory. F i

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